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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX Business  November 2, 2014 8:00am-8:31am EST

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e smooth formula hel try keep dentures in place. it's free of flavors and colorants. for a cler feeling t natural teeth. fixodent. and forget it. "imuin the morning" starts right now. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen "imus in the morning." don: does everybodyave ebola? [laughter] n: somebody told mehat his dr. lied. dan: he said he has. se qrantines the ey figured this by looking at his natural card.
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n: if the boy diot tnk he was contagious, w did heie t where he had been? now they say that you could contract ts virus by not just exchangi bodily fluids, up to 3 feet from someby speaker or on a doorknob. anyw. i don'tnow. w is t dr. doing, i wonder. connl: serious but stable condition. connell: they ought to p him in jail.
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absolutely u think that thais apopriate behavior the way he conducted himse? proy should not have been on the trait time. not the rules at the they should he had rules in plac tt prevented him from doing so don: he shouldave enough sens he obviously knew that some thingsas of or he would not lie out it. >> table quarantines the tops that come back from stfrica. n: do you understand any of
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that? dagen: it is idiotic. t gener manager. this incohert press conference. don: ery oncin a while, i will check and s i knew if hehe isot on, he is just livid. hasn enormous numr of people listeningn the radio. there is nobod watchg fox sports one when he is on. it ian awful telasts of anytng. it is li a security camera ained on him. the guy madeome observation,
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whatever. why take the calls? why talk to theseeoif you think athey are atheis? i hope you leaventil my dying da i pernally like hia lot. heooks so unhpy. there isobody having a good me. i mean, come on. you are making a fortune. you have we of your chilen. he looks merable. he sounds mable. what was he raving about?
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even if you haveood ers d good coaches, why are you one in sev? if he does not value the quarterback k sition, he should not be in a position of auority in the fooal leue. how could you go to nsity anplay geno smith and the tell me you are trying twin. u haveot to hold people accounbl i hate heang it. the i no jet nation. what is chet nation? it snds li things anger.
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steve ani ink he missed a go point he is right. that is forure. don: it sounds like you have a co, bernie. >> it wamy birthday over the weekd ani just went crazy. al kinds of pipes. i justhought we would ep it thel. don: let's get that tracking number so we can find out whe its. [lghter] whdon't you dohe news? >> i would be happo.
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don: charles birthday wasn monday. time for a little ne no. connell: plenty o of "imus inhe morning" on. twenty-one days quantines. it has ran into resistance from president obama. they are dog god's work over there and they are doi thato keep us safe. as for nse, and made no. her lawyer claimed she will not follow that states quarantines wall. she says shes notisk to
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others the other nurse is now ela free. >> iouldike toincerely thank e professiols that ha contributed to my care. as a n and now someoneho has experienced what it is like toe cared for through a life-threatening illness, i am appreciative. coell: has the white house beenacked and or the russian to blame? they describe in fact be of ncern atat was detect it. the ite house will not comment on a report by the washington st. >> this for t next mensa
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meeting. lrned the periodic tle by the ti he was five and a half. ten years o from newersey. don: time for sine news. >> you know those uimited data plan thfederal trade commission has at alleginthat the company sold these. at swed that the sea by 80-90%e usage. a certain perce. at&t says that they did not do anytng wrong and willfight. autonation has stopped selling
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any used car ctaining potentiay dgerous airgs. the most cars affect did our hondas and toyas. you have to call your dealer. there has nobeen a fraud nationwi rall. dagen:hese are cars that were made about 10-14ears ago.
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it is particular particularl dangerous if you live in a hid climate. don: let's do orts n. >> a bumbling discombobulated he tooquestions finally after 19 minutes of mbling on. onof the queions what about rex ryan's future. >> franklyi spend more tim with rex ryan via m family. >> he must be sucking his toe aughter] cowboy coach tell tony romo to get back into thehe game in the th quarter o did gerri
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jones orded him to put ro ck in. here was his versi what happened. >> jt ceut and indicated thathat x-ra were negative. >> here is berna muirk with a briefing. rderso prevent the potential spad of the ebo virus i saw that chris christie has not tweete about anything expt for ebola said last ursd l he tweets about is ebo. now they actually want him to
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close the george washington bridge [laughter] >>id youear him screaming about the js the oth day? here is littiece. smili and laughin because they made a field goal. they are so easily sisfied. any little victory. th are stillosinand they are inghat. they neetoinish. you needo be finishe connell: a goo hour. we have this week's forum on law an end the godfather.
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>> they can find h and eight. in aarking lot in downtown newa. theylaimed it was somow wf. when she threatened to sue and governor christie's lawyers told the governo here is the proof that she is contagious. they decided to let r go. my mother de t best toffee in the world. it's delious. so nowe'veurned her toffee into a siness. my goal was to anke it happenea i'm jat and i formed my toffee company through legaoom. i never real thought i would make mon doing whai love. we created legalzo to help people start their busins la their dams. to today and make y buness dream a reality. we put the law on your si.
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don: p please welcome to the program fox neontributor judge andrew napolitano.
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>> i am happy because you nished me aressively duringhe commercial break. don: y look great. >> that is kin you. thank you. don:hen you've lost this way, why did you lose it? >> to make my body healthi i nt from 225 to 150. don: your face had not caut up, but now it has. you look terrific. thank you. i wen flaid. 90% whh totals.
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don: i was talking about shep smit i like him a lot. i wch h news. i love bter >> i enjoyed working with bret baier. i was sento couple times a month to work withim he is constantrofeional. whenou are on my show, i want you to be 100% yourself. >> very fond of meal.
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don: these ebola quarantines, i just got to town and i don't pay attention away, w doing new york and new jersey? >>hat airplane had originated in west africa. e had no symptoms whatsoe ey can find her in aent i a parkinlot inowntnewark. they claed that it was someh lalawful. we have to prove that she is contagious. they decided to let her go. i thought what happened to her was outrageous.
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she a healtlthce professional. don: you would think tt it would make sense. >> we have a psumpti of liberty in this country. she doesot have to prove why shis free. i have a suggestn. they should sn and agree. to pull this on her as a
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political stunt, if she had been arrested for murder" in the essex couyail, s would have beenreated better. >> you have a goo point there. the laer pnt is w we shou deal with pple. whether it should be voluntary. >> if someone is contagious, ey can be quaranted again their will. l ofhese places that he went, the prieopenly that he wentou boeing alley, body got sick. do we do n know yet. >> i think it has been 21 days. don: it has been abo a week. >> all right. i am close.
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a lot o scary stuff. new manhattan one, you he probably 3 million people. >> wt the heck would hpeif one my neighbors came down with ebola? >> comn sense. somew, tse peoplhave enough sense, i would thi. >> i think that the republicans will pick e senate. i think th they will comftabl for better ofor worse, i think th this ection wille a referendum on the leadership. his leadership deplorable. don: what makes youhink that the republicanwillo any beer?
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>> i do not know. it is just their version of big government. the president is so out of tou that having a reblican senate may keep h feeto the fire. bernie, do you aee? don: they are not getting anytnge now. >> a lot isone when they do not pass ls. we he tony law the government takes too much money from us and restras our freedom. >> i ictuay like him i think that he is insane. >> he is a character heould agree with at characterization.
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>> i did a series of two words. we had the huge gathengs. we s spoke before a crowd at sat city. 35,0 people. we traveled together ia privat jet. it was fabulous. >> unannounced politians shshowing up. don: i like having youn, dge. >> iis a pleasure to be here young man. whare you laughing? >> i just cannot remember anything.
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deghted to s y. you are terrific guest. judge drew napolitano here on the "imus in the morning" program. nnell: keep right here. another great installnt o blonde on blonde. >> waited until it shows u in guring out how to handle it state-by-state. >> stop talking over me. you are ing so annoying tod. >> we should be protecting >> we should be protecting ourselves me.
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3rd and 3. >> we should be protecting ourselves me. what am i thinking about?, foign marks. asian debthat recognizes >> we should be protecting ourselves me. what am i thinking about?, the shifin the global econy. yoow, the kind that catalis on diversity across theredit spectr and getsxposure to frontier and emerging mar. if youvert 4uarter p/e of the&p00, s yid doing a lot better... if you've had to bome your own investment expert, maybe it's time fobny mellon, a dierent kind of alth r ...and black swans are unprictae.
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right now on fox business. ♪ don: headache an suffered
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cramps. >> at least he did not sneeze 3 feet away. >> he is going boeing. don: that only discovered because th check h natural card. gen: w did he die? until you present symptoms, there is nothing to worry about. did he take on. why? really have one person bng treated. >> right now, y. apparently, no


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