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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 3, 2014 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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business and fox news. later on in the week, the jobs report for the month of october. that will do it for "opening bell" today. thanks for being here. it time for "varney & company." stuart, have a great show. stuart: thanks, maria. this is going to be a very big week. it's monday, and here we go. good morring, everyone. item one, the election is trending to the republicans, "the washington post" says there is a 95% probability they take the senate. investors like that. item two, gas is now below $3 a gallon we all like that. the economy gets a shot in the arm and three, it's november. after a very good month for stocks, the tough month, october, is over. add it up. your money is looking good. % and "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ all right. look at that big board. we are coming back and we were down 40 and we go on the air
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and now we're down 20. okay. this has been -- october is historically not a good month for stocks. now we're in november, historically a good month for stocks and we're only down 23 points to start it off this monday morning. two big tech names. both of them big names, both new highs. a apple 109.78 and alibaba. the price of gold no bounceback. 1168. in fact, there's a statistical barrier there, 1170, we've dropped below it. all right, oil, it dropped to 79 and change earlier. now it's at 80 and change. $80.20 per barrel. let me give you the big news for your money this monday morning, the price of gas. falling about a penny a day. the average is 2.98, the first time in four years. i paid 2.69 in new jersey early this morning. not bad.
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the $2 club, that keeps getting better. these are the states where the average price for regular is under $3. 23 states in all. in just a few minutes. patrick doohan will tell us where to behind the cheapest gas in america and tells us whether the drop will continue through this week. first, it's a trend we've been seeing in the election cycle, democratic candidates distancing themselves from the president, actually running away from him. people leaving earll from events where the president is speaking and the political reports, the president is quote, fed up with being a pariah at the midterms. here is the digital politics editor, chris, is making his first ever appearance on "varney & company." what took so long. >> probably elite status and not allowing hillbilly pundits into your show. that's okay, we mountain folk are durable. stuart: you're a mountain kind of guy? >> let me tell you, just under
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the surface. stuart: okay. we have politico saying that the president is fed up with being outside of the midtermm and that he is retreating, almost into a bunker mentality. what do you make of that? >> he's been bunkered for a little bit. the situation now is second midterms for two term presidents othee than bill clinton are bad news. certainly bad news for george w. bush in 2006. it's how it goess the president has struggled to deal with that and he's struggled to accept it and now he has a particularly tooic here is the point though, politics is tough and sometimes your feelings get hurt. and you can't show that and the president can't go out and say,
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let it be known. they have scolded democrats for not embracing the democrats and i donnt know if you understand how this goes? >> don't do that. >> thhre's some drama in the iowa senate race. the outgoing democrat saying, you make sexist comments against joni earnst. let's roll tape. >> joni is attractive. i don't care if as good looking as taylor swift well, she was on fox and friends on fox news this morning. here is her reactions to senator harkens' comments. i was offended that senator harken would say that, i think it's unfortunate that he and
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many of heir party believe that you can't be a real woman if you're conservative and female. i believe if my name had been john ernst attached to my resume' he wouldn't have said. >> if the republicans had judged a woman by her looks, what would be the reaction this monday morning? >> napalm. it would be giant -- it would be bad. i'll caution joni ernst and republicans, umbrage taking is dangerous, democrats are better it would seem the better answer is to say, we understand that senator harken is probably not happy about the way this race is going. >> do you remember during the
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2012 campaign the expression binders of women. >> the democrats ran for months on that, really pummelled mitt romney. >> right. -p>> just for that one innocuou expression. >> right. >> now we have senator harken saying, oh, she's very attractive. >> it was sexist. tom harkin made a fairly gross sexist comment, the part she could look like taylor swift and be as nice as mr. rogers, that's not pleasant. but the first part, i hear a lot about had her and she's very attractive. that's an error, he is a clearly not, not on his game and he doesn't understand that was a sexist comment. >> do you think the republicans are remiss not jumping on this, strongly, and saying, come on, what is this? >> i think a little goes a long way when it comes to umbrage taking by republicans. if you get into a battle by the gotcha stuff and high thresholds, the next time a
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republican screws up, youuget it back. and voters like it when you carry the water on outrage aj with the republicans, the press doesn't want to do the work and leave it aside. >> yes. chris stirewalt, thanks for being on the program. and i understand you've been on the program previously. as you just saw the man, his name is charles payne. 's he been on this program all of last week, saying, hey, november, that's a great month for stocks. do you think the market has nowhere to go, but up? >> it can always go down, but i like the setup. [laughter] >> what an easy out that is. >> that's what we taught me at harvard 101. and i want to chime in, i don't think there'' anything wrong with saying a woman is attractive and i think joni ernst is attractive.
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i think what harken sort of did was int at attractiveness and smartness can't go hand in hand and should offend all women. having said that, the markets in november, here is the thing, i think a lot of ur viewers have a problem with, this has been the worst post-session recoveryyin history. you don't need to have a college education or economist to know this, the economy is getting better, weere where we are should have been four years ago, we're getting better. a number out this morning was fantastic. the earnings last week were the most telling numbers i saw in a long time so we're getting better and the market might ride that wave a little bit higher and the momentum could carry, remember, it's the pros, the experts who are throwing this market and may have to play catch up. >> you put your foot into it again. >> you've got me on videotape. [laughter] >> you on't know what we've got on tape with you. the dow is down 22 points, it's
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coming back a bit from when we first went on the air and we're holding at minus 20. and automakers, gm disappointed. october sales increased .2% compared to the same month last year, year on year, up only 2%. ford sales actually down 2%. nissan up, and toyota sales gained almost 7%. have falling gas prices helped boost suv ssles? a very good question. jefffflock will answer it in our next hour. let's et back to the falling gas prices with patrick doohan in chicago. where is the cheapest gas in these here united states? >> i think the secret is out, still the sim gas station in texas phillips 66 at 2.25 a gallon. >> we should get them on the phone to see if they're prices to get on the show and >> i couldn't tell you, you've
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got to wonder, if many days consecutive we're talking about them. i wonder if they are. >> i wonder if 2.25, if you pay more with a nice fancy meecedes. do you think that the gas prices are going to fall much further? >> i don't ttink so. we're going to see the national average begin to slow down, we're at 2.97 a gallon this morning, i can't see it getting under 2.90 a gallon unless oil prices manage to close under 80 and they continue to go under, above, under. they haven't closed there yet. if they can manage to get under 79, 78, sure another few weeks of decline, but it looks like that concrete is thickening at $80 a barrel. >> let's suppose e stabilize at 2.95 a gallon for regular. do you think we'll stay there for a while? >> i think we'll bottom out. yeah, right around 2.95. will we ssay there? perhaps for a few weeks, i think that prices will inch up in mid december as we get towards the end.
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year when inventories tend to tight and bit. i think a lot still depends what opec does from here on out. are they going to continue to feud? what developments will come of that? that's the big question mark. >> you see, chris, what we're looking for-- i'm sorry, patrick, what we're looking for is impact on the economy. if you tell us that the price of gasoline for regular is going to stick around $3 a gallon, give or take five or ten cents, that's a big shot in
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our favorite media critic brent bosele. rachel maddow, fox was an easy target and i was the latest prey and she was wrong and was lazy when she did it.
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this is e microsoft cloud.
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>> still down 20 points on the dow industrials to start off this monday morning. and for the yield on the 10-year treasury, oh, moving um--% up, 2.37. and looks like apple isspushing back the release of the i-watch. i think it's a new hiih? >> a new high today and it's approaching $110 as we speak. i meaa, that's huge. the stock up 1.7%. happy holidays, get your ipads, your iphones, but not your watch. the watch won't be available until the spring.
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it seems the u.s. is going to fine two korean automakers for misstating mileage, mileage per gallon. two korean automakers are going to get fined for that. nbc news rachel maddow took me on and she got it dead wrong. she took a screen grab of this ppogram, ann she showed it on hers. the banner, that's the thing across the bottom the banner said cheap gas hurts the economy, question mark? well, we posed that question, only to debunk it. now, listen to how she spun it. >> on the business version of fox news, look at their headline on this story, about the unusually low gas prices right now. look at this. cheap gas hurts the economy? genius fox has decided fox decided that low gas prices are
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a president obama purposely tainting the economy with these unthese-- low gas prices? we report, you decide. stuart: yes, we do. and what, i ran a banner asking the question, that's all i did. >> well, clear up a couple situations, clearly rachel never watched the show and didn't listen to the interview. she didn't need to because the banner has the question mark. it says that you're clearing not taking that position, you're asking a question. what's going on here? it's not just that it is msnbc that's floundering and panicking with their ratings. i mean, when cnn overtakes msnbc, you know you've got a problem, but this is the far left of the hard left. these are character assassins,
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this is that media matters group that lies insist santly and you heard that, they lied incessantly anddplease sue me, media matters. they lie incessantly. they've done it to rush limbaugh and glenn beck and now trying to do it to you, feeding people stories that are absolute lies. stuart: awe narrowed that down nicely. you brought us the bias in the mainstream media coverage of the midterm electionings. you went back to 2006 when there was six times as much coverage of the midterms when president bush was in office then, unpopular in the media and president obama now. how about in the last week, moving up to the last week of the election. have the big three networks continued reporting. >> good news, abc news one week ago ran their first story since june 11th. this is a preposttrous performance by the national
11:19 am
news media. they simply do not want to report. and you know, this is turning out to be one of the most exciting races in recent history. those people like "the washington post" said it's a 95% probability. they're flat-out wrong. it might happen, but the polls all show it's neck and neck. these are nail-biiers all over the country. so you think the press would take some interest. stuart: okay. democrat senator tom harkin, he made a comment saying jody ernst, the republican candidate for senator in iowa is quote, very attractive. some people suggest that that is a sexist comment to make. it the media reporting it outside of fox? >> no, they're not. if the national news media -- if you loooed at what the left says about her, about sarah palin, about michele bachmann, if a conservative said that -pabout a liberal, it'd be fron page news everywhere. it's not just women, it's
11:20 am
blacks, it's the way they tteat conservative blaaks, it's the same thing, if they're conservative we use the words that liberals use against blacks, you'd be accused of racism. and yet, the left uses it with impunity. why? because they know they can because the networks won't report it. stuart: you know, i've often said to you that i thought things might change. when it becomes so obvious that there's inherent bias in the big three broadcast networks, i thought things would change, but apparently nothing's -pchanged at all? >> no, the ideology trumps business. the ideology of the far left that controls the networks has now gone into the arena of journalistic malpractice. stuart: that's a terrible thing, bret, because we now have elections decided in the media by a media who is wildly biased towards one particular side and i think it helped change america and i don't like it one bit. >> i think it's a direct threat to democracy itself. if you have a public that's not
11:21 am
informed or misinformed by the national news media, it really is hurtful to the democratic progress. stuart: well said. bret bozell, always a pleasure. appreciate it, sir. more trouble ahead for mcdonald's, now it's healthy food served up as fast as a big mac. and this healthy food, fast food is gaining popularity. we'll talk to a man who runs planet hollywood later this hour. after the break, tightrope % walker, nick wallenda breaking two records in chicago. we'll have more from the daredevil after this. ♪
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stuart: to successful skyscrapers. listen to this. 25-mile per hour gust of wind. no hardness. no saaety net. he did it all blindfolded. he has already crossed old the on a high wire.d niagara falls
11:26 am
>> i would be blindfolded, two. stuart: new york city one world trade center. officially open for business. moved is 3400 staffers that would eventually occupy 24 floors leased to the company. now this. my production staff. notorious for giving me a hard time about me not knowing much about football. it turns out i may know more than my team gives me credit for. listen to my prediction. fifty-four and you've got these two great quarterbacks. i would go for the over.
11:27 am
>> denvee has one of the best defenses in the league. >> i am not into gambling, but i think you are wrong. stuart: tom brady threw four touchdown passes. in first place in the afc. you never questioned my knowledge of football, have you. >> i was watching the show and i was right with you. would i win $10? it is even money; right? gas prices below $3 a gallon.
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the market getting close to record highs. more on that in just a moment. a very delicate and controversial talk for judge napolitano. the right to die debate back in the spotlight. back in a moment. ♪ i s ready to sve.i'd st got. i was right ouof school. family's all miliry. u don't know what to expect. then suddenly you're there... in anoer world. i did my job. you your best. i remember the faces...
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stuart: look at this. the dow is down a little. november and december could be gangbusters. we will get to that in a second. two big names. you know them. ali baba has made it to 102. let's get back to your money. first of all, your credentials. you manage a lots of your money. gangbusters for the stock market. @oday, we are already down from the record high. >> the markers will be higher by the end of the year.
11:33 am
these are a confluence of factors. >> earnings are a little bit better. it is very hard to predict this stuff. could the market rally? it is not crazy given the year we have had. >> remember, the markets are in uneven playing. it is a voting machine in the short term. a weighing machine in the long-term. stuart: republican victory in the senate. charles: you can argue about the financial engineering.
11:34 am
wages were of the most in the third quarter than any. in the last six years. if people can start making more money. >> if the economy is beginning to move a little bit about nicely, and wages are starting to move off, all good. >> right now people making below $50,000 are spending 20% of their income on energy. the market is a good indicator of that. don: the "wall street journal" says if the price of oil comes all the way down to $70 per barrel --
11:35 am
>> can i get rachel on the phone? you have to recognize you have three states. that will impair their economies. the state of texas is 9% of the gdp of the united states. we have to be careful where these prices go. having said that, you and i discussed this last week, gas prices going down are better for the economy. that is better for retail sales as well. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. i want to get to a very sensitive issue here. brittany maynard. she ended her life. she had stage four and operable brain cancer. here is what she wrote on her facebook page the moment before she ended her life.
11:36 am
"goodbye to all my dear friends the family that i love. today is the day i have chosen to pass away with dignity. this terrible brain cancer has taken so much from me, that would have taken so much more." all rise, judge andrew napolitano is here. i do not want an argument. question number one, is there something wrong constitutionally with right to die? >> both times have said it is for the state to decide. the states may permit you to take your life. the state may permit those that have licensed to assist you to take your life. the state itself may not take your life for you because you want to dive. i do not know if that issue welcome back to the supreme court. there does not seem to be a
11:37 am
movement among any of the other 45 states to move this about. stuart: we have clarity. i know you are a man of faith. i want to know what is your personal opinion? >> i am an old-fashioned mass attending cap like. to the judeo-christian tradition, suicide is reprehensible. it suggests that you are the master of your own fate and not the god that created you. i also believe in the separation of church and state. legally, it is not the governments position to charge her.
11:38 am
new jersey takes the position we will keep you alive even when you do not want to stay alive. i defend to the and the obligation for the state to make their own choices. charles::it gets tougher and tougher as i get older. i think we should all give a shout out to lauryn hill. she goes to mount st. joseph's. she is terminally ill. she may be dead in a few weeks.% she played in a high school basketball game. stuart: lauryn hill? charles: yes. beautiful, beautiful scene.
11:39 am
>> what does the church of england say about this? >> i honestly do not know, judge. i suspect it is very similar. just some crazy parts of northern europe. stuart: i think that this is the time of question that we deal with a location only on this program. >> i commend you..3 it is good to do with these issues from time to time. charles: i think it is good to talk about staaes rights. for me, tomorrow is election. 2015 is about state rrghts.
11:40 am
stuart: hold on a second. let me show you the video. >> my dad is a brain tumor survivor. i would say life as long as possible. stuart: that is the young lady that played basketball knowing she will be passing. >> life is the greatest gift that god has given us. wants us to go. >> i would want her to stay alive as long as possible.
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stuart: another trend that does not bode well for mcdonald's. healthy fast food. [laughter] stuart: what are you laughing at? we know you love mcdonald's because it is cheap. the comment on superfast healthy fast food. ♪ 24/7 itwh's wrong withtle retrying new things? things. feel that your muscles? yeah. i do... try a new way to bank, where no anches equals great rates.
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11:44 am
sitting at 102.60. fiat chrysler. right now down. more "varney & company" comiig up. ♪
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how much money do you have in your pocket ght now? i have $40, $21. could mething that small m an impact on sometng as big as your retirement? i don't think . well if yostarputting that towards youretirement everweek and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that rirement challenge mighnot seem so big ter all. stuart: luca mcdonald's, please. it has an image problem. consumers will pressure. they want healthy. the l.a. times has a piece
11:46 am
today. some of the fastest growing fast food chains. smoothies. solid. we have the host of be my guest on the cooking challenge. if you were going to turn mcdonald's around, what would you do? >> mcdonald's needs to move faster. in and out burger has 200. they have a protein burger. mcdonald's tested a wrap for one year. they need to move faster. stuart: you cannot wave a magic wand.
11:47 am
>> mcdonald's is still cutting edge with their old business in china. they are a brilliant machine. being attacked either by their traditional competitors. they did fantastic. mcdonald's needs to move faster. stuart: are you faulting management? >> i do not know enough about it. they need to look at the sectors. stuart: you ave an idea here to speed them up. i suspect they are too big to
11:48 am
change. >> they have massive regional devvlopment. i feel they are taking too long testing things. they have a coffee concept. stuart: you have a british accent. why don't you spell out the new mcdonald's slogan. loving beets hating. >> loving beets hating. let's talk about slogans. they have the most incredible ad budget. we always used to loveetheir ads. i watch tv all day. i never remember those ads. they are not memorable anymore.
11:49 am
stuart: do you think it really is possible to turn them around? >> i do not think so at all. i think they just need to improve. to do that, they need to be quick to catch this market that is now trying other things before it goes too far. they have not lost their base markets. they are everywhere. stuart: you are in the restaurant business. which do you think ii the best? what is the best fast food or casual fast food chain? >> well, you asked so many questions in one. i think it is the millennial's like to be involved in the choice. they do not wish to be big ddvid
11:50 am
two. where i can build my own of any concept is the winner. in the burger section, i am a huge fan of shake shack. it is about the environment. it is not a scene restaurant. stuart: i want it fast. there is the new slogan. give it to me now. stuart varney. stuart: i could charge for a slogan like that. thank you so much for joining us. this gentleman owns a piece of the big competitor in the city of liverpool or in soccer. thank you. after the break, david asman.
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wait for it. listen to what he has to say. he says he may have proof that zombies exist. david asman is with us. ♪
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stuart: i want to introduce you to a rather strange connection. the walking dead lead to a national election. zombies are real and tell me why. >> zombies are real and i will tell you why. twenty-five years ago, a man that you knew and loved and respect it, bob bartley, said to be, david,,do you believe that zombies exist? i said, are you kidding?
11:56 am
there is an anthropologist that has been to haiti who studied toxicology. a lot of the voodoo priests are experts at toxicology. this man, that you are looking at right now, he was buried in this grave for 24 hours after he was given a poison. that is weighed david. you could literally be buried in a coffin for a couple of days.
11:57 am
there is actually a trading, a slave trade, if you will, of voodoo priests among them. these are the zombies, that man that you saw was one that was -@declared dead, buried and revived. zombies do exist. there is a law in haiti that prohibits. >> i am saying absolutely nothing. new at noon. gas prices dropping. new at noon.
11:58 am
someone who saysseventually, the drop could be bad for the economy. we talked to the company that is not using photoshop or airbrushing. the second hour is two minutes away. ♪ aluminumroduion in south africa, and at t. rowe priceindustry inhe u.s erstand the nnections of a complex, global economy. it'sust reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat eir 10-year lier average. t. rowe price. invest wh confidence request a ospectusr summary prot information,isks, fees and expenses to readnd csider carefullfore investing.
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stuart:@4:00 o'clock this morning i pulled into a gas station in new jersey nd filled up with regular for $2.69 a gallon here in. this is a saving. you see and feel it every single day. it is a good thing for america. we do not like guilt trips.
12:01 pm
in a moment, we wiil hear from the "wall street journal" which raises a legitimate question of what happens. there is some downside here. overall, cheap gas is good. get out there and do some guilt free driving. ♪ stuart: check that big board. historically, though, november is a good month for stocks.3 the s&p 500 hit a new intraday high. still way up there at 2019. the big-money news, though, gas
12:02 pm
pricess national average is $2.98. the phillips 66 station, 225 a gallon. we are trying to get those folks on the phone. look at the price of oil. a two year low. if oil falls below $70, that may not be good news for the economy. greg, will come to the show. >> it is not as good as it once would have been. the energy sector there is
12:03 pm
if yoo get this, they will still produce. just not as rapidly. stuart: you would say that that is a very minor negative. >> it is still a net positive. look attthe big picture. a part of the reason for the oil slide is the saudis are doing this deliberately. >> they have a lot of enemies today. they are worried they are losing market share to the united states. it will only increase over the next few years. stuart: they want the price to drop. >> yes. >> yes.
12:04 pm
it is a little bit more expensive. they are trying to undercut the crackers to some extent. stuart: suppose the dollar keeps getting very very strong. >> 70s is fascinating. i do have a belief that the chinese economy is not so weak that we will have global prices collapsing. >> it could happen. eleven, 12 million barrels a year. stuart: thank you very much indeed for being here.
12:05 pm
october sales up 22%. year over year. the sun up 13%. 7% higher. jeff flock joins us. suvs. are they selling more of them because gas is cheap? the latest gdp read. if you average output over the entire year, only about 2%. you did not believe e. every time we get a nice growth in any quarter, it pales back
12:06 pm
down. >> you do not think that it will happen this time arouud. >> i think it is sustainable. stuart: this is very, very important. you say we are moving from the 2% range. it will not stop. 3% will feel a lot better than 2%. stuart: the republicans may wind the senate. earnings and profits are pretty good. >> american businesses are lean, mean, fighting machines today.
12:07 pm
>> being efficient and productive. the prophets are the mothers milk for the stock market. what we need, stuart, and what could really turn up the engines of this economy is after the election if businesses feel a little more confident, then you do start seeing a pump out. stuart: for energy produccion. >> a democratic party. democrats are becoming antibusiness partners. they just are. she met what she said.
12:08 pm
that would be helpful to the economy. stuart: steve moore. thank you very much. stay right there. just one day away from the midterm elections. rich is with us. >> look at this "wall street journal" poll. this is a generic ballot. the percentage here is 46%. we will go to a state poll here. the latest poll by the des ernst to bruce braley with a seven percentage point lead. could this be an outlier?
12:09 pm
there are tight races throughout the country. stuart: if we get the republicans, do we have a stock market rally? i don't know where that came from. whether -- stuart: we have gone up. maybe build in. there is a republican congress. the stock market does better. 90s. at what happened in the
12:10 pm
the history of this company.m in @tuart: you held out for us. thank you very much indeed. will the keystone pipeline be built? >> there will be much more pressure for that. >> there is not that much we can do to improve the economy. there is just so much that the democrats can push back. i think that they will throw in the towel. >> it will go to the president desk. your question is, will barack obama signed up bill?
12:11 pm
stuart: how many will be vetoed? >> if the president were smart, he would sign those bills. stuart: thank you very much, gentlemen. second setback in one week. here is the question. would you invest in aacompany that is betting big on space? also on this program, a clothing company that is using real women no makeup. doubling down on her comment about race and gender. we will discuss it next. ♪ hi, are we still on r tomorrow?
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tomorrow. quick lookt e weher. nice day, beautil tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow and we promise to keep it that way. driven to eserve t environm csx moves a ton of freight nearly 4 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a d. can't itil tomorw. so ally nk really has no hidden feat's right. accounts? it's st that i'm woied about you knowhidden thi.." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, fr the bank where no branches equals great rates. stuart: look at this. a new high for yahoo!. see 20 a new high for yahoo!. a new high for alibaba.
12:15 pm
a 15% stake roughly and alibaba. we know that they had a great quarter. they are expecting to see the growth of 45%. people are expecting some really great numbers out of alibaba. alibaba new high. yahoo! new high. >> lose enough, no cold. i think we will take that. nicole: much closer. stuart: thank you. less than 24 hours until we heaa to the polls. looking a little desperate. resorting to what some call
12:16 pm
sexist comments. remember this gem. roll the tape. >> be very, very honest with you. the south is not always the friendliest place for african americans. it has not always been a good place for women. you heard that comment from senator landrieu. she said the south is >> they are more than desperate. republicans in charge of state governing, you have better life.
12:17 pm
she has tried to play the race card. some of these hard-hit neiihborhoods are happy with the results we are getting. it is planned parrnthood that does not want your kids to come into the world. stuart: your story is for many years you used welfare. you of used the welfare system. then you straightened out. you see yourself in a different light.
12:18 pm
>> the desperation is playing the female card. what these democrats have tried to do is paint this picture. we really see traditional this is the diverse part of the republican party. democrats have been caught offfuard. republicans can actually get their world view message out. the democrats had been hit offguard. stuart: what do you think will be the turnout? blacks have trended up for the
12:19 pm
last 20 years. the hope that they just will not showwup is unlikely. they may not pull the lever for the democrats. it would be interesting to see how the senators do. >> you do not see african americans. remember, we do not need a lot of the black vote in certain states. uncomfortable with the positions of the democrats party. we want more of these challenges
12:20 pm
in our community. look at the black unemployment rate. look at the chaos. our hardest hit communities of liberal policies. this election will see how serious they are about change. wednesday morning will be very interesting to see where this community goes. stuart: oh, yes. we want to be there for that. thank you very much, indeed. show me the big board real fast. this is dead flat. down 20. down 30. all day long. this market is stepping back waiting for the elections. paul reaction wednesday morning. walmart getting in to the christmas shopping very early. we ask the viewers if you are ready to start shopping for
12:21 pm
deals this early. we have responses for you next. ♪
12:22 pm
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
12:25 pm
stuart: did you see this? jeff gordon and brad keselowski getting into a fight after a rrce in texas. eventually, gordon lost the race. keselowski has drawn the ire of several veterans for his aggressive driving, gordon just the latest to take exception. keselowski says he won't change how he drives. by he way, i've seen a lot of fights just recently, three in the last couple weeks. another cruise ship problem. hundreds of passengers aboard halloween cruise in the bahamas got an unexpected scare friday when the ship ran aground, lost power on its way back to florida. needless to say, passengers were not happy. listen to this. >> i knew something wasn't right. >> you going to travel like this again? >> i knew it. >> you going to travel like this again? >> no. stuart: that was an emphatic no. they were relieved to finally get off the ship. many did not get answers. >> the lights blew out, we were all eating. it became total chaos.
12:26 pm
there were nobodd able to manage what was going on. >> we're stranded on an island for two days, no food for 24 hours. stuart: angry. celebration cruise lines owns that ship. check the share price of walmart, currently trading at 75. it's going to start offering holiday discounts on its web site. now, we asked you on our if you thought it was too early to start the shopping season, holiday shopping season. here's what some of you had to say. lily, she doesn't like it. she says, oh, please, let's have thanksgiving first. have we forgotten how to give thanks? >> jane adds, they used to wait until after thanksgiving, soon it will be after july 4th. and finally kurt says this: walmart is getting on my nerves. thanks for your responses. keep 'em short so we can share as many on the our as possible, and we want you tooknow -- we want to know if you like the early deals. don't be afraid to speak up. i want to know what deals you
12:27 pm
jumped at. up next, if gas prices keep getting lower, will more people start buying suvs and ditching their chevy volts? we'll find out in a moment. ♪ ♪
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12:31 pm
stuart: well, we're coming back to just about dead flat, down 16 points as of now. big news of the day, though, is regular gasoline has dropped below $3, first time in four years, we're at $2.98, national average. as for cheap gas, well, here's the question: is that giving suv sales a boost? jeff flock joins us from chicago. jeff, you've got some specific examples cheap gas suv sales? >> reporter: i do. it is starting to have an impact. by the way, i did hear a rumor that you think low gas prices are bad for the economy, aad i just wanted to say, that's going to ruin your reputation as a cheapskate. stuart: have you been -- i'm not going to get into it, because i know you've been watching the other guy. >> i watch them all. even our old friends. [laughter] here's the numbers on suv sales. you know, chevy had a very flat
12:32 pm
month, gm had a flat month. chevy sales only up about a quart or half a percent, but the chevy traverse, that's their most popular suv, up 24%. at the same time, those fuel-sipping models like the chevy sonic, for example, which gets 40 miles to the gallon on the highway, that was down 23%. and your favorite vehicle, the chevy volt, that the sales were down 28% on the month. it's not just gm. for example, on chrysler side, the jeeps have done tremendously well. they continue to do well. they're not fuel sippers. the jeep cherokee and grand cherokee combined up over 100% year on year. the fiats are up too, but 1%. stuart: wow. >> reporter: we're starting to see an impact. stuart: it's dramatic, because that is a very strong impact between mucc cheaper gas prices and what kind of cars people buy. that's fascinating. >> reporter: i think we would really like to have the bigger
12:33 pm
cars if we can, the cars with more capability if, you know, if we can pay $3 for gas, that's a big difference. stuart: a lot offgreens come out of america as if they're europeans, as if we should drive in tight spaces -- >> reporter: we don't have tight spaces here. stuart: but this is a vast continent. it's nice to have a big suv to cruise around in. it's nice! eveeybody likes that kind of thing. why can't we have what we want, jeff? [laughter] >> reporter: you and i have always had what we wanted, haven't we? we've done okay. stuart: you're on dangerous ground. jeff flock, thank you very much, indeed. back to you soon. all right, from the midterm elections, outgoing democrat senator tom harkin making controversial comments. listen to this.
12:34 pm
stuart: former chief of staff for joe biden at the dnc and president of box global, robert hoopes is his name, a guust on this program previously. robert, i was surprised that the establishment media did not puck up on what senator -- pick up on what senator harkin said because many people suggest to say ms. ernst is really attractive and to judge her on the basis of her looks as opposed to her abilities, that's gross sexism. it seems like a double standard to me. >> yeah. it hasn't gotten a tremendous amount of traction. people in washington both in the parties and in the media here aren't really covering it. stuart: but why? >> well, you know, i don't know. i can't speak to those news outlets, you know? it clearly was an attempt to be
12:35 pm
funny that was not funny. there was a similar incident in october of 2011 when then-senate candidate scott brown in massachusetts made an off-color remark about senator elizabeth warren and how she looked and her appearance and taking her clothes off. so i don't know if you guys covered that as much as you're covering this -- stuart: i tell you what we remember, binders of women. do you remember that comment? binders of women. >> i do. stuart: an innocuous comment by the establishment media ran with that for days and weeks in 2012 and just kept on going at it. they thought they'd found a chipg in the armor, and to exploit it as the war on women. you know, robert, you've got to say the establishment media is on your side. and chooses stories and chooses coverage to conform with what they want to see. don't they? >> yeah. i -- well, there's this interesting phenomenon in washington where these anecdotes
12:36 pm
about candidates whether it's gerald ford, probably the most athletic president we everrhad, falling down the stairs coming out of air force one made him looo clumsy and unathletic and not competent, and it's fed into that narrative of the ford administration. and i think the romney incident reflected a pattern of what people saw in romney that, you know, 47% of the country are lazy, and, you know, this notion that he was somehow out of touch. i don't think that, you know, this was a surrogate, it wasn't the candidate himself who said this. so i don't think it's gotten the kind of attention that had it been an actual candidate that had made these remarks. stuart: how do you feel about the one-sidedness of the coverage of these midterms? for example, in 2006 when president bush was unpopular, there were six times more coverage of the midterms by abc, nbc and cbs as there is now. president obama's unpopular,
12:37 pm
they're not covering it. president bush was wildly unpopular, and they covered it. >> yeah, i -- stuart: you've got to admit, the media is on your side, isn't it? >> well, i don't, i don't eel that way. i wake up and i look at what's% online, i look at the polls, i look at what's being covered every day i read pretty much every paper cover to cover, and i think if anything, you know, this administration is getting the crap kicked out of 'em right now, quite frankly. every story that talks about these races talks about the president's low approval rating. i'm frankly surprised there's not more talk about the republicans in congress and their low approval rating, lower than democrats. and there's been a tremendous amount of very positive coverage about the republican candidates running for senate this year and where they are competitive in states that three or four months ago we would be here saying they wouldn't be competitive. i think these races are very local, and it's tricky to say nationally there's this kind of coverage when these are north carolina-specific, colorado,
12:38 pm
iowa, south dakota, west virginia, you know, very interesting governors' races in wisconsin, florida, maine, maryland which is, you know, increasingly close. so i've seen a lot of local coverage that is covering these candidates and what they're going to do at a local level and what they're going to do once they win, and i think that's where the interest that i'm seeing out of voters is they're tired of the partisanship, and they really want to know what these folks are going to do when they get to washington or when they get to the statehhuse. stuart: do you think the republicans are going to win the senate? >> i think it looks pretty good. stuart: pretty good? you're a democrat. >> i know, yeah. we're going to find out if these pollsters are right, and if they're right, republicans are going to win control of the senate. stuart: robert hoopes, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. neil cavuto has mitt romney tonight at 8 p.m.on the fox business network. 8:00 tonight with neil, fbn. got another setback for the privatization of space.
12:39 pm
that virgin galaccic crash, here's the question: is it still a good time to invest in the private space race? keith fitzgerald on that coming up in a moment. and after the break, the clothing company that uses real models, no makeup, no photoshop. we'll deal with that in just a moment.
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
>> the nasdaq up 14, that's a 14 and a half year high. looking at utilities in particular, utilities is the best performing sector today. southern company up 1%, pg&e up 1%. also looking at cisco, came out with its quarterly numbers, the food services company right now down 2.5% -- sysco, and reporting after the bell today, aig and herbalife, also sprint and some of these stocks certainly have been jumping in that particular group. that's up aaout 2.5%. and later in the week we'll get some big economic news, waiting on elections tomorrow and, of course, jobs numbers on friday.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
sttart: check that big board. you know, we might just turn positive any moment, only down 14 points at 17,376. come on in, keith fitzgerald, who joins us from portland, oregon. are the markets already factoring in a gop win tomorrow? is it baked into the market? >> i don't think it's totally baked in, but definitely it's in the oven, stuart. stuart: okay. supposing we do, the republicans do take the senate tomorrow, do you expect a solid rally as we go through no and december? -- november and december? is it a big plus for investors? >> yes, actually, i do. there's a couple things that are
12:44 pm
number one, you're going to get expectations, particularly if the gop can produce a cohesive plan. number two, there's a lot of fund managers that have got to chase performances, so they've got to be buying coming into the end of the year. and third, we're setting up for really what i think is going to be an interesting 2015, people are going to want to get ahead of the fed. stuart: peeple on this program have said 18,000 by the end of the year for the dow. what do you say? >> you know, that's not inconceivable in my mind, stuart. stuart: what happens if the election tomorrow does not return the gop to control the senate? >> probably a some digestion. we're at peakish levels technically anyway, so i wouldn't be surprised if we get a squiggle, but then we're off to the races. stuart: before you go, disasters for virgin galactic and orbital sciences. kind of cast a shadow over private space exploration. would you think twice about investing in these companies? i know this is nottyyur normal
12:45 pm
area, but private space operations, good investment or not at this time? >> well, it depeeds on our view, stuart. if you're a pioneer and you believe innthe future like i do, i'm planning to go up into space when i get the opportunity. of course, my wife says i'm out in space, but that's a different issue. i think people forget that we loss a lot of lives in the early days of space exploration whether it was private or public, so to me, this is a setback, the it's par for the course. it's tragic, but that's not a reason to abandon space exploration or the private companies -- stuart: and you would invest? i know it's not your area, but you wouldn't say, no, never in a million years? you wouldn't do that? >> not at all. clearly, there's a lot of benefits to the zimm january product -- civilian product market, i'm fully expecting virgin to produce a number of those innovations, alternative fuels, better controls. i think there's things that are going to happen in space that are going to directly benefit the rest of the market, and i do want a piece of that as an
12:46 pm
investor. stuart: keith fitzgerald, thank you. much more on the private space race with captain mark kelly, he joins melissa francis 2 p.m. on this network. captain kelly says we should not give up on commercial space travel. he makes his case in the 2:00 hour today. victoria's secret has a new ad campaign. it is called perfect body. well, a lot of people are a little upset because the bodies the company is calling perfect aren't exactly average women. you're looking at it right now. here's a video of american eagle's aerie line promising to usager, un-photoshopped women in its ads, and you can see the difference, i think. i'm not quite sure i can. jennifer foil is with us, she is the chief marketing officer for aerie, and here she is. i'm sorryy i didn't see that much difference. perfect body versus aerie? >> there is a difference. stuart: there is?% >> yeah. i mean -- stuart: there's perfect body, okay.
12:47 pm
>> sure. stuart: that's pretty good. now move on to aerie, please. >> so -- stuart: okay. so they've got clothes on, but, you kkow, so what? >> we're an intimate apparel -@brand. this is holiday, so you're seeinn our pjs. we started this aerie real -- stuart: but they're all thin. >> they're thinker but they're not -- they're thin but, actually, not all of them are. if you go back to some of our older campaigns, we're really proud how we're standing for diversity and all body shapes and forms. stuart: are you using this as a deliberated marketing technique? you're saying, look, these guys are photoshopped, they choose super-skinny people, we don't want any part of that? no, we are natural. >> absolutely. stuart: that is the mainstay of your marketing campaign. >> actually, that's really what we stood for all along. aerie is really about the natural girl, the girl next door, and, you know, the team
12:48 pm
brainstormed on this campaign -- stuart: that's aerie on the left. >> that girl actually had a tattoo. stuart: a tattoo? you didn't tell me that. >> we're fine with that. stuart: you are? >> yes. as you can see, she's not, she's not thin, she's, you know, curvy, and we love that. we think the diverse orty today embraces young women, and what she should stand for. stuart: how do you measure success? how can you tell me -- and i'm quite prepared to believe it if you tell me -- how can you prove to me that aeri's campaign is a success versus the perfect body from victoria's secret? >> well, you know, what's great is the way you can kind of track social platforming today. we've had a ton of impressions, and this whole campaign, i mean, the customer's speaking to us. the girl is coming into our brand and telling us how she feels, and she is really empowered by this campaign we've run. stuart: okay. intimate apparel, it's a unit of >> american eagle outfitters.
12:49 pm
yes. stuart: and where do your commercials run? is it tv, facebook -- >> we do a lot of commercials, actually, and that's what was so beautiful about this campaign, because we launched it, and the girls speaking to us through other channels, twitter, facebook, you know? and there's a whole hashtag, it's aeriereal, and they're talking to us and telling us they love what we represent. stuart: i think it's a very good social thing. >> i agree. i agree. stuart: do you just go out on the streets and get models? >> no, we do use agencies, but they're not supermodels, you know? and they're not intimate apparel mod hells necessarily. that's been really -- models necessarily. the models themselves are actually asking to come to aerie because we don't do the photoshopping. stuart: jen foil, aerie, have i got that right? >> yes. stuart: good idea. i've got some breaking news, the dallas fed president, richard
12:50 pm
fisher is his name, is giving a speech in new york right now, and he's not saying anything in the prepared text that would move the markets. he could say something newsworthy during the q&a portion. that's going to come later this hour or early next hour. if there's any news, we'll bring it to you, and you can see what happens on the market. right now we're down 15 as he speaks. designer pizza for dominoes, market it, sell it, pocket some of the cash? is we'll explain it in a moment. >> dominoes pizza. oh, my! >> oh. introducing syhrony financl bringing new meaning to e word partnership. banking. laltyanalytics. synchrony financl. engage with us
12:51 pm
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remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. stuart: dominoes pizza in australia -- now, this is separate from the american version, okay? dominoes pizza in australia using crowd sourcing to think up new specialty pizzas. you come up with a good idea for pizza toppings, post it on their web site, and if people order your pie, dommnoes australia pays you. you get a piece of the pie action. lauren simonetti is here to explain in full, please. >> reporter: yep. people-powered pizza, that's what i'm calling it.
12:55 pm
you come up with the toppings you think should be on a pizza, you download an app called pizza mogul, thousands and thousands of people have done this since the summer, then you market the pie, and you get between 22 cents and $2.86 u.s. dollars per pie. stuart: really? and the top mogul has eaaned about $30,000 so far. stuart: suppose my topping is pepperoni, and i would own the pepperoni market, wouldn't i? >> it has to be something different. more of a kooky or different or new combination. stuart: do you have any weird ones that have sold well? >> reporter: yes. there's thai versions, there's -- the ingredients are, like, that long. i didn't write them all down. [laughter] i'm sorry. but there are some crazy concoctions. stuart: the more likely it is to be unique to you, therefore, you can sell this thing. >> and you make more money with the more ingredients because
12:56 pm
then you can charge higher price for the pie. stuart: oh, that's right. very good. >> reporter: you have to make it popular. yoo have to use facebook and twitter and all the social media to market it for yourself, but in an area where the customer is getting important, right? look at everything mcdonalls is doing, this is placing value on the customer and giving them another way to make money. you tell us -- stuart: you get out there on facebook and say see my pizza topping list there? you buy that thing, you market it yourself. you're doing the marketing for dominoes australia. >> reporter: and dominoes is saving money on -- stuart: why didn't you think of that? >> reporter: i knoww and i was also thinking of the pizza i would concoct. stuart: go. pizza. i am still working on it. i will think about it tonight. stuart: your take is next. ♪ ng newhings? ng newhings? feel that in your muscle yeah... i do... try a neway to bk, where no branches equals great rates.
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12:58 pm
>> we are going to see the
12:59 pm
national average begin to slow down. oii prices manage to close under 80. they have not closed there yet. that is what they are going looking for. we will talk about another few weeks of decline. stuart: i paid 269. i will take 269, 274 a gallon of gas in a day. the very beginning of the program we said by the end of it we will have the dow up. for most of the trading session, we have been down 20 or 30. will the republicans take the senate yes or no?
1:00 pm
here is adam schapiro. >> thank you very much. deirdre bolton is off this week. i am adam schapiro. the kids want one for christmas. maybe even you want. tuesday's midterm election will put a new republican strategy to the test. if that works, data mining may be the new gold. we start with the commercial flight. it disintegrated midflight and new details they explained why. improper command from the copilot of spaceship to contributed to the disaster friday. explaining the impact. thank you for joining


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