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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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maybe the congress will do some of that. that is our show and see you next week back. charles: lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. over the past 24 hours but president obama and how speaker john boehner have made it clear that there will be no honeymoon between the white house and the new republican-controlled congress. even members of the president own party expressing dismay and dismissiveness of the midterm election results during a press conference yesterday. and today speaker boehner had a press conference of his own, taking it clear that unilateralism will have consequences. here is the speaker talking about what he will do if he
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issues an executive action legalizing millions of illegal immigrants. >> outside of his authority, he will poison the well and there will be no chance for immigration reform. when you play with matches, you take risks of burning yourself. and he is going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. lou: it was revealed that president obama is dismissive of more than just election results and expressions of the popular will. the wall street journal reported today that mr. obama described a shared interest with iran in fighting the islamic state terrorist while stressing any cooperation was contingent upon reaching an agreement of the
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tehran nuclear program. press secretary josh earnest today refused to confirm or deny these explosive llegations. >> i am not in a position to do discussed private correspondence between the president and any world leader until you that the policy that the president articulated about ron remains unchanged. lou: also tonight we will be joined by one of the men who put republicans back in charge of the senate for the first time in a decade. cory gardner, putting one of seven seats back to the republicans and he joins us in moments. we begin tonight with iran. the white house failing to notify the supreme leader come including israel and saudi arabia. twenty now is robert scales,
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former common than of the u.s. army college. thank you for being with us. lou: the white house press secretary speaking on behalf of the government today. let's listen to what he said. >> there is a pretty clear interests that iran has in this fight against isis. it is not good to have this extremist group carrying out terrible acts of violence is beyond what is your reaction, general? >> i think that it is fairly clear that the united states should never make a deal with the devil because it will always turn out to be a bad deal. remember that iran is the world's largest exporter of terrorism. the export far more terrorism than isis dies. if things do not go right over the next three weeks they could very well be on the quick path
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to a nuclear weapon. there should be no quid pro quo in any of this for the united states and we should never have to trade off a complete abdication of the nuclear weapon for iran. just to get a little bit of help with isis. and they won't do anything and that will open the door for iran to accelerate its nuclear weapons program. at the end of the day, the nightmare scenario for all terrorism acts in the world, doctor bennett, is a nuclear weapon and that needs to be part of it spew on the administration is obviously feverishly pursuing with iran on its nuclear program a deadline of november 24.
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lou: you think that this will culminate in a deal reign. >> i do not think so. i just don't think that the iranians are capable but they are capable of striking a deal with the devil. they are probably the world's most untrustworthy regime. they know that their entire geostrategic situation was able to change fundamentally if they get a nuclear weapon and they have enough material and there is no benefit to them to the radiance for not building a nuclear weapon. a letter between the president and others, maybe that is just a means for the administration to say that this deal falls through and we gave it our best shot. but please don't make a deal
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with the devil in the middle of a shooting war in the middle east. lou: u.s. strikes among the khorasan group, the principal lawmakers and what are your thoughts? >> let's be careful here. the group is really more like an elite brotherhood of technological experts when it comes to bomb making. in the military we say that this is a target and a closing target, this group's sole purpose is to fill that a bomb that will get through the security of the west. so they keep attracting lawmakers into their little brotherhood because it is in a safe zone and they have technology that they have access
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to. it is this sort of thing where they are able to cooperate and come up with a new thing that allow them to get to security. they are the most sinister force in the terrorist world today. and isis as well behind in that regard. lou: forces are being declared around the world in the global fight against terror. a new republican-controlled senate since the beginning of the year. are you more hopeful that we will see more resources for our military? are you concerned that we may at the same time also see this as a result of some of the committee chairmanships? >> i think that the key is senator john mccain. a great national hero and the personal hero of mine. this is a no-nonsense chairman
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who will not let the military off the hook, but in his heart of hearts has enormous empathy for men and women in uniform. and i think that senator mccain at the helm will go a long way to redbudgetary squeeze that the military is under. my only concern to your point is this hidden hand of terrorism is going to expand to the world. right now any soldier that i talk to doesn't see any of that ending in the future even though they say that we are pulling out of these regions. we are not pulling out of these regions. lou: sir, thank you for coming on the show. now on the latest to prevent ebola. for two months the obama administration has insisted the troops being deployed will not have contact directly with patients. but that is changing.
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according to the white house, more than 70 members of the u.s. public health service will be going to liberia to treat ebola infected health care workers there. the public health care services not technically part of the u.s. armed forces, but the members look very much like military personnel wearing as they do uniforms, similar to that of the u.s. coast guard and carrying military titles. new york health officials have amassed a number of people who are now being actively monitored for ebola in new york, it has tripled to 357 people, most of those traveling from west african countries up with it by the ebola outbreak. and the newark doctor treated is now well enough to do yield debt and play the banjo and ride his bicycle.
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president obama awarded the nation's highest military officer to a union officer who was killed during a battle of gettysburg. first lieutenant refused to leave the front until he was killed, offering to turn the tide at gettysburg or end the war. but he was never recognized until a 94-year-old woman began a more than 25 year campaign for him to be the recipient of the medal of honor. today the president noted that even the most extraordinary stories can get lost in the passage of time. we are coming right back, stay with us. >> a republican congress, a new republican senate and the lame duck president and a middle class struggling to achieve the american dream. american dream. richard smith comes up next as hi, are we still on for tomorrow?
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lou: fannie mae and freddie mac reaching an agreement with lenders to expand access to mortgages, don down payments as low as 3%. herewith the outlook on the housing industry and factors that are influencing the market we have richard smith, the chairman and ceo and president of his holdings corporation. some of the biggest names in real estate are represented, including coldwell banker and a lot more. let's start with the help of this industry and the housing industry. how would you judge it? >> we are continuing the recovery that essentially began
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in 2011 and 2012 or you are we in third or the sixth inning and let's hope that it doesn't go an extra inning. i think that we are probably in the third inning and it's a nice recovery. >> i was hoping you'd say six or seven. >> i would like to say that, but we're not. it's not a robust recovery, we predicted a slow recovery and that's where we are right now. >> we were watching refinancing. i think a lot of folks thought that it would continue at a certain pace. what's going on there? >> where the rates are today, it doesn't pay to refinance. as most people do, it will be flat and unless we see a dramatic reduction which no one is predicting right now. lou: the amount of existing real estate homes. we're will the new housing be
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and i'm not talking about a multiunit but single-family residences. >> there is an absence of inventory. we would hope that the builders build more rapidly. it is a lower margin business and they are reluctant to build. and it is a necessary part of the housing recovery the first-time buyer will buy the home and it's a much healthier recovery. the. lou: they can't afford it? >> well, it's difficult. 3.5% down payment can be gifted. but there is a full three points and fees. so when you think about that, you're targeting the first-time buyer would typically a good credit risk and putting together this. lou: who is putting together the
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targeting to . >> well, it's sort of a by product of dodd-frank. which as you know the authors have tried to create the perfect credit list. so they have to revisit that and hopefully in the near future with what the the outcome of the election they will get to revisit certain provisions. lou: as a result of this election, i'm talking over the course of the next 26 months while this president is in the oval office. what is the likelihood that this will be enhanced for anyone in the marketplace that we'll see some sort of wealth returned to the real state of the housing market remapped. >> it's all about jobs, jobs and jobs and more jobs. housing will follow if the job growth is there and consumer confidence is there. we have consumer confidence than is ever so slightly improving and we need good jobs to fuel the housing industry and i suspect with a much different is this climate and macroeconomic
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environment, those jobs are forthcoming and housing will follow that. lou: to what degree do you think the new republican-led senate, what has been perceived as very much a hostile antibusiness climate that begins with this white house. >> we will see how they deal with dodd-frank. they are much disliked by the banking industry, certainly not much appreciated by the mortgage industry or housing industry. that is the low hanging sort of target for both sides of the aisle, they could probably reach bipartisan agreement because it's going to be essential for the full housing recovery which everyone has incentivized worry about. on both sides of the aisle. so if they go after that low hanging fruit, we have the possibility of some major revisions of dodd-frank which will be good for housing and good for the economy. lou: in my expander remissions
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beyond. >> it would be a good leading indicator. that is for sure. lou: richard smith, as always it is good to see you. we wish you all the best. and it's time for a quick look at our online poll results print we asked whether you believe the central message of tuesday's quote, that it's for bipartisan legislative action as so many seem to insist with an urgent demand to halt the presidents agenda. 94% said that you had no problem at all discerning the message to halt the obama agenda. go to tonight's poll. you believe that president obama will alter his attitude? his demeanor and rhetoric to more effectively deal with what is now a republican-led congress? we would like to hear from you. cast your vote at coming up next, he helped republicans take the senate both in colorado and doing a lot for the average age of the u.s.
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senate. >> tonight we commit ourselves to building a government we can be proud of again. lou: kory gartner on the whether the republican-led congress and senate begins. and my commentary tonight on hope and change in washington dc how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of r mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider
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carefully before investing.
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lou: this is the part of the show that is a favorite of the obama white house. so here we go. a few comments on a new washington dc. 's hng astrog pstion in sharofgvernnt pwer. repuicanno lger condlassitizs inur naons pita no lger jui parners in powe hrg. shod belear t vyone, t stranly i i not. one person at least doesn't get the message. the changing political of the
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consequence of the obama presidency believe the man most responsible for change. president obama has spoken. but our president either indifferent to the message. the president insisted before anwvh reed is that his policiese policy and i would argue that they not only repudiated mr. obama's policy but they also rebuked him for his often antagonistic rhetoric and his usually incompetent governance. in his postelection news conference yesterday, president obama insisted the election results were a reflection of his policies but rather the product of laziness.
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the laziness, he said, two thirds of voters who chose not to purchase a paid in the midterm election. and there is considerable irony in the presidents view as he rationalizes what must be a bitter defeat to his nature as he tries to legitimize an election because of what he sees as a low turnout. >> as president i have a unique responsibility to try to make this town work. so to everyone who voted, i want you to know that i hear you into the two thirds of voters that chose not to participate, i hear you as well. >> some of what he hears may well be a dog whistle, simply not a parent to the rest of people. but he was only elected in 2012
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by about 30% of those who were eligible to vote. but the president still took the oath of office. and it's a funny thing how mathematics in national politics work. we are coming right back. >> our next guest defeating not only in income in democratic senator but the first lady, president bill clinton, and former secretary of state former secretary of state democratic machine. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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(receptionist) gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics. lou: ferguson, missouri mare, james, is saying prepare for the worst, with grand jury decision on whether to indict officer wilson, expected to be announced sometime this month. a group of community members and activists calling themselves. don't shoot coalition, are
10:30 pm
asking for 48 hours notice of the grand jury decision. they say they can help defuse any potential for further violence between protestors and police, the question becomes why wait for a 48 hours notice to work hard to avoid same. science is blaming russia, and russian engines are failed launch of the rocket last week,. tthompson failed -- blaming a faile turbo pump. >> and commercial space tourism company virgin galactic is takes a big hit, up to 20 of 700 customers who already purchased flights have canceled after last woke's crash.
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>> our next guest, not only defeated democratic incumbent senator mark udall i is in colorado but the democratic machine, and an impressive group of democratic all-stars campaigning for udall in the state, first lady michelle obama urging voters ts to back him, ty did, but she was not referring to our guest. former president bill clinton reminding colorado democrats of the symboliic wait of this years -- weight of this year's elections. joining us tonight. colorado senator elect, congressman cory gardner, good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: as i said, you had a lot of few obstacles, a lot of up hill work, how did you det it done. lou: >> we worked hard across state
10:32 pm
of colorado, people topped hear how we were going to get job done. focus on the economy, energy, and talk about a vision, and manage that makes people of colorado's future brighter instead of single issue campaign like my opponent focused on. lou: among all of the new senators, going into office next year, you are 40 years old. all of that -- >> that is right. lou: one thing we have looked at is the average age of the u.s. senate, this new crop, if you will. going in, you are going to take average down by 12 years. that is how significant a generational shift this is. and senator elect, tell us what you think that impact will be, will there be new ideas? along with fresh faces? >> you know we talked throughout the campaign about shaking up senate, it was a line that we used, we mean it, we have to do
10:33 pm
something different. we talked about a new generation of leadership for the next generation. that is why we will continue to put forward new ideas, solutions, you know in colorado they want to hear about ideas, they vote for people based on their vision, they don't want to talk about something that is bad all of the time or you will oppose all of the time, they want you to be for something. that is something that will be new to senate. lou: you did something that the senate majority leader to be, didn't, you got a phone call, and a conversation with president obama. how was that? >> you know it was a good converconversation, we talked at getting things done, workinging it, i think that is intention that everyone has going into the new congress, and i hope that intention will become reality and stick through it for several years, remaining time in president obama's term, that is what american people are expecting us to do, they spoke tuesday night about ending
10:34 pm
disfunction. lou: any amusement on your part, to hear number of people on the left, liberals talking about this as a time for bipartisanship and compromise, suddenly the two things that they would not hear of for the preprevious 4 years. >> we talked about those areas where they did not focus on bipartisanship. the health care bill. and affordable carein act. and now there is a chance for us ito be bipartisan, thing like keystonepy line, and repeeling the tax, let's put it to president's desk, give president an opportunity to work with us. lou: senator-elect it is great to have you with us.
10:35 pm
we wish you all of the very best, again, congratulations to congressman cory gardner. >> thank you. >> i think the senator will be one to watch. we'll find out at the beginning of the new year. on wall street's record breaking day for stock, dow up 7, s&p you o8,closing new record highs, naq up 17, co volume 3.6 million s shares. >> new warnings for 800 million apple devices at risk of a malware attack, a cyber security company warning hackers have been targeting apple users in china for last 6 months with malicious software to damage or steal information but the company said that the attack is spreading, and apple users here
10:36 pm
thithis this country play be exposeed to down wear, especkly iespecially if they download software from third party app stores. lou: democrats hurting at the polls and the bank, we look at the big money that was spent, this election. and an outcome that done please a lot of donors, we'll talk with one donor who is very pleased, next.
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ask your doctor about crestor.
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lou: joining us now, foster frees, and reeling from democratic losses tuesday, he seems to get over everything, foster one of the most important donors in the republican party, you have to be thrilled with what happened, how do you feel tonight. >> this is no time to gloat. looking at election results it
10:40 pm
is pretty much a reject election, now challenge for us republicans to gather, and come up with sop edsolutions -- solid solutions. i have been trying to coalesce a come an healthcare plan, it is like pulling teeth. they want their own agenda on a bill, i think test is now to come, we have to prove that solutions we have are going to benefit of american people, and be exciting for them, that is a difficult job for robs t rons to articulate. >> for republicans to articulate. lou: i think that say very fair criticism. i was thrilled to hear speaker boehner talk about middle class today, i was cheering from my office here in new york city. as he used words middle class.
10:41 pm
about the men and women, working men and women, small businessmen and women, those who aspire to it. the republican party, with those few words from speaker boehner said to me, that there is an opportunity for a new direction and a new message from the republican party, i heard it throughout the campaign. did you? >> i think, it is not a new message. it's what we've been saying for years, but it has been articulated better. i think that term middle class, rick santorum hates the term class. he likes use term middle america. hard working middle americans. donald trump read his book, he makes a good point, rick does, we don't talk about 70% of americans who have not graduateed from college.
10:42 pm
that is a very important part. we talk about the job creator and the entrepreneur, so we finally tuned our message to 5% of the population, republicans are waking up, we're learning how to get our message across, it has been solid, and just we have to learn how to articulate it. lou: i might argue with a a little bit how solid or exciteing it has been. governor romney in 2012, couldn't stand up even though he is a tremendous leader, a tremendous businessman could not say look, in a debate, say i'm not putting up with your nonsense, here are your facts, this is the way it is, this is the man's record, simple elements. i did not see a sense of entitlement among any candidates running this year for republican party, they meant business about sending a message, and
10:43 pm
persuadeing voters to listen and vote for them. it was -- i think a to me this was a watershed year. >> i think you are right, and you know, 1892, our nation of declared a christian nation, and harry tpraoup truman in 1946, sn this great country of ours, a fundamental unity betweenization ization christianity and democracy, this is embedded in our fabric of the government, and spawned entitlement mind set. the more that we get back to values, we can look at people who are interested in serving, they have a servant heart, i think that is more important than someone who is in it for the power. i am stunned with quality like joni ernst, and cory gardner they articulate their vision, and love for america, i am so
10:44 pm
excited of the direction of attitude of the country, we have to get rid of this divisive biterness. >> one thing talking with cory gardner earlier, pointed out to him and our audience, that this new class of senators coming in to office in to senate next year, the lower the average age of the 18 is the from 62 down to 50 -- >> i can't hear anything. lou: can you hear me, foster, i was making a great point it was fascinating, i am sorry you can't hear me, we have lost audio with foster frees, i am going to take that up andre levy -- andy levy and jedediah bila in the next segment of the broadcast, be part of our conversation always, follow to us twitter, let me know if you agree with what speaker boehner
10:45 pm
said today, does this president like to play with matches and put himself in prospect of getting burned. >> up next, president obama vowing to find something he calls common ground with republicans. i wonder where that common ground has been before this big election? we'll be taking up that with the a-team, here next.
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lou: president obama revealing what may be a brand new negotiating tactic during a press conference yesterday, admitting it might be nice to
10:49 pm
knock back a drink with the man who might sheerly become new majority leader of senate. >> i would enjoy having some kentucky busho bourbon with mith mcconnell, my intertions with mitch mcconnell he has always been straight forward with me. lou: i think he will get more of that straight-forward communication, joining us jedediah bila and andy levy. >> thank you. lou: i think it is funny president, from a beer summit at beginning of his presidency now, kicked it up to bu bourbon. >> there may not be enough bottles in the reserve to get through this. i think that president has as much enthusiasm for his job righ n as i had cleanin my
10:50 pm
arent month boreas movi out t kep sing he oing ful buor". he a i pfe nt to, i don't inkis hrt i in it. lou: it is strange, the way he conclueseconcludeeded his presse stery. the meay begant i am very optimistic. i have seen more appmism in optimism on there are places. if that is his optimism, i don't want to see pessimism. >> he was putting me to sleep, but he does not like the job of being president. he does not like the hard work. he likes to do is campaign, he is a professional campaigner. he is not going to change course or do something different all of a sudden.
10:51 pm
a great compromiseer, no. he will pain republicans they can't getting any done when they decide to disagree, we know within republican party there will be a lot of fights about immigration, he will enjoy the ride. and hope people approve of what he is doing, which they will not. lou: andy do you get a kick of people, saying now -- especially the liberals, talk about being bipartisan. we should find common ground. then we can do it my way. >> minority party always wants common ground, and majority party has no interest in it then it flips. i have a theory, i don't think that this election is a mandate, i think that most americans vote for a general direction they want country to go in what
10:52 pm
happens is that party that gets voted in misreads it at a mandate, they go too far in eyes of american people, then they lose, and other party cam in, the republicans need to be very careful here. lou: you make it sound like a -- we try to get out to -- anyway. >> i think this is a reject of some policy, obamacare is unpopular, people want to see action, keystone, a clean border security control bill, people would support that, this is a rejection of some democratic ideology they are not nen nene t republicans would have a better answer, they are saying what do i have to lose with the other option, because this is not working. lou: there seems to be a sort of
10:53 pm
cloud hanging over the ebul e among republicans, they are not used to winning. foster frees said we don't want to gloat. maybe click your heels. >> president made this mistake, i won or we won, thinking that meant hard work was over now he could do whatever he wanted, that is not the case. i think that republican are smart if they don't make that mistake. if they do you know put cork -- have some champagne but not the whole bottle? >> i am not a guy given to over confidence in our electioned officials of either party or any stripe. but when i heard boehner today, talk about middle class. my god, the republicans are
10:54 pm
getting it. it is suddenly about the folks who make the wonr country work. >> don't be confuse by words, they can sometimes not be the same. lou: i am a sucker for words. >> i think that republicans are nervous, they know there is a lot of disagreement within the party, they are worried are they going to be able to get ted cruzs and john boehners, you know the likes of those two, same ideologys on same page, and come together on anish like ish issue like immigration, you saw what happened with likes of marco rubio. that could be a problem. lou: i think marco rubio, found -- represented himself as conflicted and unthought out about the issue, he had to change his mind twice on the issue. i get the sense this time from
10:55 pm
so many republicans they watch the nastyness of this past -- 6 years, and they are ready to add something sweet to the drink here. i hop they do. >> that would be nice, i'm not sure i share your confidence in that i think a good party of this with republican party they don't know whose party it is, is it rand paul's party or ted cruz? there are a lot of different views. lou: ha hallelujah. >> they don't get along. lou: but you know it wouldn't be beter to have intermural battles over issues that matter within a broad philosophy that returns us to founding value, and traditions and honors our law and system of government with respect even when you are in charge. >> i'm not saying it is a bad thing, i am saying they are
10:56 pm
cognisant of this they know these are questions they control the congress, these are questions they have to deal with, pretty much right away. or close to right away. >> i think that goal is to appear not exciteed but efficient. that is what john boehner and mitch mcconnell want to give that impression, we're going to be the efficient party. lou: they could be productive. >> i hope so. lou: i don't want them to be overly productive. but they could break in a few spirits, that country needs to rise up, thank you both for being here. >> thank you. lou: andy good to have you, jedediah thank you. >> always. lou: a time for a few of your comments. andrew, it was american people standing up for future of this great country, and our midterm elections, and shane wrote, i am just happy to see harry reid's
10:57 pm
bully pul pulpit taken away. that is it for us, stay tuned for cavuto coming up here next. how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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neil: tonight on cavuto, t president has a case of midterm blues. >> why sudden our government doing something about this. >> i am pretty sure that is why democrats lost the senate. how do you know the president doesn't care. >> because i asked him. >> when did you ask the president? >> yesterday, i jumped white house fence, ran across the lawn -- door of wide open. neil: even president's pals doing little to ease his achey breaky heart, they were too busy throwing him under the bus.


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