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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 7, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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if you'vhad to become your ow, mae it's timfor y mell, a different kind of we mager ...and black swans a unpredictable. il: nit on cavuto, the chow dn after six yes of smacking each oer down. in a minute, fmer republicanig when i go johnlan the whe use uld b t one eang crow. sheriff joehy he needs a bourbon submit of his own. he's on theront liness% of immration and something the predent could belanning will ma things mer. unployment do. so why are so many americans feelg down. rget everythinyou hed about ththe jobs reportoday. threal read i coming up tonit t show thaks it down n. welcom everybody happy friday. i'm neil. certainly when ias at
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e anor dknd i suggested that bot @is break bread prefably aa an italian restaant. >> absolutely. grow up, guys. >> all right, quite italiareaurant, bu the white house because apparentty- thi show mos political unins. enough about me dy power. ck to what they' ing about me and my what will come ofhis openingunch. george allen thinks my idea was a goodne becae he sees a l getting de by publan regardless. governor, senatoo, alwayssgood to have you. i always think it' goo to break bread. i always fear in the end they'r just going t break each other's legs. what d you see happening. >> i thinkt's important to lisn to the her de and understand each side.
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i think ey do. hi the republicans w at there's a majority in the senate need t act.e house, it a great eleion ctory, but now it's an opportunity to turbo charge this economy, and i do think tre are ounds or aaeas where can find a common idea ofettiig o countrore -- neil: like where where would that common areae? >> i think thee% adershipnhe senate with orr hatch and ul ryan ii the house, they can get a rely good tax reform make our tax ode more fair, simple, a competitive. neil: and one that the predent ul support? >>he predent leads from behind even on legislative matters. if they can getha set will g done. trade there can be a consensus. pnt of our custs areutside o the unit states if we cann ura i eerope a asia, i think
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republicancan get together there. the republicans will passhe keystone peline. the presidenton't like it. ey'll have t override his veto if he continues to sto neil: that's t only one, governorand you'reuch mor tuned tohese things an i am. but, as you know, read prompter a living, i think k that qlifi me. the president will move on keystone and p i unnortunately it may be a ce of too ittltoo late. would you be eourage byythat if it's a gesture. >> t the tar sands oil albertand al helpn the back an i north dakota and montana. so if it's somethg fiy lo it that's -@en long delayed for potical reaso (?) rather tn any environmental reasons, fi. eryone can agree if he sohow se our l hat. neil: think about that. the irony, governor, the ashing with oil a gas prices ww seen, incentive no for these
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guys to go aad and drill. go a ahead ando all the pricey thing required get this oil. you thi thathe timakes for keystone at least advaage of somhing like a keystone might have ce and gone. >> well, don't think it's gone. it wod be gat for our economy i o prices stayed at 70 or 0 a brel. a supply and demand a increing rkets aroundhe wor and the upti in the ecomy eate demand. allces will go ck up. thearethere willb a lot of dagreement, that is these unelect and unaccotatable bureaucraciesn washingt sing our energy policy. think the rublicans wi defd any of thess ovreaches by epa and other fedel agenc there's going toe areas, i think o agreement onrade. ihink they can com gether on aore competitivtax st.
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keystone pipeline whether the president likes iorot will pass and will be overridd i hettes it. and on obamacare ielf which will the wi obly be a vote to repealiche'll veto. there needs to be we'rearming smallat so business to he it. ne: the sprout has taken up one of its key pvions. always gre to have u. >> you never dre, you always move fward for freedom. ne: i just foolow the promptas younow. the realy is one thing won't reverse six years of this. ama: the rlicans in congre ch tohu dwn the govement. >> senate decrats are more wored aut losing theirajity thanan t american ople. >> theea party the anarchists of the couny. harry reid and the democrats have red ovvr a do nhing
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senate. reckless, irresponsible, radical wh the publicans ar trying to doere. neili'm rubber you're glue. anay, is that gog to anne, really, withne h? counication expe rachel on how to put differenceasidend ma a deal. always gd to have you. i want to look. but this mting w they first sat down all of tm togethert the table, ty didn' ook like a warm a frieiendly, kif pllmic and erything like that. the body language was i'm -- le what tim does this end? and harr reid, le, wherca i hide? so how do they make for a dierenesulttfrom what seems to beool appearance? well, thinkhe thing they need to realizis thahat, yes, they have toe zealus addocas for the pele th'rrepresenting. the same time in order toave a relationship with each
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other, which is sentially at coress haso do i ha a relaonship for the betteent of us as a country. th have to lrn to communicatan hav embynk even ifhey don't theyon a thach oth neil: what i they hate eac otr. @here's enough of that out there,t it's ceainly t the kind elationshithat "'nel and ronald agan had. now, icod be different times, different strokes for dient folks. i derrtand tt. but how do u g paed parties who remember, don'ttlike each other, i an, personally donnt like each other. >>heernal parts pa of the prlem. wee politicians who are making personal digs at each oer. we havople who a t fiting for tte ises, but theye fighting for whater thr opinion at the moment is. so really realing that they he to moveass we all have the same goalssentially ae end for auccessful
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country d economto workogher. neil: i dot thk th're all in that -- at that tabbe in for theesame type of goalhere. so what i've got to quornd is, john kennedy got this. tnk ronald reagan got it. each se has to lk like they something. meetingith "tip"fter o'neill even though he wasunni t table agait the guy, we have to get smething so he remains his dignity, but was ve b onot ruing t guy' nose -@inhe dirt. how d these guys th. >> i'm lawyer. he we used toediate things. that's okay. they ended up walkg away with aolutio neil: that's lawyer. >> a lot o of politicians ar lawyers ey havehat background. th can undeta you ght not get everying you want. but for the beten of thereater good which is us as t constituts, theyeed to bable tgi and take. neil: what i would sp,e did this for a while i tnk
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ekend we wer covering sandy and ch side was blaminghe other and getng nas and sayingmes. as soon as as a presser @oul g persona we would it off. we would notover it. if t mediaoesn' fe that, tten we'r not -- they' realizeit a waef time. all tre d i puffing emselves and up saying i'm taking care of of y youi'i'm ng tm look kehe bad guy so yoyou feel good abt electing me. that's a grt idea. neil: anng i c dto help. insts do that something consucti will come this late arrangemn d. but hahappensf they're wrg. zzie micmcdonald. lizzie, the markets hadrun up oe anticipation of this. at if it dsn't pan out? know they lock, but they also lik prss on somef the gger issues. >> they d't le
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gridck whe it ends in a government shut down theket did g negative. every time the gornmenthuts dn. he says that won't happ. i understa that, but weon't know. we don know what will happen s, you know, at can y betn. the markets are e only gameme in town. maybthey're e om compared other marketii the world think that the lace be right no wae government shut down it that cletelreversed t @ebacle that bill clinton took wherould stch it around you rublicansre obstruionist. >> tt's righ and looking at this relationship buildldin thathey o have and the meeting at happed tod, i's all about buiing reay soli rlationship. neiltheyon't have that. >> exactly. soha has to ha oftheer. has to be a priory. a personal priority of thes lawmars to
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tually get something done we don't see any evidence of at despite thfact the psint anditcconnell are all cong forwardwe want to engage. doesn't mter what they say publicly at this poioint if anythi wi progres it has to happen yoknowhi you've built a lot of relatiships with people out there,t takes a lot o blood sweat, and tears to get do kw someone. ne: i meioned ronaldeagan and "tip" o'neill how they truck that out. both of them realize, alright we' t talk about thi wh drinks in the private resince th come staggerg out. with the understding each wouldake press statements to reach t thr base. never to g personal and justo rli that, you know,n politics it's often ti a little bit in love with the war. >>ur in that scenao, you had a wiin negotiating partn hadpreside reagan wiing toegotia. keysto pipeline is an
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ininstructe ele. deite 70 percent of ameranspproving o the keysttne pipelie. he said thers a system for that. legiative --t's aativ place he intends to keep . he's not willing tome the cent th republicans are extenning an olive bran. neil: a loof tes they say we're extding a hand and acally it's a finger. t, i man, let just saa lotepen o-- th have to be sincere about how they dot. hasn't haened. the president hasn't shown muc persona inrest i doinghi sort of hing. maybe 's nothere for hhmnd maybmch mcconnell ybehe peonal feelings and flight may it's not there. >> reagan d aign i think on his desk, there'no lit wre a pers c o as long as gives t other person the cret.t. neil: he took the creditfore% sign and not t guy who printed that. he was big on that.
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>> the thing ts striking ishe repuicans want do wave electi -- we have the democrattalking about the minimum wage undering howhis eeony is. if ye fighting over porty wages, that shld be a g check reality wake-up call from day one, you have be saying ts,, incidee since the fincial llse. we're a hioric break dow it has to be economic grow. it has to be jobrowth. >> t proroposals tha mitch mccoel have p forward are modate oposals. they're not crazy. fact that there's two-thirds of congress that cod overule the present'seto. ne: and modete eno that a @ot o democrats, whoight be among the wh would be jn a coalitio younow. >> w have to remember what kind ofresint and republica pty we'rdealing wh. it's eastoave a short-term my. oba to be ane ttem priden
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that was their mssion. they got voted i not because of their pro somethhng fact, it wasy icul we tald aboutt on the show, hg a meage. il: voters h the demrats more. >>s re who was the sserf twogatives is a vy mplicated situation. >> quickly, the reality eck has bounced. let's be real. the keystone pipeline wod create facturing jobs 15000 oil and s jobs are created in the united states fr that sector. half the jsere lowering paying, service related staurant js. we have to think tha y. >> o wage growth. neil: this i the fourth te we've had a sift in congress unde the white hse, complete polar -- that tells you sothing, whatever victctory y realday tends to b shorved. all right,ort about messg with reblicans, i h he dare ies an executive order to free deportation,
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pdent pulls thattunt, he'sessing with someoneoe. sherfoe.
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ne: ll, theyrdered does thatean sherf joe goe alon maricopa sheriff tell . the president goe ahead with his execive order frzing dortation for upward of a million ilga. he has a biggest mess o hianns. sheriff is the front lines. shiff, it looks like he will do it though and go ahea and tempt wrath with republicansnd a pain ithe butt for yo >>e's been doing ii des moines, iowa, doing
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it sretl turn them over to t government and -@ pcent kee coming ba. so -- ilexplain how process works. i ow lot of people hearg this -- you and i have talked lot on th sct, but, in other wos, you'llive em to whomever and they won't do anything. >> they keep coming back. last month, of them me back. seventeen times. so what does that mean? are they let out the ckoor, which i lieve they are. by theay, iet wit matt salmon azona congressn and i want an investigation ove all this, and i think we'll getet it. neil: vestigation in the rerelease of those you take in d throw the ba in your ja? >> yea iant know at's happening to th arehey being depeported .- let out the back how ishe presint goin keep track of
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paperwork or all his licies. th c't eve keep trk of t criminals that aren jai a get out. how d you expect green cards, i hee's going to issue green rds,'m sur wll have some counit. we'vone int70 busiss,neil, and arst over 60eople workinghere with fake id. so this is goinggto be anotherig thing ho to conford comply if we exutive neil: you know, i s trying to understand the wisdom of forcg the issue on the president's part, and the negottoin me sa,ell, maybe he will offe a carrot with that sticko republicans and crot migh be, you go along wit me on these deptions freezi them ll call rick rry a get aot more troops at theorr. so you gour forcement, a i get away to mhiss forward with the
11:21 pm
llns w are here. what do yo think about that? >>bably need the troo at the bordero come intohe interior to rectify any his policies o deptations and tr toeep track of it. as i said he ct keep track of people in jil neil: ife o do that wh the promise'll beef up enforcemen x-number of tops at the border, you would he to see it fst befo sning onto . right? f ce. drugs areoming over by the tons acrosshat border. he nevetks about the ug trafficking. very interng. me on. 's a fce, and we'll see what happe the xt twoea. you're sing, ttat illegals who cross our bder, you pick up, put them inour jai hand them over to ice. days, months,eeks ter tyy back in jail. repeedly. so that procs has not changed. >> no. i tell y if he does
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th, thee'soing to be an iitatn for everybody to comecross thaa border. ring they'll get away with it anyways. weht as wl let in everyoneexico come ss, which i'm opposed to. -@i'm being sar casket, sarcast. il: tell m if yo think sheriffoe is right and has a big oblem on hisands. manyf youave letet me know tha from pior to e's appearance. now, maybe this is why th presi seems a little cocy. justevealehe ape up hisleep and it was something that came today. nchrony fiiapartners with over twhundred thousandbu, from fhion retailers
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do semnly swr that i will support and defend the cotitution of the united states
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againsall emies foreign andomest. ♪ ♪ neil: all right. we, forget 5.8 percen is the focuseal on 70 percent. cause president obama may fe better that the unemployment rate dropped to tt l today, americans don seet. in fact, 70 percent of voters tellin fox news the economy i not good, it's actuallyoor.
11:26 pm
y, this alone s sothg. this is t the disconnect thh published numbers. atays contributed to theemocrara dropping this week. >> yeah, n i don't ink it does. you look at the statistics. millionmericans not theabor force median hsehold inco has broht every single ye uer this presidcy e reality in many people's life,he ecomy is not gting better. the middle class is ncd by obamacare. d this is something thatepublicans don't get. they have a real opportuuity to come in and grab the middle cls who ar hurting st out of the obama neil: what do u think, julie. the wage growthas not there. i thought w wod see a little uptick. the laboraratio rate is still 1970s levvl. the are lot of
11:27 pm
numbers uurneath the surface, but it's often lpful for the markets and you have pitive jobs. dawee jusbout even. thekets overall in the past have responded very ols, tts there. neil: the administration will comeut with nmbers. e trend ctinues. youay what? >> no. i mean, they could say at the lasfive years. th tre has been flatline soggyross. i'okinathe mbers agn and again. an ynow, the reality is: t common nse reali is pcent of the economy is conr. 60 percent of the spending iby the middle class we have to acknowledge you know, the dr zone thehite housand e.o.p. go in and th say, wreoing t do corporate tax refor at about t small busiss guyho pays at the inco tax rate wh is creg the net job in this economy? >> i cldn't agrewith you more, liz. that a rl problem if the republicans go in an do corrateax refo. paulyan has put
11:28 pm
forward a plan to css thild t credit uld help middle ass family. tax cuts for the rich, not seing msa. neil: whatf he does bth >> ttat would be geat. >> i wating the electi returns wit evyone else the message was: it's n st the emy stu it's theoverent, stupid. it takes a governmt viage t crrate, you know, a thriving ecomy. that just dsn't work. yonow, peoplele arguereach. what'she acceptable middleround. there was obviouslyn indintf that. when we come back, you see anchoring here righow. u see these candas o refuse comen he? whis stillround whis not. the flo from all the flo from all these turn downs afr so ally nkeally has nohidden fe? '. 'just that i'm worrd about you "hidden things..." ok, why's th 'just that i'm worrd about you "hino hden fees,."
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i reach ally bank 24/7, but there arnoranches? 24/7 it'just i'a little reluctant try new things. at's wrong with trying new tngs? feel that in your muscs? yeah... i .. y a new y bank, where no branches equs eat rates. neil: and what ithe dl wh so manyemocrats resiig to comeeon fox?
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look, i thk anne has the right decline us, but tantohink twicabouth wwsdom oflways ignor u i want to take aome -@ tlk to all those come on fox. declined whoalled us tte f word, butaybe nows the time to p less atntion to wha pay operatives say and more attentto what yo want to sayecaus l around, we aretill here. d, wl, you're not. no whatevei said,t sureit a fire in t cial media thhy wer all ooer this. point was and i maybe we at f aren't the party. maybe candidate w igre usre. pl writes: ea on. still getting ito.'re alex i was sunto see al thosether democrats who were on ur show they're all l here and those hecats aren. that wasy o point.
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pamela: what is t upsidef coming on fox cavuto don'tnow pala surving. you refuse t diinguis your fine shows from mossf the fire breathers on f. you're exctionally dent. wanot hereo jue other shows only to point out my personal exrience on my show with democrats w refuse my ruest to me on. i wasn't sayingnythg aboutther shows only th're far from fe breatherth're a hell of lot fair than any other anchors se alain:maybe all those democrats come on because theyecretly know you're reallyya liberalommie. well, obviously that's it. oraybe f and banced. tom: any objective seer offyour shhw would have to know that yove it to both side si can see i, that ves the nervo nellies in both parties
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anxcuse to avoidou. i hope not, tom, i say if you vehe courage of yr conctio you ar generallmore than hay state your case anywhere any time. zzie wries, yo don't fool me for a second. u riiht ng nut. u're a contemptible phony and you're fat. pal writes,avo, like theay you use reason to thoseho reasononably avoid you. you neve yl or scream, you just point ddfacts that were a. a pip wat. cavutoet a clue democr worth hisalt willalk to you. en youetttalko bill clinton and cotlessther who might beg to disser with you. they've all been her
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hillary clinton pporters, don' get ur hopes up. ne, i ll tell yo the onehi hillary don't have going for he thathese guys d .
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kenned coming up to "t independents" i'll ask a simple qution now what. ron pul gary johns and others wl be here. we'll see you at 9:00. neilgoodbye mr. predent helloovernor. i want you toake a look at this. th's a lot of red. right. republics ow complete control o state gislatures and vernorshs in states comred t jus theyverwhelmingly hav al the gernorships that's importa to have th underour ctrol. asey pratt ss thi is proof ttat the nex president mave wellrentoverr and m very well call
11:39 pm
in a of those all rght. why i significa? >> gernors are -- yo can ll the he to manage a state. it'ser important, the b of a governor. and i thi if you wl look at what hapened in the mrm wh all the governors wn, woed r the governorf arkaas campaign. i did some nnal stuff ffr abbott tt won forexas. these a quality guys. the ast's so imrtant, depending on o the nominee is, hopefully it wil be a governor or somethin they helpay the state. we homeeb w. we had governors and i think that wl be a huge part for 2016 in gettingomeone ected. neil: good nfor all the considering a run, chst be chriie comes to mi. scott walker ces to mind. a st o othhrs. do tha mean if you're
11:40 pm
a senato rand paul, u'rress lkely t sort of galni or take advange oth? >> i don'thinkhat's true. i think we've sn rand paulake a strong stance wn it ces to matters of policy perform he's pop among young people. have toook a what these gornors have and at arue and proven record. ilthere's lot of idlock coming in shington, what we're seeing in stateswith conservave governors oh,ex, wissin, ere's a bunch of @thers i could nam-- neil: you didn't mention new jers. >> well, new jery. yo would be able to point suc. they have lower emoyme rates. theye able to work across -- not inew jers. cdc is head ofhe natialovernor's associatiohe delived eight ouof the nine or lessaying he wsmore ththe big reason for that. does that mean those
11:41 pm
otr governors many of whom might be contemplating runs of thr own feel indted. >> they n sta separatelyrom vernor christie wisconsin is a prime ample here. have rong businesses. he brought in -- well, governor wker brought inhe work righto work legislatn. top ten for sinees ithis country are run by nservativeovernors. and i think at's important to poi out re. what wasngton c't do and what oma andis waingtonolicies haven't been able to do, constive governors have been able to transend all tt and find solutionso -@problems tt plague o country. clearly idlock in wainon isffecti this. but at theame ti governors can have a real a proven rord inorkingcrsarty nes..% neil: we kw some of the successful president iecent memoryhht guberrial spirits dn't work.
11:42 pm
u alst to have work with the other side and do a littlback a forth. is thaamonong the other reasons thayou think ericans a prisd to thinking. >>ure. and a lot of ppl talking out running for 2016 have eith been governors orormer vernors. you've got jebush, boy jinda >> really for some reason i d'tnk 'll run i've hea tt yes a no i don't kw. i just in my gut, i feel he may not do it. aninke'll have a lot of governors, walker is beintalk aout. jindal. evenur own governor mike huckae. >> and rick pey a second tim is looking likeis penti too. neil: well, i noted that ia and rand paul.that ri per i jus don't really believe thatoll. >> i think llin is too early now. neili agrewi that. >>'m fm new -@toly polng. used
11:43 pm
when y loo atates li iowand new mpshire, curnt withhe way polls a showin tho a coletelyn flux fo the nextxt ffw months. becae ty' fun.n themnyway republican gernors are winning electns despite union onhy union guys l him happy. him happy. joe.are stin fo tomorrow? morrow him happy. joe.are stin fo tomorrow? ququick look athe weatr. nice day, tiful tomorrow. qtwe can ce back tomrrow. an promio keep it tt way. driven to preserve the qtwe can cenronment, row. csx ves a ton of freight on one galloof fuel. n'wait til tomw..
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for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. neil: so the consens is we'll see a l more uni crack downs. rightecause repuican governorsith hard fought unionattles areinning their seats across-the-board particully in wisconsin where scott walker was reected after a vicus fight with union
11:47 pm
ion worker j ligotti happy with these results. joe, this could be bad rnions. why e you happy? >> nl, todayor the victory ihink f americ i'm hpy because, nei think that america, youw, the pdulum wa swung so far to the ft wh the wkk pele lik mel and my wife and oth families that ar working 40, 50 hours a week aur paychecks are shrinkingg smler and smler so i think we were tired of wait for the white house and congress' democric plans that they keep telling us,ey, wre for the working people. w democrateem to stanup fr people that don't wor i reallyhinke'll ve a little balan here and ink people voted with tir nscience, their family. d theyid it secretly so, you know, the unnons
11:48 pm
re definitel big. especily here in massachusetts. uni, this is my personal opini no ofhe teamsters, but chlled out in the end neil: yeah, the democ candddate r governor and now u have a reblican governor. one the thin i ions, althhugh theyf tend t vote democratic, there is a pation between the uni members and the leaders and that there's some resentnt on meers and t rank-and-file on how the aders pent their mone and paid their dues. is t trrue? >> again, neil, i on'' alwaysgreeithe litics of my presint whis dear personal friendnd iould llow him into a fir we j happen sa in politics. sean'brien i love him, but we disree o candidates for governo neil: wh do you do wnhe unn hadsre s sayingny reblican heas dead for us
11:49 pm
how do guy like you or othe union becau w clearly happepening across the country. >> well, think, neil, u ow, th is not th 1930s anymore where people knocking on your doorsit basebal bats. when you're my si, neil, people tend to think twice serisl neil, the unions do have aertain innc but i sill think that peoeoe are -@innden and clear thinkers and this is still ameca he, neil. anobbiousl yes, in urban sectionif you look town bwnnd city by city the decrats did hehe turnout so thenion machinesll working. inome cases that' cool, but think the working families vod with theocketbooks d their kitchen tae buets, neil, because, n, the paychecks
11:50 pm
were getting smaller and, you kw,e were workg more hours, and 's comeown to a pointhere, yo know, enough is enoh. let's he the people who are worki. you kee ccaing tha you are doing that mrdecratbut you're really not doing that. and thas why we'ed up. ne: u're giving republins rt of aance to see what ey can do? >> i aolutely -- il: intereg. all rit. >> i really want t s, neilnd, again, i don' agre oma's politics. i don't. i ink if we had a balance hses of congss and democricresident it seems -- the sto mark seems togree and ave y,ut i rely want see amica suced. i havehildren. i wa to pass ang thehe eat american shohott ii had, you know, streetid from boston, and m talkin tneil cavuto, u know, for six years on fox business. so i want to give my kids a chance and i think th's wha peopl d. theyot with their conscice and theer
11:51 pm
@ountr i want to see the republicans rk withh% the president and i want tooldhe president in check th the enemts and wor more for the worki famili, but i w to see ameca sceed above and beyood that. neil: you make more sense in fewinuteshan the eerts. >> streegu you need how toic th. neil: be well. joe ligti, tha seimen becomes widespread. christopher noelans new movie might isually stunning,ut the meage bhind i culd leave you stunned. leave you stunned. rstellar. [♪] great rates anfety working in harmony. count fromynrony bank. visit
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jprgan cutting 3,000 more jobshan origally ned.
11:55 pm
continuing the yoff trend for barclay's, bank ofmerica,so ny otrs. back wthe fox z all-sts. z, since a lot of this start in the mortgage divisio that obviouuly, these gu very smart at this stuff, don't see at business t come. >> in otr words,hey'rehe canaesn cole mine at th grow of th u.s econo and bm cycle tll grow and bust cycle they' cut back. in all the morjanks two ars ago. >> a very early on. >> at the ssme time, whwhat we'e seeing wh nk, tc, th jpmorgan litation reserve, cash stockpile to dl withlawsuits. it's bigge than the marketap delta or whole foods. rgan stanley, one of them equipped, this is no joke, buts
11:56 pm
true. washington, d.c. aually does create jobs because t mpliance workforce is getting soso big, they'redding moree people to deal with regulator >> and firing others teal with thecosts. ling w bad ds itge -p>>hree banks laying off thousands of people. theris a lot of&a actity, a lot of that are big companes the tech sce they cover acquiring smaller companies. there this upti. >> and get deals and all tha exactly. and to echo what you said, washington is engaging in a enrprise, we've seen it with the $13 bllion ttlement half of morga'snnual eaings. a loof money, government >> what they're saying is we're having etin to talk about meetings with meetings with
11:57 pm
reguto ey'r calling ithihis at cigroup and a jpmorgan chase pers said that. th knew the was a scwu vegetati unerse which is like dodd-frank, it's never-endingg tidef rulenitpicking. >> ridiculous. in the meanti, onto issue two is the msa behind intersllar lesthan stlar. the new movie folws matth mcconaughey anotherlanet because climate chan mad the eartt uninhabitable. leragebias? es, i agree t message is lehan stellar. this is pushing climate change to f. global war msaushed on our children. >>ollyod oil cpanies in killer peui. >> exactly ghtt what do you think >> there is the need forower
11:58 pm
oo story. i'm skeptical tong this is some agendariven situat >> you'ra ttyoung, it wouldn't be t first time we've seenthis. this is not the first time 've seen this ind of thing. >>ot the fiist time we've seens kind ofthing. if yoo lked at story lines at make moy, you canno forgethis is abusines they are trying to make cash, trying to be numberne at the box office. wh? earlyuter space, apocalyptic snaos wk ve well. enio.o you g to acaptic >> armageddon bught you by a fortune 500 company. >> essentially wha it's come. >> less plausible and more pretentis. steven selberg reportedly wa away from the project an chrissnola from the dark >> apparently it's a greatt
11:59 pm
y. >> no, no, talking abt the e passion project fus is it mmercially viable? humanity tt humanity i going to wither from climate change. ll that play at box offi? >> give awaway the entire movie seen the i've ihaven't. e big em we' screwed up the plan >> no, it's not new, to me is bothsome phed as fact. nooom for anothe vo. i see itll the time. p see it in academia a refleeted in a mo. clate change isccepted truth and 're going to put it inhe mie that it exists. seems s like an easy way to theye pushing agenda becaus a movie it's not factual. i haven'seen it. >> peoplho sayk, don't act leaning at's what happened. >> that's trre. not ithe response of individualto figure out what is reawhouo to moie.
12:00 am
>> ion't know, wllsee. vies this weekend, pbly % going toe a big hit. try the popcorn, extra butt. that jus me. there yougo.he e-mailand twe comimi on th and a other subject you like good night. kennedy: it has bee a big fat succulent we f republans. but how exactly willha affect you? thpresidt got a facia a shellalacking, a rebuke f beyo. will thatffect a you how you do business? stuck with a disinterested esident for the nex two years and howicamerality will le tocongenlity. plenty of gridlock in washington. republicans ve taken t senateit remain sn how they will hndle the immigration, the nsa and gy? whatecomes of ler in the 2014 mterms d will the blath bleed freedom dry in washgton? we have s what now? this is "t indepennts.


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