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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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answered in another installment of ourserr guide and we will tellou where tfind the best deals anow to ge aair iie online. that's ifor "the willi neil: night on cavuto, the ch down after six years of smacki each oth dn. in ainute, former publican big when i go john alan the white house coulde the one eatingrow. shiffjoe why h needs a bobon submit of his own. he's o the fro lines% of immigrati and something the president could planng will make thingsessier. employment down. so why are so many amicans feelg dn. forget everything you heard about the jobs rert today the real read is coming up tonight on the show that breaks it dow now. lcome, everybody happy fr. i'm neil. ceainly when i was at
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the anchor desk and i suggested that both @ides brread italian restaurt. >> absolutely. >> gw up, guys. >>ll right, noo quite alian restaurantbut the whe house becse appant- thihow moves potical mounins. enough aut me and my por. back to what there doing about m andy powe what will come of t opening lunch george allen thinks my id was a becaus he sees a lot getting doney republicans regardless. governor, senatoo, alwayssgootoave you. i always think it's good to breakad. i alws feain the end th're jusgoin to break ea other' legs. wh did you s ppenin >> i think it's important to listen to e othe and undersnd eac side.
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i ink they do. ihink theepublicans now that there's a jori in the senate as wl as the hoe, ne to act. it was a great election victory, buno it'sn opportunity turbo charge this economy, and i do think tre are grndor aas where you can find a common idea of gtiig our countrore -- neil: ke where? whe would ttommo area be? >> i think thee% leadership in the senate th orrinatch a paul ryan ii the house, thth can get a rely tax reformill, make t ode more fair, sple, and competitive. neil: and one that thereside would sport >> the president leads fromehind even on legislateatters. if they can gethat consense it wiet done. trade there can be a coensus. 95 pernt of our stomers are outside of e ed state if we n open up trade i eeropendsia, i think
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democrats and reblicans can get together tre. e republica wil pahe keystone pipeli. the president won't lik it. they'll hav to override his veto if hetinues to stop -- neil: that's the only one goveor, and yoreuch mora d tohese things than i a but,s you kn, i read a prompter for a living, i think thatlifies me. the presideill move on keystone andass it. unnortately itay bee a case of tooittle too late. would you be eouged byytha if it's a gesture. thearandsil om albta a also help in the back an in north dakota and montan so if it' something finally allows it that's be lon delayedor politil reasons (?) ther tha any enronmental reasons, fi. everyone can agre if he sow sees ouright on that. ne: think about that. therony,overnor, the crashing with oilnd gas pric ww've seen, incentive nowor tse
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gu to go ahead and drl. go ahead and do all the pricey things required to get this oil. and in a way, it makes hink tha the time for kstone or at leasast advaage ofomething likeeyste might have ce and ge. >> well, i don't think it's gone. it would be great for our ecomy ifil pr stay at or $80 a bl. look at supply and demand and increing markets arnd the world and the uptick in the ecomy greater dema. all pris wl go back up. th area there ll b lot of disreement, that is these unelected and unaccotabl bureaucracie in shingtonetting our energy picy. i think the repubcans will defunany of t overreacheby epa and her federal agencies. there's going to be areas, i tnk of agreement on tde. i think the can come together on a me competitive tax system.
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keystone pipeline ether the pside like it or not will pa and wil be overdden ifettes it. and on ocare itsf which will there will probablye aoteo repeal which he'lleto. ther needs to be mocaons to tt so we'reotmingmall businees t hiret. neil: the sprout h tak up one ofts key provisions. always great to have you. >> you nev digress, you alys move forrd for freedom. il: i just flow th prer, as younow. the realy is one thing won't reverse six years of this. obama: the repubcansn congress choseo shut down the government. >> sate democrats are more worri about losing their majority than the america people. >> the tea prtyhe anarchists of e couny. rry reid and the mocrats have recited ovvr a do nhing
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sete. reckless, irresponsible, radical l whathe republics arerying to dore neil: i'm rubber you're glue. anyw, is that ing to chnene, really, with one lunch? communication epert rachel on how to differences asidend ma a deal. always gd to have you. but at ts meeting when they first sat dn all of them toer at the table, they didn't ook like a rm and friendly, kind of dilmatic and erything le that. the body languwas i'm like wh time does this end? and harry reid, like, where can i hide? so how do they mak for a diert resulttfrom what see to be a cool appece? >> well, i think the ing they neeto reize ishat, yes, they he to be zeous docates for the peop they're representing. at theame time in deto have a relationship with each
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her, which i essentially what congressas to do is ve a relationsh for e bterment of us as a cotry. they have to lea to communicate and have emby think even if they don't they don'tgree thach oer. neil: what if thehate each other. ere's enough of that out ththere, that it's certaiy not the nd of relationship that "tip o'neill and ronald ag had no it could be different times, diert strokes for different folks. underrtand tt. but how do uet remember, don'ttlike, each other, an, personly dnt like each other. >> theersonal rt is part of the problem. have politicians who are makin personal digs at eachther. we have people who arere not fighting forte ises, buth're fighting for whatever their inioat the moment is. really reaizing that they he to move pass that and set goal. we allave e same goal essentially at the end for a successful
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country d economy to work together. neil: i don'n't think they're al in that at that tabbe in r theesame type of goal there. whai've got to quornd is, john kenne got ts. i think ronald reagan go it. each sidas to look ke they t somethi meeting with "tip" after o'neill even though he was running the table against the guy, we hav to get something soe mains his dignity, but s very big on not rubbing the gy's nose in the di. how do these guys do at. >> i'm a lawyer. he wesed to mediate things. th's okay. they ended up walking awayith a resutio neil: at'sawyer. >> a lot of piticiaians are lawyers. th have that backgrou. they c uerstand you mit not get everythg u want. but for e betterment the greater good whh iss as t nstients, they need be able to give and take. neil: what would sp,e did this for ahile thi one
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ekd we we cvering sandy and each side was blaming the other and getting nasty and sayi names. as soon as as aresser @ould personal, we uld cut it off. we would not cover it. if tte media doesn't feed t tten we're a waste of time.lizeit >> all they're d is puffing emselves and up saying i'm taking re of f y. i'm making them look li t b guy so u feel good about electg me. that's a great ia. il: anything i can do to help. we appreciate it. inors do think that something constructive will ce of this latest arngent in d.c.ut what happensf they're wrg. lizzie micmcdona. lizzie, thearkets had run up on this, the anticipation of ts. what if it doe't pan ou i know thegridck, buthey also like progress on me of thesbigger issues. >> they don't lik
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lock wn it ds i a government shut down. the market did go negative. government shuts down. heays that wn't happen. i untand that, but we don't kw. we don't know wh will happen so, you know, wh you bet e markets are the on game i to. maybe they're the rkets ii t world.oher i think that's the lace to be no ne: if you tnn aboutt, it was the vernnt shut down that ccmleely reversedhe @ebacle that bi clinto whe he could switch around you republicans are obstruct. >> that'righ d loing at this relationip building that they wanto ha and the meeting that ppened today, it a about building reaeay lid relatinship. neil: they don't have that. >> ectly. sohat has t t happ off the cameras it has to beriory. a personal priority of these lawmakers to
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actual get somethi do. we don't see any evidence of that dpite the fact t president and mitchonnell are all comiward, want tengage. doesn matter wh they say publicly at isoint if anythi willrogress, it has to ppen. you know this. you'uilt aot of relationships with ople out there, t taa lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get nowomeone. and "tip" o'neill how they truck atut. both of the realize all righte'll tk about this with drinks in the privateresidence they come staggering out. wi the understanding would make press statements to reach to thr base. never to getersonal and just toeaze that, you kw, in politics, it's often time a little bit in love with the war. >> sure. in that scenario, you had a wlling netiating partn. you had presidentean willing toegiate. keysne pipele in
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instructive examplele despite 70 percent o americans approving of the kettne pipeline. he said tre's a system for that. it not the legislativ legislive -- it's place he inten to keep it. he's not willing to come to the cent. theeplins are extenning an olive brch. neila loof times they say we're extendingand and actually it's a finger. but, i man,et's just say lot dep on -- they have to be sincere about how they dot. it hasn't happened. e prest hasn't shown much personal interest in doing this sort of g. maybe it's not there for hhm and maybmitch mcconnell maybe the personal feeling and ight maybe it's not ere. >> reagahad a sn i think onis desk, there's lmit where person can o asong as ives the oth person the credit. neil: he toothe crit for the si and n the guy who printed that. he was big on thaght
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>> the thinghat's striking is the publicansant do wave elecon- we have the democrats talking about the minimum wag underscoring how this eeonomy is. if you'r fighting over porty wages, that shld b a gut check reality ke-upll. om day one, you have been saying this, neil, incidence since the financial collapse. we're in aistoric eakown. ititas to be econoc growth. it t be job growth. >> the proposa that mitch mcconnell have put forward are moderate they're notzy fact there's a two-thirds of congss th could overrulehe prident's vto. neil: and modera enough that a tf docrats,ho mighte among the who would be jn a coalitio you kno >> we have to remember wh kd of president an republica party we're dealing with. it's easy to have short-term memory. the republicans wted obama to be a onetem president.
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that was their min. they got voted in not because of their pro inact, it w very diffult. we talkeked about it on the show, havg a ssage. neil: voteters hated the docrats more. >> it's more who was the sser of two negatives so it's a very complicated situation. >> quickckly, th reality check has bounced. let'be real. the ysto pipeli woold ceate manufacturing jbs. 159,00l and gas jobs are cated in the ited statefrom that sector. half the jobsere wering payg, service related reaurant jobs. have to think tt way. >> o wage growth. neil: this is the fourth time we've h a shift in congress unr the whe house,omplete polar -- that tells you methg, whatever victor y realize toy tendso b short-lived. all rit, fort a messg with republicans, if he d trs an executive oer to freeze dorti,
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neil: theyrdered does that mean sherif joeoe along with it. maricopa sheriff tl it. the president goe aad with his executive order eezing deportaon for upward of a million illegals. he has a biggestess on his hanns. shiff is the front lines. sheriff, it los li he will do it though and aead and tet wat th republicans and a pain in the butt for you. >>e's beoingi demoines, iowa, dng
6:19 am
secrey. turn t over t the government and -@36 percent keep coming back. so- neil: plaihowhe proce works. i know a lotf people hearg this -- you and i have tked a lot on this subject, but, in other words, y'll give them to whomever and ey won't donythin >> they ep coming ba. last month, two ofhem came back. seventeen time so wha does that mean? are ty let out the back door, which i believe they are. by the way, ii met with matt salmon azona congressman a i want iestigation over all ts, and i thik we'll get get it. let the truth come ou il: investation intohe -@rerelee o those you take in throw them back in your jail? >> yea k what's happeng to them are they beingepoed dooret out the back how isis the president going to keep track of
6:20 am
parwork or all his policies they can't eveeep track the cna that are in jail and get out. so h do yxpect green cards,f he's going to issue gre cards, i'm sure we' have someounrfeit. we've gone into 70 sinesses, ne, and arrest over 600 people working tre with fake id. sohissoinggto b other big thihow to conform ancomply if we try to do it with his executive order neil: you know, i s trying to understand the wism of forcing the issue on the president's part, and the negotiar in me said, well, me wl offer a carro with that stick to republicans and that carrot migh be, you go along with me on tse deporons or freezing them. i' call rick y and get a lot more tros s th border. so y get yr enforcement, a i get way to movehis pss foarwith the
6:21 am
llions who are here. that?do you tnk about >> probay need the oops at thorder to contohe interr to rectify any of his policiesn deportations and try to keep track off it. as said he can' keep track of people in jail neil: if he were t that wh theromise i'll beef up enfoemt, x-number of tro at the bder, you would have to see it first bere sning oo it. right? >> of course. drugs are cg over by the tons across tt border. he never alks abouthe drug trafficking. ve interting. come on. it's farce, and we'll see what happens t next two years. you'reeein ttat illegals who oss our borer,ouick up, put tm in yourail. hand them overoce. days, months, weeks te theyy back yourail. reatedly. so that process not changed. >> n
6:22 am
i tell y,f he does this, there's going to be an invitation for evybody toome acss thaa border. guring they'llet away with it a anyways we might a well let in everyo mico come across,hic i opposed to. -@mng sar casket, sarcastic. il: tellef you think shif j is right and has a big problem on his hands. many oyou have let me know that fm prior to joe's appearance. now, maybehis why the president sems a little cocy. us revealed the ape up his sle and it was something that came today. 3rd and 58 secon on the cloc what athinki a? foreign rkets. asiadebt tharecognizes thshift in the globaeconomy.
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6:26 am
kay, ts alo say something. this is theisconnect thh publied numbersen that alwaysontributed the democrats droppi this week. >>eah, no, i don think it does. you look at the statiscs. 92 milli americans not in laboror. medi houseld income has brought every single year under this presidency. th reality inany people's life, the onomy i notting tter the middless is pinched by obaacar and this is something that republica don't get. they have a rea opportuuy to come in anab the mide class who e hurting most out of the obama neil: : wh do yo t, julie. >> the wage growth was not there. i tht w would see a little uptk. the labarticipion te istill 10s levvl. there are a lot o
6:27 am
numbers uurneath the surface,ut it's ofn helpful fothe marts anyouo have posive jobsbs. evenwe're just about the mkets orall in the pas hav responded very ols, that is there. neil: the administration co out with nuers. the trend connues. you sayhat? >> no. mean, they could say that the last fi yes. the trend h been flatline soggy gross i'm loing at the numbs again and again. and,ou kno the reality : tmon senseeality is 70ercent of the omy issumer. 60 percent of the spenng is by the middle class. we hav tocknowledge that. you know, the danger zone the white house an the g.o.p go in and th say, we're going t doorporate taxeform. what aut the sll business guy who pays at thenco tax rate who is crereating the net jobs in thi enomy? >> i couldn't agree with you mo,iz. at's a real problem if -@the reblicso in and doorpora tax reform. paulyan has put
6:28 am
forward a plan to chess the child tax cdit ich uld helddle clas famil tauts for t rich, not a sellg message. neil: what i he does both. ttat would be great. >> i was watching the eltion returns with everyone else and t message was: it's nnt just the ecomy stupid. it'she governmen stupid. it takes a gernment viage to crrate, you kn, ahring onomy. that just doesn't work. neil: bigovement overreach. yo k people argue, wh's the acceptae middle ground. there wa obvious an indictment of that. when wcome back, you see me ahoringer righght now. you s these candidates who refuse to comome on here? o isll around and who not. the fallout fm l these turn downsfter
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il: and at is elith so many democrats refuig to comeeon fox?
6:32 am
look, i think anyone has thright to decline us, but they wanto think twice about e wwsdom of as ignoring us. anto tak a moment -@ talk to all ose mocrsho dlid toome on f. who clled us t word, but maybe n is e time to pay less atntion to what prty atives say and more attention to w what you want to say because lk aroundwe a still here. and, wel youe not. w, whatever i said, it su lit a fire in the social media. thhy were all ooer this. my pointas and i ybe we at fox an't the party. maybe candidas who ignore u are. plrite dead on. they're done and're stil getting it done. alex iwas stned to see al thosether demos who re on your show ty' all stillere a those other cats an. at w my only poin
6:33 am
pala what is the upside of cominon fox, cavu i don'tnow pamelaaurving. u refuse to distinguish your fine ows from mss of the fire breathers on f. you're exceptional decent. i was not he to judge otr shows onlyo int my persona experien on my sw with democrats w resey request to come on. i wasn't sing anythin abt other shows oy they're farrom fire breathers ey're a hell of a lot fair than any other anchors i se al maybe all those democrats come on becausehey secretly know y'reeallya liberal commi wellobviously that's it. or maybe fr and balanced. tom: any oective observ offyour shhw uld hve t knoth you givet to both sides. assian s it, that gives the nervous nellies in both parties
6:34 am
an excuse to avoid you i hope not, tom, i say if you ha turage of your convictionsou are generally more tha happy state your case ywhere anye. lizzie writes, you d't foole for a second. you ihwing nut. you're a contemptible phonnd youe f pal writes,ut like the way you u rson tohose who you neve yl orou. scream, yo just point it out sple emples anddfacts that were a. a toatch. cavuet alue no democr worth h salt will talto y. then you better talk to bill clinton and cotless others who mit b to dser with you. they've bn here.
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so ally nk really has no hidden fethat's ght. aou it's just that i'woied abou you knowhidd things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, om theank wherno branches equals great rates. kenny: coming up to "the inpendents" i'll ask a simp estion now what. ron paul gary johnson and others will be here. we'll see you at 9:00. neil: goe mr. president hello goverr. i want yo take look a this. that a lot o rd. right. republicans ow comple contro of state gislatures and governorships in 24 ates comredoo just seven. ey overwhelmingly have allhe governorships at important to have both under your con ashley p patt saythis proof ttat the nex esident mamay ry well be aur govnor and mayery well cal
6:39 am
in a lot of t those. all rit. why is it significant? governors a -- you can tell ty haveo nage a state. it ver important, the job of a governor. and i tnk if you will ok at what happened in e midrm with all the governors won, ioed for the governor of arkansas cpan. i did some natiol stuff ffr abbott that n for texas. these are qlity gu. the reas it'so important, depenng on who theomee is, hopefully itill ba governor or someing. they ccnelp swayhe stat we had someebig wins. h govnors and i think at will be a huge pt for 2016 in gettg someoncted. ne: good news for a the vernors t there whomight be considerina run, chris christie comes to mnd. scott walk comes to mind. host o othhrs.
6:40 am
does that mean if you're a senator, randaul, you'rrsikely to sort ofalnize or takedvtagef this? >> don't think that's true. think we've sn rand paul take a strong ance wheit como maers of policy rform he's popular ongoung people. we have look a wt e goveors have and that's a true androven record. while there'a lot of gridlo coming in washington, what we're seng in statesswith conservative governors, ohio, tas, wisconsin, ere's bunch of @the i could name -- il: yodn'tention new jersey. >> well, new jersey. yo wobe able to point to success. theyave wer unemployment rat. acss -- not neww jeey cdc is head of the naonal govnor's association he delived eighout theine governorships anmore or less sang he was the big reason for that.
6:41 am
does thameanhose othevernors many of whomight b contplating runs of theiwneelndted. >> they can snd separately from gornor chriie. wionn is a pme expl he. yo have strong busses. herought in -- wel goveor walker brought in theork t righto k legislation. top ten states for sinesses in this country are run by conservave governors. ani ink that's importt to poi out here. whatashington can't do and what obama and his washingt picies haven'been able to do, conservative governors ve been able to annd a tha and find solutions t -@problems that plague o our country. clearly gridlock in wainon is affecting is. but at the same ti governs can have a real and proven record in worki aoss party neil: we know some ofhe successful presints in recent memory thh gernarial
6:42 am
spirits dn't wor you almost to have work with the other side an do a little back and forth. ishat amon the other reons that you tnk ericans are prsed to thiing. >> se. and a lot of people talking t running for 2016ave either been gernors oror -@governors. you've got jeb bush, bobby jindal. >> reallfor some reason i ddn't think he'llun. i've hea that and . i don't know. it in my gut, i feel he may not do it. ani think we'll hava lot ofovernors walr is being ed abou ndal even our own governor mike huckakabee. nd ricrry a second time is looking like is potential too. neil: well, i noticed that iowa tracng survey tharick perry d randnd paul >> i just don't really >> thi pollg ill. too early now. neil: i agree wi that. 'm from w
6:43 am
-@to earlyolling.d when you look attates like iowa an new hashe, currely with the way pol are showg,hose are completely inlufor the next ffw months. neil: mention them anyway because they're fun. republican governors a wiing elections spite uons. on w why unionuys like him are happy. him are happy. joe. at legalzoom ycan take care of virtuay all your importt gal matts in just minutes. now it quicker and easier for u to start your business, protecur family,r and easier and laun your ds. at we put the lawn your sid from fasonetairs to healthcare providers, toporting od stores, wfor all sos of busesses.s banking. loyalty. analytics. synchrony financial. engage with us.
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6:47 am
ion worr joe lti is hap with these results. joe, this could b bad forrunions. why are you happy? >> neil, tay fhe victory i think for america. i'm hap becae, neil, i thi that ameca, you know, t pendulum wa swung so far to the left with the workkng people like myself and my wife and other families that are workin 40, 5 hrs week anddour paychecks areshingmaller an smaller so i think we were tid of waiting for the white hse and congress' democat plans that theyeep telling us,y, we're for the wor people. now demoats seem to stanup for people that don't work. i real think wll ha a little balance here and ink people voted with their cocience, thr family. and th did it secretly so, you know, t the unnons
6:48 am
re definitely big. especially here in ssachusetts. my uni, this is my personally opinion not of theeamsters,ut charlie lled out in th end. neilyeah, e democratic caddate forovernornd now you have a republicanovernor. one of the tngs i notice wh a lot of unions,lthhh they tend t to ve democratic, there is a separation between the union mbers and their leads and that there's me resentme on members d the rank-and-file on howhe leaders spent their money and paid their dues. is that tue? >> again, ne, i on'' alwa agree with the politics of my president who is a dersonal friend a wou follow him into fire. we jt happen to saee in polits. sean o'brien i love him, but we disagre o candides for governor. neil: what do do when the union head are saying any republican head is deafors
6:49 am
they'rentiunion. how do guys like you or other union -- becse it was clely hapning ac the countr >> well, i think, neil, you know, this is no the 1930s anymore where people are knoing on your doorith baseball ts. when y're my size, neil, people tend to thinkce. seriously, neil, the unionso have aertain ininflnc but i still ink at people are -@inpendent and clear inkers ahis is still ameri he, neil. and obbiously,, in urn stiif you ok town by wn and ty by city the democrats didavehe turnout so the union machine istill rking. in som cases that's cool, but i think the rking famils voted with theirocketbooks andheir kchenable budget neil, because, agai the paychecks
6:50 am
were getting smaller and, you know, we were rking more hurs, and it's com d to a point whereyou know, enough is enough. let's help the peopl who are working you keep ccaiming that u are doing that mr. democrat, but you're really not doing that. and that's whye're fed . neil: you're gving republicans sort o a chance to see what th can do? >> i absuty -- neil: inteing. all right. i really want to see, neil, a, again, don' agree wi obama politics. don't i think if we had a balance houses of ngss and a democric preside it sms -- the stock market seems togree and whatave you, b i really want to see americace. have cldren. i want to ss alonghe great american sho tha i had, you know, a stet kid fr bosto and i'malkin to neil cato, you know, fo x yearsn fox busine. so iant to give my kids a chance, and thk that's what people did. th voted with their conscien a the
6:51 am
@ountr i wanto see the republicans work with the president and want to hld the president in checwith the tiements and work more for working families, but i want to se arica succeed abov and beyoodhat. neil: you make more sense in a few mutes thanhe exper >> street guy. you need ho to pick them. il: be well joe ligti, tt sentiment beces widespread. christopher noelan new movie might visually stunning, but the message behind it could leave utunned. leave utunned. intellar.
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6:55 am
couing thelayorend for many others.ank of america, so back with the fox biz all-stars. liz, since a lotot of th start in mortgage divisions that obviouul these gys v smart at this stuff, don see that busin to come >> in other rds,hey're t naries in e co mine at the gwth of th u.sconomy and boom cycle they'll grow, and bust cyc they'llut back. in all the mrj banks two years ag >>the ssme ti, what w're seeing with e bank, watch, this jpmorgan litigat reserve, ch stockpile to deal with lawsuits. it's bigger than the market c of cigna or trowe price or delta owhole f. p' tal to th guys at morgan staey, onef the equipped, this i no joke, but
6:56 am
true. washington, actually does create jobs because the complice workforce isetting so big, they're addingore people to de wit relators. and firing others to dl th the costs. jo ling, how bad get? -p>> three bankaying off thounds of people. there is a l m&a tivity, a lolot of tt are big mpi in the tech space they cover acquing smaller compaes. there is this uptick. >> andet deals and all that. >> exact. and to echo whayo said, washin ingaging in a tesewe've seen it with e $1 billion settlement, half o jpmorgan's annual earnings. a lot of money, the governmt omg after t companies. >>hat they'r saying is we're having meetings to t about meetings with meetin with
6:57 am
regulators. th'r calling i ts at citigroup d a jpmorgan chase peon said that. th knew there was screwup but talki about the unproductive vegetative universe which is like dodd-frank, it's never-endingg tidef rul nitpicking. >> ridiculs. in the meantime, ontossue two interstellar less than stellar. the new movie follows matth mcnaughey to another planet becausclimatehange madehe eauninhabitab. leverage bias? yes i agreehe msa is ss tha ellar. this is pushing cli c to fct global warng message pushed onur children. >> hollywood oil companies in killerpenguins. >> exactly rightt wt do think? >> there is the need f power
6:58 am
oo stor i'm skeptical tong this is some agenda-driven n situatio >> you're little young, it woul't be the fst time wewe've seenthis. this i not the first time we'vseen this ind of thing. >> not the fiist time we' seen this kind of thing. if y lked at story nes that make ney, you canot forget this is a a sins. ey a tryi to make cash, ying to be number one at t what works? early outer space, apocalypticcenarios work very well. how do you get to apocalyptic >> armeddon brought to you by a fortune 500 company. >>entially wha it's beme. >> less plausible mor prettious. steven spielberg reportedl walked away from the project and chrissnon from the dark >> apparen it's areatt
6:59 am
story. >> n noalki about the on passion project focus is commcicially vbl? humani that hanity i going towiher from clima ange. will that play abobox office >> give away the entire movie which makes it snd like i'v seen the movie. i han't. the plet.m wve screwed up >> no, it's not ne to me is bothersome pushed as fact. no room r anhervoice. i see it a the time. p e it in acamia and refleetein amovie. climate change iccepted trutand 'reng to put it in theovie that it exists. seems like an easy way to say they're pushg agenda becaus it's's a movie it's not factl. i han't enit. >> peopl way jfk, don't't exact leaning thathat haen. >> ts trre. it's notn the response of dividuals fe out what iseal when you goo a movie.
7:00 am
>>on'tk we'll see. movies this weekend, proably% going toe a big t. try th popcn, extra butter. at's just me. there you go. > weome oncega tohe best of the "imusn the morning" proam on the fox businessnetwork. goo have you th usrom new york city. as we start off thisest of imus, we' goo bill'reilly anhisoersa witthe i-man. ofourse evybody knowabou bill's number one shown the fox ws chanel but his best selling booksave also had emenenus sceion er t last f yea. 'srittenbout kennedy an lincoln and evenesusut h mostecent fering takes a lo atheli and the


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