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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 11, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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directions at different times. this is one of them, unfortunately. >> mike, thank you so much. the pictures are incredible and we'll keep an eye on the story. thank you, we appreciate your time. that's all that we have for you right now. i hope you're making money today. the market is down 16. here is liz claman. liz: we will take it, melissa. we have breaking details in the landmark trial that has forced some of the biggest players in the american financial system to testify in a 40 billion dollar trial. we know that the window was narrowing on the timing of the former aig appearance. plus, what the government's tactics might be, it's a fox business exclusive that has the financial world riveted. we took the lead reporting that first ebola case in new york city. dr. craig spencer, he's the doctor that returned from west africa and tested positive for ebola, he's been declared virus-free. he left the new york city hospital today. we've got more details.
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and valentine's day is huge business in the u.s., but china's anti-romance day is much bigger. single's day celebrates bachelorhood in china. it's the invention of a single company, alibaba. we'll tell you how much singles spent and popular stocks aside from alibaba. it's the last hour of trading. we're going to make you money. let's start the countdown. ♪ good afternoon, everybody. we begin with an american icon revealing its new model figure. americans, of course, are obsessed with weight loss and it seems that ford motor company is no different. today, it has revealed a slimmer model of its hottest one, shifts 700 pounds from the f-150 truck. it's the biggest transformation, substituting aluminum for much heavier
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steel. a gamble for ford, which spent billions to retool its factories. will they embrace the truck? the ford f-150 has been the best selling truck for more than three decades. it's an impressive streak to say the least. the first ever rolled over the assembly line in dearborn, michigan. jeff flock was there. you got a front row stand there. this is a symbolic day for ford and ford shareholders and it's a day that could set the tone for the fuel efficient vehicles on the stock. >> liz, i think you're dead on and this is the production line, they're rolling off the production line, as we speak, it's simple. either they are out in front of everybody else, it's going to be a huge success, take the company to new heights, or it's a failure and they lose the supremacy they've had for the past 37 years the most popular truck in america and probably
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heads roll. it's that simple. it's been a huge retooling of this plant. this is the rouge plant, used to make model a fords here now the whole plant had to get completely redone. they've got great time-lapse pictures showing how big a deal this was. all of that took place at a time when the ford f-150 pickup was selling better than any truck in the country. so, it meant a real drag on profits. so if you take a look at the stock, it actually hasn't performed very well in the short-term, but the thought is that perhaps later it will. and, of course, investors now have another place to put their money. you take a look over the course of the past month, ford, versus fiat chrysler, the new guy on the block. fiat chrysler has had a pretty good month. the whole point of this, liz, as you know, take the weight out and make this more fuel efficient, but it comes during a time when we've got lower gas prices than we've had in four years.
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so today, all the top execs that we talked to, we talked to them all. they're preaching, it's not just about fuel efficiency. >> they want great payload,great towing and when you take 700 pounds out of it, you can tow more, haul more, accelerate faster and stop, that's driving this for fuel eeconomy. >> it's not just about fuel economy it's better performance, better toughness, better capability. >> did you get that, liz? it's not just fuel prices given that fuel prices are under $3. liz: well, bill ford, jr. and of course, mark fields, now the ceo, very excited and a lot hinges on this. i want to bring in barclay's senior auto auto analyst. brian, you've got an equal weighting and price target $16 on the stock. the stock is moving nicely up 2 and 3/4%. what's your expectation for the
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new f-150? >> i think we'll see a rebound rally because there were fears that ford would be delayed launching it. we weren't in that gap. we don't think that margins will be where investors hoped. it's not just fuel economy, but fuel economy is part of it. had gas prices been on their way to $7 a gallon, this ford truck might save say $1800 over its gm rival. with gas prices hovering around 2.50, it's more than $600. that's a $1200 difference that we think ford could have gotten in a higher gas price environment and revenue would have gone to the bottom line, but now they're not getting it. we don't think it's going to be a failure. we think that ford will roughly hold onto its market share once it's on the full production, but it's not going to have the profit margins back when it was planning the product. liz: if you had to pick one of the stocks, jeff, you just pointed out that chrysler, fiat chrysler has improved much better on a very short-term because it was just recent.
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but, brian, if you had to pick an auto stock here, because we have dealers who only want one in their portfolio, which would it be? gm, chrysler? >> well, right now, in the oem's, we continue to like gm. we think it's a cheaper stock with more upside and the truck is less fuel efficient and that's not the biggest disadvantage. pure play on falling gas prices on gm pickup trucks, actually smaller cap stock, american axle. 60% of revenues from suv's and pickup trucks. as gas prices come down, the outlook looks better for american axle. liz: jeff, you've covered general motors intimately lately. what do you think, the f-150 has been the number one for decades, given all the accolades. what over at gm could beat it? >> well, keep in mind when you talk about gm versus ford in terms of trucks, you've got both chevy trucks and gmc trucks and the folks at gm would take pains to point out over the past 37 years, there
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have been a number of years where to get taken together, the gmc truck and chevy have outsold the f-series. they don't think they're that far out of the game. liz: how close could you get to that? could you show brian closer to the truck over your shoulder? the red one, it has a great grill. what do i know, it looks good. [laughter] >> it's a knock on the side of it, mark fields said don't knock too hard on the side of it. it's more dent resistent than the steel counterparts, but this is all aluminum. to watch this process at this plant, it's totally different than they make any other vehicle. i tell you, this could be the future, which is different. liz: brian, what about europe? we know that certain companies are affected more by russia, certain car companies are more affected what's going on in europe. does ford have a better handle on the european nations that have seen a slowdown? >> both ford and gm are frankly struggling with the european macro. they both have their good
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points and both are restructu restructuri restructuring. and we've seen ford with the restructuring plant closures and benefitting from stable oil prices, should be poised to get closer to break-even over the next couple of years. liz: thank you for weighing in with jeff and myself. >> thank you. liz: brian is from barclays. it's fascinating to see it roll off the assembly line here in america. the auto industry. >> i don't think there's been a bigger launch in the last 30 years in detroit. so, this is a big one. liz: anybody who wants to see more of this, go on jeff's work is there from what he has today, including that mark fields ceo interview. we have breaking news as the trial of the financial crisis is about to sizzle up. fox business has just learned that the window for exactly when former american group chairman and ceo hank greenberg will be pressed by government
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attorneys in the $40 billion case. that window has just been narrowed. yesterday we said thursday or friday. we hear it's now friday, when he will appear. sources close to the matter tell fox business exclusively that once greenberg takes the stand in washington d.c., government lawyers will specifically press greenberg to outline what type of private market solutions he had at the ready, as the insurance giant faced a massive liquidity crunch during the 2008 financial crisis. fox business has learned that lead government attorneys will work to-- pardon me, poke holes in greenberg's assertion that he had the ability on short notice to cobble together a private equity bailout of the help of foreign sovereign wealth funds instead of using taxpayer dollars. the sovereign funds in question, sources say, are the sovereign wealth funds of china and singapore. government layers may press greenberg's statement during the crisis that aig was in bad shape. the landmark trial has riveted the attention of wall street
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and main street alike, as a parade of bold-faced witnesses testify about billions spent during the crisis. now, the trial has stretched to six weeks and central figures from former fed chair ben bernanke to the stand. no fed chair had ever testified in such a trial. and henry paulson testified as well, among the architects of the bailout. and former treasury secretary tim geithner testified for weeks on the witness stand. just because of a jam-packed witness list, fox business learned that greenberg will most likely, as we said, be called to the stand on friday in what has become the most closely watched trial on the crisis. they say the 89-year-old greenberg will be on the stand possibly up to four hours. we need to tell you that neither greenberg's attorneys nor justice department had commented, although the justice department did reply to my e-mail saying they don't comment on strategy or when a certain witness would appear.
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boise has maintained, that's the attorney for greenberg, that the government did not have the right to seize equity or impose the owners interest rates up to 14% on aig. paulson, geithner, bernanke with have testified and time was of the essence to preserve market confidence and to demonstrate to the public that punitive terms were placed on institutions taking taxpayer money. the trial back in session tomorrow. fox business covering it every step of the way. we have the closing bell ringing in 48 1/2 minutes and the markets are mixed after posting consecutive record closes, four in a row in some cases. should investors be bracing for a real pullback or are we about to head much higher? we have the definitive pull-bear debate. one says get out of the market now. and the other says, jump in with both feet. stay a while and enjoy the water. and some vets returning from
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overseas, and finding good jobs, thanks to j.p. morgan chase. on this veterans day, we'll introduce you to the executive in charge at jpm on a project that should matter to all of us. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved
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>> foreclosed homes have been a reality of the housing implosion, right? when you think of foreclosed homes you likely think of broken windows, stained carpet, vandalized walls and copper piping, ripped out much like this before picture. but with some major financial support, a little t.l.c., that foreclosed home can turn into this, look at this house in tampa, florida. it's one of 700 mortgage-free homes that j.p. morgan chase donated to military veterans. j.p. morgan hired more than 7,800 vets since 2011 and trust me, there's turnt in this now. here to discuss more about the military and veterans initiative is maureen casey,
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j.p. morgan chase managing director of military and veterans affairs and i personally have to applaud you and j.p. morgan for all you've done for the charity for work, and you have scaled up, with the foreclosed homes on your books. talk about the program, what have you done so far? >> hi, liz, thanks so much for being here. and let me begin by, on behalf of j.p. morgan chase, thanking all of the veterans and their families who served and sacrificed. as you mentioned, we have partnered with building homes for heroes. when we started, our military veterans affairs programs three and a half years ago, we looked at where we could be most impactful as the need of the service members and their families. we looked at it in terms of housing, employment and education. if we look at the housing needs, we looked at the portfolio of homes that were coming back into the bank's possession and how we could relieve a substantial burden
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for many of these families. and so, the idea was born to make a commitment to award mortgage-free homes by 2016. as you mentioned, we provided more than 700 so far and i think what's most impactful from my perspective is that living in those 700 homes is more than a thousand children. so, our impact is truly generational. >> think about it, any mortgage payment hanging over anybody's head is a nagging feeling. can i make my mortgage? but for veterans and particular particularly wounded veterans. when we were working homes for heroes... original, we were building custom built homes for the most severe wounded soldiers and took more time. when we brought the case to you guys and you hooked up, you said we'll give you homes. that added rocket fuel to what
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we were trying to do. we applaud jamie dimon and j.p. morgan for that. it doesn't stop with housing, does it, maureen? you have to talk about the job situation because veterans are extremely skilled, but highly motivated and yet, there is a gap between military service and how to really wrap your arms around the corporate world and keep a job. what is j.p. morgan doing in this case? >> so, as you mentioned, liz, probably one of the more significant challenges for our service members and veterans, how do they bridge that gap between the world of the military that they know so well, and the corporate world. so three and a half years ago, j.p. morgan chase, along with ten other companies launched the 100,000 jobs mission, a commitment to hire 100,000 veterans in ten years. we've surpassed that goal seven years ahead of schedule and jamie dimon challenged us to the next 100,000 higher. so that was 200,000 hires, again, by 2020. very proud to announce that
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just yesterday we announced that the 100,000 jobs mission hired 190,000 veterans. liz: you've passed it. that's great. >> we're going to meet our second goal in just over a year and we're on to the next 100,000 hires. here is what we know, veterans and spouses bring valued skills to our companies. we just recently, that was validated by a report released by rand corporation yesterday, where they acknowledged the fact that veterans bring great skills to the work force, that companies are committed to hiring veterans and we're in this for the long haul. liz: it's great to see, maureen, and wonderful work you all are doing. on behalf of building homes, we couldn't thank you more for homes that are fixed up and
3:21 pm
it's the least that fox business and j.p. morgan can do. thanks, maureen. >> thanks, liz. liz: lawyer -- maureen casey, i know her well, i've never met her, but we have a special programming note for this veterans day. tonight on fox news, fox will introduce you to the man who killed usama bin laden. navy seal robert o'neill says he's the one that fired the shot against the terrorist master mind. it's a mission he believed he would not survive. >> the more we trained on it, the more we realized this is going to be a one-way mission. we're going to go and we're not going to come back, we're going to die when the house blows up. we're going to die when he blows up or be there too long and arrested by the pakistanis and we're going to spend the rest of our short lives in a pakistan prison. >> folks, this is going to be riveting. you can watch the premier of the man who killed usama bin
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laden. it's tonight at 10 p.m. eastern on fox news, part two airs tomorrow night at the same time and we hope you watch it. we hope you watch it. the closing bell, we're about 38 1/2 minutes away. the stocks are taking a bit of a pause. not much. if you're listening on xm sirius 113, the dow jones industrials down. and the nasdaq has green on the screen. we're going live to the major exchanges to get the trader's inside scoop where the market heads next as we get lots of retailer earnings in the next 72 hours. it's a critical week for retail, as we say, with a slew of results. which stores are in the best shape ahead of the make or break holiday season? christine has some that might not be on your list. you can't afford to miss it.
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to get back to respectable levels after the financial crisis, could the market take another hit? boston federal reserve president eric rosengrant sitting down in a fox business exclusive saying the fed might not have the tools to handle another negative shock. >> we should be patient until we get the economic outcomes that we want, but also, we're already zero-bound, it's not as easy to do stimulative policy. there's more negative risk if we have negative shocks than a positive shocks. if we have a positive shock we could tighten policy relatively easily. if we have a negative shock we don't have as many tools to do that. >> striking a dovish tone with our peter barnes. how does the average investor play this market environment? let's get to the floor show, the cme at the nymex, teddy, it almost feels leak the rest of
3:28 pm
the members are coming around to a mid 2015 rate tighting. but let's talk about now. a pause today and what can we expect as more earnings come in and maybe outshine what has been thin volume? >> well, first of all, today is a holiday so the-- you know, the commodity markets and the banks are closed, the bond markets closed, so -- and, you know, it just feels like another slow down, a slow day of trading, liz. but the issue, as we say now as we're starting to exit third quarter earnings, clearly they have been better as they usually are better than expected, but i think even better than those expectations for the third quarter. i think there have been a lot of positive surprises, so the big question, what happens between now and the end of the year? you know, and we're back to the same, you know, the same scenarios. nothing has really changed. it's geopolitical in the middle east and it's dysfunction in
3:29 pm
washington and top steps forward and one step back for the economy. it's wrapped around for the markets for all intents and purposes it's priced to perfection. that brings us back to the 800 pound gorilla in the room, which is still the fed and we can talk about when the fed is going to adjust interest rates, but the fact is it's just rhetoric, it's just talk. nobody knows and i would suggest to you, if you look at the 10-year bond and you look at the state of the economy and you look what's going on in europe, yes, it's a little better here, but the fact is, i think the fed is still between a rock and a hard place and they're got a problem because i think interest rates, quite frankly, are going nowhere as far as we can see, that's positive for the market. liz: keep in mind, again, the bond market is closed and there's 3.6% for that yield. let's switch out and go to peter, with the rollout of the ford f-150, slimmer and trimmer and fuel efficient. is it amazing just as they do
3:30 pm
this, gasoline is hovering around $3 a barrel, depending on the state you're in? i mean, this is fascinating to me? >> gasoline led the way to the down side, but what's interesting, finally with the wti higher, the strongest thing on the board was front month gasoline, but i think it's knee jerk reaction from being the weakest thing on the board and also about the dollar lower today, i think that helps crude prices being higher, also. >> will gasoline lead the way up, just as it's led the way down? >> if you think we're going up, yes. but if you look at the market, if it looks like we should test 80 in crude at some point, you look at the volume, all the volume is to the down side. so when you look long-term and it looks very bearish and anytime you can have a washout to the down side and it has big volume. liz: lower highs with thinner volume never a good combination. >> there are certain pockets that look nice, and do you put any value in that or is it just too thin of a traded market and
3:31 pm
in the end, what will get people back in trading? >> you know, looking at today's market, it's an extremely thin day today here with the banks and the currencies really not, you know, showing much movement. i kind of thing we should have all shut the doors here and really focused on what today is all about. that's the other thing i'd like to say, i'd like to thank the veterans past and present who put themselves in harm's way to protect the freedoms that we enjoy here. liz: amen. >> in terms of the housing market here, looking forward, i think the housing market's really going to have problems just in terms of the demographics, you know. if you look at the barriers to entry right now for, say, your average person just getting out of school in terms of how hard it is to get a mortgage, in terms of coming up with a down payment, in terms of trying to make a car payment, as well as pay off your student loans, i just have a hard time really looking forward as to where the actual home owner is going to
3:32 pm
come in because i think a lot of the repair that we've seen in the housing market has been done more by investors and not individuals buying homes. liz: isn't it weird though-- >> and i don't think you'll see the tradeup effect. liz: isn't it interesting if you look at consumer discretionary and looking at the sp did. r, the xly, some names have done well, the tiffany's, the michael kors, a higher end product and then you look at that and you don't think that there's much moving? >> well, no, and look it. i mean, look at the luxury sales, they've done well and i think that's the bifurcated employment market, if you will, where you see the upper end, you know, adding to their bottom line. liz: do you agree that the upper end continues, teddy, does the upper end continue to look better and lower end is a problem? >> yeah, listen, i think you can see it in automobiles, you see it in consumer goods.
3:33 pm
you know, the tiffany's of the world, and seem to roll on with better and better numbers and they're selling more mercedes benz than before or bmw's. the problem is at the lower end of the scale. for whatever reason there's no trickle down and i think it's a problem with the economy quite frankly. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> 27 minutes before the closing bell rings, wondering whether you should stay in the market that you just had heard hour traders talk about or take the money and run. a bull-bear debate epic. hooves and claws. and jeff saut squaring off against jeff sica. you doesn't want to miss it. a retail bonanza, macy's, j.c. penney, norm--
3:34 pm
nordstrom, wal-mart. woo he will -- we'll tell you which should be on your shopping list. here is a hint. iprise asked p a simple question:
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>> we have breaking news ute of the diamond district in new york city, around the corner from the fox business network. you can see they've moved everyone away from the 47th area because there has been an armed robbery. word was they were looking for a suspect with a machine gun. no word on any injuries. that's the good news. you see the lights are in the shapes of diamonds, that's the signal of the diamond district. they've moved a lot of people out of the 47th street area between sixth and fifth avenue as this armed robbery is now being investigated. let's get back to the markets here. it's an old-school bull versus
3:39 pm
bear debate. perma bull jeffrey saut, scaring for, well, this guy is not a perma bear, but jeff sica has become a bear. both could not be further apart on whether the market is good or dangerous-- ments why do we have ten more years of a bear market? i would assume, sorry, bull market? you believe it will be extended, right? >> yeah, i do and i'm not a perma bull. i was bearish in the fourth quarter in '99. liz: yes. >> and bearish in the fourth quarter of '07 and been oon the show many times being a bear. i think we're in a secular bull market. the history when you emerged from a range-bound lost decade markets and rolling 10-year rates of return is that you emerge into a new secular bull market and we're about five years into it and they typically last 15 years.
3:40 pm
liz: sold, i believe him. jeff saut says it's a bull market. you can't be further from that position, mr. sica? >> yeah, i think a lot of people think the way that jeff thinks and i understand that mindset, but one thing i have to say is that if you look where the market has come, based on very, very flimsy fundamentals, economics. there's two reasons why the market is where it is. the first is the fed. the second is these massive amounts of share buybacks. so when you put the two of them together, you obviously have a market that appreciates. i'd be irresponsible to think it wouldn't appreciate, but the fact that it's in appreciation is completely fake, concerns me. liz: yeah, but now it's more real, sica. >> well, i don't think it's more real. i think-- >> you don't think that fundamentals and earnings that look really good. 80% of s&p 500 companies have beaten on eps? >> no, you have to look at borrowing costs, first of all. there's revenue generated,
3:41 pm
earnings being generated in a large percentage of those earnings are not going over to capital spending, they're going towards share buyback from dividends. so these companies are not growing. if they were growing, why aren't they higher? >> jeff saut, you're rolling your eyes. what are you thinking? >> to a large degree, he's right. the companies rewarded have been the ones that have taken the free cash flow and dividended it out. and that's changing, the recent survey, 798 small businesses, they're changed the forward spending plans to a record high of 51% from 42% last year. i would also point out that earnings have effectively tripled since 2008. if you believe s&p's bottom up operating earnings for next year. >> what would you go into at this point? let's pull up the names that you love, jeff saut? >> well, i mean, i think you're going to get a capital spending cycle increase here. i think in terms of the sectors, the macro sectors, that's good for tech and i
3:42 pm
think it's good for the industrials. i talked to your producer about iridium, and we think the cash flow rises dramatically as last of the low orbitting satellites are launched last year and we think the stocks have eyes up to the 20's. liz: it's a 9 and change stock. let's get back to jeff sica and if you hate equities receipt now, what are the investments you're putting your clients in? you've got more than a billion in asset management. >> hate is a strong word. severely dislike. liz: okay, severely dislike. >> let's keep it positive. liz: you've got it. >> i would say that the equity market, to me it's inflated. if you want to try to catch the next 5% on this speculative froth, you're taking a-- you're playing a risky-- >> you like real estate. >> i think that real estate
3:43 pm
now, there's opportunities-- >> how would you buy it? >> i would buy individual real estate. i think there's opportunity in things like single tenant triple leases and apartments are good investments and even single family homes when selectively bought are good investments. liz: if i held a gun to your head, which i would never do. >> thank you. liz: which stocks would you buy, a couple in your mind? >> i'm go to go dig deep, cvs, i would buy it. liz: why? >> there's a new branding campaign and strange to walk into acvs to buy health products and to see cigarettes. they've made initiatives to grow and i think they've done a lot of things right. liz: a flu shot there and it was exciting. >> yeah, the demographic is using the store. liz: wyndham, i saw on your store, wyndham worldwide, why? >> they're a good hotel, and helping tenants and good job buying back their shares.
3:44 pm
liz: jeff, give me a word on one of your favorites you really like right now. weyerhaeuser to me is an interesting play, too. >> it's a second derivative play on real estate, which i agree with jeff. i think that real estate is a pretty decent investment here. home builders are a little expensive, we think. we think that the people that believe you're going to get to 1.5 million houses next year are going to be disappointed, we think it's going to be 1.1 million houses. shy on the home builders, but weyerhaeuser is geared to housing recovery than any other lumber company. liz: we took the perma off the bull, mr. saut. >> thank you, liz. thank you for clarifying. we aim to please at fox business. jeff saut and jeff sica. great to have you both. thank you for joining us. we're about 15 minutes away. two weeks and counting until the holiday shopping season. what should be on your stock
3:45 pm
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3:50 pm
avenue and fifth avenue is the diamond district. it's heavily guarded, every single vendor there has its own security system. right now you can see they have moved a lot of people away from that area. and again, this is the diamond district in new york city. 30 yards from the fox business studios. that's how we have the camera right here. so we're going to keep an eye on the situation and a suspected possible hostage situation. there was word that a machine gun was involved. that's all we have for you right now. we'll keep you posted. let us turn to the holidays which are just around the corner. what's your go-to for holiday shopping, macy's, nordstrom or wal-mart. and how will this translate into these retailer's stocks and the bottom line? with the reported earnings this week, let's bring in christine short to break down the big winners and sour losers,
3:51 pm
perhaps, first of all of the state of the industry. woo as we mentioned we put these up, fossil coming out today, big names, j.c. penney, wal-mart, kohl's nordstrom. >> we have the retail blitz. we're expecting good numbers. this is higher season we've seen great numbers for the sector, growth rate of 14.3% for that sector alone and retailers are giving a lot of growth on the top and bottom line. if you look the a the overall picture of the economy. we're expecting sales to come in strong, some are saying the strongest in maybe three years, improving job markets and consumer sentiment the highest level since 2008. and the gas prices enough to get the consumers out there to spend. >> you live and breathe this stuff. we want today bring to our viewers, the ones you love the most right now. >> yeah. >> happens to be fossil, reporting numbers today? >> we like the names in the
3:52 pm
textiles and the luxury goods. the disparity between the higher and lower. liz: isn't fossil in the middle? >> it's considered middle to higher end, but within that space, certainly michael kors has been a big winner and fossil is expected to be the second biggest in the industry. we're looking for them to post 1.84 a share. it's not publicly traded yet, but shinola has come out with the watches, advertised in vogue, made in detroit, made in the usa. >> i have one myself. i love-- they have a great store in tribeca that's gotten a lot of attention, they're not just watches, but leather products. liz: fossil is down 18% year over year. >> yeah. liz: i like people who pick things that aren't at the highs. >> they're increasing watches and jewelry and showing double digit sales every quarter and looking at their leather products, to sort of get more
3:53 pm
fraction. and that's something that we're going to be looking for. liz: if you were to pick one apparel name to have in a portfolio. what would it be. >> one not popular for the short-term, but i like urban outfitters not just as a stock or a consumer, but as a consumer. they did guide down last month. we heard they were expecting sales not to be as great as they originally had initially thought for the third quarter, but if you just look at what they're doing, they're constantly trying new products and prototypes. and they're experimenting to see what works and that's-- >> they own free people. for those of you who want to know what liz looks like on the weekend, look at the website, i love free people. >> they have urban outfitters, kids and teens. and anthropology, an older demographic. liz: what's your loser in the group? >> i would have to say amazon, they did so terribly this quarter.
3:54 pm
they're an internet retailer and they were down 95 cents a share for the third quarter and they have a spending problem. and they're investing in the wrong things. amazon fire phone, a complete flop and making up for that in the next accepted quarters and we'll be looking for them-- >> how about the discounters, the dollar stores. >> absolutely, and family dollar, one of the biggest losers. dollar tree and dollar general are expected to be up this quarter. family dollar is expected to be down about 15%. other discounters that we're expecting to be losers, target is expected to be down 6% year over year as well. liz: and strange, i end up going to target and walk out with more than i needed. great to see you, christine. >> nice to see you. liz: we're going to put christine's picks and pans up on facebook. closing bell five minutes away. how the g.o.p. win will impact small and big businesses. that's up to are debate. not a sure thing. one specific line of business is the odds on favorite to get
3:55 pm
a list. we'll tell you which one and how you can potentially profit. the s&p is just turning positive right now. after the bell beginning in just a second. yo, bro, you on woo-woo? are you kidding me? everybody's on woo-woo! [elevator bell rings] woo-woo? lock and load, people! we're going all in on woo-woo! mark! comp us up a profile page! susie! write us some posts! i want sponsored woos. i want targeted woos. we need an ethnically ambiguous woo-woo mascot. dude. are you still on woo-woo? naaaahh, man, my mom's on woo-woo. ♪
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3:58 pm
liz: well we see the s&p barely higher but a win is a win, right? >> not so on the dow though. we're still in fetch territory. we have two minutes to settle. liz: nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. buy on rumor, sell on news, at least with alibaba. >> extraordinary sales for "single's day." it is opposite of valentine's day. people are out shopping. alibaba, other e-commerce names selling off. david: homebuilders, getting a big boost today. why? >> d.r. horton had a nice profit. the profit was up 19%. look at names such as ryland, hovnanian, you saw up arrows. kb home up almost 4%.
3:59 pm
liz: a lot of attention on ford because of the f-150 rollout. that stock is doing well. fiat, chrysler suddenly has some juice. >> ford aluminum truck coming off the line. goldman sachs started coverage with fiat chrysler. they like the capital structure. that is up 3%. david: j&j you never seen it this high before. both proctor & gamble getting big boost. kind of a defensive play, isn't it? >> we saw johnson & johnson hitting some highs, travelers, 3m, nike. there were some touching the top but defensive play, it is such a hard play in this market in particular around the unchanged line. s&p could be lining up for fifth record close in a row. 40th of this year. dow pulling back. >> we should do a shoutout by the way before we go a step further. the veterans out there watching, god bless you all. we're all -- one reason the
4:00 pm
volume is kind of light today. people were staying at home, honoring veterans as we hear the closing bell on wall street. [closing bell ringing] >> see some veterans over at nasdaq who are ringing those bells. congratulations and our extended thanks to all who have served. let's take a look to see how stocks finished up. look at that, david, dow jones industrials might make a go of it. guess what, folks, and that holds that is a record. transports are in the record. i'm looking at them right now. that will not be a report. s&p, teeny gain of 1 1/2 points. nasdaq though extending the gains to about nine points. that's not a record. but russell 2000 up a tiny fraction. suddenly they eke out a gain. very thin volume on this veterans day. "after the bell" starts right now. david: breaking down today's


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