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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 11, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> appreciate it. charles: every night 6 p.m., tomorrow night a big and important interview. lou: good evening breaking news, russian forces are being moved into crimean peninsula, nato top command or said russian forces are reinforcing their basis in the disputed crimean territory, there no assessment as to whether russia is moving nuclear arm ams into the region, nato top commander say that russian forces are nuclear cape. bucapable but he cannot confirm these types of assets are among the armaments and forces moveed into the region. he also says that 8 russian tank
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brigades have been sighted along border with ukraine and russia, taking place as okay, youian forces -- ukraine forces continue to battle russian back separatists in dem ac in -- dese ceasefire reached between the presidents of russia and ukraine just weeks ago. here is the general. >> what i have said in the past, and remains today is that we see forces that are capable of being nuclear that are being moveed to crimea whether or not they are or not we do not know. lou: all this taking place as president obama is in china. attending asian economic summit, wire going to bring you the very latest on all of developments
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from both the nato headquarters, in brussels and our reports from our pentagon and state department correspondents. as more details become available on general breedlove's announcement. >> this taking place with the president's attending the apec summit in beijing, and coincideing with president with lowest approval rating that 17% gap between approval ands s disapproval, second highest of his presidency, the plungeing of his popularity, a culmination of red lines not enforced. and borders not secured and lieing to the general public. president obama is not helping himself with images like these.
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president obama extending aspiration dates for travel visas between u.s. and china, eliminateing some tariffs on high-tech goods exported to china. leaders of russia, and china skpeurbg raandiran seem dedicats embarrassment while he is in beijing, they are signing billions of energy deals to continue strength ending emerging alliance among iran, russia, and china. russian government today, announcing an agreement to build two more nuclear rectors in iran. with a possibility of constructing 6 more. russia has built iran's only active nuclear reactor on their gulf coast. the agreement reached as a two week lega deadline looms on other states oneen u.s., russia
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future of the iranian nuclear program. more concrete signs of that emerging russian chinese, iranian alliance with announcement of a 6 natural gas deal between two neighbors, so-called western route, eliminateing china's need to transport natural resources vi at pacific ocean. china also chose today with president obama on their soil to unveil their new j-31 staoelt 331 stealth fighter, they claim will be quote particular attractive to nations cut off from u.s. arms exports. >> at home, more details revealed in conspiracy of lies and deceit that persist to this day on a project known as obamacare, new health care law.
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and architect of that law, who called the american people stupid, today did reaction to this remark. >> this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure that cbo did not -- writen to do that, in terp terms of subsidiea law that said healthy people will pay in, if you said that explicitly, it would not have passed, just like lack of tran persoprantransparency. that was really critical to get it to pass. i wish mark was right, but i would rather have this law than not. jim: m.i.t. professor did not claim his statement was inaccuracies
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inaccuracies. gruber told a another network, i was speaking off the cuff, i spoke inaproeup yeah, thely prey -- inappropriately, he did not deny making them. white house today refusing to comment on his admissions, returning to the architec the an china. vladimir putin and president obama awkwardly crossing paths on three different occasions. one you see here. spokeswoman for national security count would say their conversations covered iran, syria and ukraine. first time they have talked in person since june in conversations we're told lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. >> joining us now, former u.s. ambassador to united nations. bill richardson, former governor of new mexico, and won release
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of hostages on numerous occasions, american servicemen, prisoners in north korea, iraq and sudan, and entrymental in release of tahmorressi. good to have you with us, i would like to begin by updating our audience on what we know, that is that general breedlove. nato top commander, just said at least 8 russian tank brigades are being moved into border with ukraine. that heavy fighting continues, and is focusing on the airport and that some of those forces are as general put it, nuclear capable, this taking place against a backdrop of summitry in beijing, your thoughts? >> well, i am concerned. this is a very respected
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general. there is a russian escalating in the ukraine. unhappy about this deal they just stkrubg with ira struck wis that possibly russia will not be helpful if we try to reach a uranium enrichment deal with iran. on other hand, russia rube sell iruble isin bad shape, i am note putin will follow through with actually putting nuclear weapons there. but his hostility continues toward nato and the u.s., and now he is trying to make a move with the chinese. lou: this is, we'll continue with the information as we get it on what is happening in ukraine. but these are as you, these are troubling reports that we're
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getting within the past few moments. this emerging alliance among iran, and russia, and china, is it possible in your judgment that the united states policy on sanctions against russia, heavy handed way in which we've acted. i am talking preinvasion of ukraine, have we been driving the creation of such an alliance? >> no, lou this alliance has been moving for quite some time. both russia and china, they are very wary of our intentions globally away before the ukraine situation. and what is emerged is possible alliance although, the chinese don't like what the russians have done in ukraine. they don't like the separatist movement, witness hong kong. there are big cultural differences.
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i am not sure a solid alliance is going to eemergency. this is an align of convenience. but, at the same time, energy alliance is something that is going to give china the a bill not to be concerned about american military presence or geo little bital problems by having a i guess a second naturalal gas deal that would provide china with unending ability to get natural gas, that is from russia, it gives russia foreign exchange. but what is troubleing is iran. that is what worries me, i have been supportive of this administration's foreign policy, i hope we don't go into a deal with iran that is difficult to verify, and russians are pushing them. and so i am a little bit concerned about this nuclear deal they just struck with iran. as a harbinger of an alliance that is going to be very
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difficult to separate between russia and iran. lou: is there any sense on your part with your experience and talent, in assessing the leaders, and the interest they represent, is there any sense of our part, that this was a carefully constructed moment that is, the announcement of this deal, russian constructed nuclear power plant, announcement of the second pipeline, the western route. through between china and russia. and the action on part of russia it appears to move on the border of eastern part of ukraine? >> well, yeah. i mean, they are trying to ing to squeeze us. there is no question, we're still the big guy. the -- what concerns me right
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now, is this potential deal with iran. that is what concerns me. i think that russia and china, we can deal with that, one thing i do like about what the president has done, he is trying to build a personal relationship with leader of china, spending time with him. private time, that is what you need to do. this is something that putin and obama have not been able to do. not even a personal relationship. they don't like each other. that -- you know what big power politics, you want to be able to pick up the phone, and be candid and get along, i wish that this were the case more between putin and the president. but, putin made it difficult for that to happen. lou: let's hope he not made it impossible.
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as we continue to watch development in ukraine, general breedlove, top commander in nato announceing 8 russi russian tank brigades have moved in to eastern border of ukraine, and nuclear capable forces are moveing into crimea in support of those forces there. in disputed territory in crimea. governor, ambassador, always good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. lou: missouri governor jay nixon today announcing riot preping a inpreparation are under way in ferguson, missouri. >> our pillars here are safety and speech. missourians, anyone that comes here needs to know they will be safe, exercising those rights of speech.
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if folks cross that safety line, on property on person, we will use a full power of the law to keep peace. lou: st. louis county prosecutor says that time frame for the grand jury decision is still mid to late november. he insists that alleged leaks of information are just as he pit it rank speculation, and should be ignoreed. >> michael brown's parents today took their case overseas, testifying before a united nations committee in geneva. michael brown sr., and leslie, they'd say wanted the world to quote,on what is going on -- yet quote, know what is going on in ferguson, they urgeed committee to recommend the police officer darren wilson immediate arrest. lou: the nation's last confirmed case of ebola is officially
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free, networ new york dr. craigr has been released. >> my case has garnered international infection, i represent more than a fraction of 13,000 reported cases to date in westaff car west africa, join turning our attention back to west africa. lou: had the doctor been more careful, attention would not have been diverted at all. >> he called himself a living example how protocol to contain and treat ebola can be successful, we're coming right back. lou: president obama can't catch a break, all he wants from china is a level playing field, while china, russia and iran form a nuclear alliance.
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snow updating story that we brought you at u out sit of broadcast, russian forces, eight
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tank brigades are believed to be moving on the border with ukraine. from russia in addition nuclear capable troops moved into position to reinforce russian forces in crimea. and if we could listen to general breedlove they had nato forces describing what is going on right now. >> what i have said in the past, and remains today is that we see forces that are capable of being nuclear. that are being moved to crimea. whether they are or not, we do not know. but they do have the kind of equipment there that could support that mission. if required. lou: joining us now. lieutenant colonel ralph peters, great to have you here. >> some timing. lou: extraordinary. and speaking of that, i just like to share with you something
7:21 pm
that president just said to chinese state run media, if we could put that up. i believe firmly that we can ai have repeating history where we have seen destructive rivalries between existing powers and emerging powers. >> and i believe in santa claus, the easter bunny and "the tooth fairy," he has always ignoreed history, he has never studied it, he does not know it, you have to be careful with historical analogies, you have to be careful it does not turn into hiseer hi hysterical analo. putin in the role of hitler, people say he is not, you wait and see, and china, stepping into shoes of imimperial japan,
7:22 pm
and iran, a morley that will versiomore, lethal versionof itd out, and a wea disjoined passa pass -- west, what you do not stand up to bullies, they are only encourageed, our president has not stood up to anyone, except the american people. lou: general breedlove, talking about the 8 tank brigades, not talking as others that daily beast reporting from organization for security and corporation in europe, a spokesman saying that this all represents an issca laying. that -- escalation, there has been a convoy of 43 unmarked green military trucks moving.
7:23 pm
some putting number as high as 100 tanks already in ukraine. >> first thing, he wants this will be easy with russian forces, is the ai airport. but the longer. lou: him buying putin? >> yes, and longer term of short-term if i may, is that he wants a land bring to crimea -- land carte bridge to crimea. that just shuts eastern ukraine. ukraine off from the east it does. now, nuclear forces, capable it capable-forces that is not about kiev government, this is about us, he is signaling to us, if we want to try to escalate, he is
7:24 pm
ready for anything, he knows we'll back down, 8 bank brigades -- tank brigades that tells me he is getting ready for a third big bite, crimea, and eastern ukraine, and you know, putin has a great strength and a great weakness, that weakness he does not understand economics, and strength is he does not understand economics, high does not give a dam, the ruble is crashing, his attitude, is russia suffered worst, we'll get 3 thisthrough this and this juss him more aggressive. >> i wish we had more time. i won't ask you to speculate on the outcome. we have no idea. i want to under line everything that we're talking about here is from general breed love the nato
7:25 pm
commander, the news is not good, we should not make too much of it, but at the same time this is a balancing act, we want you to know what we know, there have you it. >> we can say cowardice is never a good strategy. lou: a message as for for nato members beyond united states. >> thank you. lou: time for a look at our on-line poll results, are you pleaseed with demoney mea demead rhetoric of the g.o.p. leaders after last week's midterm win? 78% of you said yes, you are. >> and up next, optics should just --ing is that thing suggest president is having a rough time in china, reality it appears
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lou: a few comments on president's diplomatic struggles in beijing, diplomacy described
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as a delicate dance. for which mr. obama has no gift at all as he dryly calls for a level playing field with china, and saying then he wants to take theirny relationship to a new level. xi must be wondering about the president's obsession with a new level. in the end he was the left sul accidents in thaccident -- sulke corner, unable to find a clique to run with at apec it appears. he offered up a chinese proverb that a large body the water of
7:31 pm
quote begins with many drops of water. president's faux pass overshadow his small ball achievement in beijing. chinese social media also spooling footage of president obama chewing gum, while at summit, prompting disgusted chinese critics to brand or contribute president as a idleer. and new york time reports to traditional apec summit silliness this is it. saying that president's purple satin shirt he wore this week was in their word goofy, and styleing looks more star trek. on other hand, russia president putin, who is considered something of a sex symbol in china, is garnerining headlines
7:32 pm
for his move in drapeing a shawl over shoulders of china's chilled first lady. they saw putin's move as too suave. they scrub the chinese web of all video. putin of less conside consideraf president obama's comfort, seeming strained and down right awkward at times, coldness broken by a put en pa putin pate president's back. >> overseas trips like this are normally designed and scheduled to show off president acting presidential, and amid pomp of a gathering of presidents, premiers and prime ministers, perhaps, just perhaps dim a bit public memory of seemingly scandals and embarrassments and crises of last weeks drubbing at
7:33 pm
the poll. but not this time not for president obama. and little looksic it will improve for president, when he returns home this sunday. with all that is going on now, you know in crimea, and on the eastern border of ukraine. it is probably fair that we should reserve in our prayers some considerage room for the president. and hope he returns to washington, d.c. soon. he is the president who has to steady himself now for what looks like more, more challenges. we'll continue in just a moment. >> overseas, near record disapproval ratings of and a lame duck administration. the a-team next. how could switchgrass
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lou: updating our breaking news reports, in this broadcast, earlier, eyewitnesss in eastern ukraine spotted hundreds of russian-made vehicles and heavy munitions moving into eastern ukraine as nato general command or general breedlove confirms that 8 tank brigades are moving
7:38 pm
along the ukraine and russian border. here is the general. >> what i have said in the past, and remains today is that, we see forces that are capable of being nuclear that are being moved to crimea. whether they are or not, we do not know, but they do have kind of equipment there that could support that mission if required. lou: no comment has been issueed from the white house or the state department at this hour. when we have comment from either. we will be bringing them to you, and bringing you all of this development as we learn of them. much of this reporting comeing from organization for security and cooperation in europe, as reported by reuters, and associated press. joining us now to assess what is going on here circumstance fox news contributor, washington time on-line opinion editor monica crowley, and associate
7:39 pm
editor, columnist at the hill, ab stodard what do you make of this. >> there has been no assessment by nato that these nuclear capable troops have brought with them into crimea, nuclear weapony of whether kind. >> well, this has been -- this incurring to eastern ukraine has been feared for months. as we've been consumed with isis, and ferguson, missouri, and then coverage of the elections. i am sure that vladimir putin has been sitting back noticing how distracted american public has been, while he is continued,
7:40 pm
if you read about this, and follow this, to make provocative and aggressive moves in the baltic states, this has been a worry for a long time, as you mentioned, president obama is there at the apec summit, and another g-20 meeting with putin days from now. and they talk, wets they are talking for you know clusters of 15 to 20 minutes but we hear no news. i don't think he has any -- made progress in his ability to move putin who was never punished for invadeing crimea. >> and this central point, which is we're reporting the military movement on part of vladimir putin, and russia to eastern ukraine to crimea, at the moment he is standing next to the president of the united states and have these bilateral
7:41 pm
meetings, this is a direct insult to the president. this is -- vladimir putin taken a measure of demand, of united states under president obama found him to be wanting and to be weak, he is taking of opportunity to humiliate the united states and the commander in chief on the world stage, it has is done. nobody and nothing there to stop vladimir putin, actions that you reported are logical next step for vladimir putin, he knows he can get away with it, next question, how far will the incurring go to ukraine. lou: and i want to add to the reporting by associated press with more from reuters, the philip breedlove, u.s. air force general top commander of nato issue saying he is concerned ed about the increase movement,
7:42 pm
that material, equipment, armored weapon, supplies continue to flow into eastern ukraine. more have been seen in past several days this is a peculiar time in which u.s., supreme commander of nato is the only voice we're hearing and words we're hearing are deeply troubling, are they not? >> yes, they are. but, have vic vice president vls have summed up hid attempt to olittle bioracle little bit -- . lou: shooting down kno of an aircraft. >> the crashsite was left alone nato could not get in there to investigate.
7:43 pm
there were some people that go the there to recover some bodies, that was a disaster. and a heartbreaking one. and again, if he is not punished every step of the way, he is oni is only going to get more brazen. he does not need any nuclear capability, he could crush ukraine military in a couple of weeks. lou: colonel ralph peters said that, the forces are a signal not to ukraine but to nato and the united states. >> you are right, vladimir putin is a russian nationalist. he is interested in nailing back together again mother russia, ukraine has to be worried, poland has to be worried and baltic states have to be worried as well? thank you very much. >> up next we'll talk with investor will bir ross wilbur rt
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lou: on wall street stocks closing at record highs, dow and s&p up a fraction. >> nasdaq up 9, volume on big big board slipping a bit. here to talk about the markets and the economy, wilbur ross. one of world's leading private equity firms, great to have you here. >> good to be back. >> let's start with this market, it continues to make what it 5 straight days. >> indeed. >> what is going on? >> i think a lot. there is no place else for people to put money unless you -- lou: assumeing that you know, in your league, $100 million can flush around a little, the west of us -- this market has to be
7:49 pm
at its top, there has to be a correction. but, we keep looking for some rationalty in this market. and these multiples people seem to say, you know, we're finally at a point where it may be a top, what do you think? >> i think we're getting close to it. but, this still have no place el for people to go. i meant what i said about, that short-term rates, zero. long-term, everyone knows rateing go up, nobody wants to buy bonds, commodities have been dropping, where do you go? only place is equities, and really, that means u.s. market. >> and coming off of the election. president now apec meeting. meanwhile, deals are cut all around him. as among iran, and china, and
7:50 pm
russia. he keeps talking using rhetoric about level playing fields. what in the world are we to make of this president who does not seem focused on foreign policy, just had asia lacking -- shellacking the polls, what does it auger? >> i think we need a change in foreign policy. i have a friend who is part of the -- sovereign oil family, i asked him about the middle east, he said, american policy is fine with two ex soa "expendables 2"n -- with two exceptions, allies don't trust you and more, and your enemies don't fear you, other than that it is fine. lou: it is not going to change much under this president, in two years, and does not seem he wants to be adapttive to new
7:51 pm
circumstances, no. this is not first time he has taken asi shall acting as presit -- shell acting as president. i think that is huge error, if he did that. i believe republican leadership in both houses really would like to work with him, and get some things through. but if he throws that hand grenade, that will make it difficult for there to be an orderly relationship between white house and congress. lou: and this congress, that will be led by republicans, in both house, and senate, are they going to be something new? insomething brighter than they have been, are they going beyond business round table, and set aside their mantra and focus onure middle class, working men, women, small, people, and sphapt
7:52 pm
small businessmen and women who create the jobs? >> i think so, i think for one thing, sinc sensible trade poliy will be able to be enacted by this congress, the democrats have been very reluctant to take on the unions in anyway, shape or form. and unions are allergic to trade policies. people know it often produces very good benefits. but, so i think you will get trade legislation, and fast track. that may seem strange. >> i have to tell thank you does sound strange. wilbur thank you importan appre. lou: listen to my financial report 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network, and our quotation of the evening, in honor of veterans this veterans day. from 16 president of united states lincoln said, honor to
7:53 pm
the soldier and sailor everywhere who bravely bears his country's cause, honor also to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field, and serves as best he can the same cause. >> to our veterans we too thank you for your service. >> up next, 6 initia 6 6 internl banks taken to court by our veterans who claim they are actively funding terrorism, we'll take it up next. ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. ghave a nice flight!r bag right here. traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way.
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lou: breaking news update now nato commander phillip has confirmed that russia is moving nuclear capable divisions into the disputed cry mee an peninsula and eight tank brigades are moving on the ukrainian border. eyewitnesses reporting hundreds of russia made vehicles and heavy munitions on their soil. that according to the reporting of rioters and associated press. deputy national security advisor earlier today said, quote, we continue to be deeply troubled by russia's activities. we've seen the continued provision of reports. the separatists including heavy weapons that are in complete violation of the agreement. no comment on the new development from the white house or the state department tonight.
7:58 pm
joining us now two of the best attorneys ever. and mercedes coleman. both fox news analysts. let's start with a couple of issues, and amongst those issues, ferguson. the parents of michael brown going to geneva to plead their case for the immediate case of officer darren wilson. i mean, are these people in wonderland? >> and, meanwhile, we have a grand jury looking at whether to bring charges. my guess, theenlt bring charges. you look at the official autopsy, it does not confirm -- lou: why does it take so long? >> so much evidence. there's testimony from individuals that came forward. evidence. forensic evidence. the medical examiner will step in as well. but frankly, it's such a travesty to have this family go into international waters and plead their case.
7:59 pm
give law enforcement a chance here. lou: you would think the president of the united states, the attorney general, the governor of the state would be saying, calm down. this is unacceptable conduct and frankly, it is it is a prejudgment as to be onerous. >> because i say it's a political football. it's all political. >> because they're parents, so. lou: more than 200 veterans filing a lawsuit against international banks keuftion acg them of helping iran to transfer millions of dollars to terrorists groups that have targeted and killed american soldiers during the iraq war. credit suisse are accused of helping iran move that money. billions of dollars. ending up in iran's revolutionary -- hezbollah, you name it. >> it's a long shot.
8:00 pm
>> it's going to be very difficult because you have to prove that there's actually that causation, that money was moved -- lou: thank you both. appreciate it. we're out of time. thank you for being with us. stay tuned for cavuto. neil: tonight on cavuto, republicans just might be able to repeal obamacare after all. i'm serious. because this thing is flatlining and fast. enrollment numbers that are falling short and the architect admitting the holding was kind of a facade. republicans say they have a shot. sticking a is a ring in this law once and for all. if you think the government screwed occupy health care, wait until you hear how the president wants in on policing the internet. then add targeting to the growing list of turkeys ruining our thanksgiving. why a market hitting record highs could be reason enough for you to just stay put. a


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