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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 19, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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cheryl casone is in for liz claman, "countdown" starts right now. cheryl: releasing minutes and two minutes later, the dow turning positive. what investors heard that made us hit the buy button and happened to be short lived as she told you. target seems to shake the data breach doldrums. the data discount retailer reported healthy third quarter results. target shares jumped 6% on the news, and target up more than $4 per share, a gain of 6.5%, we'll keep you posted. and is the spirit of cooperation in washington over before it began? president obama announces a planned speech on immigration tomorrow night in which he plans to lay out why he is taking executive action on immigration. we're going to go live to washington for an update in just a moment for you. it is the last hour of trading, and anything can happen. let's start the "countdown."
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first we begin with breaking news that we're just getting in from partners at the "wall street journal." the "wall street journal" is updating a story early this morning on citigroup executive shaun miller. the executive found dead in manhattan home late yesterday, now the "wall street journal" reporting this is being investigated as a homicide. now miller worked as managing director of citi environment and social risk management. the journal is saying and quoting police sources that the lacerations were on his neck, he was found in apartment bathroom. all of this coming from police talking to the journal moments ago. the journal reporting that his death is being investigated as a homicide. again, shawn miller, managing director of citi environment and social risk management. we'll have an update from the police or perhaps from the "wall street journal." get to our markets, the biggest thing that is moving
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the markets is those minutes in the fomc. let's bring in jon hilsenrath, the "wall street journal" chief economic correspondent. calmed the fed whisper. joining ussure tradeers from the new york stock exchange, the cme and, of course, the nymex. jon, i want to begin with you, what is your takeaway from the minutes, and who in your opinion is the most important fed members to pay attention to as we move into the final trading month of the year? >> well, so my main takeaway is the fed has its eye on a bunch of problems right now that could derail its forecast. weak growth overseas, looks like inflation is slowing down. market volatility, but none of these concerns are serious enough at this point to change what they're planning to do. that is to move towards it raising short-term interest rates sometime next year towards the middle of next year. cheryl: okay, let's talk about the things they are most preoccupied with, the volatility in the markets, they
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talked a lot about that. there's a three week lag here, how much can we take away from commends about the market, not just the stock market but the labor market. they seem bullish but the data we've gotten the last couple of weeks has not been that positive, jon. >> talk first of all about the financial market. they're concerned about one specific day and that day was october 15th. a few days before fed officials met, you saw the really big drops in ten-year treasury bond yields. saw a lot of volatility in stock prices and what the fed is trying to figure out and what they were starting to talk about there at their meeting in october is what's going on? why did that happen? and to what extent was the fed's actions driving the market volatility?y're not real worried about it right now but looking at it very carefully, because the concern when they start raising interest rates next year, we might see more volatile days like back on october 15th.
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cheryl: what about the issue of growth, jon, a slow growth environment, wages and incomes are not keeping up certainly with other parts of the economy. do you think that the fed -- we've had six years of zero interest and not where anybody wants to be when it comes to the economy labor markets. you could say the financial markets could be separated from. that did you see anything in the language that has you thinking otherwise when it comes to the market in particular? >> so the fed is actually feeling pretty good about where the u.s. domestic economy is going right now. so growth picked up earlier this year for the last five quarters, we've had growth in excess of 3%, probably won't get that in the fourth quarter. the unemployment rate has come down under 6%. fiscal policy is not the head wind that it had been for several years now. when you look at how the u.s. is doing and compare it to a lot of other bad apples like japan and europe, it looks like
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we're in a better place than a lot of our trading partners are right now. they're comfortable with where the u.s. is going and a little concerned about where the rest of the world is going. cheryl: certainly, they did mention europe and japan as well, and the news got worse in the last week when it came to japan's economy. trent, last week when we asked you what the most important event would be for traders this week. this is what you had to say, listen to yourself. >> central bank dominated global place, i go with the fed minutes wednesday. cheryl: there you go, the minutes came out an hour ago. what is your play during this last hour of trading, trent? >> you know, i was certainly looking forward to the events today, cheryl, but as it turned out, we didn't gain incremental insight as far as the time line is concerned with which the fed is going to raise rates, as a trader, that's what i'm looking for in the minutes there. are trinnings that john mentioned, there are takeaways
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with the minutes, inflation specifically is mentioned more and more in the recent meetings and something to keep an eye on as we move into december's meeting. also, they did mention the slightly weaker global outlook with specificity to japan and europe, ultimately decided to leave it out of the statement. at this point in time, at least right now, they don't feel that that global economic outlook is going to affect their near-term fed policy decision, so i think all in all, the minutes did confirm a slightly more hawkish stance that they took in my opinion at the end of october's meeting. cheryl: certainly, jonathan corpina at the new york stock exchange, you weren't looking for anything spectacular out of the minutes, sometimes they are a snoozer, did anything in the minutes today surprise you? >> not really, we got exactly what we were expecting. clearly, when you get what
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you're expect, we're pretty happy with that. the outlook moving forward clearly is a little gray considering what's happening in asia and europe, but the overall time line, the information on the time lines, we haven't got that information, we're not going to get that yet, and investors are going to get unsettled with that. talking about this for a long time. you said six years zero interest rate. at this point, some information will be helpful. we weren't expecting it, didn't get it, i'd like to see it come january, at least the timeline. cheryl: i want to get to you on keystone, i want to ask jon hilsenrath one more question, the most important fed member in your opinion, do you think it's stanley fisher? >> i do think stanley fisher is one of the three key people, that's obviously janet yellen is one of them. stanley fisher is the number two at the fed, the vice chair, and then bill dudley is the
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president of the new york fed, and those are the people who are . >> this is the delay but not the end of it.
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as for natural gas, the driving force is weather, as we have the idea of very cold winter coming up, it could go much higher. for myself, i think we're getting close to a top here. we would need quite a cold winter to get off the excess natural gas sitting in reserves. so for myself, we're getting close for 64, 70 after that, we'll come off of natural gas. cheryl: looking at the forecast, and i have the best weather people in my business in my building, it's going to be a rough winter and might hurt the economy as well, unfortunately. so this is something we're going to definitely watch from several levels. gentlemen, thanks to all of you, appreciate your time, and a lot more happening in the markets. i'm going stay on washington for a second after last night's big keystone defeat in the senate. tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, president obama is planning to address the nation on immigration reform. that speech is going to include plans to take executive action on a very hot-button issue.
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executive action. for more bring in rich edson live from washington. another executive action planned from the president, rich? >> on an issue that could usher in greater washington grid loshgs spoil potential progress and a host of issues like funding the government. if president obama, as expected, moves forward on executive order allowing millions illegally to stay. since the senate passed immigration bill more than a year ago, the white house is demanding republican leaders bring it to a vote in the house. speaker boehner says the house will address the issue in smaller gradual pieces, president obama says that's taking too long and the lack of progress has prompted him to act. >> everybody agrees that our immigration system is broken, unfortunately, washington allowed the problem to fester for too long. what i'm laying out is the things i can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better, even as i continue to work with
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congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan, comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem. >> reporter: in a statement, a spokesman for house speaker john boehner says if emperor obama ignores the american people and announces an amnesty plan that he says exceeds his constitutional authority, he will cement his legacy of lawlessness and ruin the chances for congressional action on this issue and many others. some republicans are calling for congressional leaders to attach to a must pass spending bill that would cancel the immigration order, democrats have been invited to have dinner with president obama to discuss this. all out tomorrow night. back to you. cheryl: breaking news on the jonathan gruber controversy. what can you tell us about that? obviously, vermont not happy with mr. gruber? >> sure, vermont is putting together a single payor system like in canada and europe, and gruber was consulting on that. today it was announced in the legislature after three
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republicans had called for his contract to be canceled, that he was stepping down, gruber won't get paid by the state anymore but m.i.t. firm or the folks he works with at m.i.t. working on the issue with the state of vermont will continue working, gruber won't. cheryl: rich edson, probably no surprise they dismissed him. paid him several thousand dollars. washington closely watching these markets in the last 47 minutes of trading. dow, we shall see. another big story, this could affect your christmas. the west coast port slowdown is affecting everything from the price of christmas trees to french fries, it's a big dispute, but what is going to happen if this dispute is not solved? we'll have a live report for you. also the l.a. auto show kicked off today, a big focus on luxury and performance, our car guy jeff flock is there,
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. cheryl: here's a good question for all of you, can we clock in another record close? as you can see right now, we are struggling. the market was higher by 25 points at 17,712. unfortunately backing off, the low down. still in the negative. can we make it a second day in a row? hard to say, unfortunately the numbers have backed off right now. we will continue to monitor what's happening with your dow in particular. walmart giving it a shot as we go into the holiday season. and look, the holidays are rapidly approaching, and you've got a bitter standoff right now that could paralyze west coast ports. things seem to be getting worse in the story. a brief recap for all of you, the dispute between dockworkers and port employers which have failed to approve a final agreement on a contract that expired back in july. the national retail federation
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urging the president to get involved. but just yesterday mr. obama announcing he will stay absent from this debate. here in an exclusive interview on the president's refusal to get involved on the shutdown the 29 ports would have on the economy, the national retail federation president john feingold. the president has responded saying look, with the mediation, when the gulfports were arguing, the east coast ports were having the same issue. white house says we're staying out of this. what's the different this time around in your opinion? >> that's what we're trying to ask ourselves as well. i've seen the two sides negotiate for six months now. we haven't seen a lot of progress. we think it's prudent that the administration urge them to accept federal mediation to reach a final deal. when we looked at 2012, the
3:19 pm
federal mediator helped east coast and gulf coast get to a deal. cheryl: i was looking at the letter that you wrote to the president. the language is very strong, i've worked with your group for years and years. you said the sudden change in tone is alarming and suggests that a full shutdown of every west coast port may be imminent. these are your words to the president. the impact on jobs, consumers, business operations, et cetera, and stakeholders would be catastrophic, that is fascinating because the president doesn't seem at all concerned? >> this issue is more than just about retail, this impacts every sector of the economy who rely on goods into and out of the country. importers, exporters, farmers. we did research that looked at the impact of west coast shutdown and came to the realization it would be two million impact on the economy
3:20 pm
if the ports shut down. that number would increase the longer the shutdown went. cheryl: national retail federation, everybody from macy's to ralph lauren to ibm. this is the american economy that could be at stake. but in particular, isn't there language coming out of the workers in meetings that has gotten back to you that suggests that they're actually going to do an active slowdown as best they can as a negotiating tactic with port employers to get their way. they new christmas was coming, this was the way to do it. are you hearing this is specifically discussed in union meetings? >> we've seen the press releases from the pacific maritime where they talked about ports from seattle-tacoma to long beach. crisis level congestion at the ports for a multitude of reasons, we can't get to address all of the congestion. cheryl: i was looking at data
3:21 pm
coming out of the global port, the monitor for the ports and it looks like we're seeing a volume slowdown. were the retailers prepared for this? >> they were prepared. right now you're at the lull in the peak shipping season. our members have been looking at this for months, well in advance when the negotiation started in mid-may. they put cost contingency plans in place to make sure they have product on shelves for the busy holiday season. cheryl: these are the ports, i want to drive this home, we thank you for your time. from california up to the border with canada, l.a., long beach, seattle, this is a business coming in from asia. we'll follow the story. jonathan gold, thank you, sir very much. >> thank you, cheryl. cheryl: keep us posted. closing bell going to ring, we've got about 39 minutes to go. here's a question for all of you, do you trust your banker?
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>> no. cheryl: johnny doesn't trust his banker, i trust mine. charlie gasparino has it next, he's got something to say about banks. pedal to the metal. when it comes to the l.a. auto show, we're going to show you next.
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. cheryl: so it's safe to say wall street followed a pr problem following the 2008 financial crisis, now shining a bright light on the culture. charlie gasparino knows the culture well. >> two studies from a swiss researching team which talks about the honest on wall street. and what they did is went in there and studied some of these wall street bankers and traders and found definitively according to, it took us years after the financial crisis to study this that the wall street
3:27 pm
culture apparently even for honest people generally tends to make people dishonest, the strident, the hunger for more money for bigger paychecks can even change relatively honest people into dishonest people who cut corners and circumvent rules and things of that nature, and that, you know, they're more likely to lie, that wall street guys, apparently, according to the study, and it's amazing study. i have links on my facebook and twitter page. here's what's interesting from the university of zurich of switzerland. when bankers think about jobs, they are more likely to lie. evidence that banking culture encourages dishonest behavior. this is interesting, they are observing it. fascinating about testosterone
3:28 pm
levels, and that apparently the wall street traders are -- they're hyped up, and they go out there and take risks and when they see them taking excessive risks, they're going through the and they basically have higher levels of testosterone. the findings point to intriguing possibility that hormones may drive the irrationality of the markets, the dizzying highs seen in market bubbles, may be pumped up, further by the testosterone. wall street guys, why are they acting like jerks or morones? why do they do all this stupid stuff? cheryl: a physical reason to it. >> you know traders. cheryl: yeah. >> why do they act the way they act? i'm sure there is neem fox business or fox news that are traders, why do they act the way they act? because of high testosterone
3:29 pm
allegedly. you've dated wall street guys. cheryl: thank you for -- yeah. >> what do you think? cheryl: my ex-boyfriend, yes, he was a great guy, a sweet matter and he had a very high stress job at the bank that he was at. >> did he have high testosterone. cheryl: i'm not answering that. he was a great guy. a sweetheart. he was a very good guys, and i just say that the culture at the bank and the culture with what he did and this was during the financial crisis, we were together in 2008 when all that blew up. talk about having to get on a plane in two seconds to come back to new york to work at fox, it stressed him out. but he got out of it. >> maybe he has low t. cheryl: anyway. >> i'm just saying. look at those guys, he's a nice guy. cheryl: a great guy, a great guy, anyway, that's what i say, charlie, thank you very much. >> you are turning red for some reason. cheryl: i know, it's
3:30 pm
embarrassing. thank you very much, charlie. >> i wasn't trying embarrass you. you brought it up first. >> there's another side of the story. closing bell ringing 31 minutes from now, tim foster, 29 minutes from now. there is a pr nightmare starting for uber. tech reporter and target campaign sits down with fox businesses deirdre bolton. that's coming up next. and automakers stepping on the gas at the l.a. auto show. the lowest gas prices seen in four years, it's all about luxury and performance. don't miss jeff flock's interview with the president of cadillac, he'll show us the big unveil when we come back.
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. cheryl: the l.a. auto show kicks off friday, giving carmakers the chance to show the latest innovative models. can gas prices at a four-year low, this year's focus is on luxury and performance. one company with a lot on the line, auto giant gm and counting on cadillac to attract younger buyers. jeff flock is live from the l.a. convention center with a preview what cadillac has to offer. and joining him is the new cadillac president johan de nysschen. take it. >> reporter: the savior of the cattle lack brand. he plays that down, looking at one of his latest creations here. this is a brand that dominated the world at one time.
3:36 pm
you know a lot about luxury automobiles having been at audi, infiniti, tell me about this one here? >> represents the pinnacle of cadillac technology and yet another important building block as we take this great brand back to the pinnacle of premium. >> reporter: that's your mission, this is the atsv, younger buyers maybe for this? >> this car aimed at the aficionado. driving enthusiast but does attract a younger more affluent buyer who appreciate the technology and the performance capability of this car. >> reporter: i was going to say, we're looking at the coupe version and the blue one is the sedan, the four door version, we hear so much about performance, why is that so important? gas prices are in good shape at the moment, but there seems to be a big focus on that. why is that? >> this is actually evolution of the technology. as all automakers are
3:37 pm
harnessing new technologies to get fuel consumption down, you do lightweight body construction, new materials, more expensive but it allows you to downside engines, but at the same time, you want to improve the efficiency of the engine, which has a very important by product of more horsepower, the combination produces great performance cars. >> reporter: and the other thing is sales. i look at -- you've played in the competitive luxury landscape for a long time. i look at for example, the numbers on numbers of days of supply out there. we compare you with your rivals, you have a lot of extra supply out there which sometimes means can't you charge as much as you like to for the vehicles. how do you track the sales? >> cadillac is a premium brand. this is part of what i have to address with the team. we've already taken steps to reduce production, and rather than reduce prices. these great cars are equal to
3:38 pm
the very best that our competitors can offer. the cost is the same to build. quee not sell them at bargain prices, we have to charge a fair price. we've been positioned to a more exclusive but premium price product substance offering, many of our current customers cannot obtain us yet. we have a new audience and it takes a while to get there. >> reporter: for the long haul and not perhaps as you hear there, cheryl, going to make the mistake which predecessors have which is discounting vehicles, you heard that clearly. sir de nysschen, pleasure to talk to you. cheryl: jeff flock and, of course, johan de nysschen, the president of cadillac. takata appears to be getting
3:39 pm
bigger, federal investigators are expanding the recall of millions of cars equipped with potentially lethal air bags made by takata. the recall was limited to hot and humid regions, now they are urging them to issue a broader nationwide citing. tomorrow executives from honda will join, deputy administrator david freeman at a u.s. senate hearing examining takata's case, we're going to give you the latest on all of that. and it is the wrong turn that everyone is talking about. uber suggesting that they would track journalist information, and a possible form of a retaliation for stories that they don't agree with. deirdre bolton host of fox business "risk & reward" sat down with a journalist targeted. tell us about the conversation with sarah lacy, how fascinating. >> she is the editor, a main
3:40 pm
journalist, so i'm going to bring you her comments and get us on the map with that. here's what she told me earlier. >> i think what we've seen as a whipsawing of back and forth in uber and what uber is telegraphing to the first he apologized, said it didn't represent his views and the company came out and apologized and said it didn't represent views that it wasn't their culture and they wanted to change. as that was going on, we saw a tweet from uber new york where employees were fist bumping and dancing to shake it off. literally dancing in their offices as users were outraged. >> so this all started because a few months ago, sarah wrote a few posts criticizing the bro culture of uber. >> fist bumping. >> a series of events that happened after that. a few months ago she called out the company publicly and there was a pushback, and oddly enough, ironically there was a
3:41 pm
press dinner, it was very small, and the idea was to help uber manage the press and relationship with the press a little bit better. it is from that dinner that the controversy started with emil michael, the senior executive at uber said put together a one million dollar slush fund and investigate journalists' private lives and family's private lives. she reacted strongly. she felt threatened and felt children were threatened. he wanted to speak with her off the record, she said no, he posted a piece, he apologized on twitter and sent apology e-mail. sarah said at least he apologized. he is the one who has, but called into question the culture of uber, what is tolerated? what is not tolerated and highlighted he works with the company, it is questionable whether or not they see his
3:42 pm
comment as damaging as obviously she did. cheryl: obviously the culture at uber, we know they have targeted rivals, driven them out of this country. this is what uber does. i don't think anybody was surprised by this at all? >> there is a lot of competition, uber and lyft is main competitor and ubser accused of using burner phones and calling and ordering false cars and it is heating up and heating up. cheryl: great story. you can watch deirdre, "risk & reward" every weekday 1:00 p.m. eastern time. fans in the studio. right here on fox business. do not miss it. for more on the weather, all 50 states were at freezing temperatures, not everybody had it this bad, this looks horrible. areas south of buffalo, new york were blasted with six feet of snow. the lake-effect snow came so fast it trapped dozens of vehicles on roads for hours,
3:43 pm
and this storm is blamed for five deaths. more snow on the way. we'll bring in the meteorologist extraordinaire and he's in the fox weather center. this storm is something else. >> incredible lake effect event, you take a look at the radar, this is the latest. go back 36 hours, this gives you a great idea what lake-effect snow looks like the wind moves in from the western side of the lakes and picks up the moisture in the water that isn't cold just yet and turns into incredible amounts of snow, that's what we've been seeing the last 36 hours. you see the band, consistent, persistent snow falling. buffalo getting a few inches of snow, go around five, six miles to the south of it. 65 inches of snow. that's what happens in lake-effect snow events. that is water temperature. the temperatures well above freezing, but the air moving over this very, very cold, into the single digits, and right now we have a little break. you see the angle of the wind
3:44 pm
not moving in a favorable direction, but that's all about to change. this next storm moving through by tonight will go through and we're going to see by tomorrow morning, very consistent snow again, it looks like setup in the exact same spot to the south of buffalo as well as around the watertown area of new york. some of the areas, another two feet of snow by the time we get to the end of tomorrow, close to six feet, another two feet in the areas and that's certainly a very, very big problem. cheryl, one last thing, it's going to warm up a lot this weekend. temps pushing 60 degrees, melting that snow, maybe two to three inches of rain. talking about potentially a big flooding problem all around the areas by the early part of next week. cheryl: my gosh, rick, what a forecast. and what a winter we're in for. rick from the fox weather center, thank you very much. closing bell -- killing me with this weather -- ringing in 15 minutes from now. the fed minutes turned the dow
3:45 pm
positive for the first time. it will hold on for a third record close in a row? how do you invest in the near record market? two strategists have tips for me coming up next. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome! i love logistics.
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. cheryl: we have 11 minutes until the close right now and stocks are mixed following the fed minutes. several retailers are having a banner day. nicole petallides with a look at one of them. nicole? >> reporter: a lot to look at here, we have fed minutes in. the dow is virtually flat so we could be looking at record closes. we will see what occurs in the last 11 minutes of trading. right now the dow down at one point, 17,686. it's anybody's guess to the close.
3:50 pm
take a close look at target, which did post a surprise profit. the new ceo of pepsi trying to turn the company around. the stock is up 7%, so surprising folks on wall street with better-than-expected numbers, and you are see the consumer stocks did well today, lowe's for example was a winner. cheryl: nicole, thank you very much, see you in a few short minutes when david asman joins me. with stocks hitting record after record this month, how can you spot cheap buys in a seemingly overheated market. my next two guests have the answer, both master value hunters with different stock picks. which ones should you buy for your portfolio? let's bring them in to battle it out. i have tim matt lucas chief investment officer and brent willsy, willsy asset management. tim, i was looking at three year, and five year performance, you did well
3:51 pm
beating the s&p in the time frames, we have record after record, and many of the people watching are worried about getting into the market right now? >> you know, valuation is a problem. i think there are always pockets of value. but you have to have extreme discipline in order to execute. so for example, the retailers are strong today. we bought retailers in march, and that led to a lot of outperformance, we bought best buy, staples, gamestop, that was value to us, and we're seeing similar kinds of values in different industries now. cheryl: one of the retail names that you like is kohl's, a lot of concern about the forecast of kohl's and the consumer is stressed out. >> you can get clouded by those kinds, people express macroviews. they use equities to express make row views. our view is that creates value.
3:52 pm
kohl's is a strong company. cheryl: you have valero, staples on there. brett, again as we're going into the holiday season, you like bed bath & beyond. >> yeah, and so funny listening to other guest. we can almost work in the same company. have the same philosophy there. i like bed bath & beyond, for similar reasons, it trades at like 15 times earnings. you got return at 28%. profit margin is 8%. talk about sales prices around 0. i'd like to buy it around 67, 68, 70 now. you got a well-managed company, good business model, buy the companies when they're pulled back a little bit and look what the great business that you own. cheryl: tim, you are nodding your head in agreement. remember when i said battle it out, this wasn't what i was counting on. >> in total agreement. >> i'm sure we can find
3:53 pm
something. cheryl: okay, let me ask you this, automakers, brent. we had jeff flock live from the l.a. car show, you could say right now with lower gas prices it could be a good time for the automakers. you like gm, he had the president of cadillac on the show. what's up with gm? why you like him. >> waiting for the argument on that one. gm, here you go, a well-managed company, gone through a tough time. this is when you buy the companies when they have a tough time. look at earnings for 2014. this problem is not going to last forever. look at the year ending 2015, they skyrocket to $4.31. paying seven times for the company and caused a 3.8% dividend. maybe the guest doesn't agree with that. i'm hoping not for you. >> i own ford. cheryl: you own ford? >> i can argue that one if you want. ford has too much debt.
3:54 pm
cheryl: tim, you like ford. they're the ones that didn't take a bailout. we have been a fan of ford seems from an investment perspective. >> stock is beat up, cheap, fits the profile of stocks we like. cheryl: brent, can we tease to you getting ford into the portfolio? >> no. i don't agree with you on ford. look at balance sheet, too much debt. they didn't take money from the government. i don't care about that now. i care about the company going forward and much rather have gm than ford, i think the debt to equity is six times, if things get on wrong way, ford could be the company that doesn't do so well. there's one we don't agree on. cheryl: real quick to each of you. tim, do you like any of the japanese automakers at all? >> no. cheryl: brent? no, nothing on the japanese. >> no, buy american companies. cheryl: they make good cars. guys thank you very much, appreciate the heat. good to have you both on the show. tim and brent, gentlemen, thank you very much. and both funds performing very,
3:55 pm
very well. markets can't say are performing well right now. about six minute away from the close, and unfortunately moving into not looking like another record day. but we're also watching this, and stay on the ford-gm thing, the nation wants a recall on takata air bags, we're going to get consumer advocate ralph nader's take what the right approach should be and whose job it should be to make sure takata air bags are safe before it made it into tens of millions of american cars. "after the bell," after the break. oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now - but hurry, the offer ends soon. [ho, ho, ho!]
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cheryl: here we go. will we have a record the second day or not. david: cheryl casone is here. nicole petallides, at new york stock exchange. if it is positive it is a record. talk about something very positive. target getting a big boost today. why? >> new ceo on board.
3:59 pm
profit exceeded everybody thought it would. target jumped to a new high of the stock was up 7 1/4%. this never looked back. it was winner all day. cheryl: nicole, shares of tesla getting hit following bearish analyst comments. >> morgan stanley cutting numbers for deliveries of tesla in the new year and particularly for the model x and earnings per share. everybody knew the model x would be pushed back. they're stating it boldly and stock dropped 200%. david: still almost 250 bucks. lowe's, damn the weather they're going full steam ahead. >> no doubt. some retailers give us a mixed picture. new highs for the name. walmart, lowe's, people doing timing and building materials. they are spending money there. >> keurig green mountain trading ahead of earnings. that is coming out after the
4:00 pm
close. potential 9% move on the stock. [closing bell ringing] >> we're waiting for green mountain and a few others like williams-sonoma. david: we'll have to wait for another day for a new record. we're all in the red. barely so on the dow. a little more convincing on s&p. nasdaq and russell 2000, nothing to brag about, a full percentage point to the negative. small and mid-sized stocks not happy way things are going. others are holding their own. fed minutes came out. didn't really move the markets. if anything strengthened the markets a bit but not enough to end in the green. we have a busy show coming up with ralph nader on. "after the bell" starts right now. cheryl: let's break down today's action. we have got dan neiman, of neiman funds management. one sector they should bet on


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