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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 24, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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down. charles: let's hope a combination of both, thank you, remember, catch us of night 6 p.m., dvr it if you can't see it, right now ashley. >> good evening i am ashley webster in for lou dobbs, grand jury has reached a decision on whether to charge officer darren willon the ferguson, missouri police officer who shot and killed brown in august. offers of st. lois pro prosecutg attorney announcing that a decision has been reached that decision will be announced tonight. garrett is live on the ground in clinton, missouri yao we're expecting that decision to come at 9 p.m. eastern time, so in just about 2 hours now. we'll receive word on what that grand jury has decideed on whether or not to indict officer
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wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. this is a decision that today st. louis region, and the nation has been awaiting since grand jury began reviewing evidence in the case, we know over last few days, protest and police present has been growing, protest insize and intensity, but they have remained peaceful, that is what protesters hope will continue after this grand jury decision, they want this to grow into a large are national movement. they want to get their message across, they are seeking equalty, they want this to grow, any violence will ruin this effort they have. police, they are hoping it remains buying full as well, but they havthey -- remains peacefus well, it has been build --
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gearing up in case it does not. we've seen a pick up in police present, about 10 minutes ago, about fleet of 10 or so highway patrol cars that sped out of here to ferguson police department where a large crowd has gathered, protests they have remained mostly peaceful, police hope they will remain that way going forward. >> thank you garrett in ferguson, missouri, much more later with civil right activeal vita king, and a couple of nation's top legal mind. >> wheel world awaits a decision in ferguson, commander in chief made a one today affecting operation of u.s. military, president obama accepting resignation of defense secretary chuck hagel, a decision that many in washington and pentagon view as politically motivated
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and likely forcesed. ed henry with our report. >> i consider myself lucky to have had him by my side. >> reporter: president obama went on for so long about chuck hagel, he tried to push the idea that the republican resigned on his own, the word appropriate was a clue. >> last month, chuck came to discuss final quarter of my presidency, it was an appropriate time for him to complete his service. let me say chuck is and has been a great friend of mine. >> hagel said this vice president biden was a dear friend, and noteed that president and secretary learned a lot from biden, even though top white house officials hagel left them yo out of his referens to team work. >> i want to thank entire leadership team at pentagon. without their support, and wise
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council over last couple of years, youre our many accomplishments, i have been part of that. but it is a team. >> reporter: hagel had clashed with white house, insiders were not pleased with a memo to rice, suggestions that syria policy was failing, hagel was tired of micromanageing by white house aides according to republican john mccain, saying that he expressed deep frustration in a white house meeting last week. >> he was up to the job, it was the job he was given he was never brought into that real tight circle inside of the white house that makes all of the decisions that put us into the incredible debacle we're in today in the world. >> reporter: white house press secretary josh ernest ducked a direct question on whether hagel was pushed you on but hagel
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pushed back on mccain by noting he is say frequent critic. >> i don't think that was on full display. >> reporter: a reference to mccain and others pounceing on hagel's performance at his confirmation in january 2013 over iran policy. >> i just been handed a note that i misspoke and said i supported president's position on containment. it i said that, it phefpbt to say i -- himeant to saywe don'tn containment. >> this is beyond anything that we have seen, so we must prepare for everything. >> reporter: his two predecessors, gates and panetta wrote books that were scatheing about the president. >> i think that you know one of hallmarks of secretary of hagel's career he has been
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loyal. >> reporter: as for hagel's successor, democratic senator jack reed pulled himself out of considering, focused on two obama insiders. any pick will have to get through a new republican senate, in january. ashley. >> ed thank you very much. >> nuclear talks with iran will continue for next 7 months, after negotiation failed to yield a deal by today's deadline, secretary of state john kerry explaining sides of closer to a deal but significant differences remain. >> it also takes time to do this because we don't want just any agreement. we want the right agreement. time and again, from day he took office, president obama has been crystal clear that we must
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ensure that, iran does not acquire a if yo nuclear weapon, period. >> officials in l.a., meeting for an accord by the end of june. >> president obama defending his decision to bypass congress, and issue an executive act on immigration. >> if you look at every president, democrat and republican, over decades has done the same thing, about 40% of the undocumented persons at the time, were provided a similar relief as a consequence of -- >> but you know. >> according to washington post fact checker, president is citeing grossly inflated ta steufticstatistics and deserves4 pinnochios for that remark, that is the worst rating. saying that it was 6% of the
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illegal immigration population at the time, not 40%. that is 2000, compared to 5 billion. >> and according to heritage foundation, obama's act will cost taxpayers $2 trillion over next 50 years, you know the move is unpopular when saturday night live mocks the president. >> first act goes to the house as they vote on me, but i need from the senate a majority, if i pass the legislation, then i wind up on the president's desk, and i -- >> you know son there is an easier way to get things done around here, called an executive order. >> i'm an executive order, i pretty much just happen. >> don't listen to him son. >> look at the midterm elections, people don't want --
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yoouch. >> classic. all right, coming up next, tkpwrapbggrandjury reaching a dn whether to indict darren willon, and president obama, not ruling outputing a even bigger spotlight on the reaction. >> does it make sense for you to go to ferguson after this decision? >> i am going to wait to see how the response comes bbut what does make sense is for not just me but my administration to work with willing partners at the state and local level to see how we can address some of the systemic issues. >> we'll be joined by niece of dr. king. else vita king will be with us next. it's monday,
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ashley: grand skwraourb in ferguson, missouri reaching a decision on whether to indict officer wilson, an announcement later, joining us now, alvida king, niece of dr. martin luther king jr., thank you for joining me, president obama yesterday saying that situation in ferguson should not be compared to selma.
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>> are not of sort we saw in selma, we're not talking with intalking aboutsystemic segretae solvable problems if, law enforcement officials are open to the training. ashley: so, alvida would you agree with president. >> i would say to the president the issues may not become parable but the reactions are very similar. human tensions escalate, people become fearful, anxious then violent. my father was at bloody sunday, he was beat up and harmed then, his message a d king, martin's own message, peace.
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we must be peaceful. we must be nonviolent. yes these are systemic issues, they can be resolved. but, only if we're peaceful. ashley: you were in st. louis this past weekend, if i understand, what did you hear from the people on the ground there about this up coming announcement? >> there was so many people regular community people from ferguson, st. louis, and surrounding areas, ministers, preachers, community leaders, young people, they all were praying and crying out we all were, national leaders who joined them, they have a strong sense of hope, they believe that the issues can be resolved. but we are praying for god's mercy, god's guidance, justice, but we want to come through peace, and hope and certainly love. >> missouri governor jay nixon come yo under criticism for
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announcing a state of emergency, bringing in nation alguard ahead of anything happening. do you agree? >> sometimes when we rush, to react before we pray, we can have certain concerns, and fears but i am believing that a lot of this can be resolved, i am seeing reports now, i just left st. louis today, a few hours ago, people were still hoping and believing for peace. even michael group's parents are calling for peace, i admire them for that, that is very good, we still want justice, we still hope that there will be some kind of justice, i am concerned about families for michael brown, whose life will not be in vein, america knows we have systemic problems in america. and so, i know that we'll remember and we won't forget that, bu officer darren as welli
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know his family has to be anxious as well. i am asking people to be reasonible, calm, peaceful and prayerful. ashley: what do you think will be outcome? >> i just don't know, what will happen to officer darren wilson. i have a few questions myself, why didn't you wait for back up? if you were concerned and fearful, bark up would have been a -- back up would have been a good solution, there are many questions that i have. some questionsry may never know the answers to. but, i don't top try to do what people have already done, take public opinion and say what i think. i am still praying. ashley: what would your unel tell those people -- uncle tell those people gathering in ferguson, missouri. >> high uncle would say, be prayerful, ask god for mercy,
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for justice, for hope, for peace. be pra prayerful, my uncle dr. martin luther king jr. was a human being, but he was a praying man, i am asking you to be peaceful to pray, and we'll see how this is resolved. ashley: thank you so much alvida king for joining us, we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. ashley: now to quotation of the evening from alvida king's late uncle. quote, we must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools, we're coming right back. shake up at the pu' pentagon, defense secretary resigns, or was he fired by commander in was he fired by commander in chief?ion four-star general jack keane on the president's maneuver, next.
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ashley: coming up in moments iran succeeds in getting john kerry to cave, iran nuke talks have been extended yet again. john bolton will join us to talk about that. >> under pressure from president obama, defense secretary chuck
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hagel submitted his resignation today, obama offering ofuseive praise, despite reports that hagel was forced out of office. >> providing a steady hand, as we modernize our strategy, and budget to meet long-term threats while still responding to immediate challenges. like isil and ebola, our military is on a firmer footing and looking ahead. ashley: our next guest said that hagel of the voiceing his frustration weeks ago, joining me now, retired four-star army general jack keane. thank you so much, to join us this evening. you think that writing was on the wall for mr. hagel long before today? yeah, i think he was on a collision course, he found
7:24 pm
himself in a place where his predecessors were, panetta and gates, with staffers in white house micromanageings department, particularly as it pertains to pray injur major pod troop decisions, i think hagel became very frustrateed with president's policy over iraq and syria. he started to speak out against that, i think that more than anything brought this to an end. ashley: he i guess he was not an insideer, it seems that president has a small core of people on the inside, chuck hagel was never a part of that it became more aparent as time went on -- as he described is this year saying this is a threat we've never seen before, and obama described them as a jc team. >> when you in these discussion and you are able to make your positions known, there is a full
7:25 pm
discussion about it. and does not go your way, that is to be expected. but i think, when the the -- discussions and decisions are made away from your part pays, -- participation, and yet it is an area that you are responsible for, and you are accountable for that began to build on him. ashley: was he up for the job do you think? he with reports he was disengaged during meetings, do you think that is true or just knocking him down to you know, give credence to his dismissal. >> i think that is unfortunate on part of the white house staff to begin to den great secretary hague whole is now leaving his -- hagel who is now leaving his post, trying to come up with further justgation. he stepped up to this later in
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life, took on one of the toughest jobs in government, other than president. and went after with all he had, as he walks out the door we should tip our hat to him. he is an american patriot. ashley: does this signal a change in direct for mr. obama, does he just find someone who will agree with his policies, whatever they are. >> you are right, fact is that i would hope new secretary of defense comes in and produce review of the current strategy and policy. because, it absolutely demands it hagel was clearly right at the serious strategy made -- syria strategy made no sense if you just leave assad alone, he could bomb and kill the very moderate forces we're trying to
7:27 pm
assist, we'll see who he does select. i am hoping there is say review of the current policy, so we can make the thanks that need to be made 92 i. ashley: it seems there is a lot of tension between department of defense and white house. >> there has been that tension since 2009, when president started to look at a new policy in afghanistan, it has never stopped. fact is that there is no other department, in the president executive branch he disagrees with more than this department. that is a fact, he never ever approved of military recommendation for force levels, he antwa always diminished it ae it again on isis, iraq and syria. that department has produced more tension, more frustration, with the executive branch. there are profound disagreements between this president and --
7:28 pm
this department and the president of the united states. ashley: there is talk. ashton carter -- former secretary defense of defense, any of those names. >> they are all capable, michelle was close to getting the job last time, many of us were hoping she would when secretary hagel was selected, i hope she gets it. she is qualified. she is familiar with all of the issues, and she will be a credit to that position. ashley: terrific general j
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ashley: do you think this process has been handled quickly?
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>> there is a lot of controversy even over the process over what happened that day, this over the fact that there was not a special prosecutor appointed because of the connection between prosecution and law enforcement is alleged to be too close in this area. there is a lot of on business vision that the -- observation that the black community, although it is 70% in ferguson, the grand jury did not represent that. there is a lot happening, a lot of both sides of people just being angry about the process, and the three and a half months it seems like a long time but in the case where someone dies, the grand jury wants to hear everything, and do the best they could to make the right decision. ashley: should the prosecutor
7:35 pm
have stepped down? >> perhaps but, you have to remember that a grand jury is not just there to indict quote, unquote the ham sandwich, they are there as an invest -- investigative tool. i would say i'm not going to decide it for you, you decide, you are the investigators in this case. you men, and women, you know this case, you don't want to go into a case that is weak on the facts and weak on evidence, because what happens is you get to big trial, real trial, you have a verdict beyond a reasonable doubt you cannot make that if you scrapped our way to the entitlement. ashley: what is the stand ord of proof? >> this is probable cause, more likely than not, think about it 51-49%, i is it more likely than
7:36 pm
not a crime was committed. ashley: i understand that darren wilson did testify before the grand jury, quite extensively, how much would that help them with a decision? >> i mean, it is actually, excellent for the grand jury, they are able to do is hear at least one side of the story. there are -- there is a lot of other evidence, autopsys. part of it leaked where allegedly the victim's hand was shot, so much here, but the officer testifying is very helpful for a grand jury, they are trying to get to the facts, was there a crime committed? not determining proof beyond a reasonable doubt, this is not the trial. this is just should the person be indicted. >> it is not unusual for a
7:37 pm
target, you call a grand jury investigation, a potential defendant to come in and testify, what is unusual is the secrecy of the grap -- grand jury, the people in the room are the prosecutors, grand jurors, a court reporter and the witness, all of those groups they are all sworn to secrecy except the witnesses. ashley: let me ask you, if there is no indictment. >> no tril bill. ashley: no true bill, what else. >> you talk about state, it could be a holder investigation, 1983. which means under police authority, that is what they could look at that or civil charges, i not charges but civil suit. not a change in a sense of criminal complaint, but it -- this would be over if there is
7:38 pm
no true bill delivered tonight it would be over as far as the state goes, state prosecution. ashley: what do you think rebecca, you know we hear things, they are not going to indict we have no clue what they are going to do. what is your sense of the outcome of this grand jury deliberation? >> so hard to say because what we're looking at is possibility that this timing, has been extended to prepare for either side to accept the news, and hope that everyone you know, there is no problem with protesting, but protest peacefully. it hard to say what is going to happen. we don't have all of facts, the groungrand jury we hope they vee fact they needed -- they have every fact they needed. but we don't know what happened there is conflicts autopsys and conflicting witness testimony, it is very hard to tell.
7:39 pm
>> the late night release time, that is right, that could cut both ways, because, either way, if they are expecting riots, with an indictment or with no true bill, you want everyone home, the kids out of school, rush hour over with. this speculation runs. because it goes either way. ashley: all right we shall find out, ferguson schools are closed tomorrow. >> right, they decideed that last week. thank you both for joining us. >> on wall street's record breaking day for stocks dow up 8. s&p up 6. nasdaq gaining 42. volume on big board 3.1 billion shares, death toll in general motors ignition swim recall climbinclimb -- switch recall cg
7:40 pm
to 35. a texas judge overturning a conviction of a woman who pleaded guilty that caused a fatal crash that killed her fiance. and latest installment of hunger games setting a box office. "the hunger games," "mockingjay" part 1, brought in. but it was enough to win the year. disney's "big hero 6", in second place, with 20 million. and interstellar in third. we're coming right back. >> a fluk nuclear middle east cr to reality after talks with iran fail. >> john bolton on repercussions for israel and the united states next. at is coming your way.
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ashley: the obama administration today stating that any additional sanctions against iran would be counterproductive, the "house" spokesman praising the iranians. >> we have more insight into the iranian nuclear program than we
7:45 pm
had before, because of the inspection. to review the facilities and a clear understanding of how they are complying with the agreement, based on inspections that have been conducted we have high degree of confidence that the iranians are living up to their end of the bargain. ashley: hmm, you might be the only one. john bolton, is joining us, you heard josh say, that they are great. they are giving us you know unprecedented access. i just don't buy it, your sense? >> secretary state kerry said today, that iranians have not violated the interim agreement, that sun true, that interim agreement, prohibited them from going to a more sophisticateed centrifuge, they did it, they got permission to violate the agreement, to violate it furth
7:46 pm
further. by enriching uranium. that is one example, this press spokesman, that -- by saying what he did assumes necessarily that united states knows everything about iran's nuclear program, if there is anything we don't know, you can bet it is bad news, after all tre veils of last decade, you would think we would have a little humility. ashley: let's face it iran could turn to beijing and moscow for help, sanctions have limited impact, but i understand they are already getting access to frozen assets. >> they have already shrunk the -- regime. they and russians and chinese and others found ways to avoid western financial instution, that is part of a ongoing larger
7:47 pm
project on part of china and russia avoiding these sanctions, yes iran is feeling economic pain because of antion, but -- sanctions but much less since the year that interim deal of signeed because western european business people have seen this as indication that the doors are open in tehran. >> true, and what about israel and all this? they have said last week, they are kicking around prospect of a preemive strike, what does this leave israel? >> if anything extending negotiation another search months tells israel that the united states is not serious about stopping iran's weapons program. 7 more months for iran is 7 more months of spinning, centrifuges, whether known or unknown or working on weaponization activity. 7 more months of perfecting and
7:48 pm
etending range and accuracy of their ballistic missiles, and all while continuing to erode the sanctions, if i were in israel, i would say, it is pretty well teed up for a decision whether to us military force, they don't have much more time. ashley: i mean, what likely hood that iran has somewhere withinb borders, hidden nuclear facilities that we have no idea exist? >> i think that odds are for high, we did not know about so-called deat deeply buried fay that was revealed by military sources, we do not know how much nuclear activity and iran and north korea are condunking joinly, we know they have been working on ballistic missilesing it for 15 years, they are intended as delivery systems for nuclear warheads, not communications, it would be realistic to conclude they are workinging in on the nuclear
7:49 pm
side, who for example financeed the reactor built in syria by north koreans of all people that israelis destroyed in september, 2007, north korea dud not give anything away for free, syria did not have the money, quite possibly iran. ashley: interesting, we have chuck hagel booted out, now this, how would you describe national security right now. >> i think that administration is in disarray, that is not new but with the threat of isis continuing to grow with new leadership change at defense department, and middle east diplomacy, and collapse, we're in serious trouble. ashley: well we'll have to leave it there on those sobering thoughts, thank you ambassador john bolton. >> thank you. ashley: three new crew members arriving at international space station today, doubling population back to full crew of 6 people. a russian soyuz capsule with an
7:50 pm
american, russian and italian. docked fewer than 6 hours after taking off from kazakhstan. yes nasa still depends on russia to get our astronauts to the iss at cost of $70 million per person. >> coming up next, latest on ferguson decision with protest ramping up on ground, and president obama -- fires deficiens defensesecretary chuc. >> when it mattered most, he hasal with us given it to me treat. ashley: that could be will real reason for hagel's out ofer next. how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat
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when every millisecond counts, staying competitive begins with the cloud. this is the microsoft cloud. ashley: a lot to talk about, joining me now michael goodwin, and mercedes. you are looking at live pictures from clayton, missouri tonight. prior to announcement of the grand jury decision coming up in over an hour now. michael, let's get to you first. how do you think this whole case has been handled? >> a travesty. i think that each of these cases, we have seen them over years, they turns on individual
7:55 pm
facts by nationalizing them, making them a symbol or letting them speak for all police minority relations is a huge disservice to both sides, the facts matter, and the facts of each case are for different from others, i think this is judged too much by what does it say about police minority relations nationaly, is it a judgment on all kinds of social ills? or what -- i think that is too much to put on a single case. ashley: mercedes? do you agree? >> yes, i think to add to that point, have you president of united states, staerp attorney l very voke will o vocal on this r case it skews facts and details of this case, for the city, the tension, the emotions involveed in this, you know we can only
7:56 pm
hope that regardless of the case, or decision, that grand jury will make, that somehow we can find some sort of peace that comes out of this process, and healing that comes out of this, i think this is going to be very difficult for that. ashley: mercedes, missouri governor nixon has come under criticism, for calling a stat of emergency, call in national guard. >> i think that you know, they talked about agitateors in the area training people to be ready to go out and riot, you have local businesses, men and bem they havwomenthey have closed sd canceled schools, this is a disruption in the city, this is right of the government to take this action. he needs civil order, americans too have a right to protest, and
7:57 pm
freedom of speech but not just destroy a city, physically. and i think that is a smart move. ashley: mike? >> i do agree, we cannot assume that everyone here is operateing in good faith. there are those who want trouble, there are those who have gone to ferguson to specifically to cause trouble, cause violence, that i think that not everyone is doing that, many people are upset, but, i think also, mercedes point about white house, and attorney general is good, they have done is inflame the passion. you heard the governor today talking about there will be healing centers, and psychological counseling, i mean, what is this? this is a case where tragically a police officer shot a young man, we don't know any more than that. we don't know whether the police officers was in danger, we believe he thought he was in danger. ashley: the bigger issue of police forces not really policing the tactics they use
7:58 pm
one minority communities or perhaps wrong tactics in this is just an example of thousand can go wrong -- of how it can go wrong. >> to answer that question, you really need to know what happened in this case, that is what we don't know, but everyone has rushed to their corners to say, something that this kiss case stands for my hobby horse, this proves my agenda, that kind of football with a case involving life or death, and two men, one dead, one whose life has been changed forever, i think that is inappropriate for our governmental leaders. ashley: even if there is no indictment, we have federal investigation going on after mr. holder got involved? >> right, there is a parallel investigation going on. it seems they are coming up with a conclusion that probably there is really not enough evidence to indict darren wilson, officer
7:59 pm
wilson, so, again, i think that this say bigger issue in terms of community itself, where there is a distrust they have with law enforcement, how do you get you know, black community, you look at poll numbers like 65% of blacks to not trust the police. there is a 20 point gap with white community there are deeper issues that need to be dealt with, you know there is a slain teen, and tension that is happening in this town. >> can i say. i think that probably most commend inbehavior in all this has been michael brown's father. i thought his public service announcement saying, no violence, i don't want my son to have died -- i thought, that was truly heartfelt, and to see a father who lost his son, take the high road, i think a lot of people could learn from him. ashley: what do you think outcome? >> i think there will be no criminal charges against the
8:00 pm
officer. ashley: mercedes. >> i agree, i think that there is just it looks like there was a struggle, i think he will be -- no dime. ashley: we'll see thank you so much for joining us, thank you, stay tuned for cavuto. >> all right. thank you, and we will know within the hour, is darren wilson guilty of murder or will he not be charged with anything at all? we already know this much, a grand jury has decided, it is known for better part of 3 hours now. but the details of that decision, are due out at the end of this your, beginning of next hour. it goes something like this, darren wilson could either be indicted on murder or manslaughter or not at all. and if not at all there are growing fears that ferguson, erent all over against -- erunning all oveeruptall over a. former mayor fletcher, on


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