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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 25, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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nation, the end. kennedy: it's an outrage! and i won't give you my food freedom. i want to thank you so much for watching. you know what we're going to do. what i did to barbara bush's head. for matt welch and kmele foster, i'm kennedy, good >> good evening, everybody, i'm ashley webster in tonight for lou dobbs. breaking news, governor jay nixon of missouri ramping up the national guard presence on the ferguson after violent protesters and looters terrorized the st. louis suburb last night. in the hours after robert mccullough announced the grand jury decide not to indict officer darren wilson, scores of businesses were looted and burned. over 100 gunshots were fired by civilians in the streets. ferguson mayor says they're wondering where the reenforcements were last night. >> the decision to delay the deployment of the national
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guard is deeply concerning. we're asking that the governor make available and deploy all necessary resources to prevent the further destruction of property and the preservation of life in the city of ferguson. >> eric holder wading in the controversy as the protests spread across the nation. on the screen four of the cities the protests have spread to today. holder reiterating he is not done with his investigation of both officer wilson and the ferguson police department. >> members of my staff here with me now, they are overseeing the federal investigations into the shooting of michael brown as well as the investigation that we are doing of the ferguson police department to emphasize we have two investigations that are ongoing. >> president obama calling on authorities to prosecute those responsible for taking out their frustrations with the brown grand jury on their own neighbors and community after announcing he's directed
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attorney general holder to identify what police are doing wrong across the nation. >> as i said last night, there are productive ways of responding and expressing those frustrations and there are destructive ways of responding. burning buildings, torching cars, destroying property, putting people at risk. that's destructive. and there's no excuse for it. those are criminal acts. >> president obama once again pleading for protesters to refrain from violence, but here is the stepfather of michael brown last night just moments after the grand jury decision was read doing the exact opposite of calling for peaceful demonstrations. [ bleep ].
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>> as night falls in missouri at this hour, concerns remain that looting, rioting will fill the streets of ferguson right now. reporter: ashley, the violent scenes from last night cannot be repeated. those words from missouri governor jay nixon who under criticism is ramping up the presence of national guard from 700 troops to 2200 as night falls and the people here wonder if others will riot again. fire and mayhem overwhelm the streets of ferguson. police use tear gas to disperse rioters, sending them scrambling as they smash windows, loaded stores and some randomly fired guns in the air. >> in august, we talked about the out of towners came into our community. well, our community has got to
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take responsibility for what happened tonight. >> reporter: people marched in chicago, new york and d.c., in oakland they lay in the streets simulating the death of michael brown. all of it in angry reaction to decision clearing police officer darren wilson. >> they determined no probable cause exists to file any charge against officer wilson and returned a no true bill on each of five indictments. >> reporter: subsequently evidence was released showing the swollen face of officer wilson, a result of the beating he took from brown, and wilson's grand jury testimony describing brown charging him and the fatal shot. he turns and when he looked at me he made a grunting like aggravated sound and he starts, turns and coming toward me. i keep telling him to get on the ground, he doesn't. i shoot a series of shots, i don't know how many i shot. last night, the president called for calm. >> those of you who are watching tonight, understand
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that there's never an excuse for violence. >> everybody want me to be calm. do you know how them bullets hit my son? >> reporter: with the encouragement of the angry mother of michael brown, rioters and vandals were on the rampage when the president spoke. small businesses along florisant avenue lie in piles of ash and broken glass. >> how i feed my kids now? >> reporter: eric holder promises that it's not over. the federal government is still investigating. >> the department's investigations will continue to be thorough, they will continue to be independent, and they remain ongoing. they will be conducted rigorously and in a timely manner. >> reporter: there are two ongoing federal investigations, one looks into whether the civil rights of michael brown were violated when he was shot. the other looks into the pattern and practices of the ferguson police department whether they routinely engage
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in racial profiling or use excessive force. back to you. >> mike tobin, thank you very much. much more ahead on the situation in ferguson, dr. michael baden is here along with our panel of legal experts, and the a-team. stay with us. after addressing the situation in ferguson for the second time in less than 24 hours, president obama returned to his sales pitch for latest executive actions on immigration. president's in his hometown of chicago pushing amnesty plan while many critics calling it unconstitutional, and one of the latest polls show the american public is not on his side. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henrys hat report. >> reporter: it was president obama's prescription for the nation moving forward after ferguson. >> we're a nation built on the rule of law. and so we need to accept that this decision was the grand jury's to make. there are americans who agree with it, and there are
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americans who are deeply disappointed even angry. >> reporter: yet republicans today quickly noted those words could just as easily apply to the divisive debate over immigration. >> the president is not listening to himself and not practicing what he preaches. he talk about the rule of law, he talk about the point in the constitution, but executive orders on immigration giving amnesty to five million people run completely contrary to the constitution and contrary to oath of office where he swore to actually uphold the laws, not try to rewrite the laws. >> reporter: the president insisted that argument is illegitimate when pressed by abc's george stephanopoulos who noted the unilateral moves set a precedent where a future president tries to lower taxes and after being blocked by congress, the chief executive is say he should choose not to prosecute people who don't pay their taxes. >> you don't think it is legitimate for a future president to make the argument. >> with respect to taxes? absolutely not. >> reporter: the president was
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back on the road in chicago trying to make his case. though it's an uphill battle based on quinnipiac poll asked whether the president should take executive action if congress does not address immigration, 45% said yes, 48% said no. adding to the struggles of the president a surprising shot from a top democratic leader, senator charles schumer, who gave a speech declaring party made a mistake passing the president's health care law in 2010, after approving the stimulus. democrats blew the opportunity the american people gave them. we took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem. health care reform. now, the plight of uninsured americans and the hardships caused by unfair insurance company practices certainly needed to be addressed. but it wasn't the change we were hired to make. >> reporter: former white house aide who defends the president on everything from benghazi to
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health care slams schumer on twitter declaring that the senator wants the president to care more about helping democrats than sick people. ashley? >> ed henry, thank you very much for that thank you very much. the obamacare architect who claimed a lack of transparency was key to getting the president's health care law passed agreed to testify before congress next month. m.i.t. professor jonathan gruber will appear before the house oversight committee december 9th. the department of veterans affairs announcing a central scandal over long wait times. the veterans needing medical care. sharon hellman in phoenix was fired monday. nearly seven months after she and two high-ranking officials were put on administrative leave. during that time, hellman was being paid which means she collected more than $90,000 in salary. we're coming right back. the verdict is in, a grand jury says officer darren wilson
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won't be charged with killing michael brown. our top legal analysts break down the grand jury process, the late-night release and what happens next
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. ashley: the attorney for the family of michael brown furious
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over the grand jury decision not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson. benjamin crump today blasting prosecutors for the handling of wilson's testimony. >> you had to scratch your head kind of like we all did to say when is the prosecutor going to cross-examine the killer of an unarmed person? a first year law student would have did a better job of cross-examining a killer of an unarmed person than the prosecutor's office did. ashley: joining me, two of the best attorneys in the business, fox news legal analyst lis wiehl and criminal defense attorney doug burns. lis and doug, thank you so much for being here. >> pleasure. ashley: so much pulled apart, now that we've had the grand jury nondecision not to indict the officer. first off want to ask you both, doug, first with you, was the process handled in the best possible way in your opinion? >> in my opinion it would be hard to criticize it. my god, they did a very thorough comprehensive
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presentation, laid out all the evidence. more importantly make the evidence available for the potential monday morning quarterbacks to look at and go through and digest. and let me say this, the case from a straight legal point of view is two fact patterns, seriously. you have to look at number one and number two and figure out how you work them together. first part is the encounter at the vehicle, and the victim is reaching into the vehicle and punching. i think everybody would have to agree that whatever defensive tactics were taken by the police officer were justified there. the second part is murkier, that is when that part of a dustup is over, and then michael brown is there. the question is simple, was he rushing at the police officer, or was he somehow not? and i think what happened real quick is that there was lots of back and forth. ashley: conflicting information. >> inconsistencies, and the inconsistencies out of fairness of the prosecutor and the grand jurors were much more when they
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say he was retreating. >> enter the forensics, three autopsies, one paid by the victim's -- brown family, michael baden is a wonderful pathologist, but he was consistent with the other two that said yes, brown was not retreating in the sense, then the bullet would have come through the back of the head, but coming back towards wilson. that is consistent. so what this grand jury had in front of them was a panoply of inconsistent witness statements all over the board, he's running, wasn't running, all of that. and very consistent forensics, at the end of the days, you have to look at forensics. >> we listened to the family attorney benjamin crump on behalf of the family and said the prosecutor did a terrible job of cross-examining, we don't know the inflection of his voice as he was passing on the information to the grand jury which can affect the way they interpret the information. >> to get this information on a
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sgrnlg absolutely stunning that you would get this much information anyway. also the grand jurors are able to chime in. they have a complete ability to do that, you never have that in a full jury. the fact we're getting this much information is again another example how much is actually being put out there. you know, doug and i between us have done hundreds of grand jury indictments, and many times you go in, put the witness on the stand, and 30 minutes you're done. >> he's bringing the case to the grand jury. in this particular instance, he essentially did this huge document dump, rather than influence it. >> it's not a new complaint. my late father was involved in grand jury reform stuff. and it was interesting. there is always the lots of complaints that the grand jury process is one sided, no defense lawyer in the room, no judge. and you're right, when you say the inflection of the voice, the manner which it is presented. >> should we have an
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independent prosecutor because of that? >> excellent point. one of the jurors posed a question to the prosecutor, your track record here. and i'm not condemning it one way or the other. ashley: mr. mccullough is more on the side of the -- >> he looked over everything and was watching it every day, obviously, but there were two assistants in that office that were presenting the evidence, so i don't think it rose to the level of giving it to a special prosecutor. ashley: what happens now, lis, begin with you, possibly assert violation of civil rights. >> right. ashley: something very difficult to prove? >> very difficult to prove. we know attorney general holder is looking at it, that has to do whether or not this was under the authority of color of law and color, in other words, wilson went after brown because of the color of the skin. very difficult to prove. >> what's interesting is the st. louis prosecutor tried to
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roll in d.o.j. with him. in other words, we together, and, of course, eric holder and the justice department are saying no, we're doing a separate investigation. however, the criminal civil rights statute says that if law enforcement deprived somebody of civil rights, by reason of their race, and that's hard to prove. ashley: it's a kid -- >> i don't think anyone can maintain it is truly on race. ashley: who got into a tussle for whatever reason. he was clearly aggressive. >> the forensics show when the first gunshot went off, he was trying to get the gun away. that's going to hurt him or his family in a civil rights, not just civil rights suit but civil suit for wrongful death. ashley: both of your opinions if that does happen and get a suit like that. >> i understand it's a difficult civil case, a, his behavior before the incident will come in, and b, him
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reaching into the car and being aggressive. >> seen a video of him in the store that was robbed. >> and that's what the officer is thinking about going after and tussle comes from the gun and the thing with the forensics, you just -- and this is what the prosecutor said yesterday, you've got the inconsistent statements and you have the consistency of forensics. >> people can lie or remember differently, science clears it up. ashley: great stuff, as always. doug, lis, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. ashley: it's shaping up to be a travel nightmare for the east coast on the busiest travel day of the year. this is going to be fun. more than 20 million people in the path of the a winter storm that's expected to bring rain and several inches of snow to the mid-atlantic and northeastern states from tomorrow morning until thursday. timing is everything, and residents in buffalo, new york breathing a little easier as fierce of disastrous flooding have started to ease a three-day onslaught dumping historic seven feet of snow on
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buffalo last week. officials were worried what would happen when all of that started to melt. so far the flooding has been minor. doesn't look like it from the video. up next, john kerry fails to strike a deal in iran and the rogue islamic nation claiming victory over the west. kt mcfarland is how much cl 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500, its yield is doing a lot better... if you've had to become your own investment expert, maybe it's time for bny mellon, a different kind of wealth manager ...and black swans are unpredictable.
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. ashley: coming up tonight, the man who performed one of the three autopsies on michael brown, the one ordered by the brown family themselves, dr. michael baden will join us in just seconds. another candidate dropping out of the race after chuck hagel announced his resignation, michelle flornotice removing herself from consideration, the white house pushing back on the notion that hagel was fired. >> this was a mutual decision arrived at between the president and the secretary of defense after a series of discussions that they had about the next two years. there's no connection between the secretary's resignation announced yesterday and the strategy that we're pursuing against isil and iraq and
10:26 pm
syria. ashley: joining me former pentagon official and fox news security analyst kt mcfarland. thanks for being here, he's out, you were not fond of him from the get-go. >> he didn't have good relations with congress, they didn't like him. he didn't have a lot of gravitas with the senior military leadership and also hasn't been a very good front man and then finally he was never part of obama's inner circle and obama likes the inner circle and tends not to listen or take the advice of people outside. ashley: michelle has taken herself out of this, do you know this for a fact? >> i don't know this for a fact. this is the time when washington goes crazy! all the whisperers, some people putting their own names forward. ashley, if you want a new job, you're in.
10:27 pm
everybody speculates all around. ashley: a no-win situation, either you have your own ideas that are ignored or go with the president's policy right now and what is that policy? >> you hit upon the issue, it's not the personnel problems it's the policy, if you have a great person in there, another panetta or gates or someone renowned on both sides of the political aisle as a solid thinker and decisive leader, that person has to be heard in the white house, and so far that's not what's happened. it's to the point that everyone, the previous two secretaries of defense, very talented guys talked about the white house micromanaging, where there are hundred, literally hundreds of anonymous national security council officials who are looking at everything. totally paralyzing. >> the tension, we talked about this in last night's show, the tension between the department of defense and the white house is palpable. >> it is.
10:28 pm
i think the white house has its own idea how to do things. ashley: the military does not like the president. >> and it's not part of their mind-set, it's not part of their world view of the united states military. what is a tragedy, though, is this appointment is going to be the most important one he makes of the rest of his presidency. why? for the next two years, all the major foreign policy issues are military related. what do we do about isis in iraq? is that a military operation, winding down the afghan war, what happens there? negotiating with the iranians over nuclear program. ashley: what about russia? >> the reset with russia. pushing its way around. ashley: china? >> china moving military and navy in the south china and east china seas. all of those are military-related issues, it's crucial that the president has a strong and independent voice at the pentagon and listens to
10:29 pm
the person. ashley: there was a quote from ayatollah khamenei writing on his website, he says, quote -- and there's the quote right there. i get the feeling that the iranians are back in tehran snickering, john kerry saying we're making tremendous progress. we've had to extend the deadline but doing serious negotiating. it's all smoke in mirrors, it's a joke. >> you are absolutely right. iran won the minute we started letting the sanctions up. why? our idea of a deal is we'll release the sanctions, your economy is boom, you stop the nuclear program. their idea of a deal you is get both others nuclear weapons program, we get our economy to boom, and we, iran, we know if we wait america out, the
10:30 pm
president will be so desperate for a deal, he'll either agree to everything we want or we'll get it anyway. ashley: and throwing israel under the bus? >> so far under the bus. we laugh at kind of tweets that you mentioned, ha, ha, that guy is the supreme leader of the country, calling the shots. guess what he was tweeting ten days ago? talking about how do we annihilate israel? we have the steps to annihilate israel? where is iran? ashley: feeling very alone. >> look at a nuclear iran that tweets about wiping israel off the map and iran is a existential threat to them. the bigger problem break in the united states relations? that's suicide. ashley: leave it on that sobering thought. >> happy thanksgiving. ashley: thanks for being here. if you find twitter hard to use, don't worry, the companies executives get it wrong sometime. twitter's chief financial officer sent out a public tweet that was apparently supposed to be a private message to a
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colleague about his plans to buy another company. oops! the tweet which was quickly deleted read, quote -- not exactly clear what company is the potential acquisition target, oops! as i say. we're coming right back. ferguson melts down after the grand jury decision to clear officer darren wilson. dr. michael baden who performed autopsy on michael brown how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment
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. ashley: you are looking live at streets of ferguson, just one day after protesters burned as many as 25 buildings to the ground and looted scores of other local businesses, it appears that traffic in that small town is moving freely tonight, maintaining calm for the moment. officer darren wilson broke his silence today. the man who shot michael brown speaking to the media for the very first time since the august 9th incident. here's wilson talking to abc's george stephanopoulos. >> this time, he's about 15 feet away. i start backpeddling, he's too close and not stopping. gets to eight to ten feet and laying forward like he's going to tackle me. and i looked down the barrel of my gun and fired and what i saw was his head and that's where it went. >> right on the top of his head? >> yes.
10:36 pm
>> you never even shot your gun before and now a man is dead. >> uh-huh. after the supervisor got there, i gave him a brief rundown of what happened. >> what did you tell him? >> i said i had to kill somebody. he charged me and he was going to kill me. ashley: our next guest conducted one of the three autopsies performed on michael brown. joining us forensic scientist dr. michael baden, the former chief medical examiner here in new york city. dr. baden, thank you so much for joining us. you were called in by the brown family to conduct an independent autopsy, is that right? >> yes. ashley: and were they hoping or did they believe that they weren't getting the full story or were they doubtful of the state autopsy? is that you were brought in? >> no, just the opposite. the information from the medical examiner's office as to the
10:37 pm
findings of the autopsy, so it took them a week later after they couldn't find out anything they wanted a second autopsy to get information, and the first questions they asked me was one, did my son suffer? parents often ask about that. ashley: what did you tell them? >> i said, not after the gunshot wound to the head, he immediately lost consciousness and that made them feel better. that's one thing, and wouldn't know how many times he was shot, what the cause of death was. and normally the medical examiner gives this information out the same day, and the same day the next day, we know all this. but apparently here, the information was kept confidential, actually for three months before the families were given the results of the official autopsy. so what happened is they wanted my findings to answer questions
10:38 pm
and essentially our findings were very similar, were the same. ashley: what did it tell you about the course of events? >> it did tell us that together with some of the history that the first gunshot wound that struck michael brown was in the palm of his hand, and that probably was inside the car. there were then three gunshot wounds to his forearm and upper arm. one from behind the forearm, one graze of the biceps, and one bullet wound that entered the front and came out back. that was one group, and then there were three other gunshot wounds that clusterred together that struck mr. brown when his head was bent down, in the much to his head, in the face and in the upper chest.
10:39 pm
so there were altogether gunshot tracks, and there were apparently 12 bullets fired, so five missed and four went in and out and three stayed in the body. ashley: you presented these findings to the grand jury, and i know you can't get into specifics, though so much has been released through the information provided to the grand jury. did they ask you a lot of questions? >> well, i can't say that, but i can't tell you. ashley: not what they asked. did they ask you a lot of questions. >> i can say nothing about the grand jury, but, yes, yes. ashley: they did. and from your findings, did it gel with what the police officer had said about the course of the events? >> well, there are certain things we can't tell from gunshot wounds, that depend on eyewitnesses, and there are many witnesses that testified.
10:40 pm
one of the questions that has been raised is was mr. brown charging at the police officer in fear for his life. that has to be answered by eyewitnesses, and the jury system we accepted from the mother country england 500 years ago gives the jurors the necessity of evaluating each of the witnesses for their credibility. so in this case, the grand jury evaluated each of the witnesses who told many different stories and decided which ones they thought were more credible. ashley: so the shot, dr. baden, to the top of the head, would that concur with the individual, michael brown charging towards the officer? is that how he got a shot to the top of the head? >> that's a possibility. of course, at that time, his head had to be bent down.
10:41 pm
michael brown was very tall. 6'5", but the officer was 6'4". so the gun when it was shot in the top of the head and the face, the head was parallel to the ground, and the gunshot wounds were parallel to the ground, struct head, the face and the chest, and he could have been charging or he could have been standing still and crumpling to the ground. that depends on the witness statements and which were given credibility. ashley: were you surprised by the grand jury's decision or not? >> no. i wasn't surprised. i'd be surprised if they had reached indictment. just traditionally in this country, it's very rare for grand juries, criminal grand juries to indict police officers who shoot somebody in the line of duty. that would have to be further resolved in a civil action probably. >> you think it was the right
10:42 pm
decision? >> i started to read the large amount of materials released yesterday, and part of that is i could see the jury problem with varying contradictory eyewitness reports, and so i'd have to go through it more to see the credibility of the eyewitnesses. i think the problem is that all you need is four jurors to vote against an indictment out of the 12, and then there's no indictment. so we don't know what the breakdown was. ashley: very good, we're out of time. dr. michael baden, thank you so much. appreciate you taking the time to join us. thank you. >> thank you. ashley: coming up next, president obama claims wide ranging economic benefits from executive amnesty actions. >> one study a few years ago found that immigrants start more than a quarter of all new businesses in the united states. one quarter of them.
10:43 pm
ashley: steve forbes fact checks the white house's arguments and he's here next.
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. ashley: almost three stocks closing flat and mixed.
10:47 pm
the volume on the big board 3.3 billion shares. the economic recovery gaining momentum in the third quarter. gdp revised higher with the economy growing 3.9% last quarter. gdp growth in the spring sp and summer, the best since 2003, but consumer confidence unexpectedly falling in november. here with his outlook forbes media chairman and editor in chief, steve forbes. mr. forbes, thank you so much for being here. >> good to be with you. ashley: start with the economy, 3.9%. the eurozone would kill for something like that. how is our economy doing in your opinion? >> it's doing a little better, a couple of warning signs in that report. one is profits are trending down, if you take out profits of the federal reserve, which are incredibly included in the numbers, it's starting to decline a little bit, not a good thing. wages are not going up as much
10:48 pm
as they should. i don't think we're still broken out. ashley: consumer confidence not that great, we're going into a very important retail season. people are wary to spend a lot. >> the "wall street journal" headline part-time jobs, full-time bills. median incomes aren't growing, and so people at the top doing well, but people in the middle, still feeling the pressure, especially when they go to the supermarket. food prices are putting pressure on on them. ashley: they are. and the fed, you think because of this will hold off on interest rates, or pretty much committed to the mid 2015 perhaps? >> i hope so, they messed up the credit market. it's like rent control in the name. people, but ends up providing less housing. what the fed has done is wreck the credit markets. i hope they allow the credit markets to function again. remember in the soviet union they used to have a saying, health care is free but you can't get any. 0 interest rates means people
10:49 pm
have a hard time. uncertain lines of credit. ashley: speaking of big government, what about executive actions and this president? what was your take on his moves with immigration? >> i'm sure george iii was saying i ultimately won the revolution, monarchy still reigns. not going to do much good, one, can be undone by executive order, and uncertainty does not help immigrant, hurts the possibility of getting the beginnings of immigration reform especially on the high-tech side next year, net net, it's not going to help. usually it is a boost for the economy, when you are here illegally, it puts a cap what you can do. you don't want to get too far above the parapet. you start by taking incremental steps. h1b visas, high-tech workers,
10:50 pm
students abroad, getting advanced degrees in the stem areas, science and technology. do that. guest worker programs. a lot of the people in the country would gladly go back home if they knew there was a legal way to come back for certain periods of time to do legal work. ashley: interesting, come 2016, you are confident the republican, a republican can get the presidency back does. all of this get undone, as far as immigration, what the president's done? >> i think what it does is make an issue that could have been dealt with in 2015, republicans if they pass it in the new congress, some of the things we talked about, h1b and the like, we're in favor of immigration reform, it should be done in a legal way. they can defuse the issue. >> we're out of time. steve forbes, thank you for coming in. >> appreciate it. ashley: listen to lou's financial reports three times a day on the salem radio network.
10:51 pm
next, the city of ferguson burned while president obama pleaded with protestors to remain peaceful. the integrity of the local and state police, how complicit was the white house in the reaction? that's next. ♪ (holiday music is playing)
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>> now, the quotation of the evening. this one from the 34th president of the united states dwight d. eisenhower. quote, there can be no peace without law.
10:55 pm
very appropriate for tonight. ron christie and ceo and president of the polling company, kelly ann. ron, you wrote a piece. give me a synopsis of what your piece was about. >> the point was that justice was served in ferguson, missouri last night. the fifth amendment of the united states constitution provides that in order for someone to be charged with a crime, you have to have an indictment first. fact and evidence. that's what this is about. unfortunately, there are those who thought, this is a great time to agitate. time to organize. time for the so-called black leaders to make it a rights issue. when it was nothing more and nothing less, were the facts such that warranted an indictment? we found out that the grand jury said no. >> we knew i what was going to happen last night.
10:56 pm
creating a state of emergency. saying it was very presumptive. let's face it, when agitators turn up, we know what will happen. >> he presumed, and he was correct. regardless of how you feel about this case, ashley, and, of course, everyone said a young man's life was taken. we pray for him. the agitation and violence that has ensued is not warranted. even the president's call for calm is unheated. as much as i think there's too much coverage and too much attention in some ways, i'm appreciative there are cameras on the ground. >> baiting people when you're setting up with a camera. >> some people caught on camera didn't know they were on camera. they're looting stores. and destroying their own backyard. throwing rocks in their own mcdonald's. hurting shopkeepers in ferguson. where is the pride in your own
10:57 pm
community? so i appreciate the fact that people can judge for themselves what people see on the screen. i commend everyone to read his piece in the daily beast. read it. it was terrific. for many people that feel you have to respect the process. this is the way our legal system works. you don't always get the outcome you want. >> they believe this is a big conspiracy. the officer wasn't going to be indicted. we knew it would happen because this is what happens in the united states of america when it involves a white police officer and a black victim. >> look at the facts. if they indicted, they would have said look how racist america is. last night they didn't, they said look how racist america is. they would have been urging calm if they were civil rights leaders. don't drink from the cup of
10:58 pm
bitterness. if you want to look at true icons of how they should have taken this case, this is a tragedy. >> listen to eric holder, who said it's not justice. i've got a separation investigation going on. >> for him to insinuate his own personal perspective is when a judge does it, makes it up when they go along. people should be outraged. that's want his role. some people on tv are sort of preening and thinking they're part of a civil rights bringing aid. i think it's not an insult to the civil rights bringing aid. it's an sult to people who -- you're in a cozy place, eating a nice meal, covering what's happening in ferguson. >> that's the terrible thing what congressman john louis
10:59 pm
said. he equated ferguson to selma. selma, you had 600 people were beaten because of the color of their skin. you cannot compare it to that. for him to have done so gives ledgesy of what's going on in ferguson. it's a tragedy. >> how do you think the president handled this. >> poorly. he should have never involved himself in a local case. looking at a local set of facts. the president and attorney general injected themselves into it. >> and trayvon martin. >> they are largely to blame. >> the reason the president didn't go to ferguson is because with the trayvon martin case, he said, if i had a son, he would look like ferguson. the power of the presidency into this matter. when he urges for calm, people don't listen. it really means they won't even he'd the ultimate authority. but i also don't agree with people who blame this happening
11:00 pm
in ferguson. look at the screen, blame the people you see. >> we're out of time. that's it for us tonight. stay tuned for cavuto here next. thanks for join us. good night from new york. captive welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. forget that al to the other al. who matters much more now, especially now. not al sharpton. alveda king. the niece of martin luther king on getting past the hate and not always stirring up the hate. alveda, an honor to have you again. thanks for coming. >> hello, neil. good to speak to you again. we were on the phone before, and that was a little choppy, but i'm glad to talk to you now? neil: it was, but you were flawless as always. here's my beef with al sharpton stirring things up. i don't think that's a reverends place to do that for good or ill


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