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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 26, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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transports. >> happy thanksgiving. up 5 percent. david: happy thanksgiving to you too, nicole. >> here are the bells clanging it out. we're looking at a dow jones industrial that's a winner. 17,829. the s&p as well. a record at 22,072. the record was 2,069. that's been busted once again. let's get right to it on this day before the holiday, "after the bell" starts right now david: we have a very busy three days to talk about. let's get right b into the action. he'll tell investors how to get low risk exposure to all this global growth. he'll have to make the case there is any global growth going on. tom widen has three ways
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to profit off the sales. todd is at the cme. another record. of course, it's wednesday. we expect records. you are such a bear. are you beginning to doubt your bearishness in any way, shape, or form. >> happy thanksgiving. no. i'm actually getting more bearish now than ever. i don't like the numbers. i think the numbers are still artificial. liz: do i have to come down there and smack you? you don't like the numbers time and time again. >> you know, let's look at it this way. if we know not to fight the fed. the market has gone up. let's face something. everybody knows we're going to have another correction at some point. we also know we'll have another bear market at some point. the velocity of money has not been moving here. what has been happening, the big copters and the banks have been putting the money in their vaults.
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circulating through the economy. look at the middle class. i have a friend that owns 15 subways. eight will lose money. i think the retail will find out after christmas if the middle class will be okay. i think it will be a lot tougher than we think it will be. liz: let me get to ron. we've had a terrific year on the markets notwithstanding the fear, and some of it appropriate, i think, because we've had such a good run. (?) where do you stand for people who are clutching their portfolio papers right now saying, what do i do? do i stay in stocks? do i pile in? do i ladder in? >> well, individuals have their own little structure that they have to look at. liz: of course. >> but for me, we don't see it. last time i was on, i said the market was going down. don't try to time this. this won't be a big dip. too much money chasing stocks. appropriately so. i think they're fairly valued. i don't think they're
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overly valued. i think i'm all for stocks. the problem will be in bonds sometime. we're waiting for interest rates to go up. they will go up at some point. investors in funds and things like that, i don't think they'll be happy with those returns. but stocks, you know, there will be 750 million new middle class families on this planet. that's a huge number of people buying deodorant, cars, cell phones. i mean, the markets are fine. we're growing. the world is growing. david: hold on a second. they're not buying cars in europe right now. >> that's right. david: there is a slowdown in china. not as many middle class people being created in china. i want to talk about retailers because todd was talking about the retail sector. what are you expecting this holiday season? >> well, a couple things, david, higher internet sales for sure, and pre-thanksgiving sales are up 19 percent just this last week
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year-over-year. we're seeing a couple things. first of all, two and a half million people have jobs they didn't have last year. based on today's oil prices, $50 billion will be saved by americans. as we go into the holiday season, we're already seeing decent numbers. that means better retail sales. if we see better retail sales, that will bode will for the stock market. liz: tom, advice our viewers where they should put their money now. give us your holiday picks that will extend through 2015. >> first of all, the retail etf rth. a lot of the big box retailers and a lot of the online retailers like amazon. but if you feel there will be greater holiday sales are online, which we're already starting to see a better indication that that's the case. a couple etfs. trust dow jones internet etf and also power shares, nasdaq etf. and these two, again,
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they do have amazon. they've got ebay, but they also have priceline and expedia that are gobbling up a lot of the travel sales as well. very easy index-based. low cost, great way to get diversified exposure. david: let's talk about commodities for a second. particularly oil. we had word from russia that they could still make money at $60 a barrel. it closed today well below $74. about 73.67. are the russians expecting it to go down? do you think it could? >> i certainly think it could go down. oil, we've had a massive supply throughout our own country. there's now a massive supply of oil. i think surprise, surprise, opec may not stem it. opec may decide to increase production to drive prices down, which would create more trouble for russia can
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be which will create more trouble for isis and create more trouble for our drillers here. they may try to create havoc throughout the world. at the end of the day, they were making billions of dollars when oil was $10. imagine what they're making at 65 and $70. david: by the way, we should mention we have a guest coming up towards the end of the show talking about their meeting that happens tomorrow. while we're eating turkey, teal be talking turkey at the opec meeting. liz: while you don't pick energy names, you pick names that could be beneficiary of extra money in people's pocket. in the last hour, dan, said is that his feeling up his suv tank cost $35 less this time around. that's money in pocket. why alibaba and google do you see them as beneficiaries? >> well, i think it's a longer term approach that we take to the markets. google has not
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participated here. that's why i brought that one up. we own microsoft. we own apple. i thought i would talk about something that didn't perform well, but should perform well. google has to participate. they're getting punished because they reinvested money into making them grow. so you need a little bit of a time horizon here, but google is one of the master's of the universe along with a couple of other tech stocks. they'll do great as the world expands. alibaba hasn't even scratched the surface. they aren't amazon or so ten years ago. they don't have inventories. they don't have over half of china that's online yet. they have all kinds of plans for the u.s. so i think that's something you buy and you stick away and buy one, three, 510 years later. you can be happy that you owned alibaba and google as well. not nearly as volatile as alibaba. david: potential. we love to hear about
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growing potential. tom. todd. thank you. happy thanksgiving to all you guys. thanks. liz: before you can eat that turkey, a winter storm is bearing down on the east coast. it's disrupting thanksgiving travel. it's a little less dramatic than people anticipated. tens of thousands of people are waiting because we see dumping of rain and snow and ice on parts of the region. >> and janice our meteorologist, we don't want to downplay it because the last storm was a deadly storm. this one could be deadly as well. in new york looking out the window, it doesn't look too bad. >> the thing is we have millions of people traveling on this day. we want everyone to be safe as possible. the good news, all the big cities aren't getting the huge snow totals. it looks more like a chilly rain which is good news. however, if you're traveling into interior sections west into i-95. heavy notice. a mixture of snow mix for philadelphia.
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light rain in the new york city area. there's boston. you see how that line is. this one has been tricky to forecast because we're right on that snow and rain line. there are your airport delays. going to be a trying time across the northeast airports where we have an hour. 2-hour, 3-hour declares and, of course, hundreds of cancellations across the northeast. that causes a ripple effect. this is a quick mover. by tomorrow, it's out of here. eastern canada has to still deal with it. blustery conditions. as that storm exits, things will improve for the parade tomorrow. there's your wednesday travel. we have a system across the midwest bringing delays there. northern rockies. big rain, snow mix line. thanksgiving day is much improved for much of the country. chilly conditions for the upper midwest and great lakes. storm system moving into the northwest.
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breezy conditions into the northeast which will bring that wind chill down before the parade. temperatures around the freezing mark. we will get those balloons up for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. back to you, liz, and david. david: by the way, it could be a problem for those balloons. we've had problems with that in the past. we want to hear with you folks. if you have a question for liz or myself, you want to see more of your favorite guests or a particular topic that you want discussed more frequently, like us on facebook and tweet us and let us know what you want. liz: ahead of thanksgiving tomorrow, we'd love to know what you're most thankful for this year. maybe a trade that worked out really well for your portfolio that you're thankful for. we'd love to hear about it. send us a message or tweet us. david: many small businesses in ferguson were looted or some burned to the ground. we get a first hand look
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on how they plan to get back on their feet and rebuild. what could have been done differently. liz: big meeting tomorrow, opec. matters to your wallet. big holiday sales actually bad for retailers. and why are short sellers circling chicken stocks right now. that much more. hey, it's a trade ♪ ♪ cocoa or eggnog?
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he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. silent night not so silent? elk bellow sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. give the gift of amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. this week only, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. liz: car rental company hertz has fallen into negative territory closing down nearly 4 percent. david: let's hold back to the floor of the exchange. what's the problem, nicole. >> had a run up this weekend. up 2 percent this month. up about 10 percent. back and forth action. here's what it is, you did have carl icahn billionaire beefing up his stakes putting up his money to show he believes in this company. don't forget he backs the new ceo john who came on board. the company will be
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restating their numbers back to 2011. up to 10.7 percent from eight and a half percent. a winner for the month of november. that's the story on hertz. back to you. liz: thank you, nicole. very much. david: tensions remain high in ferguson as businesses have been burned, destroyed and looted in the past couple of days. with us now is someone who spent the last nine days there and had a first hand look at the destruction. david web is a fox news contributor. radio host on sirius xm. david, first of all, explain -- tell us what it was like on monday. how were the businesses hunkering down. were there enough guards and police present, et cetera? >> no, there wasn't. for the businesses you have a mixed bag. those who have decided they will leave their windows. sunny -- sdl cordless
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decided to leave things open. the one next to them left their windows opened up. we weren't able to get back to the area so we have no idea which worked. business after business boarded up. david: do you recognize this one? the one that was really burned to the ground there? >> that looks like what might have been the remains of the autozone or -- there were so many burned. that's the autozone there. david: who did it? >> mostly residents of the ferguson/saintst. louis area. there were obviously from outside areas. from the arrests, the majority were from ferguson and the surrounding area. david: why would people burn these businesses -- they must know these businesses or know someone who has worked there. >> unemployment has gone up in ferguson. it's well over 11 percent. people can't go to work.
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one man told me, he lost 80 percent of his business since august. then you have the beauty supply stores, and all these other places that literally are small businesses, where people have leverage. there's a story of a woman, i believe it's a flower shop. she opened in june. she literally lost her business. and she is someone who is a minority business owner. local business owner. the real tragedy here is that -- as part of this tragedy, the ongoing tragedy, david, more and more people will not open businesses anywhere in the near future. i talked to a gentleman quarterbacgentleman -- david: they're leaving ferguson. >> how can they? how do you risk -- how do you assess your risk when you have a situation like that? david: do the other businesses worry? after the first round of rioting, a couple of weeks ago, we knew what the problem was. the police weren't doing what they were told to do. as rudy said yesterday.
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they stood back and waited until the second and third round of bottles being thrown. we know what was wrong. when are the police going to change their tactics. >> they did one night ago. when i was down there when the gunshots were fired and gas was being pushed through until it got to us. they ran down and looted another area. prior to that had no looting or very little looting. so now the police have sent out the tactical teams. they're not putting up with it. i want to add one more cost to this. the cost of boarding up. even if you're not looted. i talked to these companies. if you're a small business and you have to pay, 13, 1500, 3,000 when you've had no business since august or little business, and you have to put out thousands of dollars over and over to board up or your employees are now living in a box. imagine being inside a
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building boarded up trying to run a business from the inside. what does that feel like? david: is anybody trying to protect themselves? if they saw clearly in the first and second round that the protesters were getting through to the police, are they buying guns and defend their own place. >> gun shops said their sales were up. stock was out. a lot of people went out and bought guns. don't know where they're from there are a number of business owners said they would protect themselves. i talked to one young black men, he had his vest on. military guy back from germany. got his vest on. you know what, you're not coming into my business. i will protect my business. david: and did they come in? >> again, that's in that area that's locked down. the public, the media can't even get into west
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florsan. david: there are some staying come hell or high water. >> there always are. sonny has been there 18 years at stl cordless. he's been looted twice. he's not going anywhere. david: david webb. david, great stuff. thanks for reporting for us. appreciate it. >> as we approach black friday, big holiday sales may be terrific for you, the consumer, but not so good for the investor side. we will explain, but give you three names that might buck the trend. plus, ever wonder how retailers get ready for black friday? we get a never before seen behind the scenes look at how best buy prepares. the first time we were able to tape the rehearsal. we got it. a house in malibu for $10 and it's got kim kardashian style pickslated all over it?
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you have to see this ahead. the ceo of the company doing this ♪ ♪
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liz: are you counting the minutes before black friday hits. retailers rolling out the big promotions to lure you in. these are great for consumers, maybe not so good for the stocks involved. let's bring in our all-star panel and weed out the ones that might hurt and do well. and fox business contributor, phil flynn. let's get right to it larry. we know that black friday is terrific for the consumer looking for deals. how does it hurt companies? >> it hurts them quite a bit. margins continue to be trimmed. the retail person are multipleiers of choice. we're seeing that especially with malls where margins are being so thin, it's hard for people to stay afloat.
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liz: paul, we found something 40 percent, 50 percent off. are their companies who figured out how to offer great deals and do well for their margins and stock prices. >> not really. i was looking through some of the conference calls of the retailers. kohl's, for instance, they expected their sales to go up. one of the questioners said, does that mean your earnings will go up. even if their sales rise, their earnings will probably still be flat because of the margin pressure. macy's said they expected to be in an extremely competitive season. flat or down. consumers have been completely used to able to get anything they want at any time with free shipping at extremely low prices. they're used to that. the retailers have no choice to respond to that now. they're all playing the walmart -- liz: there has to be one winner. find us one. >> i think for me one
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winner would be nordstrom's. yeah, their margins won't be that good. they have this aloof customer base. they have, you know, very small amount of attractions or gimmicks, as it were, they did go to a price match tragedy. they're following other retailers. that will trim them a little bit. they're recognizing that the family and friends discount is probably eating them -- it's overused, eating margins. i think that might be one winner going forward. always a margin for nordstrom's. liz: how about the storms that have gotten you good bringing you in with boor busters, but forcing you to buy more. who does best with that? >> you look at your best buys. get them in with your tvs. target. the stores that have a great online presence as well as store price will do well. i agree with this. i think this year could be different. the bottom line, even though they'll use a little bit of margins in the short run, hopefully the margins will be higher.
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you have lower gasoline prices. sometimes those door busters if you have a successful promotion could set the stage for a better than expected season. liz: we cannot ignore the blarvk friday discussion without talking about about the ferguson ruling. it sparks a national conversation about boycotting black friday. paul, there are all different names for this. you know, people are calling it boycott black friday or blackout black friday as a dollar vote to show the power of the african-american consumer. if they step back, they will show their power. do you think that will be a deminimizer when it comes to the number. did i just make up that word? >> probably on an aggregate level, maybe not. what they're going to do, just from a strategic standpoint it's brilliant. the two big stories in the news, which is the black friday retail
4:30 pm
shopping season and the terrible thing in ferguson. you put them together. no one can ignore it. it gets beyond this issue of bliss brutality. it ties to economic issues. at the heart of the anger. that's a really smart strategy for them. liz: people understand money. they might ignore other things. protests. when fewer people walk in the stores, i don't know how they quantify who didn't show up, but do you think it will get any traction. >> you know, i really don't. let's face it, black friday is another holiday for americans. we love to shop. i don't think anything will stand in the way of people going to a door buster what have you. i think it will get a lot of headline room. there will be problems. regional malls will beef up security. some of the bigger ones. no, i don't think it will gain traction.
4:31 pm
liz: they could make a big splash if people put their shoulder behind this. >> they could. the bottom line, it may backfire on them as well. you're getting into the point where a lot of innocent people are taking the brunt of this. nothing to do with the events of ferguson. store owners trying to make a living. at some point, people will get up and these kind of tactics, people will say, enough with that. liz: well, you don't want to hurt your own businesses in your own region. certainly. that's for sure. great discussion. we're not done. coming up why opec's meeting tomorrow matters to your money. listen to this, one sector you might want to avoid because short sellers are pouring in and pounding it down. which one is that, david? you'll find out. david: it is a holiday to shop. that's what my wife keeps telling me. many travelers are en route right now to their destination. thousands of flights and
4:32 pm
delays. is your flight on the list. orst areas to fly to coming up. also, blue mobile. raked in over 43 million in sales on its kim kardashian sale, but the stock fell by half as the game slipped in the ratings. we'll talk to the blue ceo about what he's expecting for holiday sales ♪ ♪
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david: more than 46 million americans are expected to travel this thanksgiving weekend. that is the highest number since 2007. according to aaa, but is as the winter storm sweeps across the nation, the northeast bringing rain, sleet and snow. many plans will be derailed on one of the busiest travel days of the year. many of the major airports, including new newark international experiencing delays. 671 flights have been canceled altogether. there are some good news for those traveling by car. gas prices this thanksgiving they're at their lowest level in five years. liz: let's keep with that theme. oil price closing at a four-year low ahead of the opec meeting and the decision by the 12-member group. are they going to raise output? clamp down? whatever happens could have a huge impact on
4:37 pm
your wallet. phil, right off the bat, thiwhat do you think will happen with the opec meeting. >> i'm amazed that saudi arabia was able to bring the cartel together and talk about not cutting production. that's what they wanted. i'd love to have been a fly on the wall in that meeting. at the end of the day, i think there will be some type of supply. they'll either say, listen, we won't cut production. if prices fall below $70 a barrel, we'll take another look at it. or they'll talk to adhering production cuts. and saying, hey, we'll go back to quota, but we're overproducing to put a little fear into the market that there might be a cut in the future. liz: larry, this really does matter to people's wallets. >> it really does. right now with opec, so much discord and disunity, the best thing we can hope for is unity
4:38 pm
and cutting back on half a million barrels a day if they're overshooting on their quota. liz: or, larry, you start to see us operations shudder or mothball like the auto industry does when sales are down. >> a chance for that, but right now we don't even know what their price point really truly is. maybe lower 70s, upper 60s. a lot of the technology has changed. i don't think the market recognizes at what point we can shut down wells. liz: opec is becoming less and less a player. >> the issue isn't even so much the price of oil. it's the united states energy industry which has gotten huge renaissance in the last few years. opec has to calculate how much pain they can endure versus how much pain the prices will put on the united states. they would love to see the price go down and see all these midwest
4:39 pm
energy plays have to shudder these wells. can they withstand that? liz: from oil to chicken. how about that segue. there is a hot new trade on the street. traders are shorting chicken after prices suddenly surged. some names affected here. and, paul, you can look at anything out here. but in particular, there are two names that are getting hurt at the moment. sanderson and pilgrims pride. getting shorted heavily. >> seeing the market taking big bets against them. thinking that -- look, people are under economic duress. chicken production going through the roof. that has to be a temporary thing. the stocks are going through the roof. i'll take the bet against them. the thing of it is pun very much intended, they're playing a game of chicken. liz: i was ready for that. >> i knew you were. they're betting this is a temporary situation. chicken, you look at
4:40 pm
oil -- you have no alternative to oil. you have solar. but you have no alternative. you can stay with chicken. liz: you can go tofurky. >> right. the situation can last a lot longer than they're betting. liz: what do you think? >> i don't think he should count his chickens to be hatched. that's what i say. the thing is, the reason we had the big run-up in chicken, spill over from the other market. we have a tight supply of cattle. a tight supply of hog. multi decade tight supply. that's where we benefited. they look at the chicken as a good play. if you look at the big picture, be in that sector is bad for the short term. liz: sanderson 33 percent of it is shorted. what are they tesla. that's incredible, larry. >> keep in mind, very small float, both sanderson and pilgrim's pride.
4:41 pm
this might be indirect arbitrage. liz: the individual investor could get trampled here. so be careful. right? >> they could, but it's also a bear trap. too many shorts. people run for cover. you have pilgrim's pride at 52-week highs. there's no reason it won't go higher. it could be a bear trap. liz: 30 percent of that float is shorted. it's an interesting trade we like to talk about. happy holidays to larry and paul. david. david: we'll be seeing more of larry. gaming company glue was cashing in on the multi gaming industry by teaming up with kim kardashian. we'll talk to glue mobile ceo about how to diversify as kardashian loses some of its theme. we have a behind-the-scenes look at how best buy preps for black friday. it's the first time this
4:42 pm
retail giant has let a camera into its stores as it gets ready for the big day. a be th bit of history. calvin coolidge declared thanksgiving day officially. >> i calvin coolidge, president of the united states do hereby set apart thursday, the 29th day of november as the day of general thanksgiving and prayer and i recommend on that day the people shall cease from their daily work
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david: there are approximately 242 million mobile gamers in the u.s. they spend more than $3 billion a year. liz: our next guest has been cashing on big time on this trend with the help of kim kardashian. her game kim kardashian hollywood has made more than -- he's glu ceo and president -- niccolo, welcome back to the show. you made 1.6 million in the first five days. has that pace continued or what does it look like right now? >> well, all of our games ultimately have a peak, and then it comes down to how big is the
4:47 pm
tail on the game and how long does it last. now, with kim's game, we've actually recently extended our contract with her out to 2019. we're very confident on the length and size of the tail, and her audience -- david: thank you for putting it that way. liz: i like it. and in extending that so-called tail, you've added on kris jenner, kim's mother. and it's called kim's mommager. as you look at life after kim, how is that doing? >> we're updating the game about every two weeks with new locations. new characters. you've seen one new family member. when you look at the road map, we'll make sure we're providing exciting new updates and characters to keep the current base engaged. this is going to be -- david: it's my turn to be a little bit of a bad cop. as you well know the
4:48 pm
stock prices have come from close to eight down to $3. one of the reasons it's come down so much is because kim kardashian has come down in the ratings. at least the question is whether you guys are too heavily loaded on kim kardashian. you should diversify because as it slips into the game ratings it's hurting your stock. >> i would argue we're actually the most diversified player in the market space. we have 400 games -- david: if that's so, how come the stock has come down so much. >> i think people speck platspeculate on peaks of games. how long they will stay in the top ten grossing. kim's game in the top ten grossing. it could be people have underestimated the tail on all these games into the next year. david: let me get this clear and specific. you were saying traders
4:49 pm
are wrong from bringing the stock down from eight to 3.77. >> i believe so. liz: let's go to what you have. you have deer hunter, racing rivals. have they gained in popularity. let's talk about the fact that at least with the kim kardashian game, these are free to play, but then the add-ons. that's where you you get your millions and millions. we were teasing the malibu house for $10. you can buy one that's pixilated and people are purchasing that. what about the financial add-ons for games like these like racing rivals and deer hunter. >> it's game-specific. in deer hunter you're buying the ability to buy extra guns and hunting equipment. in the racing game you're tuning your car. you're improving your car to make sure it goes faster. in kim's game you're buying accessories and endgame -- we have a
4:50 pm
partnership with apple to promote the aids charity as well. a whole bunch of mechanisms that prolong the life of every game. niccolo, thank you very much for coming on. i appreciate it. >> pleasure being here. liz: many stores get ready to open their doors on thanksgiving day, some ceos will be working right alongside their employees. yeah, they're not sitting back and making the little guy work. next, the boston market ceo tells us why he's doing that. david: also, best buy is set to open in just over 24 hours for the start of its black friday shopping. just how does a store like best buy prepare for the holiday rush? it is a monumental challenge. we'll take on a never before seen behind the scenes look. stay tuned ♪ ♪
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liz: black friday, look, it's associated with frantic shoppers pushing and shoving each other to get the best deal. how do businesses prepare for all that chaos. david: lauren simonetti got the best look at black friday's preparations. take a look. >> and attractive. this best buy prep for black friday. visit the first time best buy has let a camera crew inside the
4:55 pm
store to film the chaos. >> this is organized chaos. thanks again. thanks again. we only allow a certain amount of people in the store at a time to keep it smooth. we work the line. we make sure everyone knows what's in stock and what they're here to get. it could go from 1,000 people the line and 3,000, 4,000. >> they need to get a ticket this is what the door buster ticket looks like. this is for the apple ipad. >> we've already picked out a couple items for you. go to designated area. you're ready to go. we'll get you rung up. >> this is why people wait online for these things, the tickets. what is the best reaction you've gotten from someone online where you've handed out the last ticket for the television and the person right behind that person was like, wait. i've been in line for hours. where's my ticket.
4:56 pm
>> it hasn't happened. customers know. >> compared to a busy saturday how much busier will you be. >> three to four times. it's like a super bowl. >> how do you guys sleep? how do you figure out the schedules to make sure you get sleep. >> sleep, what's that? >> in rockaway, new jersey. i'm lauren simonetti. liz: best buy surprised with its numbers. we'll wish them good luck. david: when is the last time you shopped there. liz: just recently to get a gift card. david: a busy day ahead of the holiday. here's some of the highlights. we start with boston ceo george why he works alongside his employees on thanksgiving day. take a look. >> the first year i joined a company. i used to be an hourly worker. that's how i started in the business at one point in my life. i want to make sure that our staff know that the
4:57 pm
leader walks the talk. if they're working, i'm working. and we also close between 6:30 and 8 o'clock. we still allow the staff to go home and have a thanksgiving meal with their families. i enjoy being with them. it's a great day for us. >> verizon has officially named today connection day. they are giving away a ton of free digital content to make it easier today. there's no strings attached. they're doing it to say thanks and give away the holiday gift of the season. >> they're giving free digital downloads from amazon. wi-fi on jetblue. thirty minute inflight wi-fi. >> we have made a conscious decision to allow our associates to spend the day with their family so that we can have the quality of service even on the busiest day of the year. david: i just bought a nice coat there. liz: they have great service
4:58 pm
there. david: you can catch all of today's interviews on liz: we've been asking you what are you most thankful for this year. mike wrote in on facebook saying: pretty good health, job, family, friends. and the fact that the stock market is up. yes, the s&p up 12 percent. for the stocks he's thankful for. intel,al coe aand a of mutual funds. >> joe wrote in, i shorted oil in june and went long in october. i made a bundle. good for you. liz: marco, i'm thankful for nonprofit obligations like sparrows nest that cook and deliver meals to cancer patients. >> it's time for the number one thing to watch. i'm thankful for larry who is back with us again. sng alternatives officer. larry, i bet it has something to do with oil. >> it doesn't. it's inflation. it's all the rage.
4:59 pm
either the lack of or having it. by friday, we'll have two really good reads. thursday, germany flash cpi. friday the german flash cpi. deeply important. if it comes in line, if there's no inflation or disinflation, you'll keep the status quo. let's make no mistake about it, there's a meeting on december the fourth. a lot of pressure for them to beat the drum louder. there will be large-scale purchases maybe. very complicated for europe to do. if anybody can do it, it will be him. it will be very important to see how those numbers show up. we'll see that friday. liz: let's make a comment about china. it's a bit of a slow down at the moment. >> it absolutely is. china is still growing, but it's growing from a very, very high base
5:00 pm
the saudi's are going to continue to pump as much oil -- yes or no? >> guesstimate a well. liz: happy thanksgiving, everyone. gerri willis is next. gerri: hello, i am adam shapiro and for gerri willis. the busiest travel day is turning into heavy winds, rain, and as much as a foot of snow, people flying face thousands of delays and cancellations and if you do get off the ground, your plane is probably stuck like a thanksgiving turkey. we have you covered on all angles tonight. teeter barnes is at reagan national airport. we have mark murphy here with us and our travel experts. we have needs no advice for everyone. but first, let's bring in janice dean to get the latest on the weather


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