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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 26, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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have links to everything. so that is it for us. coming up next you for joining us and have a great thanksgiving from new york. neil: welcome, everyone, ferguson is still hot. because this says that one is not helping any. and reverend jesse lee peterson said it's better that these guys shut up and quit infuriating the rest of the guys. you are saying that they are a part of the problem. >> well, first welcome a happy thanksgiving. neil: to you as well. a. >> many like reverend al sharpton and others have said
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that white officers discriminate against you because you are black and we have had a generation of young people believing in. and because so many kids are born out of wedlock, there is no one really around to tell them that that is not true. and so when these kids are stopped by white cops, they are already angry at the cops and the city you are stopping me because i'm black, you are racist. and instead of following the orders, they go off and just create a bad situation. so jackson and others have made a career of that. and it's weird because when you events, there is no reason for them to be feeling that way and no reason to be angry at white cops, but they have been brainwashed over the last 50 years or so.
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and the reason is good for their pocket and politics and it keeps them in a power position. rather than allowing them to become one. neil: and because they have so many followers they know how influential they can be and how many minds they can turn. so i always think that it is a legitimate crime scene. and i wonder whether messages to those and some say i have difficult getting this a lot
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more than you would. and so how do you deal with that clear bias versus what you see going on? what you tell black men and women? >> you know, it is unfortunate that sometimes the majority have two talk about those and that is what has happened is over the last 50 years or so we have allowed this to happen. and so now we have a society that doesn't really trust black men and sometimes black women and i can understand that. people don't want to put their lives at risk. so what i recommend and what we have been doing for the last 24 years is that we are rebuilding families by rebuilding men. children need a father and a mother. they need them to be together. and by example, guide them in the right way to go.
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to work and be responsible, to invest their money and treat people the way you would like to be treated and not based on color, nevermind if you're black or white or male or female, but three people in the right way and what you put out come back to you. i was born plantation in alabama. my parents and their parents and their parents grew up there. and you could not go to certain places. sometimes it was whites only and because i was like black we had to sit in the balcony. but not one time did other parents tell us who he white americans. they said there's good and bad in all races and to treat people the way you would like to be treated, you will come together as one. so that's what we need. these children are not suffering because of white racism. they are not suffering due to police brutality but because they are angry that they don't
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have to parents raising them and loving them and guiding them in the right way to go. and the unfortunate thing about all of that is rather than correcting this is they say that it's not the parents fault, it is the white man's fault and racism. so that will bear a of said and not only are they angry at not having parents but they're angry at the white man as well. so i have this really the worst thing the you you can have in your life is anger. because it clouds your judgment and it prevents you from moving forward. neil: reverend, you are an impressive man and i can see why your congregation grows by the second. sir, thank you for taking the time and happy thanksgiving. >> thank you and thank you for having me on. neil: the reverend is remarkable. yesterday, we spoke to the owner of this business, burned to the ground by protesters during my
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next guest says that protesters are trying to do the same to his business. he owns three tech centers in ferguson and he has been targeted by a lot of these rioters. i spoke to you on monday and he had argued then and then said he saw no reason to pull out of ferguson, that it was a good community and good people. >> first welcome your previous guest was very good. he has a great message and it's unbelievable. and yes, i'm very concerned, as you can imagine. we had these vandals and then we had two other ones as well and yes, i'm very concerned. we are not boarding up, but nonetheless i have great concern that vandals might try to break in and we hope not, but as i mentioned earlier to you we are staying put in ferguson and we
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believe in the community. neil: you have been burned twice and other owners even more severely and in fact one business owner said that her antique store was burned to the ground. so obviously this is complete hateful abandon. i do know that it went on not once but twice and if you include last nights activity, three nights. what is to stop a businessman or woman saying i love my community but this is getting to be ridiculous? >> you know, that's a great question and i'd think that it is going to happen that they continue to -- if they continue to break into stores as you mentioned, we have three stores, one has been broken into, fortunately there wasn't a lot of damage. >> what are they taking? that kind of things like copy
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machines? >> they didn't take anything, which is really crazy and that's what really makes you mad, they went in there and of course we don't have any of money in the tax office but they attempted to burn the place down. >> you are providing a low-cost service to those who otherwise couldn't get the service. so the irony is beyond the. so i wish you well, i hate to keep chatting with you under these circumstances, but you are a remarkable fellow and i hope it works out. >> thank you. you have a nice thanksgiving. meanwhile, businesses are bracing for a separate boycott. many boycotting in response black friday in response to the decision. but craig smith says enough, businesses have nothing to do this and should not be targeted now, yet they are and they will be. what do you make of this?
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sumac happy thanksgiving, i wish i could say that under different circumstances, peter just laid it out perfectly. peter is a businessman who pays taxes. where were the police to protect the stories? where was the protection that we pay for through our taxes two and now because of your staff, your producers are unbelievably good, i hear -- neil: a lot of them have talked about this. go ahead. >> they are terrific, they really are. i hear that russell simmons and jay-z are calling for a boycott of black friday. that is a stroke of genius. neil: by the way, these guys have enough money to last several lifetimes. >> this is the crazy part about it. free-market enterprise is what created those gentlemen to
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become billionaires. so what if they had gone to ferguson the night before and called and said i know we are all going to be upset if this doesn't come out the way that you think it should. and they held a concert, there wouldn't have been any violence. but no they say go out and spend as much money as you can and what we are going to do is call upon american businesses to take 1% of those sales and we are going to put it into a fun, the jay-z and russell simmons are going to manage it and we are going to make sure that we rebuild ferguson and that we bring the community together with the police department, and we're going to take the a free-market enterprise system that has made us billionaires and we are going to bring it to missouri. and use them as they start to show how cooperation between businesses working together versus allowing people to destroy each other to build nations. martin luther king said that we
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don't accomplish anything with violence, we don't converse anything with distraction, we construct when we do it nonviolently. and there was no at use of what happened. i keep seeing a vision of this in my eyes. that woman today had to tell people that you can't come to work, you are a single white woman, you are doing outspoken on the table for your kids, there's no place to work. even though i didn't have anything to do with this, my shop was burned down. the two of them are in a perfect position to make this an incredible opportunity in america. neil: they are hypocrites and clueless ones at that. thank you. it's not just ferguson, protests spreading including right here in the financial capital of the world. police saying that they will be looking for a way to stop the
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problems. >> i think it's time for the police departments to capitalize on the report that they have developed with their communities over all of these years. as you know, police transitions and hopefully now that is going to pay off because those relationships that we develop with the communities will keep this from spreading and the officers have now got to go out and meet with those people and meet with the community leaders and me with those partners that they have developed throughout the years to ensure that they work together to keep their cities save. neil: i saw it happen in ferguson, i think the authorities, they are so concerned about igniting a crisis by over reson't respond . and most protesters, as you point out, they are very
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peaceful. the vast majority. but when people start lighting things on fire, breaking into institutions, they pass from being protesters to thugs and criminals, they are the ones that have to be apprehended. >> you are right, that is absolutely true. that's why you want to stop these types of civil disturbances before they get to the street and become violent, you want to remain peaceful so you have to start long before you get there. it's much better to prevent these things and try to stop them. neil: is happening everywhere. now it's like many of them don't even come to the communities affected and they are trying to incite a violent reaction that can make it look like armageddon. >> exactly, that is where the community comes in and where your partnership's comment in the community because the community is the one that can help you keep out the thugs. neil: thank you very much. martin luther king himself
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provided the best example when his house was fire bombed in 1956, a lot of folks gathered around his yard and said that we are ready to respond so put the guns down and the weapons down. we won't resolve anything responding in kind. that was then, what the hell is going on now? you might as well spell the hot turkey now. because you're going to be lucky if it's remotely hot at all, it has nothing to do with crises and everything to do with mother nature and the micro.
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neil: welcome i guess you can call it an alert.
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this thanksgiving, it's not just freezing travel. my friend warned that this could snowball into something a lot worse. can you explain? >> it's going to put the big freeze on the holiday spending. a lot of people won't be able to get out of their houses and this is a very big weekend for a lot of businesses. and if you can't get get out of your house you're not going to spend a lot of money on christmas shopping. >> i know where you're getting at. >> you're right, if a store has a strong online presence, they may not miss a beat. i will tell you that the stories that are round, the ones that depend upon this and the momentum, a lot of times when they talk about homeland sales, you don't have the impulse buy that you get, get in line, trying to run in and grab those
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boxes. >> heavy always wondered why that is exciting for some people? >> and i guess that i do know that some might be robbed of that. that wonderful opportunity. >> i'm still trying to figure out why it is exciting. i'm working on that one. [laughter] >> people have different visions and stop. but i do know some people, it's like they did the tables out there and they have a checklist. and it almost becomes like a sport for them. it's all about the thrill of the chase. neil: i guess the question is for how long, because the lease in the northeast and much of the east coast, the thought is that by mid-thanksgiving day much of this is over. so you're not so sure? >> i'm not so sure, there is
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going to be a warm-up and there's no doubt about that, but i will tell you that it this holiday season it's all about momentum and why do we have it, you know, when we have these big sales? it's to create that and that may improve after that. and it won't have a strong our strong-arm presence and it's hard for them to make up. >> let's say that that's all they do, they could be a part of this. >> they have the big box stores and retailers and they like that double excitement.
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and so if you are a snow pal guy and you are looking to sell a snow blower, usually the sales will do pretty good after that. and the retailers will have a tough start to the season. >> just throwing that out there. >> just throwing that out there. neil:
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♪ >> just throwing that out there. neil: the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ho, ho, ho, ho] lease the 2015 e350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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neil: unreal, time for the spiel. too big for, to get in our way, just when we want to be left alone, but washington isn't leaving us alone or businesses alone. no matter how big or small, the government going after one and all. szechuan load more than 3400 rules and regulations under the cover of darkness. these are pretty stupid rules,
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yet they require most vending machines to list calorie counts on items sold as if you didn't already have a pretty good idea and so just imagine the cost of retrofitting all of these machines in all of these were places and in all of these movie places and all in the name of making consumers presumably smarter when it comes to making smart choices. first off, if you were going to a vending machine for the munchies, you don't have to be a great chat willing to figure that you are off to a bad start. rather than police what lever we pull, how about the government quit pulling our chain. that rubbing calorie count in our face because the skinny on a government out of control as it
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starts wanting to control matters in which it has no business and all the while telling business like this guy did. and they say that washington is leading unscrambling for a quick fix. and the trouble is ignorance of the rules is no defense. >> every time it makes me angry and makes me wonder how we will survive. neil: what are some of the ridiculous once you've had to deal with. >> i have 1600 vending machines, small business might it cost me a great deal of money. >> and if you want to have it, you do it because you're not on a diet and what gets me even
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more in. it is when they tell you about the calorie count on menus. costing probably tens of thousands of dollars to straighten out this and the fda's website talking about this formula. and are we responsible for giving wrong information? i mean, come on. >> you can see a customer who goes there, he comes back and sues because the calorie count was wrong. >> it's like okay, here you go. neil: think of of them shoving it in before thanksgiving. >> it's like we have one more thing to worry about going into the new year. it's ridiculous. neil: you told me in the past that it's not about taxes, that is all this sort of pain in the butt stock. >> it's everywhere you turn around, it's another guideline,
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nothing keeps the small business guys like me. we are thinking about rent, insurance, things that keep growing. neil: would he want to do it all the vending machines? >> i don't know. i spoke to my professional advisors and they told me not to do anything. because will happen is a lot of things to. neil: or you could put it on the open market on ebay. [laughter] neil: all free advice. anything i can do to help. i wish you well, my friend. meanwhile, if you build, you go to jail. how your next rant on facebook how your next rant on facebook
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3rd and 3. how your next rant on facebook 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500, its yield is doing a lot better... if you've had to become your own investment expert, maybe it's time for bny mellon, a different kind of wealth manager ...and black swans are unpredictable. neil: it could land you in the
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clink and i'm not even kidding. you threaten someone on facebook, the book can be thrown right at you. the supreme court said to decide whether violence is protected on facebook via the first amendment. so why are they not in your eyes? >> they are protected under the first amendment. my belief is that you have the freedom to say things that others find offensive, unless there is criminal intent and you actually intend to act on that threat. and if i put it on facebook that is okay. neil: tickets to a level where you are threatening someone, that is a home other ball of wax. >> yes, it is, it's a completely different ball of wax and i
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disagree in that you don't actually have to intend to carry out the threat, the only thing that you have to present as a prosecutor is bad person against whom the threat is directed had a reasonable belief that their safety was compromised. that's enough for a conviction under this statute. >> we have seen enough examples in retrospect that they were doing this on the social these social media sites and we didn't put two and two together. >> there are warnings them on forstmann has be understanding that some of these are serious. so it's no different than us. -- neil: but on line on facebook, that is where the distinction
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lies. and the law is very clear on this. they are set to decide that involves an individual against whom a restraining order has been wrought. and that person was facing social media comments that were violent in nature and that particular case both have held the conviction and they were right to do that. and the threats are obviously from someone who has a reasonable belief. >> i liken it to what is going on in ferguson, and i know that i make a statement, that you are free to protest in this country and that's what gets changed in this country. were you step over the line is when you start burning things down and then you stop losing your rights and freedom of speech turns into this and i worry under the social media world that were working very
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hard to protect free speech, we are protecting those who would just assume incinerate that. >> you are correct, that's one of the problems we already have historically. a lot of people disagree, but it was okay for them to burn as freedom of speech but it's not okay obviously with lynchings and other things that were done. and the issue is it's not just that a personouldindt ofnsivor wthert's asonle a imment daner thelawin alifornia is that you don't have to intend to
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carry out the threat it's enough that this person could harm you or cause bodily injury. so i think it's pretty settled on that. neil: let us know what you think. no threatening comments, by the way. meanwhile, forget what the obace checsa, it ti backers. how chuck schumer just proved to a lot of democrats that we can't trust you
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make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. ♪ (holiday mhey! is playing) i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today. neil: obamacare was a huge mistake. that's like me saying -- that's not me saying that. that's like other senate. >> we took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem. health care reform.
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>> senator, you are one of those democrat and one of the more vocal supporters of the health care law. and now the alarm bells are going off area and you are also one of the guys they criticize those who were railroaded into voting for war that you didn't support it. so what is different? outside of you being a phony? the democrats like this knew the law. and jonathan gruber seems to be doing a good job and piercing himself by himself. neil: what was your first clue,
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sparky? continued ... you mackovic, so when you go back the whole pitch was for the middle class and they said look, health care costs are out of control, you need obamacare to slow it down. and you will be able to keep your plan and your doctor. neil: we have these guys and the republicans were the callous ones failing to appreciate the enormity and how beneficial this would be to the middle class. that was then, very different reality now, if bing tells me that when someone this significant in this much of a
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key player is changing his mind, he isn't just throwing democrats under the bus, he is trying to save what is left of maybe his own limited reputation. >> i think that that is right. the interesting thing about this is that hairy reed has basically had a zero-tolerance policy for any obamacare legislation and i think it will get worse for democrats over the next two years to. neil: the undercurrents have something very big and health care focused the gets into
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widespread frustration among democrats and republicans and i just think he's trying to get in front of that before the truck runs him over. >> yes, and i personally believe that had obamacare been implemented when they ran for reelection, i think obama would've lost a reelection. he was lucky because the law had not been implemented yet and so he didn't really have to face this. he was on the ballot in 2014, he would not have been reelected. >> a lot of the mandates were pushed off just to avoid such a predicament. thank you, congressman, very much. neil: at thanksgiving. do you know where your
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neil: this is my last chance to speak up as an american and tomorrow is thanksgiving. i will be at the dinner table. and so to our all-stars now, we have tracy byrnes, more people are focused on going to the mall. >> i think that we should be thankful for the people in our lives, not the possessions. and i think that we have learned that the deals will be there. you don't see family members all that often as painful as it may be for some. and you should stay and be with your family. >> it will be interesting to see staying in their pjs, getting the cyberdeals. and we will see if they do that.
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>> i've done it myself. >> and we have more fans. [laughter] >> and if we want to shop on that day, they are going to plop on the couch. >> we are crazy about the u.s. constitution, but it's a little bit about my favorite place on earth.
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and this includes consumerism and you need this or that gadget. this car those shoes. >> is so much animosity and i guess if it brings you closer, go for it. but there's something to be said about spending time with your family. >> they get the sales, we don't, we have to be open. >> that's right, these guys are under pressure, the wal-marts and targets are fighting for market share. people aren't going. >> if you're going to buy something on thanksgiving day or black friday, are you buying more during the season?
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>> this is expected to be one of the biggest holiday seasons and it can yet getting more competitive for that many retailers opening not only on thursday, but they are opening up even earlier than they did last year. and i think you're right, we are talking about the same thing at the end of the day, whether you spend it on thursday or friday or two days before christmas, which is what i usually do, it is this -- there's no deep pockets here, consumers are taxed. neil: did you know that you can get it processed foods any day of the week online?
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neil: what is the deal with thanksgiving and why are we in such a rush to get off the couch and go buy a couch or anything? and wire stories making it so easy. our store is in that much of a
11:54 pm
rush to get sales going that they would crowd out a day that we should all be relaxing. and betty says, how about you sit on the couch and the ladies have some fun. ps, shut up, it's no big deal. i agree that thanksgiving is a special day, what worries me more is that it's just another matter of time before these idiots are pushing after christmas sales on christmas day. and maybe you love your family, but after a few hours of mine, i go to a hardware store just to get out of the house and calvin says trust me, is the world didn't have any laws, all of these stories would be close and that is a brilliant point. and cara says eagerly, shockley, it's a long day, plenty of time. and then you of all people lecture on family values when you're busy counting your money,
11:55 pm
it's a bit much. i hope you choke on your turkey great and happy thanksgiving to you as well, make it a blessed holiday. and then this in the otherwise joyful holiday season, many are have been e-mailing me your questions on just everyday stuff. i've collected quite a few over the last few months and i thought now would be a good time to share them. and i'm thankful that you're interested in the least i could do is respond. and to as many as i can starting right now, including this from tom in new jersey who writes, what time do you get up in the morning. i asked because i had the pleasure of bumping into you outside your studio because i was on my way to work and it had to be five in the morning. well, i get up at 4:00 a.m. everyday and i like to be prepared. and besides, i'm a morning person. and i read somewhere about your
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show, how do you do your show? >> i memorize everything and if i forget, i make the rest. and peter says, you seem like such a nice guy, but you often get such mean e-mails. who sends them all? bill o'reilly. the guy is jealous. and so anything i can do. anything i can do. and another writes what one you love this so much? and i said because overtime they do okay. and the rear, doctors maria, none of your business. paula, if i were 60 years younger, i wouldn't be alive. how old do you think i am? my girl thinks you're the total
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package, just between us guys, does that include the total package? does it really, really? jeff via yahoo! i would beat up al sharpton and tell him to eat more. tanya -- no, just fair and balanced, tanya, i owe allegiance to no one. bert -- no, i'm just saying i've never allowed anyone to control what i ultimately do say on air. alex -- no. tina and susan self-described twins in minneapolis, we're hot, you're hot, because we love guys with brains, are you open to affairs? only if they involve cannolis, but no, i am not.
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on that issue, chris and carla celebrating their 25th anniversary, right cavuto. try as we might we can't google controversy you on, and everyone has controversy, so what's yours? probably the pictures of me at a dunkin donut at the middle of the night. the white powder is not what you think, it's sugar doughnuts. lee in new hampshire, how many years you have been married? >> 33. >> how many kids? >> 3. how many pets? he answered more german shepard and fish than i can count. what is the number one value you try to instill in your kids, humility, it's a quality i most admire in myself. jason e-mails, neil, i'm 58 and haven't saved a dime for retirement. what should i do? kill yourself. no, no, serious three, is never too late to start planning, whatever can you put away now, put away, whatever bills you
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pay off, pay them off. focus on how much you spend and how much you need to spend. you can do this, trust me. don, you're big on talking about individual responsibility so i must assumure the one responsible for being the out-of-shape, slothful, disgusting excuse for an anchor you are. well, yes, that would be me. cavuto, what makes you so upbeat when i know you dealt with cancer and have a fairly crippling form of a mess. it beats being miserable. neil, you must drink a lot? no, i eat a lot. and finally, what are you thankful for this holiday? you guys, my family and having a job that isn't really a job. i'm grateful to have this job and get paid for it and great family i can share it. that's it. no mystery, no internal demons
12:00 am
they know of. well, aside of carbohydrates. if you want to know more, let me know what you think i'll respond to each and all as time goes by. for now, that will doit, have a great thanksgiving. kennedy: i know you're getting ready to shove your turkey into the oven. but before we degiblet the bird, cook it and let it cool, we have pressing issues, enemy is abound in chaos, as this was a week of uncertainty in the midwest. on the east coast chuck schumer publicly admitted how foolish and tone deaf he and colleagues were and the hasty passage of the aca. while people were reeling from being sauced in the gut from the depression. he and freedom haters decided to log onto the economic conflagration as the economy went u


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