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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX Business  November 30, 2014 8:00am-8:31am EST

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after the show. >> bye, everybody. >> see you tomorrow. the war on walmart. marchers chanting, shut it down. are america's shoppers saying give it up? i'm brenda buttner. this is bulls and bears. from ferguson boycotts to union backed protests. none of it seeming to turn shoppers away. maybe because they know unions are behind this push for higher pay. here we go. the bulls and bears this week. gary b. smith, tracy burns, jonas and john along with david. welcome everybody. john, you say this isn't about
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the workers numbers, it's the union numbers? >>itis not about the workers. it's unions surviving. it's been reported and discovered a lot of protesters were not walmart employees. they were paid by the union. going after walmart, if you look at the facts, national retail pay is $11.39. the average hourly rate, not counting managers is $8.36. they are going after walmart because the private unions at 36%. they are under 7% right now. unions are dying in the private sector for a good reason. this is about union survival. >> the request from a walmart worker who is happy with her job. >> i can't tell you all, but walmart has been good to me. okay? i came here about a year ago. i started off as a customer
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service cashier, then a sales associate in electronics and then a manager within six months. >> what do you say to that worker? >> i'm happy to hear from that worker. equally, you will hear other workers not making a livable wage and when you don't have workers making a livable wage, that provides for an insecurity among the middle class and american workers and affects american prosperity. unions and labor are made up of workers and working to make sure they are receiving a decent and livable wage. i don't think it's in america's interest to pay tax dollars for food stamps to supplement the lack of wages or decent wages that walmart is not willing to pay its employees that make walmart what it is today, productive and successful. >> gary b., productive and successful it is. it does pay a lot of taxes. what do you think?
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is this in america's interest? >> well, if you are talking unions, brenda, no, it's not. i don't think it's a bad thing. i don't think it's the unions responsibility to be honest with you to look out for america's interest. on the flip side, i don't think it's walmart's responsibility to look out. gecko had it right in the movie "wall street" in the '80s. everyone is good. look out for yourself. no one is saying i'm going to put the other person's interest before mine. look out for yourself. if everyone looks out for yourself, you have to come to mutual agreement. david talked about it's walmart's responsibility for a living wage. who decides that living wage? no one. you decide if you can make a living wage work at walmart or torgt or you don't have to work
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in the retail industry. do something else. there's a living wage equal in new york city as in des moines, iowa. or -- is it idaho? i forget. sorry about that. everyone looks out for themselves. that's the way capitalism works. >> tracy, a lot of workers want to work at walmart. nobody is forcing them to go there. >> many of them are part timers, too. john laid the stats out for you. a small portion of the total employee that is being paid the low wages. the protesters, half of them don't work for walmart. they are union people put out there. the thing is, back in the day, the strike maybe made a difference. now, you know what? i'm going to stay in my pajamas and order from walmart. it's not going to make as much of a difference as it used to with membership down. they need a new way to drum up new business. >> jonas, weigh in here.
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>> they are looking out for their members. they don't care about the gdp or unemployment. they care about the members pay. >> they care about their membership, don't they? >> partial delivery and benefits. >> they should care about both. >> i'm not going to knock that. i'm going to quote gecko. this country was built on mongering. it's to protest against raising the wages. they are the shoppers who won't do anything to get 5% or 10% off. they won't talk about wages going up to raise their prices. itis a bad idea to use that. that consumer will step over a striker to get it. >> that's exactly right, david. in fact, consumers are not paying any attention. walmart is getting 22 million people into the shop as of yesterday morning. >> consumers are also employees
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and there are those consumers that could add to our economy, if they were receiving a decent wage. i, for one, refused to believe america's great with only the corporations having great success at the expense of the american worker. i believe america can be and even further be greater achieving both and not one at the expense of the other. >> did you hear what she said, david? she did such a great job. she got promoted, doing right by herself and her family now. that's the american dream. it's not the handout. it's -- it's not the affordability of it. it's the fact that she can prosper because of herself. to gary b.'s point, she's out for herself and her family and god bless her, she did it. >> others need to do it and can do it and should be given the opportunity to do it. >> you give her a reason to do better. >> if it's not handing her more
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money just to give her more money. it's handing her more money because she earned it and is being productive. others are doing the same and being productive beyond what they are being paid and they should be recognized for what they are being productive in contributing to walmart. >> john, go ahead and get in on this. >> the facts are the facts. you can argue about opinion. walmart pays $11.81 to non-managing positions. you are going after walmart even though they are paying a higher than average wage because of the 1.3 million workers. be honest about it. in 1952, 470 major work stoppages. last year, when you had less than 7% in the private sector, you had less than 15 major work stoppages. the reason heartily was created in 1947 was unions crippled
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america through strikes. now the private sector said we don't want unions. this thing about walmart is not about a fair wage. it's about going after employees. >> let's ask for the honesty. >> let david go. >> let's add to the honesty. we have walmart workers making the wage they are making and you quoted it 11 plus dollars. they are still having to supplement their income because they are not paid enough. here we are -- subsidizing the wages of walmart workers. >> a full percentage point in america. they have done more for the lower income than the government has done. >> that's got to be the last word. thanks, guys. as gas prices are coming down, why are some lawmakers pushing to pump them up?
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neil's gang is on it. the president not making millions of illegal legals but may be giving a company a $3,000 incentive to hire them over legal americans. we'll explain next.
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forget whether the president's executive action will attract more illegals to america. that, combined with obamacare may be giving bosses 3,000
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reasons to hire illegals over legal americans. gary b., what's going on here? >> well, brenda, this is another case where our divine entity of the government screwed up another thing by passing this complex bill called obamacare. under this bill, they don't have to -- the employees don't have to pay into obamacare to cover the illegal immigrants. basically, they save $3,000 per illegal immigrant that they hire. so, here is what it's going to come down to. the immigrants, now, for better or worse are on sale. if i can hire david mercer as a loyal american, i have to pay into obamacare but i can hire gary smith just over the border with the same skill set. what employee is going to hire david mercer? no one. they are going to hire the person that came over the border. now, americans are at a disadvantage. it's good for businesses.
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it's one more huge hole in obamacare and the federal government's mismanagement. >> i know you care about the jobless americans, does this concern you? >> i think what we have seen over consecutive months, over the past couple years is 200 plus or 200,000 plus hires by corporations. i don't think that trend is going to be abbating just because of the regulation that you cite and, in fact, this isn't new. this was in the immigration bill that republicans voted for in the senate, that passed nearly two and a half years ago waiting for action in the house. hopefully, that will take place in the new session come january. but, this is not new. i might add, health care is not the only criteria you judge a hire or not. there is, i would think, as an employer, having a healthy, productive satisfied employee
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will mean a sustained employee core for you and profitability long term. i don't think you are going to see the trade off and americans are going to get fired. >> thank you, i have to get other people in here. tracy, to a small business owner, 3,000 smackers, that matters. >> sure does. gary b. made the point eloquently. if the skill sets are completely the same and the differentiating factor is illegal versus legal, bam, i'm going illegal, too. as a small business means i could buy all new tables for the restaurant or something. it's a big deal. it's going to make a lot of people make a lot of big decisions. i think, brenda, it plays to the fact it's a continuation of the unfair stuff coming out of this bill. unfair about the illegals. unfair about obamacare. we, the taxpayers are footing the bill. >> jonas? >> for most employers that employ low --
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>> it's still a lot of money. >> it's definitely an incentive. you can also say that it exists with hiring temp agents, outsourcing in other countries. making it semilegal, doesn't you cut the benefit. be honest. if you are not paying payroll taxes. there's a tax savings in excess of 2,0$2,000. now, what are you going to pay, the guy with the green card cash? it might make the differential less between legal natives of a u.s. worker and somebody who got this new status. >> john, what do you think about that? >> i think you can spin it many different ways about jobs and kill the clock. but this is stupid. there's no other way to rationalize this. it is stupid. the bill in congress that was there two and a half years ago, john is right, it was in there and stupid then. they said they would change that
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if the house picks it up. the main thing about this is that this is not actually affect that many employers. 96% of businesses are 50 employers or under. it's not covered by this. over 90% of employees and over already have their own health insurance. it's few. what you need to do is drop the employer mandate, which would be done under the new republican congress. >> okay. we'll be watching for that. thanks. cashing in, just over an hour from now. eric, what do you have coming up? >> crew members saying we should be thankful for obamacare this holiday weekend. is he right? we are taking on the creator of family guy. wait until you hear how hypercritical hollywood is. cashing in. see you at 11:30. >> thanks, we'll be watching for sure. higher fuel cost, the reason airlines say they had the hike fees and fares, then where's the
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available on any device. so, when fuel prices were soaring, airlines blamed that when hiking their fares and fees. what about now? oil tanked more than 13% this week and it's up 33% this year. where are the cuts? tracy? >> nowhere. they are not ever coming back. they are going to keep the flight prices this way and we are going to keep paying them.
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there's less flights, they pack us in like sardines. you have to hold on to your knees the seats are so close together. people are willing to pay $6 for a cookie. you have to pay to put your luggage on. there's no way they are coming back. oil is the lowest it's been in five years. they are going to benefit because we are going to keep flying. >> john, is this gouging? >> i don't think it is. it equates to $2.50 per leg every person flies. it's not that much of a discount. airlines lost money as an industry since they first flew their plane. they have run a terrible, terrible business. now, american with a dividend, southwest just increased by 50%. they are finally making money. they need to leave fares where they are and don't do anything stupid here. >> flights are full. passengers still want to fly. >> i think they will continue to
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fly and expand those that are flying. let's not, you know, let slide away that consumers are experiencing the benefit and the windfall that those gas prices are coming down. that's something they can devote. that money saving they can devote to other spending. i agree with john, airlines have taken a hit since 9/11. american airlines is just now paying the first dividend in 34 years, which is paying through american investors which is also travelers. i think you are going to see pricing stay the same as they make their comeback. they are only making 5.7% profit which is below the average 10% of the s&p 500. >> okay, okay. >> i think we are going to see stability there. >> jonas? >> poor airlines. stocks are going the opposite direction of oil. opec said they are going to put oil $10 off a barrel. that's what they did. at the end of the day, there's
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no demand for it. we are not in a recession. the oil plunged. opec is pumping, we are pumping. they are leaving the commodity trade. companies like jetblue can make money. they can charge a lot and the cost plunges. it's a gold mine. >> gary b., does that make you mad? >> no, it doesn't. you mentioned that airlines are gouging us. so what? you don't have to fly. i think it's gouging when starbucks charges $10 for a cup of coffee. is everyone saying starbucks is not charging a fair price. nobody is charging a fair price. you charge what you can get away with. you don't like the airlines, tracy, i love you, don't take the airline, take a bus, start your own airline. buy four seats, do what you have to. that's the great thing about the
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economy. tracy quick last words. >> i'm going to pass my own cookies. >> i love that. we will be following you. thanks, guys. thanks to david for joining us. coming up, the fight over door buster deals going global. one stock price going viral.
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predictions. jonas, take it away. >> the crazy door buster sales around the worl. it's an american invention. it's good for band aid makers. >> gary b., what do you make of that? >> there are better stocks. >> what is yours? >> lower gas prices mean more people driving. that means they are going to wear out their tires. that's great for good year. up 30% in a year. >> john, you agree with that? >> i love their blimp but i don't think. >> all right. your prediction? >> i agree with gary b., falling oil prices benefit oil with a good balance sheet. up 20% in a year. >> jonas? >> all prices clashing. no. >> bear on that one. okay. tracy? >> so, thanksgiving day gift from the white house, more than 3400 new regulations. i'm sure small businesses are doing the happy dance with that one.
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that is a job killer. i don't know what they are thinking. >> forget about black friday. the best deal of this week is coming upright now. cavuto on business. neil, take it away. millions hitting the road this weekend. now, about to get hit by a tax hike courtesy of the turkey's in washington. i'm neil cavuto. enjoy the low gas prices while you can. revving up in washington say it won't last. the $53 billion highway truck fund needs it. it's not enough to pay for roads and bridges. time to hike the federal tax on every gallon of gas. i'm all for giving money. tell me what you did with the 53 billion bucks in money we gave you. charles is asking the same question. it's making charle


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