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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 5, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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us. make sure you dvr us. you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." i'll see you 9:00 a.m. filling in for maria. big day in the markets. one man that ties it all together, lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening everybody. breaking news tonight. a steep sell-off on wall street costing investors nearly a half trillion dollars. the dow jones industrial average fell more than 300 points on the day. it is the largest sell-off since october of last year. the dow has finished lower now for the past five trading sessions. it's down 3% from its record high close on the day after christmas that was just ten days ago. the sell-off began at the opening bell driven by oil prices that fell below $50 a barrel for the first time in almost six years. and while the average price of gasoline fell below 2.29 nationwide.
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the good news was tempered by the white house. the increase in the gas tax is now under presidential consideration. >> we don't believe the best way to fund modernizing our infrastructure is to raise the gas tax but some people do. and we're willing to -- to consider those proposals. we believe that the best way to do that is to close -- close loopholes that benefit the wealthy and wealthy corporations. lou: we'll be taking up the issue of falling crude oil prices and how it will affect the overall economy and the bottom line for this country's middle class here tonight. also the incredible story tonight of the former president the current prince, and a pedophile friend who is causing consternation from buckingham palace to hollywood. a story that could have major ramifications for the 2016 presidential
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elections. in a lawsuit filed against convicted sex offender and new york financefinancier billionaire was forced to have sexual relations with the duke of york at least three times. they linked him to more than 30 underage women before his attorneys were able to secure a deal that required 13 months in prison in 2008, and the names and facts of the case to be sealed. a controversial deal that also guaranteed potential coconspirators would not face criminal charges. a deal that guaranteed epstein's high profile friends such as the prince, prince andrew, actor kevin spacey and bill clinton would be shielded. the lawsuit revealing that bill clinton had visited epstein's island before his arrest. the island are epstein held underaged sex
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slaves. we'll be taking this all up tonight. we begin in washington dc. speaker john boehner facing opposition from his own party in his bid for speaker of the house. republicans are about to take control of both chambers of congress. my first guest is one of the congressman. congressman ted yoho, a member of the house foreign affairs. good to have you with us. a gang of -- it's being styled tonight. tin conservatives who are bucking the speaker's candidacy. you're speaking the job yourself. how is this going to unfold? >> lou, i appreciate you having me on. this is something that has been brewing over the last two years. a lot of discontent. a lot of members think we need a new speaker. we had a plan right before we got to this point.
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the person that was going to step up stepped back. i threw my name in the hat. so many members want an option. they want an alternative. we've received a message from other members saying thank you for offering us an alternative. we'll have that vote tomorrow. and, you know, we'll have to see how it comes out. if we get 29 votes against mr. boehner, we'll go into conference and we'll come back with somebody that that we'll have as the new speaker. lou: when us you'll have 29 votes and you'll have a new speaker, how does that work? >> well, what will happen we'll go to conference we'll negotiate who will run for speaker and we'll come out and vote. i think you'll find that person will get pretty much the majority of the vote. lou: and do you expect that person to be speaker boehner? >> we'll have to stay tuned until tomorrow, and i'll let you know. lou: we'll be watching
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irrespective and use our own devices to count that vote as it unfolds. let me ask you this there are a handful of you that are, quote, unquote, in rebellion against the speaker. not only among republicans, but also the democrats will have a vote here for speaker. is there any way in the world in which you or congressman gohmert could possibly win? >> again, that will be up to the members. we have been talking to a lot of people. we've gained support. how many will stand up and support us, we'll see. if we go to conference and have the 29 votes to stop mr. boehner -- you use the word rebellion. we're exercising our freedom of choice. districts around the nation and my district. if you look at what's going on, 25 to 33% of the people that are registered republicans are looking to leave the party because they don't like the direction that
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we're going in. i think that's a loud example of why we need different and stronger leadership with vision. lou: yeah, you guys are a little hard to figure out right now. frankly. you don't like the word rebellion. when you are bucking the established leadership i think the word at least serviceable, if not entirely to your liking. and the choice, the option however you would like to style it -- >> right. lou: -- is between what and what? boehner is as establishment republican as you can get. what is the vision you're getting offering other members of the congress? >> regular order. bringing bills up in order. bringing them up with member initiatives instead of screening them and not bringing them up. allowing the members 72 hours to read a bill. i could go on and on. again, this discontent is not just me and just the gang of ten or 12,
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whatever it will be tomorrow, this is something i hear every day from members that we need a stronger leader. and i will say nothing negative against mr. boehner, i think he's a great guy -- lou: i don't know if he would reciprocate with you tonight. >> he's free to choose that. lou: great country in that respect. >> and we intend to keep it that way. lou: i admiring your offering a choice knowing that the great guy, as you describe him speaker boehner may be -- may have some different views on your -- on your committee assignments and a few others. you're not beyond the influence of, should we say, once the choice is made, of the speaker making some choices of his own that could affect you. how do you feel about that? >> and i understand that. i got quoted the other day of saying, i fear no man. we live in america. we have freedom of choice. we have the ability to
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speak what's on our mind. free speech. if i lived in russia, china, or a communist country, i would fear that retribution. when i was sent here to stand up for the people of my district if i'm intimidated to do that is that not a form of censorship. if the other members aren't willing to do that, i can't help them. i was sent here to go against the status quo, to change the direction of washington and solve some of the problems we have that we haven't dealt with. lou: i think it's an interesting -- an interesting moment, and a moment deserving of everyone's attention and a compliment you for putting choices before your conference. the reality is that congress made up of democrats and republicans alike establishment republicans and establishment democrats on a given day it's been my experience
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sitting in this chair that you can't tell much a difference between the two. you're obviously offering, as you put it a choice. congressman, we thank you for being with us. >> i would like to expound on that at another time. you hit the nail on the head. i appreciate you having me on. lou: thanks for being here. ted yoho. stay with us. republican party taking control of congress tomorrow. they're talking about a segment of the public that's been largely ignored by president obama. i'll take that up in tonight's commentary, and we have a lot to take up with you here next. stay with us. >> a sex scandal of epic proportions. a billionaire a member of the royal family, a former president. judge andrew napolitano joins us next on this sizzling case of jeffrey epstein and the special favors for his friends. next
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lou: as we reported at the outset tonight an extraordinary scandal involving power money sex rocking the british monarchy and could very well doom hillary clinton's hopes. jeffrey epstein received
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special treatment in a child sex abuse case in 2008 in which he served only 13 months in jail, avoiding far more serious charges as he ran a sex slave ring. how was it kept under wraps? how was it all kept so well-controlled? epstein had significant connections that include prince andrew. harvard professor allen both named in the lawsuit and president bill clinton. joining us tonight fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, great to see you. what do you make of this case? six years it's been held under such tight wraps. it's incredible. >> here's what has developed in the past three and a half days in the case. the criminal case was settled in 2008, and i federal statute was violated by the federal government in the manner in which the case was resolved. the federal statute is the crime victim's
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relief act which says if you're a victim of a federal crime the government must inform you when it has entered into a plea bargain with the person who victimized you so you can tell the judge how you feel. this was sealed, this settlement of the case. and the victims were not told about it until years later. so they sued the defendant in the case, jeffrey epstein the billionaire, and they sued the federal government for corruption and collusion to violating a federal statute. in the course of that lawsuit, one of the alleged victims says that she was also abused by professor who has denied it. in full disclosure, he's a friend of mine. he's denied this emphatically. the pr system has denied that the prince is
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involved. it appears that mr. epstein has friends in high places who put together a deal for him almost too good to be true. part of that deal involved not telling the victims. lou: a lot of english papers doing more reporting than any american paper. the new york times took it up sunday. we began looking at it the end of last week on this broadcast. it is extraordinary that a -- a george bush-appointed us attorney was in charge of the case, and the deal was constructed with pretty clear indications -- in one instance an email that said this must be kept quiet. to that effect. >> this was resolved in 2008. george w. bush was the president. george w. bush and his appointees were running the justice department. lou, it should come as no surprise to your viewers who watch you every night that the
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government often scratches the back of its predecessors so that its back could be scratched -- the bush people would be happy to conifer some benefit on clinton and his friends so they may receive some benefit from whoever would succeed bush at the time. there's no allegation of inappropriate behavior on the part of bill clinton, the allegation is that he visited the place where these events occurred. whether he was there when these events occurred or not isn't known. the last thing his wife wants in this election season is people talking about her husband's sexual appetites. lou: and here the story reaches to the issue of personal lives that most of us -- well, i shouldn't say most of us. i certainly, i believe it's t well, we would never delve into anyone's personal life, as long as it didn't influence public policy in the government. >> i think you're
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delving into the inappropriate favors granted by government, and the public has the right to know that. why did the bush administration which had evidence that jeffrey epstein was involved with many underage women, instead let him plead to a very, very low level crime and get 13 months, when he could have been exposed to 20 years. lou: in that context and to my point on this, the reason we're delving into this because it's certainly obviously their personal lives. but this is, first of all, about a crime that is slavery sex slaves, underage. it is about presidential favors at least the allegation of them. >> right. lou: and influence on the part of epstein that reach across business and government potentially. and why so many people in power went to such lengths to make certain that was, quote, unquote, kept quiet. >> well, look the allegations came out in
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this civil lawsuit on friday. if they make their way across the pond where the laws against sex slavery, forcing young women into sex with older men are just as strict as here, scotland yard has to investigate the prince. they will subordinating him underinter gate himunder oath. >> the way in which that deal was constructed prince andrew in effect has conferred -- has immunity conferred upon him under the terms of that agreement and everyone else that could have been involved, if you can imagine. >> guess what, the british government was not party to go to agreement. i have nothing against prince andrew. these are just allegations. his people have denied them. while it might look like he received immunity, in fact the victims who have now want to speak out and join this lawsuit and now are
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making allegations against him have ever right to go to scotland yard and they will have to decide what to do. lou: and what will happen here next in your judgment? the idea that the justice department simply rolled over a statute that required a noasksnotifications to victims of reaching a settlement was utterly ignored. >> i've been complaining my entire career about government breaking its own laws. government is required, when there is a victim in a crime and it has -- it has taken a plea from the person who victimized the victim, it is required to tell the victim. it violated that law. it's coming back to bite the government. it's a different government. it's the obama government and the obama justice department. it's still the government of the united states of america. where does this go? i don't know. i suspect it will be resolved. when you have names like clinton, prince andrew,
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professor dershowitz involved, something tells me me this will go away. lou: you think it will? >> yes. but the public has the right to know. lou: we're working hard here to make sure that if goes away, it's because the public is informed. >> i could not agree with you more. the public has the right to know what the government does in its name. lou: i'm glad to know the constitution is still in effect if not honored. >> it's still around. lou: we appreciate your insight and as always your instruction. be sure to vote in our poll. we want to know who you support. let's go to it right now. new york city mayor bill de blasio, or the new york city police department. cast your vote at we want to hear from you. something to keep in mind as folks protest police tactics of the nypd who help make new
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york america's safest big city. in chicago, which is america's murder capital, one man was killed at least 14 others were wounded in shootings across the city over this weekend. a tragedy that will, of course, garner little attention from the mainstream media. 407 people were killed in chicago. a city with a third the population of new york where 328 people were killed. up, next the national liberal media elated that house speaker boehner is facing a challenge. why republicans are actually well, they're not divided after all. stay with us.
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lou: a few comments now on republicans taking control of capitol hill. they'll have a 54-46 majority in the senate a 246-188 majority in the house. that, by the way, is the largest republican majority since herbert hoover was president.
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the incoming senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, says he's not opposed to negotiating with president obama. that's a good thing. >> when the american people elect divided government, they're not saying they don't want anything done. what they are saying is they want things done in the political center, things that both sides can agree on. we talked about the things where there may be some agreement. lou: in the house speaker boehner is a sure bet to win a third term as speaker despite the national media trying to hype the gang of ten. lawmakers who oppose his speakership. the real story is how little opposition the speaker actually faces and how united the republicans appear to be even as they've expanded their representation in congress. in 2013 when republicans had a smaller majority, speaker boehner retained the speakership despite losing the support of 11 republicans. for now it appears the republican party has listened to our entreaties for the party to reach out to the middle class and those who aspire to middle
7:28 pm
class, to working men and women, small business folks. listen, if you will, to the incoming chairman of the commerce committee, senator john thune, talking about his hopes for this new congress. >> you always somewhere a new session -- enter a new session of congress with high hopes, and i know that republicans in the senate are looking forward to and willing to work with the president on areas where we can create jobs and grow the economy and strengthen america's middle class, and i hope the president will meet us there. lou: the middle class! senate, thank you. the middle class. republicans obviously, at least some of them changing their rhetoric and, i hope their focus. because i believe the middle class is where the american dream resides, where the republican party must center it for the good of this country. and now the quotation of the evening and a little counsel u if you will, a little ad vice for the incoming republican majority from american author and humorist mark twain as they present themselves as the
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majority in both houses. whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and to reflect. we pause we reflect. we're coming right back. ♪ lou: al-qaeda threatens again. a recipe for disaster from the kitchens of dedicated radical islamists. fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland joins us here next. a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. the world is filled with air. but for people with copd sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler.
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lou: al-qaeda with new threats, the terrorist group threatening to use what it determines undetectable bombs against the united states and even giving some extensive details on how to build such a bomb in the latest edition of its online magazine. joining us now to talk about this and the orr threats to this country -- the other threats to this country, fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland. first, happy new year. >> happy new year. lou: is there anything to this this al-qaeda threat? >> yeah. but, you know, when i read it at first you get nervous thinking, oh they're going to train terrorists, they're going to show up everywhere. i say this is a real sign of weakness on al-qaeda's part because they don't have the recruits. in the past when they've done successful attacks, they do the attack, afterwards they claim credit. this is something that's aspirational. they're hoping that they're going to attract a few people, read the cookbook figure out how to make a bomb in the kitchen of my mom, which is the title of the article and then
7:34 pm
they're going to go out and -- lou: lyrical but not necessarily -- >> i read it, and it's in inspire magazine, it's like gq for jihadi wannabes. if they're doing this, my thinking is that's a sign that, you know time has passed them by. lou: what is it a sign of when the new president of afghanistan -- >> yeah. lou: -- starts talking about the united states rethinking its timelines and its representation? >> you know the tragedy of afghanistan is they probably finally have a good leader but it's too late. we've been there for a decade over a decade propping up leaders who don't like us in a country that no longer really matters. and so when we're -- the taliban decided a long time ago that they would just bide their time. we would eventually get tired, we would eventually leave, and they'll come back in. and the greatest tragedy of all is that we completed the mission
7:35 pm
in afghanistan which was to kill al-qaeda. we did it in three months, but we stick around to nation build. lou: it's ap appalling history -- an appalling history, our involvement in afghanistan as it has been for so many western countries, the soviet union included. the impact of lifting sanctions against russia, now germany is saying that further strengthening of those sanctions could push europe over the edge, basically. economically. >> well, the sanctions never made a big amount of difference to russia. what made the difference and has put them in the economic recession, collapse of the ruble, complete collapse of their government revenue is the low price of oil. oil's gone down by half, and that's their major source of income, they never developed -- lou: this is the only instance, i must say, of economic sanctions working, and i don't believe they would have worked had it not been for the collapse of global oil prices. >> yes. lou: so with that situation what is the united states to do
7:36 pm
its leverage has sort of been removed because europe going to go along with any further sanctions. those sanctions are really beside the point anyway as you're suggesting. >> well, the question is what does putin do? we're now in that position where does he double down, does he say i know i've got problems at home, i've got this bad economy coming, aye got misery in my -- i've got misery in my people or does he back down? i think a real indicator this week, guess what he did? he slashed the price of vodka. so the people of russia, i think he's going to double down, he's going to say we're threatened from afar -- lou: can i ask you this? is a geopolitical -- as a geopolitical strategist of great experience and insight, what moron would have ever imagined that putin would pack -- would back down on any straightforward confrontation and direct challenge and to be dismissed as president obama did the entire country as a regional power with over 3,000 nuclear
7:37 pm
warheads? >> it was a complete misreading of putin his history, who he is what he -- lou: well, who the heck are these idiots -- >> i'm not going to defend the obama administration. [laughter] lou: i'm just saying it's about time we learned names of who in the world is this president listening to? >> well that's the big problem, because he's had good officers i mean, for example, secretary of defense he had two really good ones panetta and gates. he didn't listen to either of them, and now he's got potentially another good one, is he going to listen to him? lou: we will see. it is great to see you. >> thanks very much. lou: kt mcfar lambed. up next here a triple-digit selloff on wall street dropping crude oil prices, new fears of deflation in europe. we'll be taking that up here next.
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♪ ♪ lou: what a day on wall street. stocks selling off sharply to put it mildly. the dow and the s&p plummeted nearly 2%, the nasdaq down 1.5% on the day. joining us now to analyze this all off and look into the markets and interior and exterior reasons, s&p chief equity strategist sam stovall
7:42 pm
and anthony scaramucci. sam, what in the world happened today? >> well, i think people are looking at oil prices and just wondering it can't just be that this is going to benefit the u.s. consumer that there really has to be a reason behind i. prices lead fundamentals, and i think investors are worried that the price decline is telling us a bad story that eventually will unfold regarding the fundamentals. lou: so everyone suddenly, as we begin the first full trading week is anthony, i mean everybody's that nervous -- >> well, i think this is going to be the market's question, is this oil move related to saudis imported fresher supply or is this a demand-based move where there's a recession in the future that we haven't calculated that the market's now adjusting for? i actually think it's neither of those two things. i think this is an adjustment that the market's making to get a little bit more defensive in anticipation of the federal reserve increase at the end of the year and possible more volatility in the commodity
7:43 pm
markets that we haven't intended. so that's why i think you've got a shake-up right now, but long term i'm positive on the year. lou: positive on the market even as germany is making it clear that further sanctions are a nonstarter against russia because they believe that it will disengage the -- >> well that's positive, that's positive for the market. if they reduce the sanctions, it means more commerce, there'll be more business activity. it may not be great for the political situation between the united states and russia but let's take it outside of the political context, it's positive for the market. more business better for the markets, lou. >> i think that one of the worries that investors had was could we see a repeat of 1998, seeing a russian debt crisis take place. russia going into a very severe very deep recession because of oil price declines, because of the tumbling ruble, etc. and i think that this might be taking some of that off the table. lou: and it's a little hard to divine i think, for most of us
7:44 pm
as to what the probabilities are. putin, i was talking with kt mcfarland who is an expert on russia, previously the soviet union. to suggest that as this administration has, that somehow putin is going to put things in reverse, that he is going to in some way kowtow or recede from the battlefield when it looks like he's being as aggressive as one can possibly imagine -- >> i give you a theory there? lou: sure. >> what if his -- lou: so long as it's solidly constructed on empirical evidence guarantee the outcome. >> all right. i can't guarantee the outcome, but i do think president putin is super focused on his own net worth more than all these other things. if you talk to guys inside the cia, outside the cia, his focus is about his net worth -- lou: wait a minute these are the same people who forecast the takeover of crimea in the fait accompli that we've accepted and now -- >> not saying lou i'm not saying they get everything
7:45 pm
right -- [laughter] and i love that witty smile of yours, but you've got to look at putin for what he is. he's an oligarchic figure -- lou: don't you love that? in russia they're oligarchs, over here they're billionaires -- >> robber-barrens and misrecents. [laughter] but when he's in the morning waking up, my guess is he's checking his net worth in swiss banks and cyprus, and i think i this thing has hugely pained him. so a reversal of course is not inconceivable despite what you think of him as a guy. he's not josef stalin. lou: well, i think that's to his credit, at least. and the reality here is that we have oil prices that continue to crumble. do we see a floor? that's one of the questions i think our viewers would like to hear answered here. and secondly, disinflation deflation in europe irrespective of what happens with russia? >> i think that deflation, disinflation is one of the worries because we know how to fight inflation, we really have not had a lot of practice
7:46 pm
fighting deflation -- lou: we could just take the japanese template, couldn't we? >> the japanese template of the 1990s, you had some sectors like consumer discretionary do very well mainly because even japan is not an island, it is a global exporter -- lou: only you could have gotten away with saying only japan is not only an island. what do you think? >> i'm super worried about deflation. just remember that when you have deflation, you have what's called debt destruction. people can't pay their debts back, and when that happens it's game over. i predict the federal reserve will stick in this easy money for longer than people expect. lou: do you concur? >> yes. lou: love to end a conversation with absolute agreement. be sure to listen to my financial report three times a day on the salem radio network. turning to football, johnny manziel at the center of more controversy, imagine that.
7:47 pm
tonight the 2012 heisman winner at the center of that controversy, he was reportedly heckled at a houston nightclub over the weekend. manziel predictably reacted by, well, i think the expression is flipping after off the crowd. the crowd had its own response, hurling drinks at manziel and his entourage. don't mess with texas, johnny. up next, potential republican presidential candidates making major announcements. we'll be talking about that here next. stay with us. ♪
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♪ ♪ lou: former arkansas governor mike huckabee resigned his position as host of the huckabee show on the fox news channel to to consider another presidential run. joining us tonight, fox news political analyst former reagan white house political director rollins. he also was national campaign chairman for mike huckabee's campaign back in 2008. great to see you. >> thank you. my pleasure to be here. lou: those are impressive credentials. i've never said that. [laughter] those are some credentials. >> been around a long time. lou: and done great. it's good to see you, ed. >> thank you. lou: let's start with, if we may, the government coming back republicans in charge. they're making all sorts of nice talk about, you know, governing from the center. mitch mcconnell, the new majority leader in particular.
7:52 pm
your reaction, is it rhetoric or a sincere effort? >> i think they realize that if they don't govern, meaning that they pass some significant legislation tackling some of the serious problems facing this country, they'll be out in two years, particularly the senate. they have to have a coordinated, cohesive message, but more important, they have to have a strategy how to pass legislation on infrastructure, tax reform, those kinds of things. lou: okay, infrastructure, tax reform. infrastructure keystone pipeline. they said they're going to put a bill on the president's desk. you and i both know that this president has said he's not going to go with it at all he'll veto such legislation. what do you think actually happens? >> i think that, you know schumer over weekend basically was talking about some modification. i think at the end of the day there's enough democrat senators that may not want to be against this bill -- lou: you mean who want to be reelected. [laughter] >> well, you know we're still talking about long-term energy independence can, and as we've talked on this show, the
7:53 pm
keystone pupilline makes great sense -- pipeline makes great sense since it creates jobs, and we shouldn't get off track here because of low gas prices. gas prices are going to go back up again, we need as much energy as we can get and why basically give the canadians the opportunity to sell it off to the chinese? lou: i think those are all valid points and the question then becomes, what's next? you don't really want either of these republicans n my judgment -- in my judgment or this president involved in recrafting the tax code. when i hear them start talking about tax reform and they focus be first on corporate tax rates, i mean, that's scary stuff. >> well they're not -- they have a hard time because there's two goals. the white house wants to basically use a trillion dollars of tax reform money for infrastructure. obviously, republicans don't want a neutral bill one that doesn't raise any more taxes, reduces taxes. so i think they've got a long, hard way to go.
7:54 pm
and no one did a more effective job than dave camp in the ways and means committee of putting the options on the committee and getting a bill you couldn't get out of congress. unless you do something for small business not big business -- lou: how about doing something for the working man and woman in this country? >> i'm all for lou: the middle class, small businessmen and small businesswomen, why not focus on the people when matter most? i mean the u.s. chamber of commerce has got small business in its membership but it represents about 140 u.s. multi-nationals. >> right. lou: anybody in the republican party got the guts to say to the claimer, no, we're going to work on the -- chamber, we're going to work on the national interests? >> i think they do, certainly is going to be instrumental to the presidential but i think the important thing is small business creates jobs -- lou: 70% of the jobs. >> -- raises the elements of increasing middle class becames, and that's what we need to focus on. corporate america will take care
7:55 pm
of itself, as it always has. lou: and most of those businesses are subchapter s, they are going direct to personal income rates. it's critically important. by the way, let me ask you something scandalous and he relaticcal is it possible republicans have overplayed the idea of lower taxes and made that part of the dna of the party when at the same time they're calling for prudent fiscal management? >> i think what you've found is a very valid point. what you've found with some of these governors where we control legislatures and republican governors have tried to lower -- kansas is a perfect example, and they end up with too big of shortfalls. they can't make the cuts they need to balance the budgets, so i think we need to be very careful what we do here. there's a lot of other things that are higher priorities. lou lau speaking of high -- lou: speaking of high priorities, jeb bush, mike huckabee rick perry, the list is growing ben carson. huckabee how serious do you think he is, and what do you think of him as a candidate?
7:56 pm
and, again stipulating your former -- >> i'm not working for mike this time. i'm here for fox for the duration, and i like mike personally. it's a hard road for him. he certainly has evangelical support. he's not a fundraiser, he's done nothing to basically raise money in the past. he's talking now about raising $25-$50 million in the next month, that's an impossible task. it's going the take that to win those early primaries and caucuses, so he's got to the spend every day not making speeches and selling books he's got to basically raise money. that's the hardest part of this business. he's not very good at that. bush is much better at that. bush will do -- i think pote of them -- both of them had to say because people weren't sure they were going to run, both of them had to say we're going. lou: how long -- if mike huckabee started talking about, you know more bushes, more clintons started talking about, you know another graduate of harvard law school or another yale graduate, yale and harvard
7:57 pm
have had their terms and the results are mixed. maybe it's time to start thinking about somebody from arkansas or someone from johns hopkins in the case of -- >> mike has an extraordinary populist message, and he did very well, but he didn't have all the pieces to go into a campaign and i i'll sit and watch. he's charismatic but i'm just doubtful. it's going to be a long haul for him. lou all right. sobering news for governor huckabee. ed rollins, thanks so much. and happy new year. time now for a few of your comments. john tweeted me to say at this point an apology by de blasio to the nypd would be disingenuous at best. prispriscilla wrote me: all i want is more obedience to the constitution and less socialism. noble aspirations. sonya e-mailed me --
7:58 pm
by. lou: informant my wife is in more than just an avid fan. anyway, nike today released pictures of their new oregon and iowa state uniforms for the national state championship a week from tonight. the buckeyes new scarlet and gray looks great in my opinion. this is nike's new colorless duck uniform. white gray, and more shades of gray. i was afraid to count the number of shades of gray. it is a scandal. an outrage and a front
7:59 pm
to football fashion and all who bleed and cheer oregon green and yellow. i'm a duck by marriage. my wife and i like every uniform that nike has created. we love the fact that -- he's paid for everything for decades. he's contributed generously. but this uniform, for the most important game in oregon football history indeed perhaps in football history itself my executive producer brad hurst swears the swoosh on the socks have yellow in them. can you see that there? i can't see the green or the yellow in the socks. take a look at it. maybe you can find it. if it is there, it's much too hard to find. show me the green and yellow. and here's nike's interpretation of the big game in the two rivals. you and i can see the batman and superman comic book theme. it's great. i like the ducks. the only mascot in
8:00 pm
football with a disney character as a mascot thanks to the generosity of walt disney itself. the ducks are the essence of cool and fun and color. come on, nike. come on, phil. neil: hey, america. you want to see less of this kind of tumble? how about orchestrating a tumble of our own. stocks are getting cut down to size. how about cutting taxes right now. let's make a new year's resolution to be more like the french. i am serious because they let a high tax disappear. why can't we do the same thing here? welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. who said the french are fried? because arrogance -- they can still admit their mistakes. i'm not talking about the stupid egg on everything they eat thing. i'm talking about the soak the


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