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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 5, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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the only mascot in football with a disney character as a mascot thanks to the generosity of walt disney itself. the ducks are the essence of cool and fun and color. come on, nike. come on, phil. neil: hey, america. you want to see less of this kind of tumble? how about orchestrating a tumble of our own. stocks are getting cut down to size. how about cutting taxes right now. let's make a new year's resolution to be more like the french. i am serious because they let a high tax disappear. why can't we do the same thing here? welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. who said the french are fried? because arrogance -- they can still admit their mistakes. i'm not talking about the stupid egg on everything they eat thing. i'm talking about the soak the rich tax thing.
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the 75% super tax they've socked on the rich has been deemed a mistake. the government rescinding it mainly because they were losing money on it. not because overpaid french actors were bolting the country, a lot of other people were bolting too. the latest proof that raising taxes doesn't always raise more money which could explain why illinois is reversing the trend. pity washington isn't doing the same when markets are particularly vulnerable this year. gina says republicans would be wise to get off their ducks and off to the races doing this sort of thing. they're not doing it. mitch mcconnell isn't advocating it. kind of more of the same. what do you think? >> absolutely more of the same. (?) and this is the problem with boehner and why there's this huge cry for him to move along. because republicans -- neil: he's not going anywhere. by the way.
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this isn't going anywhere. this little revolt. >> when republican voters went to the polls, they voted. 80% of republicans who went to the polls voted because they wanted to defund obamacare. boehner passes the cromnibus. neil: do you think he'll be toppled as speaker? i don't. >> we can't just sit back and say oh, well -- neil: you think there's a chance? >> i think there's a shot. neil: i love you dearly. where are republicans going? >> just, you know, it's more than drinking more wine and eating more baguettes. neil: not that there's anything wrong with that. >> or french pastries because you and i could agree on that too. this is very serious. when the french are smarter about their economics than we are
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we really do have a problem. if nothing else convinces us, the french doing it right should. and illinois of all places. we need to think about things like the keystone pipeline. things like true reduction of debt. we had a chance. republicans had a chance. instead, boehner agrees and supports the cromnibus, at the same time this is the same guy who voted against measures to rein in the irs, the nra to audit the fed. the list goes on. republicans need to act like republicans. maybe they start by reading the bills as louie gohmert who is running for speaker has said they should do. maybe they should read the planks that the grassroots put there that says, hey if you're a republican, this is what you should believe. it appears the leadership the elite have absolutely no affinity to that. neil: we could do a lot worse than cut taxes. we'll see what happens. gina, happy new year.
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always a pleasure. >> happy new year. they should remember when you do cut taxes, it usually means the government gets more money not less. that's another lie from the left. neil: i agree with you. here's the problem, it's like the whole problem woke up to the fact we have problems. stocks swooning right along with oil. what is an investor pocketing six consecutive years of gains to do? today, just bolt. but are we overdoing it? lizzie, just back from las vegas. and tracy barns. very early new year is looking bumpy. >> people are panicking. they shouldn't be. nothing has fundamentally changed with our multi nationals. that's what you have to look at. your 401(k) is invested in these big companies -- neil: they've had a long run. >> long run. we're still the best safest place to invest -- neil: careful. >> i could do that.
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less ugly girl at the prom thing. neil: you're a positive person. >> the s&p usually does better with a democrat in the white house and republican in congress. >> we've had a strong run in the market. that's the biggest problem, it's gone up so much you need the economy, and profits will continue to grow at a fast rate. most of the world except for america, is having trouble. this oil slide isn't because we're having a huge mess. it's a combination of factors. one, is our dollar strong? neil: you should explain this. oil prices the dollar. >> yeah. during the whole 2000s our dollar was collapsing. that's why foreign markets looked great. oil was up to $140. we're seeing the opposite. our dollar is getting strong. neil: you're not saying this is an indictment on the global economy. >> an indictment that too much money went into
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oil production in every country, including ours. we're sharing cars. people are driving less. huge imbalance like russia -- neil: is there too much of a good thing. >> yeah. that's an interesting debate. i would take the other side of what john jonas is saying. what he's saying is spot-on, but i'll take the other side. why not. new year. some wall street guys are saying, watch this. i was stunned by this number. nearly half, 45% of the drop of oil is due to the drop in global demand. what is going on with the global economies that that is causing this oil price to slide, maybe we're not in this miracle grow kind of environment, all engines are firing, all cylinders are firing. neil: it was a perfect environment. this socialist has been rising, now that it looks like he's gaining steam and just might win
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and walk away from greece's debts, i mean, now that's hitting the euro. it's hitting the world in a sense we'll go can a blooey. >> that's kind of deja vu. we're hearing some story of some piece of europe falling off a cliff. we've been calling for the top of this market for forever. how many people have missed this run. you've missed out on serious -- neil: do you think you should keep in these large funds and keep in these large international stocks, have them weather this because they've weathered this in the past? >> i think, at the end of the day, people will need toothpaste and toilet paper. neil: how will that help you -- >> you're going need to stuff. neil: sure. you need a main mainframe who do not. >> us stocks is where you want to be. eventually this will unwind so bad that you'll want to go into
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foreign markets like you wanted to in 2000. the headwinds are with america. neil: lizzie, when i see the cardinals from developing nations, he's saying developing opportunities. i will extend that to -- >> the pope is a bullish signal. i like that. neil: even though cardinals wear red. >> maybe they'll wear green. why not? we had an interesting stat from charlie, he said 76% of caterpillar's markets come from overseas. neil: so does the pope. thank you guys. in the meantime, get ready to freeze your hiney off. the markets might welcome it, but i get a feeling you won't. after this.
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neil: oh snap. oil dipping below 50 bucks a barrel. talk is going to get very cold around the country. if phil flint is right make a distant memory of those falling oil prices. what hap phil? play it out for me. >> this market has been collapsing. we've seen oil prices lose over 50% of its value in just a couple of months. natural gas prices just get absolutely crushed. this is the time when you sew the seeds of the bottom. when everyone is taking this cold snap for an advantage, you get these huge price spikes. natural gas was like 3.30. we had enough supply to
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last us 100 years. we get that polar vortex. three-dollar rally in no time. you have to be aware. mother nature has the final say a lot of times when it comes to energy. neil: you're right. a lot of people think that weather phenomenon comes and goes. gets hot and cold. in the case of pricing, energy contracts cold spells serious cold spells have a stickiness to them. if that's the case, what does it mean for prices? that this is the low point? or what? >> it could be a mood changer. there are a lot of significant challenges for the oil prices. not only do you have concerns about plunging global demand. this possible crisis in europe. you have this production scenario that nobody seems to be backing off of. russia announced they're producing the most oil they've had since the soviet union.
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iraq announced they're exporting the most oil they've had since the 1980s. you still have opec relentless trying to bury the us oil producer. everything seems to be crashing. it only takes a little bit to change the momentum. maybe the cold weather is something that could do that. neil: interesting about what opec has done because you're right. saudi arabia hasn't done anything to alter its production. a lot of drillers in this country have given up at prices at these levels. maybe saudi arabia is hoping that they can just weather this. >> well, i think that they can. and, you know what, they are having some impact. we saw a report earlier today that oil rig counts fell 13 a week ago. that puts them at almost a year low. that's the lowest amount of rig counts. this drop in oil price has had this impact on us production already. what that means is that
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six months down the road, instead of seeing this oil production continue to grow like it has over the last six months, you may see it start to pull back. that's maybe the point when you see these prices start to go up. neil: you know, i always learn something, phil. thank you very much. phil flint. man, he's smart. even if prices don't go down guess what is bound to go up? try taxes. larry summers now is the perfect time for something that can carbon tax. a lot of liberals want to hike the gas tax. prices have fallen so much so fast us clueless saps won't notice the difference. don't bet on that. because once these guys start taxing, they won't be stopping and won't be reversing that when oil prices and gas prices inevitable renew rising. right? >> larry is the grinch who stole low energy prices. he makes this argument
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in the newspaper that, oh, this is a great time to raise energy taxes because prices are low. he would use any excuse. the sun rises in the east the sunsets in the west. he favors big government. if you read the details he wants to use the income for money income distribution. with the same model we've seen for years and years. the bottom line is, if you think greece is a good role model or france let's take larry somers advice and make the government bigger. neil: they're toying with higher gas prices. i left that detail out. thanks for catching that. the one thing i want to know is this: the argument for doing this right now is that we wouldn't notice. if prices have fallen more than a dollar for gasoline would we
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notice another 10 cents or even 15 cents of gas tax. that's how arrogant liberals are on pushing this. year over year we're still better off and we should still be appreciative of that. what do you think of that? >> if the government had the magical skill to time the market just right, maybe we wouldn't notice it. one thing would be true we wouldn't be benefiting from the lower energy prices. neil: by the way, we would notice it now. any jump of a dime or so we'd notice. you get used to them low just as much as high. >> yeah. and the point is, i can guarantee you larry somers would not favor a repeal of the tax if the gas spikes back up. the taxpayer loses either way. neil: i never see taxes reversed. it was supposed to be a short-lived affair. only a few cents on the
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dollar. euro. it lives to be an average of 20 cents. and on and on we go. very good point. >> once you give politicians a new tax just like giving alcoholics the keys to a liquor store, it will make it worse not better. neil: they will swap out one for another, they just keep both. >> and they finance much bigger government and that's the core problem in europe. neil: thank you, my friend. happy new year to you. he ain't got the buck. i'm telling you, they don't know what the heck they're talking about.
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neil: last year was the most talked about two minutes of tv. back to neil's spiel. tonight, a look at how some people say that mike huckabee doesn't have a prayer.
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that no one who appeals to the religious right could dominate the political stage. the same experts who dismissed rick santorum until he won iowa last go around or jimmy carter who did the same for democrats back in 1976. neither with much money. neither given much of a chance. i'm not saying huckabee will win if he enters the race. i'm saying he has just as good a chance as anybody else, not because he has money but because his followers clearly have passion. again, i'm not saying enough to put him over the top, but enough for the mainstream crowd to rethink the people like him and santorum and ted cruz and yeah, ben carson who all seem to appeal to this unique vibrant -- and loyal base. they would walk over
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broken glass to get to the polls to vote for their candidates. to make this serious point, beware of consensus that says god has no chance. at least those candidates who freely quote god have no chance. last time i recall mentioning the creator didn't hurt ronald reagan. just as earlier constantly talking be being born again didn't hurt carter. each appealed to only a small religious base. apparently that was bigger than the secular guys were telling us. message to those who worship money's alter, there is a higher power at that altar. history reminds us, republican strategist says don't write off religion, why not? >> god is in charge. right? so, you know governor
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huckabee is a viable candidate. he won the iowa caucus in 2008 with 34% of the electorate. after that, he won seven more states. he actually got second place in south carolina. then when he head off to florida and texas, john mccain got very strong at that point. one thing about huckabee, you've spent time with him i've spent time with him, he knows how to connect to the voters. when you look at it from the fact of 2008 at his history and even looking now back in september september 2014, he was leading. he's going out early. you go to putting out his feelers. he needs to raise money and get donors to believe he's the right candidate. and building a national campaign, grassroots organization, which of course takes money and time. neil: you know, you're right on all counts, mercedes. had he had more
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financial wherewithal in 2008 just as rick santorum had more financial follow through, they could have gone much further. this is where i'll be the first to say money does make a difference. it gives you -- it pays you for the marathon, not just the initial sprint. the difference and the problem may be for huckabee is that he has company on the religious front. i'm wondering whether that vote gets divided and the mainstream candidate slips in. >> there's definitely a chance it gets divided. even with jeb bush, he was known as being a strong conservative governor in florida. you also have ben carson in the mix as well as senator ted cruz. this could surely divide the evangelical christian vote. those votes matter particularly in the earlier states. once you hit florida california texas those evangelical christians, not so much of a strong
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base in those states. neil: i always argue even though mitt romney ran a good candidacy for the nomination, he could have been tripped up if he had known he had not won that rick santorum had won. the momentum would have carried santorum a little longer. we'll never know. but it's out there. i'm wondering if republicans have to sort through who their evangelical candidate is. >> it could be. maybe governor huckabee coming out so early in the game. really two candidates. governor jeb bush and governor huckabee. those are the two that are the most vocal. the ones that announce earlier in the race have a better chance of really coordinating those donors. with that being said he's been spending his time under the radar meeting with the religious types in several states. as we know, he'll be in
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iowa in the middle of january. again, he's raising his profile. the bigger question, can he build the organization. move it into florida michigan texas, et cetera. and can he convince the donors that not only can he win primaries but he can win a general election. those will be the key questions out there for him. neil: he might win a spot on the ticket. >> could be. neil: mercedes, you were saying, all i'm saying is, the consensus is almost always wrong. so don't buy that. right? >> what i'm saying is that, this will be a very long process. very open field. and, again god only knows. neil: you're exactly right. mercedes, thank you very, very much. take that, fat so. why no, new sanctions don't change a thing in north korea. why they'll still be calling the shots in north korea
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neil: you know, never mind that north korea is probably the most
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sanctioned country on the planet. lizzie is here. i'm sure she'll correct me. this country found more sanctions to push them off the planet or at least to make this guy's life an unbearable hell. if north korea has been able to threaten whomever it wants whenever it wants, you think these sanctions will make a big difference? how is a few more going to really change things? secretary, your argument is, this isn't the way to do it. what is? >> first of all, i think you're absolutely right. we have to understand that the president had very few options in dealing with supreme leader kim who presides over a rogue nation. they've been sanctioned by the us previously. by several other countries. they've been sanctioned by the un. but when you're run by a rogue country you're immune from those.
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it will have minimal impact. i would prefer that the administration and treasury and his whole team focused on building a much more collaborative contract between the private sector. there was a disconnect between government and the private sector in the sony case. we need to build bridges that will prevent these kinds of attacks, but prepared to respond and recover as quickly as possible. neil: i know i'm sounding like a black helicopter guy here, but what if they had nothing to do with these sony attacks. what if it was a rogue guy angry at his bosses and north korea had nothing to do with it. >> it's interesting you made the observation. you're not the only one in the digital community that has suggested that that might actually be someone outside of north korea. i frankly think neil it's almost irrelevant with the challenge in
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front of the government. we live in the digital ever more. we've experienced attacks. they'll happen tomorrow. the digital sun will never set. we still have a disconnect between what the government and private sector could be doing together. not the least of which is being in a much better position to share relevant and timely information that perhaps the government could use and certainly the private sector could use relative to these digital attacks. let's face it, the federal government relies on the private sector. it relies on the energy, transportation financial services transportation so the whole notion that we're dealing inside government -- no government relies on that private sector. they need to be far more forthcoming about the information they have about digital attacks both from a preventive side. neil: i would be happy, governor if they said they liked the private sector. we can take it from there. happy new year.
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>> thank you very much. neil: imagine our first homeland security. you talk about inheriting a mess. he was rock solid during that whole thing. here's proof that kim jong-un is winning. writers are censoring themselves. a survey showed that a lot of columnists and authors are pulling their punches fearing that hackers will target them. they're prepolicing themselves? >> yeah, it's really weird. we're really in a new era where the percentage of people who live in democratic countries writers, and people who care about free speech and make money off of free speech. it equates to people who are living under authoritarian regimes. here in the united states, you have to say, is it government surveillance? i also would say, is it the executives at msnbc who are running their own reign of terror and censoring people. they like to talk to themselves in the amen
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corner over there. neil: what is the name of that? >> the msnbc -- the entire network -- neil: the network that shall go unmentioned. >> they will go unmentioned, but they censor everybody else. neil: but it is giving people pause. how many i'm pretty sure have we rethought emails we want to send. not the nasty ones i've sent about you. but it's having that affect in the workplace. >> there's definitely be enough stories to make you worried about what you're storing, what you're emailing. look, the infrastructure is there now to do the most ridiculous stasi grade spying on people. doesn't mean the government is doing it. there's no book writer who went to prison in america for writing stuff. if you're writing kiddie porn or terrorist stuff you'll get caught. neil: there are a lot of people who lose jobs. >> if you want to self-censor yourself because of what facebook does or hackers, then
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you should. neil: you might make light of our freedoms being comprised but not burns. right? >> people are willing to put their hearts out on twitter and facebook. the true writers of the world are nervous. and yet, every day they're -- neil: they're nervous. are they acting out on that? >> what they're saying, the penn report, we'll call the un to help reign in us surveillance and stop us surveillance. they're calling the united nations, we're in a different world. >> what are you writing about? >> they just feel like they need to be -- neil: incredible. is that a hammer on your forehead. >> the internet needs a self-censor. neil: no justice no peace. more like, no payoff, no
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peace. al sharpton is shaking down corporations, and he's just beginning. you've been reading about this. but don't say we didn't warn you. i'm not one to pat myself on the back. in favor
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neil: you know, we always say that big things are happening on fbn. really big news for you. three weeks from tonight, we're launching a big show right after this big show. looking for cash in the new year? maybe you'll just inherit it. then the problem with that inheritance is what you do with it. we'll highlight the real life crazy inheritances. i like to believe you inherit my wisdom every night. come january 29th at 9:00 p.m. what you do with stuff like when it's tangible and real money. a lot on the line. new york post following suit. al sharpton has been
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accepting millions of dollars from companies like mcdonald's and general motors to sort of turn his cheek on racial issues and not have him make a big to-do about what they're doing on racial issues, whether they're doing anything wrong or not. james carver says they're shakedowns and don't call them anything else. james, good to have you. even dating back to jesse jackson's rainbow coalition, as soon as he would meet with companies when he was talking about minority hiring and all that, the troubles disappeared. i wondered whether a check exchanged hands. we never knew. we know in a meeting, the problems disappeared. what's going on? >> you read the post, and you wonder what's going on. if you're an activists, you shouldn't be bought off. if you believe in something, you shouldn't be trying to shake somebody down. as alleged by the post.
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neil: that assumes you're a genuine activist. >> that is exactly the point. you had a young person whose life was ruined because they continued this hoax in new york. the reverend al was sanctioned. neil: all this was made up. he perpetuated a myth. >> this young man's life who never did anything. neil: never apologized or was punished for anything. now i'm wondering what will happen here. if your goal is more minority hiring, that's his typical goal. a company comes head of sony flew to new york to meet with him, to what end? what does he get? >> is it money? more money through the power. you know, there's a lot of different -- neil: you have to see sony presumably hire more minorities. if you don't, does that mean he'll be on them. sometimes i don't see
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follow through and nothing happens. >> then it's all about the money. that's the bottom line here. neil: what do you think of a police commissioner and a mayor in new york that kowtows to this guy. he's likual like waldo. sits in on all these meetings. sits with the president. >> i have great respect for commissioner bratton. he's been around for 40 years. well-respected throughout the nation. neil: you think he regrets having to report back to this guy. >> i don't know if he regrets going back. he probably regrets some of the things going on. i think he was the best guy at the time to make sure that the department -- you know, runs forward. you have some problems with the protesters recently. you know you talk about, you know, peaceful protest, which is everyone's right to do. when you're chanting, what do we want? dead cops. when do we want it? now. if you replace that dead
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cop with president of the united states. or you replace it with the mayor or anyone else. neil: or dead black kid. >> a protected group. that's correct. neil: you think you've overplayed -- your guys have overplayed it and making the mayor seem like a sympathetic person. >> pat does a fantastic job with his guys in there. neil: a lot of them turn their back on the mayor. >> that's their right to do so. they're doing it silently. neil: you don't think they're overdoing it. >> i think it's silent. i don't think so. that's fine. they're not saying that's going to insight a riot or anything else like the dead cop chants. (?) that chant is not only heard in new york city. that's heard throughout the whole country with the media. my cops are affected by that too. you have the internet where this stuff is just perpetrating throughout
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the internet. anyone can say whatever they want about dead cops. i have my cops that do a great job protecting the public men and women. they have wives husbands, parents at at home who sit there and worry about them during this environment. this brutal assassination of these two officers is a reminder to everybody that the police is the good guys. we're not bad. this anti-cop sentiment has grown. neil: it's still there. >> and it keeps growing and growing. but the thing is: crime is down. and it's because the great work that the police departments do day in and out. neil: 60% minority in the police department as well. >> new york city absolutely. neil: pba president. i shook his hand before this segment. he could break it. obviously we didn't entertain any tough questions. when we come back hollywood's next big gamble. rambo. why all these blasts
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from the past shows that tinseltown's time is over.
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neil: in tonight's biz blitz forget seeing another night at the museum. take a peek of all the other sequels to come while you're waiting for that particular one. still more dinosaurs. let's just say it's very familiar hollywood jurassic park. complete with a rambo and rocky. all actors milking it more than milk of magnesium. are you kidding me. this is the best we can do? >> we need more rambo. neil: i like it. go. >> ram bold.
8:50 pm
i think it's because tv is better. i was just saying, my daughter has been binge watching gray's anatomy. neil: i force my kids to watch this show in a loop. >> that's after gray's anatomy. there's better things to watch. and it's expensive. eventually it will end up in our living rooms. neil: can they not come up with anything creative. >> there's a reason they do this. it's the cheesecake factory of movies. they made the hang hangover 3. everyone knows it's an awful movie. neil: that was a great movie. lizzie pay attention to this development. enough with you. gm is focusing on a lot of gee-whiz hoping you'll forget the recalls with all the new gadgets that allow you
8:51 pm
to pick out a restaurant and order on the go. i would rather they focus on the ignition -- >> really, seriously you know, how many accidents -- people texting while they're at the wheel. you're going to be on the road, some guy is bidding on something on ebay in his car. i mean, this is so bad and it's really dangerous. i don't like this development at all. neil: but gizmos are the things selling in these new cars. >> you know what, the fuel efficiency ones are falling down the development. nobody wants the tin can you have to plug in anymore. they're trying to do something to lure people in. it's dangerous. as a commuter, i'm confident that more accidents means more texting. neil: i'm not sure gm's offering will be hot. i'm sure this year's electronics will be hot. two words anything wearable. from watches, fancy stuff to kind of cue you in on what's going on in
8:52 pm
mars. >> i don't think it's a fad. if they come out with cool watches -- i didn't see anything -- spying on yourself is the trend. with the drop cam -- changing your temperature that's where the action is. >> that's where the action is. that's hackable. the home connected stuff. you can see what's happening at home. that stuff is hackable. i'm not sure people are comfortable with that. i think the wearable watch stuff has peaked. i think -- neil: if they get it right. >> yeah. i think 4k tvs are a big deal. forget the self-driving cars. neil: what about a self-driving tv? >> bmw is coming out with a watch that will park your car. i would love that. neil: how about a car that parks itself. >> if i can get out of it and say, you parallel park because i failed
8:53 pm
miserably. neil: who needs to parallel park? when is that required. >> i don't know. neil: you're the one talking about this. >> don't worry about it. this will park it on the driver test. >> maybe lindsey lohan will need the self-driving car. >> those lifestyle bosses are hot. neil: a lesson in resolutions. after this get more facts at
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neil: what is the deal with all these new year year's resolution that never seem to work, what about we not make them period. losing sight of fact that many fail in doing so should be an eye-opening realsoty going into the goal, just as not betting on the expected. if history teaches us anything it is defined by events, i suggests we all resolve to
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question more and accept less. i am have not the remoteest idea what the hell you meant, but you must be right because you are on tv, i am not so be it. >> barbara stick to just losing a few pounds cavuto. kevin in new york city, cavuto, you are last person who should be advising anyone on resolutions, i resolve to stop watching new 2015. how is that. >> great stay away ! are you saying we should not make resolutions because they always fail by that reasoning we would have never goten to the moon, no i said we first acknowledge the danger of same old resolutions, i am for big gomes but in small
8:58 pm
bites. amanda said, i agree with you. i was with the opinion to watch fox 24/7. thank you. >> that is not what i meant. tammy, all i know is your questioning the accepted views of the day is providing incredible insight. you were right. you were first to question this country hitching rides with the russians to get into space you are right you shake us out of our complacency now if you could just shake that arrogant chip off your shoulder, you would be perfect, and i was just enjoying you are in e-mail, it sounded positive. >> and after blowing in 2014, including dining at a hawaiian restaurant during holidays that
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features a half million dollar membership fee he knew about that. it is well-known here on oahu. he is a local boy i know that paul isa already resolved to do, i just, love hearing and watching you each night it is a delight, not to sit and be demeaned by broadcasters, you are a gem, thank you for that. >> you better tax to dick -- talk to dec paula. i resolve to see you get whatever you want, getting a massive heart attack and croaking who said dreams condition come true, helger, in new york, i make sure any guy i date is just like neil cavuto, smart and funny so smart and funny, i forget i am not physically attracted to him happy new year, keep them
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coming remember, i do like kind e-mails if they could slip through now and then they would be much appreciated. i will pay you for them in the new year, let's talk. see you tomorrow. main: kennedy: a new year, and either you are -- with disgust and trepidation oric blames embraces it like chris christie, we're fights for your freedom, with watching our bottom line, hug 2015, like you are a rubenesque bully. perhaps you spent week pondering finger points of brunch, or you turned our black back on it we're ready to call them out and deal them back no matter whether they stand, bain or notice -- boehner is on notice, thanks to a bright eyed continent


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