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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  January 9, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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ident obama to begin in knoxville, tennessee. vice president joe biden is at the podium there. i'm going to hand things over to melissa francis. and "money." melissa. melissa: thank you. the siege ending in paris with death of three terrorists. screen in knoxville, tennessee where the president is expected to make remarks any moment. we want to get you up to speed with the very latest. >> there is an explosion. melissa: an explosive ending for two deadly hostage situations in paris. three terrorist at least four hostages have been killed in two incidents that authorities say are linked. over to northern paris, french officers killed said and cherif kouachi. they are the brothers responsible wednesday's attack on satirical newspaper
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"charlie hebdo" that left 12 attack. it left 12 people dead. they had been holding one person half her age in a small hunting house earlier. authorities kill a third gunman. he was responsible for killing a french policewoman yesterday. holding as many as 20 people hostage at a kosher market and paris. four hostages killed and four others injured. the whereabouts, currently our unknown. i want to bring in a team now. thank you, to all of you for joining us.
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first of all, how critical is it that we find that fourth suspect? >> it is pretty critical. now that she is on the run we do not know what part she played in it. a human being that is bent on killing is a very dangerous creature, male or female. if that is who she is and that is her mo, they need to find her. >> these are people who are very heavily armed and willing to kill. you take them any way you can. if they had not shot and killed them, they would have killed more of the hostages. melissa: doesn't make finding the fourth person even more critical then? >> she is heavily armed, as far as we know. she is capable of killing.
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>> we thought, what is your take away on all of this? >> it is important to take a look at context in put it into what we take away from the whole thing. how well carried out this entire mission was. earlier this week to what happens today. phrases like lone wolf terrorist. these two gentlemen of born and raised in paris. they have connections to young men. not only to the terror group al qaeda, but to actual individuals that were involved in planning these attacks on the west. yemen is a hotspot.
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there is more, paris has been pretty much, france has been a little bit in denial about what has been under the surface existing. between 10,200,000 french drews innovated just this year. knowing there was this anti-jewish sentiment under the surface. melissa: visiting yemen to receive weapons training. >> we have to stop looking at these individuals as homegrown or lone wolves. they are operatives. they are part of an ideology that is at war with the world. we have to start looking at that
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and realizing we are at war. these operations will continue. it is very easy. it is a big deal. melissa: the president will come to the podium here in a moment. we will listen to what he has to say. he is supposed to talk about education, but no doubt he will comment about what happened in paris. >> it is good to be back in tennessee. i hope you guys are not tired of me. i have been coming around a lot lately. there is a lot of good stuff happening here. i want to begin by thanking the bidens. they are not just good friends and good partners, but they really believe in the power of education. they really believe in creating
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those kinds of ladders to opportunity. they gave all three of us and michelle the chances and incredible opportunities that we have had today. they understand the promises of today's community colleges. jill really understands it and joe -- [laughter] >> -- he really does not have aoice. before i get into the reason i am here today i want to begin by just saying a few words about the tragic events we have watched unfold over france that last few days. i want to make sure to comment on them. i just spoke with my counterterrorism advisor. we have been in close touch with the french government throughout this tragedy. the moment the attack took place, we directed all of our law enforcement and counterintelligence operations to provide whatever support our ally needs and confronting this
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challenge. we are hopeful that the immediate threat is now resolved. thanks to the courage and professionalism of the courage and personnel on the ground. we have to remain vigilant. the situation is fluid. they will do whatever is necessary to protect their people. i think it is important for us to understand. france is our oldest ally. the united states stands with you today. our thoughts and prayers are with the families that have been directly impacted. we fight alongside you to uphold our values. values that we share. universal values that bind us together as friends and allies. the world has seen once again
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what ever stands for. they have nothing to offer but hatred and given suffering. that is what the city of paris represents for the world. that spirit will endure forever. long after terrorism has banished from this world. [applause] i am in knoxville not only because i just like knoxville -- [laughter] melissa: we want to go back to the serious topic that we are talking about. he made some comments about what is going on in paris. hopefully, the immediate threat is revolved. you all sort of flinched when he said that.
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>> it is done. nobody will remember this happened. if we take a look at this lone wolf kind of attack, we use these things to dismiss what this actually was. any nation would attack france. that could happen anywhere. it was so well coordinated. they got away so easily. imagine the old officials that were after these guys. it was a challenge getting to them. >> the biggest part of the take away here is one of these guys was on their watchlist. both of the brothers were on our watch list. could not have needed in to the united states. both american and french officials were aware of this. >> because of budgetary restraints, they stop following him. had they followed him, they may have known what he had been
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planning and they would have been able to stop it. we have to devote the resources and man power and knowledge. this could happen anywhere in our world and it is happening. >> he is the author of a battle for islam and american islam. he joins us now on the phone. what is your take right now? >> i also cringed. how many welcome those do we need to get you for we realize this is a war against an ideology that has took laird war on freedom and liberty and the west. people say we are the voices of modern islam. we have the radicals who dominated and use violence and also major government.
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today, the saudi arabians is very similar to ours. he is a devout muslim. the problem is gone now. though violence is gone. this is not only what we are against, but are we promoting liberty abroad? the muslim brotherhood was reject it. we did not make it clear that that was an ideology. the islam is ideology. something that is fueling it. melissa: what do you think that the american public should take away from what has happened over the last few days here. >> these are symptoms of a deeper problem. we cannot just engage in a few days after the incident.
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the cold war that we knew was not only the soviets. remember, we had fun -- hundreds of experts. today, they have a few experts and those do not even want to be named. i hope the american public realizes that us reformers are out there. we need to be engaged. we need to have a strategy. melissa: meaningful? making too big of a deal out of that? >> you can at that. it is a political statement. i am former fbi as well as a field. i just saw a commander in chief, on and joke around and then he goes in and talks about this thing that is the most serious thing going on right now. the fact is, what happened there
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can happen here and it is terrorism. it is a world war. it is sweeping all over the place. people do not want to look at it that way. it is not tanks and large groups going out. however, it is successful in causing a lot of fear and terror and killing a lot of people. i am appalled by the way he came out, acted like she did and then said that and downplayed it to a terrible attack. we have to have leaders in place now that are ready to be warriors when you need a warrior. melissa: thank you very much. stay with us for all of the latest developments. we will be right back. ♪
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12 fox news has been following the development in and around
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paris. what can you tell us? >> an explosive ending with some resolution. some relief. there were two hostage situations going on simultaneously in and around paris. twelve people dead on wednesday. those two main suspects seized another hostage outside of paris. the police board in. police troops, counterterrorism forces, you name it. they said they wanted to go down as martyrs. they were not going to take it easy. they came out firing and they died. at the same time, however the hostages that they were holding came out alive. right within the city limits
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another hostage situation had been going on as well. involving a man police believe responsible for the death of a french policewoman. i will kill my hostages. it was believed six. now we know that there was more. the first storming happened, though police stormed the second place as well. the hostage taker was killed. so were four hostages. four others injured. signs of trouble here regarding muslims and islamic terrorism. a few breath of relief here by the french people while they try to assess where it all goes next. melissa: great.
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i want to start with you tom. what do you think of the way this was handled? >> you have to hostage situations going on simultaneously. those situations have to be in total contact with each other. they have to be simultaneous actions on both sides. simultaneously, their attack teams go when. we do not know if the hostages in the supermarket were killed during the initial attack or by the police hostage people. phenomenal job. >> they were able to put devices on the roof of the printing shop or factory.
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whatever it was. some folks were watching along the way. they said maybe they should have waited until sundown in order to go in. what do you think? >> if those people are not on the scene, they really do not know what is going on. they ended up having to go in any way. you have to look at the situation. what is the possible outcome of this? after 9/11, immediately that day, everyone realized. melissa: they are taking a sigh of relief that it is over. this situation has unfolded over
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days. >> boston did the same thing. melissa: okay. we are going to bring in catherine. she joins us now with more details. >> melissa, the more we learn about the two suspects, the more it suggest a high probability that it was directed by foreign terrorists organization. within the last hour, the afp is reporting that one of the brothers says that the operation in paris was financed by the american cleric in yemen. he was the first american targeted for death by the cia and killed and 111. before that time, he was considered the head of external finance or operations for the group. he was a talent.
2:22 pm
he carried out attacks in western europe. also, against the united states. he was the person not met with the underwear bomber. that was in 2009. take this, if you will. just bear with me. fox news confirmed yesterday that the older brother traveled to yemen in 2011 and went to an al qaeda training camp. at that time, he thought to be with the leadership. that would have been the person that was a talent spotter for internal operation neared the final piece of data, the two last pieces of data, eyewitnesses said the man claimed to be from al qaeda in yemen. a series of tweets were set.
2:23 pm
we obtained them here at fox news. they come from a twitter handle that is associated with al qaeda in yemen. they seem to suggest knowledge of the massacre. they have taken images from the scene in paris and superimposed upon them the image of the cleric. as well as the other. i know you have been following this closely in the march of the 2013th edition. al qaeda and yemen called for the assassination of the editor and cartoonist at this magazine. as you look at that wealth of information, and lots of dots are connect into this group in yemen.
2:24 pm
>> he was killed by american drones. the u.s. government criticized at the time for killing an american with a drone strike and not capturing him and taking him into custody. it just shows how close these nations are becoming and how close the terry's network is spreading. >> how many americans are going over to yemen with american passports? how can they be categorized and how can they come back? look at how social media is playing into all of this. you don't even have to leave your home and you can be radicalized. talking about poverty. talking about unemployment playing a role.
2:25 pm
it is a very dangerous road to go down. melissa: you think it is correct or incorrect? we heard about it today. >> incorrect poverty across the globe. we are radically. you will not get rid of terrorism. melissa: we have to go. three terrorist dad, but not before claiming more lives. our coverage continues right after the break. ♪ , why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates. if you're running a business legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped over one million business owners get started. visit us today for legal help u can count on to start and run your business. legalzoom.
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these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. melissa: new details about the hostage situation in france. new reports that one of "charlie hebdo"'s shooters says the attack was financed by al qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki. cherif kouachi that is supposed to say, hostages in a printing house in france, authorities killed the terrorist and his
2:29 pm
brother in a -- a third terrorist. amedy coulibaly, killed in separate simultaneous raid in eastern paris. four hostages were killed in that one of the let's go to the panel. chris harmer, from the institute of study of war. christian widen, dc international advisory. thanks for joining us. catherine herridge was connecting a lot of the dots for us in the last segment and how the individual who are now dead went and south ought training in yemen. both french and american authorities were aware of them. could more have been done? christian, let me start with you? >> sure. both of them could have been in guantanamo being interrogated that is politically impossible today not only because of people like president obama and some republicans like john mccain. george w. bush was ridiculed. we're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here. ultimately that is true. if we switch from fighting
2:30 pm
terrorists abroad to allowing the middle east to have wildfires that burn by itself and fight a purely defensive war, treating it as crime like a liquor store bandit this is what we get. we get it not just in paris. we had it in ottawa. we had it in cydey. we had it in fort hood. we had it in boston. melissa: yeah. what is your take chris on that? >> my take we have to redefine what is core member of al qaeda. i and most analyst were saying this is lone wolf attack or hybrid lone wolf attack. they think core al qaeda fighting in pakistan, syria or iraq where al qaeda has strongholds. he went so yemen, got trainings got direction. got some direction. this is possible to now look at this you can be a core member of core al qaeda and be living in europe. melissa: what does it mean if you change the definition?
2:31 pm
does it change the treatment? what is your point beyond that. >> absolutely. if these are only people inspired by al qaeda it is a purely a law enforcement problem. if these are core members of al qaeda it become as bigger military problem. i don't want to get into the domestic use of military force but europe is rife with young adherents of al qaeda and isis. gone into syria, gone into iraq and gotten radicalized trained and financed and going back to continental europe. we can expect more of these attacks and need to take them seriously. the need we need to take it seriously. we need to attack these people in safe havens in syria, afghanistan and pakistan. can't wait for them to get back to continental europe. melissa: christian, that is quite a road to go down. we're saying do we grab up anyone who reaches out and makes contact with al qaeda? >> i, the concept of core al qaeda is meaningless. it is something that wasn't invented by experts. it was invented by politicos in
2:32 pm
the white house who wanted to ignore ansar al-sharia, large number of jihadists terrorist islamic groups. common thread of all of these groups is in core al qaeda something else islamism. political ideology that you unify mosque and state. you have sharia instead of democratically enacted civil law. need to go after islamism. president was in knoxville, scores of terrorists. can you imagine fdr talking about in world war ii the scourge of buzz bombs? no it was fighting nationalism. we need to forget about phd distinctions. cultural war, economic war, political war, military war we'll have these threats to deal with. melissa: leave it there for you guys. i want to bring the panel back inn what we heard from both of you. jonathan is here. tom as well. lisa still with us. what is your reaction? >> well, the whole thing, this whole thing the way he was talking about earlier about the
2:33 pm
politics of the whole situation, we're fighting one group. this is one ideology. and we need to stop trying to mix politics with war fighting. i think that is the -- melissa: what does that mean? what do you mean we're fighting one group? >> it is one ideology. you call them al qaeda in yemen. call them isis of the you can just call them al qaeda or these other few different names they have but the reality is you're fighting a group that is of one ideology. they share tactics. a lot of them take what they're doing from the al qaeda training manuel that was written long, a long, long time ago. and they're just, it es just a very similar group. they're recruiting. really basically like the military and dod you have the army navy, air force, marines and the coast guard. you have one recruiting office and people decide where they want to go. same thing with all these different groups. melissa: how do you respond? what do you do? do you grab up anyone this is sort of the point in this whole
2:34 pm
segment. do you go out and grab up anyone who made contact with any of these groups and look like they want to join up? >> i don't know about grab up. people in this country have rights and grab them off the streets and hold them for long periods of town. in some other countries you can grab them up and do different things. to their point it is a law enforcement problem because it becomes down to the streets of the cities. it comes down to the country it seven. so it is law enforcement's problem. when you have people lock -- walking up and shooting cops. melissa: they were aware of the killers before they went out and aware what they did. >> to the point before, they gave them up. following them in france, for budgetary reason they gave them up. in the united states i think we would continue. i would like to believe the joint terrorist task force follow them week after week day after day. melissa: lisa, real quick. >> criticism bring it back to this country, criticism is always about how we gather intelligence or spying doing this looking through emails.
2:35 pm
the criticism should be about how we use the intelligence we do gather. melissa: we'll leave it there. thank you. terror concerns in france weighing on stocks. the dow down 168 points after being down 224 at the low of the session. give you a chick check on -- quick check on oil prices driving so much the trade. moments ago crude sterning positive closing back down below in the red, being down much of the ses. trading at 48.32. we're watching events unfold in france. reports of one suspect on the run. we have the very latest. plus we brought you the president's remarks at top of the hour. he is in knoxville today touting free education for everyone on the college level. how much will your family end up paying for that? that is coming up next.
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melissa: i'm melissa francis with your fox business brief. navy crews looking for the crashed airasia plane may have detected pings from the so-called black box. that box is expected to contain voice recordings from the cockpit which investigators hope will shed more light on why the crash occurred. google is set to launch a new car insurance shopping site. reports say it will be similar to travel sites like kayak and expedia where users can compare multiple deals at the same time.
2:38 pm
the search giant already has a similar site that is operating in the u.k. one of the starbucks most senior executive is is going on leave indefinitely. chief operating officer troy allstead is taking unpaid leave from the chain. he is credited with helping turn around the company after the recession. that is the latest from the fox business network.
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melissa: latest from france the gunmen are dead and also four hostages. president obama speaking moments ago. >> the world seeing once again terrorists stand for. they have nothing to offer but hatred and human suffering. we stand for freedom an hope and dignity of all human. that is what -- human beings. that is what the city of paris represents for the world and that will stand forever long after the scourge of terrorism will be banished from this world. melissa: david a lot of folks talking about a sigh of relief this is over. i don't think we know that. >> not only this, president obama is a lot like president hollande over for france how the future is bright. talk about what will you do right now? one of the first things he can do is fire al sharpton as
2:41 pm
mayor de blasio could fire al sharpton from his team of people. he has to focus and build a seem absolutely committed and has a track record for beating terror. right now all these platitude about how good things are going to be in the future isn't the answer. he has to spell out a, b c d e, f exactly how to defeat these nice so it doesn't happen again. melissa: john what is top of mind for you on this toic. >> it tells us enemy is not on the run of the enemy is very much alive. there is always that above average risk they could strike unexpectedly here in new york city. >> why we have to get rid of al sharpton as one of the advisors to the mayor of new york and president of the night. melissa: all about the price tag. president unveiling a plan for free community college for everyone. though that is on odd choice of words considering the proposal they say, will cost $60 billion over 10 years although i think that is very low estimate. the president announcing this new push just moments ago. that was the real speech that he
2:42 pm
was making there. let's listen. okay, i guess we don't have that sound bite after all. >> the point is we've seen this picture before something for free that costs $60 billion in the case of obama tear. a trillion dollars. before we pass this billet's read it how much it would cost specifically, where the money will come from. it will not be for free. professors don't work for free. melissa: this is what drives me crazy about government spending. we're talking about even if you use their math which i'm very doubtful about, it will cost each family 500 bucks over the course when they do it. even if you whittle that down to 50 bucks a year. every family writes their check at end of the year, am i willing to do this, am i willing to spend $50 to send everyone else to free community college regardless what you paid for, paid for your own children? do you want to put extra 50 bucks into the till so everybody can go for free. do you john? >> no.
2:43 pm
basically economic theory teaches us the most efficient way to supply public good if the at all possible is through user charges. why should somebody who is not going to college has nobody in their family going to college be forced to subsidize this? let's not forget that old saying you get what you pay for. unfortunately if you have a lot of students paying nothing for education they may be very limited in their willingness to apply themselves to that learning. >> who needs a college degree anyway? doesn't get as much as you it used to. >> one of the big mistakes, i talk to some employers, are your workers properly trained? they say they're properly trained but the problem isn't aptitude. it is attitude. and i'm not so sure that this particular measure is going to bring about improvements in attitude. melissa: turn our community colleges into the public school system we see all around the country which isn't terribly strong. stocks turning to negative
2:44 pm
territory on the year for the events in paris and this morning's employment job. wage growth remains weigh veck causing concern that inflation will fall. take a look at stocks right now. david, i would ask you, i mean the most worrisome thing, jobs report, better than expected, 252,000 jobs. of course unemployment number which is a lot of hocus-pocus which has to do with how many people drop out. i was worried, hourly wages unexpectedly fell? >> yeah. melissa: that is worrisome. >> that directly hits retailers. retailers did not have as wonderful a season they were hoping to have. it wasn't a bad season. now it is cold. they made as much money they make over the december holidays. so now they have got to hunger down and really make money. if people have less money in their pocket even with extra income from cheaper oil they will not be spending it. melissa: john, real quick what is your take? >> year to year increase of average wage, 1.9% last
2:45 pm
december. december 2014 down to 1.7%. in large part because of pronounced slowing of wage growth for natural resources and mining linked to energy. wages and in december 2013 growing nearly 5% annually, this december. .1 of 1%. melissa: oil back in the red on track for its 7th weekly loss in a row. in the district of columbia president obama might be out of excuses to block the keystone. accident l. the -- xl. the house passing bill to approve the construction of pipeline the earlier today a key nebraska court clear ad crucial hurdle for the pipeline. john, is there still an economic argument for the pipeline given price of oil? >> long term there is. the rice of oil will not stay where it is indefinitely. eventually it will rise. we will regret the fact we don't have access, broader access to oil and relatively cheap energy. >> jobs jobs. we started talk about jobs, this is job issue.
2:46 pm
just as u.s. steel is firing all the pipe workers making oil and gas pipes. now we'll stop the pipeline. melissa: infrastructure and construction. here is a project ready to go, already funded. >> non-taxpayer-funded. privately funded. >> driven by politics. not by economic. >> now we know better. melissa: absolutely. gentlemen, thanks to both of you. the very latest out of paris french police storming two separate hostage sites. three of the terrorists are reportedly dead but one gunman remains at large. the latest details straight ahead. "piles of money" coming right up.
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melissa: three terrorist the four hostages were killed in two incidents authorities say were linked in paris. they killed cherif and said kouachi. they were responsible for the attack at "charlie hebdo" that left 12 people dead. the authorities at the same time killed a third gunman. amedy coulibaly. he was responsible for killing a french police woman yesterday along with the accomplice. coulibaly was holding as many as 20 people hostage in a kosher market in paris. at least four of the hostages were killed. at least four others were seriously injured in that market. we are learning more about the link between the terrorists attacks in france. amedy coulibaly reportly claimed allegiance to isis. reports say that amedy coulibaly also claimed to have coordinated with cherif and said kouachi in today's attacks.
2:51 pm
fox news's catherine herridge just reporting that cherif kouachi says he was financed by al qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki. he made the claims on the phone while holding a hostage in a printing house in a small town near the charles de gaulle air report. the other brother, said, also claims to have met with awlaki in yemen in 2011. i want to bring in jesse jane duff. she is a retired united states marine corps gunnery sergeant. nile gardiner director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the heritage foundation. jesse, let me start with you what do you make of these connections? >> well we know anwar a awlaki had basically been the father of all the youth to get on social media. he basically has been able to recruit, now that he is dead, he is still was able to motivate and inspire these young people to get radically involved and social media was the key to
2:52 pm
making this happen. when we sit back seem to think this isn't a threat or a jv team because of our withdrawals out of iraq we essentially enabled isis to take us by our throats. until the president is willing to say war on terror or this is jihad against americans an our security and our freedom, we are never going to win at this. melissa: nile, do you agree with that? do you agree there is more that we could be doing? >> i absolutely agree with the comments just now. we are engaged in a global war against islamist terrorism. these were not just lone wolves acting here. these individuals these terrorists in paris part of a broader network. the older brother had traveled to yemen in 2011. had received military training there. he was affiliated with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. we're fighting a global war against a vicious enemy. listening today to president obama and francois hollande
2:53 pm
neither of them identified the nature of the enemy we're fighting islamist -- melissa: why is that so important? jesse, why is that so important? >> this is outrageous, serving in the united states marine corps i would expect my commander and chief to call out enemy. quit saying outrageous attack. don't say it is terrorists. it is islamic extremists and muslim extremists. all we've done is water down the playing field and your european allies are sitting back not identifying who the enemy is. instead we're withdrawing we're giving a sense that we don't have the moral or intestinal fortitude. melissa: nile, before we go, do you think there is more to come, is that true? >> undoubtedly they're planning for terrorist attacks in france great britain and europe as well and we have resolve and spirits of winston churchill defeated the specter of nazi germany and fascism. we need spirit of ronald reagan and margaret thatcher who
2:54 pm
defeated communism. we're facing a huge challenge of our day. the battle and the war against islamist extremism. melissa: without question. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. melissa: dow firmly in the red. reacting to both the evolving situation in paris, less than stellar side of this morning's jobs report as well. nicole petallides at new york city with what is driving -- new york stock exchange. what is driving today's trade. nicole. >> here at home we got the monthly jobs report, 252,000 jobs added. nice to see jobs added of the last year went down in the record the most jobs added since 1999. however those hourly wage numbers were actually weaker-than-expected and people looked at that obviously as one of the factors amount couple of things here. we're seeing selling across the board after two great days on wall street. some dow laggards would be ge, jpmorgan chevron. we're seeing weakness in financials industrials and consumer stocks. coming off the lows on oil.
2:55 pm
that helped pare loss as little bit. oil down 24 cents a barrel. melissa: nicole, thank you so much. regardless of all serious events today. it is still friday and football fans are gearing up for the weekend. they better be thinking about layers out there. the packers and cowboys are set to kick off amid the coldest temperatures of the season. we're live at lambeau field coming up. at the end of the day it is all about football. about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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melissa: the big freeze not stopping the big game this weekend as the dallas cowboys head north to green bay, wisconsin, dubbing the game the ice bowl part ii. jeff flock has another tough and freezing assignment today. jeff, how many layers have you got on today? [laughter] >> reporter: we're not going there again melissa, come on, just cut it out. i'm on this hallowed ground here, this lambeau field. i can tell you, i can even get
2:59 pm
down and touch the grass and it's actually not in bad shape because it's been covered. take a look at this great stadium. they don't make 'em like this anymore. take a look at earlier today, they had people from the community come into the stadium and shovel it out because it was all covered in snow to get ready for the game. pretty amazing. compared to the real ice bowl though, if you take a look back at what happened in 1967 the temperature was -14 with a wind chill of -37. fortunately, it's going to warm up on sunday here, we're going to be in the 20-degree range and the wind shills not even in the single -- wind chills not even in the single digits. but i'll tell ya, it's cold out here. this is not dallas cowboy football weather i can tell you that. melissa: no, no. why don't they just put a lid on that stadium? slap on a couple heaters? i mean, come on. [laughter] >> reporter: oh, melissa no! we want it just like this. we like it this way. melissa: it is beautiful.
3:00 pm
put a lid on that thing and turn on the heat. jeff flock, thank you so much. [laughter] that is all we have for you. i hope that you are making money today in spite of all the serious events going on. the market right now down 145. "countdown" starts right now. liz: thank you very much, melissa. breaking news out of france, french president francois hollande saying that the nation should brace itself quote, france will still see more threats. here's what we know. three gunmen have been killed by french police and one suspect still at large after one gwen were holed up -- gunmen were holed up at two separate locations. one hostage was rescued at one location and these two brothers -- the muslim terrorists whose wanted posters had been beamed to all parts of the globe -- were shot dead. simultaneously police killed gunman iowa -- amedy coulibaly. fo


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