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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX Business  January 11, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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ope for a better future free from terror. theirs is a war story that deserves to be told. i'm oliver north. good evening everybody. the republican-controlled 114th congress and u.s. senate sworn into service today. president obama didn't wait for results of the speaker's election to start issuing veto threats. a bipartisan senate bill to authorize the construction of the keystone has enough cosponsors to brake a philibuster and support of 70% of the american public but the white house not acting quickly. today it was confirmed president obama will ignore the will of the people, a true bipartisan
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compromise and he will veto the bill if it is passed. >> the fact is this piece of legislation is not different from the legislation that was introduced in the last congress. we put out a statement indicating if the president would veto would pass the previous congress. i can confirm if this bill passes this congress the president wouldn't sign it either. >> also confirmed any congress marshall effort to define full time work week at 40-hours would be met with presidential veto. just two hours earlier the president claiming he was ready to work with congress. >> i'm very much looking toer ward to working with them. i already had a chance to say happy new year to them and i'm confident there will be areas we will disagree and some battles, but i'm also confident that there are enormous areas of potential agreement for the american people and we have to make sure we focus on those
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areas where we can make significant progress together. >> doesn't sound promising. his comments came moments after john boehner was elected to his third term as speaker of the house. boehner was able to over come a rebellion within his own party to keep the gavel. 25 members voted for someone other than boehner, falling just four votes shy of the second ballot. something that hasn't happened for nearly a century. he was appreciative and, as you might expect a bit weepyful. >> i want to thank my family. [ applause ] >> i was doing pretty good on the walk over here. until i ran into devin's three little girls my three biggest
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fans and one of them came running over to give me a kiss and i was a mess. >> but a charming mess, we'll say that. the senate in session for its first full working day under republican leadership and mitch mcconnell wasted no time in taking the president to task for threatening to veto the keystone bill and the 40-hour work week. >> the president won't set the agenda in the senate. we have an agenda that we believe will help create and save jobs for americans. if the president wants to be part of that he can sign the bills that make it to his desk if he doesn't i'm sure he will make his best effort to explain to the american people why these measures are not in the best interest of the country. >> joining us now former deputy chief of staff for president george w. bush. great to have you with us.
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happy new year. here we go. mitch mcconnell i thought making a rather generous offer to the white house, just sign the bills and everything will be fine. much as the president said that's what i want. >> i thought it was also interesting the point he made, if you don't like the bills then you will have a chance to tell the american people why you don't like them. the keystone pipeline showed 72% of americans including a large number of democrats support its passing. a large number of republicans obviously and a large number of democrats so the president is hurting himself by vetoing the bill. there's something broader here under way. in early december after the election the question was asked who should take the lead in setting the direction of the
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country and said opposing party in congress meaning republicans, 53% or the sitting president, 36%. and that seems to be a pretty big advantage to the republicans in congress. normally people have confidence in the executive, the sitting president, regardless of party, they have more confidence in him then in the congress. but now that's not the case. >> well the president said he doesn't pay attention to those polls. how much of a constraint could it be to look at the will of the people here. >> yeah. >> he seems to be interested in traditional constraints constitutionally, checks and balances, equal partners and seems uncertainoncerned with the constitution. is this congressional led senate and house can do anything to reign in his some what
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adventurous impulses. >> sure. we'll see him fixing riders to appropriations bills, that say no funds will be used for the following purposes. we will see it in february. it will take some writing some draftsmenship because the president is funding his, in my opinion, illegal, unsuppose ofrtrtedunsupported, not allowed immigration memberim immigration memoranda, they will have to find the right words to reign it in. i think it will pass the house with ease. i would not be surprised if it didn't get more than 60 votes in the senate to reign it in in which case the president will have to veto and we'll have a battle over veto override. >> you're referring to the fees talking about citizenship and immigration services, by the sheer numbers involved here, it
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is clear to anyone who has paid much attention to the cis and its management and its highly inefficient and unproductive organization, it will be swamped, it will be brought to a standstill. there's no way in the world for cis to deliver on the president's promises. do the republicans have an opportunity to just hoist the president on his own if you will -- >> you're right. let's say the republicans pass through the house and pass through the senate the language that keeps him from spending dhs funds of whatever sort either by congress or receive in fees on his immigration memos, let's say they pass it and say he vetoes it and it can't be over written if a third of the congress stand by the president, the house and senate democrats stand by the
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democrats, i think there could be a point where the president runs out of fee income and has to couldn't to the come to the congress to say give me money to pay for this. or he will be stuck. other law that's have been on the books for more than 100 years will keep him from spending money that he doesn't have. you're right, the program is badly managed and will cost more than they anticipate. if they have a significant flow of people that step forward they could be in trouble. one thing might save themful i think a lot of people who are in that covered class allowing to go without enforcement of our immigration laws a lot of those people may say i don't trust him. i'm not coming out of the shadows, i'm comfortable in the circumstances i have and i'm
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going to take advantage of the opportunity the president is providing. >> the president said he will veto keystone and 40-hour work week. is there anything that appears to carl rove's vision that says this is a place where the president of the united states and congress and senate can work together and produce legislation in national interest. not in the interest of congress or the chamber. >> here's the issue i think the president is doing it out of machismo. he wants to say i'm going to be a hard guy from the get go. the only things i want you to deal with are the things i want you to deal with and in the way i want to you deal with them. there's a reality pass the legislation through house and senate and send it to the president and if the president is vetoing things like the
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keystone pipeline and definition of the work week being 40-hours, two things will happen one is the american people will look to the president and say where are you coming from. are are you doing these innocencible things and you will see, as we have already started to sees the polls will indicate he is the source of gridlock and destruction. second thing is there's only so many times you can go to house and senate democrats to say i need you to stand by me to vote. only so many tiles you can say i want you to join me in veto of this legislation and go home and explain to the voters you will have to face. they will be on the ballot again and many will say mr. president i know where you're coming from but i can't stand with you on this veto. >> carl? >> i think that is entire plausible. what was that one area --
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>> the president may not be able to deliver any democrats and we won't pe able to get out and negotiate trade agreements with foreign countries because they won't want to go through heart ache on their end of reducing obstacles in their country if they can't be guaranteed if it will get an up or down vote in the united states. >> it gets complicated quickly doesn't it. >> it sure does. >> carl rove. >> thank you sir. and the president meeting with mexico's president at the white house. they discussed the president's new policies towards cuba and granting amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants. on immigration, the president actually claimed he will be tougher on the issue of border
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security. >> we are going to provide a mechanism so that families are not separated who have been here a long time. we're also going to be much more aggressive at the border in insuring that people come through the system legally. >> it turns out president ob's so-called opening to cuba may be nothing more than political fars. he claimed 3 weeks ago 53 prisoners would be freed as part of his historic deals so far none of that has happened. in fact human right's group reports that cuba detained a record high number of political disidents, 2,000 more than in 2013.
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coming up we will talk with zum zuckerman. and much more. a deadly day in paris, radical islam terrorists attack a satire magazine.
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three radical islamism terrorists still at large after killing 12 and wounded 10 others in paris. earlier reports, by the way, that have been unconfirmed we are being waived off from our chief intelligence correspondent saying french police, french embassy personnel is waving us off this story so it is unconfirmed reports and reports we will not carry further. the terror shouting when fleeing the scene.
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>> i stopped calling these people muslim terrorists, they are as muslim as i am they have no respect for anyone else's life. europe has a enormous radical problem. i think it is a cult. i don't think we should give them any religious respects. whatever they're claiming, their motivation is twisted. >> one could argue the twisting was being done by the good doctor. joining us now john bolden good to have you with us. contorgss contortions to the left are unspeakable. the president didn't want to call this a terrorism attack when it plainly is. >> without any questionful i think that unwillingness to name
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it for what it is is a major reason why for six years the president has responded to it so inadequately. it's not being differential to the islamic religion not to identify them as radical islamisms. the people most hurt by them are other muslims. i think by calling it what it is, is sort of a first step on the road to recovery. >> well it is one. it's been six years of frustration with 24 administration which refuses to do so. by the way bringing up your old boss president george w. bush that white house refused to talk about radical islamism itself. what the hell is wrong with the u.s. government that its leaders refuse to talk plainly, name enemies and go kill them. >> i think there's a substantial element of the population simply
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doesn't want to admit we're at war, the leader of that faction sits in the oval office. i have to say i think this is a big event, a military style attack of civilians, in the capital city no reason to think our president will do anything different. >> you may well be right. what is frustrating for the american people is to see year upon year in engagement in iraq with a disappointing conclusion, a complete withdrawal, same thing is happening in afghanistan, we have troops in 124 countries around the world in one form or another engage in radical islamist terror and yet we see no results in the form of
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the islamic state which the president said wasn't islamic. it's incredible. but the national media puts up with it. the republicans party tolerates too often even a remark. >> we need to have a debate about america's interest. we think america strengthens the world or are we a major part of the problem. we can ignore it at our peril. this thing that happened in paris, the attack in sydney in mid-december, could happen in new york washington any other american city, and if we don't pay attention to it, it will. >> john bolden always good to see you. thanks so much. up next new york times accuses nypd of extorting mayor bill de blasio and we're going to try to understand better what they really mean.
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stay with us.
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mayor de blasio has set the country's biggest city on edge he has done so with no regard to the high duty of the office he sought and won. the men and women of law enforcement risk our lives daily to protect ours. the mayor cast gated those individual who's turned their backs on the mayor. >> those individuals who took certain action last week, the last two weeks really, they were disrespectful to the families involved, that's the bottom line. they were disrespectful to the families who had lost their loved one. and i can't understand why anyone would do such a thing in
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the context like that. >> that is of course the mayor's convenient construction of the events and the gesture. but it is not that of the officers and the families of officers of the two men who were killed. and they were likely not forgive what they believe to be a revolveing hostility on new york's finest. listen to the mayor. >> good law abiding young man, who never thinks to do anything wrong, yet the dangers he may face, we will have to train him as families had all over this city for decades how to take special care in any encounter he has with police officer who's are there to protect him.
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>> the insults them inemnate and the insults go on. -- the new york times editorial board today resorted to what i consider to be facist impulses in urging that the justice department investigate forthwith whether new york police are guilty of violations at times nypd withdraw pleasing from minority community. the times editor said this. frankly, it's never been clear
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that the times is little more than a house organ for the left doing what it can to further the barack obama administration of bigotry towards police. i would urge mayor bill de blasio to step back reflect and carefully consider the nature and his responsibility to this city and to decide whether he truly wants to govern in this fashion and whether he truly wants his legacy to be defined by this conflict of his own korea creation or whether he would like to be defined by leading its resolution. now robert peale said the police are the public and public are the police --
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>> president obama made a big deal opening cuba to american now he's asking the president of mexico for help. zuckerman will join us on how hard it is to deal with the castros. he's next.


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