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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  January 15, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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not expected to stop there, putting that in context. $86 billion, global gaming revenue by the end of next year, total. melissa francis is here. money starts now. melissa: we love goats. thank you so much. capitol hill targeted authorities to spoil a lone wolf attack as the president releases more terror suspects from guantanamo. oil unable to stop the slide, down another 4%. yikes!! look at that. we're bringing back a guest to predicted the drop four years ago. i haven't seen that dress in a long time. newly improved device that tricks your brain into thinking you're full. the dow may be down for the fifth straight day. these guys are always bullish. big bucks from bull riding from one who held on for eight seconds. because even when they say it's not, it is always about money.
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melissa: the plot to bomb the u.s. capitol in the name of isis foiled by the fbi before it could be carried out. 20-year-old christopher lee cornell was on authorities radar for months. he was post about violent jihad on social media and researching how to make a bomb. then he made the move that prompted agents to act. he bought two m-15 rifles with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. here now steve moore from the heritage foundation. we have jack hough from "barron's." simon constable is from "the wall street journal" i feel like we're reading about a new something like this attempted attack every day. >> kudos to the obama administration for foiling this. it didn't get enough attention in washington, d.c. where i woke up this morning before coming to new york. it was buried in the newspaper. this is big story a terrorist attack in our capitol city. i rarely say good things about obama, but this is job
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well-done. >> is it crazy or whoever they say it is will say they do it in the name of isis? >> i'm not sure. thank goodness for the narcissism of some of these idiots they can't help but going on twitter to talk about which at least gives law enforcement people a better shot before something tragic happens. >> what a fantastic point of view. this is why we bring you on the show. you're absolutely right. simon want to top that? >> it would be hard to top. that it wasn't an attack because it was foiled before it even became a attack. it is worrying to see young people wanting to do anything like this. melissa: yeah. >> it would be, much better if they streak across a cricket pitch or something this is diabolical. and even the thought of doing that is reasonable reaction to one's woes is not acceptable. >> i really think most of this is one reason the market has been in this funk for the last several weeks. i think this whole threat of terrorism is weighing down prices. melissa: yeah. oil, deepening its slide today
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below $47 giving back earlier gains as concerns about a supply glut and global growth reeedger. the imf christine lagarde to anyone who thinks oil slump will boost the global picture. >> obvious questions that we have at the moment is should lower oil prices and a stronger recovery in the united states make us more upbeat about the prospect for the global economy? and unfortunately most likely the answer is no. melissa:enope. that is what she had to say. nope is this going to make the economy better? nope. >> we've gone from yea, to not so much we're a little bit worried. in the u.s., low oil prices will hurt the profits of our oil producing companies but consumers are much more important. they're benefiting from lower gas prices. we do a lot of business overseas. melissa: right. >> this oil price plunge speaks to profound weakness oversees.
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it is gone from promisings to worrisome. >> every recovery since world war ii has been lead by the u.s. the u.s. is the locomotive that pulls everything along. it is by far the richest country in the world. >> best looking. >> most popular but it's a very rich country and if the u.s. does well maybe it can pull some of those countries along. melissa: she saying exactly the opposite it is not enough. >> she is central banker. she may be wrong. >> not that she may be wrong this is the dumbest argument heard. with all due respect to the biggest story of a economic windfall. it would be bad to say if oil fell to zero. melissa: if it is caused by lack of demapped it is canary in the coal mine that the economy is slowing around the world. >> saudis producing so much oil because they know the gig is up. because of the shale oil and gas they will not dominate the market of the better to get on
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the market. by the way not just consumers benefit from this. every single producer in the american economy. energy is central input. profits go up when oil price goes down. >> emerging economies consume more oil than they produce. >> we're still an importer. when something we import goes down in price, that is good for america. you sound skeptical. melissa: you know i heard the argument. i believe that for a while. now i think we tipped over to the other side where it was a problem. i was with you for a while and now i think it is telling us things are battles where. loser restrictions on trade and travel in cuba are rolling out tomorrow. u.s. citizens can visit the country even if you're not beyonce for any dozen specific reasons without getting a special license from the government. they can even bring back souvenirs. that includes cuban cigars. jack, will you race down there. >> if you go to cuba for the cigars you will be mildly disappointed. cigars these days are better in
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nicaragua. you should go to cuba -- melissa: where i was planning to go. >> you should go for opportunity not for cigars and lovely surroundings and unique place in transition. melissa: stuck in the past. >> i think this will kill the dominican republic cigar business, i really do. the iconic image after cuban cigar is still up there in people's minds. >> i would say the cuba produces two great things cigars and baseball players. melissa: okay. fantastic. eye-opening report out today this one blew my mind. the average american pays $280,000 in interest over the course of their lifetime, that includes everything from mortgages to car loans to credit cards. it was even higher in a lot of places, district of columbia, $451,000 is how much interest they pay in their lifetime. new york, $300,000s in interest over the course of their lifetime. >> those are the mortgages. melissa: so painful.
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there is a lot of mortgages but everything else in there as well. agonizing, jack? i think it is agonizing. look at these numbers. >> if you're in new york paying that much interest you're controlling a big asset probably moving in the right direction. melissa: colorado, 255,000? >> basically people are doing what the federal reserve is telling them to do with rates so low, go out there and borrow and do something. >> i was going to say. or refinance at these low rates. >> the tax code also encourages people to do that. melissa: that's true. that's a great point. have you seen this? the game, hungry, hungry hippos wasn't far off. look at this. aggressively chasing a speedboat in botswana while a bunch of very scared people on an african safari. look at this thing. it is charging after the boat. it looks kind of cute, you will realize open its mouth and snap the boat in half. >> two things you need to know about hippos. they're heavier and cars and run faster than people and very
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territorial. >> they're aggressive. >> if it wasn't in the water, it would be like cats bouncing along ready to ambush you. melissa: enormous with jaws that can snapshot. just crush heads. snap whole boats in half. i mean, look these people are terrified. they're running for their lives. if he had caught them he would have snapped them. >> these are not cuddly animals. melissa: doesn't look like it at first but not when chasing you. you can imagine is it loch ness monster? is it a shark? no a giant hippo. >> how come we're not racing these things as gambling is they can really move. melissa: talk to them about racing an convince them to do it and you would get killed in the process. that might be why. thanks guys. how low can it go? a money rewind. a guest who predicted $40 oil two years ago we'll ask him what he sees coming up next. if you need to keep something out, build a wall. the saudis working to shield themselves from the latest threat. more "money" coming up.
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melissa: rebound in oil prices turning out to be short-lived. crude sliding again, reversing earlier gains. i will is down 50% in the past year. that decline is now hitting jobs. this sun fortunate. bp cutting 200 employees and 100 contractors thanks to the decline. apache corporation laying off as many as 250 workers this week. that is 5% of their staff. sudden drop in oil prices isn't a huge surprise to some. one guest predicted it here on "money" two years ago. >> for perspective, in 1998 crude was only $9.91 a barrel. in 2001, crude was 14.59 a barrel. you move us out to crude was only $35 a bear, just in 2009.
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so that tells us, at the rate we're moving we should have crude oil back down under $40 a barrel by mid 2015. melissa: oy, i don't know about that. you had me until you said 40. melissa: hmmm. look who is right now? joining me the president of omni trading academy. so oscar i got to say i love you. you're tweeting at me last couple days, i was on your show and i predicted this was going to happen. i said that can't possibly be true. we went back and looked at tape. we saw it. you said it would go under 40 by mid 2015. we're pretty darn close. when do you think we go under 40 here? >> i think it will continue to move lower. i think it will actually see the price of 30, 35, and then 30 might be a floor. and it appears that they will not stop pushing the price of crude down right now. as you know, i made that projection for you. i used a he i used technical analysis always when i start a projection.
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everything starts there. in fact i spend about 20 hours a day in a live chat room on a camera microphone, doing analysis every day. so i have got so many logged hours, more than anyone and here's what i did. i found the technical picture and then i always go out to look for a fundamental reason why to prove out my technical picture. couple years ago -- melissa: what was your fundamental reason? >> what i did was i seen the price was going to come down on the charts. i took the price of crude over 15 years, the price of the stock market and the price of the dollar crude relative to those two. then looked how much crude production was being made, shale. i added it all together and extrapolated $40 which matched my technical projection and then i came on the show to tell you about it. melissa: i'm you know, i'm floored because i started covering crude oil in 2003. so i have seen it make this big sweep and i'm surprised to see it back where it is. so you think it is going to go down somewhere near 30. does it rebound again?
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what happens in the long term? >> you know once it starts pushing near children then it will be shale plays we have start to run into trouble. i think right now they can actually handle the price of crude. you know how most companies are trim the fat and get rid of limousine rides and private jets you can streamline down and afford to operate at this price. once you start hitting 30 it starts to make a difference. when i see saudi arabia an opec is hoping to push it so low to slow down on shale. what they're not thinking about shale we don't sell to the world. keep it here in our country. we still don't need their importing. it's a great thing going on right now. >> interesting oscar. we'll see when your next prediction if it comes true. where do you think we'll be at end of this year? let me get one more prediction on the record end of 2015? >> what i'm looking for staying between 30 and 505 the next year or so -- 30 and 55. melissa: we'll keep that on the
2:16 pm
record. my hat off to you. oscar, thanks very much. >> thank you for having me. melissa: blackberry seeing a sweet boost in the market. the spike reporting that samsung put in a $7.5 billion bid to buy the struggling phone-maker. both companies however denying the report. investors are certainly taking notice. fox business's jo ling kent joins me and jack is back as well. tell me about the story. what happened here? >> it is clear a lot of investors are concerned about the future of blackberry so any big move like this would definitely change the price dramatically. what happened both of them denied the report as you said and it is very clear samsung need bleak berry as much as blackberry needs samsung. 1578 sung is performing, profit issues, they're trying to slim down on evers and trying to buildout into enterprise which blackberry does relatively well in still at this point. the only kind of strong point but the patents are what they're after. 44,000 mobile focused technology patents. very lucrative.
2:17 pm
melissa: they're worthwhile, the blackberry patterns are? really? >> not blackberry patents but patents that blackberry owns. they may have not developed the technology yet. melissa: you agree with that? you look like you're laughing there. >> it was plausible only because samsung has so much cash and not doing wise things with it right now like returning to shareholders. which makes you think they could do something unwise with it soon. this would fit into that. good thing it is not -- melissa: blackberry ceo told fox business last month they're still very interested in keeping the company public. after this afternoon the company is down 20% since last year. >> john chen has only been at the helm, what, about a year ceo of the company and he really has been working hard to turn it around. he has stopped the bleeding in a lot of ways. he has refocused business. it is possible that if you give john chen a little more time he could turn this around. melissa: blackberry classic. >> i don't know. what is old is new again. >> they could do work in phones
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but something more interesting in i.t. >> they're not going after the consumer anymore that's for sure. melissa: thanks, guys. it is a bromance of the worst possible kind. kim jong-un could be putin's next guest. let's hope they at least keep their shirts on. it is the hottest thing in the medical market. you will be shocked to hear how this machine can keep you thin. are you ever too rich or too thin? ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to able global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪
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melissa: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money is flying around the world today starting in north korea where kim jong-un is considering an invitation from russia's president putin. would be the dear leader's first official trip and folks are curious how he will work in an
2:22 pm
international setting. that would be entertaining i got to tell you. over to singapore where art critics are seeing double. experts are saying there is a second "mona lisa" painting a earlier version done when she was a little bit younger. it has been around for a long time but folks always assumed it was an interpretation from someone else. tests seem to confirm it as a genuine work by leonardo dicaprio, that would be something. today vinci. that would be something. in india, the taj mahal is turning yellow especially animal weight because smoke was staining the walls. many fans say the monument isn't as perfectly white than it used to be. that is gross. future is now elon musk tweeting tweeting maybe that they are going to be building a hyperloop test track for companies and student teens to
2:23 pm
test out their pods most likely in texas. okay. if you remember the hyperloop is a high speed transportation contest run l.a. to san francisco shooting passengers in capsules at 600 miles an hour. i don't know, sound fund. speaking of capitals, losing winter weight is easy. a new device called the maestro rechargeable system using electric shocks to keep hunger pangs away tricking your stomach to think it is full. the question is, where can i buy one? we have senior managing editor, dr. manny alvarez. that is long lead up to your name. >> going at 100 miles-an-hour. that the fat will bo to my brain. the device is great idea. melissa: you like this idea? really? >> i do. i think -- melissa: you're generally a killjoy about all this stuff. >> this falls into the shock
2:24 pm
about the whole thing about surgery. when you have bariatric surgery you have a lot of complications. you have syndrome of major surgery. vitamin b deficiencies, you name it. this is not. this is invasive but basically, it stimulates the nerves which basically electrical impulse telling your brain all the time you're full, full, full so that if you look at the studies basically the device sort of you lose 25% of your excess weight, which is huge. melissa: wow. >> huge. minimal side effects. again a simple device to implant. you can turn it off at anytime. melissa: i'm sold. can we do this right after the show? i'm ready. >> i'm getting one. but here's the caveat. it is a lot of dough, 20,000 right now for the procedure. so, and i don't know -- melissa: not covered by insurance looks like. who knows. >> approved by fda and able to bring down the costs of the
2:25 pm
device somewhat, i'm sure that the when they do the analysis and insurance companies will say look major bariatric surgery hospitalization, with this you go home the same day. maybe cost effective from insurance perspective and maybe they allow it to be covered. melissa: so if the fda just approved it, wouldn't you think it would be actually on the market? >> i think it's here it's here. a matter of now finding doctors that get trained on how to implant it properly. i'm sure there is a curve there see it offered by major bariatric surgeons in the country. melissa: fabulous. >> amazing. melissa: dr. manny, i love it thank you for coming on. >> all right. melissa: another gitmo deal to worry about. five terror suspects from yemen released from prison and sent back to the middle east. a first for the housing market, nearly two years, rates dropping to the lowest since 2013. m.o. money coming up. ♪
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. melissa: new details right now out of belgium, two people reported dead and other wounded after police launch an anti-terrorism operation in brussels a short while ago. we are getting new video and cannot verify the authenticity of this video. nonetheless, witnesses report hearing gunfire and explosions. police there investigating a possible connection between this and last week's attack in paris. let's go to the panel for more on this. colonel bill cowen, fox news military analyst, steve moore is back as well. colonel, what do you make of this? >> breaking news that indicates these guys, this raid carried out may be related to isis a group of people who perhaps went to syria and iraq, met
2:30 pm
with isis and came back with specific guidance to strike at targets in europe belgium, france, and secondarily, the individual who supplied arms to terrorists in france was arrested in a separate location in belgium. this is clearly an ongoing fluid situation. melissa: ongoing, fluid, no way to stop the one-op situations we're almost immune to it something is happening almost every day colonel? >> what's good about this this shows the necessity for good, clear intelligence operations followed up by law enforcement or security operations, but ultimately at the end of the day, there are somewhere upwards of 3,000 europeans who made their way to work with isis and floating around with european passports. at some point, there is somebody that slips through the radar that makes it back home and carries out some kind of act as the brother did last
2:31 pm
week. melissa: steve, you're nodding. >> could there be a worse time releasing people from guantanamo that are known terrorists? america isn't take the war against terrorism seriously. this is a money show, and i said it many times the terrorist incidents are spooking the markets, when you have people shooting people in the free connectivity of the world, it speaks of 9/11. melissa: you mention five detainees from yemen are free. the obama administration sending one to estonia, shipping the other to oman look at that on the border with yemen! this is following the story yesterday about a former gitmo prisoner now recruiting for isis. colonel, this doesn't make any sense to me? >> no sense whatsoever and the last detainees we are releasing, the ones that the obama administration has been in a rush to release are the worst of the worst.
2:32 pm
they were held in gitmo because they were determined to be people of high risk or people most likely to be back to the battlefield. we know 30% of the detainees released have gone back to the battlefield. i wouldn't be surprised the number of the most recent detainees is 30%. we have no control over them after they've been given to the countries. >> you are so right, colonel. we have a new era of terrorism, and why in the world are we cutting defense budget intelligence budget, the cia budget makes no sense, they're our first line against the terrorists, aren't they? melissa: this is the first time we sent former prisoners to estonia and oman. why would they open up the borders, what's in it for them? >> great question melissa, they're not doing it for nothing. there is something going on between this administration, some gifts being given, some trade deals some something
2:33 pm
that's encouraging those countries who haven't seen the detainees to take detainees. melissa: meanwhile, we are months into airstrike again against isis no closer to stopping them in syria. isis expanding in the war-torn country considered to be something of a safe haven for them, top officials, central command saying this wasn't the goal of the airstrikes anyway. the saudis for their part are taking this seriously, they are building a 600 mile wall along the iraqi border. what do you think about that? steve, what do you think about setting a giant wall. it sounds funny on the other hand, i don't know. >> look back to the economics of this because i'm an economist, one of the ways to hurt isis is to continue to allow the price of oil to fall. they're the front line victims, we've known from "wall street journal" stories isis is funded by 600 million dollars a day by petro dollars. the more we can produce in the
2:34 pm
united states, the more we hurt the terrorists. melissa: colonel cowan, how well is a wall going to protect saudi arabia. the great wall of china was built in 476 b.c. folks talk about building a wall along our own southern border. >> that's right, melissa. we've seen how our own wall has done down south. issa wants mecca and medina the two most holiest sites of holy muslims. we're going to see a lot more activity in my judgment along that border, and as soon as isis can get inside saudi arabia, we'll see activity inside saudi arabia also. melissa: scary stuff. gentlemen, thanks to both of you. >> thank you. melissa: upper management told to pack their backs as the weight of scandals takes its toll. plus independent films beating out most major studios as the oscar nomination. at the end of the day it's all about awards season.
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. melissa: i'm melissa francis with fox business brief. huge moves in the swiss franc, knowledge is scrapped a three-year cap on the currency which many considered a safe haven. 65% of americans want the president to act in favor of keystone, that is according to a fox news poll.
2:37 pm
82% of republicans support the pipeline versus 52% of democrats. and get ready to see driverless cars on the driveway. no! google says autonomous vehicles will hit the road within the next five years. they'll have no steering wheels and no pedals and rely on sensors to detect signs and other drivers. i can't wait to see how that works. that is the latest from fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
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. melissa: the dow right now off the low of the session, but on track for fifth straight loss. let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. not a good time down there nicole. >> indeed, i was just chatting and it's a rough january particularly for stocks six consecutive days of losses, volatile market at that. the dow up down up one-third of 1% at 17,370 at the moment. a mover is target, this is big news, you remember the foray into canada less than two years ago, disastrous some would say and now saying they're going to close the canadian operations
2:40 pm
altogether talking over 17,000 employees, over 130 stores, and the employees in canada knew it was a rough start. however, they thought they would close some stores maybe the underperforming stores they had supply chain issues and the like they're shutting them down. stock up 2%. melissa: nicole thanks so much. few stories on the radar, secret service overhaul. four senior agents out of a job and another decided to retire suddenly. the agency has made several security breaches at the white house. radioshack may file chapter 11 as soon as next month, and one wall street firm is thinking of buying some of its assets. and mortgage rates are at lowest level since may of 2013. the standard 30 year rate is an average of 3.66%. there you go. the snub of the blockbuster, the 2015 oscar nominations are out and two major studio
2:41 pm
releases made the cut for best picture. independent film "grand budapest hotel" highest rated movie with a total gross of 59 million dollars. here now is julie banderas, that is amazing. >> 59 million dollars in the world of the box office is not a lot of money. melissa: a pittance, this morning there was a lot of excitement. >> as the nominees were announced and it was a tie for the top spot as "birdman" and "grand budapest hotel" earned nine nominations, each including coveted best picture. and going up against them "american sniper," "boyhood," "selma" and surprise, "whiplash." bradley cooper for his role as chris kyle in "american sniper," steve carell for playing john dupont in
2:42 pm
"foxcatcher," benedict cumber patch and eddie redmain in "the theory of everything" compete with michael keaton for james byrd, jr. up for actress, julianne moore and marianne cod yard for two days one night. and supporting nods ethan hawke and patricia arquette "birdman" actors edward norton and emma stone and meryl streep will be there again, earning a 19th nomination for playing the witch in "into the woods". melissa: i have not seen any of them. >> have you heard of half of them? melissa: no i want a little dinner and wine i'm not really at the movies. what about the snubs? >> well, angelina jolie, a lot of talk about her directing the movie "unbroken" which is an
2:43 pm
amazing film. i loved it. despite getting plenty of buzz for role in "cake" jennifer aniston didn't get a nomination, neither did jake gyllenhaal. he was amazing and did not get a nomination february 22nd we're going to find out when we open the envelopes. melissa: seems like the actors are on a campaign. jennifer aniston, oscar buzz oscar buzz, is it coming from her? >> brilliant marketing by the film producers and for the studios. because i went to angelina jolie's premiere in new york city. melissa: aren't you fancy? >> i'm just one of the media, i just get cc'd no big deal. i was so amazed. a lot of the people from the academy were there and they weren't as impressed as i was. melissa: did he look fabulous? >> one of the most gorgeous women. i was in awe. melissa: that was fun heading
2:44 pm
into the last hour of trading, check in with liz claman and see what she's got coming back. >> major swings today you've been covering it we'll take the ball and run with it at the top of the hour. the dow losing 42 points. that swiss currency move roiled the markets, we're watching oil, we've got mike holland, the holland & company chairman a stock picker especially in times of duress and distress. pairing him with floor show traders, we're taking you around the world and letting you what you should look for in the final hour as we watch your money. we got back from last week's consumer electronics show and the smart watch talk was a lot of babble but pebble was not there. they don't want to pair themselves with other companies making announcements, what will apple announcement of iwatch when it comes due.
2:45 pm
eric was first, he had the first smart watch when it comes to the latest incarnations, he is with us to battle apple and what else he's got coming up. and melissa, you will pay attention to this, i've been going to davos for years, anthony scaramucci has been charlie gasparino has never been. the mooch and i are going to school him. melissa: fabulous love it. controversy surrounding the plaza hotel. and ever wonder what it's like to be a professional bull rider. coming up, talking to a bull riding champion about how he's riding his way to success. you can never have too much money.
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. melissa: whether it's on wall street or main street here's who's making money and losing money. largest shareholder after exercising some warrants he received in 2009. back then he loaned the paper a quarter of a billion dollars what a brave man, to deal with sharp declines. they hold around 28 million shares, which is nearly a fifth of the paper. that worked out to a value of 340 million dollars. lot of newspapers. needing money in tough times, the owner of new york's plaza hotel billionaire owner is jailed in new delhi. the jail bird is confident he will regain complete control of the hotel the second he gets out of prison. and mike myers signed a groovy new deal with hbo.
2:50 pm
he has an exclusive contract with them for the next two years. now for a little fun with spare change professional bull riding is a very exciting sport to watch. eight seconds of pure adrenaline for each ride fer they can hold on for that long. on a 27 stop tour the professional bull riders are in town. joining me now monster bull rider rider l.j. jenkins, how did you get started in this? >> started at six years old. my dad did it, and like basketball, i was getting a little baby calves and sheep and made a career out of it. melissa: what's the craziest thing that's happened to you? >> the craziest thing was getting on bulls every day. melissa: that is crazy. >> whoever thought madison square garden, whatever
2:51 pm
happens, i bet that's pretty crazy. it's a scary sport it's dangerous but awesome. melissa: jim it's a huge sport, i didn't realize the tour has been going on since 1994, you have given away 140 million dollars. now you have monster on board as a sponsor. what is that like? why is that important? >> we're fortunate at the pbr. we have great blue chip sponsors las vegas as a city. monster brings in a younger demographic that we're trying to reach out to and enables us to go after as we say, we're the original extreme sport which is really monster as well. melissa: monster people think of with extreme sports. this is one of the originals. what is it like to be on a bull for eight seconds you can wrap me eight seconds, you'll go for another 80 seconds. eight seconds is forever?
2:52 pm
>> seems like eternity. when things are good and you're in time with them eight seconds comes quick. if you're struggling and have a hard time riding it you don't think you are going to get there. melissa: you have earned 1.8 million dollars in earnings what's the secret? what makes you so good? >> it's not about the money to me. i've done it my whole life. i've done it as a thrill when i was younger and lucky enough to make it a career and giving me everything i've got. melissa: what's the secret? do you have no fear? do you connect with the animals? >> i don't have much fear on getting on the bulls. the only thing i'm nervous and fear about is losing. i hate losing. i hate the bull beating me. our sport's different. we're not up against the rider, we're up against the bull. if we can beat the bull we have a chance to win. melissa: exciting appreciate it. good luck. you're ringing the closing bell at nasdaq, is that right? >> yes, ma'am.
2:53 pm
melissa: good for you. attention all passengers the best and the worst airlines revealed. which carrier got the lowest marks in the country? at the end of the day, it's all about money.
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
2:56 pm
. melissa: well, it's not nearly as glamorous as the oscars but the votes are in and the "wall street journal" ranking the best and worst airlines for 2014. number one, alaska. number two virgin airlines rounding on the top three, delta, i think is surprising. american at seventh and last place is united. let's bring in bruce turkel. how many products get consistently worse over the years. you have to take your hat off to the airlines. >> they have figured it out. two kinds of luggage, carry-on
2:57 pm
and lost. melissa: that's true. >> it is true. the airlines don't care about quality because they figured out a way to make it not matter to the best customers, that is frequent flyer programs. you enroll add up miles and you are beholden. you have no choice, i've got to fly my airline because of the frequent fliers, the quality gets a pass. and by the way, as long as they're fixing the planes and they're staying up i'm happy. melissa: have you really low standards, i didn't know that about you, bruce. jack? >> airlines have done better in recent years. this past year wasn't a great one, the weather wasn't great for delays. a lot of issues with integrating airlines after mergers and folks need to spend money, profits are up flight prices are up they're doing better, time to make capital investments and better software. melissa: there's something to the idea that the airlines everybody loves are the ones
2:58 pm
you almost never fly. alaska? >> the perennial outperformer, no idea what they're doing right every year. melissa: maybe they have the least complaint, and american and united are down the the bottom, the more you fly, the more you hate whatever plane you're on. one last thing about the airlines noah got an upgrade. new york's jfk is building an ark for puppies and pandas, the ark officials, it's expected to handle 70,000 animals per year. it looks so much nicer than the rest of jfk. i might put on a pair of cat ears and get a snack for the next flight. >> if you do that i want to see the outfit. here's the thing i don't think they're patting down pandas. how do the airlines know how to
2:59 pm
deal with cranky passengers who go to the bathroom every five minutes and complain. wait! they already do! they're building the beautiful destination and the people who fly animals pay a whole lot more than people who fly themselves and children. people pay crazy amounts for animals. melissa: what if i'm next to a horse on the plane? >> sorry to hear it costs a lot to fly a horse. got to be more than coach. melissa: quick check on oil before we go yesterday's rally seemingly short lived as crude ends the day there, near $46 a barrel. trading lower in after hours. $46.64 the last trade. that is all we have for you today. the dow is down 14 points, this is one of the major focuses liz
3:00 pm
has today. we are back, this is good territory, a tough time on the market. that's all we have for you "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now. liz: we stare down the barrel of one of the worst losing streaks in three months perhaps surprisingly. right now the dow down nearly 21. shall we say only 21 points thanks to the large volatility swings up and down and back up again. sparked by dueling headlines. last night the swiss central bank shocking the financial world when it decided to scrap self-imposed euro franc exchange rate. the swiss have been working for three years to keep a cap on currency in part to help swiss-based companies remain affordable overseas. wow. as the swiss national bank unleashed the news currency markets fell into a tailspin. the swiss market index


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