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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  January 16, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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yption. president obama a little less draconian on that subject. that wraps us up here. money starts now. good luck convincing americans. kicking cancer. progress that could wipe out cancer in the next 35 years. mending relationships with france. james taylor is smoothing things over in paris for president obama. even when they say it's not it's always about money. ♪ president obama and david
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cameron speaking together just moments ago. questions about the terror threat. cameron talked about fighting a poisonous ideology is. president obama had other ideas about europe's greatest threat. >> our muslim population they feel themselves to be americans. parts of europe, in which that is not the case. that is probably the greatest danger that europe faces. melissa: really? rich, i will take it to you first. >> not the greatest threat europe faces clearly.
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>> do you think that the brothers -- no. >> most of our immigrants still come from christian companies. france has these people stuffed out in the suburbs. they kind of ache nor and not feel to that kind of society. >> i do not know if he appreciated that or not. we really need to do more in combating terror. >> we are not europe in terms of how we embrace immigrants. that is because we did have the milking pot as part of our
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culture. europe is us in the future if we allow the intellectual class. i do not know if there has ever been a society that defined itself by its differences and survived. europe is not surviving. they embraced multi- cultures in a big way. they are trying to push us into that. we have places in the u.s. yes, these are mostly executed immigrants. it is not good to have that type of society. melissa: u.s. economy getting next reviews. 58% feel optimistic about the economy. this is the part that is
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strange. 64% were still in a recession. they are optimistic. >> we have growing gdp. we have more jobs. some of these polls i do not know how they ask the questions. we know that right now we have a problem with wage growth in this country. we do know that we have high underemployment. we have a lot of people dropping out of the workforce. one thing that hillary clinton will face, you look at some of the yields. they are saying that we are likely to have a recession. >> a lot of people have not felt it yet.
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before people have even felt this recovery. melissa: at the same time they're optimistic. >> a lot of this is reflecting of what is in the mainstream media. most papers are crowding for barack obama. the underlying numbers are still pretty scary. slashing the forecast for
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non-opec supply growth. claiming "a price recovery barring any major disruption. signs are mounting that the tide will be a parent. >> so far part of opec's play is working. the most benign economic stories of the last year or more. the fat cats have done very well. a disruption in the economy when we digest the lower oil prices.
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long-term, when was the last time we had low oil prices. low gas prices. there are many other fact there is at work there. melissa: i do 2016 presidential races. it is not steve ballmer. [laughter] she has not ruled out a bid for the white house. >> i have not made that decision yet. i can tell you that i am very seriously considering running. i think we need different experience and a different voice. >> i thought that she was a decent ceo. incredibly articulate.
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she is good looking. [laughter] melissa: know, i know what you are saying. it counts for something in politics. >> she is smart on a lot of issues. this is a profession. i think one of the problems that then carson will have, you have to learn. she has to learn. melissa: she lost, why do you think? >> california is tough. she is in. everyone near her is saying she is in. she will be the only woman in this enormously large field. that will set her apart. give her more attention.
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becoming the latest soda option. [laughter] melissa: the kids meals menus. soda is one of the chains most profitable items. they will not offer sodas as one of the choices for the kids meal. if you ask for it, they will still give it to you. my kids are four and eight. they have never tried soda ever. they are not interested in it. i do not think that kids drink soda anymore. if you do not introduce it to them. my little one drinks juice. i love mcdonald's. i eat french fries. i know it is terrible for you. there are just so many different options now.
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aiming your guns at soda, get over it. >> a bigger story here. you are right about the fact that, you know, fast food has to basically change with the times. they kind of want it a little healthier. wendy's, mcdonald's and burger king are all behind this. there are chains coming in there that give people what they want. we will see all sorts of stupid stuff like this. they all compete with shaikh -- shake shack. taking the device back to the lab for an upgrade. plus, to eskimos sharing a kiss. bring it in close.
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they cannot stick the landing though. more bonding coming up. ♪
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and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪ melissa: money is flying around the world today. starting with venezuela. the economy is on the verge of a huge collapse. a whopping 82%. a drop in oil revenue means they have less money to make payments to foreign exports. they are in deep doo doo. over to taiwan. three strains of the virus have been found in peace and ducks. more than 100,000 words have been destroyed. the poultry business there has
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had rock-bottom. landing at a zoo in israel where rhianna the rhino -- look at that. chase by frantic members of the staff. i have to be honest, they are not getting that close. you really cannot blame them. look. there they go. call it dorky ali this or just plain creepy. google is in date public sales of google glass. why? why? why? scott mart and joins me now. jonathan holden as well.
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i have been making fun of the google glass. >> why all the hate? melissa: because it is lame and stupid and dorky and unnecessary . >> it is also innovation. we build on previous knowledge. today's smart phones original origin can be found in the apple newton more than 15 years ago. maybe it did not work. we will see it again. this did not cost you a dime. do you have google glass? you sound like you have some. scott martin, though ahead. >> i actually tried one before it was available to the public.
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the main problem was it did not really work very well. it was not comfortable. it did not accept the commands. this is technology that google tried to deliver to you. >> it is really hard to say google glass. i stumbled with that from the beginning. i am glad to see it go down into flames. >> it is a tricky word. you do not know when somebody was recording you when they were talking to you. this will evolve. wearables are here to stay. melissa: the battle and man and machine has arrived. losing business. they can do their jobs faster, cheaper, better.
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a new report in the "wall street journal." all of that backlash. all of that push to get the fda to crack down on people. trying to use their drones to take pictures of properties. that is not very nice. >> no. could you imagine. the silent movie operator. [laughter] >> exactly. the process of innovation. they may lose this job but to find another job. if we had free markets and airports in this country, they could be flying a mission, if you will, for individuals. melissa: they are the ones best poised to have a business flying
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drones. embrace the technology in this case. move your business forward. >> that is the thing. so far, a lot of the people seen flying the drones are not pilots. they are like people like you and me. i think the connotation of drones flying around is cool, but it is also dangerous. melissa: we have to go. some outrageous ways of how congress is spending your hard earned dollars. my next guest says we have it all wrong. he thinks we should raise the gas tax. this should be fun. i am sure it is for diplomacy. not for cigars. do you ever have too much money? ♪
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melissa: gas prices and could you to fall. politicians in washington are eagle to gobble up all those savings by raising the gas tax. transportation use them. museum instead of fixing crumbling bridges. he took issue with our report. we quickly invited him on to respond. i give you the floor. where did we go wrong? >> i think that you are reporting old news. money will address critical
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transportation needs. i think the real issue here is that this whole discussion about a cast tax increase is really a proxy fight over what the appropriate role of the federal government is. melissa: we were talking about the transportation museum. it was announced last month. they have not broken ground on it yet. they will spend almost a million dollars opening a museum in kentucky with our federal tax dollars. they have not even broken ground. they have not even broken ground. how is that old news? >> if there is transportation money that is going to that, then it is a failure. it should not occur.
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how about that 820 million in 2014 for bicycle paths and the vestry and walkways? >> we think that there should be a user fee for bicycle paths. let's talk about the 110,000 projects going on right now across the country on critical construction projects. to make our roads and our bridges that are. 60,000 sufficient bridges. and some people are able to route the trust fund, then, we really need to address that and stop that. melissa: i think we both agree that there are crumbling roads and bridges. we would both very much like to see them fixed. sixty minutes does this long sob story about how we have all these bridges and everyone will get killed. we will all die.
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the moral of the story is we need to spend more money to fix them. not one more cent on a dumb side project. every single dollar has to go to a crumbling bridge, a pothole a road, that is coming apart at the seams. if we still need more money, we can talk about raising the gas tax. are you in agreement with that? >> i agree with that. you can pull out a series of obscure products that should not be funded with trust fund money. we have a number of projects out there. they are clogging our system.
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we need to get rid of all the other minor examples that you have. melissa: stephen thank you for coming on the show. we appreciate your time. hillary clinton commenting just moments ago about going after wall street. better for congress to focus on jobs and wages for middle-class families. very convenient since a lot of people has seen her as cozy to wall street as opposed to elizabeth warren with her war on wall street. this year could top that. adam shapiro is live at one of the biggest events in scottsdale arizona. >> i want to show you something. how would you like in 1967 fiat
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spider? you would look great in this car. they have already sold more than $27,000 worth of car. what check out the mercedes over here. these cars, just a few years ago, you could get one of these 450-$60,000. even though 190s. they sold one here for $275,000. 837 lincoln. let's wrap at this. 1 million miles. charlie gasparino would look good in this. $1.3 billion worth of car. rm group, the largest by sales. 470 million last year. they are off and running.
2:29 pm
they have a for rory that could go for billions upon allegiance of dollars. we should by this forecast. melissa: i love it. adam, thank you so much. some good news on one of our most pressing medical problems. john kerry rolls out a killer made apology to the people of france. diplomatic relations all coming down to a survey from james taylor. we are not actually kidding about this one. more money coming up. ♪ ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. melissa: take a look at that chart. take a look at food oil. up $2.44. look at that. piling higher at the close.
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a group of six democrats heading to cuba tomorrow. this will be the first congressional delegation to visit that country since last month policy change. hoping to get a jump start on developing a relationship. asking what they think normalization should look like. pretty convenient timing. it is freezing. it looks nice they are. by the year 2050, experts say that no one under the age of 80 will die of cancer. no one. no one. advances in treatment have to keep faith. to me, this sounds too good to be true. basically because of smalling smoking rates that her diagnosis, better annual pass,
2:34 pm
no one will die of cancer. do you buy this? >> in medicine, we are very careful with the terms always and never. i think we are advancing our abilities to detect cancers early and treat them to the best of our ability. i think the way we will cure it is through personalized medicine and general mix. melissa: is there a danger? does it slow down funding? do people feel overly safe about it? >> it is interesting. i think the national health service in great britain will cut down the amount of dollars that a spend. therefore, i think this is a way to justify that. if we keep doing what we are doing, we will be okay anyway.
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everyone is taking a low dose of aspirin. did aspirin just short everything? aspirin has been shown, in many conditions to actually decrease risks for certain types of cancers. if you had a heart attack, you should be on aspirin. the side effects include bleeding from the g.i. tract. it can be high threatening. it is not a cure all. it is not without giving up something. melissa: doctor, think you very much. the dow climbing up out of the red. more oil. indeed the week strongly. nicole: such a hot topic. today, we are starting to see oil up.
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almost 5% on the day. forty-eight and change. we did see that moving higher. exxon and chevron have been great performers on the dow jones industrial average. halliburton is doing well. this on the same day. there was some talk of short coverings over the last 48 hours. they may see a slight increase in oil. that could also give it a boost. back to you. melissa: thank you very much. a top obamacare open show stepping down next month. she served at the u.s. center for medicare and medicaid for five years. last year she admitted to a calculation error. whoops. still feeling the fallout from the swiss franc. causing banks to lose tens of millions of dollars.
2:37 pm
deutsche bank alone lost $150 million yesterday. barclays lost up to $100 million. that is not good. twenty-five bore motels expected in the next decade neared also supposed to be female friendly with well lit vanities. song parodies make up to terry eales. president obama said to answer the tough question. from the celebrities of youtube. keep your head on a swivel, congress. the only real question-- more money up next. ♪ real estate in hong kong and the optics industry in germany?
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melissa: i am melissa france this with your fox business brief neared consumers are feeling more confident than they have in over a decade. economists say it is because of job gains and lower gas prices. shares of goldman sachs dropping right now. the numbers came in better than expected. nothing could hide the 7% drop in net income.
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drivers without insurance are still learning the road. 26% of people behind the wheel are not covered. florida and mississippi are a close second and third. that is crazy. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪
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melissa: breaking news for you right now. boxing legend mohammed ovie has been released from the hospital. he looks forward to celebrating his 73rd birthday tomorrow with family and friends. john kerry. wait until you see this. making his way to paris after the white house failed. the apology to her. it started off with a bit of an awkward hug with the french president. secretary cary brought james taylor to sing you got a friend. i mean, i wish i was kidding about this. it is so embarrassing. this really happened.
2:43 pm
when i solve saw this, i thought it was a skit. it did not really happened. it is so embarrassing and ridiculous. to bring james taylor to sing you've got a friend. help me out. >> well, all i can say is if gerri lewis was not available -- you have to go to war with the army that you've got. in this case -- [laughter] melissa: wow. it would have been so much less effort to just show up and march in the first place. >> sure. that would have been very easy. why does he need help? also, it is hard to tell.
2:44 pm
[laughter] melissa: so embarrassing. quoting the political. i am not going to spend the next two years on defense. i will play offense. the president preparing to suit up with tom brady's this weekend. he is like, that is it. i am taking it to the hoop. he will not lay it down. >> this is what he does every time. the responses always, we will be on offense. we will attack the republicans. let me submit something. it always ends the same way. the president has a plan. thend, is aays coroll by eves.
2:45 pm
it wl beatiol seritynd reigpolies tt corol m. >> youtube celebrities will be given opportunities to interview president obama following the state of the union. bethany, is on you gym. wow. >> she has to look great doing it. >> two we find this to be less than? this administration has intentionally watered down his own persona.
2:46 pm
they talk about their effort to minimize the state of the union address by leaking it out in advance. when you minimize the power of the presidential appearance you cannot stand up and talk at the moment you really need to. melissa: are you a fan? >> i have never heard of any of these people. partly a product of the new media environment. you do not necessarily have to go this low. it is not just reap big broadcast outlets to the new york times anymore. melissa: thanks to both of you. we are heading into the last hour of trading. let's head to liz claman.
2:47 pm
liz: i am helping charlie gasparino pack. melissa: take photos. liz: green on the screen. what is going to happen? sending the currency world into a bit of a crisis here. we are bringing in to top stock and business papers. steve will be joining us. wait until you hear where they want to be putting their money right now. google class announced well, they did not say it yet google class is going to a transition.
2:48 pm
we will push the pause button. we have to top experts. they are facing off, actually. this matters because back show products we are talking about are made by publicly traded companies that may be in your portfolio. melissa: i cannot wait to see that. i always thought that google class was ridiculous. high schoolers now faced with a mandatory fitness test. fail it and you will not graduate. how many of these questions would you get right? we are going to quiz you coming up. ♪
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startup-ny. it's working for new york state. already 55 companies are investing over $98 million dollars and creating over 2100 jobs. from long island to all across upstate new york, more businesses are coming to new york. they are paying no property taxes no corporate taxes no sales taxes. per
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melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street, here is who is making and losing money today. southwest. passengers were left stock on a plane last year. southwest said it did not have enough workers to move the plane. the showers of sharp nato -- strike before traveling all the way across the eastern seaboard. thank goodness. pop quiz, how many amendments does the constitution have? arizona is now the first state to require students to pass a physics test. scott and jonathan arbat now. scott, how many amendments does
2:53 pm
the constitution have? >> i am going to say 27. i did a little bit of a survey. the chicago fox news bureau is cynically inclined. what is funny about this quiz is you have to get 60% right and you get multiple choice. melissa: that is so true. i am glad you mentioned that. i know you know what the first three words are. when you look at the multiple chance answer, look at how many of them have more than three words. if you just read it closely, you do not even have to know what the answer is. what is the answer jonathan? >> what could be a bigger condemnation?
2:54 pm
all of these kids are graduating high school that know nothing about our government. it does not fix the problem. it exacerbates it. a very aggressive interpretation of our country. you hear nothing about true americanism that this country was founded on and rise on. melissa: what ocean is on the east coast of the united states? >> the gulf of mexico? did i fail that one? [laughter] melissa: the indian ocean. i think that is what it is. multiple choice. it is just so painful. we have to go. bethany frankel. you will never believe what is next. we have rounded up our favorite stories of the week. you are in for a treat. at the end of the day it is all about money.
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>> an hour isn't long enough to bring you all of our favorite stories. some headlines are too money to miss. rich and veronica are back, produceers in the control room. caitlyn, what you got. >> you have never seen a cow dance like this before in the supermarket. take a look at this -- i mean look at that! the cow is going to town! i love it! this is my favorite video ever. look at the cow is getting down. the best moves i've ever seen. is the cow invisible. as people go by, they are acting like this phenomenal performance. look at that. phenomenal performance is not happening. why are they not looking? look at that. >> apparently it's fairly common in mexican supermarkets to have dancing cows like this. i think we should get some in
2:59 pm
times square he would distract us by bumming cigarettes bothering tourists and punching cops. >> i need one in the studio. try to add to the cow thing. >> bethenny frankel is best known for skinny girl line of drinks, now skinny girl marijuana, that won't give smokers the munchies. >> wow. okay. veronica, what do you think of that one? show me the cow while we're thinking of that one? >> betheny seems able to sell anything. >> she can sell anything. >> she's an entrepreneur. >> the cow is back i love it. >> go ahead, tell us the last one. >> my worst fear, an announcer trying to be all cool on the treadmill, he wipes out and totally falls. i'm so afraid this is going to happen one day. >> let's see him go. he's frozen he's afraid of falling.
3:00 pm
you know what? put the cow back, put the cow back. the guy falling on the treadmill. no one cares about him. bring the cow back. there you go! i'm going to have this on the loop at my house all weekend, all night, at the club. take it away. >> i know, very cute. liz: thanks, melissa, more exciting and gorgeous han cute, a surprise move in the markets in relation to two days after the swissy, yeah, the swiss franc taking victims today, but the u.s. markets aren't among them right now. look at this. green across the board, home depot, exxon travelers powering the dow higher and the high of the session up i believe 129 points for the dow getting closer to that right now. up 107. new fields exploration, cima


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