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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 20, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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why. great show. paul fantastic. join us every night at 6:00 p.m. we appreciate it. you don't want to miss neil cavuto's coverage of state of the union, starts at 8:00 p.m. right now here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. we're now just two hours from president obama's sixth state of the union address. president obama is expected to present his left wing wish list tonight, including something he's called for in each of his state of the union addresses since he took office. bigger government, and more tax hikes. the president and his own words will go on offense against the new republican-led congress despite historic loss for him and the democratic party in the midterm elections. he's widely expected to take credit for what he considers to be an improving economy, an economy improving in part because of significantly lower
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gasoline prices that have fueled optimism but which are unrelated to any white house policy. mr. obama is also tonight going big on tax hikes. proposing more than 300 billion dollars in new taxes. he's still pushing taxpayer-paid community college for all and looking for fast track trade promotion and negotiating authority from congress. and the president has already threatened to veto seven prospective bills in the republican-led congress. the republican leadership dismissed tonight's speech as another campaign event, a speech loaded with proposals they declare to be non-starters. >> i think any president in this situation has a choice he can sort of act like he's still running for office or he can focus on the things that we have a chance to reach an agreement on.
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obviously, that's what i hope we'll hear tonight is a speech that brings us together and doesn't push us apart. lou: also here tonight u.s. diplomats in a motorcade on their way to the u.s. embassy were shot at in yemen, despite the turmoil in yemen the state department has not ordered an evacuation. and just hours before a white house delegation is set to arrive in cuba, a russian spy ship has docked in old havana. u.s. diplomats will try to move forward on the president's unilateral order to normalize relations with the communist island nation. and the obama white house returned another al qaeda terrorist to the middle east without public notice, and it appears without consulting with congress. the obama justice department released the al qaeda operative and flew him to qatar. there are only a few of the reasons of the many reasons that the president won't be
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focusing tonight on his foreign policy agenda. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is on the north lawn with our report. >> reporter: for every state of the union address there are the images the white house wants the public to see such as president obama in the oval office today making final preps. then the images of the world burning that the president wants to spend far less time on tonight like the deepening crisis in yemen where the u.s.-backed government is facing a coup. isis demanding 200 million dollar ransom for two japanese hostages. and iran signing military aliance with russia. >> i'm not sure how much time president obama will devote to the very serious threats facing this nation but i think americans in such uncertain times crave safety and security, and craving leadership. >> reporter: yemen in flames as shiite rebels took over the presidential palace while shots were fired at u.s. embassy vehicle, there were no injuries
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reported there. all of this embarrassing for the commander in chief, who four short months ago held it up as a success story. >> targeted al qaeda's affiliate in yemen and recently eliminated the top commander of affiliate in somalia. the strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us while supporting partners on the front lines is one we have successfully pursued in yemen and somalia for years. >> reporter: that may be one reason the president created another image, holding a surprise meeting with people who had written him personal letters and whose stories will be highlighted tonight. as he puts less emphasis on national security and more on plans to double down on tax the rich policies that paint him as the guardian of the middle class. >> our economy is demonstrating resilience, what that creates an opportunity to do right now is focus on policies that benefit the middle class and the president thinks by doing, that that's the best way we with grow our economy. >> reporter: the president will focus more on domestic policies that shape his legacy and the 2016 campaign.
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even though those plans are going nowhere fast in the new republican congress. >> absolute non-starter. last year we had the all-time all-time record number of receipts of dollars coming into the united states treasury and what did the democrats want to do? instashiable desire we want to raise taxes and pour hundreds of additional dollars into the government. that's not going to groat economy. >> reporter: aides say the president will be touting cooperation with republicans, pointing out he's ready for more veto threats and executive action. lou: ed henry reporting from the white house. the white house has announced the transportation secretary anthony foxx will be the designated survivor for tonight. he'll be the cabinet member held out of state of the union in case of a mass casualty event at the capitol. real shocker is that the transportation secretary of all people is 13th in line of
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succession to the president. and we want to update the story on yemen. we have just received that the "u.s.s. iwo jima" with the 24th marine expeditionary unit aboard and another craft have moved into the red sea. there has been as i said at the outset no evacuation ordered of u.s. diplomats and personnel from yemen, but they are obviously being moved into the red sea should that be the decision ultimately of the president. we'll keep you posted. a major part of the president's address tonight expected to focus on plan to normalize relations with cuba. president obama is wasting no time, he's sending state department representatives to cuba, they arrive tomorrow to begin talks aimed at opening an embassy in havana. some members of congress and the first lady using the occasion to make political statements about cuba with a guest they've invited to attend
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tonight's speech. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen with our report. >> reporter: jorge luis garcia perez is a cuban dissident who spent 17 years in the castro brothers jails, he'll attend the state of the union as the honored guest of house speaker john boehner. marco rubio is bringing rosa maria paya and seated with the first lady is alan gross the usaid subcontractor detained in cuba and freed as part of the obama administration secret diplomacy with havana. mr. obama's allies pleaded for bipartisan support in the lifting of trade and travel restrictions that only congress can overturn. >> the president is moving in areas of trade and travel as we hope he will do, to expand these opportunities but we have to do our part in
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congress. >> reporter: when she leads the u.s. delegation to cuba tuesday, assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson will focus on the steps necessary to reopen our embassy in havana. >> i do not necessarily think that we are talking about direct human rights conditionality in the restoration of diplomatic relations part. >> this is a one sided approach by the president to give the cubans major political and moral victory in exchange for truly no changes on the island. >> reporter: a new book, the backchannel to cuba, chronicles six decades of secret diplomacy. they will face retrouble in the gop controlled congress. >> one of the earliest battles will be when the president nominates ambassador and the senate confirmation will be rough. >> reporter: and still another hurtle will be the appropriations congress will have to pass for the conversion
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of our intrasection in havana into an embassy. aides to secretary of state john kerry say that even if he decides by june to keep cuba on the state department's list of nations that sponsor terrorism that opening of the embassy will proceed. lou? lou: james, unilateral or not, this normalization seems to be proceeding at full speed full speed ahead. >> reporter: right, the first normalization talk on thursday there won't be embassy reopened immediately thereafter. there will be at least another six months but we are also told that this business of whether cuba stays on the list that the nation's that sponsor state terrorism is going to be kept separate from the normalization track. lou: james thank you very much james rosen reporting. white house chief of staff denis mcdonough apparently more powerful than a lot of people thought. it wasn't president obama secretary of state kerry or
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defense secretary hagel or national security adviser susan rice making administration representative in paris, it was mcdonough who told nbc it was his bad judgment that the superiors didn't attend the rally against terrorists earlier this month. >> we said we regret we didn't send somebody more senior than the ambassador. that rests on me. that's my job. we're going to focus on that and work with our friends to make sure that doesn't happen again. lou: president obama's chief adviser valerie jarrett tried to do considerable damage control on the issue and messed it up a bit calling the demonstrations against radical islamist terrorism a parade. she did it not once, but twice. the white house apparently thought they should try and try again. new york mayor bill de blasio who's come under fire
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for treatment of police his refusal to apologize for what many consider his assault on law enforcement had no hesitation in jetting to paris to show support for the french. de blasio spending 24 hours, there meeting with political leaders and members of the jewish community. we're coming right back with much more. this is number six for president obama. lofty goals, soaring rhetoric and plain old class warfare. congressman randy forbes on the lame duck agenda and what we can expect, next. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions
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. lou: in about an hour and 45 minutes, president obama will deliver his state of the union address. my next guest says the president will deliver the same solution he has for every problem, more taxes more government. joining us tonight, congressman randy forbes, members of the house judiciary committee, and serves on the house armed services committee. good to have you with us, congressman. >> thank you, lou. lou: let's start with this speech. the president wants higher taxes. you don't seem moved. >> lou, if tonight was the super bowl and the president was trying to kick a field goal. i can assure you at the end, the officials would rush on the field and say he missed wide to
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the left. this is a president that's never seen one of your dollars that he didn't think he could spend better than can you spend it. i'm sure that's what you will hear more of this evening. lou: are you as surprised as i am most people are, that this president is ignoring the midterm elections altogether with immense chutzpah going to the fact that there are more republicans in congress than at any time in the past 80 years. it's as if the election did not have consequences which is the inverse of what he's been lecturing for six years? >> lou neither you nor i are surprised at him doing that. he's had arrogance throughout the administration. doesn't surprise us tonight. he's going to dust off the same old rhetoric we've heard the sixth time. tax and spend. what we're not going to hear, that's the pity of all this. won't hear how he's going to recharge the economy. how he's going to reestablish
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the rule of law or how he's going to rebuild the military. we expect to kind of hear much of what we've heard in years past. lou: do you think tonight we're going to hear this president talk about the turmoil in yemen, the threat there to our diplomats and personnel, and the likely coup, as it stands right now? are we going to hear about the military agreement between iran and russia? is he going to address any of these issues in your opinion tonight? >> lou, that would surprise me, it would surprise me if he told us how he released cuban spies so that he could begin this normalization with cuba. if he talked about how he gave away our missile defense system in europe because the russians wanted it. how he started reducing our navy because the chinese wanted it. how he tried to remove our land mines on the dmz or the sanctions against iran because
7:18 pm
that's what they wanted. what would be absent is anything the united states got as an exchange for any of those actions that he's taken. lou: all right, let me try this one -- do you think he'll explain tonight in detail to the american people why he refuses to name our enemy in the global war on terror as it's styled radical islamist terrorists? >> you know, i'm not sure he will explain that but i think most americans tonight are going to tune the president out because they feel he's tuned them out for the last six years, and part of it is because they see the threats going around the world they just see him missing in action and want a president that steps up to the plate acknowledges the threats, shows a strategy for dealing with them. but more importantly lou, and this is not just rhetoric. we need at this particular point in time a president that comes together and tries to bring people together instead of this constant class warfare dividing one person against another person. that's why most americans are
7:19 pm
going to tune him out tonight. lou: congressman randy forbes, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, lou. lou: time for the results of our online poll. the question we asked -- 85% of you said yes. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, the question -- cast your vote at we want to congratulate the man we've often referred to heresa the best attorney general in the country. he is no longer such. as of today republican greg abbott is the governor of the great state of texas. during his inaugural speech governor abbott promised fellow texans he would stay as defiantly conservative as he did during 12 years as attorney general. >> as governor i will continue my legacy of pushing back
7:20 pm
against a washington. if they spend too much regulate too much or violate our state sovereignty. any government that uses the guise of fairness to rob us of our freedom will get a uniquely texan response. come and take it! >> governor abbott is taking over from rick perry who served as governor of texas for 14 years and who is it is widely believed preparing to run for his party's nomination to be president. up next, president obama's five previous state of the union addresses had a number of things in common. and tonight, should be no different, we're told. that is next. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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. lou: house republicans are moving forward tomorrow with legislation to secure our southern border. the bill authored by homeland security chairman congressman michael mccaul would require the department of homeland security to prevent all unlawful entries into the united states along our entire southern border within five years, but some republicans in the senate such as senator jeff sessions are already criticizing legislation staying does nothing to stop president obama's catch and release immigration policies. well, a few comments now on what has become an anachronism in this 21st century. the president's state of the union address. president obama tonight delivering his sixth such address, seventh if you count his speech to a joint session of congress in 2009.
7:26 pm
tonight's speech is notable for two reasons. this is the first time the president will be delivering his address to a congress totally controlled by republicans. with more republican members than at any time since before the great depression, and judging by past years, the president will not only be facing the largest number of republicans in almost a century, but will likely be giving his speech to the smallest television audience in recent history, an audience that has been shrinking since his first state of the union six years ago. not a lot at stake either when it comes to the president's approval numbers which have been under water for two years. on average, "gallup" approval rating has consistently fallen by 1% the week after his address. that's not much in such thing. so is that the public's state of the union fatigue or simply obama fatigue. the president doesn't offer up a whole lot new in his talks
7:27 pm
and delivery it isn't very peppy. >> we should continue the work of fixing our broken immigration system. >> i strongly believe that we should take on once and for all, the issue of illegal immigration. >> i believe as strongly afrz we should take on illegal immigration. >> the time has come to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> time to heed the call of business leaders, labor leaders, faith leaders, law enforcement and fix our broken immigration system. lou: and tonight, well our lame-duck president ramps up warfare class rhetoric as well. i expect him to keep his rather tiresome tone. >> the best thing we could do on taxes for all americans is simplify the individual tax code. >> we need to change our tax code so people like me, and awful lot of members of congress, pay our fair share of
7:28 pm
taxes. >> now is our best chance for bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform. >> let's continue that progress with a smarter tax policy. >> did you notice the vice president, he gave up take notes? so how is the president doing with his state of the union addresses and does it matter? mr. obama has, in fact, the second worst record in the past 50 years of passing proposals into law. only president gerald ford's record is worse than mr. obama's 30%. i'm in no way saying that tonight is simply an exercise in futility. no, i would not say that. it is simply an exercise in political theater, no more and unfortunately possibly even less. our quotation of the evening now, this from the 40th president of the united states ronald reagan. in his state of the union address in 1982. he said --
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. lou: transportation secretary anthony foxx is the designated survivor for this year's state of the union address but the five had other ideas who should be left behind. >> did you know with all those people in one area there's something called a designated survivor. they take one person put him in the basement, i guess the basement of the white house. massive security in the event of a catastrophe of the chamber. >> this year it's lou dobbs. >> finally lou is there. lou: i want to thank everybody
7:34 pm
for continued support irrespective of what the nation faces. i am not sure i appreciate bowling give away the location of the great survivor. splendid. joining us former congressional budget office director and president of the american action forum, douglas holtz eken. we're not getting a lot of suggestion that the president is going to light new fires and brighten our horizons with bold new ideas? >> sadly no more of the same. let's fate, it they did a leak tour where they told us the greatest things since sliced bread. this consists of more of the same. free college education, free work leave free housing
7:35 pm
insurance. free stuff. and you know how much free stluf is in the world. this is more of the same lou. >> you know, after what doug just said, are you sure obama did not go france? my goodness! sounds like europeanization of the u.s. economy. and businesses don't create jobs, redistribution does. lou: well a lot has recanted on 70%+ taxes. and president obama is reviving them. what is it they say, doug, talent borrows but genius steals, he's stolen a lot of the taxes! what do you think? >> well, what we also sudden that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same experiment. we have seen this before. the president, every year layers on new regulations, he asks for more taxes, gets them. tries to spend more, sometimes gets to. and the cbo takes a looked at
7:36 pm
growth potential of the u.s. economy and marks it down 2.3%. the president wrings his hands and says the middle class success damaged. yes, they are. what we need is a completely different strategy. what we get is the same speech. lou: and from the republicans are we going to get the same drill as well, less regulation lower taxes, and haven't we also experimented with that mantra and found it wanting? >> perhaps we haven't experimented with it enough or in the right way. lou: i like that. >> i was looking at very interesting data. among advanced economies, the two countries that have done the best of late in terms of advancing lower middle class and middle class households have been australia and canada and both countries are not shy about developing their natural resources. in this country, we have a different attitude especially
7:37 pm
as far as regulation is concerned. lou: doug, do you think those are good analogs for the united states and their policies for us to repair if we want to achieve the same health of our middle class? >> look, if the president's afraid to do the right thing it's not a bad idea to look across to other countries and see what they've been successful doing. the natural resource analogy is exactly right. that's a great private sector initiative in the u.s. given us a completely different world. one which can have geopolitical unrest in the middle east and oil below $50 a barrel. wouldn't have happened five, ten years ago. it's a huge success, not a government success. not a bad idea to have a business tax system that isn't completely anti-growth and anti-competitive. those countries are not shy make sure businesses can compete on the global playing field. the president says he wants to do that. never seen a plan, never said a
7:38 pm
word leading up to the state of the union. maybe he'll surprise me. i hope so. that is another lesson he could draw. lou: trade promotion, 70% say they want the president to have it, their power and authority under the constitution article 1, section 8 which they are responsible for trade. these are the same republicans, and i'd like you both quickly to respond to this, the same republicans who don't trust him on any other issue, why do they trust him on trade for crying out loud? >> the benefits through the legislation exceed the cost? if the benefits are less than the cost stay away from it. lou: doug? >> that's right. some flatly do not trust him, and he won't get their vote. some want to see the final deal and give the vote because they think they know what they're giving away, they're nervous about. this the track record of distrust. it's not easy to heal. lou: it's a nervousness, a skepticism they think is
7:39 pm
personally well placed. doug, great to have you with us, john thank you for joining us. >> thank you. lou: the "new york post" tonight is reporting in sports business that philadelphia eagles coach chip kelly is, quote, wheeling and dealing end quote in a plot. that's the post language a plot to land heisman trophy winning quarterback marcus mariota of the university of oregon ducks. kelly recruited mariota to oregon before he left the university for a run at super bowl in philadelphia two 10-6 seasons have followed. kelly carrying ducks on his roster this past season. what happens next? we'll have that for you. the president issuing two veto threats. to the house republicans, he signals tonight's state of the union address could be somewhat contentious. neil cavuto will have a
7:40 pm
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. lou: on wall street, stocks closed slightly higher a day of volatile trading. the dow up 4 points at the close, the s&p gained 3. the nasdaq up a whopping 20
7:44 pm
points. volume still heavy trading, relatively 3.9 billion shares. crude oil plummeted nearly 5% settling above $46 a share. morgan stanley closing lower. netflix shares surging in extended trading following better-than-expected earnings and strong subscriber growth. a reminder listen to my financial reports coast-to-coast three times a day on the salem radio network. the president taking a defiant tone ahead of state of the union address. he issued two new veto threats against republican-backed abortion and pipeline bills for more what we can expect from our president. we're joined by neil cavuto whose coverage begins immediately following this broadcast. good to see you, a defiant tone, the president is not going to make friends seek middle ground my goodness. >> you are dead on right.
7:45 pm
if anything, what's that they say the best defense is a good offense? republicans argue he's being darn near offensive. ted cruz expected to join me in the next hour to talk about the fact this is hardly the message he expected out of president, but might be a method to the madness, there is a backed view that the president know the tax hikes he's proposing on the rich go nowhere but might be part of opening discussion on tax reform, that is a herculean leap to put it mildly but very, very clear that the president isn't addressing even the republicans in that room but a populist pitch he hopes resonates with the country watching in particular the party's base. all of the things he's espousing from free college to college tuition relief and the like, and all paid for courtesy the presumed tax hikes on the rich will be something americans like to hear. and the wind at his back is the
7:46 pm
improving economy and his policies. we'll see. lou: the wind at his back is driven in large measure as you well know by the lower gas prices. >> exactly. i heard that at the outset of the show. lou: and not a single policy on the part of this administration has contributed to our, or led to lower energy prices. that's quite a reach even by the standards set for the administration in reaching. >> interesting, sometimes for everyone, the same for the republican president you go on the headline numbers. you go on the unemployment rate coming down, you and i can argue how real the unemployment rate is. lou: i would never do that. we would never do that. >> never, never. it's interesting he is going to keep pounding, that and say what you will, this is the recovery he's going to be embracing before as you know, lou, he's always said, we have ways to go, not everyone is feeling this recovery, but going to frame it differently. the recovery is real gaining traction, and i want to make sure this is something shared by everybody.
7:47 pm
he is repeatedly going to go after the rich. see how well they're doing? you could be doing well if we adjust things a little bit to close that gap. if you can't bring the middle class or the lower class up, the best we can settle on in the interim is to drag the rich down or hike the rates to the point it gets to be fairly prohibitive. it's an interesting catwalk tonight, man holy cow. lou: looking forward to your coverage, and all of the insight of your guests. you mentioned senator ted cruz who else? >> bob casey of the democrats, pennsylvania. he like you has been saying not everyone is on board with the president. pipeline very big issue in pennsylvania. he's talking to us. christie numb, the senior house whip on this. i think we've got seven vetoes being planned on the part of the president.
7:48 pm
he's had two vetoes during the course of the last six years in office. he's got to move fast. lou: neil, as we wrap up here i can't remember a time when the president's veto threats were outstripping the ability of the republicans to create to pass legislation. >> they have the knowledge already like it's like planes rejected on the tarmac. who knows? it's interesting. lou: thank you so much. appreciate it. neil's coverage begins on the fox business network after this broadcast. our coverage of the president's state of the union address. up next here, new evidence that the american public may not want anything to do with political dynasties of any kind or any name or retread candidates whatsoever in 2016. if that's the case we eliminated half the potential field. we'll take it up with michael goodwin, judith miller and robert zimmerman here next. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new
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for 60 days. act now, and get this document shredder free. that's a $29 value. ♪ or go to try lifelock risk-free for 60 days and get this document shredder free -- a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. lou: well, joining us now. "the a-team." democratic strategist robert zimmerman. purts prize winner mike goodwin. pulitzer prize winner judy. good to see you robert. >> good to be with you. lou: the president tonight it seems he will be contentious rather than bringing a healing attitude to what is a divided country. >> one of the reasons you see his approval numbers go up to 50% in
7:53 pm
the washington post poll, pew research poll has him at 47%. he's advocating free community college for two years. absolutely. lifting the cuban embargo, immigration executive order strong populous support. lou: why did he wait until after the election to have done so? odd timing, don't you think, michael? >> i won'ti do. part of the reasons his poll numbers went up is because he went on vacation and people like him more. lou: you know, we track this. and the truth is: when he goes on vacation, isn't seen by the public it let's things cool off. he does better in that. judy, don't you agree? >> less is more when it comes to obama. i mean, look, of course -- of course, he will be popular and --
7:54 pm
lou: i'm just smiling. [laughter] >> an hour? come on, robert. an hour on a telepromter. oh, my gosh. lou: let me turn to what we won't see tonight. that is some discussion of yemen. we probably won't see a discussion of the new military agreement and treaty between iran and russia. the president appears to be staying far from foreign policy. >> well, i don't know that that's going to be the case tonight. there's some speculation that he'll be calling for an act of war against isis. not confirmed. that's what's out there. in terms of yemen. obviously the events are unfolding today. we have to get more information on that. he can't avoid it. foreign policy will be part of the next two years. lou: and immigration. republicans appear set to take the national leadership role on immigration and border
7:55 pm
security. congressman mike mccaul head of home security securing the border. is the antecedent to real reform. your thoughts? >> it would be nice if the republicans took the lead on something lou. it feels like they've been on vacation too. lou: yeah. >> and it's as though this election was an event that happened. and everyone forgot about it and assumed the positions they had before in washington. republicans have a unique opportunity to set the agenda. not just for 2016, but for the next years in between. to change the course of this country. so far, they've been still in a reactive mode. i don't think that's how they'll make a point with the american people. lou: go ahead. >> sorry. well, i think that's because they can't agree on anything. if they could agree they might be offering a coherent alternative to what the president has been offering. we haven't seen it.
7:56 pm
i'm worried we won't see it. >> i'm not too worried about that judy. charles: for some reason, robert is absolutely comfortable with division and acquiesce he is an to the president. it looks that americans are tiring of the idea of political dynasties. whether it's clinton bush your thoughts on that? >> it's very interesting. we'll have to see how events unfold. what i find intriguing among democrats her approval rating is the highest of all the candidates from both parties. and bush seems to be at roughly 23% leading the field with a small margin, which is interesting amongst republicans. lou: yeah, mitt romney the recent polls showing surprising strength, i think. also, jeb bush and also mike huckabee. some people surprised by his strength. >> look, lou. i think this field is
7:57 pm
new. a lot of shaking out to do. you hear increasing talk from the intelligence community that that america is going to be attacked is now inevitable. they use that word inevitable. lou: that's a allows would he word. >> all bets are off as to what will matter. we saw it with president obama's approval ratings when those two americans were beheaded. they tanked overnight. people want something done about terrorism. that will still be a big issue that will be out there and scramble everything at some point. lou: and, judy, the idea that this president has a chief of staff who is responsible for deciding whether the president or any of the senior officers of this government show up in paris to demonstrate against radical islamist terrorism. surely surely, he's misquoting himself. >> well, what's amazing about this lou is two things. one, that the president acknowledges that he made a mistake.
7:58 pm
because so far that's very rare. and secondly, that someone in his inner circle stood up and said yeah, yeah, it was me. it was me. by the way, i just think that is just ridiculous. because if the president didn't know that there was going to be a big rally in paris and that many, many leaders were planning on going, he should be spending less time on the golf course and more time watching television or reading a newspaper. lou: yemen. ukraine. iran, russia, china. the list goes on. libya. judy where is this president's foreign policy taking us? >> well, it's taking us to exactly where he wanted us to be, which is, we are being extracted from the middle east, even as he's sending 1,000 soldiers in to fight isis. he's made a lot of pledges without the resources to carry them out. and i think the reason he may not dwell on his foreign policy successes when it comes to isis and keeping the country safe there aren't a lot to show for it.
7:59 pm
>> judy, we shouldn't diminish that the arabs lead the fight. >> the most extraordinary comment of the week that reflects the obama administration thinking is valerie jarrett saying it was wrong that nobody went to the parade. lou: she said it twice. used the word "parade." >> we agree on that. lou: we agree on so many things. michael goodwin judy judith miller. thank you so much. jack tweeted: another speech? i think a fax to congress would be sufficient. i'm with you jack. delore wrote, it's not about the state of the union it's about the president's personal objectives. i'll be fascinated how many times he uses a first person reference in tonight's state of the union. my bet put it at 90.
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. stay tuned for our fox business special coverage of the president's state of the union led by neil cavuto coming right up. good night from new york. (?) neil: you're looking live at the capitol dome where the restoration work continues on the outside. and about one hour from now, the president of the united states hopes to do the same on the inside. barack obama setting the stage for political refurbishing on his own that will determine what kind of country he leaves to his successor two years from now. six years to the day after making history president obama ready to tell this republican-led congress don't you think i'm already history. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. not exactly let's get ready to rumble. but for the president tonight. no time to be humble. he plans to embrace


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