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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  January 21, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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will beat 13 million-dollar cooler, cooler, remains to be seen. on that note. we turn things over to melissa francis. "money" starts now. melissa: thank you so much. stretching the truth, president obama takes an economic victory lap at the state of the union address. we are fact checking a lot of those claims, let me tell you but not one mention of al qaeda last night. colonel oliver north is here on his take whether we are taking the threat seriously enough. bombshell news out of the nfl. a source epside of the organization says the patriots did in fact use deflated footballs in their win over the colts. uh-oh. financial infidelity. a shocking number of americans who are hiding their spending habits from their significant others. it is unbelievable. because even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: president obama advocating a laundry list of new
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entitlements in his state of the union address including community college, health care, retirement benefits. all part of a sales pitch for so-called middle class economics, which includes a testy push for raising the minimum wage. >> everyone in this congress who still refuses to raise the minimum wage i say this. if you truly believe you can work full-time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year, try it. if not, vote to give millions of hardest working people in america a raise! melissa: that was one amazing. grab bag of new giveaways, any mention of reducing the 18 trillion-dollar national debt nowhere in sight. here to discuss all of that, tom sullivan james freeman from the "wall street journal." noelle nick pour. columnist for the "fort lauderdale sun-sentinel." what hit me, you also can't
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support a family on 17,000. you can't be head of household on 20. we're talking about a nation aspiring to have heads of households working at mcdonald's that is not america. >> irony of it is, the majority, biggest group of people on minimum wage are teenagers from affluent homes. they're not supporting anything but their weekend gas money. that is what they're sporting. yes, there are people on minimum wage -- melissa: the answer isn't to raise the minimum wage. the answer to get them into real jobs as a career. >> absolutely. melissa: noelle. >> he has myopic view of the economy and how it works and middle class. that is not middle class. that is poverty level. melissa: that's right. >> what he is not doing talking about creating more jobs? what did he do, shovel-ready jobs? they didn't work. what will you do increase minimum wage? more community college is free when they're overloaded. >> stopped keystone with thousands of jobs. melissa: we'll fact check a lot
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of things he said and a lot of numbers. it doesn't come out well for the president later in the show. stay tuned for that. james, meantime what is your take? >> this idea, that people on the other side of the argument says you can raise a family on minimum wage. no one sy is aing that. literally no one. no one ever has. he invented an idea basically that it is mcdonald's job to give everyone a very high salary. this idea someone works for years full-time dedicated employee and says at minimum wage that person doesn't exist in this economy. it is hard to have a debate about economics when there isn't agreement on basic economics. melissa: literally no one ever said you could raise a family on $15,000. >> no one said that. >> how i repeat i'm for the middle class i want you to know that. >> takes a platform to leave it to the republicans to say we'll not increase that minimum wage therefore we don't like poor people. trying to set the gop up.
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>> where do you find really good wages now? in the oil field? building pipelines? a lot of sectors he will not allow to grow but took credit for last night. melissa: that's amazing. world's top ceos sounding down right gloomy about the global economy. 17% believe growth will decline or subdued. that is a huge jump, james freeman. why is there that big jump? >> this is disturbing. these people obviously have good information, who can see businesses can get a read on global demand before we can before it is disclosed to the public. i think it is a big reason for concern and it is kind of a counterpoint to last night in way. we got a very rosy picture of a booming economy and i think ceo's are saying, how much of this is money-printing from central banks around the world? how much of this is real? that says they don't think it is real. melissa: this is the second element. we have falling price of crude
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oil as canary in the coal mine. ceo's are saying it will be worse next year. seems like starting to line up. >> you can call me a doom-and-gloomer, if you look at it only reason our economy is doing anything because it is artificially manipulated primarily by the federal reserve. melissa: yeah. >> as long as that continues we're still the place to be but that is, when you have a artificial economy the rug can be pulled out from underneath you quickly. >> as far as oil, he did not give any credit to fracking and what that has done. >> right. >> number one. and number two, the ceo, 17%, probably more if you interviewed more of them. they know what is going on. they see things from the global prespective. i would trust their point of view on the economy than our president. melissa: definitely. walmart announces service that you pick up tax refund from the store. it is not as easy of grabbing paper towels from aisle six but it is pretty damn close of the you get taxes done by one of
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walmart's outside partners. you wait for confirmation code and lets you get the refund without a check which is positive for people without bank accounts. james freeman, i was trying to sort through this one and it seems like they're trying to target people without bank accounts. that is really whole idea. how do people without bank accounts are getting tax refunds? >> remember we've got a lot of refundable tax credit now you don't have to be earning a taxable living to get the money back. there is a lot of fraud in that area. melissa: right. that's what i was going to say. that is just where we're going. >> there is a lot of people in the system. it could be big business. i think it is also potentially an avenue into people that do have bank accounts. walmart has, banks are terrified of you will wal-mart getting into banking. melissa: right. >> this is one reason why i like lower regulation is walmart upstarts, you like more people competing with the traditional financial products. melissa: why would somebody with a bank account would do this? why would it be advantageous.
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>> i don't mean this particular offer, but if walmart becomes your bank or financial services -- already got all the locations. melissa: yeah. >> for unbanked and that is millions of people in this economy, this may be a good deal. >> i think this is brilliant for walmart. i'm from arkansas bent tonville where walmart was founded. this is brilliant. if you receive the cash you are in walmart and probably going to spend that money. melissa: that is what they're banking on. i'm wondering it sound a little shady this idea who is getting a big refund? >> those are the people they want to open their bank accounts at the new walmart bank. that is what they're trying to get them to become bank customers. melissa: interesting. so just in case you were feeling secure in your relationship we have really horrifying news for you. according to a recent survey this blows my mind one in five americans has hidden a spending free of $500 or more from their
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significant other and the fun doesn't stop there. an estimated 7.2 million people have a secret bank account or credit card. james freeman do you have a secret bank account? or credit card that mrs. freeman doesn't know about. don't worry she is not watching and i won't tell her. james freeman, secret bank account, yes or no. >> i'm not going to comment on that. melissa: oh, no. wait a second. wait a second! stop the show. james freeman, we got you this time. do you have a secret bank account your wife doesn't know about? >> no secret accounts. melissa: your -- >> one of many reasons i love mrs. freeman we are very open about it when the news is very bad. melissa: do you hide $500 or more spending spruce? >> there are no secrets. melissa: care to get in on this? >> no. i love mrs. sullivan because of
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the same reason. i don't have a secret account. i would i know she doesn't. melissa: how do you know that? do you have a right investigator checking her out? >> no. i have enormous -- melissa: feeling in your heart the other 7.2 million people also feel in their heart that there are no secrets. >> i have worked with guys. i have worked with guys -- melissa: your drinking buddies. >> they sit around and they complain, they complain about this. melissa: they know about this bank account your wife has. >> you know i just found this $800 dress receipt and she denied that -- melissa: what is she pay in cash? how do you hide -- for the record i do not have a secret bank account. >> sure. melissa: i wouldn't dot segment. if i would do the things i'm toll telling my producers we're not going anywhere near this. i will not ask you because you're a lady. do you have a hidden cell phone or say a hidden family?
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where does this stop? >> when it comes to material things, a lot of guys say i want a new golf clubs, want to go drinking with the guys. my wife i shouldn't tell her. women say, i have an event and need a new dress. i'm single. i have tons of accounts nobody knows about. >> don't you think if you have a secret bank account there is something deeply wrong with your relationship? >> i do. although we were divided on our staff. i have got to say. they say it is folks 18 to 29, it was our younger staff did not think this was a huge deal. say you decide, this is one of the excuse my spouse is less responsible with money, not great with money, so we keep our stuff separate. that means that person will go off to do crazy things. you're on the hook for it. you will fight about later. that is the upside. the downside they're spending money and cheatings on you. do you want to justify the secret accounts i know that you
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have? >> no. obviously it's a little different, someone saving money on their own to use for the family later than -- melissa: than a secret. yeah. hmmm. no. all bad news. >> i'm going to come out against secret accounts. melissa: you will go out on a limb. >> you're sweating through your clothes. are you going to be okay? we'll let it go. that was a lot of fun. losing focus terror seemingly low on the president's list of priorities. some think it's a dangerous oversight. from the class clown to the teacher's pet. last night's address reminded us of listening to high school and we decided to hand out some awards. more "money" and lots of awards coming up. ♪
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melissa: the united states carefully watching an attack in yemen. rebels there storming the presidential palace in the country's capital late last night. the government calling the attack, the completion of a coup. officials there the rebels are believed to be backed by iran are now holding the president captive. the u.s. embassy in yemen is still open but navy ships are now at the ready to evacuate all americans if the situation worsens. yemen has been a key ally in our airstrike campaign against al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. believed to be theorg saying's deadliest branch. we'll keep an eye on the situation and bring you any developments. meantime as all that is going on, it took more than 20 minutes but the president eventually did get around to discussing foreign policy last night. he reiterated the usual rhetoric about our broad coalition exists and we have a long-term
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strategic. what didn't mention the words al cade, not even once not with the situation going on in yemen. no reason. lt. colonel oliver north is the host of "war stories" and joins me now. we looked back minute by minute what was mentioned. he spent 2 minutes and 5seconds on terror in afghanistan and iraq colonel. does that make sense? is that a level of priority it deserves? >> no. of course what you were commenting on just demonstrates how surreal last night's state of the union address really was. it raises concern, melissa, that the president of the united states is delusional by claiming things like the crisis is over and we're turning the page, but he never mentions our enemy, radical islamic terror. that radical islam is larger and more dangerous than ever. the only line about the military that made sense is the call for employers to hire vets but
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offered no incentives for businesses to do so. melissa: for therfirst time since 2001 a u.s. president gave a state of the union address and did not mention al qaeda. it seems like he wants to stick to the notion al qaeda is on the run. even though as you look what is going on in yemen at the very second he is talking, it's for sure not the case. is think any justification? is he in denial or is it that the more attention we give them the more it seems like they're winning? i don't know, is there some justification in there? >> well, it doesn't fit his narrative. the narrative has been ever since bin laden was killed that al qaeda is on the run. he is not just underplaying radical islamic terror he clearly doesn't understand the reality of the threat posed by it. i think he is naive to believe jihad is over just because we bring our troops home or we close gitmo. last night's address emboldens our enemies and making our allies wonder if we're serious,
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melissa, he is out giving the state of the union and talking to folks out there what matters to them. maybe on the side he is taking care of what is going on with our national security. he spent 20 minutes talking about taxes, the economy job, wages, six leave infrastructure investment trade and education. all long before he, you know, spent the two minutes talking about foreign policy. but a recent pew poll shows 76% of the americans think that terrorism should be one of our top priorities. so americans out there are scared i think that he is not taking more control. >> sure. well he is totally wrong. last night he talked about rash decision criticizing his predecessor and reacting to headlines, not using our heads and by getting drawn into unnecessary conflicts. the use of military force always ought to be a last resort but the failure to use it in response to an attack emboldens our adversaries. when he speaks of drawn into unnecessary conflicts and neglect for broader strategy one might ask is he referring to
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his own unilateral decision to use air power to unseat assad. and those are kinds of things foreign leaders look at. the fact that we invited to the house of representatives, bebe netanyahu, next prime minister and current one to come before a joint session of congress. that shows that congress reflects the views of american people, and white house doesn't. melissa: "war stories" with lieutenant colonel oliver north, sunday at 8:00 p.m. on the fox business network. don't want to miss that. the 20-year-old christopher cornell tweet sympathizing with islamic terrorists let to an under cover fbi operation and threat to blow up the u.s. capitol. according to the plot, cornell
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possessed two semiautomatic rifles and approximately 600 rounds of ammunition. it's a make-or-break moment for microsoft. the software giant is fighting to prove its relevance as it debuts windows 10. robert gray is covering the launch at the company headquarters in redmond, washington. how is it going so far? >> it's a big day. judging by the applause with analysts in the room with a pretty select crowd in there, it was a big finish when they broke out the holograms. they broke out their technology virtual reality type technologies advance censors to create holograms. not even a lot of folks on campus in redmond knew about the project. they worked with the jet propulsion labs out of pasadena with the project and showed a film with folks at jpl exploring mars virtually by using technology. applications they have in mind, three demodelling and gaming and skype as well. they're looking to really
2:21 pm
basically with the rollout of windows 10 they skipped 9 by the way in case you're keeping score at home. they're inviting programmers and consumers. looking a big theme. one platform to rule them all if you will. they talk about, melissa, a continuum experience. >> the number of smart devices that families are ourselves are in the work place is just exploding all around us. it should be easy to put one device down and pick another up, pick and continue where you left off. the technology needs to get out of the way and provide mobility of the experience. >> but they were quick to note that the big criticism for windows 8, one reason it was not a big circle, folks still using pcs and point and click at home did not have the start menu. that was better system for folks to use tile on touch-screens. if you have windows 7, 8 or windows phone, they upgrade you for free first year to get
2:22 pm
everyone on the platform. they introduced a new browsing experience called spartan to allow to you mark it up. xbox live gamers may go across platforms to pcs. and back to you in the studio. melissa: robert, thank you so much. he is already cold and now getting a cold shoulder. our very own charles lay gas is causing trouble in -- charlie gasparino is causing trouble in davos. that is shocking. he promised me a piece of juicy gossip. inflate-gate fallout continues. looks like the super champs have some explaining to do. do you ever have too much money?
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♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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melissa: whether it is on wall street or main street here is who makes money today.
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netflix shares skyrocketing right now, after some impressive growth last quarter. it is on track for a whopping 60 million subscribers in next few months. ceo reed hastings grinning from ear to ear. he has got two million shares of the company, meaning today's surge has made him an extra, wow, 126 million bucks! that must be really nice. making back the money it spent. sony pictures, revenue from the "the interview" topped $46 million so far, mostly via online pay-per-view. production costs was $44 million. it needs to make back more than tens of millions it spent on marketing. losing money, one georgia man caught eating cheeseburger while driving. the cop stopped him saying you can't go down the road eating a hamburger. this will be settled in court. i had no idea that was illegal. charlie gasparino crossing
2:27 pm
the alps to bring all the juiciest gossip from the world economic forum and joins you now from davos switzerland. charlie, you promised me a bit of juicy gossip. i tweeted. we're all waiting. go! >> which one do you want first? we should point out i'm incognito tonight. melissa: i didn't recognize you. >> see? eric cantor did. we ran into him, former u.s. house of representatives. one of the major players in the house. he works with ken molus on wall street. we asked him about the president's state of the union speech. wasn't too impressed you might guess. yeah based on the tone, he said there was a chance to do some corporate tax reform. he said based on his tone that is out of the question. so that is basically what he said. that is prediction, no corporate tax return. ken was there too. we shared a little bit of a drink, just one. not more than one melissa.
2:28 pm
he basically said this he was talking to some people here he mentioned if elizabeth warren runs against hillary clinton it is his belief, he gives a lot of money. he his belief elizabeth warren wins and this place went nuts. this place is filled with elizabeth warren supporters. melissa: i hear you ran into james gorman and he wasn't necessarily that happy to see you. >> yeah. now as you know i have this thing about predict morgan stanley earnings. they weren't so great. and ace reported, probably on your show last week there is a james gorman posture meter. and that posture was somewhat flaccid according to sources inside of the morgan stanley preearnings, flaccid. and as you know their earnings were pretty flaccid. so i went on tv talked to you about it tweeted it out. it got picked up in deal-breaker. when i said hello to james he gave me a very cold stare.
2:29 pm
melissa: really cold. feels you're not talking about posture. seems like something else in there. >> he knows what we're talking about. inside morgan stanley they talk about this thing about james and, you know. melissa: sheryl sandberg you saw her on the street? >> well, sources tell the fox business network she was on the street, as you know you know just wrote that great book right? melissa: lean in. >> lean in lean out. melissa: lean in lean back lean forward. lean in. >> she just wrote that. she was discussing it with bob schiller the nobel prize-winning economist and guess what she said to bob? it is so easy to write a book. she did say that. guess what? she didn't write that book. melissa: she had -- >> led to a lot of eye rolling from people. this is what you see on the streets of davos, sheryl sandberg brag about how easy it
2:30 pm
is to write a book. i think i'm leaving something else out? what else did i find? melissa: you rise and shine early? >> we worked out. melissa: you can get out there to do your thing. >> me and charlie gould, my crack producer here took a -- right after that. melissa: that was more information that i needed. >> i said you know what that is? you know what that is right? melissa: yeah a little sauna. >> we ran into mooch. i have a party to go to. very expensive wine to drink. can we wrap this up? melissa: go, go. get good reports. more gossip. love it. look like you're having fun. get thrown out. >> all right. melissa: it is the tool we hope to never have to use. look alive. we have a device that tells you whether your breath is up to par. plus president obama taking an enthusiastic victory lap on capitol hill. not all of his claims though checked out. we go behind the rhetoric and
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quote quote quote
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melissa: fax services section. not entirely accurate. mary catherine and tony are both fox news contributors. let's get right to it. >> the verdict is clear. expanding opportunity works. these policies will continue to work, as long as politics do not get in the way. melissa: under president obama
2:35 pm
the middle class has lost 11% of their earnings and 28% of their net worth. some people know the math, mary catherine. >> yes. any of those other countering points. you can say that rings are getting better. slowly, they are. not only has the middle-class waved stagnation and the family means earnings, we have fewer people in the workforce which is truly depressing. he is not hitting on those things. sixty something% of people feel this. >> that is a great point. >> in the land of the blind the one eyed guy is caned.
2:36 pm
at the same time, it using happy talk saying we turned the page and the crisis has passed, it seems a little there ranged given that it was only two months ago that the american people had a very harsh blow to any sort of ambition. >> i am glad that you mentioned the economy. >> tonight after a breakthrough year for america our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. >> yes. the worst recovery on record. if you look at gdp growth, it is
2:37 pm
the worst ever on record, tony. >> was good is that if the middle-class is not growing with it. so remarkably disingenuous. he first took over as president. they characterize themselves as middle-class. the wages are shrinking. they are at historic highs. melissa: talk to me about paid sick leave. >> we are the only advanced country on earth that does not guaranteed paid sick leave or maternity leave to our workers. space -- melissa: wrong.
2:38 pm
apparently canada, you are not advanced. mary catherine. did no one fact check his speech? >> 84% of target industry offers some form of paid leave to their workers. he is trying to leave people a better impression. melissa: we have to go. thank you to all three of you. that is the biggest gain in a week. let's go to the coal petallides. nicole: that has been a great driver of the day. the dow down about five points.
2:39 pm
we are also watching ibm very closely. with that, ibm losing about $5. under inflated football. we will break down the alarming report. you may want to taste one before you give it to your sweetheart. at the end of the day it is all about cream filling. ♪
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melissa: i am melissa francis with your fox business brief. betting big on all y'all. the former president of shell oil. >> the world only surplus to a billion barrels a day. it will not take long to to of that surplus. melissa: another billion-dollar app.
2:42 pm
shazam. it has yet to make any profit. a valuation of more than a billion dollars. wow. letting go of the top spot. the honor went to teenage mutant ninja turtles. that is the latest from the fox business network. double local
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2:44 pm
melissa: espn now reporting that 11 of the 12 football use by the patriots went over the indianapolis colts were deflated below the nfl standards. >> one inflated, one slightly less so. the nfl is concerned that deflated the halls could give one team an advantage over another. this is creating a lot of outrage. the patriots say they will continue to cooperate with the investigation. game balls have to have between
2:45 pm
a certain amount of air pressure. it can change the way the ball is handled. they are inspected by referees to hours before kickoff. the patriots could face a fine or loss of draft pick as a result of the investigation. here in foxboro patriots fans we talked to say they are not really concerned about this. they say that this is not really a big issue. melissa, back to you. melissa: thank you so much. football fans will now be able to watch the whole game, as well as the half time show. we told you it was coming.
2:46 pm
it is oreo's first new cookie color. approaching the last hour of trading. let's check in with tracy byrnes. >> the only thing better he owes should have is more filling. do not change it. melissa: talking to some of the smartest people out there in the global economy. are we going to keep going? what are you do with your money at the end of the day? filling you in on what you should be doing. of course, liz claman out in switzerland. liz, of course, her big interview today. we will have all of that for
2:47 pm
you. >> i do not know. melissa: have you seen this? an unlikely friendship is born. showing affection for his four-legged friend. he comes up and he wraps around him. he gave him a hug with both flippers. you may have caught the state of the union last night. the president most famous get up almost made a comeback. a run for your money is up next. ♪ i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast.
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melissa: president obama showing no signs of senioritis.
2:51 pm
we decided to have a little fun. most likely to succeed. tony is back along with steve moore. he is also a fox news contributor. we are going with best change for freshman year. >> what change? >> this is the same exact rhetoric that we heard from president obama in 2008. last night, you seemed a lot more irreverent about it. i thought it was hilarious that he ended this whole speech. making a plea for political stability. >> that was amazing to us as well.
2:52 pm
he will veto anything that comes his way. >> basically saying he will veto any bill that they sent to him. nothing has changed from his freshman year. he keeps saying that he wants to be bipartisan. melissa: i love this a lot. did you guys see this? they tweeted out this picture. they said president obama suiting up. watch at 9:00 p.m. eastern. showing a freak out. a freak out of people. >> that is a first. >> as unfashionable as i am, i know that you do not wear tan after labor day.
2:53 pm
>> the folks that you saw at the very beginning. the president comes in. what most people at home do not know they go in there hours ahead of time to stake out their position. arriving more than 12 hours before this whole speech started so that he could stake out his spot. you cannot leave your purse on the seat. you have to be there to stake out your claim. steve moore. [laughter] >> how pathetic is that. just to get a little headshot. you will all get your moment to have your conversation about the state of the union. it is pretty easy.
2:54 pm
i do laugh though, at the end. sir and congressmen are making sure that they are the ones. they are literally willing to use physical force. >> it is called get a life. melissa: thank you gentlemen. you will not have to hold your breath on this one. your phone can now tell you what other people smell when you talk to them. at the end of the day it is all about fresh breath. ♪ new zealand textile production in spain and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 85%
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. >> you no longer have to rely on a friend to tell you whether your breath smells there. san app for that now. mint is aiming to make bad
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breath obsolete by placing a device in your mouth that draws an air sample and connects to an app telling you whether you are minty fresh or breathing fire! joining me is charles michael yim, the founder of breathometer. how does it work? >> yeah, first of all thank you for having me. in terms of how the product works, it's a culmination of a device as well as an app on your smartphone ios and droid, when we released it in august of this year. basically what you said draws an air sample through your mouth. if i put it in my mouth, i draw it five seconds. it sucks air out of oral cavity and within a matter of seconds it will tell you what the levels are. >> i read it's looking to see if you are dehydrated. that isn't the only cause of bad breath? >> there's a multitude of reasons. it could be what you ate. dehydrated, the fact you have a lack of hiej eevenlt --
2:59 pm
hygiene. it is impacted by levels of biofilms located around the gums and in the gums. >> so it can detect that? >> exactly. >> why is it 100 bucks? i'm sorry to rush you. seems like all you need is a friend who's going to say hey, want a mint? instead i'm going pay a lot of money. >> the state of the art technology, it's a medical grade device. having said that it's not a novelty. it's a true medical product. it's the first portable device actually brought to market. >> do you worry people look dorky taking that huge thing out. you look crazy, it's a big device. >> it's pretty small. it can fit in the palm of your hand. we're going to make it smaller. we have focused on industrial design to make sure it's sleek and sexy and people want to carry it around. >> you have crowdfunding going on on indiegogo
3:00 pm
congratulations to you. we appreciate you bringing the app to the show. that is all we have for now, the markets up 24. there's a brand-new show starting on fox business. jamie colby hosts "strange inheritance" mondays at 9:00. here's tracy. tracy: thank you very much, hopefully that's not your christmas gift to me because you think you have bad breath or something. we're going to hear from liz at the world economic forum in davos in seconds. markets at home mostly higher, barely on light volume. what's old is new again, leading the dow jones industrials utility average. the top performer in 2014, too. surging 24.3%. and health care again. second biggest winner of the year was also second biggest gainer in 2014. investors appear to be waiting and watching for word from the head of the european central ba


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