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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  January 29, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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here. morn any starts right now. melissa: we're having a great time. here we go. why didn't we hear this state of the union, more spending, higher taxes? president obama going full speed ahead for a $74 billion spending hike. oh goodie. drew bledsoe dismisses "deflate-gate" just silly. a week later we're talking about it. the former patriots quarterback is here in minutes. to tell us how much of a role the nfl played quote in this scandal. off the ben much. another exclusive interview with super bowl champion joe theismann. this iconic girl group sold more than 56 million records. they are not done. the c in tlc. chili, of course. joins us exclusively on the group's plan to make a fifth and final album with your help. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: hmmm auspicious
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beginning. fox business confirming the president set to unveil a plan for raising spending by $74 billion more in 2016 essentially rolling back spending cuts that have been automatic since 2013. white house claims closing inefficient programs and tax loopholes will be enough to fill the gap. yeah i'm sure. republicans smell tax hike out there. i'm joined by our very own charlie gasparino. we have tom sullivan and shane schneiderman from bay ridge financial. thanks for joining us. what do you think about this, the president coming out of the gate spending? i love it. >> only 74 billion right? melissa: almost nothing. >> in context of the trillions. listen i think what it shows you have have a president, once again, kind of same narrative. he is recalcitrant, will not deal with the country moving to the right while he is still firmly on the left. there will not be in i compromise on your show while i was in davos told you met with
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eric cantor, former majority leader of the house. he said point-blank to me. i met him in davos. listen, if you state of the union address there was no room for compromise. nothing is going to happen. back and forth. melissa: working through sequestration. i feel like roadrunner and wiley coyote and setting a trap for republicans to run into. won't raise taxes on the wealthy. want to spend and help economy. >> played that card in the november elections saying these are my policies. it did not work. it really comes down, he will play the card, if you want some defense spending, republicans and conservatives you know the military and also homeland security, aren't you afraid of these terrorists, if you don't give us more money, terrorists will come get you. that is what he is going to do. a real test for the republicans saying we're not buying your story anymore. melissa: shane when he says he wants to role back
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sequestration, i can't say it. i will not try to say it again, that will be good for the economy. do you buy that? >> listen the only thing the economy is getting a big break. the middle class is the one that's been getting stomped on. only break they're getting is crude oil coming down. it helps them big time. it will help small businesses big time. 100,000 used to be magic number. wife could say home, raise the kids. not a magic number. 100,000, less than 21% of americans make 100,000. melissa: or wife could make 100,000 and husband could stay home to raise kids. >> that is always a possibility. >> really gets bad for the country, there are a lot of democrats i talk to particularly on wall street who thought we could have corporate tax reform. our corporate tax rate is out of control. the president signaled no way. all this nonsense. that is a bad thing. melissa: obama administration likes to point to gains in gdp and stock market, to polish his
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record but john boehner says that is not happening average americans. listen what he told fox news's bret baier in an exclusive interview last night. >> while the economy seems to be doing better the average american family is not seeing much improvement in their lives. the prices are going up yet salaries are not going up. economy is fine for the top as he cause them 1% but for most americans, they're not seeing it. melissa: meanwhile new fox poll shows that over half of americans say they are no better off than when president obama took office. in fact nearly a third say they're worse off. the federal reserve says for middle income folks net earnings fallen 11%. net worth fallen by 2% of the shane. >> if you take a look the average income is roughly 54,000. in 2000 it was a 58. melissa: says it right there. can't argue with the number. >> to shane's point t wasn't just obama. this goes back to the dot-com or dot bomb. it has been going down ever since. melissa: champion of the middle
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and lower class has not helped them is your point. >> think about it the biggest economic stimulus we had is quantitative easing i.e., printing money. keeping interest rates low and helping stock market. most people are not not stock market. what you see from boehner is warm up what happens couple years as run-up to 2016. both parties looking for middle class vote and saying they didn't help you, they didn't help you we'll see who makes the argument better. melissa: speaking of arguments, mcdonald shareholders love the shake-up in the fast-food giant. not three years into his tenure, don thompson on his way out failing to revive soggiest sales in decade. same-store sales down 2%. get get insider to take over. what do you i this, tom. >> i think this is more demographic than anything else. i think there is generation you'll shift in the younger you are, you are foodie. you have food networks very
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popular. never existed before. a lot of younger people are really into quality of food and they don't perceive mcdonald's to be quality. >> they will eat shake shack but won't eat mcdonald's. melissa: i try to keep my kid away from mcdonald's. something about the golden arches is very attractive. shane, what do you think? >> i think education level in america has gotten stronger and stronger past couple decades. they will not eat, mcdonald's is not on their table. melissa: all right. >> i don't have a problem with mcdonald's. i think their food -- >> it is garbage. >> to your point no different than shake shack. >> no. shake shack is better. >> you made a comment earlier mr. gasparino, about chipolte, pulling wool over people's eyes the fact it is so healthy. >> go to in-n-out burger in california, they have been around for a while. melissa: yeah delicious. >> you know, at least you see real french fries being fried. not this glutennist mixture.
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>> what is wrong with the glutennist mixture? melissa: alibaba up 9%. the chinese e-commerce giant lost over $25 billion in market value after it failed to deliver top-line growth investors were seeking months after the ipo. everything on their website is fake. that is becoming -- >> everything? melissa: that is big percentage. >> i think bigger problem, what investors reacted to the fact that the chinese government chimed in and criticized them. melissa: right. >> what does that mean? the chinese government controls alibaba. when you're a shareholder of alibaba you buy a share of some cayman island based company. you don't buy the real company. the real company is kind of controlled in china which is completely controlled by the people's army or whatever it is. the people's party. melissa: cracking down on them a lot because of fake stuff. alibaba is establishing a 300-person fake fighting operations battalion to battle fakes off the alibaba site. >> i think if you're a peasant in china you never seen any of
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this stuff before you're glad to even get a fake purse. melissa: yeah. >> what do you mean it is fake? not a real gucci or something? melissa: or any products. whatever you're buying on there. >> might not be a prada. melissa: loge shun loge shun somebody added yellow to make it look clinique. no matter what product,. >> i don't want to disagree with you guys but i do. melissa: please. the show is all about disagreeing. >> alibaba look at revenue, 40% revenue it is outstanding. they weren't in the u.s. markets. we're in bed with each other. the u.s. does business globally. we're global. melissa: buy the stock? >> i would. i like it for the right client. if he has an aggressive portfolio. >> if you were average investor bought the ipo you got screwed. most got it between 90 and closer to 100. >> it is underwater. melissa: another famous brainiac is afraid of robots.
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bill gates adds his voice that artificial intelligence could be dangerous enough to threaten humanity. with elon musk and stephen hawking that makes three. who web the fourth to create mount rush moore of ai fears. it could be charlie gasparino. you're scoffing. you're not afraid of artificial intelligence. you're afraid of regular intelligence. >> what is artificial intelligence? melissa: machines that think for themselves. >> you never seen hal the computer. melissa: face the next logical thought. >> more concerned about the patriots this sunday. two brady. tell drew bledsoe i'm a new yorker but die-hard new england hand. melissa: are you worried about artificial intelligence? bill gates says machines will do a lot of jobs for us and not be super intelligent. a few decade after that the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern. don't understand why people are not concerned. my eight-year-old is very concerned. he is sure computers will turn on us. >> we've already got it. melissa: this is logical extension of this.
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>> bill gates talking about cars automated cars you need to have a human in the loop. i agree. if you look at cockpit of an airplane it is run by computers but they have a pilot there in case computers start doing something weird. melissa: weapons turn on us. there are a lot of movies. >> which movies? like 2001, a space odyssey? melissa: i'm not sure. anyway, thanks guys. former patriot speaking out. drew bledsoe is here to sound off what he really thinks of "deflate-gate" and how the nfl handled all of it. plus more than a kiss-and-tell on reality television today. a controversial new show that is literally going all the way. more "money," varies kay money coming up.
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other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. sfx: blowing sound. does breathing with copd... ...weigh you down? don't wait ask your doctor about spiriva handihaler. melissa: deadline passed on isis's latest ultimatum. demanding that jordan release a
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would-be convicted suicide bomber. that is her there. two hostages lives hanging in the balance. unclear who exactly will be spared for this. jonathan gilliam is with me, a former knave seal. ceo of united states continued service. you and i were talking about this during the break. almost impossible to sort through what is going on in this saga right now. there are reports that they say if they release the woman they're not sure if they will release the person and not sure two is going on between the two japanese hostages? how do you sort through it. >> i love going on this show because it is all about business. when you compare and contrast stocks and businesses what is going on in the terrorism war and in these hostage negotiations it makes no sense. melissa: right. >> because you can't, you can't differentiate what is effective and what's not. what are they doing here? nothing makes in i sense. no rhyme or reason. melissa: but at the same time, they are trying to make it into a business. it is appropriates on a business
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show. from their point of view, they're use humans as, fiat money to try and exchange for other things that they want. it is incredible. >> let me correct myself there. melissa: yeah. >> i'm not saying not a business from our standpoint. from their standpoint, yemen, al qaeda in yemen has $27 million a year war chest they continuously refund by doing these types of operation kidnaps, fraudulent stuff. anything prostitution, drug smuggling, anything you can think of that is illegal they do to make money. melissa: right. a "fox news poll" say4% of respondents say a terrorist attack by islamic terrorists is likely. >> right. melissa: amazing, on u.s. soil. on u.s. soil. >> this is where polls get it wrong. 84% of the people say it is likely but reality it is 100% going to happen again. no likely bit. it is a given. like if you had a stock you knew eventually would take off that
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is the way with terrorism. they will eventually strike here 100%. melissa: we're not handling the right way? >> without question. there is no effective overall plan to fight this war. even the most unseasoned operator civilian out there realizes that there is something drastically wrong of the. you can't fight small bat es. you -- battles. you can't one hostage and not fight an overall plan. it is only 70 years since the holocaust. we're fighting completely different now. global domination, ideology like it was back then. melissa: jonathan, thank you very much. scary stuff. turning to the markets. big movers on our radar. bad news is good news for shares of coach. quarterly earnings fall less than expected. making a shuffling of management. wall street not easily impressed with facebook. social network topping revenue estimates for the second straight quarter. the stock is up slightly though.
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qualcomm warned of challenges with another of its chips hurt competitiveness in china. shares hit a new 52-week low. don't call it the big game for nothing. you know how many calories you're eating during the super bowl? i do. i will have about 5,000 claim. we'll have a doctor weigh in on this one. ow oh. patriots "deflate-gate" looming over the super bowl just days away. we'll speak exclusively with former pats quarterback drew bledsoe. his hot take on the game. do you ever have too much money or too much football? ♪
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melissa: legacies on the line as patriots and seahawks prepare for super bowl xlix of the
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"deflate-gate" scandal casting suspicion on the entire patriots organization including coach bill belichick and quarterback tom brady. nfl so far has no definitive findings. joining me in fox business exclusive, drew bledsoe. owner of a winery and played for both coaches in year's super bowl which i will ask you about in a second. start with "deflate-gate." you said you thought this was a silly story. it still has legs. it is not going anywhere. do you blame the nfl how they handled this? >> no, i'm sure they're trying to be as comprehensive as they can in this deal but, you know, to me again it is just, it is just kind of a silly story all of sudden took on this really nasty edge. that is when i agreed to talk about it initially i wouldn't even talk about. they're taking a guy i know to be of man of impeccable character, tom brady and kind of dragging him through the mud
2:22 pm
accusing him of lying and cheating. i had to jump up and say something. melissa: what do you think actually happened to the footballs? >> in my experience, i played for 14 years right? every saturday we would grab the footballs and you know we would go through them. all i did was grab a football out of the bag, if it felt right, it made it into the game and if it didn't feel right it got thrown out and fixed. in 14 years i never once knew what the psi of a football was, a single time. melissa: do you think accident, or happenstance? >> yeah, that would be my best guess, that's what it was. but i don't think there was any malicious or intent. melissa: what do you think of the fact they're going with the lone wolf theory on the ball boy and disappeared with the balls? does it make you laugh? >> the whole story is just kind of silly to me. it really truly is. melissa: we're hearing reports tom brady has a cold. how much do you think that affects his play this sunday? >> you know in my experience the games that i played i was sick i
2:23 pm
actually played fairly well. i played with the flu one time against the redskins and game went just fine. so you know, it's, i don't think it will be an effect. we're still a few days from the game. so i'm sure he will be just fine. if anything, playing through you know playing through you know something like that can sometimes, you know kind of focus you. melissa: you know i mentioned in the beginning that you're in a unique position playing for both coaches in the gail on sunday. who did you gift advantage to? what is the difference between the two? >> you know the interesting thing is after playing for both of these coaches they're far more similar than people would guess. you know the substance of the two guys is very very similar. the things they teach and things allowed them to be successful are very similar between the coaches. they teach great discipline. they build environment of extreme competitiveness in practice. you know with their teams. the differences between the guys are far nor just simply
2:24 pm
stylistic than substantive. obviously you watch pete's press conferences he likes to smile and laugh and just kind of an engaging guy. you watch bill and he is just, just bill, you know. press conferences are not exactly electrifying when he does his press conferences. interesting i was out for a game in new lending and and was on the field and bill came over, gave me a smile and big hug and we talked for a minutes. i was confused. this looks like bill belichick. he has a smile on his face. somebody replaced this guy with somebody different. he may be enjoying the ride than he has in the past up until this week when he spent a bunch time dealing with deflated footballs. melissa: handing off the questions to someone else. there has been a lot of criticism about. that who do you give advantage in the game? >> in the game it is a pick'em
2:25 pm
game. i really believe that. i haven't felt about that in super bowl. i don't know who have the advantage in in this they're both extremely good teams. what it will come down to, one or the other of the teams will turn opportunities in the red zone to touchdowns instead of field goals. that will be deciding factor in the game. melissa: you have a successful wine business doubleback. your bottles cost about 90 bucks. that is a little pricey. how are you doing in this economy? >> the winery is pretty good for us. we're not shy about the price. we feel we produce a truly world class product. once people get the wine in the glass they become believers they're getting reasonable value even at that price point. fun thing we launched a second label which is called bledsoe family wine. and that one is more accessible to more people. it is first of all a one liter bottle. it is bigger. so there is more wine right? but we're selling that at 38
2:26 pm
bucks which is equivalent of $29 for a bottle. so more accessible to more people. more of a you know, a tuesday wine than a special occasion. melissa: you're a seahawks fan growing up in the northwest. obviously played for the pats. between you and me, i won't tell anyone, who are you rooting for sunday? just between us? >> just between us. i've got great friends on both sides of this game. you know, i have great relationships with robert kraft and the patriots organization. love tom brady. but the other storyline is that, you know, pete carroll it is organization that fired him you know. and so you look at situation like that you can't help but cheer for the guy a little bit. but -- melissa: sound like you're rooting for seahawks. i will put drew bledsoe down for the seahawks. >> don't do that to me. i will be happy whoever wins the game. got allegiance on both sides. >> drew bledsoe, thank you so much for coming on.
2:27 pm
it was a pleasure. >> thanks for having me. always a pleasure. melissa: super bowl nation's honorary holiday for football for friends, most importantly food. spectators can expect to pack on the pound. average american consume wait for it 5000 calories in four hour span. we have dr. manny alvarez. will we have 400 calories on sunday. >> i think i will beat that by a long shot. this is the super bowl. we wait for it he have year. happens once a year. it is exciting game. families get together. people cook. there is nothing wrong with it. i think that, yes even though it's a may is to me, according to statistics every human being in the u.s. might drink one gallon of beer, which i don't think so of course but this is one day of the year that we splurge. melissa: we go bananas besides
2:28 pm
thanksgiving. let me give you some states. 1.25 chicken wings consumed over the weekend. 11 million slices of pizza. 11 million-pound of potato chips. antacid sales increase by 20% on monday. >> go economy, do you have any good advice for me after i gorge myself? it's a given. >> what i do replace the beer with wine. it is better for you. replace the chicken wings with roasted chicken. melissa: oh. roasted chicken? >> roasted chicken. melissa: not inviting you over. no roasted chicken. no. that is ridiculous. >> you take the skin off. big leg. otherwise you don't have the sauce messy this and that. that is what i'm going for. melissa: forget it. pizza. my house we'll have pizza. i make awesome seven layer dip. make a mountain tf that. put fritos in it. can't get anymore sodium. it will be wonderful. come by my office, all water. >> all salads. melissa: dr. manny, thank you
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2:33 pm
z -- shane is back with us as well. jared, are you going to be able to retour on $11 a day? >> no, but i'll get free obamacare. melissa: free. >> the subsidies will be prix at that level. melissa, it has been getting better because people's saving and spending habits are getting better but you're right, it's not enough. 8.1% of your earnings saved you need to double that. unfortunately, it's very difficult given the fact that wages have been flat, basically, over the last 30 years. melissa: dominic i hi this is incred depressing for everyone in the audience -- incredibly depressing, the truth is that you're just supplementing so you can work less later. we're never, ever going to be able to quit working. >> well, it depends. unfortunately, statistics sometimes lie. what you have is a core group of people who are ferocious savers, they aggressively put money out of their paychecks -- melissa: do you know those
2:34 pm
people? >> well they're our clients. so if you're a wealth manager in this country they retire, they have $500,000, a million dollars in their 4013k, that is not unusual. but you have 80% of the population who's going nothing or a very small amount not putting away raises not doing anything really aggressively towards retirement, and those are the ones that are going to be desperate. melissa: shane, i would love to see a stat with how many people retire with a million dollars this their 401(k). >> a million's not going to be enough. [laughter] melissa: he's going to double down on the depressio[laughter] >> dom mix, what do you think? >> look we always throw out there, and i'm sorry, but i really hate in this number when we throw out a million dollars. it really depends on your lifestyle. if you're living in a retirement community in florida or the carolinas, arizona, then you probably can love in a lot less than what a million dollars is going to generate. on the other hand, you want to
2:35 pm
retire in manhattan boston, you're going to need a hell of a lot more. so it becomes a lifestyle question. 4-6% return on the sum of money you have. so if you have $100,000, that's 4-$6,000 a year if you have a million dollars, it's $40-$60,000 a year. so it's a lifestyle question -- melissa: or a question of just working for the rest of your life. guys, thank you so much. check out oil right now, it is ending the session high or closing up just eight cents at $44.53 a barrel today. we are also learning that saudi arabia's oil minister is going to keep his post escaping the cabinet reshuffle taking place under the new king. the news is another sign that saudi arabia won't back down from its pledge to keep oil production at the same level despite the price dog drop. there's al-naimi keeping his job. all right. our quarterback bonanza continues. joe theismann gives us his take
2:36 pm
on de-flategate and who has the edge in sunday's big game. remember bledsoe said he was rooting for the seahawks right? isn't that what he said? plus, bruce jenner trying to become a reality tv headliner, but his leading man status could be in jeopardy. oh, i didn't write that. a run for your "money" coming up. that was cheap!
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♪ ♪ melissa: i'm melissa francis with your fox business brief.
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the white house dodging some controversy, choosing an more than-made plane as the -- american-made plane as the next air force one. the presidential aircraft will be a boeing 7478 which beat out an airbus model manufactured in france. boeing's stock also seeing a nice bounce after reporting record quarterly sales, a positive sign for the labor market. u.s. jobless claims falling to a 15-year low last week with 265,000 people filing for unemployment benefits. that is the fewest since april of 2000. and a union made in heaven? white castle and the vegas strip. diners flooding the grand opening of white castle's only west coast location, forcing it to close down and restock. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper.
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2:41 pm
here now diana fall zone, we also have andy leadty cohost of red hot. wow, we have officially burned through every possible reality show idea. this is it. this has got to be the bottom of the barrel. >> and this comes from britain so thanks britain for this cook key new concept. melissa: i like what you did with that. apparently they say couples are more open to engaging in therapy after they've had sex, so they're going to send them into a soundproof box without cameras inside -- thank god, is all i can say -- and then three relationship experts are going to sit outside and wait, no pressure there until the two walk out and they have some sort of counseling. are you volunteering to go on the show? >> no, i'm going to give this one a pass i think but thanks for the offer. yeah, really the best way to talk about your relationship is live on -- is on tv in front of cameras and an audience. >> right after having had sex. >> i don't even care about that part. melissa: really? >> we're not seeing that part.
2:42 pm
it's a hook -- melissa: it's still there though. the elephant in the room. >> the television council is calling for a petition wanting show to never see its debut, and he's saying the reason is not necessarily because of the morality which is, obviously in question, but that it's, that it's basic cable. so you're not only -- you're paying for a live sex show, that's his argument. he's saying hey, if you want to watch this kind of stuff, get it on hbo or showtime. melissa: there's meter to that argument. do they get traction with it? >> i think that they might, and the tpc has been successful this in the past, and we still have time to see if the people are going to be spooking. >> the only success they will have is drawing more attention to the show. melissa: yeah. i mean it seems like that. dating maked another favorite of yours. >> he lived it. melissa: they have run out of ideas. >> the thing is, sex box came
2:43 pm
from the u.k. most critics said the show was boring because that's what -- we've reached the point where sex on tv is banal and boring. melissa: new reports saying that bruce jenner is currently filming a series for the e! network that documents his, quote, desire to live and look like a woman? >> this is all speculation right now. be free to be you and me. i mean,e! is not commenting we reached out trying to get a comment, nobody really knows. a source is saying it's happening, it will be debuting, and it will focus on his transformation -- melissa: is there an appetite for this? you're an expert out here there must be. if we're talking about three shows that seem, you know, pretty far out in left field there must be an appetite for this. >> there's an appetite for everything whether it's a bridal show or a show about transforming your gender. melissa: will you go. all right,, thanks, guys. let's check in with liz claman and get her take on -- no, never
2:44 pm
mind. tell us what you've got coming up. [laughter] liz: i do have my take on why this market suddenly perked up, woke up and started jumping. we have janet yellen speaking to some members of congress and telling them, according to senator joe manchin, guess what? we think the economy looks really good. i believe she may have used the word "strong," but traders are sending out all kinds of notes. we are going to talk about why these markets are starting to look a little bit better today. also an entering perspective from a man who says marissa mayer of yahoo! is doing an absolutely great job. he's on to talk about something that we kind of termed activist magnet stocks. when activists jump in, like they did at yahoo! -- she's on her third activist now, having to deal with that -- what happens? the stock often scrub r jumps. so how do you stop them in advance? the edge coo has the activist stocks that he feels are magnets for these activists.
2:45 pm
and we are looking at dow -- not the dow jones industrials, but dow chemical. we are speaking with andrew live russ because they came out with numbers today they beat big on the bottom line. there is a complete battle between analysts and dow on whether oil and the low price of oil is good for them. why andrew liveris says it's great. all that and so much more. melissa, we're watching the markets very closely here. we've got a rally on our hands. melissa: liz claman thanks so much. amazon trying to break a losing streak, we're going to find out if jeff bezos finally decided to the break with routine. you can never have too much "money. t". ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ melissa: the markets definitely in rally mode right now, but the real action coming later today. google and amazon among the heavyweights set to report earnings after the bell. nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange with more on what to mr. expect. >> google lower amazon higher, gaining 1.5%. we're in the thick of earnings season. what to watch for in well, with google we've obviously seen slower revenue growth. we're going to be watching for continued improvement in the average cost per click by the advertisers. they've seen the operating margins fall back some they've been doing a lot of hiring, so these are some of the things we'll be looking for. and as far as amazon -- and you said is it earlier -- they spend so much of what they take in on capital costs, we'll be learning more about the prime membership. some people say they need to go exclusive, sort of like costco. and also we'll see more about
2:50 pm
their tablets. we know the fire phone has been a bust. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you so much. one of the biggest girl groups in r&b history is making a comeback, tlc creating a kickstarter campaign to fund their final album exceeding their $150,000 goal. here thousand in a fox business exclusive is the c in tlc, that's chili. chili, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks forking having me. how are you? melissa: i'm fantastic. why did you decide to do it this way? why did you decide to do kick at that starter? well, we wanted to do it with our fans, and this is the only way that we could have that type of involvement with them.
2:51 pm
so kickstarter was the best way. many. melissa: does it mean you don't have to answer to a record label? >> [laughter] >> well obviously, you know because we're not doing this through a label but we just like the fact that we'll be able to to get different ideas and suggestions and stuff from our fans, and we're just looking forward to working with them on this. melissa: you set a goal of $150,000, you've already raised $230,000 and there's still three weeks left to go. what are you going to do with the extra money? >> well, first of all, every dime that, you know, we get goes into making this last album. and, you know we want people to continue to pledge and with their pledges we've upped the reward, so we have more rewards. everybody can find out about those just going to kickstarter, searching tlc, and then you'll see it. some really good ones too. melissa: you do have some interesting stuff on there. if you pledge $2,000 or more, you get enrolled in one of your
2:52 pm
rigorous workout classes from what can i expect if i do that? i'm not in the best shape. i mean, i work out, but i don't know. >> okay. melissa: yeah. sounds like that's going to be really tough. what can i expect? >> no, no it's really not tough. it's about reprogramming the mind and all that. i am part of the beach body family, and there's so many different workouts which all of them i use. and what i'll do is once i get, you know one-on-one with that person i'll figure out -- look at their body type and figure out which program is best for them. and then we'll just go from there. and then i hope that they'll continue on doing that. melissa: you are quite an entrepreneur, you also have bags by chili. do you think other artists are going to fund their music this way in the future? >> i hope they do. i hope they would do this because this is such aphenomenal way to have complete control of your, you know, your music and just having access to,
2:53 pm
um just control period, you know? and so we're just happy that our fans -- can i mean, this is not new for us, you know? melissa: right. >> our last album we had the fans' names inside of the cd jackets, and we're also doing that again. that's also part of the rewards. and we're trying to to get, trying to get 10,000 pledges. that's our goal. melissa: all right. i'm sure you're going to make it there, chili. thank you so much. [laughter] >> thank you. melissa: we are counting down to super bowl xlix, and joe theismann is here. he's going to tell us what it takes to win the big one. plus, katy perry fans look alive. her music isn't the only thing up for grabs during the super bowl. ♪ ♪ push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how
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♪ ♪ melissa: whether it's on wall street or main street, here's who's making money today. super bowl edition part two, kate -- katy perry. fans watching the big game will be able to buy items highlighted by the "roar" singer during the halftime show. of course they can. some viewers will be able to sum my tap a buy button using their
2:57 pm
remote control. that is a "teenage dream," indeed. all right, the quarterbacks for both teams have come under the microscope. tom brady and russell wilson both have a lot riding on their performance on sunday. no stranger to that pressure is joe theismann who >>
2:58 pm
we've done 20 different teams in pop warner football, over 500 kids. and what we've found is we've been able to reduce the concussions by 75% based upon the national average when it comes to youth football. so we're really excited about the technology that's going forward. what's important to understand is as coaches, you can teach kids as much as you want. even at the professional level. you can try and teach them how to hit safely, how to carry things saily, but technology's -- safely, but technology's very important. melissa: absolutely. i've got to drag you into de-flategate. let me play what drew bledsoe said a moment ago and get your take on it. >> i played for 14 years, right? every saturday we would grab the footballs and go through 'em, and all i did was just grab the football out of the bag. if it felt right, it made it into the guam. if it didn't, it got thrown out or fixed. and in 14 years i never once knew what the psi of a football was, not a single time. melissa: what do you think about that? do you agree with that? does that make sense to you? >> absolutely, i do agree.
2:59 pm
i thought psi was going to be a new tv show, okay? [laughter] i mean i love csi, thought psi was going to be a new tv show. melissa: it feels like, let me tell you. it's everywhere you turn on tv, without question. so you think this is all just a whole bunch of nothing. >> i don't think it's nothing because it goes to the beingty of the national football league. it's sort of an assault on the new england patriots, so it is important, i think that the solution be found. but as far as the ps is i of the ball goes, the league even builds into the rules a variance. so they understand it's not always going to be a perfect science. but i think it's important for the league to get this right. as far as the ball goes, the effect of the game, didn't have any effect on it whatsoever. melissa: who's going to win this big game on sunday? >> well actually, i think you and i might be on the same page as this one. i like the new england patriots in this game. i think tom brady's going to have the game of his life. this will cement him as the greatest quarterback that's ever played the game. bill belly chic, you want to
3:00 pm
argue whether it's bill walsh or joe gibbs pick a coach tom landry, but this is tom's moment to shine. melissa: joe theismann, thank you so much for coming on show. i appreciate it. that's all we have for now. here's liz. liz: stop with the patriots! [laughter] my husband loves them so i always have to take the other side. thank you, melissa. it's the fox business version a little sesame street here. you probably know one of these things on your screen is not like the others. but all four of these ceos have one thing in common, they are all under the microscope today right now, and the scrutiny has everything to do with company performance. amazon reports earnings after the bell. investors are keeping a close eye on top line growth and jeff bezos who's been receiving increasing criticism is putting off the when are you going to make real profits question. for


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