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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  January 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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changes. david: very quickly seattle or new england? >> new england. david: unless new england lose in the first half, it could be the case. liz: we will see you next week. gerri: hello, everyone, i am gerri willis, the show where consumers are our business starts right now. a growing number of americans getting rid of cable. comcast writes this on one company's belt. >> surely you get the message. >> that family is here to tell us what they are going to do now. and two teams in one nation, all getting ready for the super bowl. we have a preview and what is different about the commercials this year. and also a mansion in ohio burns to the ground and luckily no one
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is hurt. now there is a new twist to the story. and kenichi is here to talk about his love about what drives him to success. >> when i wake up, i'm excited to start my practice day. gerri: all of that and more coming up on "the willis report." gerri: americans hoarding cash and stashing away in their homes. a new american express survey finds that among those holding cash, 53% are hiding in a secret location somewhere in her house. greg mcbride is a senior financial analyst who is here with us and steve moore from the heritage foundation and personal finance expert. people are stashing the cash. now i have heard everything. >> definitely cash scattered
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around the house everywhere. this is a bad idea. i can see why they are doing it they are tired of the bank fees not getting any interest on their deposit. just stashing in this way is not necessarily a smart move for you gerri: frankly looked like consumers were on fire. a high spending nine years. have you put those two facts together? >> first of all this explains why we haven't seen the inflation that we have expected. because it doesn't matter how much money ben bernanke or janet yellen puts into the economy people are sitting on it and i think that that is a little bit key to the puzzle. and the gdp data showed consumer spending probably because they have more money due to lower gasoline prices. the big problem was the decline in the rate of business spending which is the ultimate driver of the economy in the medium and long term.
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gerri: 2.6% growth in the third quarter. essentially that is not good. so on so many levels, it's a bad idea to put cash away like this. why do you think it's a bad idea? >> well, you are insured in the event that you have your money deposited in a financial institution. as long as you're within the bounds are covered. when you've got that money stashed in the closet or under the match at or whatever, not only are your main interest but you're not covered buttocks exposing yourself to loss of theft and nobody has you covered under those instances. you want to have some cash in the event of an emergency, but too many people are keeping too much cash around. >> one quick thing is that when you're talking about interest rates now you buy a 10 year
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ten-year treasury bill 1.75% interest, even in the shorter term, they are getting less than 1% interest and a lot of people say what is the difference in stuffing it under the mattress. gerri: that is a good point. greg and i have talked about this over and over again that you can't get anything. certificate of deposit, cds, why do that? may be that old turnaround in a few months, but we just don't know. we have some numbers on homeownership that i think are troubling and we will also give a window into what is going on in consumer mindsets. home ownership among the 220 year low. >> prices are rising faster than many markets. 2014, 2015, i think good things are ahead. we are expected to outpace some noise in 2015 and i think people are tired of this, half are showing up 30% of their income
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and they're at a point where they are saying forget about it and the housing market is showing signs of stability. they are at the lowest level in eight years. and so we need to come back a little bit jobs made a comeback as well. gerri: pew research recently said that a lot of families on thin ice they have 21 days of income because they can access quickly, what did you make of that few were ordered pew report? >> i think that the stagnant incomes are one of the reasons why they are not able to move the needle. >> ever since the recession may have been powerless to make any progress because of the fact that what income growth they have seen has been more than consumed by the increase in household expenses but no errands or is about it they really caught up with them in
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the aftermath of the recession. their situation has not improved. gerri: there is no recession in this economy. you go to the grocery store. things cost the same as they did a year ago. [laughter] >> what is fascinating about these housing statistics is when you see what these numbers are telling us. in most markets like you california, where i live or in new york city, is a high-end of the market that is still booming. and that really reflects the income statistics. if you're in the 10%, you are seeing the games, if you're in the middle class, not so much. gerri: that reverberates everything at retail, at the mall, we are seeing the high-end homebuilders doing really well when you look at what people have in the middle class, they are struggling.
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>> more millennial's millennialist are expected to jump to the home market because of this and because of a slew of other factors and it's easier to come up with a down payment, many homebuilders will be forced to come up with entry-level homes. gerri: what you have to say to people stashing their cash in their mattress tonight? [laughter] >> don't do it, put it into a federally insured account. maybe keep a little bit at home in the event that you have to evacuate due to a natural disaster or something, but nothing more than you would need to tide you over for a couple of days. >> i would say mazie. in the backyard. [laughter] gerri: . so the dog can find them. that would be a great idea. [laughter] >> greg stevens, everyone thank
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you so much for coming on and happy friday. and a totally different story here we go again comcast and the news the cable giant has been ranked as one of the most unpopular companies in america. it they change this man's name from ricardo brown to a not so nice word. so lisa is with us. tell us how this whole thing got started. >> well, what i did is i called comcast and we needed to reduce our service. we were three months away from her contract ending and so we needed to call comcast we had to get hold of a representatives, we needed to downgrade our service and restore me to be internet.
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gerri: how receptive were they to your question? >> i didn't get any animosity on the phone or anything like that they did try to upsell me however. so yes, i asked to downgrade my service and pay the disconnect fee. gerri: they eventually agreed to this? >> yes, they did agree to this. gerri: what happened next? >> so they said okay and we will get you downgraded. and they said yes, you can keep your package if you have a little cheaper rate, this or that and i immediately stopped him and said well, you know, is there a contract. because we were almost out of her two-year contract and i said yes and i said no thank you, i don't want to do that. gerri: so the next thing you got
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in the mail, what happened remapped. >> the bill after that the husband goes to the mailbox and he calls me from the mailbox and he said did you renewal contract and i said no i did not everything was fine. and he says well i think i need to get a lawyer and then he hung up and said you know he came home and said look at this. i looked at it and there you go, what everyone saw was what i saw. and we both were very upset. gerri: go ahead what was your response? >> well, i was completely speechless and shopping and how does that even make it out the door. so we felt like we did not deserve that. we were customers for two years. how did that happen? gerri: how did that happen. you called comcast and said and
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so i said instead of jumping through hoops, i contacted the franchise authority and went ahead and e-mailed them. they were completely shocked and they said we will do what we can to fix it, we will give you service credit and look at the person who did this. we are going to let that person go. in the meantime, she said we will have somebody give you a call back for that. and everyone was saying they didn't know what happened either. and so they called me from
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spokane. he was pretty quick, and i said look, if you guys want to make this right, i would like to speak to the vice president and if he can -- if you can buy me a letter. welcome about 30 minutes later i got a call from the vice president at comcast. and so that is what happened. and i found out that he was someone new in his position. and so i told him that happened, he completely apologized and said he would do everything he can to straighten it out and he was so sorry and that they're going to refund the last two years for me or i can get a new contract to your tree. he was very polite and i said i will a letter for you as a
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public apology if you want he was very nice and polite and so i do want to let you know that we have let the person go and we found them. gerri: what a story. my goodness. we give comcast a hard time for being at the bottom of the customer rankings. it's fascinating to hear your story. take you for coming on the show because we really appreciate your time. >> thank you, thank you. gerri: still a lot more to come including a sneak preview of some of sunday's big super bowl commercials and they look about what is different about the ads this year. and will "deflategate" put a damper on sunday's big game? we will have a preview of the patriots and seahawks super bowl coming up
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it is sunday in glendale, arizona. we have our guest from fox sports radio phoenix with his predictions on the big game. all right, who's going to win? >> i like seattle 24 to 23. i think it will be a low scoring classic game. i think that these teams are classically mashed up i think seattle can run the ball a little bit better and they have a best extensive secondary in the modern era of the nfl. i have a lot of respect for tom brady and i can see how new england could win the game but i think that seattle goes back to back. gerri: russell wilson is also nothing to sneeze at either. this is an interesting matchup of quarterbacks. >> russell wilson is a quarterback set to run. i think if he takes off, they run a play called the read option. either he fakes it to marshawn lynch or he runs that it there. if russell wilson is capable of
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having a big game on the ground, then seattle completely has a different team. a team that can run and throw it. from new england, tom brady doesn't run at all. he does it in the shotgun is a default passer and a pastor whorows crossing over the middle of the field and this is the legacy game for both of these quarterbacks. if brady wins, this is the sixth super bowl, four and two and he loses three super bowls in a row. last three that is played on. that would be devastating i think for the legacy of tom brady. gerri: people make a lot of the fact that he is old school, as you say, quarterback greeted he is 6-foot 4 inches. >> a short order back there's a couple of really good short quarterbacks. new orleans cornerback is probably the best. but you have to have room in the pocket so you can see over the offense of an defensive line. but russell wilson doesn't seem to have much of a problem with this. he had a terrible game --
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terrible game against green bay in the nfc championship for about 55 minutes of the 60 this 60 minute game. we all know how tom brady is. if rady shows up and hasn't but magical game the patriots are winning and he will be the mvp and will start talking about tom brady right there with joe montana. gerri: he's not that young anymore, people forget he's been around 15 years in the nfl. he's closing in on 40. that has to make it more difficult. >> he is getting up there in age, but he had only one big injury that he recovered from and he's healthy. peyton manning hurt his neck he came out after sitting back for a year he was injured this year. tom brady is coming in completely healthy russell wilson is healthy, both teams have the ability to put up big numbers. but what i love about this game is the pressure. the coaches are outstanding. bill belichick, i put him up there with vince lombardi and don schuler. and pete carroll, if he goes
5:20 pm
back to back in the super bowl, he will punch his ticket to the hall of fame. gerri: getting to some other topics quickly. first of all, a lot of talk about how many people are going to watch the game. some people say nobody likes these teams. what you say? >> i think it will break the all-time super bowl record because of "deflategate" and all the hype that came in about a week ago. that is what people do on super bowl sunday. fans that don't even watch football or all year long they tune in for the super bowl. so i think that this is going to break records in the ratings will be fantastic. hopefully it's not a blowout. i said the same thing last year when i was in new york. i thought peyton manning and denver would put on a show but they got blown out the. gerri: at something like a national holiday. you know, you have pizza and wings and beer. everybody eats the same thing. it's like a national holiday. it's a good time. >> it is. it's unfortunate that it's pouring rain out here.
5:21 pm
everybody wants to be outside. you should see the traffic. the rain and the freeways that are clogged, the city getting a ton of rain that is really putting a damper on it and hopefully it clears up in the next 24 hours. gerri: i wish that i was there as well. rain or not. >> thank you. gerri: coming up later in the show, an insurance company didn't honor a homeowners claim after a fire the homeowner sued. and more of the super bowl coverage with what to expect on sunday and why many commercials are taking a serious tone. wait for that.
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gerri: your super bowl ads are extracting a much more serious tone with viewers this year. this domestic violence advertisement apparently from a real 911 call where a victim pretends to order pizza because her attacker is in her midst. >> i would like to call for pizza delivery two you've reached 911, this is an emergency. do you have an emergency? >> are you unable to talk. >> that's right, that's right. >> is there someone in the room with you? to say yes or no. >> no. gerri: why our advertisers changing the tone? peter is here with us to tell us why. it's great to see you. big changes.
5:26 pm
some of the super bowl commercials were kind of awful and gross. this is a different kind of thing. why is that? >> and brands are realizing a couple things about the super bowl that is different than other advertising. it's all about the numbers, this is a huge audience and not only is it a 111 million, we will probably beat that number this year, everyone is watching it at once. you have men and women spouses and grandparents children watching this together. some of them have to educate demographics that don't work for the overall audience. some are overtly sexual or kind of edgy funny. selecting brands are coming back to the emotional connection that really winds, most of them are more positive than the one you showed. but really this is part of it. gerri: i was weeping on some of those commercials, i couldn't take it. i don't even know if i can watch the super bowl on sunday. there it is, i just want to cry
5:27 pm
all over again. they really know how to tug at your heartstrings. >> yes, they do. sometimes you see some of the emotional connections going after causes and trying to go after a particular cause budweiser goes after a great emotional story and this is the third of with you that they have done it and with that soundtrack and that puppy and clydesdales it's just really hard tugging. gerri: it's a magical mix. you say that there are a lot of cars driven advertisements. can you tell us about this advertisement? >> is picking up on what dubya has done, self-image for women in this case it's about running like a girl or throwing like a girl in showing how damaging that can be too self concepts for adolescents and it's a great cause and really well done cause and peace.
5:28 pm
mcdonald's is doing a similar kind of theme but their positive messages that really resonate broadly. gerri: talking about the ads for toyota, this is another feel-good advertisement, can you tell us about that? >> this one is interesting because it really doesn't quite hit the market. it definitely is certainly a feel-good ad. it's a little bit confusing and a lot of our viewers say they were confused by it. the mohamed ali soundtrack that is going in the background people didn't really figure out what was right away. it was just a little bit of a disconnect between that story and the car and i think that's one of the things that these brilliant advertisements do is they make that connection a little bit more clearly. gerri: she is a peril olympic snowboarder and famous in her own sport as you can see her there, it's pretty amazing. and t-mobile going against the
5:29 pm
trend here, what is going on there? >> let me just say that celebrity ads are always risky. sometimes that risk is by design and sometimes it is not. i don't think you could pick a more polarizing celebrity other than perhaps justin bieber then going with kim kardashian. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, that's the challenge with celebrity ads is that you start out with a lot of people that don't like the celebrity. gerri: i think it's incredibly effective. whether you like or were not, she's poking fun at herself. so many are millions of dollars that is a big chunk of change. is that going up? >> when you break down its $150,000 per second. so you have to make sure that every single second has that maximum impact. we do see some funny
5:30 pm
advertisements as well and it's not all dark. but hundred $50,000 is the worst thing, every single second is so expensive. gerri: before you go, who are you going to root for? >> i really don't have a dog in the sled. and i hope that the patriots actually pull it off with "deflategate" and all of that. gerri: peter, thank you so much. >> thank you. gerri: now we want to know what you think. are you more excited about the super bowl game, the advertisements or the halftime show? but on the right-hand side of the screen and i will share the result at the end of "tonight show" and coming up i will be joined by music legend kenny g. we will talk a little bit of golf. and the owners of a mansion that burned to the ground last year saying that their insurance
5:31 pm
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♪ ♪ gerri: welcome back to "the willis report." in a moment, our legal eagles are here. but now come other stories from the news. mitt romney not running in 2015 just three weeks ago he said he was considering a third campaign, but today he says that he's out of the race. and president obama will ask congress for $250 million for what he is calling a medicine initiative. the goal is to have scientists assembled databases of about a million volunteers to have genetic assembled for individualized care. flu season is one for the record books. the number of flu related hospitalizations for the elderly
5:35 pm
this year is the highest ever. about 200 for every 100,000 seniors. and investors are craving burgers. shares of shake shack have doubled since its debut. they have only 60 stores. those are some of the stories that we have in the news tonight. going onto the legal segment. owners of this mansion in ohio that are into the ground are suing their insurance company for $60 million. we have randy and lis wiehl. companies set this up. this was a fancy pants case. 4 million-dollar, 100 thousand square feet. twenty-two rooms. >> this is a big place with $4 million and they have, you know, jewelry and furs and art that was insured and dashed it is sort of a limousine insurance policy.
5:36 pm
they paid nearly $20,000 for this. gerri: how much? >> $20,000 per year. so they paid a lot. let's bring it back. the policy talks about whether their fraud or neglect, you don't get paid. what caused the fire has not been made so we don't know. but how you get from a 4 million-dollar house and throwing another million for furnishings and all of they're asking for $60 million. gerri: what is wrong with that? >> when an insurance company acts in bad faith, there's no reasonable justification for the denial of the claim, they sit on their hands and they exploit, i mean, how much more workable could someone be. the house burned down in january probably about 0 degrees out. all of a sudden you have nothing.
5:37 pm
and so is it if it is demonstrated that they did not have a reasonable justification for not paying and denying claims what happens is the contract of insurance, you are no longer bound by the contract. once it becomes a torrent, if the insurance company fails in bad faith, open up the floodgates. >> the question is if. what caused the fire. gerri: but we don't know. >> of its neglect or fraud if they somehow were involved in this, then they don't get paid a penny. gerri: but we don't know that. shouldn't they be paying something out a map. gerri: every year i'm spending money on my insurance policy. if my house burns down, you have to pay me right enact. >> not $60 million. not that much. >> i've often said this about judges and prosecutors, spend some time in jail first if you want to put someone in jail. if you want to be a claims
5:38 pm
adjuster, let's displace you and put you in a motel let's give you not even a toothbrush, spend 10 weeks or month and then start adjusting. >> $60 million -- i just don't understand. >> it's no longer just the contract. this also was the homeowners showcase. we are talking about loss in terms of economic damages. can you imagine not having a house for over the year? gerri: what do you think? >> you don't need $60 million if you had a 4 million-dollar house. he $14 million is what the house is valued at. would you ask for some kind of damages? >> i would say throw in another million for the furnishings and all that, maybe for attorney fees, rounded up to 6 million but not 60.
5:39 pm
gerri: there must be something else going on. >> the cause of the fire has not been determined. >> patriots are seahawks? >> seahawks. gerri: thank you both for coming on. great job. when we come back, a look at the weekend's other big event the puppy bowl. and kenny g joins me after the break. here's a look at your consumer gauge what the numbers that mean the most to you. pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently,
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5:43 pm
he has a new cd out called brazilian nights. thank you for joining us this is kenny g. >> thank you for having me. gerri: everybody on my staff knows your music heard how did you get started? >> i was 10 years old, i was doing my normal thing in public school and i wanted to play and i learned how to play with my band teacher at. gerri: okay, so you are part of band. everyone knows you so well for your christmas album miracle. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ gerri: were you surprised by the success of that album?
5:44 pm
>> yes, i knew people really enjoyed the way i play christmas songs, so i thought let's make a whole album like that. so i kind of knew that it would be well-received but oddly i didn't think it would sell as many as it did. gerri: that came out of 1994, that's a long time ago. and you had to have some voices on that album and you said no. >> clive davis, he's always looking out for the artist. he said it would be great if it had a couple of locals, but i wanted it instrumental. so we butted heads and it turned out to be instrumental and i won the battle. but later i said, look at how great it sold and he said well, if you would've listened to me it would've sold more. [laughter] gerri: this week "brazilian nights" is out. i've heard it, it's wonderful. tell me your inspiration. >> i like bossa nova, i have been listening to stand debts for years. he inspired me and i took on the
5:45 pm
task of old ones and new ones and put it together. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ of. gerri: how much of the music you write yourself? >> almost all that i write myself, not the old rossen of a songs from the 60s. and not the christmas songs, but normally when i put out a cd it is all my combinations or we work together, my friend walter and myself. gerri: it has to require a lot of inspiration. you mentioned stan getz. >> you know, i look at things all the time. sometimes it is going to the
5:46 pm
practice room and saying that i'm going to write a song sometimes it comes do is you're driving or walking. gerri: so you bought the instrument and you wouldn't even let our stage manager touch it. gerri: this is my high school sacks, you said? >> yes, that is the one. >> that you have like 20 or something? >> there are others that i have access to but that is the one that i play. gerri: how much did you pay for that? >> $300. good return on investment. gerri: i want to talk to you about golf. are you still playing? >> yes, i'm going to be at the at&t golf tournament a couple of weeks. it's very exciting. gerri: who are you going to play? >> i'm not sure that i'm
5:47 pm
supposed to know. >> sometimes they tell you sometimes they don't, i think i have an idea. gerri: golf digest called to the best golfer in music. [laughter] >> one time that's the key word. gerri: what is your handicap? >> i think i'm about a three. back then i was doing pretty well. we played a lot of golf rack then. >> i have been practicing my saxophone more and that has caused my golf not to be as good. but that's good because i'm putting my efforts in the right place. gerri: do you still practice? >> yes every day for three hours. when i'm home, i usually practice 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. gerri: what you tell young kid that you want to get started in
5:48 pm
music? >> practice. even now when i wake up, i'm excited to start my practice day because i don't know what i'm going to discover. gerri: thank you, you even inspired me. kenny g. such a nice guy. millions are awaiting the super bowl and animal lovers are gearing up for the puppy bowl. we will have a preview. are they not the cutest thing ever? coming up next recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just
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5:52 pm
getting ready to see the seattle seahawks battle the new england patriots in super bowl 49 womack, the real highlight was sunday watching the puppy bowl. airing this one day take a look at this video. it airs at 3:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on animal planet. who will win the title of most valuable puppy? here is a preview. he brought in puppies and so we can does reenact the whole thing. [laughter] gerri: i have to ask you how hard is it to be referee for the puppies? >> it is the most exhausting job i've ever had in my life. it is complete chaos. gerri: it looks like controlled chaos. >> we have dogs from shelters all up for adoption. >> these dogs are gorgeous. so how did you get this job? is the best job in the world?
5:53 pm
>> this is my fourth year, best job in the world. i've been here a long time in dog years. and i had a relationship as a tv host for years and this opportunity came up and i jumped at the chance. i submitted a crazy audition tape and that's how it happened. gerri: sometimes they actually look like they are playing. >> that is all we really care about is that they take a chew toy and get it into the end zone. gerri: how many people actually watched this thing. >> laster we have 13.5 million people are biggest number yet. gerri: i hear the people aren't too excited about the patriots and seahawks, so maybe they will tune into this instead. >> being that we are animal planet, we are partial to the seahawks because we like anything named after an animal. and look at this, this would be a foul on the field. gerri: you have to pick your
5:54 pm
battles? >> yes, you have to sometimes pick your battles. gerri: what else do you have to do? >> we have all these crazy penalties. >> we have this and other vowels like illegal bathing. [laughter] >> as we just saw, a little bit of fighting is okay but there's intentional growling there is a thing the and 55 dissidents participants. so many people don't realize that these puppies are up for adoption. we want the puppies defined
5:55 pm
forever homes. gerri: that is a big issue of is how you get your puppy where you source your money. >> we have 100% adoption rate. go to animal and look at the puppies and connect with your local shelter and connect with what is out there. gerri: okay, great stuff and i wish you much luck. fifty-five puppies. >> is what we are dealing with on four times more level. gerri: thank you for the toys and the jerseys. okay, we will be right back with our answer to the question of the day, are you more excited about the super bowl game the commercials, or the halftime show. we will be here with the puppies coming up next
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
>> more than 111 million people watched last year's super bowl. will you watch and what about the ads? here's what you are tweeting. the game is just a delay between the commercials which are usually better than and the game. >> i don't care who wins the game are all the other nonsense. >> that is negative. >> the game the food the beer in the commercials in that order. >> to much hype and i would rather take a nap. >> be sure to like fox business on facebook and ask the question 46% said the commercials just 9 percent said the halftime show. that is "the willis report" don't forget to do tv are the show. of "making money" is making next -- is coming up next.
6:00 pm
have a great weekend. charles: i and charles payne stocks crashed today with the sea of red in the closing bell although it took off like a rocket there is a lot of confusion out there but first let's go to a nicole petallides at new york stock exchange. >> another tough day on wall street for ratifies week's world over and january starts off with an atrocious month illustrate and the dow was worse than that but some say take it easy and take a breath with the gdp comes in


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