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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 3, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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edy fbn at fox go have yourself a beautiful night. good night pad. make money, nothing wrong with getting rich up next the main man lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. seldom does a much-anticipated speech match expectations. live up to the drama the controversy. but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's 40 minute speech to a joint meeting of congress exceeded expectations after a welcome in the house chamber that resembled that of a state of the union. netanyahu spoke with warmth and heaped praise on the president, on harry reid and both political parties and then urged the obama white house to reject the structure of the nuclear deal it's negotiates with iran. >> the greatest danger facing
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our world is the marriage of militant islam with nuclear weapons. to defeat isis and let iran get nuclear weapons would be to win the battle but lose the war. we can't let that happen. but, that my friends, is exactly what could happen. if the deal now being negotiated is accepted by iran. that deal will not prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. it would all but guarantee that iran gets those weapons, lots of them. lou: the president didn't watch the speech, but did review the transcript and found, quote, there was nothing new in it. the president then urged americans to trust him, not to make a bad deal. >> what i can guarantee is that if it's a deal i've signed off on, i will be able to prove that it is the best way for us to prevent iran from getting a
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nuclear weapon. and for us to pass up on that potential opportunity would be a great mistake. it's not one they intend to make, and i will take that case to every member of congress once we actually have a deal. lou: we'll take up the question of whose world view the american people should trust, whether any deal with iran can be assured, can be verified. i'll be taking that up with daniel ayalon. house speaker boehner, caving in in the contest with the president. mr. obama's amnesty fiat for illegal immigrants now stands. and republicans begin to search a new for someone anyone with a political strategy. the speaker today allowed a vote on the clean bill, the fund the department of homeland security and it passed with every house democrat and 75 house republicans supporting
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the bill. conservative members of the house, well they're not pleased. >> unfair to taxpayers that illegal noncitizens are going to get tax refunds. unfair to seniors that illegal citizens will be able to participate in the social security system. it's unfair to voters as our secretary of state testified that now they'll have the documents that make it potentially much easier for four to five million people to participate in our election process. lou: our a-team takes up what that means for boehner's speakership and the efforts to gut the president's amnesty fiat and makes one wonder whether the gop leadership is limited in strategic iq or whether instead they found a way forward on amnesty just as the chamber of commerce and business roundtable had told them to. we'll touch lightly on the question tonight so as not to upset anyone. and new revelations tonight that hillary clinton used a private e-mail account for
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official government business when secretary of state. was she following the pattern of previous secretaries? or did she violate the law? our legal experts, attorneys lis wiehl and mercedes colwin take up that much and a number of others as well tonight. iran called president obama's demand it breathes nuclear sensitive activities unacceptable but the administration doesn't seem to mind at all, the obama administration appears delighted to continue with another round of negotiations. john kerry meeting for a second day with the iranian foreign minister in switzerland. joining me former israeli ambassador to the united states beersheba university ambassador daniel ayalon. >> good to be with you lou. lou: first, the president's view of the prime minister's speech, your view. >> mastery but mostly the
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substance had three major points. first and foremost. iran is not just an israeli problem, it's not a duel between tehran and jerusalem, it's a threat from iran to the entire international community. doesn't end in the middle east. it includes europe includes the united states, and all of the regions of the world. secondly is that you cannot really compromise with evil, and just like the allies back in 1945 demanded full surrender from nazi germany or imperial japan, this is the way to treat the iranians. they are violating all the international laws and obligations, what is there to talk about? and the third point which is most important is it can be done through peaceful ways with the right pressure on iran because iran is no match to the p 5 plus 1 and the international community. they're very vulnerable it's a matter how we approach it. if we tend to deal with them with kid gloves, they'll never
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come through and through and they'll have the bomb. lou: a key ally of the united states, the only democracy in the region, and israel does not have a place at the table and does not appear indeed that it has access to the president's thinking directly which seems a shame because the greater acumen, the greater expertise is with the israeli leadership of all political parties within israel. why is it that the president seems to be utterly resistant to including israel in his thinking, in his counselors, and in the way forward? >> this is very frustrating, and i cannot tell you why. it's really intriguing but i would say that for both our interests, and indeed for the sake of the matter, the u.s. and israel should be on the same page, we should consult together, talk to one another in full transparency and not shout at one another through
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media or leaks or briefings, anonymous briefings to the states, to the press. i think there is still time lou, this is the most important thing there is still time for some responsibility from some leadership for talking together. the prime minister is still here. had i been the president, i would have invited him for a real, real tete-a-tete. lou: instead he was attacked by the administration up until speech eve, yesterday's remarks, as the administration tried at least a little to mute their hyperbolic rhetoric. if you will listen to congressman yarmouth of kentucky as he had a meltdown a hissy fit over the prime minister's speech. let's listen to him for a moment, please. >> i'd like to congratulate speaker boehner and prime minister netanyahu on a very impressive bit of political
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theater. this speech was straight out of dick cheney playbook this was fearmongering at its ultimate. netanyahu basically said the only acceptable deal was a perfect deal or an ideal
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without any substance is not the way to do it. lou: yeah it does seem to any reasonable person, i think, that to not have israel involved in the strategy in these negotiations, in those talks and considerations, not to have saudi arabia and egypt which is showing in early days, certainly in the presidency of sisi, but the reality is there is prospect for change and realignments in the middle east that are important to all our interests in the region and why this president seems bound to go it alone. he is becoming a unilateralist of the highest order or perhaps expression should be the lowest. get the last word here. >> well i think a lot is talked about being on the right side of history. i think being on the right side of history is to understand that if all the countries in
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the middle east which were not most friendly, whether it's egypt saudi arabia and israel and jordan are on the same side, analyzing in the same way, the threat from iran, there is a real merit in it and i would say for the united states, it is easy to galvanize and lead a coalition of like-minded countries in the region and beyond and this is the way to do it, and not to go against reality, against wisdom, and to leave the iranians with an easy path to the bomb. lou: i could not help, as we conclude here ambassador but think today as i was watching the prime minister, that israel was very fortunate to have them as their leader in these perilous times and i was thinking as i heard him conclude that americans are very lucky as well. thanks so much, ambassador great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: two house committees today announce they'll investigate
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hillary clinton's use of personal e-mails to conduct official business while secretary of state. both the house oversight committee and the select committee on benghazi looking into the matter. at an afternoon press conference, benghazi select chairman congressman trey gowdy was aware of clinton's private e-mail use since late last summer, and is pursuing more of her documents. >> our interest here isn't gaining access to all of the documents, all of the e-mails all of the witnesses and producing a final definitive accounting and one that is frankly worthy of the sacrifice of our fellow americans and worthy of our respect of our fellow citizens. lou: so far the former secretary has turned some 300 benghazi-related e-mails to gowdy's committee, e-mails that were, quote not made available to the half dozen other committees investigating the terrorist attacks in libya.
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. lou: general david petraeus today pleaded guilty to giving highly classified documents to his biographer and mistress while director of the cia. his guilty plea, part of the deal with the justice department that includes a recommendation two of years' probation, no time in prison subject to the judge's approval of course and a $40,000 fine. another plea deal appears to be under way, a russian attorney for the nsa trader edward snowden says snowden wants to return to the united states, but only if he can be guaranteed quote, a fair trial. attorney general eric holder promised snowden two years ago he would not face the death penalty if he returned but snowden's attorneys now want further assurances of an impartial proceeding including no demand for the death penalty. much more on these stories later with our legal panel, attorneys lis wiehl and
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mercedes colwin, that coming up. more than 8500 islamic state radical islamist terrorists have been killed in airstrikes since august according to the top general overseeing the anti-islamic state coalition. centcom chief before the house armed services committee claims the islamic state is no longer capable of seizing and holding new territory. comments come as iraqi troops with iranian forces are battling the islamic state, trying to take tikrit. joining us tonight, fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters great to have you with us. >> hi lou. >> the 8500 this is the first body count i heard the pentagon share with anyone. does this mean there's a new metric at work here a new way in which to judge success for the pentagon? >> yeah, i think they're just struggling for a way to
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convince us all this is successful. it's great if they killed 8500 members of the islamic state. great, good job, guys that's since last autumn. 20 to 25,000 more fighters have joined the islamic state. lou: right. >> and do the math. this is not hard. again, i'm glad they killed the terrorists but what we're doing is basically argues noticing them, islamic state can claim that they're standing up to the americans' best shot and they're still there still fighting. and by the way, they are still advancing in syria and parts of iraq. so i have no sympathy with the islamic state, but i will tell you you look at what's happening in tikrit with the iranian-controlled iraqi offensive led by shia militia shock troops.
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now that is -- yes, iranians on the ground. if you're on the ground, you get a vote. and the iraqis would really they like our stuff they'll take our money take our training, but rather fight alongside the iranians two things because they are fellow shia with the baghdad government and also we never figured how to fight in the middle east. the iranians know how. there aren't reporters and human rights observers if they fight their way into tikrit, there is going to be a massacre in retaliation for islamic state's massacre of shea. the shia troops will massacre the sunnis. that's how it happens in the middle east. as long as we were there, and as much money as we spent we never figured out how it works. lou: very quickly touch upon the speech by benjamin netanyahu today with the joint meeting of congress as it's
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styled, and your impressions. >> probably the most important speech netanyahu will ever give. it really did have a key -- a galvanizing effect on the united states and congress. made it much harder to vote for a bad peace plan. as i was listening to that lou i couldn't help comparing netanyahu's forthright forceful logical honest and manly approach with a self-congratulation of obama's last state of the union address, and you heard the president spiteful and bitchy as a teenaged girl left out of the clique tackle netanyahu. i only wish that the president, president obama, had just once shown that level of anger towards vladimir putin's aggression or islamic state's beheadings. lou: colonel ralph peters good to have you with us thanks. >> thank you, lou. lou: time for a look at our
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online poll results we asked if democrats as well as republicans demand president obama ask for senatorial approval of any iranian nuclear weapons agreement. 98% of you said absolutely. be sure to vote in tonight's poll, which leaders' judgment would you trust more on the issue of iran? president obama or benjamin netanyahu. cast your vote at the white house confirmed president obama is, quote, very interested as they put it in the unprecedented move of raising corporate taxes through executive action or fiat. >> the president certainly has not indicated any retiscence about using his executive authority to try to advance in the benefits of the middle class americans. i don't want to leave you with the impression there is some imminent announcement. there's not that i know of? >> the president asked his team
11:22 pm
to examine the array of executive authorities that are available to him to try to make progress on his goal. >> the idea suggested to the white house by independent senator bernie sanders who is a self-described socialist who wants the president to unilaterally raise $100 billion over the next decade primarily by closing corporate tax loopholes. coming up here next a major volcanic eruptions forcing thousands to flee. details straight ahead. is there a new leader of the free world? my commentary on the netanyahu speech, it's likely impact on the iranian negotiations. stay with us.
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. lou: officials in southern chile evacuating thousands of people after the villarrica volcano erupted spewing a firestorm of lava and ash. the 9,000 foot high volcano one
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of south america's most active and tallest hovers over the city of hucan, home to about 22,000 people. a few thoughts on the speech the white house warned us would be destructive. the speech that was bad form, bad manners insulting to the president. hardly. what i heard was a clear plain spoken appeal to reason. i heard a no-holds-barred assessment of the monumental threat that iran will impose if it ever possesses the bomb. and a warning that the white house is gambling with the lives of people who are not represented at the bargaining table. >> this deal has two major concessions. one leading iran with the vast nuclear program. and two lifting the restrictions on that program in about a decade. that's why this deal is so bad.
11:28 pm
it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb, it paves iran's path to the bomb. even if israel has to stand alone, israel will stand. [ applause ] >> it may seem as odd to you as it does to me that we've heard no other voice other than the prime minister's lay out the dangers inherent in the president's iranian nuclear strategy. netanyahu today, in my opinion was authentic and genuine, he spoke colloquialy, conversationally as he articulated his reasoning in opposition to the president's vision to the deal with the iranians. netanyahu's thinking on why it's simply inconceivable that the american government would on any score trust the iranian regime. the prime minister receiving more than 25 standing ovations during his nearly 40-minute
11:29 pm
address. why must this alarm originate with our allie and not one of our own leaders being democrat or republican? have we become such a dependent nation that we must outsource our leadership, rely on our friends? where are our home grown critics and skeptics. what happened to the voices of dissent in this country? laid low by a punishing authoritarian presidency? cowed by political correctness? by suffocating political orthodoxies of both political parties? the centers should have been inspired by netanyahu today. after today, president obama realized he could not ignore netanyahu any more than he could warn him away. could not ignore him without paying a far heavier price than he had imagined. mr. obama understood netanyahu had made too great an impression, but, of course not on the president himself.
11:30 pm
>> on the core issue, which is how do we prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon? which would make it far more dangerous and would give it scope for greater action in the region, the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. but if we're successful in negotiating then in fact this will be the best deal possible to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. nothing else comes close. lou: there obama could barely contain his anger and his response was woefully inadequate to netanyahu's challenge to the secretive iranian negotiations preceding in shadows. now of course we know far better what our president feared so much about a few words to be spoken by an ally to our congress. he feared the very things he promised us six years ago. openness and transparency.
11:31 pm
now our quotation of the evening. i thought this appropriate for some democrats today, who decided to give up their seats in the house to the more deserving. teddy roosevelt said this about criticizing and challenging a president -- theodore roosevelt, the 26th president of the united states.
11:32 pm
we're coming right back. the verdict's, in the israeli prime minister wows congress and the american public. the white house not so much. judith
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. lou: it's only tuesday, already, a couple of nominees for -- how can i say this gently? -- dumbest criminals of the week, a store clerk managed to foil a robbery when the suspect
11:36 pm
put his gun on the counter shot the robber in the shoulder, fought him when he tried to take off with the cash from the register. the suspect did get away but without the money. in ireland a would-be thief tried to break into a car. this is one of my favorites, by throwing a brick into the car's passenger window. the brick bounced back knocking the would-be thief unconscious. the car's owner found the would-be thief lying in a pool of blood recovered stuff he stolen from others. joining us pulitzer prize-winning author judith miller, and dr. jonathan schanzer, good to have you both here. let me start with you, netanyahu, i thought he gave one of the best speeches i've ever seen before congress. >> well, both he and the president are expert at giving great speeches. this was truly an astonishing
11:37 pm
performance even by bibi he addressed so many different audiences effectively, lou. lou: how is it by inclusion, you managed to take away, that was a purely rhetorical performance there. john, your thoughts? >> i thought it was a terrific performance but worth noting he kept himself in the headlines for the last three weeks. he had a massive audience today i'm curious to see what the numbers look like. people were tuning in all over the world online and here in the united states, and he laid out the major problems that he had with the nuclear program, and i think that the word on the street right now is that, at the end of the day, it was a win. lou: a win, and the winners certainly amongst the winners we have to put the american people as john referenced watching netanyahu deliver a speech, i don't know what the president was afraid of before, but i think he's much more fearful of netanyahu's communication skills now than before. >> well you can see why he was
11:38 pm
afraid. the -- in fact i think that bibi netanyahu ought to thank the president for building up so much interest with the whole world have been watching if president obama hadn't made such a stink over it. lou: or read such a thank you card from netanyahu. the substance from, this i have not heard to this point, i have not
11:39 pm
. >> made him very angry because he responded as you saw, lou and as you noted in a very direct way. lou: what do you think of the issue as to why we have not heard skeptical voices the dissenters, the opposition from republican or democrat, in this country? john, your reaction. >> well, i think actually congress has been quite forceful on this. i think about mark kirk, i think about senator menendez i think about a number of house democrats and republicans. lou: i'm not saying that people -- i'm not saying there isn't opposition and there haven't been voices of opposition
11:40 pm
raised, but i haven't heard anyone even come close to organizing their mind, the facts and reason and coming to a conclusion that was so powerful that it may have, in fact undercut the very objective successfully that president obama sought. >> this was the speech of benjamin netanyahu's life. i think he believes that his entire professional career a very distinguished career, culminated in this speech. it doesn't matter whether he wins another term as prime minister. this was the moment he had been waiting for that he could lay out this argument. it was his mandate as the prime minister of israel to do it. there was no one else that was going to do it as well. it is a shame that you note that here in america you don't have as many people concerned about this because at the end of the day a nuclear iran is a threat to the united states. it is a state sponsor of terrorism. it does conquer territory
11:41 pm
around the world we should be hearing more people making this point more forcefully. lou: perhaps some will have found inspiration, judy thanks for being with us. judith miller jonathan schanzer, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. lou: up next, a check of the markets and frightening new development as boko haram begins to mimic the islamic state. dr. ahmed with the cultural religious and military implications of this expansion of the radical islamist terrorism and what are its designs? here next. doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglass. for all the confidence you need. td
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. lou: on wall street stocks moved lower. the dow down 85 point, the nasdaq down 28. volume on the big board slipping a bit from yesterday's levels to 3.2 billion shares. listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. the radical islamist terrorist group boko haram carrying out the beheadings of two prisoners in nigeria. a video release mimicking the techniques used by the islamic state terrorists. hostages forced to knees hands tied behind their backs a member of boko haram standing over them holding a knight.
11:46 pm
concerns that boko haram is not a mere copycat of the islamic state rather incorporated itself into this islamic state. joining us now dr. qanta ahmed a physician and observant muslim self-described anti-islamist. author of the book in the land of invisible women, a journey in the saudi kingdom. great to have you with us. we appreciate your time. let's begin with the implications, if boko haram is more than mimicking but actually joining up with coalescing with the islamic state. what would that portend? >> first of all, i commend you, lou for calling the problem what it is. this is radical islamism and doesn't surprise me that boko haram and isis are collaborating in some way. it is probably a salute of boko
11:47 pm
haram to isis as well as a subjugation of boko haram to isis. they share exactly the same ideology which is a totalitarian ideology. this has been discussed in detail, not just with boko haram but pertaining to isis, in the recent atlantic article which troubles me for a number of reasons. lou: and among the reasons? >> the reasons are there is a misapprehension that ideologies like boko haram or isis are really only a kind of evolutionary jihadism. that is one aspect, that is true. but there's a large arm of nonviolent islamism which also inspires these movements, and that nonviolent islamism subscribes to the idea that islam can only be expressed in the form of a political state or sharia state, a caliphate, both boko haram and isis are seeking the same thing.
11:48 pm
today's speech with prime minister netanyahu correctly identifies the threat of militant islam. he talked about it in the context of iran's policies. but actually militant islam or what i call islamism is the serious most singular threat to secular secular pluralistic democracies including the united states. lou: the president is hesitant to using the term radical islamist, and for the record i took up the practice of calling them radical, labeling them radical islamist after a significant amount of time invested with leading islamic scholars and experts on the middle east, if you can imagine this, in 2002. and the bush administration was ever bit as committed to avoiding, naming our enemy as is this president now. >> so i thank you for that battle. your battle of many years of
11:49 pm
bringing language to this problem. but your quest to bring to america the name of the problem and the nature of the problem is one that muslims themselves have been pursuing for almost 100 years. islamist ideology was first in egypt in 1928 and muslims from the outset have been criticizing this. it's anathema to me where the united states facing a conflict with isis which it must solve helping an arab coalition and working with britain can not expose and critically analyze these ideas. it's not just our administration, it's present in our public discourse, lacking in our opinion pages, and so much so that a very carefully thought-out article in the atlantic, which i consider a leading publication misses the mark. it does not separate islamism from islam. islam and islamism are completely different, but without islam, there is no
11:50 pm
islamism. a sophisticated idea. islamism steals from islam but is not islam, and islamism can be nonviolent and can be violent, and the number one proponent of nonviolent islamism is iran. look at how it is marketed and pursued islamist phobia. that is an iranian manufacture, it has not been present in 1500 years of islam, but suits political strategy. lou: i hope -- i'm sorry go ahead. >> the concept of islamo phobia is inspiring the attacks like "charlie hebdo." absolutely salacious attacks claiming blasphemy but inspired by islamo phobia as product of islamism. lou: doctor great talking with you, we are out of time. i would like to you come back, as we continue the conversation, it's edifying and we're delighted to spend that time with you.
11:51 pm
if you will join us. >> my pleasure. thank you so much. lou: dr. ahmed thank you so much. baseball legend curt schilling firing back at internet bullies who sent sexually derogatory tweets to his daughter. he congratulated his 17-year-old daughter for being accepted in clefrj. schilling blasted to the posts in part, quote -- one of those twitter trolls was a part-time worker for the yankees who's been fired. up next another scandal hits hillary clinton. what was she trying to hide using a personal e-mail account for american government business? attorneys lis wiehl and mercedes colwin, on the issues facing the secretary and a number of others here next. stay with us.
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lou: unbelievable. >> i'll come back with my crutches. >> look at her. >> i wouldn't miss my tuesdays with you. lou: let's start with hillary clinton and e-mail required by law now past 2014. requiring people to use only government e-mail. is she exposed. >> it was not illegal what she did. there may be some federal regulations she is on the wrong side of. but the whole idea of transparency, you could have these on your personal e-mail with that high level. >> that is ridiculous, you go into corporate america you use your corporate e-mail address and that just for corporate this is national security. lou: how do you campaign for president with that kind of judgment? are you kidding me? >> she has a lot of people
11:57 pm
around her telling her this was okay. lou: that is reassuring. >> she is a smart woman, she knew better, she not do it. lou: and speaking of smart people general david petraeus, guilty plea for sharing top-secret information as head of cia with his mistress/biography. >> certain degree of cynicism but your thoughts. is he going to jail? it is up to the judge. >> he is not he is looking at probation under -- they did not put that in plea agreement but that is basically understood. he will do probation that punishes him more than he has already been punished by losing his job and stature. >> that is why he bled flood guilty
11:58 pm
-- pled guilty there was no wiggle room. lou: that is remarkable they must -- >> a brilliant man too. lou: so sad. i have been crushed. i had a question questions about it. -- i had a few questions about it. >> they could have charged him with a thousand and one violation that is lying to fed they did not change him with that. lou: a trader, edward snowden he wants to come bacto united states now. a fair trial and guaranteed he will not be hanged by the neck until dead or whatever the capital punishment would be. >> he will get a fair trial he
11:59 pm
will come here, jury of peers. lou: but is it not asinine? if you like russia stay there. >> there are jurors saying this man is a hero, he came forward disclosed what the government was doing. he -- >> he will get a fair trial but he will be chargeed if he comes back here with espionage. our government could not take that off the table that would probably keep him in russia. lou: you talk about there may be a difference of opinion. prosecutions case, i think is air tight on this one. >> rock solid. lou: thank you so much, good to see you mercedes, good luck with your surgery. >> thank you. lou: and good look lis with your book , what a title.
12:00 am
a beauty. thank you both. >> thank you. lou: that is it for us, thank you, good night from new york site. >> a rock 'n roll legend. >> crazy thing about roy orbison from 1959 to 1964 he had 21, top 40 hits. >> he dies too soon with 3 young sons. >> he sep secretly wanted us to be musicians but he was not going to push. >> i rubbed my eyes and look add the this. >> i have a cassette of a song nobody heard before. before. >> it will bring roy and his boys together again. jamie: had you always dreamt of plays with your dad. >> always, yeah. >> have mercy.


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