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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 18, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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success story. thank you for watching me tonight. until we meet again. have a safe, and beautiful night. good night. keep their right here for fox business and lou dobbs. >> good evening the disconnect from reality and inconsistencies and contradictions are on display once again in domestic and foreign policy. president obamacare chose to announce he will be a police from using surplus military equipment from bayonets' grenade launchers and large caliber firearms. his timing for his announcement could have been worse hardly coming back on the day that law-enforcement is hailed as a hero for their actions in waco taxes
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were abuzz revival shootout between biker gangs left 18 wounded and nine dead. it began in a twin peaks restroom then it turned into a bar fight where it spilled out onto the parking lot. then there was of bloody rampage. also congressional republicans a bragging they have the votes for president obama to give them more power to negotiate international trade deals to limit their own power to amend them well doing the bidding of the multinationals are working men and women among our guest one of the few that have read the president's deal with jeff sessions which joins us tonight and as a major victory the
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radical islamist seize control of the key iraqi city of from saudi -- ramadi and the the pentagon is contradicting themselves to save to read too much into this is a mistake. but the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey calls the victory a serious setback for iraqi forces. interestingly last month general dempsey downplayed the significance in the. >> the city itself is not symbolic in any way nor has it been declared that is central but it isn't brick
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and mortar but defending isil. when the campaign will not fall otherwise. lou: and what should be the embarrassing contradiction of the obama machine. our chief of staff four-star general our fox news military analyst, a general good to have you with us. what do we make of this divide? what are we to make of this administration and? >> ramadi it is symbolic than strategic. without largest province this is where they live.
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we cannot defeat isis without the sunii tribunal we just told them is the iraqi security forces cannot protect them. that is a huge failure to overcome a. >> but to be disbanded to melt away and to be al lasting persistent problem that is a lack of organization, leadership and courage on the part of the iraqis. >> and about this time last year it took the city of fallujah and also mosul.
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and right from the beginning we saw it collapse but maliki undermined the force. we have been trying to patch a back together but with this strategy the president is pursuing the not be enough strategy not enough advisers were not enough fighters. there isn't even enough air power to them what they saw us so heroically. every average retrain eight or 10 per night and also afghanistan and there isn't
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enough arms for the tribes but the fact is that we have to reassess where we are. we cannot toch go down this road and we cannot take mosul anytime soon or this year is a reality. lou: and in stark contrast from what was emanating from the pentagon. and how the iraqis were preparing to take mosul there is no evidence of any force to begin such an assault from ramadi with their hands of the islamic states. >> absolutely they are consolidating but we can
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conduct was a significant operation across the militia. with eastern and western syria at the same time north of baghdad with the terrorist activities the explosions to kill innocent civilians has been rising exponentially over the last six weeks but they are expanding into libya and yemen at the same time all these other operations are taking place. we underestimate the force at our peril in terms of national security interest. lou: and we were beating our
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chest with us a delta force successful attack. one of the principal leaders of the islamic states that victory by delta force only lasted hours. this seems to be something terribly wrong the way in which the pentagon is constructing a hour view of iraq and the islamic state to. >> as late as friday of last week the pentagon spokesmen was talking about pushing back on the islamic state only capable of conducting small attacks. read while the attack on teeeighteen began on a thursday. they were surprised by the scale and magnitude and they
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finally had their way by sunday. here rehab an officer misrepresenting what is going on. i don't know where he got his information from but it was not factual something is seriously wrong no doubt. lou: he wasn't very bright about it certainly the chairman doesn't seem to have the display of great confidence. >> absolutely. where we are it history is in 2006 george bush strategy to defeat that insurgency by the end of 2006 a lot of military leaders don't want to change that policy to put
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the people in plays like petraeus. this strategy isn't working for the people will scratch their heads. we have to reassess what we are doing. lou: waco texas hundreds of agents are on high alert in the area looking for any sign of biker gang sue will try to retaliate from the of rampage leaving 18 wounded and nine dead. agents have arrested 170 bikers in connection with the shootout. fox news correspondent has our report. >> police are still here processing the elaborate crime scene that includes inside the twin peaks restaurant but the majority
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is contained outside to the parking lot. the police say they have recovered 100 weapons including guns and knives even brass knuckles. the fight started in the batter for unknown reasons quickly escalated as spots -- spots -- shots were fired then spilled over outside with five different gangs. police were already watching because the department said it had intel of known activity going down over the last few months employee said this could have been prevented had the restaurant managers heeded warnings to cooperate ahead of time. is this. >> is said it was revoking the franchise agreement
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immediately from corporate headquarters for ignoring warnings. now bikers are under arrest held each on $1 billion poland for organized crime of the nine people killed and 18 injured there all day members luckily no innocent bystanders or restaurant patrons were people shopping were hurt thinks to the quick action of police. lou: thank you so much. here in the northeast amateur trains have result -- restored service for the first time since the deadly train derailment and one of the strangest attempt to reassure their customers that air traffic officials announced the trains are back in service and in complete compliance with federal safety orders investigators stowe looking
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into last week's to relman including a crack that some speculate was an object hitting just before the derailment. the fbi has ruled out any possibility but they have not ruled out other objects. we will be right back. stay with us. >> hillary back on the campaign trail she still refuses to talk to the press. why should she? next. a democratic congresswoman may have taken herself out of the senate race in california.
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ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight lou: joining us to reassess what is going on now our political analyst republicans strategist former political director could to have you here. $25 million for hillary clinton? why isn't she talking to the press?
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>> i think it is critical shape could make whatever she wants but i think the key thing is what did he make after he signed an agreement of secretary of state? >> if you look at the poll numbers the clinton foundation i think is the disaster for them also for those that in addition to claim that stephanopoulos career at the same time we don't have the emails she got carte launch apparently and at what point does is say we are done? >> it takes a lot for the polls to work but that there
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is no serious challenge if you look deep you concede the erosion of the trust issue. you don't win the presidency unless you have the majority of independents. she will not come through this unscathed by reinforces that negativity from before a lot of ways to go if she still isn't answering the question. lou: how screwed up does the office have to be to schedule an announcement you will not allow a surplus military equipment right after they did a heroic job is in waco texas to take down 170 perpetrators with nine killed and 18 wounded? >> that equipment has been a great addition for community protection we have to get out of the mindset that the
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police are not the bad guys. but 99 percent are solid citizens. lou: it is barack obama you have to convince. >> had a program that was working very well to buy additional a pregnant that items said they could not afford. lou: now turning to republicans with peculiar politics lindsey graham says he is running and bobby gentle watching the exploratory committee and the leadership says it is terrible to have all of these candidates. >> if you have the could group of candidates for crown --. you have some governors here from big states and i have
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said it is the strongest field but how do you narrow it down is a critical point. debates, raising money, most of these guys could stay in as long as they want. lou: mitch mcconnell, bragging about delivering votes to president obama on the trans-pacific trade deal and also boosting trade promotion fast-track authority for the president as if there was meeting of the minds with corporate america and the rest. >> the candidates have to understand had to recreate these jobs through middle-class? >> 40 consecutive years.
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>> with all of this date you very much as always. be sure to vote tonight. day you believe republicans should brag about their support of the obama free trade deal that will cost more jobs and lost wages and put the burden on small businesses? lou the clinton foundation money trail has been questions about big labor in its charges envelope of secretary of state. one proclaimed instinct and don't miss this. we will be right back.
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lou: your comments on the contradictory behavior by the biggest labor unions.
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they have been lifted with the president toward giving fast-track authority choose strike international trade deals with the trans-pacific partnership and many protesters picketing were from labor when he went to oregon in to pitch the deal last nike headquarters as democratic front runner has sidestepped the issue refusing to take a stance on free trade. >> any trade deal has to produce jobs to raise wages and increased prosperity to increase security we have to do our part to make sure we have the capabilities and skills to be competitive. how was that for ambiguous? she is the second most important democrat in the country right now but unions give her a free pass of her lack of the answers on free trade because they are
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afraid she will support it for there is more to which big labor gave police to a million dollars to the clinton foundation unions could do a lot more with the dues they and giveaways such hefty sums of money to the clinton foundation. why would they do that? big labor is in big trouble almost one out of four private-sector workers belong to a union in the '70s now it is less then 7% of the private work force so what has big labor bought with that money? maybe a stalemate because we found out companies backing the trade promotion authority paid the former secretary of state 2. $7 billion for speeches. what is the price of silence? hillary clinton may be
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answering the question every day. >> fighting corruption is not just the government's but self-defense and patriotism. >> from none other than joe biden. words to live by. we will be right back. >> top democrats try to block obama is big trade deal while republicans brag about their support for the president. the big loser? the middle-class. jeff sessions joins us next. a horrifying crash that may force officials to rewrite rules if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief
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lou: senator warren criticizing the president on trade and in part it says the fact show despite all the promises that was another tool to you tilt the favor of the multinational corporations against working families. and she cause both administrations to pull back that date back to nafta in 1993 appears the point man in said it is republican majority leader mitch
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mcconnell he praised the president and vowing to pass the trade legislation. >> we will pass it later this week the president has done an excellent job on this. by the osama members are squeamish but to give the power with his expansive view of so many other issues it is not just for president obama but the next president as well to have trade authority. lou: we have jeff sessions including budget armed services and judiciary committee. you are breaking with president and to be historic in seeking accountability of these deals because those questions are never asked nor answered rigo empirically 40 consecutive years of trade deficit those a just happen to
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conveniently begin with the onset of trade promotion and authority. fast-track authority this is to the american people who are aware it is the clear and present danger established to the previous trade deals talking about pressure on middle-class were those that aspire or small business in the looks as if this president and the republican and leadership in the senate and the house are following from the chamber of commerce and the business roundtable and 125 u.s. multinational corporations. >> i'm afraid the concerns that you just expressed are legitimate. is our duty as a congress to evaluate those to ask the
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questions we need to ask before a there are negotiated in asia and japan through president reagan they accuse competitors that are non-tariff barriers as an entry into the country's so we will see an increase that not much of exports that is the damage if he is correct about that and it appears he may be if my administration per otherwise then why? lou: to build a national consensus around a free trade deal as it always comes at a very high cost.
11:37 pm
and with illegal immigration with gatt trade initiative and to to be established and to be done previously i objected to amend as part of the trade agreement. for this administration to do that. brought to offer an amendment this will not happen and. and those who are willing to support it. and i have my doubts.
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lou: looking into the campaign trail to your hillary clinton speaking on this initiative and proposal i don't hear republican in suggesting or alighting themselves with your view they tend to be oblivious or indifferent or supportive of this proposition. it is time to reevaluate that every trade agreement is good that advance the interests of the american working people but to move space any time. those that have not been sufficient for and we should head in that direction.
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we are not against trade. we can enhance the but the debris can enter into a trade agreement to cost one job improperly as a result of unfair trade practices by our partners is over. we need to defend the american worker in manufacturer. i know see how we can be a great nation without manufacturing and that needs to be analyzed deeply. lou: senator session is always good to have you. thank you for being with us. on that subject beecher to vote for good you believe republicans should brag about their support of the free trade deal that will cost more jobs and lost wages and burden small businesses further?
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the good mounting safety concerns in indianapolis speedway the 99th running of the indy 500 this sunday after indycar driver, look at this crashing his car into the wall today he suffered the upper side injury that required immediate surgery he is the fourth scary crash in less than a week as the practice goes on for the race. carpenter flipped his car as he crashed into the wall yesterday and last wednesday three-time winner went airborne to crash after making contact with sobol then the next day a driver fled after he crashed into the low wall but fortunately neither of these drivers
11:41 pm
cover this is incredible, none of them were seriously hurt. to day they've reduced engine horsepower trying to limit speed the result is another crash. and alabama police officer has another act of heroism. the first on this scene in alabama he noticed the people trapped on the second-floor then leapt to action he could catch for people who jumped from the second-floor window he saved them from certain death and all are in stable condition tonight to. up next terrified passengers running for their lives after a bus driver is stuck in a dangerous place. another major milestone for
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lou: a record day on wall street the dow up 26 points the s&p f6 points and the nasdaq up 30 points finishing with the second highest close ever in volume on the big board with light trading. don't forget to listen to the lou dobbs radio program three times a day on stations all across america. go to and click "listen live" to listen over the web. we will be right back with "lou dobbs tonight". at the weekend box office pitch perfect double the closest competition the closest is $70 million only five times audit earned originally with the opening window -- weekend. mad max debuted in second place and avengers was third place it is now past.7 the top grossing film of the year with domestic box office.
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alley was dragged more than 100 feet on the pavement after her backpack was lodged did the doors of her school bus the driver was older did eliot after a car flag to down the bus driver has been suspended pending investigation but she is recuperating from severe road rash but we are told she is okay. in georgia busts' drivers - - writers nearly avoided death they evacuating just seconds before a freight train collided with the back half of the bus said driver played a traffic jam. it is incredible to stop along the path of the freighter six passengers through the hospital with serious but stable injuries.
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the candidates caught on tape making an inappropriate gesture and jasey puts his wealth to work with anti-police demonstrators. we will take get up next. stay with us. if you're an adult
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lou: loretta sanchez successfully to offend both native americans. para is the california democrat describing a call from a democrat looking to support her senate campaign. the explanation included stereotyping. >> i come from the indian american community. because he said indian american. >> she apologizing it is hard to put yourself out there to do well leaders need to do day in and day out but we make mistakes. joining as tonight with that investigative reporter but
11:53 pm
as the democratic strategist good to have you here. is somebody does say something stupid. >> did is staggering that schaede did not know better prepare she is a public figure how would this be insensitive? i imagine that would be the first thing. >> we're out there every day. but i don't have it in me because it doesn't occur to me. >> does that cost the senate did? >> but with congresswoman
11:54 pm
sanchez that does not help. >> but what is so interesting about this story is the culture of not only where they used to be offended by everything and what they created is fighting them. >> even as i said tonight i she said something offensive she said something insulting is what it is. it is a stupid and insensitive in salt. >> it is poor judgment. lou: we have some examples to show to you with cruz christie foreign policy good judgment or bad? >> i remember when he said
11:55 pm
putin would never take crimea because he knows better. because he would go down the boardwalk with an ice-cream cone? what was that? so covered -- governor christie was dropping his jaws to go as of front-runner to behind donald trump in the polls. lou: they have all of these candidates. deerfield of field is enhanced? >> crystal of not forgiven him for not running last time. lou: let it go. >> but this debate plays out in the republican party the isolationist for kids --
11:56 pm
burkett is -- verses and a hawkish wing and that is getting in the way of smart politics. stephanopoulos not giving his clinton ties and i a little jaded of this. bill clinton went from politics straight into that abc ez pass. food did not know? >> first of four rows of clinton initiative had a lot of corporate people give money but i don't know why he didn't disclose. lou: that is the big deal. >> if he had he would be okay. lou: he really tried to make peter over the kohl's to say it was aggressive, he was
11:57 pm
tossed i'll. >> it was downright brutal. now he put himself in a situation into not disclosed and now not fully in disclosing how deep his involvement was and his credibility is under fire. it would have been honest to be more transparent with the viewers to let them sort it out. lou: jay z supporting anti-police demonstrators to bail them out. >> good for him. i have the of problem with the bail system in general chances are we could make bail if we were arrested. lou: like those bikers' id waco texas. lou: i am not asking you to reform the bail system but his judgment on this cause. what we need our leaders to talk about the real issue
11:58 pm
instead the implication is clearly that he believes the entire police rhetoric and the demonstration. >> i looking at them to be leaders or further their cause? >> i think they have been pretty a good role models for i respect them for that but the frustration is i don't have enough information. if it is the cause good for them. i would like to know who they bailed out because in baltimore there is a case the police were too aggressive. lou: to aggressive? which police? baltimore? which one? >> there was protest about who was being arrested and also i would like to know who he was bailing out or
11:59 pm
who was being violent and destructive. lou: and to count on his financial assistance going forward from all demonstrations. thank you both for being here. a quick look at the online poll results is this an appropriate title for black on black violence? 62 percent said yes we will try to take an appropriate answer for those results. the lack of talent is the biggest break amateurs and though white house. i can't imagine the people in america voting for another bush or clinton white house even after the disaster that is barack obama.
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coming up tomorrow our guest former nato supreme command iradmiral james, good night from new week. "strange inheritance" starts now now. >> a farmer with a unusual hobby, a huge collection. >> anybody that collects 150 tractors buzz that make youic centric? >> he spent a lifetime and a pretty penny amassing it. jamie: a treasure trove of valuable americana or a heard of white elephants. >> dad you are running out of room. where are you going to put them all? jamie: i


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