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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  May 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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aeropostale down about 17% following its earnings. >> the company did project a wider-than-expected loss for the july quarter which includes the start of the critical back to school period. >> watch that stock tomorrow aeropostale. meanwhile "the willis report" starts right now. gerri:y hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis and this is "the willis report" the show where consumers are our business. tonight calls for a full congressional inquiry into the faa after a reporting on the agency's corrupt hiring practices. also, after one of the biggest fund-raising scams in recent memory, we'll expose the tricks used to sucker people by some of the worst charities in america. and takata's exploding air bag is going to take years to get them fixed. what are we all going to do in the meantime? . president obama's policies are failing the economy. hard to believe the white house declared way back in june 2010 that americans would see the
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summer of economic recovery. remember that? we're still waiting. the latest evidence can be found in the housing market. existing home sales unexpectedly dropped in april. here to weigh in steve moore of the heritage foundation and liz harrington. steve start with you. what happened to the housing recovery. i thought we were going great guns here? >> you know, gerri, this is so frustrating isn't it? every time you think the economy is going to turn the corner, we're going to get more rapid growth and i confess i've been fooled by the dead cat bounces myself in the past. we keep thinking, things are going to get better, and every time we get a report like this that is such a downer, and this is the pattern for six years since joe biden promised the summer of recovery. what we're in right now is a rut a rut gerri, 2% growth that is not creating the jobs or the incomes that americans need and that's why half of the
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americans think we're still in a recession. gerri: okay you packed in a lot my friend. let's unpack. that turn to liz and give her a chance. liz we had a bunch of housing initiatives. the president doing all kinds of things to boost ownership in this country. pulling away fees from mortgage loans backed by the fha. all kinds of things done. it's not working. >> right. this is just another sign of the housing market not coming back and as it relates to the entire economy. we have such slow growth, 0.2% in the first quarter. we have 93 million americans out of the labor force. these are all signs of policies that have been in place that are not improving the economy. we still have job growth rate that's keeping up with population. that's not a good recovery. gerri: i'm trying to break this all down and show people definitively topic by topic what's going on here. so, we talked about housing
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seen what's going on with housing not encouraging. you have some of the lowest rates in american history, even now. there's every opportunity to buy, people are not taking it millennials are staying home, they don't have a job, obviously. let's talk about obamacare. we were supposed to fix health care. that was the president's major initiative, and what has happened in the underinsured have doubled to 31 million. how is this possible? steve? >> that's a good question. shoe it possible? we passed this $100 billion a year new entitlement that was supposed to solve the problem. i think people paying more out of pocket is not a bad thing. i think part of the problem is most americans are overinsured for health care and having americans pay more out of pocket is the way to drive down costs. that wasn't the intention of this bill. one of the reasons the out-of-pocket costs are rising is the premiums are so high. supposed to be subsidized for
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people, and a lot of them are turning down obamacare especially young people. gerri: absolutely right. it's too expensive. we had a woman on the show who did not get obamacare or any coverage because it was too expensive for family. her son had surgery she had to pay it herself and negotiated a lower fee. ended up paying less than obamacare because she was able -- >> wow. gerri: it's shocking. liz to you, health care this is another failure. i believe i believe of this administration. what's gone on? the prices are higher. people are getting less coverage. >> the study that came out is a liberal nonprofit that shows 31 million americans are still underinsured which contradicts the major reason why obamacare is passed. we're going to insure everybody. that hasn't happened. the deductibles from this report as well keep going up for people and the premium increases from rate requests from the insurance companies are going to go up more next
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year. upwards of 36% in tennessee, 30% in maryland. all these promises that prices were going to go down, where people would be insured. they haven't panned out under the obamacare law. gerri: you know at the top here, steve, you mentioned that poll about 60% of us believe we're still in a recession. >> unbelievable. gerri: that is astonishing enough. it is six years later now. you look at something simple like food stamps. 2009. 33 1/2 million americans on food stamps. today 35.7. how can this be possible when the recovery is ongoing for years and years and years? >> you don't understand gerri this is a stimulus economy. the more people on food stamps the better. we need more people to get food stamps and everything will be fine. i say that jokingly, democrats like nancy pelosi believe that. there was another report out that have not validated it. it says 100 million americans
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gerri now that are getting some form of food assistance from the united states federal government. that's one out of three americans getting whether it's school lunch program or nutrition programs or wic or food stamps. that's a big problem when you have 100 million people that are depending on taxpayers to put food on the table. gerri: and smaller and smaller group of people paying the taxes. go right ahead liz. >> if i could validate that report for you steve i actually wrote that up. we spent $100 billion last year across 18 federal programs, the biggest is obviously food stamps. the total of all americans getting assistance in these 18 programs is 109 million. that is not a good sign of a growing economy. >> and by the way, i think it's related to why so many -- the big mystery is why are so many people out of workforce when a lot of the employers can't find workers? i think we connect the dots here.
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a lot of people are on the government assistance programs and are not going to make a job that pays $15, $16 an hour, they can get food stamps unemployment assisted housing. we are in an entitlement state mentality. it's hitting young people who aren't working. i have a teenager at home who should be working! he's on the couch right now! gosh! >> that's not our fault steve. i'm just saying. thank you both for coming on appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. gerri: now we wanted to know what you think. here's our question tonight -- log onto and vote. i'll share the results at the end of tonight's show. moving to the flying public. is delta air lines trying to hide info on fares? that's what several discount travel sites like trip advisory are saying. if you want a great deal on a ticket where should you go? founder of travel pulse mark
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murphy. mark, tell me you say this is anti-consumer. what's going on? what's wrong with it? >> so right now, if you want to go search airline fares, you can go to expedia orbitz different sites. what delta is trying to do is take the fare out of secondary and tertiary sites, starting towards this creep where they want to pull fares like southwest has done for years now, out of comparison shopping sites. southwest makes you go to their site to find fares, you're not going to see them in orbitz and other sites. it's part of the strategy. that's what the traveling public should be aware of. they would have to go from airline to airline to airline at some point if this goes on and continues, to find a comparison fare for a flight from atlanta to l.a. for instance. gerri: so lots of shopping will be in order now. why is delta pulling all this
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information from the sites? does it cost money to put it on? >> yes, the transaction costs associated with the websites. typically the gds and they have fees. by taking the transaction directly on the airline site they don't have to worry about that. they cut the costs. ironic because this all started back in the 1990s when the airlines formed a website called oyeah orbitz, isn't it ironic. they formed the expedias of the world just got acquired by expedia and fighting the online travel site. gerri: total 180. i have a dim recollection of this happened before. didn't american and usair drop orbitz. didn't we talk about this last summer? . >> yes, here's the irony, usair and american announced they're merging and a few months later play hardball with orbitz because they wanted to negotiate lower fees for having
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their airfare feature there. orbitz it's a catch-22. you need the inventory to bring the shoppers in. if you don't have it you're not going to get the traffic. we don't know how the negotiation went. my guess is orbitz lowered it a little bit. american came in with usair and you have it here today with delta. i think it's aren't consumer because consumers should be able to buy where they want to buy shop where they want to shop, and that's how it should be. gerri: quickly we have to go. if you have a word of advice for consumers here. >> i would talk to a travel agent. sort through the fares, talk to a travel agent, talk to them. they'll look at southwest and all the other sites, you're not going to spend hours trying to figure out the best route the best connection the best second city and give you techniques i can't mention on the air because we're limited but a cool way to save money on air fare. gerri: there's more and more and more says mark. >> coming to you. gerri: thanks for coming on.
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good to see you. >> thank you, always. gerri: more to come including a warning about new charity scams and our fox business exclusive investigation continues into the trouble that is in the skies. did you see it last night in the shady faa hiring practices for air traffic controllers. next one congressman tells us what, if anything lawmakers are doing? let us know what you think? you can send an e-mail, go to our website, we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ ♪ she can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ ♪ nbcfae. gerri: trouble in the skies, fox business' investigation uncovering disturbing new hiring practices at the faa gaining national attention on the capitol hill today. just hours ago i spoke with republican congressman randy
5:15 pm
hullkren he is cosponsoring the controllers hiring act of 2015. he says the faa is jeopardizing flier safety. >> very concerned what is happening. seen a real change in the last 18 months how the faa is hiring air traffic controllers. with the latest discovery that came out recently. huge questions that have to be answered. we have to have the faa come before congress to answer these questions of cheating that is going on with getting answers to certain groups of people to a biographical questionnaire that has become the gatekeeper of someone becoming an air traffic controller. it no longer is a look at qualifications or education or past history of service. gerri: all right, and on that score i want to detail that, because a lot of people may not have seen our special that aired last night. i want you to listen. this is the biographical -- this is a personality test that people who want to be air traffic controllers these are the things they have to talk about, listen to this.
5:16 pm
>> let me read some of the questions from that test. what has been the major cause of your failures? >> a question that everyone seems to love is question number 21 which they ask -- >> the number of different high school sports i participated in was -- >> and these are multiple choice questions. gerri: why does it matter if they played sports in high school? >> i can't imagine how it would. and there has to be another purpose here. and why would certain people be giving answers to certain groups of people to make sure that they pass it where others can't. we talked to so many people who have gone through education, spent money, have training or served in the military and have proven themselves in difficult circumstances to be trustworthy in important roles and have been excluded from serving because of this biographical questionnaire that is so random and has nothing to do with the work that would be required of them as an air traffic controller. we have questions that need to be answered. need to pass my legislation
5:17 pm
that cosponsors bipartisan cosponsors have joined with us to make sure our skies are safe and we have the best and brightest serving in these important roles. gerri: frank who you work with in the house, says there has to be questions answered doesn't there need to be full-on hearings so that the american people can understand what's going on? >> i hope we ask. i would absolutely support that. we're pushing for that. we have been trying for the last 15 months time after time letter after letter trying to have meetings with the faa, they refuse to respond. this is unacceptable. our skies and their safety are so important that we've got to have answers, the american people need to have answers. i absolutely do support having full hearings whatever it takes to get to the bottom of what's going on here. gerri: fox business has received a written response to the faa, i want to get part of that to you now. this is about the personality test i find so confounding.
5:18 pm
we asked them why they give that test? they said to increase objectivity and select applicants with the highest probability of success. in the faa's rigorous traffic controller training process. does that make sense to you? >> makes no sense to me. there's clearly other reasons they have to answer. this is a convenient response of theirs. i've heard of current very successful air traffic controllers trying to pass the bioquestionnaire and not being able to do it. there's another purpose here, and if that's what they're trying to do why is someone on the inside cheating or allowing someone else to cheat help certain groups be able to pass this when others don't get that help. that's not right. that's not what the nation is about and ultimately not safe. gerri: adding fuel to the fire the allegations of cheating that not only people are chosen in a whimsical way but people
5:19 pm
get the test ahead of time. congressman thank you so much for coming on the show. >> this is important thank you very much. gerri: breaking new developments tonight. fox business' adam shapiro joins us live with the latest in his exclusive investigation. adam it's not just hult gren looking into, this right? >> the champion of the cti students for several months. he introduced a bill last year but introduced the legislation you were talking about to help them. but what's key is frank who you mentioned and the congressman mentioned, he's the chairman of the aviation subcommittee that oversees the faa, the chairman spoke to fox business and said -- and we asked about the cheating, and he said --
5:20 pm
that's the question we have been asking different players in the story since january. we've asked the nbcfae the organization that the man who's tied to the cheating belongs to. we've asked them to talk about all this since january. they won't. the faa refused. other news organizations are calling. the faa refuses to answer questions. gerri: even now? >> even now. gerri: even today after all of your reporting. what is remarkable as complicated as the story may seem, it boils down to two. why did you throw away 3,000 students? why did you do that? and the second thing is were these people cheating? the people we accuse of cheating never denied it. they said don't ask me questions don't call us they don't deny the cheating. if you didn't do it, say you didn't do it. they said reporters can not contact us, no comment. no comment. and the fact is it's more than just this man, and that's what they're afraid of coming out,
5:21 pm
and there needs to be perhaps either congressional hearings or someone needs to be put under oath. gerri: got to have hearings. >> i think the story needs to get out even more. you've had a big impact with. this the american public needs to know. tell me, is there even more here to be reported? >> there is in regards to the nbcfae. you met matthew douglas. gerri: what a lovely man. >> got 100 on the old test. had a 4.0 in college curriculum. native american someone you would think would be a diverse candidate for all of. this he's also a member of the nbcfae. it's important that you know he's never spoken publicly in our report or otherwise about the nbcfae or shelton snow. never said a word about him. he's a member of the organization and the organization sent a letter because they saw him on our report yesterday and said this in e-mail. it comes from the head of the nbcfae national membership chair and she says i'm trying to verify that you are who you
5:22 pm
say you are, there's a certain individual with the same name as you belittling nbcfae. you can send me a photo and tell me when you met shelton snow? did you have him down as your recruiter? what the nbcfae should be doing is responding to the allegation that they were cheating. they don't deny it. gerri: instead they are harassing their own. >> a 26-year-old kid trying to do the right thing and they don't respond. and yes, we are saying to the nbcfae, you cheated and you don't deny it. gerri: there's going to be more on this my friend. this ain't over by a long shot. you've done a great job on this. thank you so much for doing this on this show. i appreciate it. all right, there will be continued coverage of trouble in the skies. go to, great place to go if you want more information video of what people are saying, it's all there. in the meantime the manhunt is on for the suspect in the washington mansion
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you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> it is the charity crack down everybody is talking about. a tennessee family accused of using cancer charities to con donors out of $190 million from 2008 to 2012. but . >> and this sham and other scams, why were they able to be successful in this donation, and the ceo of greater good associates, welcome back to the show. >> thank you . >> this particular thing is a scam, and i want you to sound off about it. it's appalling. went on for 28 years. how is that possible?
5:27 pm
>> i think part of it is because the government has very little efficacy and ability to deal with these and things the tools they have with them when they do go off a of them are pathetic, and have made supposed to get 50 states together and the result is path equity as far as the individuals involved. ski outings gym membership, dating services, college tuitions, i mean this is just disgusting -- >> i read today that they raised money saying they were going to take cancer kids to disney, and they went themselves instead. i mean what's going on here is unbelievable. how much are they being fined? how much did they race and how much are they being fined. >> we're talking almost $190 million. now, the money that's supposedly left in the charity is going to go to other charities. but the issue is the people involved 75,000 was the biggest payout, 66,000 for the second person, the third is paying nothing . >> so you're saying that's
5:28 pm
their fine. >> yeah. that's pathetic, they were getting certainly six figure salaries and all these other perks, and this is how much they have to pay back? and that's as far as we go with this historic and unprecedented government -- >> i don't understand -- forget the government for a minute. how did other people not know that their money was going to the right thing. >> well, unfortunately there's trust and people give their trust when they believe in a cause. >> cancer. >> right. and when it comes to cancer, especially when it comes to cancer, the american public is so generous and so -- just impulsive gives when they hear these stories. 1% of the money ended up going into the hands . >> what should that be ideal? >> well, we would like to see more than 75% typically, and this is so far from that . >> and the other things that happen a lot with some of the bad charities, and there are bad charities so you don't have enough money going to the
5:29 pm
cause itself, tell marketers sucked up a lot; right? >> yeah. >> what else? what can we learn from this. >> well, the bottom line is don't assume all charities are created equal. because the charity has been the name cancer in it, all four of these have that, you've got to do some research like the charity navigator and if they don't rate the charities, you've got to do some research, finance governments, and results. you've got to check it out. and the best tng is if it's local, go and see them to make sure that they're real and you don't have the son the ex-wife, and the husband, and the this and that making money off of people's backs . >> that is so sad. >> yeah. this one -- >> thanks for coming on. you did a great job explaining what the issue was. now we know how to check out those charities. i just want to mention there is a list of charities
5:30 pm
americas worst charities if you want to find. i think we've got a full screen here as the first batch of her e-mails are released, we're live from dc. coming up
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5:34 pm
the city. the officers are scheduled to be arraigned on july 2nd. police believe the suspect in a murder of a wealthy washington d.c. family and their housekeeper is in brooklyn. the suspect may have worked for the father's company american iron works in the past. president obama trade agenda has cleared a policy hurdle in the senate. it would allow obama to have trade deals that obama could neither accept or reject or change. and some liquidators an investigation over flooring in china. the suspect suspended the sale from all lamb gnat flooring in china after an investigation was launched. and those are some of the stories in the news tonight. it looks like more trouble hilary clinton. new revelations are being revealed about her personal e-mail account during her time as secretary of state. details already being leaked
5:35 pm
as like that state department said to release the first batch of those e-mails. fox business very own blake joins me now from dc with the very latest. black. >> hi, gerri "the new york times" just posted on their we can say about 300 of what it says are the first batch of e-mails. september 13th 2012, one of the e-mails posted shows hilary clinton received a memo from her friend and former city driers be which said she had high level sources who systemed the attack on benghazi was a planned assault carried out by 21 terrorists. however, we've gone back and looked at clinton's statements the very next day of the four dead americans clinton did not speak on the possibility of a planned terrorist raid, but did mention the antimuslim video, the obama administration pinned as the catalyst for the attack. and the times reports many of the e-mails were sensitive but
5:36 pm
unclassified. the state department would not confirm the e-mails today but did lay out the general guidelines for giving sensitive information. listen here. >> employees may from time to time use their judgment to send information over nonsbu system. i would also note that there's a difference from sending and receiving it as well . >> now, we can tell you that the committee tends to depose her, and we're told that that will happen in the near future. one member of the committee made it very clear earlier today, gerri, he is not too pleased with the process here. he took to the floor of the how is this afternoon and railed against the state department. >> first we moved a foot. then we moved a yard. and now we've moved our position one mile. but the state department is not budged one inch. >> now, his point there
5:37 pm
gerri, was the agency needs to speed up the release of the clinton e-mails, which really carry into the tens of thousands. the benghazi subset subsidy to be just a hundreds or so. gerri. >> jeez. has the sedate department given my hints on when they will release these e-mails? >> yeah. the benghazi e-mails, the sedate department would not verify, however their spokesperson says a release of the e-mails the committee has received the benghazi committee would happen quote very, very soon. that's all they would say as of now gerri. >> that's not really definitive, is it. blake, thank you with that. >> thank you . >> and with when we come back we're looking out for you and your money, and your financial advisor, are you too plate to play the bull market and now millions and millions of cars are being recalled, what should you expect when you take your car in to get fixed?
5:38 pm
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the 2015 dream machines, from mercedes-benz. today's icons. tomorrow's legends. visit the dream machine event today for up to $3,500 towards purchase. >> on tuesday japanese air bag maker takata finally admitting near 34 million vehicles are defected with exploding airbags, which have been connected to six deaths and more than 100 injuries. with this recall, the largest in u.s. history, how long will these take. with my now sean, sean, welcome back to the show. you know, you had an interesting analysis of how all this came down. this isn't just one defective part. what went wrong? >> you know, this is an interesting problem because it isn't one defect, it's a multitude of defects. we've got manufacturing
5:42 pm
materials, and design problems that are contribute to this, and that's not unlike other problems that we have these large-scale and it is a big crisis . >> you know, at 34 millionaire bags that's a bigger consumer product recall than tylenol in 1982. i mean it's almost unimaginable how much work has to be done. that's one in seven cars on the road of the 250 million on the road. how long is this going to take? >> well, you know, i think even with the stepped up recall that they're doing now in bringing other manufacturers to do replacement parts we're still looking at in excess a year probably closer to two in completion to get all the parts available. so no, matter how look at this, you know, consumers are left holding the bag. they've got a defective car that they can't even get fixed if they wanted to . >> well, that's my next question. so if you have one of these cars, first of all it's not easy to to have had out if you're even driving a car with takata airbags you call your dealer. are they going to have the
5:43 pm
right information? >> you know, probably the best way to do this right now is use the vin look up tool on the website but also each of the manufacturers has their own lookup, which is where it draws its data from anywhere. softball the lookup tool with the vin that's your best bet and keep doing it for the next couple of weeks until you're sure. >> wow. >> the other thing that's important, though, remember last year we had an excess of 60 million cars recalled alone, a lot of folks don't realize their car is recalled for other matters . >> so that vin is the vehicle identification number, it's up on the dash or on the door right by the windscreen, safer is the website but you know, look, it's not acceptable that you have to wait a year to get this thing fix. should web asking dealers to disconnect the air bag? >> you know, i don't think that's a great idea. you know the problem here, though, is if you step it back
5:44 pm
i mean the reason why we're in this crisis today is a failure of the manufactures who deal with the problem when they knew about it. this issue goes back to 2004, the very first recall started in 2004, and it was a trickle out of what we call a rolling recall. and, unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of enforcement from the government. they weren't looking over these problems. they had an opportunity to investigate in 2009, and it took the word of the manufacturers and it was all done. that's where the problem stems. now that we have a stronger cop on the beat, it's very likely we're going to see more recalls step up at a quicker pace. that's what needs to happen. but in the interim we're dealing with a problem here that consumers are going to be stuck with for years . >> got to get it fixed as fast as possible. sean, thank you for coming on the show tonight; right? grate job. >> thank you . >> well, from a car to the wallet; right? is the bull market finally losing some stem? today the market pushed the dow to 2, and the s&p 500 closed a point above its last
5:45 pm
closing high with a above average trading volume suggests that trying are just not that enthusiastic, so is a correction coming and how is your money and it's great to have you here, david. >> great to see you . >> i know you're not a market time, but lots of people out there have waited to put money into this market and they're excited about the fact that it maybe strong. >> that's right. >> and they may be jumping in at this moment. what douse to them. >> well, hopefully they're not jumping if, and i've been coming on your show for five years telling people long term investing diversify ports, did he just say that again? but it's what works and the fact that these last longer than what people expect. it lasts on average 5 1/2 years . >> we're i don't understand
5:46 pm
that. >> well, we are but markets when they have a correction, those bear markets go down an average of 20%. they're short-term. in fact, the average bear market is less than 17 months. 15 months on average . >> you mean for a very long one, though. >> right. >> and that's why so many people have sat this out. back to my question. i want you to answer my question, which is if you're somebody who has had your money on the sidelines and you finally chosen now is the time to get in, is that the right thing to do. >> it all depends on what you're getting into. from cash all 100% stocks would be foolish any time . >> but is there something that makes since. >> sitting down with your football financial planner and look at the portfolios, we have 19 asset classes divided in 40 guns, 7,000 positions. we're not trying to time the market. we're not trying to predict which is going to go up . >> i think it's a fools game to try to predict the market. >> it doesn't work . >> but i want to discussed. sit back because we've got a
5:47 pm
lot of news; right? we've got an aging bull market, it's climbed through all of those. the federal reverse may come in and raise rates this fall, when that happens, what is going to be the psychology of investors and what should then doing will be the has been we've been talking about raising rates now for seven years. >> i know. >> so we just found out we're got an raise rates, we think it's at the end of the year to next year when rates start to go up. we -- the bond prices to come down because they also do and the market pulls back slightly. the key here is balancing those portfolios, especially zero coupon bonds,. >> listen to this. this is the important part right here. this is not what he says all the time. so tell me, again. bond portfolio. what's the smart thing to do. >> you've got to be taken the duration from a long term to short-term bond portfolio . >> what did you mean by
5:48 pm
short-term? >> less than five years, long term is anything over 10, 15, 20 years, but really reducing the exposure of a long term -- and anything that is junky. >> high yield. >> anything that you've really gone out and reached for that yield because you're trying to get that yield in a mark where the interest rates are so low. those will be the portfolios that get hit the hardest. so it's really taking advantage and protecting portfolios because rates will come up. the question won't be when they come up. it will be how many times did they come up off the first rate increase. and that's what we all be waiting for after we see that . >> no kidding and that's going to be the big question. people aren't even thinking about that. i've got to go call my advisory. i'll be right back. >> great to see you. >> so good to see you. most welcome. and the most watched motor sport in the country indy car raising with what finds itself in the need of a tune-up. ♪
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>> what has happened to indycar racing? it used to be one of the most watched motor sports, but now falling behind nascar in popularity and viewership. but car racers are trying to change that. fox business' jeff joins us now from the indianapolis motor speedway with some of the changes coming. >> i tell you gerri, right here along pit row, this is where a lot of the drivers will come and make their pit stop, including one guy we talked to earlier today. stage,est youngster driver on the indy circuit. he says he is the future of indycar racing.
5:53 pm
this of course different from nascar, and i asked why did he choose indy cars with all the old history versus nascar, which is now a little bit more popular. here's what he said. >> the appeal of the car the speed, the adrenaline, came to my first race when i was eight years old, and it happened to be the indianapolis 500, and from that time on, i loved open wheel, and i want to fall in those footsteps. >> it could be the future. i tell you but there's plenty of history here. this is the largest sporting venue, gerri, in the world as you know. and they used to call it the brick yard. take a look at i think laurie is able to get a shot out there of what is left of the brick yard. it is one yard of before this accident. i talked to aj today, when he was asked -- well, what was it like running here when is the first time was all before this accident? and he said if you had any fillings in your teeth, pretty good. now these cars travel faster than any of the nascar
5:54 pm
vehicles, some of these cars get up to 230 miles per hour. it is extraordinary to see them fly by. they're done running today but it's going to be a hell of a race on sunday. >> jeff, thank you for that. and now we want to hear from you. guess what a quarter of americans under insured home sale slipping, even the fed isn't optimistic. have obama's policies failed? here's what some of you are posting on facebook. eddie writes this. the insurance increases since obamacare is putting small businesses out of business. and dennis says wait. has he led congress to pass a single budget since he was president? very funny. in addition to following me on twitter and faq sure to like fox business on facebook. and here's are some of your e-mails on deflate gate. jarrold from oregon writes i'm a seahawks fan but if anybody
5:55 pm
believes a pro quarterback like tom brady is hampered, they must be a soccer fan. and i'm not a brady fan but it's based on the deposition, not the preponderance of the evidence in the end it's the nfl's own fault because of shotty regulations. and brady apparently knew his balls were being deflated and did not disclose this to officials. if the officials would have done their job to make shyou are that they were properly inflated, this wouldn't have happened. we love hearing from you. send me an e-mail. and these to we'll be right back with the answer to our question of the day. have obama's economic policies failed? stay with us
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
>> the economy moving along in a snail's pace with home sales slipping last month. so much for the back home. and have back home's economic policies failed? that's the question we asked
5:59 pm
on gerri be sure to log onto for a online question every weekday. and finally this hour it is the end of an era david letterman has signed off the host of cbs late show, he kicked off his retirement last night with the help of four presidents and a top ten list featuring, well, pretty a list celebrities. last night's show ran 17 minutes over. letterman spent 33 years hosting late night on both cbs and nbc and more than 6,000 shows. think about that. if you watch the farewell show, you were among the merely 14 million viewers and according to nielson, it was his biggest audience in nearly 21 years. look at that. the time-wise nobody. the new york post reporting today that the letterman set is already in a cbs dumpster believe it or not. and that's it for tonight any willis report.
6:00 pm
thanks for joining us and don't forget to dvr the show. making money with charles payne is up next. we will see you tomorrow. >> i'm charles, and you're watching making money. you know and not knowing how to control itself forget it's ferrousity and it will go asleep in her lap and thus the hunters take it. now, today the unicorn is the hunter and the hunted are you suckers that lined up to pay too much for the stocks when had go public. that's right. unicorns are mythical horses, but today they're also private startups worth $1 billion or more. and i've got to say being worth a lot of money on paper is great monetizing it is


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