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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 22, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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near calient, nevada. (?) i want to bring in my colleague liz claman. she'll keep you updated on all the breaking news and all that's happening. liz. liz: there's a lot, cheryl. accidents or accidentally on purpose? the most powerful woman in finance drops bombshells before a tiny chamber of commerce that gives strong hints about the economy and when we might see a rate hike. is the timing and location a little suspicious or at least questionable? next time someone asks you to pick up eggs, better have a credit card handy. egg prices are shattering ceilings. moving higher. a time-honored tradition of honoring our sailors is back. the brave men and women who protect our freedom and ask them how powerful are the dollars in their wallets as they sail the world. this is its first win in
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five weeks. last hour of trading. before you leave for the holiday. stay with me. let's start the "countdown." ♪ liz: we begin with breaking news. the floodgates of emailgate have started to open. hillary clinton's emails are slowly getting released. and take a look. here is at least one of them. this was regarding patrick kennedy's discussion with a group of people about the benghazi attack in libya back in 2012. and this was her response. so this was what at least some of the emails look like. did we survive the day? and jacob as yo sullivan said, survive yes. pat helped set things right tonight. we'll see how things are in the morning. here's her response. >> the fact that we have released all of them that have any government relationship whatsoever, in fact, the vast majority of those
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anyway -- they went to our dot-gov account. i'm aware that the fbi has asked that a portion of one email be held back. that happens in the process of freedom of information. but that doesn't change the fact that all of the information in the emails were handled appropriately. liz: 296 emails released. as we go through them, if we find more that are important, we'll bring them to you. pages on libya. another people that people are paying close attention to is janet yellen. head of the federal reserve. spoke in front of a tiny states chamber of commerce. providence rhode island. take a look at this. april 2nd, 2015. remember, easter was 25th. she talked about the ideas on strengthening families and communities
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and the economy. any time she gets out there, she'll be asked a lot of questions. july 2nd, 2 days before the fourth of july holiday, she speaks at a lecture for the imf. then we have april 2nd, 3 days before easter, that was 2015, a year later. gives a big speech. again, once she starts talking and anybody there that might ask a question, it could move the markets. today, would you argue that the markets didn't move much, because even though she said that we will see a rate tightening this year, we're on track for that, nothing happened with the markets because not a lot of people heard her. the dow strengthened a tiny bit. yellen said we'll proceed cautiously with rate hikes. let's bring in the traders. guys, let's face it, not much new here. no matter what she said, it can move markets. the timing very interesting at best. suspicious at worst. right before holiday weekend. >> hi, liz. well, a little suspicious maybe.
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i wouldn't make too much of it. i think what really moved markets today was earlier in the morning the consumer price index, probably the most watched gauge of prices, the core cpi portion of that was up three tenths of a percentage point. (?) it's the biggest increase in four years, liz. and i think that should make yellen happy. she says in her speech she wants to be confident that inflation is going to head back towards 2% on a year on year rate. nothing could make you more confident than that in my opinion than core cpi heading back towards 2%. that's the key for us. >> when janet yellen started to speak, and i always make a notation of these things, the dow was down 34 points. now down 16. even though she said what the market usually hates: hey, you know what, we're on track to see a rate hike. then you pair it with jeff talked about. that was a number. the cpi gives us a
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number at the core level. shouldn't the market have been freaked out? what are the markets thinking? >> i think exactly what you said earlier, which is the timing of it. it's really just a quiet day. you mentioned some of the market pa participants have checked out. it's responsible. today when it will be a quieter day, it can be absorbed over the long weekend. not a lot going on. cpi numbers came out as mentioned earlier. it was overall a pretty quiet day. everything is on track what people are thinking. rates will be raised at some point this year. she will be slow to raise them further in 2016. >> right. and i think you make an excellent point. while we are on track, we will proceed cautiously. she said. jeff, you are watching what everybody is looking at if they're hitting the roads. that is oil. oil prices ahead of the weekend. give us a sense of what was going on both with gasoline and west texas
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intermediate. >> today turned out to be a retracement day of sorts. mainly the dollar a little bit strong. made us back off a little bit. something yoas you said, we're g into driving season. (?) the most crucial thing will be the inventory numbers. that will give us an idea of how this driving season will shape up. one weekend does not make a whole season, it gives us some sort of an idea of how many people are on the road, the kind of consumption we have. as gasoline goes up, so does our market. a little bit on the upside. sorry to say that to all us. gas up early. i think it will see a few more cents on the upside in the coming weeks. >> i'm the queen of topping off. i'm adding in there. down one quarter. quest diagnostics which is on the lower part of our screen, it's spiked -- there was a tweet. again, these things happen on fridays right before holidays. pretty interesting. it involved a possible
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takeover. that caused a spike. tell us what else you guys are watching on the floor of the cme. >> well, i think we'll watch and see what happens sunday night. they will turn the electronic trade on sunday night. liz: tell our viewers what that means. >> well, people will have access if they want to, if they're worried -- they decided they didn't like what chairman yellen said, they will have a chance to helen. so thehedge. they can either get long or short. that electronic market is a safety valve. if someone went home this weekend, they were long a lot of stocks, now they're worried, oh, my goodness, there might be a protection. this will come here and protect themselves with a hedge. sunday night trading will be interesting. even though the people won't be on the floor again until tuesday, we'll have electronic trades. we'll watch that. it was a day when people weren't here. what the other guy said was correct. a lot of people already gone for the weekend. sunday night will be key. >> my point exactly that
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sunday night and, of course, monday, the markets are closed, they missed. maybe they were 1 foot out the door what janet yellen said tuesday. what do you expect with the trading action then? >> liz, i think the risk that we see is probably a little bit higher interest rates here. bond investors, when i talk to bond investors, they've been very complacent. they've said to me, well, there's no inflation. liz, that is actually not true. we're seeing about 1.8% core cpi. year on year. that's very close to the fed's 2% inflation target. (?) >> ten-year yield at the moment 2.2%. thirty year yield 2.98. >> the move with five basis points from two year yields. (?) fifty-seven basis points up to about 62 basis points. we did see -- a little bit of a market reaction in the bond space this morning. expect that to continue
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over the summer months, liz. i think the low inflation that we've been talking about so many times on this show, that might be behind us. we might see some upward pressure to inflation as we go forward. >> that's what the fed wants to see. a little bit of price action when it comes to inflation. have a safe and happy and healthy memorial. thank you so much. >> good to see you, liz. >> we were talking about gasoline prices. they're on the rise. will people still hit the road in the numbers we were expecting. jeff flock is on the road by chicago. hi, jeff, what does it look like out there? jeff: i tell you, they're already out. maybe you see the live picture. not a pretty sight out here. kind of a parking lot. you know, there's two ways you look at these gas prices. if you look at this compared to history, the prices are pretty good. i mean, we're at 2.75 for national average. that's a lot better than the last couple of memorial days. then, again, if you look
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at what they've done over the last couple of months, 33 out of the past 35 days that we've had an increase. breaking out the cpi numbers on gasoline, i'll tell you, real break for consumers. >> we can still hear here. go ahead. and maybe we can show traffic. okay. i think we got you back. jeff: okay. good. yeah, we're rolling down. we switched over to route 290. as i said, it's turned into a parking lot. as you look at as i said those memorial day cpi comparisons. gasoline a big break. dining out, cost of that, that's gone up a little bit. cars and clothes, those are fairly unchanged. so the big break for consumers is gasoline. the bad break is that a lot of people are using it and burning it right now. it is not a pretty scene already. memorial travel, liz. liz: i can't believe you're stuck in that traffic. that's when you wish we had the flying cars. jeff: good times.
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liz: good times. on a a friday. [laughter] jeff and i worked local news for a long time. we're used to this stuff on fridays. thank you so much, jeff. closing bell, 49 minutes away. the largest bird flu outbreak in us history continues to spread. what is the real affect effect that we're now seeing after 39 million birds have been wiped out? how will this impact your wallet this summer? it's starting already. the ceo of dixie eggs. one of the largest egg brands in the u.s. family started business. many decades old. we'll hear. just as memorial weekend starts. look at this majestic pictures. we decided to take to the streets to run up to those visiting sailors and see what they're most excited about this weekend. but also, how the dollar has impacted their wallets as they sail the world. wait until you hear what they had to say. you'll hear all this coming up.
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stamps. those are the two big tax products. we need to fix. i don't know when we'll get the government to get in there and find the cheaters. if he were to bring that 27% number down, that's what warren buffett is talking about in his op-ed in the wall street journal today. he's a pretty interesting company. liz: have you seen the op-ed? it is inches and inches long. they gave warren buffett a lot of real estate in the journal today to say that instead of raising the minimum wage which would actually cause the nation to lose jobs, we should improve and expand the earned income tax credit, which is basically a credit for lower income or middle income families and individuals with children. and it actually graduates, meaning it becomes bigger and bigger as people goes back to work. stuart doesn't like it. he believes there's too much fraud. there is. ronald reagan loved the
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earned income tax credit too. buffett and reagan on the same page. we're about 44 minutes away from the closing bell. look at the markets right now. it's not where they are now. it's where they were. we have a slight ding with the nasdaq. let's look at a winner today. shares of intuit up 2.7%. this is a new all-time high today. you know this company, they're the maker of quickbooks and quicken. they reported earnings after the bell beating analyst expectations. we have a big loser as well. teen retailer arrow postal. big hair cut after failing to impress. (?) it reported a weaker than expected sales for the first quarter. those are two on the move. we need to tell you this. not good news. breakfast may become the most expensive meal of your day. price of wholesale eggs sold at grocery stores are on the rise. no shocker.
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we have 10% of the egg laying flock dead or exterminated due to the avian flu. the cost of eliminating the flu is mounting. we thought, let's get one of these producers. jacques is dixie's ceo. jacques, exorbitant prices right now. how are you being affected? >> liz, we're very concerned obviously about the avian flu. and we're -- we've got i guess if you were going through an airport and it was high alert, that's what we have at our farms. we have tightened on all the bio security measures. no unnecessary vehicles on the farm. everything has to be disinfected. we're on very high alert. and, i mean, that's the main thing that we're all focused on is keeping our farms safe and disease-free. >> i know. it's almost like you want to put a plastic
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bubble over the whole farm. you can't do that. have you been hearing anecdotal evidence of friends in the business who have gone under? >> i don't know that they've gone under. i'd like to commend the usda for their help in quarantining these farms and doing the right thing and helping egg producers manage this situation. you know, as farming and egg farming industry goes, we're a pretty tight knit group. we're trying to help each other through this disaster. >> you just don't exterminate 39 million birds. not to mention 32 million of them egg laying hens and not expect to see the prices rise. how high could these prices go? >> that's a good question. i would liken it to many commodities. you were talking about gas going up due to demand. >> obviously we've seen a huge increase just due to the supply being so
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short. most of the supply is coming from the breaker channel, which a lot of the farms that were infected were in-line breaking operations. >> oh, i see. broken eggs. you gather that and sell it to bakeries. >> correct. liquid egg products. those folks are being affected the soonest. but, you know, you're going to see price increases at retail. but i will tell you that even at $3 a dozen, that's only 25 cents an egg. so i'm a big proponent of our industry. egg consummation is 260 eggs per person. eggs are back in a lot of ways. we're just trying to deal with this influenza crisis and manage the supply side. >> jacques, we love protein. i think it's great for my kids. the average individual, i'm wondering, how long does it take to bring
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back 32 million hens? (?) they're the egg layers. it seems like we're years into the future where we'll have to see the ramification. >> it's very likely it will take some time to get those farms cleaned up and repopulated. you know, there's been a lot of numbers that have been thrown out. but i don't think anybody really knows. we know what it takes to raise a bird. to be an egg layer. you don't get your first egg until she's 18 or 20 weeks. we know we have some time -- and we have to hatch those eggs into baby chicks. so there's a lot of opportunity that is about to happen. and i would just say that, you know, the egg industry is helping all these farmers. liz: yeah. >> and trying to support their needs. liz: well, i bet your dad jacob who founded the company would be proud. family owned company. jacques of dixie egg company.
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thirty-nine minutes away from the closing bell. fleet week. let's show you. back in new york city. just in time for memorial day. so we sought out some visiting sailors on the streets of new york city. we asked them. tell us how a strong dollar is impacting your wallet when you guys travel around the world. wait until you hear. major problems hitting the nasdaq. what about the future leadership? charlie gasparino breaks the news even on a holiday friday. he's coming down here. stay tuned. dow jones industrials is down 11 points. ♪
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>> breaking news, 34 minutes left before the closing bell rings. guess what, the s&p 500, just turned negative after having been positive for a few minutes. the bulls are fighting with the bears right here on the flatline. we're only a few hours away from enjoying our
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memorial day weekend and honoring those soldiers who gave the biggest sacrifices. but we thought, let's get out there. let's talk to some of these people in new york city. the sailors are in town. we have the honor hosting fleet week. sailors are on dry land. enjoying what the city has to offer. let's head to times square and ask the sailors what their plans are for the weekend. what are they spending money on? what are they excited about? the food? here's what they said. >> we'll leave here soon. we're walking around. getting is you'vsouvenirs. pizza. a lot of stores we don't have in maryland. mainly clothes and food. food is probably the bigger one. the shopping woul dubai. they go all out there. >> we're here to help out with the navy and represent the united states navy. you know, definitely
3:28 pm
i've taken advantage of all the food places to eat. >> coffee. yeah. >> i bought this letter thing once when i was in bahrain, and we were able to -- it like stores the letters. you can stick letters, little notes in there. it was kind of cool. something unique to that area. something we weren't used to seeing. so i was able to bring that in. i still have it till this day. it's great. we'll check out central park. never been here before. oakley has a cool discount. that's where we came from. we went to benz. randomly walked in there. they were really cool. when you go on deployment, you have to bring your uniform. you're not thinking about what you'll do when you go on labor day. you think, oh, this place has clothes that i'm familiar with. so you go there. >> at least their dollar is stronger. first week in five that the greenback is going higher than the euro.
3:29 pm
at this time when we hope to honor not just have barbecues, but honor those who have given their lives, please visit a site that is near to my heart. building homes for heroes. we build mortgage-free homes for the most severely disabled of our troops who are coming back from iraq and afghanistan. building homes for heroes. i don't care if you find change in the sofa cushion, we'll take anything. let's turn to the nasdaq. big trouble hitting the nasdaq. nothing to do with the nasdaq shares. trouble? charlie: i feel like i do this story once every three years involving bob, whether he'll stay or go. we should point this out. i think bob is a very good ceo. they've made some mistakes. but he's come back. the nasdaq is running pretty good these days following that little mishap he had a couple of years ago, regarding i guess the feed went down.
3:30 pm
here's what we know now. inside the nasdaq, there's a lot of talk about pushing bob greifeld to appoint a sort of firm succession plan. he has two presidents. one came from the carlyle group. liz: i thought she would be the one. charlie: we don't know. bob greifeld has two years left on his five-year contract. the board is itching for a firm secession plan. the betting is that some point in the next year -- (?) it's unclear whether he'll go beyond the next contract, that there will be within the next year, a firm secession plan. the betting is that she gets that number two position, solely. that's what's going on. this isn't a story that pops up a lot at nasdaq. bob greifeld resisted
3:31 pm
having a firm secession. someone he names as his number two. it looks like the board is saying, you have to do something soon. we'll see what happens. if idina friedman does get the job, she would definitely be the highest ranking woman on wall street running the nasdaq. the first woman ever to run a major stock exchange. it would be idina friedman. (?) >> how has the nasdaq performed over the past year? >> it's done better. can we get a stock chart, please? there you go. liz: ask and you shall receive. >> the market itself has been doing great. liz: yeah. but, i mean, he's managed this well. charlie: he's done some good stuff. and coming back from losing some major stuff, some problems with ipos, you know, i think it was -- was it the facebook ipo? >> they didn't get facebook or twitter. >> their technology screwed up on the
3:32 pm
facebook ipo. the system locked up. couldn't get a quote on the nasdaq. he's taken the place back. he even knows how to run a business. bob say good businessman. if i was to bet, he will probably get another contract. i think what he'll have to do is appoint a clear number two, and that clear number two, that will be the secession plan. it will be the next contract and he's done. liz: charlie, thank you very much. charlie gasparino. charlie: did you finish my playboy article? liz: i have to purchase it because i want to show my support of you. charlie is in playboy. you have to check it out. charlie: most people don't look at porn from the magazines anymore i've read. it's all online. did you know that? >> do you have that stuff on paper? charlie: all the camera guys are laughing because they know. they know how they consume their porn. liz: anybody? oh, you porn. is that what you said?
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charlie: what is youporn? >> oh, like you don't know. charlie: what is playboy? >> my crew loves this. (?) from gene munster conceding on apple tv. he thought it would happen. but it did not. giving us insider details about the golf tournament coming up showing the u.s. open. quite a week for "countdown" for the closing bell. here's what's worth repeating. >> this is all about the individual taking care of their own health and wellness. this is not about sharing the data. and if they want to participate in studies or be able to look at other information for people within their demographic, they'll be able to participate, but it will be on a voluntary basis. >> it's currently she woulshelved, as far as guys like me who has been a huge believer in this, it's a difficult day today. >> the announcers, i mean, the voices that you hear, the first thing that lets you know
3:34 pm
that it's different. so we have joe and greg norman. doesn't get much cooler than that. >> classics. right? >> then we've invested a lot in new technology. new ways to kind of look at the game a little bit. and probably take you inside of things that you don't normally see on television as it relates to golf. >> those designations of individual banks whose collapse could bring down the entire economy, to say we're going to move that from 50 billion up to 500 billion i think makes good sense. liz: and that's what's worth repeating. twenty-six minutes before the closing bell rings. looking for something to read on the beach this holiday weekend? how about 300 emails from hillary clinton? we have more on the latest round of emails that have just been made public. what's in them? that's next. and computer users, be aware, a new cyber bug allowing hackers to tap
3:35 pm
into one out of ten supposedly secure websites. thithis has just been discovered. we have the chief technology officer on month zillah how they're stepping up their game and making hacking a lot more difficult. stay tuned. ♪
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>> breaking news. here's why you can't leave for your holiday just yet. you might see a record close for the nasdaq. 5092 .08 for those of you in the car. but thank you. listening to fox business on xm serious 113. (?) 5098.12. will we see a record? about 20 minutes before we'll find out. time for your "countdown" news flash. the state department as
3:40 pm
we mentioned as released emails it says former secretary of state hillary clinton sent and received in the aftermath of the september 2012 attacks in benghazi libya where four americans died. the department made public nearly 300 emails from secretary clinton's office. the emails are part of a larger trove of 55,000 pages that she turned over to the state department since leaving office. rising fuel prices ahead of the holiday weekend, apparently not deterring travelers. the average price of a gallon of unlet the gas unleades is up nearly -- the average is $2.70. that's not that bad. more than 33 million travelers expected to hit the roads this weekend. the highest in ten years. up 5.3% from last year. one destination you might want to avoid, the eiffel tower. the tourist magnet was closed for the public
3:41 pm
for most of the day today as workers protested aggressive gangs of pickpockets around the landmark. you have to be so careful anywhere in paris. they will snatch your wallet. the tower did open. no details given about increasing security. when you go on websites and see the padlock icon that's supposed to mean you're safe on your browser. okay, it does not. one in ten websites have been infected by a bug called logjam. the bug makes it easy for hackers to see exactly what you're doing on the internet and even breach the information you share on your emails. here's the scariest part. your information could have already been hacked even without your knowledge. internet browser makers are fixing the issue. mozilla ceo is telling us how you can stay
3:42 pm
safe. one in ten have been infected. we don't even know it? >> yeah, that is correct. this is vulnerability called logjam that became publicly known ten days has existed for somquite some time. what this means, people could possibly read the communications you do with one in ten sites out there. everything from possibly seeing your email or some other personal information such as your banking records. >> okay this is very disturbing. >> we know how to fix this. all the browser inventors are quickly releasing an update to their browsers. in the next couple of days, we have an update that protects our users. >> the software engineers will be working overtime on a holiday weekend to fix this. what has been comprised? emails? what else? my credit card information?
3:43 pm
my pin? >> unfortunately, it's very broad what can possibly affect -- one in ten websites are currently susceptible to this program. online connectivity is a big part of our life. there's a wide range of things that can be affected by this. anything from emails. bank information. all the things that you exchange online with websites. (?) the good news is we'll very quickly fix the vulnerability by updating the browsers. >> what if i purchased something online this morning, which i did, yeah, i was shopping as usual, should i stop doing that? how can people protect themselves between now and the time that firefox comes out as you mentioned in a few days with a fix and some of the other microsofts of the world come out with their fixes? >> the fixes will come out very quickly. i don't think there's a need to stop using the internet online. this bug is not severe.
3:44 pm
we can quickly mitigate it. this vulnerability has existed since the '90s. so for almost the last 20 years the vulnerability was known. >> sorry to interrupt. >> we should take advantage of this vulnerability. >> can i interrupt you, sir? >> go ahead. >> the nsa didn't know this? the government didn't know this? >> that is not known -- i have not heard anything yet, a position by the nsa on this. it actually turns out that to take advantage of this vulnerability, there's a good amount of resources here you have to invest so governments are more likely to take advantage of this than a casual hacker. liz: okay. listen, thank you very much. let us know when the fix is in at firefox. the ceo of mozilla. a lot of software engineers will be working overtime this weekend. fifteen minutes before the closing bell. the nasdaq about to hit a closing record. you can't miss that. it's your money. stay tuned. much more coming up. ♪ you're driving along,
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> you still can't leave yet to go on your holiday. there are only 11 minuteslminutes until the final bell rings. ben is of jpmorgan multi asset solutions joining us. during market uncertainty. what the best points on the globe and portfolio are. nicole is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. she has the biggest movers of the day. phil flynn with the most important things to know before the bell rings. maybe to do. ben, great to have you here. >> pleasure to be here. >> people are dying to hit the road right now. before they do, they want to know in advance of the long weekend where they should be putting their money. if they were taking an around the world tour, where do they plant their money flag right
3:50 pm
now? >> we're still quite positive on risk assets. we have a sort of cornerstone overweights in us and europe. what markets are doing today, is they're trying to price out what the growth situation in the us is going to be. that is, are we going to get a balance from a very disappointing first quarter. we think they will get that balance, a lot of the factors holding back -- largely temporary. sort of measurement issues. sort of energy capex relating to the fall in oil prices. us dollar. the fact that those are temporary in nature means we'll get a balance. >> janet yellen said the european recovery is on firmer footing. is that why you like europe at the moment? >> absolutely. it's a cyclical recovery. one thing i look at as kind of a measure as how fast an economy can grow is how much banks are lending. in europe, you had a sea change from last year where things were
3:51 pm
contracting in the amount of loans they were giving to household and firms. this year it's growing robustly. it's not to say they will blow out the lights. it's a gentle breeze. >> large ships take a long time to move. ben cowrote a report for jpmorgan. a lot of people are reading this thing right now. also on your list, long and us treasuries. is that 30 year. >> ten-year and 30 year. >> us dollar, you're a believer in the greenback. >> we had a good move. reigned that in. (?) >> the dollar had the first week in gains against the euro. today is a good way for those long the dollar. let's get to where you're saying, i don't need my passport and money going to these areas. where are you underweight? >> emerging markets. in a nutshell, the global economy is hostile for -- commodity
3:52 pm
prices are low. chinese growth is lower than it used to be. that was an engine for emerging market growths. countries are trading a lot less than they used to be. all this is taking place on the backdrop of the fed raising rates. >> how about commodities. they're at rock bottom prices. you don't like those? >> we're modestly bearish. that has a lot to do with the fact that storage capacity for oil is reaching its limit in the u.s. a little bit softness before it gets better. ben, what would you say to people who say, i've cashed out, i'm keeping my powder dry. i'm in cash because i'm scared of a correction. yes or no? >> definitely a no on that. in the sense, people have been saying, isn't everything very expensive? the thing is cash is very expensive. you're basically locking in a negative rate, guaranteed. so we're still convinced that unless, you know, something terrible happens and the us
3:53 pm
economy is derailed. this is still a good time for risk assets. and one really fun statistic is that any time since 1970, there have been 34 years that the us has not been in a recession. and 31 of those years the s&p closed higher at the end of the year. >> there's a chance there, folks. that's an excellent point. don't miss out. a nasdaq record at the moment. just straddling it right now. ben, good to see you. ben is jpmorgan management multi asset solutions. (?) quite a title. good to see you. closing bell, seven minutes away. nicole, what's moving on this friday before the long weekend? nicole: i'm looking at shake shack up again for the sixth straight session. another new high. up 105% in the last three months. okay? and they came out with first their earning reports, first quarter. wowed wall street. its been running out. a lot of short interests. a lot of concern about
3:54 pm
valuation for shak shake shack. and the unwinding of the shorts have been fueling this rally as well. >> yeah, there's upside growth. when you say not just burgers, chicken too. phil, before you start to go toward the grill, what's the most important thing you're watching going into next weekend? the shortened week? >> we're worried about oil once again. breaking news that came across the wire. the state department said that iran is actually sending troops into iraq to confront isis to try to retake -- the reason this is significant. this is only 155 miles outside of baghdad. and we're seeing these troops go in. and that's creating uncertainty in the market. now, oil prices have been a little bit lower today because of the stronger dollar. rig counts were less than inspiring. the rig count cut was only one rig count. shows that's showing. with this increased
3:55 pm
geopolitical risk, you won't be able to keep your eyes away from the news wires all weekend. this could be a big story next week. we have to keep our eye on it. >> thank you for breaking it. thank you very much. we have minutes to go. the nasdaq is no longer at that breaking record high level. but it could move in these next couple of minutes. we're watching it. plus, the clinton cash trail. it's getting longer. everyone from schools to wall street firms have apparently forked over money. we're speaking to the "clinton cash" writer peter schweizer on the day that hillary clinton has released a bunch of emails. stay tuned. we'll be right back. ♪
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. liz: is it coming back? the nasdaq 5092. that's the number to beat for a record close. david: off by less than a point. we might make it. liz: let's go to nicole. on the floor of the new york stock exchange. yesterday at this time we
3:59 pm
brought you hewlett-packard earnings, they're seeing gains. >> reporter: that's right seeing hewlett-packard to the upside. separating into separate companies, doing a lot of cost savings. despite the fact stock is up 3%. david: on the other side, we saw this coming yesterday after hours. aeropostale down about 14%. >> reporter: man, this is a tough one! over 15%. everything is going wrong with this company at the moment and the west coast port delays, strong u.s. dollar, this retailer had a tough day. liz: time warner cable still in play here, and today of all days it hits a 52-week high on maybe a little advancement in merger talks. >> right. we've been watching charter, whether or not charter is moving to take over time warner, over $170 a share at the top. and right now time warner is at $171 and change. david: over to goldman sachs, a 52-week high, nicole. >> reporter: david, looked at the chart, thinking about the
4:00 pm
great recession in the 2008 years. that goes back to where it was. a multi-year high there. liz: here comes the bells on this friday, as we head into the memorial day holiday weekend, and we see how stocks finish up on a day where janet yellen, the head of the fed said we are on track to see a rate hike this year. we shall see, but the dow is down 50 points, closer to the lows of the session. the nasdaq down -- david: to .03. liz: not a record today. the russell, the small and mid caps down a third of a percent. david: peter schweizer is coming, "after the bell" starts right now. . breaking down this week's action. we have a full house. adam sirhan of sirhan capital telling us whether or not to worry about


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