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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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oil. one day up 3%. next day down 3%. meanwhile the bells are ringing on the markets. it is closing and an up day. [closing bell ringing] this we'll take it this is first time in three days we had solidly up day. only thing as melissa said is down is gold. bells are ringing as markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you need to know right now. as we were mentioning "the donald" on the other side of the negotiating table asking americans to hire him as he officially enters the 2016 presidential race. fox business's blake burman on the scene with details. blake the announcement went on a little longer than planned, didn't it? >> yeah. it was supposed to be a 12 to 14-minute speech, david we were told. this was more like 50 minutes. ended up being really a political rant throughout. rarely if ever, do you hear a presidential candidate say vote for me because the american dream is dead, i'll fix it.
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another reason you should vote for me because i'm rich, i'm successful. i can do that for the country. that is exactly though what we heard from donald trump earlier today in this 50-minute or so speech. in it as well he also detailed his finances, while wealthy candidates normally run away from that or hide that, donald trump fully embraced it even held up a one-page summary at pun point talking about his net worth which he says it is $8.7 billion. notable to a presidential campaign, he also says he has roughly $300 million cash on hand. donald trump's point in part was this i'm successful. i could do the same for the country. listen here. >> i don't need anybody's money. it's nice. i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. i'm not using lobbyists. i'm not using donors. i don't really care. rhyme he'llly rich. >> now i ask, i'm really itch he says. i asked one his consultants how
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he felt, how donald trump felt the speech ended up playing off? he said, trump was pleased, very, very pleased, he said. he likes reaction he has been getting onesi idck y d:rynpic pte wga t paraphrase he said, david, there is no way in hell that jeb bush could win. he was talking about common core and jeb bush's stance on common core. he talked about otherion rick py name but talked about how the air-conditioning was lovely during this presidential speech. of course that alluding to rick perry. he talked about how some candidates come to this very building begging him for money. we doubt that will be the case going forward, david. david: questions whether he might turn out to be a spoiler if he is not elected.
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blake, thank you very much. we appreciate it. melissa. melissa: dow liking what "the donald" had to say. the dow jumped minutes after he announced his white house run and continued climbing just off session highs. aetna shares hitting new highs reporting that united health is interested in a possible tie-up. the largest health insurer sent aetna a letter to inquire about a merger, this is according to "wall street journal" the deal would be worth over $40 billion. a mid-session spike for shares of twitter. our own charlie gasparino says they are open to talks with google or facebook. that helping lift the stock off a new low. david. david: meanwhile a lot of attention what is going on with greece. u.s. treasury secretary jack lew, picking up the phone to have greece's prime minister making a serious move to have compromise with creditors. lew warned greece that failure to make a deal would create
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hardships for the greek people but make the global economy suffer as well. greece has less than two weeks to strike a deal before it faces default. melissa: president obama's trade deal in limbo for the summer. the house gave itself until july 30th to vote on a key part of legislation that democrats defeated on friday. this bill would extend assistance to workers that lost their jobs when companies shift production overseas. david: top republican leadership now calling for the heads of the office of personnel management to resign or be fired following developing details of the largest governmental data breach in history. our own peter barnes has been following the story for us from d.c. looks like they want somebody to be the fall guy here, peter? >> david, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are outraged about the breach of government personnel records with last week's disclosure of a second major hack of the computers at opm it is wider and deeper than originally thought.
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china is suspected to behind the hacks though it denies it. the first hack affected more than four million present and former government employees. the second one could put loss of personnel records at more than 10 million according to some reports. auditors and inspectors testified today about continuing computer security problems at the agency which admitted today that it did not even encrypt workers social security numbers. >> it is time for them to go. whether the president fires them or they resign we have to have a change. this is totally and wholly unacceptable. we have been warned about these types of breaches since 2007. they had data that was not encrypted. they had authentication that was not in place. >> in some cases hackers got secret background reports that include applicant's financial records, security clearances, childrens and relatives names, past residences, foreign trips they took, contacts with foreign nationals and names of neighbors
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and close friends. that kind of information could prove valuable to china for counter espionage. officials testified they are fixing the problems. david. david: like taking can candy from a baby that is what the chinese had to do. peter, appreciate it. melissa. melissa: another hack in the news. the threat is not from china or russia. it is within major league baseball. the fbi is looking into accusations that the st. louis cardinals hacked into the internal networks of the houston astros. jeff flock has all the details for us. jeff, this is an unbelievable story. >> this makes underinflated footballs look like child's play out there, melissa. melissa: right. >> the allegation is that the st. louis cardinals hacked into the database of the houston astros. used to be a terrible team. they're actually pretty good now. first of all, let's get to the headlines. first of all comment from major league baseball. they say they will not do anything about this right away.
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here's the quote. once the investigative process has been completed by federal law enforcement officials we'll evaluate the next step. they will not do anything right away. the cardinals are also commenting. saying they're away into the investigation into the breach of astros database. the team is cooperating this is unprecedented this is a criminal investigation. this comes from the current houston astros general manager. he is a guy, mr. lu in. o, who is, claimed as a genius these days. he has taken the astros from worst to first. he but used to work for the cardinals. some speculation that cardinals thought he took proprietary information. they hacked into the astros computer to find out about that. jeff luhnow may be a genius but he has been hacked. he apparently didn't change passwords on the accounts very well. there you go. cardinals, should be noted storied franchise, second only
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to the yankees perhaps as number of world series championships they have. this would be quite a deal if this were to be true. but i guess this thing, this hacking thing, pretty much goes everywhere. melissa: amazing. jeff, thank you so much for that report. wow. david: we have an earnings alert. adobe reporting second quarter results. adam shapiro son the floor of the new york stock exchange for us. adam, what does it look like? >> well, david their revenue came in line with estimates. 1.16 billion for the second quarter. they bit on earnings per share, 48 cents, when the street was expecting 45 cents but stock price is actually trading a dollar down in the after-market. adobe is making great pains. they're bragging about how well they did in the creative cloud. this is a quote. marketing cloud business drove record revenue, roughly 327 million. investors are worried about something. that stock in after market trade something down a buck, david. david: something in between the lines.
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when you beat on earnings per share and your stock is down after-hours, there is a problem. adam, thank you very much. melissa: all right. so out of the naacp and into the spotlight. rachel dole saw breaks her -- rachel dolezal breaks her silence about her race. david: unbelievable story. a look ahead at the big fed meeting tomorrow. will they or won't they raise interest rates? what you have to watch for. melissa: plus inside the mind of a convict more than a week later. how the prison escapees are still evading capture. we'll hear from an ex-con, larry lawton, who spent 11 years in prison. he will explain how escaping from a maximum security cell might not be as hard as you think. david: really? melissa: yeah. all that coming up. ♪
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"what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. david: we have some breaking news on our parent company, 21st century fox. jo ling kent has details.
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jo? >> they met this morning at a board meeting at 1211, sixth avenue. 21st century fox making it official. rupert murdoch and lock murdoch are coexecutive chairman of the board. chase carrie, co-coo, executive vice chairman of 21st century fox. james murdoch is chief executive officer taking over for twenty-first-century-fox. this is effective on jolters of this year. there will be a -- july fist. a few weeks of transition. rupert murdoch thanked many of these individuals for their continued service. we see the changes take effect on july 1st. the global and television and film operations will now jointly report to both lock land murdoch and james murdoch, rupert's two sons. rupert murdoch said in a press release just released moments ago, it has always been our priority to insure stable, long-term leadership for the
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company. these appointments achieve that goal. that is rupert murdoch in a statement. lockland and james are tall lanted and competent executives and as shareholders and partners we'll strife to take our company to new levels of growth an opportunity at a time of dynamic change in our industry. rupert murdoch goes on to thank mr. chase carrie and for his friendship and counsel over the past decades. says chase carey will be actively engaged sporting lachlan and james murdoch in the new roles. expected changes coming out of the board meeting t happened from 9:00 to noon today. board members coming into the board meeting confirmed fox business a succession is on the agenda. now it is official. rupert murdoch and lachlan murdoch coexecutive chairman. james murdoch is the new chief
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executive officer. that happens july fist 1st, back to you guys. david: thank thank you, jo ling. new details on the prison escape and the convicted killers are still on the run after some days. more than 800 law enforcement officers looking for fugitives with roadblocks still in place. fox's rick leventhal live at clinton correctional facility in dannemora, new york. >> like loy hood that david sweat and richard matt are no longer in the area. there are still more than 800 local, state and federal authorities who continue to search on this day 11. restrictions eased roadblocks. schools have reopened. discussions are ongoing moving some law enforcement resources elsewhere. we spoke to clinton county sheriff that said the trail has gone cold. wet weather ham period some. search efforts. he is 49% certain they're still in the area and 51% certain they
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found a way out of town. >> with that elaborate and detailed of a plan, they had to have something bigger and better once they got the sniff of freedom coming out of that manhole cover. they didn't go on a hope that somebody would just pick them up and move them off to freedom. they had to have something a little bit more elaborate to continue for days to be able to get out. >> he also says that he believes that joyce mitchell, the prison employee charged with helping the men escape, was their plan b getaway driver, david, not their plan a. david: by the way she had a visitor today, right? , rick, miss mitchell had a visitor today, correct? >> i lost you. david: unfortunately he can't hear us. but we got a lot more on this. melissa: we do. as we mentioned it is 11 days later. manhunt for convicted killers escaped from upstate new york prison still are on the loose.
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how did the men manage to successfully pull this off? joining me now a larry lawton former jewel thief, motivational speaker. he is an author, spent seven years in federal prison. give me your take. where do you think these guys are? >> hi, melissa. how are you doing? first, where do i think they are? i think they're long gone. i said that right from the beginning. prisoners are really, they have a lot of ingenuity with them. let me explain what i mean. when i speak around the country people will see this they will see tattoos, see stuff like this. you know, melissa, it is made pretty easy. here is a tattoo gun these are made with. here is the motor. here is a pen. guitar string goes in here. and right here, is where that motor came from. and that is done all the time in prison. razor blades, are taken right out of a razor and a piece of
4:18 pm
clear paper is put in there and this is put back on. and the guards don't even know the razor is gone. you can light a fire with a battery and a piece of cellophane, either off after hershey bar or a pack of cigarettes that, stuff that comes off the top. you light fire. you would actually, the fire would come up here. you can actually put water in here. and actually boil water in prison, melissa. so, you know, to find out, to think of how much ingenuity these guys have, it will boggle your mind. melissa: no. and before you know, people criticize us for putting you on television showing us, first ex-con in the u.s. to be sworn in as honorary city of east st. louis, missouri. you are recognized on floor of u.s. congress. you go to talk to kids how not to end up in prison.
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let me ask you about the woman involved, joyce mitchell. they got her, it appears, it seems to bring in different materials and heavy-duty materials, machinery, so they could punch their way out and saw their way out. is that a common thing to co-opt someone who works inside the prison? >> actually it is pretty common, melissa. in prison, when i was there, guards would bring in alcohol. they would bring in cell phones. they would bring in other items, even drugs. and you know, as warden said on one of the other shows it is quite common when you're in such close proximity to each other there really is a fine line between a guardian inmate. again, i don't want to say they're all like that because they're not. but things are made like this and this you could put a saw blade on something. so you know, when people have time, i often tell this story, you know, an inmate will sit under a car for two hours, melissa, with, two days, with a half a candy bar and stay still until people will go by.
4:20 pm
i mean, i think there have been long gone. i think their ingenuity is quite well. i think they planned this thing a lot better than anybody thinks. >> wow. larry lawton, thanks for all the information. you terrified us. there you go. thank you so much. david, over to you. david: nice description exactly what goes on there. amazing what you can do with a little bit of tools. even cellophane from a chocolate wrapper. melissa: wow. david: crime spiking in major cities all over the country, very violent crime. now the federal government is stepping in, but could the fedses end up making matters worse? the gulf coast of texas getting pummeled by tropical storm bill with the threat of dangerous flash floods, a very real possibility as it moves into america's heartland. we'll tell you where bill is headed next. ♪ you total your brand new car.
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melissa: we have breaking news right now. our parent company 21st century fox. jo ling kent has latest from the newsroom. jo? >> hey, melissa, that's right. james murdoch will be the new ceo of 21st century fox. effective july 1st. rupert murdoch, current chairman around ceo and his son lachlan murdoch are named executive cochairman of 21st century fox in the board meeting this morning that also goes into effect july 1st. chase carey, vice president and coo is executive vice chairman. what is interesting the global and television film operations for 21st century fox will jointly report both to lachlan and james murdoch. rupert murdoch saying in a statement that it was his priority to insure stable, long-term leadership for the company. he believes these appointments achieve that goal. we're watching 21st century fox stock after-hours. it is moving just ever so slightly. back to you. melissa: jo, thank you so much
4:25 pm
for that. >> sure. melissa: david? david: we have more breaking news. hank greenberg's starr international conning as we reported already was likely to happen here on "cavuto," he is appealing the claims court decision in the aig bailout case. greenberg has spent more than $100 million suing the federal government over the legality of the aig bailout. again our own charlie gasparino reported this was likely to happen, that hank greenberg would appeal this decision. he said so, charlie did on "cavuto"'s show. that is what is happening. as you can see after-hours, aig is closing up just a tick but it hasn't really affected the value of the stock. we hope to get charlie to come in to talk about this. melissa: i'm sure he is running on his way to the camera. david: probably working out in the gym. he is wiping the sweat off his brow. melissa: true story. david: wall street is gearing up for the fed. it is expected to leave interest rates unchanged but they are meeting right now. chair janet yellen will answer
4:26 pm
questions which you can bet will include whether a rate hike is coming or some other time this year. here with what to watch for here, jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund. also a fox news contributor. jonathan, you know one suspicion that you get in following the fed over these past couple years, they are afraid of the stock market reaction to whatever they are going to do. that is not the way the fed should operate, is it? >> you know, david, you hate to say it but this time it is different. you've never-before-seen in really the history of the federal reserve this level of manipulation and intervention in interest rates. so, even if the fed keeps rates low you're likely to see quite a it about of volatility because the truth of the matter is, interest rates have been headed higher. the federal reserve hasn't changed their policy but yields are at eight-month highs. stocks are not too far from their all-time highs. every indication is that the fed should at least indicate that higher rates are imminent.
4:27 pm
david: what the fed seems most afraid of is one, the stock market reaction to whatever they do and two, the possibility that there will be another recession if they raise rates. do you think that is a real concern at this point? >> well, take a look at a lot of the interest rate-sensitive stocks, david. utilities, master limited partnerships, all those parts of the economy which put, reits, real estate investment trusts on the that list, all interest rate sensitive parts of the stock market which i think are some of the best leading indicators of economy are at multi-month and multiyear lows. all this indication of better months ahead when it comes to the interest rate names might be a little contrary. so many of them are doing poorly. let me quickly add -- david: i am sorry to stick on this but i want to get a clear answer. if the fed raises rates is there any chance of them doing so would make a recession more likely? >> i don't think so, david. i think we've gone through a
4:28 pm
tremendous recession. the real, i think, danger, is less a longer term recession than a shorter term period of extreme volatility. we really forgot what it is like to have massive volatility, not just in the stock market but the bond market. i will quickly say a lot of risky areas of bond market, leveraged loans, bkln, or high yield loans investors piled into, if we get a real correction in those names, you're absolutely right, the wider economic implications could be biggerrer. david: jonathan hoenig, good to see you. thank you. tune into fox business tomorrow we'll have full live coverage of the fed meeting including chair janet yellen's press conference, that begins 2:to p.m. eastern time. i think we found charlie -- 2:30. melissa: i think we deed. hank greenberg is appealing the claims court decision in the aig bailout case. charlie, you had this story smoked. >> yeah, earlier today we
4:29 pm
learned at fox business that he would appeal. his lawyers, david boies, and starr international new insurance company he runs confirmed to everybody that he will appeal this ruling. it is pretty interesting, guys, he spent $100 million on this case so far. he believes that, you know, based on what the judge said, what the judge didn't say, basically said that he won on the merits but he basically also said that he should bring another type of case, not just the one on taking. that is a specific thing where the government came in and stole his shares. he thinks if you read that ruling, the basically the judge says he should bring this case another way and if you read the statement he put out, it looks like they're going that way. what they're essentially going to say that the $25 billion that the federal government has made, made on aig bailout should go back to aig shareholders. that is illegal because the company was taken over in a illegal way. if it is taken over illegal,
4:30 pm
illegally you can not profit from something done illegally. they argued the case different before. they said it was an illegal taking of shares. because of the way, because and because of that, he lost $50 billion based on the price of the stock. the judge said you can't really judge it that way. this is something about how much the federal government made. this will be really interesting to see how it plays out. hank's people believe this is going to the supreme court ultimately. he is 90 years old so. god bless him. melissa: there you go. charlie gasparino, thank you so much. he is rich as hell and he is not going to take it anymore. donald trump throws his hat into the ring and basically reads his american express statement out loud. our panel weighs in. david: that was pretty much what it was. daniel craig, still has another bond film coming up. bookies are already taking odds who will be the next double 07. we have details coming. with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin,
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it's part geek and part chic. part adventure. it's part relaxation and part exhilaration. it's part sports car and part suv. and the best part? the 2015 gla. it's 100% mercedes-benz. melissa: it is all about that wealth. $8.7 billion man running for president and make nothing apologies. >> i don't need anybody's money. it's nice. i don't need anybody's money. i'm using my own money. i'm not using lobbyists. i'm not using donors. i don't care. i'm really rich. melissa: [laughter]. i love it. bring in today's panel. peter morici, economist from
4:35 pm
university of maryland. marianne marsh, former senior advisor to secretary john kerry and. mary catherine ham. author of the book, end of discussion. media is bashing him. doesn't have a chance. makes me want to take him seriously. i'm liking this more and more every minute. peter, let me ask you, on this claim at least he vowed to be the greatest jobs president that goss has ever created! i love staking that claim. is that possible though? he does understand business, probably better than any of the other candidates. >> i'm sort of pessimistic but, basically that comes down to being the most successful president in terms of creating jobs. we have a very large population now, bigger than at any other time. if he did things bitter than obama he almost would certainly be the world's biggest jobs creator. there would be no doubt about it. if he would undo regulation and taxation.
4:36 pm
whoever would that would be a record jobs creator. melissa: mary catherine ham, you are already laughing at this. but he is great -- talking about promoting the american brand. the more he talked about it, i don't know, he knows a lot about business. he knows a lot about job creation. he knows what regulation does to business and the economy. he knows how to make money. that is something our government does very poorly. they spend it very well. they rob me of it very well. but they don't know how to use it properly. am i selling you at all. >> i don't know i'm sold. i think he is fun. i think he is frank, which people love. i would argue he has biggest qualification for president thinking you're awesome enough to be president. he may be the most qualified on that front. melissa: yeah. marianne marsh, let me ask you. the first candidate out there and postively thrilled to share his finances. listen. >> i've done an amazing job.
4:37 pm
hey i have lobbyists i have to tell you. i have lobbyists that can produce anything for me. they're great. i would build a great wall. nobody builds walls better than me. i sold an apartment for $15 million, to somebody from china. am i suppose toddies like them? i have so many websites i have them all over the place. obama will be out playing golf. he might even be on one of my courses. i would invite him. i actually would say, itch the best courses in the world. i'm not doing that to brag. i'm really proud of my success. i really am. melissa: totally different approach. maybe it will work. what do you think? marianne? >> i think the real, melissa the real question here how far will he take it and what effect will it have on republican primary. the first deadline is july 16th. by law he has to file with fec which is much more extensive financial disclosure than anything he released today. also a requirement to get into the first debate august 6th,
4:38 pm
held by fox news in cleveland. if he just gets to the debate alone, he could do a lot of damage in the republican primary, a lot of damage. melissa: i don't know about a lot of damage. i could see him staying there to clear the hurdle. why not? this is the greatest marketing opportunity of all time whether he is in it for real or not. he might throw a lot of people off their game into honesty which could be interesting. last word. >> said he requires no extension on the fec deadline. we'll see. he sort of played this trick on the media and all of as you couple times. we'll see if he goes all the way. melissa: thanks, guys. don't miss maria bartiromo's exclusive interview with donald trump's son eric, tomorrow morning on "mornings with maria" right here at 8:00 a.m. eastern. david. david: certainly knows how to fix things here in new york. warning to all criminal with guns in new york. the federal government may soon be on your tail. out of the naacp and into the spotlight. rachel dolezal breaking her silence amid allegations she
4:39 pm
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david: fighting a nationwide crime wave in unprecedented move. atf is joining forces with the nypd to combat gun violence. we have rod wheeler, former d.c. homicide detective. fox news contributor. monica crowley and mary catherine are back as well. rod, let me go to you first. stop and frisk, this was a crime prevention method bought a lot of guns in criminals were not able to use because the criminals were stopped and frisked. look how numbers come down dramatically past couple of years. >> absolutely. david: we have a chart. look at this, stop and frisk chart, practically zero, at the same time we have this violent crime rate going up. is that a coincidence? >> no, that is not a coincidence. that is an actual fact. the stop and frisk program
4:43 pm
really was very, very beneficial to law enforcement and to the communities there in new york city. as a matter of fact, all around the country where they were using that procedure. since police departments have stopped using stop and frisk, we see the crime rates go up. why? because what's happening is, criminals know that police officers now have to have more of a reason to stop them versus stopping them just to check out why they're in certain areas that they don't belong. david: i think it is pretty simple. you have less crime prevention, mary catherine, and you have more crime. liberals don't want to admit it. that is why the federal government sending in atf blaming lack of gun control. we have gun control in new york and a lot of cities that have violent crime. >> last i heard there was plenty of gun control in new york and new york city. i was conservative who had issues with stop and frisk on civil liberties level. clearly you see there is correlation here and you have to do something about it. here is the thing, federal government coming in might not be the thing you do.
4:44 pm
i have issue with stop and frisk, but local control, with a federal agency coming in you won't get rid of them. david: we're pleased to have monica crowley who joins the group. here is what former new york police department commissioner ray kelly had to say about all of this, particularly stop and frisk. play the tape. >> it's a valuable tool that police officers have to be, have to have available to them. and, that has been grossly curtailed. and you know who will suffer for that? mostly young men of color because that who is being killed on the streets of this city and other cities. david: monica, already now in america there are hundreds of people who have died as a result of a pullback of these crime prevention methods. >> right. we've seen inner-cities being ravaged over many decades, david, because of left-wing policies like this. mayor de blasio wants to come in. do social engineering in police department. stop and frisk. we had a judge that revoked stop and frisk and called it
4:45 pm
unconstitutional. there are consequences to these types of actions which means crime rate goes up. ray kelly, is absolutely right. the people bearing brunt of consequence, violence, guns on the street are by and large minority communities. that is why you have minorities colling out pleading with the mayor, pleading with the police commissioner, bring backstop and frisk because their children being hurt. david: rod wheeler, we turned cities in america around. times square here in new york was dismal place. there was very little business being transacted there. now it is worth hundreds of billions, probably trillions of dollars over the years. so this could turn cities around for good or for worse. >> well you're exactly right but not just in new york city, david, but look at other cities as well. right here in washington, d.c. i remember back during my policing days we used stop and frisk. i can not begin toll tu the amount of times we were able to get guns off the streets of d.c. same thing in washington and other major cities. now what we have is
4:46 pm
window-dressing by the mayor of new york city, bringing in atf making it seem like end-all, when in actuality it won't assist much at all. david: we know what works. thanks to all of you. melissa. melissa: deirdre bolton joins us with a look what is coming up next in her hour. deirdre? >> medical list, the fbi is calling foul on the st. louis cardinals. it may have hacked another team. is this start of big trouble for america's favorite pastime? we'll take a look. remodel your kitchen with goldman sachs. for the first time ever goldman wants to lend money to the average consumer. we'll talk about the strategy. one company aiming to cure cancer in part via artificial intelligence tools. we're going to be speaking to the founder about his plans. melissa? melissa: all right. thank you. david: meanwhile rachel dolezal is breaking her silence for the first time since being accused of lying about her race for years while working as a naacp
4:47 pm
spokane, washington, chapter president. dolezal resigned from her leadership post yesterday but continues to defend her actions, refusing to say she lied about her race. melissa: listen to what she told matt lauer on "the today show"? >> are you an african-american woman? >> i identify as black. i was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon and the black, you know black curly hair, you know, yeah, that was how i was portraying myself. melissa: right. but her parents, larry and ruth ann, joining "america's newsroom," didn't remember it that way at all. >> did she identify as black since the age of five? >> no. that is a fabrication. that is false. that did not happen. she has never done that, anything like that as a child. she, you know, was used to relating to people of diversity but she did not ever portray herself as black --
4:48 pm
>> didn't draw herself with brown crayons and curly hair since she was five? >> no, she did not. melissa: david, if you saw the whole interview they went on to refute a lot of claims she made. in the larger media they're trying to make it out as what race do you identify with and drawing comparisons -- david: whatever race she identified with whatever race would get her the most amount of money. she was into howard university, mostly a black college but she sued them she thought she was being discriminateed against because she was white. when she saw money to be made at naacp she became block. follow the money with this woman. melissa: what she has done for her own financial gain, that is the really thing to follow, david. david: quite a story. mean while the clinton campaign under fire for its latest media snubs. what this means for hillary's campaign moving forward. we'll have our panel weigh in on this coming up. ♪
4:49 pm
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melissa: breaking news out of california. governor jerry brown and lawmakers striking a budget deal. the two parties agreeing to $115 billion budget for the next fiscal year. that coming in right now. meanwhile, take a look at this. hillary clinton dodging questions from fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry at a press conference yesterday. he was standing just three feet away from secretary clinton. here is ed henry on "america's newsroom" explaining exactly what happened. listen. >> one of her aides sort of pulled me to the front, suggesting i was likely to get a question, i was waiting my turn. they have a careful list who they will call on. she turns and walks away. i was move closer to get to her. a secret service person sort of told me to move back. i was pretty annoyed by that, i
4:53 pm
didn't think secret service was protecting candidates from reporters. fine to protect them for security reasons. i say what gives here? he says you already got a question couple weeks ago when you shout the at her in iowa. i didn't get a question. i said secretary clinton will you come back here. she came back and takes questions. that wasn't exactly a question. david: will the media snubs and more important money questions related to hillary clinton -- to the clinton foundation have any effect on the hillary clinton campaign. we have marianne marsh and monica crowley. you worked for nixon. he cut the media out and didn't work well for him. david: >> i worked later in his life. hillary clinton had a press conference and told press would be different after this point. total transparency and rest of it. now we know that is not true. the question how much longer she can get away with this left-wing
4:54 pm
politicians, democrats have great protection from the press. the difficulty for hillary is, they didn't actually like her. they have never liked her the way they liked her husband. she might not actually be as protected as he was. david: marianne is this nixonian stonewalling here? >> this is pretty obvious what the clinton campaign is doing. trying to focus on local voters and local reporters. that is what they did in iowa. that is what they were trying to do in new hampshire yesterday. that is focus of campaign. going to small private meetings. going to small public meetings. did rally on saturday. reality you don't have to go to the meet yaw anymore to get to voters. go directly to them on twitter, facebook, snapchat. a lot of other ways. clinton campaign is going in stages. you will see more and more exposure in the press. unless you live in new hampshire, iowa, south carolina, or reporter from there, you're at top of the list, if you're not at the top of the list. david: mary catherine what the press would like to ask her
4:55 pm
about. these monthly scandals seem to come out of the clinton foundation what happened there with the foundation money while she was secretary of state. april, russian uranium deal, helping a russian contributor get 50% of uranium reserves in the u.s. may, 26 million. swedish payment taking money from sweden at time when the state department was kind of going easy on some swedish companies who dealt with iran. finally now, today, we get news on cashing in on these non-profit speeches. >> i think every stage of the hillary clinton campaign that marianne mentioned will have a scandal. that is how they will all bring it together. this latest one, the "politico" reports basically she speaks to get giant fees from tiny non-profits then just kicks those fees up to her organization instead of like other speakers did, for instance, condoleeza rice, donating them back to the organizations which is kind of customary. it strikes me as very mean-spirited. other ones have been global, large, international intrigue
4:56 pm
scandals. this one makes you feel bad about the clintons. david: i wonder, even if she did answer the scandal questions whether she would be immune from criticism about that. we have to wrap it up. we have breaking news. i do want to mention your book, mary catherine. "end of discussion." apparently doing very well in the bookstores. >> thank you very much. david: thank you very much. thanks to all. melissa? melissa: fans once scoffed at a blonde james bond but what about a redhead? after the break the new favorite to replace daniel craig. it may surprise you. we'll be right back. i've smoked a lot
4:57 pm
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>> when daniel craig reprices his role as 007 in "specter" this fall it may be his last. flury of interest who may take his place. british bookmaker dramatically increased odds for former
5:00 pm
"homeland" star, damien lewis, putting him second behind, uh-oh, i don't know, idriselba. hen very calf develop. i like him. michael fastbender. david: i loved "homeland." i don't know about this guy. deirdre bolton with the next hour of fox business with "risk & reward". deirdre: thanks so much, i'm deirdre bolton. here is first time ever. goldman sachss wants to lend average people money. you can fix your kitchen or consolidate debt with a goldman loan. technology meets biology. the founder of a company using artificial intelligence trying to cure cancer. a cyberattack is hitting america's pastime. we'll talk about the possibility of it being an inside job. "risk & reward" starts now.


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