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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 17, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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the marines armed as well. i'm still scratching my head over this policy, dagen mcdowell. >> brenden, can i ask you, what do you, what do you want the american people to know about tom, or remember about tom? >> we lost a defender today. we lost someone that would have died, for any of us you know? maria: brenden, thank you. we know this has been a tough interview for you. we appreciate your time this morning. brenden, thank you. thank you, gary b. smith, dagen mcdowell. appreciate it. see you on monday. have a good day, everybody. "varney & company" is next. thanks for joining us. stuart, over to you. stuart: maria, thank you very much indeed. picking up to where you were a moment ago we're waking up to new terror reality. terror arrives again and we take the hit from the inside. good morning, everyone. mohammad abdulazeez was not on
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fbi's radar. he came out of nowhere to kill four marines in chattanooga, tennessee. this is new terrorism, the lone wolf going after the biggest body count. we're all targets now. that is terror. get to money. google is set for a big gain. the stock will be up $70 maybe more. to politics. two new polls. the first shows trump still leading the republican pack. the second shows tillry taking a hit. trust in the clinton campaign is sliding. sports the big story, jordan speith looking good very good in the british open. oh what a day. "varney & company" is about to begin. stuart: we begin with terror in chattanooga tennessee. tony shaffer is here an expert on this subject.
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welcome to the program. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: this is social media story. this kind of terror is bred on social media and to some degree turned on by social media and i suggest to you there is not much we can do about it. >> there is not at this point. think about where this happened, middle america. this wasn't new york. this wasn't washington. this is the middle. continent away from everything. we have to parse this very carefully. first off i think president obama's worst nightmare by the fact this guy, all appearances right now was simply motivated by the islamic radical religion. and i think that's what president obama keeps not wanting to talk about. secondly, this was against a soft target. by the way there are literally thousands of these soft targets all across the nation. we have to be very careful and aware of fact as you point out there is not much we can do to stop it. you have to prepare for it and prepare to mitigate it. arming people of the soft targets. stuart: naval career center, guns in the hands of the guys
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behind the desk? >> stu these guys were trained warriors. these ma reasons, were killed were helpless because fact they couldn't do what they were trained to do. i'm saying we should arm those people in some locations that are soft targets and get ahead of this. stuart: i say social media that is the means of communication. there is another form of communication which you know a lot about, that is the black net. >> the dark web. stuart: the dark web okay. they are using it. extensively? >> absolutely. one of the things this group, isis is much better than al qaeda ever dreamt of, the fact that they are at the cutting-edge of technology. last year, stu, our friend catherine herridge pound the out the fact that isis was targeting via internet a father-son team from the air force. that was last year. think where they have come the last year. these folks hay may be using what we call the dark web. you can manually put in an url
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and those numbers take you exactly where you want to be. you can do that via a secure socket. very hard to detect. you could be in jihadist website somewhere overseas and not be detected going under the radar what the fbi is normally looking for. stuart: is this good tradecraft? communicating each other without being then? >> this is exactly the tradecraft. the compromise by edward snowden allowed these folks to understand how we looked for them. they go to different methodology which is under the radar. take these notes, run into in a store, give you a note. brief encounter. pass awe note. no visible means, electronic mines of transmission of that url, that address. you to, put it in the computer and go to it. no way of detecting that. stuart: wait a minute. snowden revealed this or revealed to them how we go after them conventionally and they go below the surface into this dark net. >> he revealed, absolutely.
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stuart: snowden did this. >> revealed all the different techniques revealed by nsa regarding code words and way we use technology, all that was compromised, stu. these guys, isis being very smart, figured out a way to at adapt figuring out underbelly of internet. stuart: you're telling me nsa with computing power could not get inside of this. >> this is not nsa. clandestine operatives trained like me to get inside of that. nsa can do vacuum cleaning. we need to penetrate these groups. we need stooges. stuart: these guys jump in, get all the information and bust them. >> this is traditional tradecraft via different methodology. this is same thing we did against the mafia instead of via internet. you need operatives to do that you can't do that with people sitting at keyboard its i trust we got them? >> we do, i talk to the folks. there is held way back.
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conservative thinking if we get too deep we can not get out. i think we need to go further in to penetrate networks. stuart: tony shaffer. thank you sir. check the dow futures. how will we open up this morning? ever so slightly lower holding just above the 18,000 level. not a big moving day at least not early in the day on wall street so far this morning. price of oil look at this, $50.66 a barrel. now we're down to 50. gas. this could be a break-through i've been waiting for. we're down, i repeat, we're down a penny overnight at 2.76. i'm calling that a good start towards my plunge in gas prices which i confidentially expect to see. >> only three days to go down a penny. stuart: stop it, lauren, stop it right now. here is your bit. look at google. whoa, you see that? closed yesterday at 60 is 1 going to open around 860. that will be -- 680.
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come on back, lauren. you will tell me a whole list of reasons why it will go up $80. >> some analysts say it will go to 800, just to put that out there. can you imagine? stuart: not today. >> not today. last night google gave us their earnings report card we loved it. we did. impressive report card. they're growing revenue. do you know their mobile is exploding? if you look how much time people spend on youtube on their phones it is more than 40 minutes each session. 40 minutes. i mean you have cable tv industry now worried about all of these eyeballs are on the phones, on mobile. google executives absolutely addressed this last night on the call. stuart: am i right in saying, forgive me for interrupting more people are watching the youtube app on their mobile than they are watching broadcast tv at 8:00 at night? >> cable tv. stuart: cable tv. >> yes that is what the google executives said yesterday. more people are watching youtube on their phones than any cable
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tv network. stuart: wow. >> just let that sink in for a second. stuart: please. >> why the nasdaq is on fire, right? this is why we're seeing such a boom in technology because of this huge transformation of popular culture. stuart: yeah. you combine google with netflix and future of entertainment in your living room and on this thing too. >> look, both stocks at record highs. stuart: we'll prepare ourselves for opening bell with google going up maybe $80 per share. got a news alert for this golf. look who is leading the open. really british open but want to call it the open. danny willet, an englishmen. 10 under. zack johnson. speith not yet teed off. gerri. >> don't hold your breath on danny willet. big matchup with dustin johnson. super exciting day.
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they were delayed three hours. lots of rain. it was a good day for ducks. stuart: it was. >> they were getting an inch of rain an hour. they're right on the north sea there. the weather huge factor in this. if you tee off and weather good out there, a big part whether you can win. this is not all just the personal you know success you bring how good you are as a golfer. it is also luck. stuart: are you telling me that the weather might interrupt jordan speith on winning move today? >> he will come later today. stuart: there is rain forecast. >> there is rain forecast every day i think. isn't that the way it goes from where you're from? stuart: that's true. if you don't like the weather now because it will change this ten minutes. i want to watch the opening as it proceeds. i'm looking more at jordan speith who is sponsored by, under armour. you will see that logo all over the place, all over television
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whether he wins or not you will see that. this is wonderful. they won betting on speith. >> two years ago when speith was 19 relatively unknown, under armour took the risk and they signed him. in the past two years since that happened under armour stock is up 240%. stuart: in part because of jordan speith. >> in part because of speith and under armour doubled its golf earnings in that time as well. i was looking in one of the golf magazines and they actually have picture of everything speith is wearing during the entire tournament. i can't wait to see him tee off to see if it is correct. you can buy his pants. his pants today costs $85. stuart: that is how it works. >> at the u.s. open they had 16 logos on him, 16 under armour logos on his body, his cap, everything he was wearing. this is one of the most genius moves ever by a marketing company. it us thought they're paying him as much as tiger gets from nike.
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>> from nike. stuart: any idea how much that is? >> hundreds of millions. stuart: hundreds of millions. >> tiger had a hundred million dollar deal. it is thought jordan is in that neighborhood. stuart: there is a financial story. don't forget to tune in every morning at 5:00 eastern with lauren, sandra smith and nicole petallides. lauren who is right here, have to get out of bed every morning at 1:00 1:30 but bright and sparkly every weekday morning. >> coffee. stuart: coffee works. donald trump's run for president, shrugged off bit liberal media. it was a circus act they say. don't look now, he is leading again. the gop candidates latest fox news polls. we have the numbers for you. dramatic. in a moment.
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stuart: all the trump ways. it is growing stronger. he tops the latest fox news national presidential poll with 18%. he is followed by wisconsin's governor, scott walker, 15%.
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jeb bush 14%. fox news contributor tammy bruce is here. okay, let's just look at the top three, 18% 15%, 14%. what do you make of that? >> look it is exciting when are at top of poll. but you have a margin of error. you have to apply that in front and back end. this is effectively a tie with all the press and hullabaloo happening around trumps these days is about name recognition. the fact that walker and bush could being ahead of trump or tied with him is good news for them i think actually. stuart: would you say walker and jeb bush, forget trump for a moment if you can possibly do that, those two are pulling ahead from the rest of the pack? >> if you take trump out of the mix you get bush, walker and rand paul with rubio being fourth. so it changes the dynamic entirely when people are asked who their second choice is, that is where it lands up when it comes to trump. i will remind you at this point in time in the last election
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michele bachmann was doing very, very well. stuart: fair point. >> so things change dramatically. at this stage in the polls with everything happening with trump bush and walker should be very happy. stuart: here with what i hear frequently. we love to hear what donald trump has got to say. man, he shakes it up. he speaks like a regular person but heaven forbid he should be president of the united states of america. i hear it all the time. >> same things were being said won't compare trump to reagan. stuart: please don't. >> i will not do that. trump intrigues me. with his financial disclosures he is not a blow hard when it comes to money and what he accomplished but the media always says that about somebody they're especially frightened of. that also intrigues me that the media is that frightened about trump. stuart: they thought that about reagan. they said he was crazy. >> the fear is there. we need so see more for natalie. it is in 2016, not 2015 in july.
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we have a ride coming up. stuart: what about hillary clinton? this is the ap poll. 39% have a favorable view of hillary clinton. only three in 10 describe her as honest. >> yeah, that is the major problem for her. 70 voters over all when asked about what would be a deal breaker for them it is somebody who would tend not to be honest all the time. 58% of voters think that described hillary clinton. so that is her major issue. and i think this is the bernie sanders factor. not on the deal of, an issue of policy but he is kind of giving the democrats an example of what an honest person sound like and it's not her. that i think is the damage. his style and presentation versus where they stand on the issues. stuart: have you any doubt that hillary clinton will be the democrat nominee? >> yes, i do. stuart: you do? >> i think it depends, already you're hearing noise about al gore. we hear noise about joe biden. stuart: al gore, joe biden?
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you really think -- >> al gore still feels that was stolen from him. stuart: so what? he can't win the democrat nomination. >> a lot of people said that about stranger who nobody knew named barack obama. americans do amazing things. and when you have an ego like an al gore or a john kerry, who is walking out of these iran negotiations feeling as though he deserves the nobel peace prize, you might be surprised to see what ego and ambition would do for them when it comes to announcing for president. stuart: you're convinced, you have not mentioned elizabeth warren, she is not going to run? >> no she won't. she is in very good trajectory when it comes to the senate. but there is something about here that people believe keeping her from you running. we're not sure what that might be don't expect her to run but expect her to be in a cabinet. stuart: you're a political, you know what you're talking about in politics. >> well look -- stuart: you raised idea that al gore or john kerry could
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possibly move in at the last minute. >> i'm an i think everything is possible and i also hope that they do because then we would be welcoming a president scott walker. stuart: i'm just a poor foreigner who knows nothing about american politics right? >> i love all this. it is democrats are in some trouble and they're now realizing that they are and i think the republicans have got an incredible field and even trump is highlighting the benefits perhaps of the other candidates. and he may even even refine his sharp edges and become a interesting, more viable candidate. stuart: nothing draws eyeballs like donald trump. >> it will be exciting. stuart: right there every time say the word trump i have got to see this. >> people want honestly and freshness, bluntness even if they disagree wit. that should be a lesson to other candidates. stuart: you could not -- constantly you are is prize me, tammy bruce. >> i will. stuart: uber and sharing economy under attack.
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the latest aggressor, new york city mayor bill de blasio. however uber is going on the offensive. we'll show you what they're doing next.
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get reliable internet that's up to five times faster than dsl from the phone company. call 800-501-6000 to switch today. perks are nice. but the best thing you can give your business is comcast business. comcast business. built for business. ♪ >> we don't just pick people up. we pick ourselves up. we pick our families up. >> when he come in town he
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promised to provide jobs. >> he should know struggles most new yorkers go to. embrace the fact people want to work. >> the mayor is giving in to the taxi industry. >> i don't think it is fair. >> if uber continues to grow there will be more jobs across the five boroughs. >> millionaire medallion owners don't need help. people like us do. stuart: that is powerful ad by uber. take that new york mayor bill de blasio. lax, says huge airport come on in uber you can pick up at lax. that is a very big deal for uber in los angeles. however a california judge, we were reporting this yesterday said that uber should be suspended and fined. gerri willis is here. and i want a judgment here. i'm saying you can't stop uber. you can't stop them. you might put a few roadblocks in the way but you can't symptom them. >> look at this ad.
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stuart: yes. >> it unbelieve i good. millionaire med ya'll i don't know taxi owners. the you are not going to win. caps cars come out 20 is a year. being told, these folks -- 201. new yorkers say it will cost 10,000 jobs? really? legacy of your administration because you want to protect the taxi industry? i don't think he has a heck after chance of winning. stuart: the left should not be reactionary. and they're being reactionary. gerri stay with us. google it is going to go up big time. in fact i can't remember a gain like this for a company of this size ever before. and you are going to watch this happen. three minutes from now.
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stuart: these -- >> these folks may be use wag we call the dash web. where you can manually put in a url, put in the numbers and those numbers take you exactly where you want to be. you can do that via secure socket. very hard to detect. you could actually be in a jihadist website chat room somewhere overseas and not necessarily be detected because you're going under the radar what the fbi normally looks
9:30 am
like. stuart: that man knows what he is talking about, lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. the dark web fighting terror with clandestine cyber spies. opening bill will be ringing right now. [opening bell rings] i don't know why greek should be off the table, not really a factor in today's trading. we'll turn around that, flat. call it that. there is only one stock we want to check, that is google. let's check it right now. where is it? look at that! $680 per share. as of now up 13%. you really don't see that very often for a company of that size. stock of the day stock of the week stock of the month maybe stock of the year, who knows. up she goes. joining us to analyze all this gerri willis jo ling kent, jason rotman in irvine, california and scott shellady in chicago. jason, to you first google putting less focus on kind of
9:31 am
pie-in-the-sky projects and more focus on making money. would you buy it at $680 a share? >> you know i would. i will differ to the old trading adage the trend is your friend. i think if you're -- we're speaking to investor of the world here, i think you have to look at major trend in google which is clearly higher but in order to be informed investor you need to know why you're buying it and that is what i will focus on. the key for me why i think google will go higher is efficiency. the with the new cfo is increasing efficiency which the market is loving. they not only crushed earnings per share estimate but they're doing so because they're hiring less. they're having less expensive on employee side but they're continuing to make more none any and they're innovating. they're coming out with a purchase button to smooth e-commerce. that is a very, very good buy. stuart: you might be out there in the formerly golden state of california but i can tell you love it. jo ling kent is here you were
9:32 am
shaking your head. >> ruth porat is chief finance aol officer. she is controlling a lot of costs. it is all about advertizing revenue. advertising on youtube is up. mobile search is up after they made the prioritization to mobile and paid clicks up 30%. those are real hard numbers. stuart: clearly helping the nasdaq which i believe is now at all-time record high. 5193. any advance on that? maybe so. we're up $84 a share right now on google. let me transfer to apple. they have filed for a patent that would let them show you ads based on your credit score. gerri willis covers personal finance. what do you say about that? >> i think they have broken their promise to consumers. i'm not happy about this, not one little bit. tim cook recently criticized others in the tech world saying they lulled customers into complacency about privacy. what are they going to do? will they post my bank balance on their servers?
9:33 am
is that information to be shared everywhere? i don't like it. stuart: it might be good for the stock. >> i'm more concerned about my privacy as a personal finance expert, okay? stuart: okay. jo? >> that is huge concern with so much sigher attacks happening right now but also this is already happening on and other types of personal finance websites. >> but do it voluntarily. not like they come and get it from you. stuart: apple is taking it, looking at it and directing ads. >> it automated. you can't opt out? >> you but opt in on mint. you sign up for it. it is totally different. stuart: jason want to come in on the apple story? >> sure. i think ultimately at the end of the day, right if you're on the internet your privacy has been surrendered. that is really the bottom line. that is the cold heart truth. -- hard truth. these fears are apple are a little overblown. >> build a cabin in the woods. stuart: scott has not been in the discussion yet and i have to turn it to him.
9:34 am
how do you feel about your massive net worth being posted on the net? >> stuart, i was just going to say, all it means to me apple will not show me any ads because i don't have a net worth. stuart: very good. >> i like apple. i'm not going to bet against it but i wouldn't buy it here. that is what i think. ultimately it will be good. stuart: do you feel kind of left out? here we are talking about the technology stocks. that is where most people invest these days and you're out there in chilly chicago talking about commodities? are you trading corn while everybody else is looking at google? >> you know what? sometimes i like to be contrarian stuart. i think ultimately at end of the day not a lot of people trade corn wheat and beans. think whip around a lot more than stock and bond markets do. a little more action with less people sometimes at that can be more profitable. yes, we do a lot of tech stuff at my desk and a lot of equities. some. things behind me trading move around a lot more with a little less of a crowd and it is kind
9:35 am
of fun. stuart: you made your point. i want to move to amazon. amazon says that prime day would be annual event. just like we predicted christmas in july. look at this today all-time high in amazon. 480. >> 398 items per speck. that completely blew out black friday last year which was the biggest black friday ever. i thought you would like this. the top selling item in the u.s., was 356,000 lord of ring trilogy sets. stuart: that is ridiculous. >> you don't like lord of rings. stuart: that not the point? >> 12,050 shades of sets unrated. stuart: i must move on from there. look at netflix. even the ceo is baffled by the stock price. here is the quote reed hastings, when the stock was half this prize i describe it as euphoric. it's a mystery to me.
9:36 am
i think i'm out of the stock commentary business. jason you think netflix is a bubble, do you? >> not quite. it has got pretty tremendous international growth potential and i think as an investor that is why the stock price has been bidding up. yes they have, 50, 60 million subscribers in the u.s. they haven't tapped china which has a billion people. india, japan et cetera, et cetera. so i think from a long-term, multidecade perspective which reed hastings is looking at netflix in general has a lot of upside left. stuart: i don't want to ask our reporters here what they think of a stock but i do have to ask the bubble question. gerri willis, is netflix a bubble? >> i think it is. and keep in mind this is a hits driven business, right? this is like buying the film business. will they have a good year because of what they can put on tv is good? i feel very uncertain about the stock. stuart: jo ling kent is giving me daggers.
9:37 am
>> oh, no. sorry, no daggers here. look i'm looking what the company is saying. they're expecting 3.5 million subscribers in the next quarter. that is more than what we got this quarter and this was a blowout quarter. so the confidence is there. if you're in the stock for medium term, i'm not won to give advice on this but definitely looks very positive in terms of outlook but we know, stu, they don't always meet the outlook. stuart: i hear you. hertz, now there is a winner today. i think it is up like 10% or something. nicole come in from the floor of the exchange and tell me how good a day it's having. >> it is having a great day. how about 17% to the upside for hertz? hertz had to do restatements of financial numbers. their 2015 outlook very favorable everybody is jumping on board. it is up 18%. i should note it has been a loser this year, down over 30%. right now a great mover. avis budget up along with it. that is up a couple of percent. overall restating numbers.
9:38 am
hedge fund guys love hertz. a lot of guys invest big time big winner. stuart: i have to tell the world if you want to see nicole petallides looking bright and dynamic at 5:00 in the morning better tune in on monday morning because she looks bright and dynamic along with lauren simonetti and sandra smith. they appear 5:00 weekday mornings on fox business network. knockout show. >> it's a great show. stuart: stay up all night if you have to but watch it. mcdonald's, franchisees are unhappy to say the least. some using the phrase, we're on the verge of collapse. scott shellady come back in again, please. this is your fault. look what you did when you decided to go on a diet. >> well you, you know, they take -- there is firm at that take as survey of a very small amount of franchise i.c.e., this year again it slipped another couple percent what their expectations are for the coming year. i think, you know what? the new ceo has some challenges.
9:39 am
ultimately health food craze sweeping the nation will hurt them but they need to stay out ahead of the curve. i like breakfast all day. that was good idea. but i think health food craze does dampen down mcdonald's. young millenials are looking for something else out there and that ultimately will hurt them. stuart: you can not call it a health too craze. as if it goes away next week. i don't think it is, scott you know what i mean? >> no, it's not. as i drive down the road at 5:00 at night there is long line of people in the drive-through. maybe not a craze or a fad but i think health food thing is here to stay. i'm a big proponent of it now. stuart: jason $97 a share on mcdonald's. would you buy or not? >> as a card-carrying vegetarian i'm a bear on mcdonald's for a few good reasons. stuart: wait a minute. wait a minute. you didn't tell us that. you are a card-carrying vegetarian. really? >> it is invisible card but more or less -- stuart: i'm intrigued.
9:40 am
why? >> i actually started, i changed my diet to vegetarian diet about seven, eight years ago. i can't speak highly enough of it. my kids don't eat at mcdonald's. i stopped eating at mcdonald's in fifth grade. while ultimately mcdonald's has good business intentions turning a profit they're against the trend of the world wanting to become healthier and have less disease by what they put in their mouth. i'm a bear on mcdonald's. not going above 100 it will probably have decline 10% over next 12 months because business prospects are not good. stuart: i'm not quite sure where to go with this. i really am not sure where to go with this. a card-carrying vegetarian doesn't like mcdonald's. do you have a favorite fast-food chain, jason? >> well see, the thing is, i love that we're getting on this topic hire. in california as you know it is a very health focused state. there are actually more and more fast casual chipolte-style restaurants been started by very
9:41 am
successful smart technology executives who also realized benefits of diet change as veggie grill and native foods. they may be focused in california. i wouldn't be surprised that california has been start of major trends over the year for places like that to start to expand across the country to by people healthier dining options. mcdonald's has its work cut out for them. stuart: you're killing me. >> its the truth. stuart: jo, you're smiling laughing at me. >> i'm always laughing with you, stu, first of all. card-carrying vegetarian bearish on mcdonald's of course but real thing he hit on very smart is the millenials diet and where it is going. >> thank you. >> choice, convenience, delivery. that is not exactly what mcdonald's is at this moment. stuart: he is calfornian, for heaven's sake. what does know? >> smart calfornian. stuart: southern california for heaven's sake. it was fun today. thank you very much for everybody appearing this friday morning. making the show a great success. we appreciate it. thanks everyone.
9:42 am
>> thank you. stuart: now look at the big board. google is doing real well but the dow is down 66 point. now look at ge. big name and you probably own it in your 401(k). if you don't own it directly. it is reporting higher profits. it's a winner, not up by much, 16 cents. 27 on ge. four big-name tech stocks hitting lifetime highs. we talked about all of them google, amazon, netflix, facebook. just look at them go. netflix down a tad, 15 cents a moment but 115. because of all the tech stocks gains the nasdaq has hit an all-time high, 5184. what a day. up next we're under attack from inside of our borders. terrorists could strike any moment, lone wolves that is. it is the new reality we are all facing. an update after this.
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stuart: you know this maybe should be the headline of the
9:46 am
day. new record high for the nasdaq. we never thought it would get back to these levels after the dot-com bust but there it is. 5197. that was high reached a little earlier this morning. look at this. google is now up $81 per share. that is 13%. you rarely see a company of this size go up that much at the opening bell. extraordinary. >> there is this. the terror attack in chattanooga, tennessee four marines killed, the shooter being investigated for links to islamist terror. blake burman with us from d.c. new information please. >> and, stuart, this crossed literally a couple moments ago and i want to cite dow jones here. the suspect in this case, mohammad abdulazeez reported by dows jones that he made a trip to jordan. that trip was seven months long. now investigators are focusing in on that trip to try to determine if abdulazeez made
9:47 am
contact with any extremists, potentially if that inspired him and potentially while he was there in the middle east if he made travels to any other parts of the middle east. and potentially got any guidance or any inspiration. so this trip back in 2014 to jordan now apparently part of the focus for investigators there. stuart? stuart: blake berman in d.c. thanks so much blake. we believe that the gunman acted alone and he was postings online about islam. so is this another lone wolf attack? looks like it. fox news radio todd starnes is with us. and, todd, you object to that label, lone wolf. why? >> oh, i do. as a matter of fact when you listen to what the president said yesterday he didn't even use the word lone wolf. he said loan gunman. stuart: he did. >> we keep hearing this phrase lone wolf as if these are just isolated incidents. we've got a heck of a lot of lone wolves out there and we have a heck of a lot of islamic radicals out there but you won't
9:48 am
hear the president say those words either. we have yet to hear him say islamic extremism. we have yet to hear him say terrorism. we have yet to hear him say jihad. his u.s. attorney inattanooga, said we're investigating this as act of domestic terrorism. for whatever reason this president doesn't want to connect the dots. he doesn't think there are any dots to connect. stuart: i would use the expression of lone wolf to denote a new form of terrorism. not like the old style, get together, plan it out and fly planes into individuals. these may be individuals that could be pop up anytime any place. >> that may be true but if that report we just heard is accurate we have to ask ourselves what was that young man doing overseas? who was meeting with? what sort of instruction was he getting? more importantly how many of those folks are here living among us, waiting to kill the infidels and stuart, that is folks like you and me. stuart: it is indeed. now you also take issue that naval career center, the first
9:49 am
place that this young man shot up yesterday i believe there was, it was in a no gun zone or gun-free zone? >> that's right. stuart: you object to that. you want to arm these. >> it is time to armed armed forces stuart. makes absolutely no sense, these marines who dedicated their lives to protecting us, can defend our nation on foreign soil with weapons yet they are not allowed to do the same thing here on american soil. it is absolutely outrageous. stuart: you know what i heard yesterday from a recruiter who was on tv. , he said, we don't want the to carry guns. that would put off people who come in to sign up. we don't want to have this vision of aggression right out front or inside of the building. that is why there is no guns. seems to be the exact opposite. >> absolutely. i have thousands, thousands of people coming on to my facebook page with guns and daughters in military, they absolutely agree. they have to arm the kids and give them a fighting chance against these terrorists.
9:50 am
stuart: you know it will not happen? >> we'll see about that. i suspect we'll have a ching in this country. a change in attitude. stuart: we shall see, todd starnes. first appearance on the show. >> con fratlation. it's a great show. stuart: if you're not careful you will be back. thank you todd. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: check out the big board. we're still down about 60 odd points. are we doing the same thing today as we've done last several days. you have a big move at the open. things settle down and there is no movement until just before the close. we'll still see. we're still down 60. here is the stock of the day. google up 13%. you're shaking your head gerri. >> unbelievable. stuart: unbelievable, for a company 13% for a company worth $350 billion. >> that's great. stuart: next the most popular truck this country that would be the f ford f-150. they're getting
9:51 am
$10,000 discount. why on earth would they do that? we'll tell you in a moment. ♪
9:52 am
9:53 am
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9:54 am
you're blindsided for a second time. they won't give you enough money to replace your brand new car. don't those people know you're already shaken up? liberty mutual's new car replacement will pay for the entire value of your car plus depreciation. call and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: more recalls over faulty airbags made by takata. ferrari recalling 814 cars in america. ferrari says several of their
9:55 am
2015 model cars were indeed equipped with the takata airbags. we got the ford motor company cutting price of new a aluminum f-150 by $10,000. gary gastelu is here. first of all, how much is the average selling price of a new ford f-150? how much? >> average transaction price is 44000. goes from 25 up to 50, 60, 70. stuart: they're offering $10,000 discounts. does that mean the average price comes down to $34,000. >> not really. ford says overall spending on f1 150 is down. we're seeing pockets of $10,000 incentives in specific regions. stuart: i have to go to the dealer show me the model with the $10,000 discount? >> exactly. they're still ramping up production makes things kind of interesting. maybe this isn't the hot ticket we thought it was going to be. they are not on the lots very
9:56 am
long. that said the need they feel to have competitive incentives with the silverado, with the ram, people might just be treating this as a truck again. stuart: but they put out, that was a huge gamble when they went out there and made this thing out aluminum or chassis or body made of a aluminum i think. that was a huge graham bell. complete switch what they had before. >> taken decades of reputation and basically hit the reset button on that. stuart: okay, the reset button. you can't yet say the gamble was a failure but they have got to try again? >> later this year when production is at full steam weil find out exactly where everything stands. for the frond loaded production with higher end models. the work trucks are coming on line. these people are concerned about aluminum. they want to know how much it will cost and how long it is in the shop if it gets busted and make up -- >> be like apple phones that they bend? is that concern about people buying these trucks are concerned they won't wear well?
9:57 am
>> some people are concerned about that. they want somebody else to find out before they buy a dozen or 100 trucks for their fleet. stuart: if i could get a brand new ford f-150 34,000 bucks out the door i would buy it. >> you could but i don't think you bet fancy one. stuart: i want a farm truck. that's all i want. thank you, gary. top of the hour, lieutenant colonel bill cowan he fought in the jungles of vietnam and fighting an invisible enemy. how does he think we should attack the new invisible enemy, terrorism? second hour of "varney & company" is about 2 1/2 minutes away.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
this is all about what you want when you want where you want on your phone. that is what it's all about. donald trump takes the lead in another poll. played right into the hands and republicans are scrambling. we've got it all covered. power to start now. stuart: let's get right to the terror in tennessee. investigators now say they are looking closely at the trip at the shooting suspect made to jordan in 2014. they want to know if you have any contact with an extremist groups travel to other countries according to people familiar with the investigation. mohammad youssuf abdulazeez reportedly spent seven months, a number of trips he took during
10:01 am
his lifetime. joining us now but attorney general bill callan. i am very familiar with your military record. you were in vietnam fighting an unknown enemy. you are fighting guerrillas in the american military for the opponent before. seems like with the same situation now where they're asked to fight an invisible avenue which we've never fought before. how would you recommend we fight this new different enemy? >> stewart i like the way you have laid this out carefully because indeed this is an enemy within our midst that we have the experience of fighting. in my judgment, based on my experience and i spent a considerable amount of time in the middle east working against these guys. in the united states we want to refer to his lone wolves. it's the islamic community and chat to accept up admirably law
10:02 am
enforcement is doing a wonderful job. there are limits on the islamic communities across america has to help us with these radical elements. stuart: this is not for soldiers. there's not military power to use these guys. we need more computer hackers. this is a brand-new word. >> that's a great point. my enforcement and the radicals we've identified that law enforcement intelligence have identified because of those people using the web. we look at this incident. this guy had an engineering degree educated guy. it is extremely good and will have a lot they didn't meet
10:03 am
with. the way to get into secure sites. how to encrypt and look at me for a typical law enforcement intelligence people can't see what's going on behind those closed encrypt the doors and we may find this guy, i space-bar was using techniques to get around being identified and observed. stuart: if you have the power first thing tomorrow morning was the first thing that you would do to beat this new enemy? >> well just not been enemy i would make sure every recruiting station and across this country was military people authorized to carry arms. yesterday some of the people all of this may not happen. law-enforcement and federal authorities are doing a good job at reaching out to the islamic communities. within those communities, if you go to chinatown in san
10:04 am
francisco there's a lot going on. same with the russian mafia, new york. it is the same in those islamic communities. law enforcement can see and will never see. those communities for the most part 99.9% are as much horrified about these things as we are. we need those people in the communities to be working directly every day with law enforcement and a partnership process that identifies people who are starting to espouse radical views. stuart: do know what you're talking about and we appreciate you being with us. what you are about to see if the shooter's home and nice middle-class neighborhood. but wait did the state department say terrorists and from a lack of jobs and opportunity? listen to this. >> we need to go after the root causes that lead people to join their scripts. we can help countries work at
10:05 am
the root cause of this. what makes a 17-year-old kids pick up an ak-47 instead of trying to start a business. maybe we can chip away at this problem. stuart: bill callan, i hope you are still there. you just heard what maria had to say there. a lack of jobs, lack of opportunities turns into radicals. that is pure nonsense. >> it is absolute nonsense. here's a good example from the university of tennessee. there are credible studies that show many people who go to the other side go to the dark side and come after us and attack us, are well-educated. many from affluent families. i am not talking about isis for soldiers in iraq or syria. i am talking about those in this country come in after western civilization. i think the president almost
10:06 am
reiterated within the last couple weeks it is sheer lunacy. it is not about education. when we look at the people actually threatening us on a daily basis look for the hijackers on 9/11. most of them are well-educated. stuart: i'll say it again. you know what you're talking about. now i will say goodbye but i hope to see you again real soon. let's get back to the market. same story all over again. down 60 points. that is the way it has been recently. it moves in the morning, move in the afternoon, dead flat most of the day. however the nasdaq a new all-time high. 5197 earlier. 5195 now. all-time highs today. tech stocks going straight out. look at this. for big names.. google we have is a lifetime
10:07 am
high. amazon netflix facebook, all of them at lifetime highs. straight up today. lauren is here with some more technology headline in case you missed them. >> this one has to do with google. another self driving car gets in an accident that for the first time there was an injury. three google employees suffered minor whiplash. they went straight to the hospital as a result and were immediately released. the vehicle was rear-ended when it was stopped at an intersection and hit from behind by another car. the head of the dragon project that google is now suggesting that google is start to use technology to add a warning like a honk to alert distracted human drivers on the road. so the cars stop getting hit from behind. this might explain how uber is a $50,000 valuation. according to a new survey, 55% of business travelers over the
10:08 am
past three months versus 43% with traditional cab rides. we did this part already. the cost right now at the elaborate escape from the maximum-security prison was a reported $1 million. the tunnel he escaped into with a mile long and very elaborate. the estimate doesn't include the cost of the land where he emerged from the pomo or the house but over the exit. he is a magician and an expensive one at that. stuart: to gift that keeps on giving. of course the guy is still on the loose. you have a good headlines for monday morning i'm sure. don't forget to tune in every morning, every weekday morning at 5:00 in the morning. you will see this young lady warned the necessity along with
10:09 am
sandra smith at 5:00 a.m. unbelievable. check the share price at mcdonald's. but donald's franchisees are really concerned about the future of the company. with minimum wage fast food workers potentially increasing to incredibly high levels, we are facing a crisis situation. a crisis situation from the franchisees. >> franchisees are losing their mojo. 63 quarters of falling u.s. sales. some of the guys to respond to this that one bad decision could put us out of business. they are saying mcdonald's needs to simplify the menu. they have sandwiches but they've added cheaper signatures. we are scared for her jobs are not continue operating.
10:10 am
for the first time since 1970. you know one other thing worth making. make donald's spymaster poll lead. the competition seems to be hurting. chipotle would be a senate mcdonald's market cap held onto chipotle. stuart: thank you indeed. we have to keep on checking the stocks. google is now up to $91 per share. thanks to the biggest gain in seven years. it is simply extraordinary. part of the streaming revolution. we will discuss that next. as we leave you look at google. $6.92. amazing.
10:11 am
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stuart: performances are turning in. google stock and netflix boasting go to all-time highs. what they are doing, these two companies are running the whole business. what you can watch, where you can watch it and how you can watch it specifically their living room or smartphone. these companies lead the pack. who is next joining us now shane snow. >> we're a media technology company. stuart: you know about this one. facebook might be the player that tucson. >> facebook wants to be the next to some. from the beginning they wanted to do video better. so there is a huge initiative to make video the next frontier. they've done a lot so far. the modern city is being streamed but they want to take google specifically. i don't know that they complete with netflix.
10:15 am
it's more user generated content. stuart: they went into the whole marketplace. do you think they can do it? i notice facebook stock is around 9293 another all-time high. if the market saying yes they can do it they can take on google and youtube? >> are certainly doing while much they are investing back into video. i think it is a discovery issue. with netflix you can find premium video content you want. with youtube you can find user generated content stars, celebrities. facebook is trying to siphon off the talent from youtube. they are going after youtube stars. amateur celebrities, the people who sit in front of their webcam and teach you how webcam and tissue had a coconut source of things. that is where they are starting. they are trying to take on youtube directly by saying we have the audience. face that drives a lot of the traffic to youtube.
10:16 am
if we could just own the channel, like comcast buying nbc. they want the whole thing. stuart: that is why facebook is that $94 a share. this comes straight up over the past few weeks. facebook could be a player in the marketplace. anybody else? >> twitter is an interesting one. live advertisers talking about how to get into my video. people have to pay attention. they can't get up and make a sandwich. they have to watch if it is life. periscope, which is twitter's main product is dominated not right now. stuart: somebody goes to a rock concert for example, pops up the camera, so anybody anywhere can watch this rock concert live in for free essentially. >> if you and i are having a debate around a campfire talking about hillary or whatever it is
10:17 am
your viewers to tune in life. twitter is the one on a map. whether facebook will get into that and all of his friends would be the question. stuart: and the other big names? >> there is always hulu hbo and stars and showtime. netflix will spend more on programming next year than all of them combined. i'm interested in espn. i'm also interested in when virtual reality hits the market when they allow you to see three directions. stuart: i can see your face light up. >> said i was a big breakthrough that's happened in the last year or so is the technology has caught up. certain ones a lot of them do. facebook specifically because they want to be the main player and not.
10:18 am
stuart: do you think that is a thing of the future? the wraparound goggles? >> a lot of entertainment wonder that direction. he could be in a movie theater watching the show instead of having the people next to you. stuart: uber good. next time you are in the show we will debate hillary. they spared much indeed. we appreciate it. breaking news. information on one of the victims and the tennessee shooting. blake burman with the news. reporter: stuart, a4 size confirmed to fox that one of the marines killed in yesterday shooting the person's name escape whilst, said to be of marietta, georgia. we know very little other than i can tell you he was a lance corporal within the marines. as you might imagine we will expect to get more information throughout the day about these four marines killed us were
10:19 am
reported throughout the morning, thomas oliphant was one of the marines killed yesterday as well who was awarded the purple heart and fought in iraq and now we can tell you the name of the second victim, skip wells, marietta, georgia a suburb of atlanta. lance corporal killed yesterday in the shooting. stuart: blake irving thank you indeed. a little bit of movement, not much. we are down 18041. i say america needs a new era of prosperity because that is the glue that binds us together. i also say hillary clinton is not the candidate that will bring us prosperity. my take on that is next. >> i believe in transparency. i believe in taking transparency and i've done so. >> what difference at this point does it make?
10:20 am
10:21 am
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10:23 am
stuart: hillary clinton has built a campaign juggernaut. she's hired 400 staffers including some of the best and most expensive political operators around. she spent $19 million in just a couple months in the election is still a year and a half away. it is not going well. a campaign make glaring mistakes. remember the roping off of reporters said they couldn't get close and ask questions? the latest poll shows only three intend to describe her is on us. that not good. what is wrong? obviously the e-mail scandal doesn't help and her massive speaking income is an embarrassment. in my opinion it is their policy statements that have held tripura. i think she has misled the american people. she has turned far left. a new entitlement program,
10:24 am
higher wages and tax the rich to pay for it all? hillary clinton has assumed america wants her version of fairness rather than flat out roads and jobs. i think she is made of poor political calculation. america wants to return to prosperity and you don't get that by taxing spending and ignoring our massive debt. she will be the democrat nominee. 400 staffers in a couple billion dollars won't get you into the white house if your policies mean debt division and stagnation.
10:25 am
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stuart: moments ago we told you about skip wells a marine who is the second victim identified in the tennessee shooting.
10:28 am
he was a lance corporal from marietta, georgia. again, lance corporal skip wells code in the attack on the naval reserve support center in chattanooga. the man who shot and killed four marines is being investigated for possible link to islamic terror. investigators say mohammad youssuf abdulazeez traveled to jordan for seven months last year. last hour was up to lieutenant colonel tony schaeffer about the role of social media and terror. >> these folks may be using what we call basically you can manually put in a url put in the numbers and those numbers take you exactly where you want to be. very hard to detect. you could be on the jihadist website somewhere overseas and not necessarily be detected going under the radar. stuart: lives the marine just identified as being killed in the attack yesterday couldn't carry a weapon.
10:29 am
liz: we have disarmed her most trusted members of the military. this is a fun person is telling me. that came under the clinton administration in 1993. the soldiers protect us by going to war in iraq and afghanistan. there is an argument that the military police can step in here. the military police are stretched thin, often called back into battle zones in iraq. stuart: a growing movement for soldiers in america should be armed. you agree with that? >> i agree with that. it takes a long time for the military police who are stretched thin and for local police to show up and take out shooters. stuart: well said. you heard just before the break he was my take. now look at this new poll. 39% have a favorable view of hillary clinton. just 39%. i will bring a liberal commentator. welcome to the program. my position is hillary clinton
10:30 am
is pretty much to the left but the entitlement programs. i don't think i've restore us prosperity because i don't do restores growth to the american economy. and you say? >> i say she is not good enough are to the left. sanders is calling himself a socialist. her has been created triangulation as we know it. she is not a fool. she understands we need to keep the base happy and she has to respond to sanders. she is going to say we need to raise minimum wage. she is going to a piece to the left. but not too far left. she knows better than that. stuart: we have had seven years of this president obama. tax, spend and ignore the dead. we are not prosperous. we are growing at 2%. the dataset has been low. don't confuse things at the
10:31 am
dataset has come down recently. but it is still nearly half a trillion dollars a year. the accumulated debt has gone from 10 trillion a man walked in the white house to $18.5 trillion now. stuart: he has not reduced the debt. >> housing is better. things are better now with obama. the question is fit for going too far to the left. stuart: while hillary's press aired its restore? now is in response to sanders. water policies are more mainstream. i'm not saying she is a flip flopper. >> she hasn't said i'm going to set minimum wage at this. she has no standards. she is not that radical. she simply saying i believe they should raise minimum wage. she hasn't put a number on it.
10:32 am
stuart: how about the universal pre-k and she wants to take care of zero to four years old. that is a massive new entitlement program and she proposes to pay for that by taxing the rich. is she going to walk away from that? >> trickle-down economics. the rich have no problem. tax me. i want an educated country. they say four euros aster than any other age group. why would we not want an educated america? the rich do not mind being taxed if they have a smarter -- >> tax me. i don't want them for euros running around. >> if you live in new york, california and several other states and you earn serious money, maybe a million dollars you are going to pay more than half your income in income taxes to the state and feds combined,
10:33 am
more than half. i say that is flat-out immoral. flat out wrong. what do you think should be the appropriate maximum level of taxation? >> if taxes are used appropriately -- stuart: what is the maximum level? >> whatever it takes to have a prosperous country. stuart: we've got 50% were not prosperous. stuart: raise it to 60%. would you raise taxes? >> i insist on this. i think it is immoral for any government anywhere to take more than half of a person and can't and they are doing it up right now. >> that has been a problem for ages. stuart: at the moment it is 50% if you've got serious money. 50%. where would you take it too?
10:34 am
60% 70%? >> zero to four gives us better roads, wonderful parks. stuart: you are okay with 60%? 70%? where do you stop? >> would've allocated properly and we have a prosperous nation. stuart: if he took every penny they earn a million and everything after that you take it right off. you confiscate about. you realize what would happen, don't you? you would have a recession. and you still wouldn't cover the deficit. did you know that? >> the problem is taxes as we know it or not used properly. stuart: what the is going on? >> time taxes could be used properly and it's never been used properly. stuart: you want to take more? >> you could take less than used appropriately. the whole system needs change for taxes to be allocated in the proper places so they can have a zero to four education program.
10:35 am
stuart: where would you reallocate at the moment ?-questionstion -mark >> so many little things i have no idea where the taxes are going. stuart: so why raise taxes? if you don't know why i'm trim where it's going already, why raise taxes? if you say throughout history.or the tax money goes, why should we taxed more? >> we are not getting transparency. stuart: why do you want to raise taxes when you don't know where they're going now? >> that the problem. to this transparency. >> in this transparency. who doesn't want a better country. stuart: do you think raising taxes over us prosperity? >> if they are allocated properly. stuart: i thoroughly disagree
10:36 am
with you. >> at the bridges to nowhere, then no. stuart: how about obama phones? 12 million of them. do you think we should abolish that? yes, obama phones. you are familiar? >> and the internet. trying to get people access and communication and knowledge to the masses? stuart: that is money well spent? >> if it helps the masses have more communication and the internet, as your argument the other day it gives access to knowledge. there's nothing wrong with access to knowledge. these are no longer perks. i don't think these are perks anymore. it is like electricity in your house. you need the internet. i think it is a riot. i think it's like electricity. the internet is electricity nowadays.
10:37 am
absolutely. stuart: fascinating. kathy, you may well come back to the program. i think you are totally wrong but that's another story. i want us prosperity. >> we agree. stuart: no we don't. >> however we get there whatever it takes. stuart: let's be real clear, we do not agree. >> we will agree to disagree. >> thank you. stuart: the nasdaq composite index. a new record high. 5189 now. earlier it was 5197 and that is the all-time high. don't forget about gas. this may be a turning point. came than a penny a gallon overnight. 276 calling that a good start of what i think will be a sliding gas prices this summer. apple check this out price. so from the 120 level.
10:38 am
to be precise 128. they filed for patents that would let them read your credit history and then tailor ads directed to you a sign your credit history based on your finances. liz: i have a problem with this. tim cook had taken on google and other internet companies saying they are intruding on privacy. now a new patent will basically take a look possibly at your credit card available balance to see how much spending power you have in order to target ads to you via apple products. stuart: do think it's an invasion of privacy? liz: i don't like it. christine ambrose at the point that one if you have a spouse of a credit history and makes your credit? >> maybe it's a good thing and would stop the ad coming your way. stuart: i think it is good for
10:39 am
apple if you can tailor ads to a certain clientele, that is a good thing for apple. liz: it is not good for credibility. we are about privacy, but then they filed a civil basically watch what you do and the size of yours pending power to send advertisements your way on your apple devices. stuart: anything on the internet and your dad. >> will be checking online for us at the spending power. stuart: i wish they didn't have to check me. >> it probably will. stuart: let's get to the sector report. obviously hitting lifetime highs. cheryl, go for it. >> you are just talking about google. this is one of the stocks i am watching today. amazon, netflix, all of this technology stocks. what is interesting, big earnings coming out yesterday. it basically seems like she will
10:40 am
not be wasting any more money shareholder money on things like google class self driving cars, things like that. these are all pieces of technology we have seen. the cfo says enough is enough. this is what she's doing and it looks like google would get more serious about managing the books and not chasing pipe dreams if you will. i am paraphrasing. back to you. stuart: you are right. eighty-seven dollars right now. up $90 earlier. that's a phenomenal thing. trump taking the lead in yet another poll on his messages on gun control and immigration heading home. we will answer the question later. ... ...and open and close your garage remotely. because we all forget sometimes. so call now and for a limited time
10:41 am
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10:42 am
>> im nicole petallides. blustery mix in the dow jones industrial average down 70 points. the nasdaq composite in record territory right now. up 30 points. look here at the tender chart proving all-time highs today. right now sitting at 5192. some of the names you know well including netflix, amazon facebook and google with lifetime highs. google is a big mover here a 15% after a great quarterly number. click add revenue and the like.
10:43 am
advanced micro on the other hand under pressure second-quarter losses. down about 3% hitting a new low. get your day started on fox business at 5:00 a.m. along with sandra smith, born in cincinnati. 5:00 a.m. on fox business.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: this is the stock of under armour up again. remember please, jordan spieth, the up and comers sponsor by under armour. that is great for the stock. look who is leading. an english may now still in the late. he is nine under. jordan spieth has not teed off. jerry willis i've seen you play. you are very very good. you are mentioning this earlier. it could be the weather in britain will interrupt their prime for the prize. >> weather is a big deal. a player you can't predict. one of the huge things the players have to overcome. the five-foot deep bunkers they have to get that. they are ridiculous. winds picking up out there makes it more difficult for the players.
10:46 am
the course is right next to the north sea. anything could happen. rain, weather changes all the time. we expect the weather to deteriorate as the day goes on. join up at 12:48 our time. dustin johnson needed at this point. stuart: he has not teed off yet. >> danny willis is leading. that won't be a long time. once we get the stars out you will see them really start bombing it. the unknown factor again the weather. stuart: i will be up real early tomorrow morning. one size does it start? >> 4:33 is the difficulty of time. the real fans out there the first day of the british open they stay up all night so they can be ready to go. and then they are set up the
10:47 am
rest of the week. you are used to getting up early. we start the machine taping we don't have to see the whole thing. i have a tee time tomorrow morning. stuart: you will be up early. i just know you well. we will see you again before the show is over. much more on the turn that. the player over there at 11:45 this morning to record the opening. let's get back to donald trump. they did the latest fox news national presidential poll with 18% of the vote followed by scott walker 50%, jeb bush comes in third. donald trump is not just running on immigration. listen to this. >> these are four great marines from what everybody tells me unbelievable people and they are not allowed to carry guns is ridiculous. what happens is this guy walks
10:48 am
in. they are just sitting there as targets. it is absolutely disgraceful. stuart: joining us now pete schneider. it seems to me all the news headlines play to donald trump. now he's talking about it's ridiculous you got to arm these people in tennessee and our soldiers. his claim cut. he goes straight at it. he's up the oxygen out of the gop field. >> stuart, i don't think that pat lyons tailored to trump. he is clearly the most media savvy. he's had his own show for 14 years and has been in the public spotlight for the past four decades. he gets the game better than anyone else. just a little bit of context here. 18% in the polls leading nationally. at this point in time in 2011, her men came within 26%. these things tend to be fleeting but no question donald trump is dominating the media. train to a lot of people say to
10:49 am
me would love what donald trump is singing. he goes right out of it. he declares himself very clearly. heaven forbid he should be the president of the united states of america. i fear that all the time. you are laughing that you have heard it, too. a lot of republicans feel that way. >> i hear it all the time. in the green room at fox they say i can't wait for your nominee, donald trump and then laugh hysterically. i think this is fleeting. it is summertime. stuart: can he win a primary new hampshire, for example? >> and he went somewhere? of course he can. anything is possible. good things tend to happen when he focuses his mind on something. that said his shtick will get old after a while. this is good for two people in
10:50 am
the field. one of scott walker and the other is jeb bush. both are considered adults in the room -- the republican party starts to say wait a minute donald trump i pulled this off you'll see people are racing to walker and bush. stuart: do you think jeb and scott walker pulling away from putting space between them and the rest of the pac? >> i do. walker has had some real momentum. i think trump is a wet blanket on brand paul ted cruz a lot of folks they would be center-right or libertarian in an case and they not getting the oxygen because donald trump is suing the headlines. stuart: thank you for joining us. get back to the green room. stuart: thanks, buddy. terror hits home again. a muslim opens fire at chattanooga, tennessee. four marines died.
10:51 am
the latest on that coming up. if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. hurry, before this opportunity cools off. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us.
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10:55 am
gunman entrance they spent several months in jordan last year and investigators trying to determine if he had any contact with extremists during that state and if you traveled anywhere else in the middle east or dow jones trips to jordan were not uncommon as you traveled there several times before. fbi says he was not on the radar and they do not have direct links between foreign terrorist groups. any potential terror tie is clearly the focus of investigators now. kuwaiti nationals accused of murdering four marines in chattanooga tennessee including gunnery sergeant thomas oliphant, decorated iraq war veteran awarded the purple heart. they've also learned of a second victim skip those of marietta, georgia is a lance corporal and has been identified. liz: blake burman in d.c., thanks again. a full two hours of "varney & company" on the books. more on the way.
10:56 am
>> lookout genius if it is. it is unbelievably good. it will appeal to new yorkers and when you say millionaire taxing owners, what do you think people think? the mayor cannot be done over. i'm sorry. you just won't win. >> what was the young man doing overseas? what instruction with you getting? how many folks are living among us waiting to kill the infidels. that is folks like you and me. stuart: you do know of course if you took every single penny of everybody who wants a million dollars a year everything after that you just take it and confiscate it. you realize what would happen, don't you? you have a recession and you still wouldn't cover the deficit. >> the problem is taxes as we know it or not used properly. that is the true problem.
10:57 am
stuart: what is going on?
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
11:01 am
11:02 am
11:03 am
11:04 am
, the idea they are going out shooting americans because they can't get a job, just for a second look at his house does not seem like a lack of opportunity that drove him to it a middle class neighborhood in tennessee. >> she said so stupid, you know poor people, they don't take up arms they steal bread.
11:05 am
this is an excuse, did you see that carpy pulled up in that is a nice drive he was disen disen dis. >> are you kidding me, you are saying, we should have had our shoulders armed when that british shoulder was targeted and beheaded in middle of the street a couple of years ago of that a red flag these guy, random? the nypd wrote a 84 page report on this a couple years ago, there is a first stage of this preradicallization, have you a uncle, a father, someone in household who who says over and over we're mistreated in this country even though they came from a place like kuwait, where we saved their a. >> a law enforcement stand point, is that when it is less
11:06 am
sort of centralized -- >> i get that i am saying this idea that any american would log on one day and be seduced by isis no. you hear about it the whole life then there is a self identification, i am growing up in america but i feel kinship to the folks over there. then the jihadist phase they go back and forth to jordan that set it off. >> think about how hard it is to crackdown on these crack pots. it is -- if. stuart: very hard. >> if this is loosely organized isis said hit a web site we'll show you how to kill someone. >> we need to redirect. >> i agree we spend i wrote a book about this this was critical of money spent on cracking down on insider trading, the debugs.
11:07 am
where are they not redirecting it to this. >> high frequency trading a billion alga rhythms of day to internet they pick that up for trading opportunities for a penny, we can apply the same technology there why don't we redirect our resource congress has got to get on this we have a federal law enforcement bureaucracy that spins its wheels -- 92 -- >> you have to realize this administration does not want to acknowledge terror, they talk about a lone gunman, never mentions. >> amazing the criticism they gave george bush reading to kids in 9/11 president's posture last -- even yesterday, they told him about this was at some point you have on look afraid or angry, forget about calm and cool and you know whatever. let's be -- >> i also think there is a
11:08 am
structural issue with law enforcement they are wasting their time on a lot of bull. >> a note from fox news tell us that fbi is going through his computer. as we speak. >> i feel better now. >> don't you? >> isis has 22,000 follower on twitter this is the next question how is that. stuart: wrap it up take you to big board stocks losing a little people, not much, down 68 points that is where we are now, there are 4 big name tech stocks that are hitting lifetime highs we talk about stocks all of the time every show we pit on the -- put on the air, google amazon, netflix facebook look at nasdaq, it hit all-time record high this morning 5197 still up 30 as we speak come in charles payne look at google, and google, at this price, up $91 that has just at justeddeds there are into
11:09 am
s there are -- $62 billion on the company. >> mind boggling one of the main buy signals they hired the cfo from morgan stanley the first quarter is least amount of people they hired in several quarters. you remember last year amazon was question question going up, google got that message, you can't be in medical devices in all these frivolous thing toes because the ceo, and grandmother. >> because of the cool factor the self-driving cars enough is enough. >> when are guys like you going to hold amazon accountable? do they make any money. stuart: they put it back into the company. >> at some point you have to return to shareholders, i think
11:10 am
-- i don't know if that is a positive, she left wall street. >> it is a negative for wall street. >> silicon valley is living the world they they just need more muscle in dc . >> so why are they not holding accountable? >> they have made changes. >> glorifying amazon because it is 500 a share. >> but they don't make enough money. >> they are making a ton of money. >> it is called bubble. stuart: it would take a strong stomach on part of our viewers to jump into google right now at nearly $700 a share after up $9 in one day, you have to be really you know gung he. ho . >> or a day trader. >> you know i am thinking about taking profits in netflix and others, i am not yet but i am
11:11 am
thinking about it they pullback i will get back in. >> i disatry to with you about netflix. >> i tell you, i am up 150 points in 2 weeks. it doesn't matter to me. >> 11 minutes past 11:00 in 49 minutes charles is anchoring show after this one, run-up stairs to his office, put a tie on. >> i know. >> charlie said i could get away with this. >> you do have gold chains? stuart: he also the anchor of "making money" with charles payne 6 p.m. he is a good man, british open underway all eyes on jordan spieth, golf legend gary player, is over there. he will jonus over here on the phone. arounda11:30. >> a major candy maker wants to help you're sweet tooth but curb your sugar intake, presence of mar -- the president of mars chocolate
11:12 am
north america is here this sun usual anybody from mars does media, we have him, they will be here next exclusive interview. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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11:15 am
stuart: new information in tennessee shooting the names of all 4 victims make berman details. >> we told you, of two of the the victims thomas sul sullivan and skip wells other two names sullivan there then wells now we hear of other two sergeant carson home quist and david quite of chattanooga. we're unsure where home quist is from all 4 killed in shooting yesterday, we can tell you fox has been able to confirm, the trysts this
11:16 am
gunman, muhammad youssef abdulazeez -- trips that fun man muhammad youssef abdulazeez made he made several trips to jordan and kuwait. investigators will look at why he report to both jordan and kuwait and try to piece together, when he went why he went who he might have talked to. stuart: thank you to markets. there is a lot of market action in these stocks look at them they are going to lifetime high google, amazon, netflix facebook if google closes with a gain of $90. its market value goes up 62 billion dollars. and as a result of new high, all those tech stocks we have a new high all-time high for the nasdaq today -- 5192 as of
11:17 am
right now. this is exclusive major candy make maker with less sugar in its product. mars chocolate north america endorsing limiting added sugars and artificial chemicals in its products a breakthrough you are doing media you are doing some of this most people never do this you chose us to be your gateway to america very good of you thank you very much. >> thank you for having me here. stuart: you brought canny -- canny with you, you are in favor of limiting excess sugars in candy. >> limits excess sugar in your diet is important that consumers know what they are eating, our products are a treat not a meal people know there is sugar in them but you need too know how much then you can choose what to eat, what not to eat. stuart: you support this new
11:18 am
labeling? >> absolutely. stuart: you want to know what you eat, you support that. >> yes. stuart: are you changing your candy in anyway, shape or form? >> it is a person question our consumers tell us most important thing is taste we continuous let's look how to make our products better, we will not change the taste. stuart: not the taste, but will you change the content like getting rid of some excess sugar. >> we've been reducing saturated fats in our products we will continue to make our products better, but not to compromise the taste. one thing we've been doing is new products. with lower calories we won't change our fantastic change in the peanut m&ms but this year m&m's crispy 180 calories and labeled. stuart: okay wait you and i are europeans. >> yes. stuart: you have an accent, so i have i go too europe, i eat their chock chocolate, i really like
11:19 am
it not as sweet as american chocolate, and tastes better, why don't do you that in america. >> that is a personal opinion our product here tastes fantastic. >> are good. >> we're world's largest chocolate maker we do make product in europe. stuart: have -- you are private. >> we are. stuart: stock in mars. >> no family owns, that is why we can do what we do. stuart: one of the richest families in the world. >> i can't come comment on that. stuart: i know you can't. >> i can tell you being private we can make investment we invested $100 million in a newic economy tension of our -- extension of our factory in poe intopeka kansas. >> we make 95 percent of what we sell in u.s. we teen
11:20 am
believe in making it somewhere else, we don't believe in someone else we roast cocoa beans in pennsylvania, peanuts in georgia we believe that is way to keep quality of our products what you want to great taste. >> they are adding jobs too. >> i am in favor, i am flattered that anyone from mars appeared on television in america chose to program. >> ask her about this they are making a while bar, they are big sellers. stuart: let me ask but goodness knows. >> a new snack. it comes in august. got 4 pieces 150 calories. we bring you new products. that taste better, and better for you, that is what retailers what and our consumers want. stuart: are you going to a the price? o-- it does you so much more good do you raise price. >> a philosophy is value for
11:21 am
money we believe in value for money. stuart: you are not answering the question. >> we'll provide affordable snacks to people. stuart: how much. >> it depends on where you buy it. if you buy it in a convenience store versus a super market, from under a dollar to over a dollar depends on retailer. stuart: really? >> yes. >> i would pay that. >> retailer. stuart: i have to get back to, you are the largest chocolate maker, in the world. way out in front of everyone. >> not way out, but we're biggest. stuart: that is extra is is economy rah ordinary -- extraordinary. >> m&ms are biggest seller in the world. >> 26 and snickers and dove.
11:22 am
>> stuart: marties -- smartees have you tasted m&ms they are way better than smartees. they are not here. >> okay. stuart: a real pleasure, congratulation on the investment in america thank you very much for coming on television. >> thank you for having me, enjoy products they take festivity. stuart: leave them right there. >> we'll take a break but we'll be back in just a moment.
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
11:26 am
stuart: not that much known about how mexico's drug lord "el chapo" guzman arranged his escape, but we know that cost we have estimate. they say "el chapo" likely spent a million bucks on getting out. >> because engineers look at way that he broke out, he was not off by a millimeter a small -- he was not off. that is why all support he brought in to this, a million dollars potentially the cost. he had so many people on the outside. but he -- looks like he himself
11:27 am
hired engineers to help break him out. stuart: the king of tunneling about way, he has been running tunnels under the border. >> he had access to best civil engineers, and they were good at what they did. if you are not off by a millimeter i would hire that person for a construction project he span a year on this -- we believe. stuart: walk into his shower stall, and go through the hole. >> see you later. stuart: how much does social media influence homegrown terrorists? the ansar may surprise you. i am speaking with tennessee congresswoman diane black. back in a moment. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is
11:28 am
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11:31 am
>> my dad was a marine, i don't understand why these marines were not armed. >> we should have had our soldiers armed had that british soldier was targeted and beheaded in the middle of the street a couple of years ago, that was a red flag. stuart: that is what everyone is asking, why were the
11:32 am
soldiers not armed. congresswoman black should we arm our soldiers? >> absolutely it should have been done a number of years ago we saw in fort hood a number of us called for that now in our act we're calling for it again. stuart: fort hood if you call that workplace violence you shy away from calling it terror. then you are not going to arm the soldiers who are involved. this is a hangover to some degree. >> it is. we have got to recognize, there needs to be investigation but we have to recognize and call this what it is. after this investigation we find out, as we it is looks like a part of radical islam. we have got to name it for what it is. we have to address it.
11:33 am
we can't keep putting our head in the sand. stuart: arming our soldiers be probably be the thing that comes very quickly out of this tennessee shooting. you would agree? >> i would be -- i would say yes, one of the major issues that will come out of this shooting, two things one is to name radical islam for what it is this administration refuses to to that we must force it. and second to arm the military it is ridiculous my husband served in vietnam as a marine, he cannot believe you could be a marine, and not have our side arm with you at all-times. stuart: congresswoman diane black from tennessee thank you very much for joining us, a pleasure. >> always, thank you, so much. stuart: here is something that we've been talking about role of social media what role it playing in this home grope home -- home
11:34 am
homegrown terror. >> so they have specific terms of agreement that forbid a threatening remarks or terrorism promotion or anything like that we cannot directly link the case in chattanooga to social media at-this-point. but, it is -- there is a lot of interesting data. one in five tweets are in english they are targeting u.s. and western europe. you see 46,000 tweets have -- twitter accounts have been used by pro-isis members as of last fall. >> 46,000 twitter accounts used by isis since last fall 8 months? >> there is no one official isis oris twitter account am we're talking about sympathizers who are active, twitter because of their terms of service have been shutting them down now
11:35 am
the the reincarn nation has decreases that is a good sign. but there is a larger influence. >> of all those accounts notice is on twitter -- not isis at twitter there are 22,000 english followers in the world on twitter following these accounts 22,000 people. stuart: in the world? >> in the world that are english speaking. stuart: you come up against free speech, at what point do you shut down free speech. >> that is why you see certain companies being more pro active than others, analyst say facebook is more aggressive then twitter isis prefers twitter as a method of recruiting individuals data
11:36 am
that brookings analyzed shows that it is not on recruiting a lot of people but influencing individuals. >> they have to start handing over information to feds enough is enough. stuart: have you sign what is on the screen. >> google. stuart: $700 a share up $100 today. how about that. >> a huge story this is about ad revenue growth, and the new cfo . pushing that stock up. stuart: i can't remember see a company of that size go up by $100 not since. do the dot -- not since the dot-com days that qualcomm went up. >> this is historic. stuart: google, when google stock was up 90 just a few minutes ago that added $62
11:37 am
billion to overall value of the company, i am getting now it is 65 billion. is that stock of the day? >> i think it probably is the stock of the week it has big competitors in netflix as well app exciting week for tech. stuart: looking at amazon, netflix, google and facebook. >> apple. stuart: apple can dead in the water. >> this week. stuart: straight up does it take a strong stomach on part of an individual investor to jump into google at $700 a share? >> a strong wallet. >> you have to have real nerve. >> charles payne tells us he is staying away from these. stuart: but he was not wearing a tie remember. >> cool. stuart: not really, he is going to borrow one of mine after the bell today they will speak
11:38 am
with chattanooga mayor and andy berke for all latest updates on that terrible story. >> donald trump, latest fox poll with 18% of vote i spoke with tammy bruce about him today. >> trump intrigues me he is interesting with his fundament disclosure -- financial disclosure he is not a blow hard with money, but media always says that about somebody that they are fright frightened of, that also intrigues me. stuart: now, david paul. you come from media? >> i do. stuart: little -- little are you on the left or what? >> i call it like i see it. stuart: are you on the left. >> i call it like i see it. stuart: trump. >> a republican nightmare.
11:39 am
reason, he could go third party, if he goes third party republicans have no chance of winning. stuart: a long way away from going to third party. sudden he? >> i don't-- isn't he? >> i think he is popular with a huge following, he is not getting much more popular but he is not going to gropp off radar, i would say if truffle trump goes third party he will win white working class voters from republican and consolidate hispanics for democrats,. stuart: the premise is that he goes a third party route, supposing he does not. he just stays in race among republicans he will be a big upset in in the debate next month. you still say he is a nightmare for republicans. >> then he influences the race he is not going to be the the
11:40 am
republican nominee he takes away ted cruz's energy, and even rand paul. jeb bush can look for presidential jeb bush can look more moderate, but yet show sympathy for sentiments behind trump's pop limp -- pop. >> if you have a background in politics, i know you have. don't you find it a little bit refreshing, you don't like what donald trump is saying but he is going at it. very clean cut, you know what he is saying, he does not back down people like that. don't you have some admiration for that? >> i have but i think that is what political media is missing, the fact trump is not all resentment. he is truth to them the most important finding in fox news poll that 59% of republicans
11:41 am
said that trump has guts you know what people went to george wallace because he called it like he sees it. stuart: 1k3 and roundal reagan. >> they took that third party out and slated it to their movement. stuart: thank you david we appreciate it come back. >> thank you. >> all right. >> right now, jordan spieth trying to hold on to his title of best golfer in the world playing to win in british open we get a live update from our friend gary player, at st. andrews we'll be back with him on the phone in just a moment. here is a simple math problem. two trains leave st. louis for albuquerque at the same time. same cargo, same size, same power.
11:42 am
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11:44 am
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stuart: check share price of etsy skyrocketing, google gave etsy a mention on its confront call yesterday, etsy rallying it is up 27% on a mention in a confront call. >> look at this chart gone straight up all day. that is etsy after a mention on a conference call. >> not bad. >> google, is the stock of the day. up $100 per share in one day, 708.89, google worth $65 million more than it was two hours ago. not bad, we had our eyes to open that will be british open golf tournament danny will it in lead 9 under jordan
11:47 am
spieth, and dustin johnson not teeing off until about an hour from now, guess who is with us one and only gary player, thank you for joining us on the phone. i have to ask but dustin johnson. he choked, i will say collapsed at the end of u.s. open now he is in a leadership position with british open pressure on him, right in. >> it is. but the pressure is there are a lot of players in this field with a lot of pressure looking at wimbledon, or u.s. open tennis, you can say 4 or 5 people will be in last 5. here there are 40 people that can win. so it is very difficult to say at this stage who has most pressure on them how about spieth? to be the second man in history to win the three majors in a row, what pressure for him. so but, these guy, live with
11:48 am
it just have to get out play shot by shot. we're at the greatest venue in the world nothing el like it in golf. stuart: gary greatest venue and may oldest with wind and rain coming in off north sea, i hesitate to call greatest venue. >> well you know you have to remember old scott saying the day is what you make it. >> true. >> we're in for such an exciting weekend. and on monday, we have another great day, we have a gary player invitational, and called baron berg we have all of these top players most of them coming down to play to raise a lot of money for charity what a week for us we're all here. stuart: i have 10 seconds you are going to predict spieth wins british open yes or no.
11:49 am
>> i hope he does. i have to be a diplomat not upset others, i hope he does it will be good for golf like the triple crown in horses. stuart: a fine person gary player. thank you for being a great friend of "varney & company." >> thank you, take care. stuart: okay. different subject shooting in tennessee on phone congressman scott. a congressman, i understand that your district boarders chattanooga. and i also understand you are introducing legislation to allow military personnel to carry firearms on base. correct in. >> it is. i think it is clear that time to repeal the directive from february of 92 that prohibited military personnel from carrying firearms and we live in a different world than we did 20 years ago in terms of terrorism, and right here on the soil. stuart: a directive issued 20
11:50 am
year -- in 1992 that said no guns on base? or no guns out front of the base is that what it said? >> basically directive, issued in february of 92 put a ban on military personnel carrying weapons on military establishments. stuart: you will get rid of that directive, that is what you want. how much support have you got in coming for this. >> of course, there has been multiple intenses like navy -- fort hood shooting then now, with what happened in chattanooga. and climate in middle east and the threat of lone wolf and terrorist cells here in united states that is high time to do something, it should have been done before this given these marines and other military personnel a chance to defend themselves it will move forward heavily. stuart: congressman, i have to tell you every guest on this program today has been cheering you on, thank you for joining
11:51 am
us sir. >> thank you, sir. stuart: streaming, dominating in every single way, including sweeping traditional award nominations, net flick am -- net netflix and amazon lead the pack. back in a moment. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
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11:56 am
>> has there ever been a story that you just kind of want to lose it? >> oh, yes, quite recently actually. one of my guests got really personal with me. calling me names. and i didn't lose it. but i through him off the set. >> i think i remember that guest. >> yes. >> and we know who you are. >> it did the rounds. >> one of my -- favorite varney moment. >> what else are we going to say on sunday? >> well, it's all part of fox
11:57 am
news, we got fox business in there. it's it starts at 3:00, dismiss at 5:30 and then we have an encore on mon at 3:00. >> 3:00 in the morning? >> 3:00 in the afternoon. [laughter] >> i can watch it at 3:00 in the morning. i'm not sure about 3:00 in the afternoon. great stuff. michael, thank you very much indeed. and thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of horrible bosses. >> staff actually nominated you. we approached them, and they said what would he be good for? >> you're out of here. [laughter] >> hold on, everybody more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> okay. now, wait a second. you and i are both europeans. >> we are, yes. >> and you've got an accent and so do i. now, when i go to europe and eat their chocolate, i really really like it. it's nowhere as sweet as american chocolate. it tastes a whole lot better. why don't you do that in
12:00 pm
america inspect? >> that's a personal opinion. >> that was tracy from mars making a very rare appearance. anybody from mars very rare appearance on television, but she did today, and that was great. all right, charles payne have you got a tie on yet? it's your show now. >> thank you very much. have a great weekend. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. and right now we're waiting a live update from chad where we're going to get more details on a motivate, possible motives of the shooter. meanwhile the administration trying to smooth things over with the saudis. there's a real big meeting at the white house today as we're seeing links between this nuke deal and one we had with north korea in 1994. and the head negotiator of that deal is now saying big warnings about this new deal. and take a look at these. stocks hitting all-time highs. facebook amazon, you google every day. but the question is are we seeing a bubble


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