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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  July 19, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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nue the investigation into the secrets of 9/11. for fox news reporting, i'm bill hemmer. thank you for watching. >> you heard him yell allah akbar? >> screamed it. the first shot hit me right here in the chest. oo weent through my left shoulder here. >> two soldiers who sur vufed the massacre at fort hood speak exclusively with fox. >> it was the worst terror attack on u.s. soil since 9-11. 13 people murdered 43 wounded on the world's largest army base. major nadal hassan wore the same uniform. >> we had a terrorist serving in the military i am sure for some people was hard. >> only thing he didn't do was wear a t-shirt that said i am going to attack fort hood tomorrow. >> how did the united states army and fbi miss the enemy
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within. >> do you believe the massacre could have been prevented? >> i do. that's the painful conclusion. >> there was a failure to act. >> the obama administration says no purple hearts will be avoided. what happened at fort hood almost 3 years ago should be addressed in the context of a broader threat of workplace violence. >> the big question is why didn't anybody ever blow the whistle on hassan? >> i am bill hem mer. >> i am katherine jarrett. >> i am greg begun feld we are here on this episode of "fox files." >> i wanted to help soldiers and i wanted to work in mental health. >> hideidaho native shawn manning comings with a family of a proud tradition of serving the nation. >> my father wasgrandfather was in
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ee roy jemaah world war ii was a marine. he drove a tank. he was proud i joined the military. >> it was in october of 1999 when the 23-year-old followed in his grandfather's foot steps. what is your rank and position? >> staff sergeant mental health specialist. >> active duty? >> on active duty but i am a reservist. >> he has deployed multiple times since signing up. >> the first time on the border of iraq and kuwait it was 2003. my second deployment i went to iraq. that was 2006, 2007. >> in 2009 manning was getting ready for another difficult assignment a 15 month deployment to afghanistan. but before deploying the staff sergeant had something very important to attend to. >> you got married in september of 2009. >> we got married in hawaii on the beach the two of us. >> we decided to do the wedding and then have a reception or
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something after i had gotten back. >> he was set to deploy and i knew that at the time we were getting married so we were kind of preparing for that. >> shawn's bride autumn was new to the military life. >> you have to get yourself prepared in the mind set for that. it's rough. you have no clue of what a deployment is about. this would have been my first time dealing with that. >> with their wedding reception delayed staff sergeant manning de prayered his-- prepared his unit. >> do you remember the last time you said good-bye to sean? >> it was october. it was at the airport. i dropped him off. >> she would see him sooner than she imaged. for another young soldier it was a different story. >> joined the military november 18th, 2008, in spokane, washington. left about two weeks after that. >> george stratton joined the army when he was just a 17-year-old kid.
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>> thought the military was a way to get into school easier. i told myself i was going to do it and made it through. >> he also comes from a family with a proud history of serving a nation. his father named george also had the tradition. >> my dad was in the air force he was killed during the vietnam conflict. joined when i was 17. my induction was at fort jackson when i originally joined when i leased it as well as physically. he was a scared little kid when he went to basic. they turned him into a young man. he was extremely put together well. basic training did an unbelievable job on him. i grew attached to the military more. eventually i couldn't wait to deploy. i had motivation to want to go.
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>> six months after joining stratton was assigned to the 36th engineering brigade in fort hood. >> i knew nothing about it like i know now. >> stratton was 18 years old and his wish was coming through. his unit was scheduled to deploy to afghanistan. >> you was excited couldn't wait to go. loved going to get all of the extra gear and everything learn how to use it. it was -- bought a personal swing for my m 16 i nup they were getting ready to deploy. i knew it was going to be soon. i am going to have to quit worrying about it and hope for the best. staff sergeant manning had almost completed the necessary steps for evaluation for deployment. >> wake up thursday morning november 5th. what dowry call from that morning? >> a bunch of us went to the
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frc. we were in the processing center driving around looking for coffee trying to wake up. getting situated and going through the frp process. >> that morning started off i was going to medical out processing. >> the srp where both soldiers were headed consisted of five single story buildings close together. where soldiers had various tests done. when walk out side this building to the right-hand side there are 3 or 4 chairs and across from that 3 or 4 chairs. in front of the door there are 3 or 4 rows of chairs. i was there with a specialist and another friend of mine. i had finished checkups processing and i amzations all that stuff. psych ef val.
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i was almost finished with the srp for the day. i had just had one more station to go through i think i was probably 3rd or 4th person in line to get my final screening done for the day. >> since i was finished i didn't have anything to hi think about or focus on to do next i was just waiting. i was kind of falling asleep in the chair just relaxing. >> at approximately 1:30 p.m. their world would change forever. >> that's when somebody walked into the medical clinic and yelled allah akbar and everybody in the building probably heard it and started shooting. >> all of a sudden pretty much lost hearing in my ears and it was bang bang, bang constant. and then as soon as i opened my eyes and looked up everybody was on the ground. >> got hit in the chest.
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you know, i couldn't image that this was going on and thatought that maybe for a second i thought it might be some sort of a training thing. >> the staff sergeant sitting across from me he was on the ground his left shoulder was limp. reiched down toward him to grab him and when i was kneeling and pulling him toward the door i look up and i turn around to look behind me and there is mr. hassan. first i looked at him first magazine dropped out of his weapon. pulled the second one output it in his weapon and then he looked at me and i looked at him for like a blink of an
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>> at 1:30 p.m. october 5th sergeant manning andrew stratton were under fire.
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>> saw the muzzle weapon pointed at me six feet away. squeezed around kind of slammed to the ground with a round that went right through my left shoulder here. >> i saw everybody screaming i saw the blood all over and the blood on my chest and couldn't breathe. i tried to go to the ground i felt bullets. >> a fellow soldier 39-year-old nadal hassan was arm withed a hand gun intending to kill as many americans as possible. >> i started crawling i didn't look back. i crawled toward the door he continued to fire in the crowd. there was only one entrance there is a lot of people in there. i was one of the first three to make it out. >> felt like i went into my abdomen and so i tried to play dead for a while. there was nobody to get out of
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the way. also a med tick i knew that my lung was filling up it was getting harder and harder to breathe. i knew if i didn't get out of the building soon i was going to probably drown. >> manning and stratton were in the fight for their lives against an enemy who wore the same uniform. who was major nadal hassan? katherine harris picks up that part of the story. >> born and raised in virginia you are looking at nadal hassan then known as mike from william fleming high school in row an oak virginia class of 1988. >> parents palestinian immigrants had a convenience store. it was a very americanized student. >> amy zee guard is a senior fellow of the hoover administration in stanford university. she has done extensive research in following the fort hood
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massacre. >> he was a loaner in school. not unusual for high school males. >> major hassan spent quite a bit of time in the army. >> hasan has been a soldier for 20-years and a practicing muslim. he attended bars go college in california and went to virginia to attend virginia tech. he was the defense attorney for two years until the army major fired him. >> prior enlisted service he went to med school under an army of programs. he would regularly pray and attend local mosques. >> it appears he became radical radicalized in 2001 triggered by the deaths of both of his parents. he went to the uniform university of health sciences which is a component of the military. >> spent his training and psychological development in the military system. he gave a number of presentations that were
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considered wildly off topic about islamist extremisms. >> in 2007 hassan gave this power point presentation entitled the world view related to muslims in the u.s. military. he gave a have you had yo tape of the presentation. called it very creepy. he justified the actions of osama bin laden hassanan's fellow students said on two occasions he justified suicide bombings in class. >> so alarmed his colleagues and superiors his classmates demanded his presentation be stopped. >> it wasn't just views on religion. >> he was a terrible psychiatrist psychiatrist. he was ranked in the bottom 25 percent of his class. he often didn't show up when he was due to show up for work. >> in early 2009 he attended a homeland security policy in conference on combating terrorism.
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here he is seen listening to israeli ambassador talking about his efforts. he also he can changeexchanged e-mails in 2008 to 2009 with terrorist anwar hal anwaral al ahi. >> he was promoted to major in may 2009 possibly earning nearly 100,000 in pay and bonuses. >> three months before the shooting hassan held a secret level of security clear ranges when he report to do sex as-- texas for training. >> when hasan was transferred to fort hood one called a colleague and said you are getting our worst. >> he was supposed to deploy to afghanistan with my unit. he would we would have worked together on a team or in a clinic.
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i never met him before that day. that was the day before we were supposed to meet him and he was going to join our unit. >> that day? >> that day, yeah. >> his intro sduks to you ---- introduction to you -- >> was shooting me. >> when he arrived he was assigned to the army medical certainty. the two people who interacted with him thought he was odd. the imam at the mosque agrees. >> it was something that just wouldn't right. >> hassan was hell bent on committing terror. he bought a hand gun with a laser for 1,299 dollars from guns galore in texas. he returned to the store every week or two to purchase ammunition and magazines for his weapon. magazines for typically hold 20 rounds. he purchased extensions that
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extended it to 30. on november 5th, 2009, he decided to act. that morning stopped by his local 7-11. the employee that morning remembers the visit. >> i talked to him. i told him good morning how are you doing? he just smiled at me. i noticed his out fight and stopped and commented on it. why are you all dressed up today? he said he wore it in the morning sometimes. >> at 1:30 p.m. he was in the army uniform. hundreds of other soldiers were being processed. >> you heard him yell allah ha akbar? >> you sure of that? >> 100 percent.
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>> after being shot by a fellow soldier nadal hasan staff sergeant manning had only one thought how to escape alive. i got up to my knees pushed the door open started walking out of the corner of the building and somebody cried out he's coming around the corner with a gun. he's shooting killing people. i just sat there felt helpless. felt helpless. waiting for the person to come in and finish the job. >> i remember rapid shooting as fast as he could shoot. he had a tactical ladzer on the bottom of the weapon. >> what would that do for him? >> make it easier to aim and hit targets as you are shooting hem. the first shot hit me in the left chest. >> how close to the heart?
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>> that was the first round so i am guessing it would have to have missed my heart by maybe a centimeter or two. >> it's a miracle. >> yeah. >> you were shot six times. how did you get out of it? >> i was fortunate enough to be able to stand and run. stand and get out. as i was going out the door i -- i saw one of my soldiers on the ground and i knew i couldn't do anything about it drag him out or anything like that without getting hit again. >> just minutes after hasan opened fire two civilian police officers worken oning on post. they saw major hasan outside of the buildings. money lee who fired the first shots was hit three times before
12:24 am
hasan was taken down. his massacre left 13 dead and 43 wounded. >> all of fort hood the size of 42 football fields serving 45 thousand soldiers was on lock down. staff sergeant manning and private stratton were taken away for emergency care. >> i called my father when i listened to his voice mail i don't know. my heart just dropped immediately hey, dad, i can't remember it all. hey, dad, there's some crazy blankety blank down here shooting at everybody. i have been shot. >> i received a phone call from my mother. she saw something on the news. she is giet quite panicked there's been a shooting at fort hood. i got a flight the next morning and i was out.
12:25 am
>> what kind of a condition was he in? >> i just knew he had to have his abdomen opened up and like i said, the doctor told me we don't know how he is going to make it or what kind of condition he was going to be in but i was happy to see him alive. ♪ >> what happened this past thursday will impact the families of fort hood community and our army for a long time to come. >> five days after the massacre president obama and the first lady along with the army's general george casey traveled to fort hood for a memorial service. >> this is a time of war. if these americans did not die on a foreign field of battle they were killed here on american soil. >> you were here where president obama arrived in fort hood. >> definitely didn't expect it
12:26 am
he was talking to the families of the deceased. i don't think he was planning on stopping by the wounded warrior side. heened up talking to everybody. i was there with a wibribbon on that showed my warrior was still in the hospital. >> he also met his commander-in-chief. >> he was nice. his wife was niers. i don't remember too much of the conversation. >> came my turn when he came to introduce me asked my name and what i was there for. i couldn't even get the words out. i started crying at that point. coming up... >> he keeps getting a pass. he keeps getting promoted. >> when we looked at his personnel evaluations they are glowing. >> there's a problem in this government of ours where we refuse to call the threat by its name which is violent ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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fox files the enemy within. >> nearly three years since the
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massacre of fort hood in november 2009 questions have been raised. how does this happen? how does someone like in aed sal hasan continually move up in the army ranks. >> senator joe lieberman and collins are ranking committees of governmental affairs. in february 2011 the committee issued this report a ticking time bomb on the fort hood attack. >> could the massacre at fort hood be prevented? >> my conclusion after our investigation was that the massacre the fort hood could have been prevented. >> this is not a case where dots had to be connected in order to figure out that we had a serious threat. the dots were already connected. there was just a failure to ask. >> neither the dod nor the fbi had specific information about the attacks they had sufficient
12:32 am
information about hasan's radical islamist extremism. they failed to act on it. prorps say as early as 2003 his radical ideology was no secret to his students in the army. >> it was so alarming and radicalized two of the fellow officers described him as a ticking time bomb. >> he did things like repeatedly told classmates and superiors his devotion to shirea law was over the united states constitution. >> there was answer sewed maybe the slide presentation he had that fellow students were so alarmed by what they heard they fled the classroom. >> everybody in the class had to make a presentation he choose to make a presentation which was in my way of thinking a
12:33 am
justification of violent islamist extremism. >> yum this is a residency training for psychiatrists. what does he choose as his topic? he chooses to justify radical islamic extremism. this is no secret among those who knew nadal hassan that he was radicalizing before his very eyes. >> there was more. >> he wasn't a good doctor. he was barely performing. he was counselled many times about the fact that he needed to improve. >> he let a psychological -- it wasn't a psychiatrist by stretch of the imagination. >> it is mown by students and supervisors. he keeps getting a pass. he keeps getting promoted. >> when we look at personnel
12:34 am
evaluations in many cases they are glowing. now one factor i think is there was such a shortage of psychiatrists within the army as a whole. >> if you recommended someone be disciplined when they were desperate to hire more psychiatrists people would have thought you were crazy. >> a second factor was the promotion system. >> they have local files that track what they are doing. those files get thrown away when someone moves on to the new command. your new commander has no idea what your history is what concerns about you are. that is part of the promotion system. >> the idea is to give people fresh starts. but they allow insider threats to go undetected. >> lieberman believes there was a third factor that kept him from exposing his troubling behavior and rhetoric. >> some were worried about political correctness that if they blue the whistle on this guy people would think they were
12:35 am
anti muslim. >> weren't there people who tried to speak up but were silenced in the end? >> there were some students who complained. yum yum their concerns were essentially ignored. >> there was a letter saying they are dealing with fort hood in the context of workplace violence. >> when i saw the letter i laughed because it was so ridiculous then i got really angry. there's a problem in this bolt government of ours where we refuse to call the threat by its name violent he isislamist extreme i. >> the department of defense is classified this a shooting at fort hood as workplace violence. do you agree with that? >> no. i think it is almost a disgrace. it's disgusting. >> to equatorrism with workplace
12:36 am
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>> sunny san diego. this city has been a hotbed of terrorist activity in the united states for well over a decade. san diego could be a we for
12:40 am
major hasan and the fortmassacre. two of the 9-11 hijackers settled here and began flight training. they attended a small mosque to receive spiritual advice from the american born cleric. al al howaki has been the subject of investigations. in 2006 he was once a part of the daily brief or bdp. he was treked by the fbi's jttf. >> joint tertism task forceat thats -- joint terrorism task force. >> from torques 7 to 2012 was special agent in part of the san diego office. >> it's important because it's not just fbi. it's all agencies coming together to fight terrorism. >> how many agencies or institutions have people
12:41 am
detailed? >> you are going to have detail lees from at least 20 upwards of 70 or 80 different agencies state local federal all working under one roof. >> the fbi has a memorandum of understanding with the agencies that define them. personnel details to the jttf are not permitted to discuss work for supervisors who are not members of the task force. >> there are more than 100 jttf's across the united states. the pentagon defense trill investigateive circle. >> anwaral al ahki is not on your radar. >> he was a u.s. citizen born in new mexico was no longer residing in this country. >> he was in yemen where he held citizenship using many different names. he was internationally famous
12:42 am
because of his dvd's web sites and ogn-line sermons. he was a pro vok tore of home grown terrorism. >> in > we were able to get that order out of san diego. >> if included the national security agency or nsa interception of anwar al-awlaki was buzz sglae. >> during his pique at upwards of 60 e-mail accounts he was using at any given time. >> how much of it was encorruptedencrypted or using codes? >> some was encrypted. >> he has 60 accounts. >> thousands of e-mails. >> buried in that pot of e-mail are communications between major
12:43 am
hassan and annwar al lack can i. oo ---al lack can i. >> the jttf had e-mails betweenal lackbetween them. >> between january and june 2009 there are 19 exchanges between anwar al-awlaki and major nadal hasan. 17 from hasan toal lack al lack can i and two brief cordial thank you for your support and kind words that come from anwar al-awlaki to hasan during that same period? >> have you read the e-mails? >> i have they should have given rise to alarm. a member of our armed forces wasn't communicating at all with a radical cleric in yemen should
12:44 am
have given rights to an investigation that was thorough and complete. >> you could lose your security clearance in the army for having bad credit and be kicked out of the army but you can't lose your security clearance for talking to a member of al qaeda through e-mail. it doesn't make snins. >> in a separate case filed fox news in british courts we have confirmedal confirmed anwar al-awlaki was sending cryptic e-mails with specific instructions to try to blow up a british plane heading to the united states. the he is serving 30 years e-mails between awlaki and hassan. >> in the end the final e-mails that hasan sent he begins to talk about his struggles internally with serving for the united states military in the
12:45 am
army while his brothers are overseas fighting a war that they believe in. did a little research about hasan in the army context. we were able to realize he was an army major who was assigned to walter reed. >> because they are in san diego and hassan lives in the dc area they can't take the lead on the investigation. they have to pass it off to a different joint terrorism task force in the washington, d.c. area. >> forwarded back a discretion nature relead. >> defense department member of the joint terrorism task force in washington, d.c. looked at hasan didn't see anything amiss sdinlt view people who had served the major in the classroom. they did not talk to his supervisors his fellow students.
12:46 am
>> they decided for a variety of reasons not to interview hasan. not because they didn't want to or couldn't get around to it. strategically they did not feel it was an appropriate thing to do at the time. you have to respect it was in the office that was going to handle that. >> the senate report notes the dcif and washington jttf and fbi supervisor decided not to conduct interviews of his colleagues due to avoiding the effect of hasan's career. >> there was a 4 hour investigation into hassan. >> they nifrn form the army's own investigators that prapz there was an sider threat here. that's an incredible black oflack of communication. part of it was territorial.
12:47 am
>> the independent review of the actions and failures of george hood include 18 recommendations for change. they are calling on the fbi director to release an unclass xied version immediately. will american people and military have a right to know. >> i can tell you every member of the jttf takes the work they do seriously. >> how hard did your investigator take the shooting at fort hood? >> any time something like that happens we take is seriously. it has an impact. only major
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>> after the fort hood shooting in a message released while hiding in yemen anwaral hack lack-- anwar al-awlaki praised him. >> shortly there after on september 30th, 2011, evidence killed by hell fire missiles from a u.s. predator drone. for the victims of the fort hood shooting life will never be the same. >> we both changed meegsnally. when you are in something like this you both have some issues of ptsd from this. >> you have two bullets inside of you. >> i can physically feel the bullet in my leg. >> george stratton returned to his father's home in idaho after leaving the army in december 2011. >> signed up -- the son they
12:52 am
sent to me when he was 17 is not the same man they sent back to me. he is damaged goods in a way. i don't know. >> this is george's medical file starting where in 2010 in theuntil present day. maybe a year and a half of medical files. >> this is a record of every appointment. 25 on each sheet. 275 appointmentsive taken. >> he probably has the equivalent of that many pages of prescription drugs. >> those who were hit with the bullets that came from hasan and they are suffering terrible both physical pain ptsd which extends not just to them but to their families. >> kneel surer is a new york attorney representing 164
12:53 am
victims of the fort hood shooting klugmaning and stratton in a several case.-- civil case. they will be suffering from ptsd for the rest of their lives probably. >> the court-martial is set for august 20th, 2012. he sported a full beard which is against army regulations. >> the legal outcome i would like is death. >> would you be okay with that? would i be okay with the death penalty, yeah. it might be too easy for what he did. >> holding the rank of army major he is fairly lied from the neck down by the shots. the police officers that fired him received a secretary of army's award for valorment he
12:54 am
still receives 6,000 a month in pay. >> this guy still getting paid. my son left the army in december hasn't gotten nothing. >> in the end i think he wereable to issue a hard hitting brief word. >> some have been implemented but they still refused to talk about violent islamist milltism. >> they have yet to send a strong message to the rank and file troops to report behavior that indicates a stoleoldier is becoming razz calized. >> you think we could see oh a fort hood in the future? >> i think it could happen again. that would be such a tragedy. >> did you severe a tushl heart? >> no. >> shot 6 times no purple heart.
12:55 am
>> do you want one? >> it would be nice if they recognize the sacrifice not just to myself but all of the soldiers that were killed and wounded that day. >> put in legislation to make clear that these people should deserve a purple heart vpt>> on the beach they thought their lives would be much different. >> have you ever had that reception? >> no. >> thought about it? >> so much other things to worry about.
12:56 am
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12:58 am
>> image an illness that turns men and women jealous. that's political correctless.
12:59 am
it renders humans into thoughtless vessels incapable of identifying evil. that's what gave us fort hood. consider the killer who never his hateful extremism. but for some pointing out that fact would only hurt feelings. it is one of those dots that are erased instead of connected. classifying the fort hood massacre as workplace violence are you kidding me? obvious rapbid islamist screaming allah akbar killing 13 people in an army based. he's not a disgruntled worker upset about the broken vending machine in the cafeteria. where did it come from? i call it radical islam foed yaw. or rather the fear of being sech as such. we have bureaucrats people worried about making people feel bad. the belief that america is the
1:00 am
most tolerant country in the world. these days being liked is so much more important than being safe. he's now dead. terrorist anwar al alack can i was killed in yemen in a justin cia military operation. two predator drones launched missiles traveling outside of sanaa. he was made in america and is a top recruiter for a worldwide terrorist operation. >> he's like a rock star to jihadists in the west. >> the protector of human rights in the world. >> demonstrates he does not honor his u.s. citizenship. >> with the command of english, arab and the internet, he was linked to terror plots like the time square bombing, the underwear bomber the


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