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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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me on facebook and don instagram. i will see you soon. . hello everybody. i'm lou dobbs. we're learning more each day about the obama iranian nuclear deal and the more we learn, the more it appears the administration has thrown our national interest to the wind in favor of a strange gift to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism. congressional republicans have been utterly helpless and bumbling in their role as the loyal opposition. but two republican lawmakers are now accusing iran and the international atomic energy agency a u.n. agency of constructing secret side deals on iran's nuclear program
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details of which neither that agency or the obama white house intend to share with congress or the american people. the obama administration has acknowledged that iran and the iaea "reached an understanding" but we've now also learned there are no documents, only agreements and that those agreements are not in writing. just as the eye toa khamenei demanded we give up. we discuss with senator james langford colonel ralph peters and john hanna. also congress taking first steps to rid the country of so-called sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. the senate judiciary committee began holding hearings on sanctuary cities and the lawmakers seem determined to crackdown on cities that give sanctuary to i will leem immigrants and violate federal immigration law.
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we'll talk with milwaukee county sheriff david clark. our guest now, one of 11 senators asking attorney general loretta lynch and hhs secretary, silvey i can't burr well that they're selling fee at that time organs. two videos have been released showing planned parenthood senior executives talking about their price per specimen of fetal organs. employees of a federally funded organization violating federal law. joining us now senator james langford a member of the appropriations and homeland security committee. he's introduced legislation to defund planned parenthood while investigating it for illegal practices. senator good to have you with us. let's get to it. a lot of people would be shocked to know that federal money, to
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the tune of a half a billion dollars is going to planned parenthood. >> it is. half a billion dollars a year. they separate that funding often. it doesn't go towards abortion it goes towards everything else they like to talk about women's health. they don't provide health services they provide screenings. the real people who provide health there are all kinds of other places we can direct that money towards, planned parenthood is taking it and we're seeing the results of what they do with that money. >> what can be done about it? i have not heard so many people so shocked about anything as the idea that people are selling, plant parenthood is talking about selling the organs the tissue of fetuses that have been aborted. >> it is shocking the way that they even portray it and what they're doing. you hear in one of the videos a negotiation on price. trying to figure out how much we can get for it so they don't ask
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for too much so it doesn't look like a lot. they're literally taking a child and talking about crushing its head to preserve other organs to sell other organs. the hard part for me is not only hearing that but to hear the callus discussion about crushing the heads of children and providing organs when they don't think it's a human being in the womb but selling the organs. so at some point it became human. i would say it's human in the womb. my first question is what about the children the child that they crushed in the womb and harvested its organs and sold those organs, let's start again with that child. there's an easy way to protect that child and it's not to kill them in the womb like that. >> we as a nation have become so desensitized. the pro life pro choice those are frankly to me extraordinary labels for the issue.
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we're talking about either pro-abortion or anti-abortion. >> right. >> for 60 million people estimates as high as 60 fetuses have been aborted in this country since roe v. wade. we're talking about a federal law that prohibits the sale of human organs and we have video evidence that precisely that happening within an organization who receives i think in the minds muc mypeopver lf ailli dolrs i fedel fundg. >> right. >> and carly fiorina, to me asked the right question. what kind of nation have we become? >> the question that i asked the people last thursday was have we become so numb to this. i was in an appropriations hearing and we spent almost an hour talking about human treatment of orca whales at seaworld shifted over to talking about humaneitly veld b kdn
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thomhe teas usd and organs harvested and people seem to have no problem with that. that's an incredibly numb society to what's going on. for a child five months in the womb we're not talking about this infant that's barely there at that point in pregnancy. we're talking about a child five months in the womb to be harvested. it's very very sad. >> does your leadership have the guts to go after this to hold hearings and actually do something? because, frankly, senator, i think the american people are as disgusted with the ineptitude of the loyal opposition as they are with the administration that is carrying out these policies and ignoring these acts. >> i don't hear anyone standing up right now and defending planned parenthood in what they've done. i hear people say they were taken out of context. you can watch the video and get a chance to see the conversation. it's really what's happening.
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what we need to do, i drew up the bill, i have a bill to defund planned parenthood entirely. it's no surprise o anyone who knows me we don't need to send half a billion dollars to that. let's take care of actual women's health not just refer to women's health organizations. at a minimum, i'd like a billy drop today to defund them during this investigation not during the process. >> will senator mcconnell will speaker boehner, will the majority of republican presidential candidates for 2016 stand up on this issue and insist upon a public dialog and debate? >> i know speaker boehner has said so publicly and called for the hearings and organizing the hearings on the house. i don't know who is coordinate thag in the senate. we will have votes this week on planned parenthood issues that will come to the floor. yes, this is moving. i have two different letters, one to the department of justice
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and one to hhs as well to protect documents during that investigation, that they don't destroy all documents or send it to a server in chappaqua new york. >> we're out of time but i want you to answer this. this is a developing and breaking story. the idea that this administration does not have nor has it revealed to the congress or the united states what is in those side agreements which people didn't know about until today between the iaea, a u.n. agency and the iranians on inspection. what in the world is a loyal opposition doing here what are you all going to do? were you aware of it, first of all? >> you know what, i was not aware of it until yesterday. yesterday was the first day i was made aware of it. we started pushing the documents to get it. we found out the administration can't turn it over to us because they don't have it. we're pushing on the
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administration how can there be a side agreement that you're not tracking as a part of this. >> are you going to stop it? >> yes, sir. we are in the process of walking through that. i just had an hour and a half meeting with john kerry that i left about 30 minutes ago that we walked through this in detail. there's a tremendous amount of skepticism. i'm in the middle of that to say how in the world could we have made an agreement to turn over billions of dollars to the iranian government and says we're going to trust they do the right thing and make sure that actually occurs. i can tell you their behavior does not warrant trust. >> senator langford always good to have you here. it's one thing for president obama to fundamentally transform america, but why is he insisting we surrender our sovereignty to the united nations? will congress do anything about it? the mercedes-benz summer event is
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president obama today promised that the united states will not let, as he put it, iran off the hook for its support of terrorism in the middle east. speefrking to the veterans of foreign wars in pittsburgh, the president also brought up the american hostages that are still being held by iran. >> we are not going to relent until we bring home our americans who are unjustly
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detained in iran. journalist jason, they should be released. pastor syed abedin i, a miles an hour ak maddy, a former sergeant in the marine corps should be released. these americans need to be back home with their families. >> are you kidding me? it was mr. obama who explained last week that their release should not be part of any nuclear deal despite secretary kerry bringing up the hostages and every single meeting held with the iranians. joining us tonight, fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters john hanna, senior counselor at the foundation for the defense of democracies, john served as the national security adviser in the bush administration. thank you both for being here.
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rob, what do you make of a president who decides that he will take a deal to the united nations before taking it to the congress of the united states? >> well, he was very smart to do so. this was carefully calculated because once united nations lifted the embargo on iran, it was game over. it doesn't matter what our congress does. if they vote to maintain sanctions, u.s. businesses can't do business with iran. europeans get all the business. lou, on sunday the german minister of commerce flew to tehran. he had a full schedule of meetings. the german equivalent of the chamber of commerce has predicted that they'll be doing $10 billion worth of business annually with iran in the next few years. so i mean the deal is already collapsed and our president, he's talking about the hostages
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maybe -- >> i'm astonished the president said that if the iranians violated the deal there would be a snap back of sanctions. what in the world is going on here? surely the president of the united states would not lie to the american people. >> no. but the president may just be wrong. the president thinks he's smarter than everybody else. but this deal is a disaster. snap back is an illusion. the iranian foreign minister presented the deal to his parliament today and he assured them that international businesses are going to swarm back into tehran and that's going to be an insurmountable obstacle for reimposing any sanctions on iran. once the sanction structure collapses that we built over the past decade there's no hope for putting it back in place. >> no hope? after the u.n. votes, the iranian ambassador to the united
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nations lashed out and blasted the suggestion by samantha power that their human rights record was in any way relevant to the discussion. ralph, is the iranian ambassador right and the obama administration wrong? >> well, the iranian ambassador was clearly having a good time mocking. the officials in tehran are mocking it. as you just heard it's game over sanctions is not going to be snapped back and by the way, this is a president who is just all talk. you heard him say in the clip you played that he will not relent until the american hostages are free. hostages whose names he can't even pronounce at this point. he's already relented. the only hope of getting those hostages back as a group was before the deal was inked. lou, this is looking like the worst u.s. diplomatic debacle since woodrow wilson.
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>> do you think that that was greater mockery because he was uttering those words to the veterans combat veterans most of them at the vfw convention? >> yes. >> john hannah, what are we to make of a president who sends an emissary defense secretary ash carter to israel to meet with the prime minister and has -- there is no message, there is no voice of support from this administration or the united states what are we to make of that and what should be the israeli response? >> listen i think secretary carter is the best thing in this administration at the moment. the problem is he's got an absolutely lousy policy to try and defend. and defending this kind of policy to israel or any of our allies in the middle east who have been opposed to this deal from the start who view it as
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empowering an existential threat to their survival you can't defend that to these countries. >> how about saudi arabia? >> the prince there, our arab allies led by saudi arabia and egypt are prepared to take military action following this deal because they acknowledge that they have no american support and they're up to their own devices, resources and purpose. >> i think that's absolutely right. i think, with regard to our traditional friends in middle east, all bets are off. they feel alone. they can't rely on the united atesnd ty're goio te thr o meares o sf-he. d a lot ofhose we' n gog t ke. the sdis going for nuclear weapons, nuclearizing the middle east on a nuclear hair trigger and the saudis looking around to fight hezbollah, to fight shiite
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militias in iraq. who do you think the proxies are going to be. radical islamist sunnis. whether it's al qaeda, maybe even isis. >> john thank you very much for being with us john hannah. ralph peter, good to see you. >> thank you. up next, a few thoughts on the liberal effort to bring down donald trump. can you imagine? we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile it is you.
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all right. let take a look at the mainstream liberal media's laughable attempts to declare the trump presidential candidacy dead. what was their reason? because the donald was rude to senator mccain. the des moines register editorial board called on trump to "pull the plug on his blow vating sideshow." in response trump called out the des moines register for circulation as poor as its
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reporting. dan balz reported proclaimed that the trump candidacy will provide -- or end with mr. trump isolated a subject of scorn or curiosity. you and i believe or supposed to instantly dismiss the immune from gravity part and also supposed to ignore that senator mccain was first to insult mr. trump, calling his audience of supporters crazies. mccain's good buddy, senator lindsey graham couldn't help himself and learned nothing from the experience over the last few weeks and this morning called trump a jack-ass. trump fired back in graham's home state and lit up his latest detractor calling graham an idiot and a lightweight. >> this guy lindsey graham calls me a jackass this morning and i said to myself you know it's amazing. he doesn't seem like a very
6:26 am
bright guy. but every time i turn on i have some guy that is hitting me like hard. now, the reason they're hitting me in all fairness when you register zero in the poll what the hell they have nothing to lose right? >> well it turns out graham does have something to lose as he learned when the donald gave up senator graham's personal cell phone number. trump, by the way, leads all candidates in the latest "washington post" abc news poll, which was conducted in the days before and after his mccain comments. even "washington post" columnist eugene robinson now gets the trump nature and style. writing, "attacking him with censure and shame is like trying to destroy godzilla with electricity. it might just make him stronger. i'm not sure that republican grandees understand the nature of trump's appeal which is that he defies the traditional
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customs and strictures of politics. he doesn't censure himself. he doesn't apologize when somebody hits him. he hits back." can you imagine the confoundment with which the left wing media and the liberal savants now find themselves? what to do with a republican who doesn't apologize, wouldn't think of groveling before the media of political correctness and in fact when insulted or attacked he gets far better than he gets. the trump candidacy has made a powerful contribution to the republican party, and it's clear that the left is scared witless that the donald intends to a accomplish far, far more. now, quotation on the source of political correctness and the coercion of group think about a leader of the revolution and founding father samuel adam.
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he warned the columnists of what we -- colonists of what we face as americans. the strangely the tools of a tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words. a first test what's happened to plain talk in america? what have we become? if you agree with the adams quote, we'd like to hear from you. go to lou dobbs tonight. you can like it, you can share it. we hope you'll do both. we're coming right back. stay with us. donald trump surging in the polls even as the left and even some on the right try harder to dismiss him. ann koelger with us tonight. does she think trump is the gop's best bet? uals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. they believe to be still in mexi joining us tonight, political commentator, columnist, ann coulter, her newest book the plan to turn our country into a third world hell hole it is number 6 on "the new york times" best seller list. ann, great to have you with us. let me first get your reaction to what the administration declared to be domestic terrorism, as they put it, immediately, unlike any other attack that we have seen. >> is this the one in tennessee or the one in san francisco they have called an act of domestic terrorism? i'm assuming tennessee. >> chattanooga.
6:33 am
>> yeah. well i was watching the news on msnbc, so i thought it was tennessee. for one thing, i understand the fbi was following this family. we know they were following the tsarnaev brothers the boston bombers. i'm thinking a better idea instead of taxpayers supporting the fbi to follow all these people we're bringing in and putting in american neighborhoods in the country, why don't we just not bring them in so we don't have to pay the fbi to follow them? these are all legal immigrants. >> it is interesting. i believe people are beginning to think about the fact that the country is defined by who we bring into our country. i have not heard a national debate on this even though we've been in a dialog about and debate of sorts about illegal immigration primarily and border security for a decade. people are now, because of a
6:34 am
murder prince pld. who are we who are we going to be and how should that be reflected in immigration policy? >> yes. you would think this would have occurred to republicans a little sooner looking at it from a purely partisan perspective. the post 1970 immigrants brought in by teddy kennedy's 1965 immigration act. not only are far poorer than native-born americans and much more likely to access government services but they're voting 8-2 for the democrats. if they were voting 8-2 for the republicans, i promise you chuck schumer would be on the border with the minuteman. the only reason obama -- >> yes. go ahead. >> sorry. there's a delay. we'll be probably interrupting one another a lot like that. >> your turn next then. >> okay. obama would not have been elected at all but for the most 1970 immigrants. what is going on with these republicans, lou?
6:35 am
for their own political survival is their position the same as the chamber of commerce. oh well, screw the country. i only have a few more years in politics anyway or i'll make my pile and so much for america? it seems to be. >> i think that that is certainly one of the possibilities. i want to recommend to the audience that they buy your book. first of all, ann is always a great read. this is no exception to that record. but there's an aspect of 1965 and you just reminded me, this is a foundation of all that's changed in this country. a lot of people scratch their heads and say what's happened to this country. ann coulter, in this new book, tells you a lot of what happened with this country. beginning with the immigration law of 1965. not 1986 not 1996 or the attempts in 2006 and subsequently. 1965 led by senator edward kennedy. let me turn to donald trump.
6:36 am
you seem to have taken as they say, a bit of a shine to him. you like what -- >> yes. yes, i do. well he asked for and received an advanced copy of my book. i think that's where that stuff about hispanic race is coming. because, as you just mentioned the 1965 act changed the immigrants we're bringing in legally dramatically from the immigrants who had come in since that time. we're bringing in the poorest of the poor from cultures as different as ours, as is imaginable which is bringing all kinds of surprising behaviors on the country. honor killings gang rape incest rape. i cover a lot in the book. even if you like the idea of living in a place like california i mean besides the beautiful beaches out here, it is one party stake. america, too, is going to be a one-party state even if you want
6:37 am
total control of politics by the democrats, the country is changing in other ways where these cultures are changing us. we're not changing them. >> we've got to run. last question, if i may. do you believe that trump is a serious, committed candidate and do you think he can win? >> well i am shocked that no republican is picking up on this. i mean, we have been promised over and over again a wall secure the border i'm totally against amnesty, whether it's from a bush or a rubio, a rick perry and then we've been double crossed over and over again. i have been a little surprised, i've been doing a lot of bookie vents out here how crowd after crowd, drivers i have, makeup artists, 100% behind trump. i've never seen an issue that divides the elite from the people so much. you would think republicans would notice this. i'd like to like him. scott walker gave his
6:38 am
announcement speech this week. 40 minutes, not one word about immigration. with trump, number one in the polls. frankly, i hope he is -- what usually happens to the candidates who are not already governors, they say screw it this is no fun running for president. i won't. i hope he keeps running. >> it looks like he's made, as they say, a profound impact. as you always do ann coulter, thanks for being with us. the book is adios, america. a driver picked the wrong store to hold up. the suspect, wielding a knife walks in and pushes a customer out of way. that customer turned out to be -- put his hands up and everything. a firefighter. former marine. you see there, he body slams him to the ground. authorities arrived on the scene. they charged the suspect with aggravated robbery and that former marine,
6:39 am
obviously, still keeping up with his training. thank goodness. up next a handful of governors taking steps to protect our national guard at their recruitment centers. should the obama administration be doing more? we'll be talking about all of that and much more. milwaukee county sheriff david clark joins us here next. stay with us. we're coming right back. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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governor scott walker authorized members of his state's national guard to carry firearms while on duty. wisconsin becomes the seventh state to arm their guardsmen after last week's attack on military facilities in chattanooga, which left four marines and a sailor dead. the governors of arkansas indiana, florida, louisiana, oklahoma and texas have also armed their national guard units. my next guest says gun-free zones need to end immediately at all military installations. joining me now milwaukee sheriff david clarke. good to have you with us. we're not hearing anything from the pentagon the general who is concerned about arming marines, all service members in recruiting stations.
6:44 am
do you disagree with him? >> well somewhat. i mean, he's a learned man, but i'm more concerned about the homegrown terrorist who is armed to the teeth and can prey on servicemen. i want to salute those servicemen the four marines and navy petty officer who gave their lives and the law enforcement officer injured as well. kudos to governor walker. i got the notification this morning from his office that he was taking that action. very important. what you have to keep in mind some of these national guard recruiting centers and other armed forces service centers or recruiting centers are in commercial retail areas. you have the public also in the middle of this thing. but for the grace of god, there wasn't more bloodshed than we saw in chattanooga, tennessee. it's good for the -- that these governors are taking action. we don't need hearings in congress. they take too long. we need people to act in order to protect the homeland and to protect the not only servicemen
6:45 am
but law enforcement and citizens as well. >> service centers, the sanctuary cities, you know, i mean, your view on sanctuary cities and what has taken so long to deal with the plain fact that it's a violation of federal law. >> well other than one candidate in the presidential race on the gop side nobody else has wanted to touch that. in washington lou, as you know you know this bitetter than anybody, you talk around issues not about issues. any time you talk about an issue, you come under attack. sanctuary cities get people killed. sanctuary cities are not safe. the reason why they're not safe is because criminal illegal aliens prey upon even other illegal immigrants who are in the country just trying to keep their heads down trying to make their way through. they know they're in the country illegally but not drawing attention to themselves. a criminal illegal alien knows
6:46 am
if i hold that person up steal from them whatever, they can't call the police or they'll be identifying themselves as in the country illegally. they prey on those individuals. also american citizen criminals prey on illegal immigrants because they too, know they can't report these to the police. we have a lot of crime going on in these sanctuary cities that goes unreported, underreported and we don't know about it so we can't help them. >> it's also very clear too, that the sanctuary cities are really one of the basic premises of the -- the reason for existing, they distrust of their own law enforcement officers and implicit insult to men and women in uniform serving those cities and those communities. >> sir obviously with the police their understanding of the police culture in mexico anyway they know that it's corrupt. they don't trust the police and that kind of carries over.
6:47 am
that's the hard thing that we're trying to get over right now. i made a decision a long time ago to participate in the secure communities act that was ended by this administration that fostered this agreement between local police and i.c.e. officials in identifying criminal illegal aliens and deporting them out of the united states. that program ended, i still made the decision to cooperate. i have an ethical obligation under the code of conduct, law enforcement code of ethics i should say, to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies. so i continue to do so taking political hits here at home. >> i know that you're no stranger to those political hits and you will bear up and give as good as you get. i know you'll do better than that. sheriff, good to have you with us. sheriff david clarke always good to talk with you. >> the latest on the 2016 race and it's i a beauty. from a strategist fox news political analyst ed rollins.
6:48 am
let's turn to hillary clinton. we've been looking at everything else. she's getting killed in these polls. is she in desperate trouble here? >> getting close. the proposal just came out where she set these terrible marks and three candidates that aren't the nominee beating her in iowa colorado and virginia. if we win iowa colorado and virginia and florida and ohio which we have to win, we have 281 electoral votes. we win the presidency. she's down under both of those. the biggest issue is people don't trust her. >> how about bill, will he save the day? o'malley says -- he apologized. i love this. he apologized for saying all lies matter. what the heck is going on with that party? >> they're drinking the kool-aid. at the end of the day i think she'll be the nominee because she has the coalition that matter the african-american the women and labor unions. she'll be a weak candidate and never live up to the expectations and doesn't have
6:49 am
the skills. >> trump, my goodness gracious. >> you know, he's gone from being a distraction which he started out being to being a destructive force. you can't be out knocking everybody in his own party. >> why the hell not? i want an answer. we have never seen this situation. there will be 17 candidates. he says that they're basically all milquetoast. he says they're not talking about the issues that matter. people talking about illegal immigration, the deficiency of leadership in this country. the idea of a billionaire pop list is kind of absurd. >> i worked for ross perot 26 years ago. >> how did that work out? >> didn't work out well. >> you got, what was, it 17% of the vote. >> 19. but there was a point that he was after the 39% and stayed in the race instead of dropping out as he did. what he did was made bill clinton the president. my fear is that trump somewhere
6:50 am
along the line will drop out and basically -- >> when you have idiots in the republican leadership going up and telling him to tone it down i mean it's one thing -- you got -- >> perry today, he slugged back today. >> yeah. i like perry. >> he's a much better candidate than he was four years ago. he has a great story to sell. >> i like jindal. >> we've got good candidates. they have to breakthrough this maze going on right now. >> fortunately, for us it's -- >> it's republicans and conservatives, choice they got choice. >> more choice than we ever wanted. >> it's like a game of two-headed poker. i think hillary is one of a kind. >> i got to say, i love the fact people are just all down on trump because he's the only one really talking straight. plain talk. i mean i don't care -- i got to be honest with you, i don't have
6:51 am
a dog this hunt. >> i don't either. >> he's doing a big favor for the republican party. he's got people talking a little straighter. jeb bush used the word disrupter the other day. it's a big word. >> the critical thing here is he could be a very meaningful force if he would talk about other issues besides the ones he started with. >> i'm thrilled that he's talking about trade, he's talking about -- he's the only one talking about what an idiotic -- not the only one. >> you can do that without trashing others. the truth of the matter is, the target is hillary. what you do every single night, you and i collectively, we beat up on president obama and his follies. >> we speak truth. >> we speak truth. >> all right. ed rollins, as always speak truth with great insight. >> nice to be with you. move over jetsons, a massachusetts company made a flying car. the four-seater has foldout wings, two propellers.
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st. joining us co-host of red eye on fox newschannel, miss new york joanne nosuchinsky and fellow co-host of red eye on fox news not mr. new york. andy levy. good to have you both here. >> good to see you back. >> yeah. >> donald trump insult generator. brought to you by the apparently desperate folks at "time" magazine. what's that about? >> i'm surprised that this wasn't an invention of trump himself. i feel like as a businessman, he would get on top of this and capitalize on his own, i don't know outrageous things he says.
6:57 am
i love it. it's great. this goes again to show you that the punblic thinks of him as an entertainer. >> you do kind of. it's already, i know andy you love donald trump. >> huge fan. huge fan. >> as much as you love our polls here on lou dobbs. you're drawn to cause and effect. what do you make of it? donald trump is now established. >> he is. you know what, he's the establishment. as such, i don't like him. i'm anti-establishment. >> didn't take him long though. >> no. >> you have $10 billion to start with you get there quick. >> he's an establishment rhino. >> strong talk from andy levy. >> i will not see that strong person. i'm quite -- this is the first of many acts that will be developed throughout the next what is it 15, 16 months.
6:58 am
>> is there like a lindsey graham app that says jackass? these are unprovoked attacks, by the way. >> out of all the awful things donald trump has done making lindsey graham seem sympathetic is probably the worst. i actually like did you see rick perry's donald trump's insult generator today? >> i did not. >> he generated a lot of insults of donald trump. he called him a barking cavern val act, a toxic mix of demagoguery. cancer on conservatism. >> he's not leaving a lot of room there. >> that et cetera pretty loaded. >> those are good insults. >> what about, can we go to ashley madison. it seems to me we should. 37 million people are hacked. this is a cheaters site. man do they have cheaters. 37 million people. >> karma is a funny thing. >> whoa. >> listen they say cheaters
6:59 am
never win. cheaters often get caught. this appears to be the case. i want to feel bad kind of. >> the first guy who got exposed today, 36 million -- whatever you do the math. >> that's what happens. 36,999,999 people breathed a collective sigh of relief when they saw that. >> first of all, this is a real thing. you talk about somebody exposing themselves to blackmail. >> it's great? >> it's a great story. >> its great for us. >> the pope losing ground in the polls, getting hit pretty hard. how badly do you feel? >> popularity is the cousin of vanity. and holy man like the pope shouldn't be concerned with superficial things like that. >> andy? >> i'm thinking it's not like he has another election to worry
7:00 am
about. i don't really think he cares about the polls. >> there's a lesson in that. why does this feel like a morality play here tonight? thanks so much. we appreciate it. that's it for us. good night from new york. well, and senator mike lee. good night. >> objection. >> overruled. john: america's legal system is a mess. politicians pass too many laws. >> they can cite me or arrest me. john: also because prosecutors want to look tough on crime. >> big bad john. john: innocent people go to jail. >> they lie sayingll this evidence. john: some cops bully people into confessing crimes they didn't commit. >> the system failed us. john: their friends try to help them. >> it's over. >> i'm never getting out of here. john: and sometime they succeed. >> i'm now a free mess. john: the legal mess. that's our show tonight.


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