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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  July 31, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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all of the emails just come out? liz: indeed. of course in the final hour of trade we're watching markets because it is the last trading day of the entire month. it is a mixed picture right now. here where there is no confusion at this hour. we are very close to d-day for president obama's trans-pacific trade deal. this matters to any u.s. company that trades overseas, sells overseas or buys anything globally. leaders meeting at this hour on the island of maui, hawaii, have less than five hours to complete negotiations on so-called trans-pacific partnership. congress granted president obama unique fast track authority to negotiate on behalf of the nation. that of course happened last month. the united states and 11 other nations on your screen could either announce a historic legacy defining deal tonight or a deal which would cover 40% of the global economy. or walk away from a deal that may never get done. a final news conference scheduled for 7:30 p.m. eastern time. but with presidential elections
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set for 2016 and both u.s. and canada, this could be the last chance for a last agreement. negotiators, where do they hit a snag late last night over dairy imports and exports along with patents on prescription drugs. a deal would solidify the president's much-hyped pivot to asia. economists say it would be a $77 windfall for the american economy -- $77 billion windfall. donald trump, hillary clinton, joe biden, of course the markets. fox business exclusive with miracle man, 1980 u.s. olympic team hockey goalie jim craig. folks, get out your wallets, he is about to sell the miracle on ice jersey, gear and even the gold medal. we'll show it to you all. less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the county down.
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>> liz: now way, hawaii, is ground -- maui, hawaii, is ground zero. tpp as it is known. ministers from 12 nations are working fever like what many say could be most important global deal in history. playing out on sandy beaches in maui, not even part of the talks might be muscling in, china. as we've been telling you china's stock market had a horrible month, reeling from the worst monthly drop in six years. a new trade deal like this without rising economic superpower could severely diminish its political and economic influence in the region. as we say, this does matter to you folks. every u.s. business that either sells or buys anything on the global market, wants to know will the tpp become reality today, tonight? bring in peter brookes, former deputy assistant secretary of
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defense for asia-pacific affairs under president george w. bush. along with andy brenner, global strategist for national liance securities. both in fox business exclusive. peter, outcome matters to many businesses here in the united states. is it going to happen? will they make an agreement tonight? >> certainly, under the gun to do so. of course as we saw during the iran deal they could push it down the road if they're very, very close. there has been stuff as you know, you mentioned dairy and pharmaceuticals united states, they will not get in on dairy unless canada does. it has to come back to the united states. congress has to read it, to pass it. not to find out what it is in it. they will read it first. they may have a deal but congress still get as say. liz: you know republicans sided with president obama on this one. they vote toed fast track it. there was a lot of pressure. as i recall one of the most political votes that we've seen
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in a long time, andy. talk about where china fits into all of this. china has to be devastated it is not part of this. does it eventually muscle in. >> no question china gets involved. china needs help right now. you mentioned the stock market. down 14% this month alone. you seen tremendous exit of emerging markets. tremendous debacle in commodity prices. china needs help getting the economy going. if this thing takes off, china will get involved. that will give them credibility. i think you start seeing much more investment which has left china in the last year, come back in. liz: we've seen massive amounts of investment actually exiting emerging markets going right now. look at i-shares. we've seen it drop pretty precipitously? >> 44 billion in last week alone -- 4 1/2 billion. liz: four 1/2 billion in one week. we mentioned dairy, tobacco.
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we mentioned the protectionist fear comes through in i country. new zealand exports a lot of milk. so we do here in the united states from wisconsin to ohio. we have milk producing nations here. will they be hurt if this deal goes through? that is the big question? >> they will not get in. new zealand and australia are sticking together. they will not go unless canada opens markets on dairy. canada has supply management, external tariffs and quotas. united states will not get in unless canada opens up its markets. key whichs and aussies under wto, they opened up dairy markets. there is no dial. we're not in unless canada opens its market. so there are things very important, obviously to that part of the world, dairy is critically important to north american partners as well. liz: chinese are buying a lot of dairy from new zealand.
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that is an interesting aspect. what the investment play here, andy? which part of the investment pie becomes more attractive if the trade deal goes through? >> you have to look back at chinese equities you have to wait until all the manipulation goes by the board. liz: the government trying to put pillows under the market. >> we've seen in to their defense, ecb doing it, japanese, central banks are all very much involved but i think china could actually be a very interesting investment play again if this deal takes off and then china gets involved because it will give them credibility. liz: it is a lot cheaper now. a horrible month, folks if you thought china was too expensive it is less expensive now. peter, back to the tpp trade deal. it is extremely ambitious. 30 chapters of rules involved. on top of it really cuts trade barriers. there are people who truly believe, and a lot of economists flipping over to reflect this
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deal, free trade on balance is much better for the world. are you in agreement of that? >> oh, yeah, i'm a big free trader but i want to see this agreement first. i want to see how this came out. remember not everybody will necessarily agree with president obama's takes on this deal. there is environmental issues, intellectual property issues, labor law issues. so people will really want to take a close look at this. i think in general i would say, yeah, i'm all for free trade. it is good for us. it is good for others. hopefully this sort of thing which will comprise 40% of the world's gross domestic product will get through. we have to see the deal first. remember these are secret talks. we're getting a peek behind the curtain. liz: the "countdown to the closing bell" is worming our way stay tuned to the minute news comes out they will have it. thanks to fighter brooks, former secretary of defense for asia-pacific affairs and andy brenner, global strategist from national liance securities. good to see you both. we've been pouring over what
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came out in the last hour. latest batch of hillary clinton emails were released curiously on the same day the clinton campaign release adler from her doctoring say she in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president of the united states. most of the candidates will release the health records. they released tax records. she is expected to release her tax records today. let's get to washington correspondent peter barnes as you sorted through the release of literally thousands of emails, what jumped out at you, peter? >> liz, we want to say there are 1300 new emails going back to 2009 when hillary clinton was first in office as secretary of state. so thighs do not cover benghazi. i just want to let you know that the state department says about 40 of these actually included information that should have been classified. these are emails that were through her personal email account on her personal server, and she said that, has said that
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none of this information was classified but now, the state department in reviewing this, alongwith officials from intelligence agencies determined in 40 of them there was information may not have been marked classified at the time but should have been classified. this is sure to stoke the fire, the controversy over this use of her personal email, as she is running for president, liz. liz: coming up in a few minutes we'll have both a democratic strategist and a republican strategist talking about hillary. we'll be talking about joe biden. a lot more talk heating up even today whether he might run. donald trump. there is a lot more on the election cycle. thank you so much, peter barnes. we appreciate it. the closing bell is ringing in 51 minutes. i'm so excited. a major star of the 1980 u.s. olympic hockey team has decided to sell everything he is wearing in that picture. plus his gold medal.
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and major historic memorabilia from the lake placid miracle on ice where the u.s. beat soviets in 1980. goalie jim craig, joining us exclusively later to show us the stuff and tell us, why is he selling? there is an oil boom in america. as you know, drill, baby, drill, worked very well up north. the country fracking away. the prices are volatile and dropping as iran plans to start dumping millions of gallons on the world market. what has that done? we saw oil prices plummet this month alone. it turned out to be huge business for one bank, not even an u.s. bank, a french bank that bets on the good ol' u.s. of a. ceo of bnp paribas north america with us exclusively life, next on "countdown." ♪
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not the other way around. >> the closing bell in 45 minutes. take a look at oil $47 wilsons today down nearly 21% for the month that makes july the worst month since october 2008. is falling right now and the after market session.
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prices are hurting the big oil names exxon mobil and chevron taking a hit after both reported disappointing results related to falling crude prices. reporting though missed earnings in six years cutting them in half reporting 43% fall in revenue but chevron reported the worst in 13 years as ceo said he will continue to look to cut costs after already slashing 2% of the work force both companies are trading down these are widely held stocks many of you have them in your portfolio. chevron down 5.3% at a time when banks are complaining of regulations that they are way too difficult to bring in the profit.
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so bnp para bader just reported the best profit in three years in the beating estimates that is where it really sees opportunity in the united states this ceo of bnp paribas joins me in the "fox business exclusive". you have a chance to make some real money. how are you doing that? >> thank you for having me. we had a strong second quarter. the topline and bottom line. of liquidity is up. in the united states, we have benefited from the same trend. the structure needs to be mentioned and unnoticed we
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have investment banking headquarters with a revenue platform it is the biggest balance sheet commitment we employ 15,000 people in the united states. liz: you may not know bnp paribas but made the bank of the west so you have that footprint but on top of that you have a very large presence in houston and that helps the numbers i am sure. how are you managing to make money off of all the tile oil prices? >> we are in the sector challenging conditions put us in a good position to advise clients and advising them and for the strategy's
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to be some of the biggest in the world. liz: i love the point that big money-center banks complain about banking regulations when the french bank does business indebted states your help to those same regulations to do you complain and swear at them is a tough business climate? >> no question they are more constrained but in the meantime it will take it to a safer place and if they can afford it is a global bank but to identify those regions or that business model to go forward you just want to be compliant. liz: so just stop complaining and figure it
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out for them to manage their needs. liz: we had greece and all that was going on with the and then you have the of french president very heavily involved in the discussion. we saw what was going on in the streets of athens and it became questionable. it appears they will stay in the year rose all but the rates are being lowered in where is the opportunity there? they are a couple years behind janet yellen. >> first we have no exposure to greece. liz: you got out? >> as long as the commitments are met. but at the european central bank let the ec does with the fed whiches support the
3:20 pm
economy which actually has been quite successful. with the expectation of the goals is 1.5%. liz: date you so much a french banker helping to make money in the united states and 15,000 people employed. good to see you. the ceo of bnp paribas north america in a "fox business exclusive". we're 40 minutes away. hillary clinton's campaign having released the state department emails but are they worried more about joe biden and of vice president if he jumps into the race? the panel will break it down. whereas american farrell ben? the first time since the triple crown but where has
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of course, ben cents? where they slope out of the gate? why is it anti-on a weedy spocks? here to talk forces stay tuned next. countdown.
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liz: back to rue the track triple crown winner american faroe making it a highly anticipated training run this morning preparing for his first race since the triple crown triumph by thousand fans watched him prepare for the invitational a lot of money in business is at stake with verses from running the belmont stakes in june the first triple crown in 37 years. expect 60,000 people to
3:26 pm
watch american ferro race on sunday. better race or seven different kind shying away for the media for the second day as the patriots kick off a number to a patch -- practice that the former game suspension with that best ability making $7 million a loan from endorsements in 2014 under armour. but that does not mean that they could not drop him or would not. what is the real effect of deflategate? for anheuser-busch ideas like to call you the sports marketing group. will tom brady lose endorsements eventually?
3:27 pm
>> i think he will be hurt nationally they are sticking by him no matter what i think those advertisers you just mentioned will stay quiet. they will not drop him but they will not activate the endorsement not until this is all settled at the end of the day he didn't hurt anybody now matter what happened. liz: he her to the indianapolis colts. i am still mad. [laughter] >> but to shout out at the highest mountain. liz: is it his best interest to get out in front of the microphone? >> i said that from the beginning to any of us really know what happened? he should have said i like the football at the lowest
3:28 pm
average. guess my people know that. this is a little strong quality control trying to get it down to though little one dash lois level -- the lowest level. >> i support that integrity of somebody thinks i went against that i will except that i thank you would have been a hero maybe they would have thought differently but when you start to tell the little white lie that becomes gray and dark you cannot get out. liz: then by accident you have destroyed that. so credibility is lost direct my husband is a patriots' fans so she is ready to tell me to stop. triple crown horses never used to run after the triple crown. did american and. liz: t miss the opportunity
3:29 pm
to get it promoted or make a big deal? >> there was said deal before you won the triple crown but we don't know what that was the breeding rights in there is a pay scale in there. liz: but with beijing in a historic ninth very quickly got the winter olympics after it already had this summer what does this mean for beijing and the olympics? >> the ioc knows that they will deliver the money is not an issue with great facilities. liz: there is already bad press about rio day janeiro talk about how polluted the lake is. >> there is the cry to the olympics it will come down to three or four. liz: good to see you. the sports marketing group route.
3:30 pm
continuing to talk with a 1980 olympic gold medalist jim craig why he has decided to sell all of his olympic memorabilia the flag and a hockey stick. everything. and why. we have him with the exclusive. we were down about 17 points with the closing bell rings in 30 minutes the last trading day of the month of july. "fast & furious" seven. but it was not shot anywhere near loblolly and but in georgia now one company makes a big bet to make movies in the deep south is donald trump already picked his running mate? could it be marked to bin
3:31 pm
and would he really joined the ticket? that seems strange but it is heating up. we have the panel next on the 2016 race. "countdown to the closing bell". technology empowers us to achieve more.
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for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. liz: just six days away from the republican debate on fox but the real pete comes from the democratic party. hillary clinton's aides are getting a little concerned at the prospect of the of vice president joe biden may decide to jump into the race later this summer. that she faces more released emails and clinton
3:36 pm
foundation in cash. we have a former deputy assistant touche george w. bush and fox news contributor. simon to hillary clinton and her staff reportedly according to fox news that joe biden may jump in. we brought this up yesterday because he has to decide in august if he wants to run? >> i think the reason why the clintons would be nervous is things are going very well and the democratic primary. beating the opponents handily but does the field start to get more crowded? i think they would like to keep it that way. i am sure they do not want him to get in. >> what does that advantage? >> he looks presidential he
3:37 pm
has the of bully pulpit and the press corps plus joe biden has the experience but also to be the vice president. he would be a formidable opponent and the clinton people are concerned a coronation is not going according to plan and the polling shows that. >> that the family is going through very difficult time after the tragic loss of his son so any speculation of the views of the vice president about his political future premature and inappropriate. so what is inappropriate so let's move on. so exactly how much money.
3:38 pm
>> it appears that way. with the presidential campaign he will start seeing that in the fox news debate what the reports will show is how much money these republican candidates have and they have to start spending a. lot are not where they want to me they have to start making noise and you will see much more engagement between the republicans in the coming months. liz: everybody knows donald trump is the man to beat in just six days and there is a question about his running mate of march to bin. a billionaire businessman and a sports team owner. sure. he was never asked. but it is interesting because he is a big fan. is a possibility? >> no. billionaires' club?
3:39 pm
title see that they have no government experience. it is farcical they could even be considered. let's remind our viewers. 20 minutes away from the closing bell. 1980 olympic gold medalist jim craig selling these items he wore them dead date the u.s. hockey team defeated the soviets in the greatest upset in american sports history. the miracle on ice. , 12 that go for? it is all up for sale.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. liz: i am holding something that captures the greatest moment in american sports ever the 1980 miracle on ice when some college kids upset a season roster of professional russian hockey players including the best goalie in the world at the time. there he is in the lower corner. the victory celebrated in the autographed photo. this is mine. i bought this boosting morale at the height of the cold war paving the way for the gold medal when. jim craig in the quarter not part of the celebration
3:45 pm
because he was still down further on the ice is somebody wrap to the flag on his shoulders so now all the man who defended the neck giving all who were watching including the a memory we will never forget. selling 19 of his most prized possessions from the 1980 winner with a twist. jim craig joins us right now in a "fox business exclusive" interview. great to have you on the show. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. liz: the jersey and the gold medal, the flag and a hockey mask you are selling it with a twist. >> yes. call purpose, for 35 years my stuff has been in the hockey hall of fame or boston sports museum in lake placid everybody could see
3:46 pm
it i always felt the moment was hours as a country as the fans and everybody was safe and secure. so i did not want to sell it as an auction items as a collection i have learned that collectors learn -- love stuff like this they take better care of it. it was is in our attic gore in the safe and it was just time. and really wanted to create a collection that somebody would want a piece of american history. the best way to describe it is, when i had my financial advisers say it just get it appraised to make sure you have insurance. we did that and we found out how valuable it was.
3:47 pm
liz: is the jersey could very well there is a jersey with the whole outfit you want -- you for during the game the final was against finland that could very well go about 125 million but the jersey from the medal game is about 1 million this is what amazes me the gold medal could go as much as $2 million. the mask, two and 50,000 common the hockey stick 400,000 years gates, you didn't we just want to keep the of metal? >> i want to keep all of it but it's it was funny. i always told people there are different chapters in your life. has i get older then all this added to see the value i have a 23 year-old
3:48 pm
daughter just graduated from colgate my son just asked me to be the best man of his wedding now the most important thing is my family and the legacy. when i looked at that i said if i had one child i would have kept the gold medal it would have been theirs but i have to. you cannot split it. so if we can give the kids some financial security as well as grand kids then that is great. but we want to make sure somebody else could be a hero and come together whether a big corporation, the sports museum of new york city was down by wall street and it was a tremendous idea that unfortunately failed. i am looking for a big company like coca-cola to
3:49 pm
buy this and displayed that to give the american people to use it as the platform of a period of time that was so special for a river country. i hope that happens. liz: that is it. you cannot buy a single piece he wants to sell all of it so just by accident you cannot send that to meet? [laughter] >> i don't know how many people understand that if people have the same opportunity within their family and their kids, then it is responsible. my wife and i said hopefully the house will be filled with pictures of our kids and grandkids not all of my hockey stuff. you're always fearful some believe will break-in.
3:50 pm
liz: a security issue also. you brought joy and thrill to so many people you and the entire team. thank you so much. the auction goes live tomorrow. it all has to go together you cannot just say i only want the stick. good luck. >> thank-you for cry appreciate how much of a fee and you are because my teammates and i really understand how important that moment was and we hope somebody is a hero to do display this for everybody. liz: in the kids who beats the professionals it was amazing. let us know how it goes. jim craig the olympic gold medal hockey winner from the miracle on ice. the hunger games is the latest movie to forgo the hollywood studios to shoot
3:51 pm
in georgia now one company hopes that they are hungry for more southern hospitality why a movie studio is being started in georgia. next. a "fox business exclusive".
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>> on this last trading day glrchts we have six minutes until closing bell rings. oil worst performance since 2008. china's shanghai and indexes had worst month in six years moving forward what's the number wing experts are watching for next week and week of august. joe is -- how far investors for next week, it gets quieter, noisier, what? >> you know what, i think it is going to get a little bit more noisy. and the reason why is i think we're getting to a point where we're going to be challenged. if you look at the s&p cash right now at 2100 you look at a point of conviction on the
3:55 pm
futures at 2093 an 2063 if these get challenged early next week going into the crude inventory gas and then unemployment and challenged early, we could potentially start seeing some volatility that we thought we were going to see continued from beginning of this week is, obviously, dissipated. but liz i'm tell you don't get too complaisant. >> should people are selling or holding on to equity instead of buying auctions what are you saying? >> so actually what i would be saying is no to selling. what i would be saying is look to sell options specifically sell calls against your holding it is a great opportunity to defer some of your cost basis reduction and if we get a pullback in this market, i don't think it is going to be long-lived by any meenls because you have the consumer discretionary, and you're seeing financials leading the way. you're not going to see a bare market as long as two sectors are leaders. >> well, we're watching financials clogsly and everything else too. down 65 points joe have a good
3:56 pm
weekend. in the cme, los angeles, might have more than just a water drought problem to worry about. l.a. might be facing a blockbuster drought just 24 hours part of movie studio run that brought you the social network, brian cavanaugh relatively media filed for bankruptcy, that man ryan kavanaugh ran into financial trouble but betting big on glitz and glam of hollywood but on georgia. popular films like fast and furious 7. hunger games guess what they all chose peach state as shooting locations due to tax breaks and incentives now making a big bet this will start building the largest studio project in the nation in county georgia now a fox business exclusive with adam shapiro so interesting the times as relatively files for bankruptcy you're saying we're growing. why georgia?
3:57 pm
>> first of all how are y'all doing? >> now you're speaking with a southern accent. >> superhappy to be here. georgia is on fire. we actually had a multistate bidding war to bring our project to their district. when dollar production companies spends making a movie, it gets 3 to 5 dollars in economic activity. hotel, restaurants, cater, home depot, lumbar yard, it takes village, a city to make a movie. >> koation l georgia looks like a lot of different places. i guess if you're looking to be hunger games type of thing but what if you need a big area. >> atlanta is close by even the vietnam scenes from forest forrest gump were shot in savannah. >> team have been in multiple decades cofounder, working director love actually i'm sure you've seen.
3:58 pm
>> 98 times. >> finance over a billion dollars in films and chief operating officer billed manhattan beach studios actually worked at relatively pictures. >> but it is a tough business as you saw what happened to ryan kavanaugh and he has social networker, oscar winning movie there. >> one of my favorite quotes about the industry is 95% of my life sb spent raising money for films 5% making movies a person who said that was orson wells nothing has changed in the industry in 100 years or more of how films are made. we're in an industry where they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make a film about two guys and two horses. >> what is your first movie that you're going to make in georgia? >> we have signed a penny marshall to a picture contract an amazing film about the league and very first woman into cooper's town based on hall of fame. phenomenal story. >> we love the entrepreneurial spirit that you're exhibiting.
3:59 pm
good luck to you. jake shapiro the ceo we're going down to i think we need a field trip. >> absolutely. >> show you some southern hospitality. >> we'll take it love the pecan pie that will do it for count down on the closing friday ashley and melissa. >> a nice cameo for liz. i see it now. perfect. >> did you say pecan pie? >> here we go another hillary e-mail down 32 messages released by the state department according to fox news source contain more information that has been retroactively classified. this as officials admit they have not released as many e-mails as they were supposed to. >> develops. cruise combing shoreline islands say any bit of trash may solve the mystery of the missing malaysian airlines jet. a live report ahead. >> u.s. mosque linked to terror. we're going to follow the money from rated call to the mosque
4:00 pm
linked to domestic terror. we talk to the investigative journalist who broke this huge story coming up. >> all right let's take a look at the major averages a flat day it has been. up a third of a percent. s&p mooing lower as the bell stops, trading day of july. >> it sure is. >> well markets wait for tomorrow here's everything you need to know now. we've got mail, the state department releasing the latest batch of hillary clinton e-mails, fox business's peter barnes has the latest from d.c. peter. reporter: well, hey melissa 1300 new e-mails released by the state department today, e-mails sent to and a from hillary clinton and her private server not through the computer system, and it appears that about 40 of them or so included material that has now been classified by the state department. for example, i have one here


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