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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 3, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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talk about it. a "new york times" column over the weekend for maureen dowd detailing the story of how the late son told his father to run for the presidency before dying from brain cancer in may. on the republican side, here yes, donald trump went on the offensive in his ambush with about dodging taxes on cbs face the nation. >> by pay as little as possible. i fight like to pay as little as possible for two reasons. i'm a businessman of that is the way you do it and put the money back in your company and employees and all of that. the other reason is i hate the way our government spends taxes. sandra: the straight shooting continues. we will hear much more the first republican debate at the highly anticipated debate airing on our sister network fox news thursday evening. u.s. warplanes carried out to find more support in syria.
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president obama approving use of airstrikes to protect anti-assad forces. wildfire is getting worse. california firefighters battling 23 separate fires. one firefighter has died for hundreds of been forced to leave their homes. at&t releasing its first package after the merger with directv. the wireless phone service costs $200 a month for the first year. it includes hd and dvr service for four tvs, unlimited talking tax for four phones and 10 gigabytes of shareable wireless data. american pharaoh has done it again but is essentially the grand plan of the triple crown winners with the invitational new jersey taking 1.75 million. $20 million to win again. back to our top story this morning, run for the white
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house. really not the first campaign in iowa and new hampshire. spots focus on family, especially her mother direct the period >> all over america who fight for their families and never give up. that's why i'm doing this. sandra: hillary faces an onslaught of god but the story generating so vice president joe biden is taking a closer look at joining the race. joining to break us down as assistant to george w. bush brad lake and former visor to richard goodstein. good morning to all of you. i want to get your take on where you think hillary clinton will go. we've seen the first batch unveiled. what do you make of them so far?
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>> this is the way, way overblown. it is the very same people now talking about elizabeth warren and if i was republican i would want to talk to joe biden because it kills me to take quinnipiac out because that's all the time and she's beating every single republic and by not substantial margins. of course, your party is a mess with them running and chirping at each other. look, -- sandra: bradley, get in there. >> democracy is a mess. you're telling them who they must support. they are working well but democracies call for. we believe i is a check to
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hillary. we will go and told by the democrats choose the one that's going to be. sandra: what do you make of this appeal to the middle class? were they struggled and came out and tried to make every person appealing to every man but yet we know she and her has been have earned over $100 million in the past several years. can they really reach out and say they will win this for them? >> democratic presidents who are wealthy in the middle class adored. franklin roosevelt and john kennedy. the notion that somehow it has clinton's have funding makes it incapable of identifying with the middle class. people go back to history books. being promoted by people who wish hillary no good.
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sandra: hold on. the only reason i think that is because she tried to hide their wealth by explaining to the american public as she and bill left the white house that wrote. >> we've almost got tissues out. it was unbelievable. i thought she was going to have a telethon. let me tell you about hillary and bill. people like bill, but they don't like hillary and they don't trust her. that is why you see us coming out about her mother. they know she has a trusted likability deficit and that disappointed the realm of somebody running for president. sandra: she does need to soften her image a little bit. >> in the gallup pole of americans in 17 of the past 20 years, hillary clinton has been the most admired women in the world. and she beat barack obama in the
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primaries. she got more primary votes against this fabulous candidate. the fact issue in california, texas, new york. >> you don't get to the white house that way. why did barack obama come out of nowhere? sandra: let's talk about joe biden for a second because the timing could be extremely interesting from the standpoint hillary clinton we have known has been running for a blog time. it has been assumed prior to her making her official announcement that she was running. or burn expecting her to be the democratic candidate. joe biden enters the race at a time where she appears to be fragile with controversy surrounding her e-mails. >> what better time for joe biden to do it. he has the accoutrements of the presidency. a motorcade come the secret service he looks presidential and the fact is joe biden has a
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good record. he's been a senator, vice president for seven years. he is certainly somebody a democrat should look to. why not joe biden. >> joe biden has been in the polls by 40 or 50 points. this is not a name recognition problem. >> she's beating him. that's the whole point. the fact of the matter is a democrat begrudges joe biden taking this seriously. if i were vice president i would want to hold onto the notion that i might rent for president as long as possible because it gives you power. sandra: hillary spending a lot of money on these ads. richard goodstein, thank you for joining us with a bunch of energy this morning. we will see a page at this hour because an hour in the morning without talking about donald trump. more on that in a little bit.
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this does mark the beginning of a busy week for the 2016 race leading up to thursday night debate fox news. be sure to turn into 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. eastern time. when we started to show a couple of minutes prior i said i don't care what time it is or how late it got. i host to 5:00 a.m. show in the morning i will be off this latest possible until the last word you said. >> i like what he said about the money. hillary clinton set to launch the $2 million ad campaign. it is worth noting if you look at vermont, bernie sanders has had a lot of support in that area as far as new hampshire, vermont. he spent $3 million the whole first quarter. she's spending big and really the first top-tier candidate to do that. sandra: she's got the money. >> the trend unfolding with ernie sanders in joe biden with
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the popularity of donald trump right now is they definitely have a tendency to speak the truth or sound more truthful. he definitely might not agree with everything donald trump or bernie sanders says an joe biden obviously have some public apps speaking the truth. american people are looking for candidates who will tell the truth and speak their minds as opposed to this polished image. >> if you look at gop candidates on social media, twitter and facebook, trump has the biggest following. authenticity, people want to know he's not been handled or his team to crafting the message. sandra: donald trump clearly puts it out he understand the business. asian markets as disappointing economic news. ways on investor confidence. tracey chang is in beijing that the latest.
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reporter: good morning -- sandra: we would get back to you. we are looking at the greek stock market opened with significant selling to the downside. the greek stock market doesn't have huge global implications. it does show the worry they are still process. >> the market is very small especially if they lower the title in the past several years. another sign it is not yet resolved with the latest bailout package. many challenges out there today agrees through this. i've said all along i believe gray should elect the euro and a trapped themselves by agreeing to the deal. >> today it opens 23%. a lot of it is the imf same year on year round. sorted out.
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>> results sorted out. they are not going to get out of it in this depression area and. it's a sad situation and disappointed the greek government didn't stand stronger. sandra: a crude oil chart if we could. i'm watching the commodities market selloff as we talk about global markets in the global economy we see weakness continue to play out in the oil market. forty-six dollars a barrel talking. >> i titled that the trade. the most popular consensus trade right now for good reason is the long dollar trade. whether you short the euro because the problems europe is having or the yen because the japanese government does not been an easy mode. the u.s. heading towards
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tightening september, europe and japan and the three largest developed economies in the world leaves the dollar strength name. it will way of earning 10 commodities. it increases purchasing power of the u.s. consumer but a negative development for wall street. sandra: i know how closely you watch the interest rates. that's getting interesting as we look for predictions about december for the first rate hike. >> i'm in september. a lot of people in september. i thought the clients that the expectation is to make a move in september and they will be done until 2016. it is easier to do it sooner and get it out of the way. there is no point. now you're just driving the process out. sandra: we'll get to more of
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that. features pricing into the probability of the rate hike right down december. september could get interesting. straight ahead another step forward for self driving cars. automakers paying big bucks for nucleus mapping business. lots more coming up. stay right here with "mornings with maria." ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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can a business be...alive?
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trained to another story making headlines this morning. three of germany's biggest automakers, bmw and audi clinch in a purchase of gnocchi is digital mapping business called here. in a deal worth $3.1 billion car
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makers each acquired equal shared of the division. no key here generated more than half of its $1 million in 2014 sales for the auto industry and the rest from the location of services. gruber are looking to make a bid for the mapping business. ridesharing campaign now with $51 billion. it took five years to achieve this mark beating face the itunes years. how impressive the defeat is this? >> i travel for business all the time so it's nice when you go to different cities. sandra: we all hope it stays around in cities don't push them out. >> that is the interesting/crazy part about the evaluation. it is basically an arbitrage on the taxi and limousine commission and the licenses they hand out. the question is will they
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sustain and protect space-bar. sandra: maybe joe has the answer. >> they sustain this so far in new york city. they were fighting the city and trying to fight the cap on a number of drivers and they were able to do it through a bout of political lobbying and customer base to say this is what we want. it is actually a temporary lift. a lot of other issues will come to play this fall. the fact that uber could take a new york city and went for the time being it's a good indicator across the board in the u.s. internationally more issues. sandra: in paris alone there something like 12 different taxi unions. when you think about god, the purchase is all about self driving cars. we are one step closer. that is where everybody is aiming for the next five to 10 years. >> i was just in pittsburgh bear
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with the new recruitment of researchers at carnegie mellon university where uber is partnering that pushed all of their research. >> with all the engineering students. >> how can you refuse sub uber equity. sandra: thanks. we'll see you in just a bit. first straight ahead oil prices starting the week to the downside. we just looked at them off 1.6 are sent to strike for monday morning. we will head to chicago to find out what is behind the selloff and will it can tame you? -- will it continue?
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>> we all know defeating terrorism requires a long-term strategy. border security in mind first when actions are a significant part of the equation. but even though larger to persuade and prevent young people from turning to terror in the first place. sandra: dallas secretary of state john kerry assuring the landmark nuclear deal with iran would ring more security to the middle east. this comes as iran's oil minister vowed to boost production almost immediately after sanctions are lifted. bill clinton is standing by in chicago. oil futures right now as we kick off this week down more than a full percent see them were selling this weekend during $46 a barrel. what do you make of this? >> i think the comment had something to do with it.
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he is claiming he could raise production of 500,000 barrels a day almost immediately. most experts do not think that is possible. he's added another hundred thousand barrels a day. we will see if he can follow through. that is assuming we get to the points for the sanctions are lifted. i think oil is react into the chinese stock market and what is happening in greece right now. a very bad manufacturing number and china. very weak and raising concerns about demands. commodities got ripped last week. back to you. sandra: a lot of the strong dollar situation. thank you for joining us bright and early. i want to get you in on this because this is something you were watching that includes the trade. we were just looking up numbers. iran is the sixth largest oil-producing nation in the world in 2014.
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>> the death of no account. what's gone on is the shift where u.s. production came online to such large amounts that we are producing the largest percentage of consumption since the 1980s or early 1990s. that in turn broke opec's oil market. the d.o.e. crude inventory has been running 25% above the level they typically are this time of year or anytime of year that we are oversupplied in the short term oil or at least far more oil than we're accustomed to having. say we adopt 500 more on the market. that is adding more fundamentals on the environment. sandra: what is the quality call? sixth largest producer but it is questionable so there isn't
6:26 am
going to just be more dumped on the market because it has to be processed in a different way. >> that is true. we have so much oil that it comes in at the tail end. just another negative. producing more than we ever have. straight ahead, donald trump and his take on taxes. find out why he tries to avoid paying uncle sam as much as possible.
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♪ sandra: welcome back. good morning. i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo is off this morning. it is monday, august, third. with me this morning, "risk & reward" host, deirdre bolton and. michael bolton. shanghai is losing 1.1ers. $310 oil behemoth, petro china has been big up tick in volatility over the last month as chinese government continues to try to prop the stock market up there. not a big reaction in u.s.
6:30 am
futures this morning. still looking pretty flat markets. the dow futures off 8 points. markets down across the board. in europe stocks seeing mixed trading action. cac and dax are higher. hillary clinton, her campaign rolling out first ads for the 2016 race, pretty moating the -- promoting the former secretary of state as a fighter. joe biden may be entering the race and clinton campaign is trying to lock down support from her party. buzz around biden has been building for weeks. on this show we've been talking about this week. column in the "new york times," maureen dowd detailing a story how biden's late son beau, told his father to run for presidency before he died of brain cancer in may. first debate of 2016 will take place airing on our sister
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network fox news thursday nights. keep it on fox news and fox business for the latest on election leading up to the thursday night faceoff. the west coast wildfires are getting worse. california firefighters are now battling 23 separate fires. one fire firefighter has died while hundreds have beens to toed leave their homes. at&t releasing their first bundling package after the merger with directv the tv and wireless phone service costs $200 a month for first year. dvr service for four tvs, unlimited talk and text for four phones and. in greece, stocks trade for the first time in five weeks. the composite dropping 23% in first dade of trading. nicole petallides has been all over the story. she is watching it this morning. nicole, good morning. >> much anticipated reopening
6:32 am
but the greek stock market resumed trading after the five-week shut down. it is getting hit hard. looking here at some greek stocks, looking at some banks in particular. euro bank down 29%. national bank of greece down 30%. as we look at asc composite plunging more than 23%. it was down 23% at the open. biggest one day selloff we've ever seen. now down 17%. the banks are getting hit. largest we see overall. the pmi number, which is the manufacturing number, came in at 30, 30.2. you want to see 50 to see growth. 30, that's horrendous. as we look at that estimates for that were actually 46.9. just shows you how weak the economy is there. of course you had capital controls which actually hampered business activity overall. and, so, not only are we seeing stock market opening and getting hit hard but also bigger picture
6:33 am
which is the economy, which is unemployment and imf now saying that they are going to really look at this and basically -- right, deirdre. you have to look at this you may be on your own because we're not participating. >> youth unemployment is higher, like 50%. when older people get laid off, they stay home, complain, watch tv. young people go out on the streets, right. >> unfortunately. >> doomsday scenarios were out there. we were talking about every single day, what happens in greece could happen everywhere. everybody was scared globally. where are we now with the big picture? >> one of the problems that you have, greece is a country trapped in a currency that doesn't apply to their economy. the currency is suitable for the german and france economy but that makes greece less competitive. that is past five years they couldn't get out of the depression and unlikely get out
6:34 am
of the depression until they finally exit the euro. >> to your point, right, they're not manufacturing cars. this is not an economy that really does well with producing output. it is really a lot of tourism and the like. that is part of it. so funny, we talk about other countries also suffering. we're looking at puerto rico today, missing a payment. they too now, i'm not saying they're the same. what is the same they will look at austerity measures. look at cutting minimum wage. also just, everything that goes into tough austerity. raising sales tax, electricity tax. those are things they will look at. sandra: great to have you here, nicole. i start my morning as every morning with nicole. don't forget to start your day with us and lauren simonetti, "fbn:am." catch it here on fox business network. we wake up early to get you ready for your day, 5:00 a.m. every day. we're only two days away from the first debate of the 2016 campaign season. getting excited. presidential hopefuls on both
6:35 am
sides are gearing up to take on a slew of topics including where they stand on taxes. we want to hear where donald trump stands on taxes. the presidential candidate went on the offensive when he was ambushed with questions about dodging taxes on cbs's face the nation. >> what is your guess on percentage of income that is paid in taxes? >> you know he what? i've said this many times, so it is not exactly breaking news. i pay as little as possible. i fight like hell to pay as little as possible. for two reasons. number one, i'm a businessman. that is the way you're supposed to do it. you put money back into your company and employees and all of that. but the other reason is that i hate the way our government spends our taxes. sandra: once again, saying what everybody is thinking. brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. thanks for sticking around for this. as promised more donald trump. and now on taxes. i try to avoid paying as much as i can he said. >> doesn't every american say
6:36 am
the same thing? look, the government spends more than we take in. donald trump is right. why give it to a entity that doesn't know how to spend money. we can't even produce a budget. our entitlements are going bankrupt. we have $18 trillion in debt. why feed that beast? donald trump can do better with his money producing more for the government by hiring more people, building more buildings. donald trump is saying exactly what every american thinks and what every american does. it is not news. what good businessmen do. sandra: deirdre, when we were in commercial break, this is going to be big. >> this is going to be big, especially carried interest tax. so the essence is, private equity and hedge fund managers say we're putting our own money on the line. we should be only taxed at 15%. hillary clinton alluded to this in a speech. i don't think people heard it. what she is trying to say to appeal middle class, rich pay
6:37 am
fewers taxes than you but she wasn't that clear. i'm assuming for reason. the reason she needs to raise money from wall street. they will kill her if she goes after carried interest. sandra: does she have to worry about that? seems wall street will give her money despite talk on rules and regs and impose more rules and regs on wall street? >> parts of wall street feel burned by barack obama. -- sandra: because they're used to it? >> i think they will be a little more diligent this time around. that carried interest number is huge. part of the business model for these private equity and hedge fund firms. i think they will be a lot more diligent going forward. if she goes after it in a big way there will be negative reaction. sandra: was there negative reaction in the wall street community on her talk -- >> people have been trying for years to change this you even have some leading businessmen, i know some people from blackstone i saying, we should reevaluate what we're doing. the argument comes back, we're
6:38 am
putting our own capital to risk. we should be compensate toed that, trickle down effect as we create more jobs. sandra: brad. only couple sections. word to you on that. >> top 5% of earner pay for everybody else. the rich are paying more than their fair share. we need a fairer and flatter tax in america. dump the irs code. that is what republicans message should be. sandra: brad blakeman, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks. sandra: this marks beginning of a busy week for 2016 race, leading up to thursday nights first gop debate on fox news. tune in 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. eastern time. american fair roy not just satisfied with just a triple crown win. what the horse did this weekend. a look at some of the top trends on twitter. no surprise here. donald trump on that list. ♪
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sandra: president obama upping the ante with even tougher rules on power plant emissions. jo ling kent with latest headlines. jo, good morning. >> good morning, sandra. the white house and epa are expecting to announce a new rule cutting carbon emissions by 32% by 2030. that is steeper than the 30% cut first proposed.are fighting ruly
6:43 am
are too harsh and costly. friday jobs reports but american paychecks are still growing at record slow pace. u.s. department of labor said wages and benefits grew 2.2% in the spring. that is slowest pace in 30 years. don't miss our coverage of the july jobs report friday at 8:30 on "mornings with maria." ronda rousey knocked out her opponent in just 34 seconds. the mixed martial art activity bantomweight champ has record of 12-0. some are calling her the best ever. certainly best woman in the game. sandra: sold magazine covers and equally tough as she is attractive and apparently -- >> likes being anti-hero. when asked if she would fight floyd mayweather. only if we end updating, reference to his domestic abuse
6:44 am
track record. so, she also does not shy away from controversy. yay, only undefeated female champion of ufc. 12-0. sandra: come on, mike, she is tough by female standards, if you please. >> by any standard. my brother-in-law was raving about her this weekend. he wanted to fet the fight. it was on a little too late on east coast here. but i haven't seen her fight personally. sandra: this is like must-watch video. >> but this year i wouldn't want to mess with her. >> her trainer says she is very, very strong, best in class. also, could very well take on counterparts on the male side. there is a lot of confidence around her as probably one of the best ever. >> maybe that is the fight that will come. >> maybe. maybe. exciting to see a woman really taking these covers and do something so incredibly strong. sandra: as mike puts it, for anybody for that martie.
6:45 am
when asked what is next? i will take a couple weeks next and beat up misha. that is her next opponent and go to thailand and decide to film. her opportunities are endless. apparently everybody loves her. jo, stay right there. american pharoah has done it again, winning essentially the grand slam of hours racing. the triple crown winner won the haskell in new jersey, taking a purse of $1.57 million. $20 million in bets were laid down on this race. a lot of money for a race not usually a headline maker, not like the big three. >> everybody loves a winner. american pharoah has done a special thing. sandra: wasn't a close competition t was a clear win for american fair roy running away with it. >> everyone loves a winner. nice to see generational talent, even if it's a horse. >> he will retire, right? he hit the top. so he retires in the fall which is really early compared to other horses. but this idea what is next?
6:46 am
he just answered, what is next. "wall street journal" did a really cool, everybody should go online and google this, finishing shot, comparing american fair roy from the triple crown, at the belmont to the 1973 secretariat. if anyone want as movie plug,. diane lane, secretariat. no better movie. >> i'm sure somebody in hollywood bought the rights. >> that's right. sandra: bob bafford who trains american pharoah, he has the understatement of the weekend he just keeps bringing it. he is just a great horse. >> we can all agree with that. sandra: jo ling kent, thank you. tom cruise kicking butt at the box office. latest version of the "mission: impossible" franchise debuting with a bang. we have the latest buzz here. ♪ i asked my dentist
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if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure... but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque, and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamond clean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean.
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i'm never going back to a manual brush.
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♪ sandra: it was a big weekend at the box office at least for tom cruise. his "mission: impossible" rogue nation, opening to estimated 5million dollars. that marks the second best "mission: impossible" opening ever and third best opening of tom cruise's career, behind "mission: impossible" 2 and war of the worlds. we have a entertainment reporter katrina. >> good morning. sandra: my theory. it is hot outside. everybody wants to go inside after coiled movie theater. >> auld about air-conditioning an apparently tom cruise. it is his most successful film about a decade.
6:51 am
sandra: it wasn't supposed to do that well, right? >> they were estimating 52 million. 56 is pretty good. 65 overseas. despite the fact he has become tabloid fodder he still has a big draw at box office. sandra: am i missing something? what is the tom cruise tabloid fodder? he is just tabloid fodder. sandra: i saw something about a new girlfriend. >> what about change in release dates? this was originally slated for christmas, december. the studio execs. okay, fine, we'll do it in july. seems like there is no other movie really competing with our attention. >> i think that's a great point. the timing was excellent on this it was something, in a summer that has been so-so, and august is expected to be a little bit more boring this gives fan something to look forward to. it is kind of the tent pole that the studio needed. so timing was perfect. sandra: tom cruise is psyched.
6:52 am
he was getting a little older and tabloids and now seems like there is another one in the works. >> something tells me. >> buzz about top gun ii. sandra: that could be epic. the trailer for the "zoolander" sequel was just released. what are your thoughts on that franchise? you're excited. >> can you tell, rubbing the hands. i love the see lander franchise. especially saw going back to fashion week in paris back in march, we saw "zoolander," the two stars, owen wilson and of course ben stiller take the runway at the valentino show. this was epic news in the fashion world. people are getting excited about the move very. the trailer is buzzing. especially stephen hawking like voice to take us back to the big bang. ben stiller saying, god really existed why did he create ugly people? that is epic line.
6:53 am
i can't wait for this. sandra: let me tell you something, on almost every family photograph somebody says that i want to get your thoughts on one more story from the weekend. rapper snoop dogg was stopped at the airport in italy with more than $400,000 in cash. >> yeah. sandra: stuffed stuffed in his louis vuitton luggage, the max amount of one can take on board a plane in the e.u. is $10,000. what was he doing with all the money. >> reportedly was carrying the cash to pay his bd. wasriva ple. a roine sop. itasn' anhing sndals to beg wit they retained half of the cash. no response from the representatives. usually cash someone is found, extremely large amount of cash. usually they get it back after fines are paid. sandra: there is a bunch of people signing up to be on the road crew. >> exactly. sandra: i'm not going to begin to speculate what is being done with the cash because everyone is doing that.
6:54 am
>> he was arrested earlier in the trip in sweden what you might -- sandra: mike. i will save you from even commenting on that. katrina szish. thank you. >> thank you very much. sandra: mike i want hour what we're seeing this morning. you said strong dollar trade, which is why we continue to see a selloff in commodities. the stock market looking for direction right now as we kick off this week. >> strong dollar keeps a lid on earnings and why we're up 2 1/2% more than halfway through the year. if you look back at earnings picture, appearing if s&p earnings peek -- peaked in q3 last year. we're looking at stock market becoming more expensive on daily basis even though we're not going up. because earnings are starting to drop. sandra: do you recommend buying stock market, broadly speaking s&p this moment in time?
6:55 am
>> i've been bearish on stock market. i remain bearish on stock market. i think these are structural shifts headwind to the dollar and market among other things. i think we're likely going to have first year of negative earnings growth since 2008 that should be a concern for investor going into the second half of the year. sandra: deirdre. >> a lot of cash on the balance sheet, how does that factor in? >> there is a lot of cashing on the balance sheet but a lot of companies levered up taking on debt to buy back stock, et cetera. they're in hello shape for that perspective but it's a momlous environment but we'll remain low. sandra: as we kick off this morning the dow currently down for the year. currently s&p is up over 2 1/2%. thank mike cat roarks joining us for the hour. great to have deirdre bolton here. don't forget to catch deirdre on "risk & reward," 5:00 p.m. eastern. it is awesome show.
6:56 am
you're talking to former virginia governor jim gilmore. >> throwing his hat in the ring. sandra: that will be must-watch tv. next hour, managing editor of bob cusack. he will have latest on hillary's moves and former under secretary of defense jed babin will join us. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries.
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sandra: good monday morning, everyone. glad you're with us. maria bartiromo and which made it faster, dagen mcdowell.
7:00 am
the overseas market, looking at offer the first time open in five weeks. not pretty over there. plunging in the first two minutes of trading and some stocks remain suspended. in china the benchmark using 1.1%. $310 billion oil has seen a big uptick in volatility as the chinese government continues to try to prop up the market. not a big reaction in u.s. features for the moment doubt features turn slightly positive up four points. meanwhile, broader markets to lake s&p and nasdaq futures down. europe stocks mixed halfway through the trading day searching for direction. the ftse in london, in trading to the upside. the first ad for the 2016 race
7:01 am
promoting the former secretary of state is a fighter for the middle class and the outcome in the face the vice president joe biden may be making a run at the presidency in 2016. that is a clinton campaign to lack of support from her party. the buzz around biden building in recent weeks. now a "new york times" column detailing the story of how the late done told his father to run for the presidency before dying from brain cancer in may. and the republican side, donald trump went on the offensive in his ambush of questions about dodging taxes and the bsp nation. >> i pay as little possible. i fight to pay as little as possible for two reasons. number one and a businessman and you put the money back into your company and employees and all of that. the other reason is i hate the
7:02 am
way government spends taxes. sure into more from the donald to speak in the first republican debate airing on our sister network fox news thursday evening. u.s. warplanes during a two-month support in europe. resident above approving airstrikes to protect anti-assad forces. one of players getting worse. firefighters battling and one has died of a hundred have been forced. at&t with its first bundling package with directv. the tv wireless phone service costs $200 a month for the first year. and include hd and dvr service for four tvs, unlimited talk and shared wireless data. american pharaoh has done it again when in what is essentially the grand limb of horse racing or the triple crown winner when the invitational in new jersey taking $1.75 million.
7:03 am
$20 million was laid down on the race. back to our top story. the run for the white house heating up. hillary clinton's first campaign ad this week in iowa in the hampshire the spots focus on family especially her late mother, dorothy. >> i think about all of the dorothy's all over america who fight for their families, who never give up. that is why i'm doing this. sure into discriminatory faces and not off from her republican competition. the story generated the most is this morning, vice president joe biden with a closer look at joining the 2016 race. joining me now is not to sack, editor-in-chief at the hill. the clinton saint joe biden is throwing his hat in the ring. what is your take? >> is very interesting story.
7:04 am
the media wants biden to get an because they want to have a race on the last. 17 people in the republican side. bernie sanders has been a threat but she's such an overwhelming favorite and i think joe biden is thinking about it. he wants to get up in the polls. he is still down 40 points to hillary clinton but it would be such an amazing story and it could be an amazing clash on the left. sandra: dagen mcdowell, great to have you this morning. she's bringing in her mother and trying to soften her image over the course of the election. dagen: one problem is they're honest and trustworthy polling numbers have been weak lately. this is the way of softening her image and trying to show potential democratic voters. "the new york times" referred to
7:05 am
it as godly narratives. this is very different than the original ads she ran in 2007 before the 2008 election when she was attacking george w. bush's presidency. this is a completely different approach at this point. sandra: do you think the axle strike the right tone or achieve the goal from the clinton camp? not only softening image only softening management talent everyday american she is in it for them? >> it remains to be seen if it is going to work. at the same time she's got weaknesses. her trustworthy numbers are not good. she banked on experience and kept repeating shed 35 years of experience in a year voters didn't care about it. is. she's got to work on this part of her candidacy because it is the weak part. look at bernie sanders, donald trump. what do they have in common?
7:06 am
they say went on their mind all the time. hillary clinton seems to be calculating say i'm not going to tell you where i stand on keystone. that was not a good answer. that does not resonate with voters and that is why they put out a new lab. sandra: joe biden throwing his hat in the ring. this is a non-believable story to learn his son, beau, wanted his father to run for the presidency. that is a very emotional aspect to the election to happen through his hat in the ring because his son is now gone. >> absolutely. something people can grab onto. lucky in that commercial is puts out now. i don't know that the warm fuzzy hillary clinton works. for me it seems like someone trying to be someone they are not. it shows they realize he can't pick up momentum so they try to do something to upset that.
7:07 am
dagen: bob, it is dagen mcdowell. the clinton have been running for the presidency. these are the kind of ads you might see after get the nomination. with joe biden possibly running, he's got a long way to go if he does decide to build an organization to run. >> oh yeah, it is getting late in the game. hillary clinton has a lot of talented people on her team. joe biden would have to start from scratch. it is certainly picking up steam now. he would have to really pick up a lot of steam in the polls and in staffing. at the same time, they are nervous about the hillary clinton candidacy that has not gotten off to the start they thought it would. sandra: my, how is important is the four ball straight? >> it's important and okay.
7:08 am
wall street wants to see who is going to be there for the nomination. wall street doesn't like uncertainty. they don't mind whether it's a democrat, republican or who was there as the nominee. the certainty can hold it down no-space figure out who is going to be the nominee. dagen: a few i joe biden running against hillary clinton for the nomination, wouldn't you have hillary running against the legacy of the current president? >> it'll be interesting to see who is running a third term of obama. certainly hillary clinton ascribed unto obama recently because she has got the bernie sanders threat. they put president of in an awfully awkward position. i wouldn't endorse in the situation but that would be interesting to see. sure into bob cusack, thank you are joining us for the 2016 race leading up to the first gop
7:09 am
debate. be sure to tune in at 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. -- 9:00 p.m. eastern. several other major stories making news. jo ling kent affair with the latest headlines. >> a manhunt under a manhunt underway after a police officer were shot and killed during a traffic stop. police have identified 29-year-old jermaine wilborn currently and supervise relief for bank robbery. the officer killed or to cruel john bolton may have interacted a drug deal. puerto rico's debt crisis getting worse. the territory not able to make a $58 million payment of public finance corporation fund due on friday. puerto rico has until the business day today at the payments on a non-business day. a first for the empire state building, pictures of endangered animals on the new york city landmark on saturday night. animals included a snow leopard
7:10 am
cecil the lion. it took the artist for years to win approval for its beautiful selection. sandra: thank you fasten your seatbelts. greece's stock market back in action for the first time in five weeks and it's not pretty. should they hire greek stocks thursday well together. we'll discuss that next to continue the conversation on facebook. tell us what you think, what you want to hear more about. be sure to click the lake button to get the latest updates on the show. we will be right back. ♪
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as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. sandra: fasten your seatbelts. great talks opened for trading for the first time. upon the road so far.
7:14 am
i weak stocks have been halted trading under way in seeing a bunch of more than 20% in the greek stock market. out of the gate the blue-chip average has been plunging. banks are leading this to climb. greek stocks taking a lead this morning that the country working on solutions broadly speaking, what is the selloff in the stock market made this morning? what does it mean for trading your globally? >> trading year, nothing. when the government shuts down the market, we will not open it for five weeks when they finally reopened, you will see massive selling. this is something to keep china in the back of your mind because they are going to halt selling in chinese stocks. it is so small in such a tiny market in the overall scheme of things. look at the way the european market react to two..
7:15 am
sandra: they did this to avoid such selloff. what is the point of being start trading, supposed to be a calm over the market. we now just hit the market plunge. transfer the market has to legitimately find itself autumn, which you have not seen in china as well. everything they throw to prop up the market they don't work. you won't know. if the government needs to get out of the way in china and it is evident. sandra: you need somebody who's going to step in and buy the stock market for the selling to quit. one manager describing this as her behavior saying they are seeing few people wanted to or having the nerve to step in and buy the greek stocks. do you think there is any end in sight? >> i don't really. near really. near-term, a lot of people try to catch the falling knife in greece over the last six years and once or twice it has worked for the most part a terrible
7:16 am
trade. they should go in and work on the stress that and they will make money. as far as buying greek equities to say best idea is to buy this company trading in greece but that's a terrible idea. dagen: all it does is push up the day of reckoning for a company that is bankrupt. sandra: the economic situation has not changed. why are we so convinced? banking shares are leading the decline. they make up 20% of the greek stock market they are. national bank of greece commercial bank was down 30% before the daily volatility limit and trading was halted air. banks getting very hard hit. by the way, telecom operators -- dagen: is that any different? at one point mid july 97% of shares of china were trading for a variety of reasons.
7:17 am
almost the entire market was halted air. sandra: we are watching or you, fresh off closing of directv last month. at&t unveiled its first phone plans. we've got all the details of what you need to know about that next. stay tuned. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
7:18 am
7:19 am
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7:20 am
sandra: president obama up in obama up in the nt with even tougher rules on power plant emissions. jo ling kent is here at the headlines. >> that's right. white house and epa expected to announce a rule cutting carbon emissions by 32% by 2030, steeper than a 30% cut initially posts.
7:21 am
they are too harsh and sometimes too costly. some states might try to enforce them. at&t unveiled a new package with traditional tv and wireless service. the giant looking to broaden after finalizing the $48.5 billion deal to buy satellite tv company directv. more mergers and acquisitions in the state coming together. it kind of reminds me of the airlines. but as the consolidation in for the summer? sandra: at&t is not what dagen mcdowell is laughing about. dagen: bailout while this mergers and want to crack down on businesses. sandra: out of the gate trying to say why this is good for iraq customer. the new plant will cost 200 bucks a month or you can get high -- and dvr service for four tvs along with unlimited
7:22 am
talking texan for wireless lines, 10 gigabytes also included. >> that is the clincher. a lot of the cable tv sets try for tablets or cell phones in a household now. >> to 10 gigabytes, we have a similar plan in my house and the kids are over them quickly. it goes to 15 cakes. we are up five to at&t. for the consumer, the bundles -- the bundle is a great idea for the consumer and where our entire economy is going. this isn't a one in done deal. i like at&t. i loved the dividend. although they paid $50 billion, you'll see more consolidation and this is where our entire economy is going and will be ultimately a lot better for us.
7:23 am
sandra: at&t says to watch directv by an app on your phone. right when you sign up at the store. no waiting to have a satellite dish of all this other gear installed. it's that a big selling point? dagen: it is enough of a selling point. it has your nfl sunday ticket, which is most big directv hathaway was so critical to react with the nfl before the deal got done. sandra: if you switch from at&t wireless from another carrier, there are an endless air. you get incentives of $100 bill credit for each line switched with a $200 trade-in credit for smartphones. >> i have one word about that. they are worried about cord cutters. t-mobile is doing that to getting business from other carriers. there is such a drop-off in people subscribing for cable
7:24 am
nowadays, especially millennial who say l.a. native internet to get to an amazon in that hallway made. hbo go, hbo now services are working. dagen: went as they arrive where you can can pay for stand-alone espn. >> they have some form of streaming service right now. sandra: it is the first of many steps that they want to make a splash. >> they definitely made a splash. when you look at the cord cutters, but millennial is especially want what they want now. they don't want to wait for the day should be set up on the rooftop. what at&t is doing us a great move for the company, a little bit of life for excitement in the stock. train to the stock in premarket sharply unchanged.
7:25 am
>> sharply. sandra: thank you, jo ling kent for the story. the obama administration offer in airstrikes or anti-assad rebels. jed babb and will be giving us his take next. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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7:29 am
first presidential debate of 2016, it had will take place on thursday night right here on our sister network fox news keep it on fox news and fox business the latest from the election legislated up to thursday night face-off west coast wildfires worse california firefighters now battling if a separate fires, one firefighter has died while hundreds have been forced to leave their homes, we are only
7:30 am
just days away from the first debate, of the 2016 campaign, even pellet hopefuls on both sides, are gearing up to take on a slew of topics including, where they stand, on taxes, donald trump went on the offense, when he was ambushed with questions about dodging taxes on cbs's "face the nation." >> what is your guess on percentage of income that is paid in taxes. >> you know what? i have said this many times, so it is not exactly breaking news, i pay as little as possible. i fight like hell to pay as little as possible. for two reasons, number one i am a business man, that is the way you are supposed to do it you you the the money back into your company and employees, and -- and all of that. but the other reason, is that i hate the way our government spends our taxes. >> all right, well dagen mike i don't think the sentiment a lot of americans are not feeling right now i think people are concerned about how much they pay in tax when they pay taxes, legally, where that
7:31 am
money is going. >> yeah, absolutely, and i think donald trump makes good points but if you just fast forward to you thursday you could see everybody gaipgdz up on donald trump for this, sets the stage for where, you know people the other candidates can tear him apart i wonder are they going to i don't think people want to go up there make this the donald trump show do they let him slide opted very interesting to see how it plays out. dagen: an argument for taxi reform a central focus what a lot of running on government huckabee talking about it last week on this program making that very argument, about that, and opposition you have hillary clinton, out with this capital gaines tax proposal complicates further. >> do you think that he continues to tap into the feelings of the american people, if he still hitting
7:32 am
that sweet spot do you think, mike. >> he is, and the memorandum keeps picking up for him you can see a lot of people getting behind him on this, the average person out there, saying hey, i like to -- spend as much of my money on taxes also so could really see it gathering memorandum bomentum rr president of the united states if you think back to mitt romney this was taxes were a big issue for him also, i think. >> he said that when he stated, the actual truth about one half of people in this country pay no neither federal income tax not considering a their weight, that is republicans and democrats. >> some people feel like hillary clinton's tax plan would be devastating to this country. >> she roiled markets last week speaking about tags. >> devastating -- >> i said all along i think she proposed that knowing full and well that it will never, ever budge one each a handout to people fans of bernie
7:33 am
saunders will never become reality -- too complicated. >> short term capital gains tax rates. >> she basically said you are -- in i'm not a paraphrasing her a speculator unless holding stocks -- >> a way to take the market down bring up some taxi reform like that would be devastating everybody wants jobs growth we start talking about, you are talking about, antibusiness, and i don't think hillary clinton wants to be antibusiness when you start talking like that, though, that could hurt. >> absolutely. >> all right, guys will the race for the white house run, by the way, watch daekz thursday night 5:00 pm, 9 pm prime time. >> a question what are you drinking what are you going to drink during the debate, it could be alcoholic or nonalcoholic, but -- >> -- you know if you are a trump fan you got to be
7:34 am
trifrnging -- >> must be tv, dagen you and i are up pretty darn early i am going to still be watching every manipulate. >> i am going to be drinking something to keep me awake so a red bull night up all night. >> president obama authorizing use of airpower to defend new u.s.-backed rebels in syria in case of attack, and according to the white house, this is not a precursor to boost on the ground in syria for more former u.s. undersecretary of defense jed babbin on the phone i thought our focus in the middle east was isis, i think we can make the case that is still a focus on isis, what say you? on the phone: this is really not a focus on anything, guys, i mean if we look what is going on here number one, there is only 60 dies in that real great force wr supposed to send against isis a joke 90 to start with 30 certificated taking traini-- certify deserte a series force we don't want
7:35 am
them to die there is a concept combat overhead, in question of how many aircraft how many things you actually put in the sky, to protect people, or to conduct an operation, how much combat overhead are these guys worth they are not doing anything a anyway. sandra: to be clear spokeswoman for the pentagon has been saying, by the way, refusing comments specifically on the rules of engagement here but has said u.s. military program the military program he focuses quote first and foremost on combating islamic state militants. on the phone: i guess that is true i guess that is also why we are now seeing what we would be the have a -- an aircraft carrier -- this fall for the first time since 2007 how you gonna do it guys? we can fly some missions out of i want tinterlik and turkey reducing combat power 50% removing the aircraft carrier, it is just a joke.
7:36 am
if we are taking on isis, we would take on isis, we're not doing it. sandra: okay, but at least, deepens u.s. involvement in the syrian conflict does it not. >>on if we're going to protect guys not in sir yoo from syrian forces who are in syria doesn't seem we are going to be doing a whole heck of a lot we could get more engaged in syria the fact of the matter is russia iran are still heavily invested there, they are going to decide what are at the outcomes going to be not a little tiny bit of american airpower you are. sandra: as messy as things are in syria we know isis is only one of the real threats there. >> right, jed what are the odds on the u.s.-backed forces engaging the assad regime what is the risk? i mean i am talking about direct conflict. on the phone: i doubt there is going to be much risk i think that you know you can always find somebody who wants to say -- i there is gonna be
7:37 am
sometime that is going to happen but not going to be a big deal not something going to affect the outlook of the war again i am just saying what are we talking about here we are not really doing anything. >> okay is this one step closer to the united states eventually putting boots on the ground? are they going to be put in that situation? on the phone: thanks, not while this president is in office he made that very, very clear. the next administration, will have that choice. do they want to fight isis seriously are a abs engaged on isis really their fight not ours, so what are we going to do? right now nobody knows. >> russia part of this equation, by the way, russia is creativi criticizeing the u.s. >> no matter what we do their game since peter the great they want to make trouble they want to make people you know, interfere in things, so yes, they are going to do that we're going to respond, maybe, diplomatically you know the whole thing is a big kcan't get
7:38 am
excited. >> means market not excited from the standpoint of increasing national security, and going stronger over there. >> absolutely, i think probably the worst thing we could do is engage have a plan do it in a very small way like we're doing right here we need to have clear cut you put soldiers on the ground there they can't decipher who they should engage should not engage if we are going over after isis which is obviously a major concern, we need to go over there go after isis. >> secretary, broadly speaking before we let you go, how would you characterize the united states is it getting better are we strengthening or i forces against isis or are they only gaming territory aini. >> ham hearted at best maybe not that much i think we are reducing our forces having no
7:39 am
aircraft carrier in the persian gulf this fall i think not rally serious presidenton indicated he wants to drai this for years and years issued a years kick it down the road let somebody else deal with it all we are doing i don't think we are making a serious effort. >> secretary,ing debates thursday night gop contenders for president what would you like to hear from someone running for the president of the united states, right now, as far as strategy against isis? >>. on the phone: well, i would like to hear from somebody, anybody -- i to say if we are going to fight a war we are going to do it right way actually fight it in a manner calculated to win latino with an piddle around on the ground or someplace else i think we need a strategy i think we need a until a strategy to cover a whole lot of different threats nonis right now, in the white house or pentagon anywhere else. >> do you like anything that you've heard. >> sorry to do you like anything you heard from any
7:40 am
one candidate? >> not yet. i mean there is an will have a lot of folks up there should not be there, and i think they are going to get weed out fairly quickly to say the least i hope so -- >> thanks more must see tv, secretary jed babbin thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate you being here watching the markets this morning look at this copper prices, sinking to multi-year lows you are looking at a 6-year low lot for industrial metal off 16% so he far this year what it says about the glol economy or the result of the global economy i always have that question continue the conversation, on back to page back slashing mornings regard maria tell you what you want to see to so you get the latest updates on this show. ♪ there ain't nobody, we turned this cornfield into a party,
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>> fire threatening thousands of homes near san francisco, more than 20 wildfires burning in north of san francisco more than 50 homes buildings damaged fast-moving flames
7:45 am
could threaten another 6300 homes, only 5% of the fire is contained, overall more than 9,000 firefighters are working to put out blazes in california, oregon, and washington. hadn't the july jobs' report is out on friday, we already know americans paychecks are growing a record slow pace department of labor case u.s. wages benefits approved /10 of one percent slowest rate in 33 years. our special coverage friday 8:00 a.m. earn a jobs' report right here fox business, and if you can't decide whether to good surfing or dirt back riding you can do both with this custom made wave rider made for ditchc shoes australia rider robbie madison tested it off tahiti looked fun would you dry it i would do it. sandra: that is. >> a a deficit in tdisaster in
7:46 am
random brown lake -- >>. >> there are all campground down south from south of washington, d.c., that is all you do take your four wheeler and drive around. >> you know something about this maybe not the broader version but -- >> moving on to commodities i don't tell have a morning without discussing this commodities sell-off continues we've got copper prices right now modifying lowest level in over six years oil prices continuing their rough slide well below, 50 bucks a barrel, thank goodness standing by in have chicago, with your latest take on this downward pressure, in the commodities market baffling a lot of people phil -- going back up to 70 it is not happening?
7:47 am
>> it is not happening right now, it is a lot of it has to do with fear, i talked about the three swans that we had in the month of july nor could this it starting with greece, you know then iranian oil deal now you have this situation, in china, in that is the big concern this morning, you take a look at chinese manufacturing number we fell four months in a row contraction, that is driving down copper the tin zinc you name it biggest consumer of those goods we saw chinese auto sales fall dramatically not seeing expectation that we've seen in codifies take a look what is happening in the oil market under pressure close to that, low for the year once again, and that is concern on demand expectations, around the globe, so right now if you have to -- capitalize major fact for prices being down it really is concerns about china, and whether they are going to have any appetite for commodities they have had strong for that last couple
7:48 am
years. >> we know buying commodities, a lot has been copper buying; right? phil? they have been stockpiling, copper. >> yeah, they have been, in all other commodities a drop of imports in copper aluminum one market they continue to import like crazy is oil importing more oil this year than ever before there seems a disconnect between the economic data what we're seeing in china as far as purchases of oil. >> i guess goes back to the whole idea even if china's economy is slowing, or slower than expectations, it is still growing, and you still got a massive amount of people moving off farm landed in cities bringiuying cars for the first time ever changing environment for xhotsdz, by the way, this is not gold off 7% this year -- gold you expect to get hit harder?
7:49 am
>> gold i think a little bit different than copper, or oil, because those end use gold just buying to invest in, so you know, gold i still think cracks 1,000 under so much downward pressure but -- >> four years. >> right, i think the -- the trading community is lumping up all the commodities just selling them selling them hard, you get some positive data out of china when you do get it, you get a bit of a one or two day spike in the commodity complex, and everything gets sold again that is why you are seeing copper hit hard you are seeing oil hit hard, but we do get ism manufacturing data later today, and if there is a if that creates a bit in the market if better than anticipated a fed hike sooner than later two you are going to see big in commodities housing starts pick up. >> give us a a little bit of good news on the u.s. economy, you could get a -- >> you would be a bair if economic news is slightly better? i wouldn't i don't need to make first 10% upside i would
7:50 am
rather see a bottoming rally. >> the oil stocks in particular, despite what happened on friday incredible dividends if people are looked for income they were going to puerto rico instead of applying. >> we leave there it freeport, newport mining, all those hit with metal prices going down. >> they have been, i will tell you a lot of private equity funds are getting into commodities buying when everybody else is selling we will have to see if right copper year to date down 17% coming up a deficdisaster on th track what one nascar driver did -- his own crew. idiot.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
. sandra: you want to get dagen riled up talk about a wild day for nascar, over the weekend, during the race one driver nearly kill his entire team idiot, not kill but -- >> this is keselowski driving number two pen zpocar hits jack goes, tom blaine a tire changer could have been disafter rows landed on his back those guys finished the pit stop, no kidding, they were okay. >> that is what you do, because that is what you do. you know what anybody on planet earth would be nascar fan if she could sit in the pits half an hour any race, here is if story brad keselowski goes on, to finish second in the race matt
7:55 am
kenseth won a lot of leaders ran out of gas ran out of fuel, in the final lap, including kyle busch, joey lowgano brad keselowski's teammate kyle busch looked like would win fifth race after out with a broken leg but didn't because he ran out of gas they don't have gas gages in the cars. >> did you watch every minute i i had it on dozed off i hate the track a triangle i hate. >> it trust your driver. >> he took responsibility for it, nobody was. >> refer shooting the pit box is i never do that -- >> really? >> are you going to try -- talk sports? [laughter] >> that is all i got. >> that is you know we don't want people to get hurt, but this -- makes for some drama. >> -- i knew she was going to would i catch tv. >> i love formula one, formula one coming to new york city.
7:56 am
going to be a race over across the road. >> skwluf interview with former white water independent council what his take is on e-mail problems what it means for the 2016 race. .
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
maria bartiromo has the morning off it is monday, august 3, with me this hour fox business dagen mcdowell and mike murphy of recess cliff capital fired up checked out the action in the overseas
8:00 am
markets greece main stock market average opening for the first time, in five weeks, not pretty the composite dropping almost 23% out of the gate some stocks remain closed in china benchmark shanghai xofs losing petro china has seen a uptick in volatility the last month or so, as chinese government, there continues to try to prop up this market. not reaction in u.s. futures for this time being at least, dow futures unchanged s&p futures slightly lower in europe stocks mixed as well accepting for direction halfway through the trading day, finding some direction to the upside at this very moment, all three major averages are higher, hillary clinton campaign rolling up the first ads for 2016 race promoting former secretary of state as fighter for the middle class in face to face of factualness vice president joe biden may make a run at
8:01 am
the presidency in 2016. the clinton campaign is trying to lock down support from her party, for his part the buzz around abiden building recent weeks, noted right here on this show, we have a lot of strategists pinting this out now a "new york times" column over the weekend, from mature ooep dwoud how abiden's late son told his father to run for the presidency before dying from brain cancer in may stay tuned in half hour i will speak to robert ray, the former independently counsel who investigated hillary clinton's role in the whitewater scandal for years coming up 8:30 a.m. eastern, donald trump went on offensive ambushed with questions, about dodging taxes on cbs's "face the nation". >> i pay as little as possible. i fight like hell, to pay as little as possible. for two reasons, number one i am a business man, and that is
8:02 am
the way you are supposed to do it put money back into company employees all of that. but the other reason, is that i hate the way our government spends taxes. >> he had a little bit more passion, we will hear more from the donald this week first republican debate, airing on our sister network fox news channel, thursday, 9:00 pm. >> u.s. warplanes gearing up to lend support in syria president orange county approving use of air strikes to protect anti-assad forces there at&t reels first bundling package after merge with directv good for sxhoo er? tv wireless phone services costing 200 dollars a month first year, thrown in hitchd hdand dvr service for four tvs up limited talk, and 10 gigabytes wireless data, and american pharoah done it winning what is essentially the grand plan of horse racing triple crown winner, in new
8:03 am
jersey, taking a purse one and three quarters million dollars, 20 million dollars in bets laid down on that race twitter afiery every place bets on that one hillary clinton rolling out first campaign added in iowa new hampshire, everybody talking about them buzz vice president joe biden may finally be throwing his hat in the resigning, taking a closer look at running for president, blake berman has more in watdz, blake, is it going to happen? >> for biden -- we will see here. in months potentially as for hillary clinton her campaign manager, calls the multimillion-dollar yd buy the next natural step they are set to hit air in iowa new hampshire starting tomorrow, roughly a million dollars in each state, as questions swirled over clinton's private e-mail use doeksz to family foundation the ads show a more he personal side for clinton focusing on her mother time
8:04 am
not only at extent of gu. op debate but as talks swirl about the democratic field expanding over the weekend joe biden stole the headlines with reports that he is tail of exploring a presidential campaign. now a clinton aide has told fox they are note nervous about the possibility of a vice president jumping into the fold however clinton sizable lead in iowa new hampshire has been shrinking and according to the polling averages, biden has support from about 9% of voters in early states, and 12% of democrats a in thatly without having thrown his name into the race. >> we've got dagen mike on set clinton camp comes out with first ad same week reports swirl that biden is throwing his hat in the ring what do you make of all this is hillary with these ads is she striking the right tone do you think? >> her ratings are honesty ratings had been stalled that
8:05 am
is clearly one area she needs to work on. the ads strike an emotional tone and personal tone, that that is a core area of her personality, boosting. joe biden doesn't have at this moment, i will point out that there is a key advisory to beaued bien to draft biden sue pack, so that is another indication that there is a big push to get joe biden to run. >> the timing is, of course, interesting where we continue to get more e-mails dumped every week clinton pain to come out and spend the kind of money in ads two key states. >> lot of things going on but spending money on these ads to talk about being a grandmother her as a kid growing up, you know i don't for me, it doesn't seem like the hillary clinton that i know, and i don't know if people are going to apply that part of it. but as far as overall news
8:06 am
they e-mail situation with hillary clinton, isn't going away because of these commercials coming out i think that is the bigger thing to focus on here this woman when serving the country appears as though she was hiding e-mails and then erasing e-mails having commercials coming out painting a sort of matronly side isn't going to -- >> she hasn't been answering reporters questions throughout run for the presidency she has been extremely silent much to detriment being criticized for that. >> people who work for her like her support her, know a different hillary clinton than many of the american people know but i want brake to jump in on this donald trump and bernie sanders have gotten so much momentum saying whatever comes to their mind joe biden, he shoots from the hip shoots from the lips he would fit that mold, seemingly able to touch an audience that hillary can't. >> i think you hit it on the
8:07 am
headed talking about the favorable and unfavorable ratings, and the honest and truth worthy the problem with hillary clinton, is to underwater and then you have, in those two categories then the complete opposite, with donald trump, with bernie saunders gaining steam, and now joe biden as well somebody people view as, more open, more out there, and that is kind of what hillary clinton is trying to -- as you mentioned in ads. >> her campaign to joe biden's possibly campaign coming on the heels of his now late son beau, saying i want you to run for president, there is emotional tie there, but at the end of the day, you look at the fact that hillary clinton has raised far more money than any of hurry democratic rivals still you have to to beat blake berman thank you for joining us this morning marks the beginning paf by these week for politics 2016 race leading up to you thursday night's first gop debate fox nice channel be sure to tune in 5 pm and 9:00
8:08 am
pm eastern. >> when reading the opening i gave it a flare whoa! . >> worth of that let it rip. >> let donald go to town,let the other ones try, going to be exciting, all right, oil mirnz of iran says nation can boos oil production a week after international sanctions are lifted would include 500,000 barrels a day, within a week and one million barrels day within a month joining us is r.j. o'brien managing director, great to see your smiling face jane are we seeing selling in crude because of this or was this broader commodity sell-off we are seeing. >> i think boating to address your question specifically to crude oil markets wti crude the pricing mechanism for iranian crude oil vulz
8:09 am
extraordinarily heavy 34% above 1525 moving average before i came on exchange in lobbed released open interest figures speculative longs in wti brent down 34,000 on the week, however, the bad news for those still trade crude is that there are still over 175,000 neither longs -- >> what is the takeaway from that? >> so the long story short is going to be probably more downside pressure, to wti crude. >> not just i think iranian story that you have brought up, but it is also the slowing demand in china, and recall like wise iraq capacity, and libyan capacity are yet ring at full no, when they do return to the markets, wti crude will go lower it appears as if wti crude has got the lower to go here iranian story the stalling chinese compromise i two stories driving it. >> have mike going to jump? >> at what point can an improving u.s. economy kind of
8:10 am
balance this out but in a floor in wti? >> well, i don't think wti really -- i don't think american economy is going to drive wti because china is seen as global growth leader, and when date out of china this weekend kind of what is driving the trade, likewise, too, mike i would suggest, that u.s. economic growth averaged 1 1/2 percent first half 2015, friday most employment wage data was awfully soft there is no i chatter within the interest rate markets that fed in fact may publicity any rate normalization of 2015, maybe put that in 2016, for fear that the downside of u.s. economic performance remains larger than upside. >> chicago i look to john to get me what do i need to know one can takeaway from our conversation right now is that you are seeing heavy volume on this selling to the downside, in the front month crude oil contract to me says there is
8:11 am
more selling to come, and i think that is what you are telling us, as we see crude oil prices, down again, another percent this morning at 4640 a barrel how low go it go john. >> probably high 30s sandra iranians giving financial situation, are most likely going to get to a million barrels a day, before the one-month period, so going to make every effort to get that level don't, keep in mind their rivals in region saudis most likely increase production as well going to become a race to the bottom probably to 38 dollars a barrel. >> there you have it john brady gas prices under 2 dollars a gallon you are going to see that in probably by the end of the year, in on this number of states in this country. >> below 2 bucks, coming up mornings with maria we have got a check on economy jane brady thank you smiling mug there the economy automakers report july sales we take a look at what it means for the health of the u.s. customer take a look at some big headlines watching this
8:12 am
morning, from the "the wall street journal," a company so you are on delaware corporate haven because of limited legal protection, u.s. to did he have syria force from the regime tech firms beware don't disappoint investors or activities may step in. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:13 am
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whehe trusts onlyon duracell quantum because it lasts longer in 99% of devices. air bags could inflate after a surprising trigger the latest on that. >> a fiat chrysler recalling he more than 322000 charger sedans air bags might inflate if a doors slammed too hard year 2011, 2014 charger more than 843,000, dosage -- the same problem last year, fiat
8:16 am
chrysler says in the practice of notifying drivers when they can bring in cars for repairs until then urging caution when you close cures west coast wildfires worse california firefighters battling 23 separate fires, one firefighter has died while hundreds of owners forced to evacuate, at&t, now unveiling a new package that combines traditional tv and you wireless services, at a giant looking to and an you offers after finalizing 48.5-billion-dollar deal to apply satellite tv provider directv. >> all right, thank you. the new at that time at that time blan will it costing 200 bucks a month, seems like a steep number for a packaged deal, i don't know, i feel like i -- there is a lot involved in this package 37 do you think a good one for consumers. >> you know this is their first go, at offering a package deal right so this is dual a very important for at that time at that time and
8:17 am
directv to have surgeon general being attractive can they by competitive as consolidation continues, i find that competition prices will probably inch up rather than down. >> you like at that time at that time. >> i do like at&t, you know again they went out paid almost 50 billion dollars, for dish they had to do something to just show that it wasn't a waste of money combining this and getting out there going to be tweaks to the program i think a great thing for consumers here. >> you like it dagen. dagen: directv i think directv gets a bad wrap i am a directv subscriber how can they leverage i talked to nfl sunday ticket -- >> the most important that is the most important thing. >> overall probably the most important thing for cable in general right is live sports. >> especially for -- >> yes. >> didn't we enter into like the final day of sports, with
8:18 am
football. >> i am not -- >> trying. >> not a football fan, i did say -- >> training camp started last week. >> one thing to know at&t plan says 200 dollars per month for the first year. what happens after that. >> they were he they reserve right to change prices as with anything -- >> for a year, they start charging you for it so this is very much the first trade to the next generation. >> the rules of the game change pretty quickly. >> anything, he cell phone, anything. >> yes. >> thank you, and auto sales are expected to drive higher with analysts foshgdz sales to reach 17 million for the third month in a row what is behind this auto boom, more on that next. technology empowers us to achieve more.
8:19 am
it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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8:22 am
. sandra: u.s. auto sales do out this morning main street wall street keeping eye on the big four, gm, fiat chrysler ford nissan for signs of recovery but fiat chrysler is making headlines, we are calling it the jeep effect fox business jeff flock in illinois with more, looks like you are standing in front of a je dealership. >> beautiful day not only jeep but entire industry you are right all about that jeep take a look at predictions out there, going to be good for everybody, sunny day for everybody today we think. according to kelly book true car, fiat chrysler jeep brand up between 3 and 4%, ford expected to be up as much as almost 4%, gm might be a lagard nissan a big month expected as we said, all about the jeep, according to kelly's blue book analyst jeep should
8:23 am
extend sales gain streak to 6 consecutive months, on jeep. >> you are looking at a jeep cherokee but the cherokee and the grand cherokee, take a look at cherokee sales alone have to up incredibly this year, really is driving the brand, up 44% in january, 19% february, every month another big one, this is the cherokee right here, people seem to like it despite sandra, you know the talk about hacking into a vehicle, that was a grabbed cherokee that that happened to, and then, of course, questions about recalls as well, despite that, it seems like nobody seems to care, they are buying them love them. >> jeep has the pr blend of utility, and luxury, can you tell i am a jeep owner? >> i -- what do you have? >> i've got. >> when one jeep grand cherokee overland. >> beautiful, this is what
8:24 am
this model is right here, it is beautiful, i will tell you italian styling american roughness. >> i love it! i love it! . >> jeff flock that is great news for the auto industry. you know a lot of people talking about those sales keep going up, by the way, gas prices keep going down that is not bad thing for those can sports utility vehicles, but here is one thing ring bells more people financing their new cars over longer term loans that means will will eventual own more than the car is actually worth, you see that as a problem. >> i don't, throughout when the financial crisis hit people put off applying new cars, so we had the afternoon age of a car on the road united states, over 11 years old. so people have to go out replace cars get a>> jeep whatever car it is i think people going out and most people don't have 40, 50, 6 o,000 dollars to put down in cash on car so financing it, if they can get good terms financing it. >> there are a lot of cars cheaper than 40,000 dollars! . >> you are talking about jeep
8:25 am
the fancy jeep here. >> i know. >> let's talk about a little -- >> either way. >> fiat? >> i don't think financing a carr is an issue, people can get good rates right now low rates, so i think if you need a new car, you go out finance it i think a great deal. >> extend the long term stretch your budget to get into a nicer vehicle. >> how about buying used, the -- this asset did he pressure eights as sooning as you lot of. >> a luxury vehicle very little money there you have it. >> i owned one new car my entire life i am old i love knew car smell. >> it makes spray -- >> cleaning an automobile. >> hillary clinton stealing heat from right and left latest on the tightening race for the white house that is next.
8:26 am
can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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sandra: welcome back. good morning. i am sandra smith. maria bartiromo thought this morning it is monday, august august 3rd. with us this morning dagen mcdowell and mike murphy outburst could p. at shanghai composite moving 1.1%. $310 million oil has seen a big uptake in volatility has the chinese government continues to prop up the stock market. not a big reaction yet added the u.s. futures market although we have turned higher across the board. dow futures of 12, s&p and nasdaq futures also higher. in europe we see stock searching for direction although they have found their way to the upside as well. at&t releasing its first bundling package after the merger with directv. the tv wirelesswell.
8:30 am
at&t releasing its first bundling package after the merger with directv. the tv wireless phone service costs 200 bucks a month for the first year includes hd and dvr service for four tvs and 10 gigabytes insurable wireless data. the first presidential debate of 2016 will take place this week erin on our sister network fox news channel. keep it on fox news and fox business for the election leading up to the thursday night face-off. it'll be something. hillary clinton campaign rolling out the first at the 2016 race promoting the former secretary of state is a fighter for the middle class. the outcome in the face of talks that vice president joe biden may make a run at the presidency in 2016 and the clinton campaign is trying to lock up support for her party. biden has been building in recent weeks. now in "new york times" column over the weekend for maureen dowd retelling the story of how the son, beau, told his father
8:31 am
to run for the presidency before dying of cancer in may. will it be enough to win skeptical voters? our next guest investigated for years as the whitewater independent counsel joins us now in a fox business exclusive. great to have you here. the "washington times" that with a piece by the way out at midnight. call us now for hillary clinton's criminal investigation amid e-mail data breach beers. will she be charged with anything criminal? >> the first question is whether she'll be investigated. that is a difficult issue for the department of justice during a presidential campaign. criminal investigations and politics don't mix particularly well as past experience has shown. it is difficult to conduct an investigation not seen as having an ankle or bias or some
8:32 am
improper impact. sandra: how can politics get in the weblog? >> is easy to say that the typical to conduct an investigation particularly in the middle of a presidential campaign. most people think it is better left to the political process to sort out whether she's worthy of the office as opposed to an unelected prosecutor deciding whether she should be charged with a crime. sandra: based on your knowledge of the matter, did she break the law? >> minister in question. being truth challenged is not in another stop a crime unless it's a member of law enforcement. whether somebody mishandled classified information and did so knowingly and something that should be looked at as a matter of investigation. it's difficult to prove. i don't know if we have facts to make a determination. sandra: if the doj doesn't take
8:33 am
into this, voters will be the ultimate determiner of where hillary goes from here. dagen: the justice department operates at president obama in the white house. if joe biden decides to make a run that would be nearly a thinkable the justice department would begin. >> what would be hard to do it in that process you might have calls for the attorney general with regard to that investigation if they were to be one to step aside for a special counsel to be appointed. it's a long way from that and it's difficult to imagine how the investigation really reaches any project that resulted in the middle of a presidential campaign. most people believe, not just professional prosecutors, but most people believe the battle of a presidential campaign is better to let the voters decide.
8:34 am
dagen: you said you could argue she broke the law similar to petraeus, mishandling of information sound resulted in an thing that cheers probation and $100,000. if she was found guilty, what would your penalty look like? >> as i recall, the petraeus case was a misdemeanor resolution a potentially more serious allegations. a course in his circumstance he didn't have the ability in the public domain to fight back. clearly she does. if she were the subject of a criminal investigation, she would have a credible argument that may be investigated because people are doing damage. i don't know what a potential would look like. we are not even to the point of deciding whether an investigation is appropriate. who was contacted and were conducted without the two
8:35 am
criminal charges and if there were criminal charges but with baby. criminal investigations, the most simple tend to take a year to 18 months to do. what does that look like at the point at which there's a presidential election. what would you really be accomplishing if you're to conduct an 18 month investigation? sandra: did it surprise you? >> know. i've got a fairly long history of what happened to billing records and they disappear for a while and all of a sudden materialized. what about hillary clinton's statements and did she tell the truth. the reason the poll numbers reflect people have come to the majority of americans to that conclusion is not without foundation. sandra: robber, thank you for joining us. first create. first grade for now puerto rico.
8:36 am
country failing to make a payment over the weekend. adam shapiro, where is he? he will break down the details fly from san juan and how to get the assignment next. ♪
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sandra: and manhunt after a cop was killed. jo ling kent but the story peered >> tremaine is currently on supervised release for bank robbery. the officer tells 30 through john bolton may have interrupted a drug deal. the white house and epa expected to announce a new role sharply cutting carbon emissions by 32% by 2030. power plants have been fighting the role saying they are too harsh and costly. tons takes may try to refuse to enforce them. a solid box office than for tom cruise in mission impossible made $56 million in its debut weekend which made just under $15 million. sandra: tom cruise strikes again. puerto rico on the brink of the
8:41 am
commonwealth saying up a massive debt payment due by the end of the day. forcing the diamond into default. adam shapiro got the tough assignment and is now outside the capitol building in san juan, puerto rico with the latest on this very serious situation. what is the latest? reporter: it is a serious situation for millions of americans on the mainland because they may be invested without knowing it in muni bonds and mutual funds that have exposure to puerto rican debt on the table to be negotiated. the default is not according to the puerto rican government a default. this is people playing games with how you describe what is happening but they will miss a payment. $58 million with 94 million of which the 58 million would be used to service the debt on the public finance corp. bonds. that will be missed and puerto rico will be in the fall. the budget operating at a
8:42 am
$703 million deficit. things are not looking good for the 3.5 million people who live in the commonwealth. then you take a look at how much they have to service coming up. there are more bond payments to come september 1st. i have a transportation authority, $350 million that the deadline is now running and problems are only growing worse if this expects to be the first of several potential defaults going forward. with puerto rico trying to get on top of that sad situation. the legislature is not in session right now, but roughly a 90 day timeline 90 day time my nameplate. the chief of staff to the governor has said he was acquitted hypocritically crunch with no money to continue making bond payments and that is putting pressure on negotiations to try and work out a restructuring. moody's has said some bonds will get 35% to 65% recovery. sandra: how could it be so beautiful and going so wrong. if they are calling it to fall, what are they calling it?
8:43 am
reporter: it's a moral obligation bond. they don't have constitutional requirement to pay it back. devices were created under governor rockefeller of new york in the 1960s. most people say a moral obligation bond has the legal authority. the government has legal authority to pay them and that is why moody's and fitch are saying no, puerto rico will be in the fall. sandra: $58 million payment due. adam shapiro, thank you. dagen mcdowell, mike, big picture because of that story is a global one. stephen rott or of private equity firm wrote an op-ed on the debt millennialist are facing say they are faced with a slow economy, high unemployment, stagnant wages and student loans that constrict their ability to maintain a reasonable lifetime. longer-term rising federal debt payment increase spending on medicare one click a tremendous
8:44 am
financial burden. we been talking about you have five kids that could curb local ones have grandchildren. are we putting their future in jeopardy? >> i don't think so. for we are right now is a sign of the times. coming out of the financial crisis when the economy picks up, you are not reading homage about this. i don't know what we could have done differently out of 2008. to say people in student loans right now or there is a lot of data out there as the country gets stronger and more pro-business, as the country creates more jobs, that is better for kids. i believe my kids will my kids will be a better united states of america than we do today. sandra: that is the reaction from the millennial generation of a challenge than living at home with their parents, putting off asset accumulation and all these things been sitting on this day. you guys are the ones --
8:45 am
dagen: the girl who called into the radio station in atlanta had a nest egg given to earn cash by her grandparents to pay for college and she's in her fourth year and is not enough money and she blamed her parents for not giving her a better financial education if she wanted the money and they wouldn't give it to her. i don't think it is overstepping to say you have a large chunk of an entire generation who are spoiled, narcissistic because of social media and they want to blame their financial problems on somebody other than himself. why do you think it's a good idea to go into a debt to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars. i got in our history degree. what i get that today? heck no because it would make financial sense. my education was cheap. these are no longer cheap. sandra: things are heating up.
8:46 am
dagen: social media is like everybody wants to be famous and make a sex video and that being a multimillionaire. sandra: 8:00 in the morning. things are heating up by the way for jessica alba. dagen: this is the standard story. she mentioned these products and loses her mind. sandra: she is under fire over her company sunscreen product. what people are saying about that just ahead.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
sandra: welcome back. we're 40 minutes away from the opening bell. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange looking about 40 minutes saturday up in. how is it looking? >> we have a lot.
8:50 am
we have at&t, how about tyson foods. tyson foods is the biggest in the process of jimmy dean hill scheier arms they lowered their profit forecast and had a tough quarter with sales of 3.9%. they talk about rising costs and the population at the lowest level in 63 years. they also have an export disruption and with that 44 bucks and changes like you at the rave. looking down $4 this morning. sandra: great stuff, nicole, thank you. don't forget to start your day with nicole, lauren simonetti and me on "fbn:am." dagen mcdowell was there this dagen mcdowell was there this morning. catch us on fox business network 5:00 a.m. eastern time. jessica alba's company coming under fire. unsatisfied customers coming out
8:51 am
saying her line of sunscreen does the work. dagen mcdowell here with the story about your problem considering how hot it is in the sun right now. dagen: lookout for social media. people need to take a photograph virtue of their sunburn, bald head, chest, child and say you're sunscreen does the work. jessica alba's company is called on his company. maybe rethink the name because you are asking for it. a whole lineup of statement eco-friendly household and baby products. the sunscreen is 30 fps. apparently according to sun does not actually screen for the sun. you have all these photos and comments posted on twitter and answer graham on the product listing on ebay and you see a lot of criticism. it stands by the safety and efficacy of the sunscreen and
8:52 am
meets the fda standards when used as directed. you have to apply it before you go in the sun, 80 minutes after being out in the sun. here's the issue. tested by a third party, the percentages think oxide is the tainted by the fda. you can have up to 25%. one study suggests the honest company reduced the amount of zinc oxide in the product and it has almost 9% down from 20%. that could be the issue. the company said the number of complaints received on our website constitute less than one half of 1% of all units sold at on a stock, according to a statement they gave to sandra: honest company issued a statement by the safety and efficacy so they are saying it works and they did everything right. the fda does recall the third-party to look over the product. they pass all tests here.
8:53 am
she's got a problem on our hands because you don't mess with people's kids. part of the investigation is a person fixer old daughter applied this four times during a three-hour period at the pool and she became sunburn and people cannot say that didn't work for us, didn't work for us and the pictures online or brutal. dagen: sometimes people misapply sunscreen. i don't apply the spray on because i am not the stripes. they don't go away that easily. >> on jessica brockway, with the successor companies had come to you will people coming out knocking you. they've done the research. if they are smart about it, they'll do some great recovery and turn it into a positive. sandra: your reputation is everything. your reputation is everything. tiger gaining confidence. the quicken loans could be the
8:54 am
start of a combat for tiger. maybe a little glimpse of tiger this weekend. more on that next.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
>> tiger woods making big strides after the british open. you said for some reason, i just want him to win and cheer him on. >> with everything he's gone through, i root for the guy. the field made strides to get ahead of tiger and he posted three rounds under 70 so you've got to think he can potentially-- he was so good for so long, i would like to think he could get back in there one time at least be top of the leader board. >> he struggles with injuries because his swing in particular has so much torque in it, his
8:58 am
body was not the same. sandra: his back, his knee. >> he had back surgery. if he gets healthy, who knows. sandra: and rory mcilroy is not around. dagen: i had read the book on tiger woods. anyway i digress. golf is dynamic and the country loved it when tiger was winning and you've seen interest fall off. sandra: despite the problem. the general population wants him to-- >> they weren't problems because when he was living that life tile he was winning in a big way. it wasn't repugnent to him. sandra: whether the markets come back? mike, final thoughts as we head into the opening bell this morning? >> so, i think that august is going to shape up to be a good
8:59 am
month for the market. a lot of things have been holding the market down in july. and though had it a plus 2, i'm going to watch the presidential debate starting thursday and china and greece, unfortunately. but you have earnings coming out, i think that the economy is going to start to pick up steam. >> dagen? >> biden, will joe run? you heard so much about it out of people in the republican party, on the republican side, as if just kind of throwing mud at hillary clinton. now, it seems like that there's real momentum to get joe biden to run, can he do that? and then the republican debate. i'm stocking up on snacks. sandra: i'm stocking up on sleep. i'm watching oil prices to continue this morning. and mike, thank you. don't miss mornings with maria tomorrow. and our next guest lending tree, and hugeye, keith
9:00 am
mccollough, it starts here on the fox business network. and before that, an a.m., don't forget, nicole petallides and lauren and i at 5 a.m. >> got to go to bed now. sandra: will do. stuart: sometimes you get it right and then you tell everybody. we were right on gas prices, you're welcome. and hope you enjoyed your cheap gas in weekend, it's fallen one penny per gallon per day. and this is a shot in the arm for the economy and that's here, but a disaster for russia and venezuela, more on that. trump rules, and a poll puts him right at the top. the debate is thursday. and politics, hillary was is trouble. there's speculation abo


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