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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 3, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> wait until you see this. >> yeah. very easy to please on this sort of stuff. already got his charts in order. but that's where we stand right now. big selloff going on. be careful what you wish for because what might be amounted to you might be a big problem for others. trish has more. trish: hey, welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report, the president wants you and me and everyone else to pay more money for electricity. he is about to unveil new rules that would require u.s. power plants to cut emissions more than being hit by a win by environmentalists and a loss by consumers. and let's get a live look from the white house and the president is going to speak any minute. he is calling his plan quote the most significant step the u.s. has taken to fight global warning. we'll be monitoring that speech and bring them to you as soon as they cross.
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but, again, expected to prove very costly to users. and down triple digits off the lows of the session nonetheless 173 is the selloff level we're looking at on the dow. a lot of this related to the ism index coming in weaken than expected, manufacturing not growing as much as people wanted. and a big steep selloff in oil, so that's contributing to this as well. no place to hide except i'm just utilities right now they're expecting that utilities can charge us more for those bills. so you can see about half a percent everyone else in the s&p in the red. we've got steven watching the selloff for us and the chief global strategist of west shore funds joining me on the set along with on the phone peter from green capital markets. and jim, what do you think this is all about? >> this is what i inflation. she's threatening to raise rates.
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we know that. but raising rates strengthens the dollar, puts her in the opposite direction of what she wants. so now okay, ma'am, chairman, you said you were going to raise rates, bad for jobs, bad for the economy, when are they going to throw in the towel, we need to go to qe4. >> yeah. i don't know how the fed can possibly move to raise rates in this kind of environment. i mean we've already got a dollar that's significantly stronger. if you keep strengthening the dollar, which would be the effect of course of raising rates by a quarter point as she would like to do in september or december, then peter, you're going to have an even tougher time extorting overseas than we do now. >> yeah. i think raising rates is going to be difficult especially what we saw this morning in china is impacting the markets as well. if china has had the lowest pmi in years. so you have the huge stock market and then the weak chinese manufacturing data,
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that put pressure on energy overnight. and then the our own weak ifm, pisces are low because, again, this dollar strength. so i think we're caught in this vicious cycle that we probably should have done it a year ago and now do we do pe4 again? maybe it's premature to talk about that. trish: steven, as you luke at this market here on selloff mode, do you think that this is something that's going to hold? people keep talking about. how can this market really sustain at these levels given the worldwide economic picture we're in and yet we have thus far. is this the beginning of something more 12347. >> i don't think it's time to panic. i see support a little bit lower than this within 2083, 2085 in the s&p 500. we have this falling oil price, which is hurting the energy names, the overall market, and also creating pockets of opportunity.
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just looking look at the airlines sector with their increased profits. that's almost every airlines up three to five percent today. so about by no means do i think this is scary seldom. trish: okay. off about a 1%, utility is the only thing seeing upside. we are getting ready to hear the president speak on his plan to basically help out the environmentalists as i was saying earlier, a consumer is going to have to pay more in ways of utility builds. is this why we're seeing an up high in utilities? >> yeah. they can charge more and the utilities go up. they kind of trade like bonds. really boring steady business. bonds do well. anything with a steady yield will do a little bit better. so i think bonds -- sorry utilities are benefiting from two things. higher rates and they do trade like bonds. . trish: okay. keep that thought with you. we're going to come back on that a little later in the show. thank you so much, peter and steven.
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and joining momentarily in the meantime i want to get to our other big story. the democrats are getting desperate. they're said to be turning to 74-year-old joe biden in hopes that he will consider a run because hillary clinton, well, once again she just isn't can you get it. she's not connecting with voters. her numbers are slipping against the likes of socialist. bernie sanders. and you know why? hillary clinton is not trustworthy. whether she maintained her own private server and then destroyed the server so no one could actually tell what she was e-mailing. whether it was because her husband accepting speaking engagements and millions of dollars from foundations and the very same businesses and governments she was helping as secretary of state. or whether she rarely talks with reporters and individuals on the campaign trail. i can tell you that doesn't sell in new hampshire. take your pick, folks.
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people don't trust her and the democrats know that this is a problem. so just how desperate are they getting to nominate a candidate that's actually electable? our very own blake berman joins me right now. >> hi, there good afternoon to you. i can tell you that joe biden is staffing up to the vice president have been brought in as advisors. now, josh ernest, he is thinking about a possible white house run. however, a spokesperson for the vice president would only say that biden is focused on hissing work and family during these difficult times, according to reports as you probably know it was the vice president's late son beau who died of cancer. trish. trish: and, in fact, it's been quoted that he apparently said to his father while he was on his death bed, you know, dad, you've got to run because we don't know another clinton white house with clinton values.
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we need biden values there. >> yeah. indeed. and as far as hillary clinton goes, trish, she has been fundraising and campaigning as we know for months now. building off that, she will release two new campaign ads in iowa and new hampshire beginning tomorrow. here's a little bit of it. take a listen. >> i think about all the dorothys all over america who fight for their families and never give up. that he is why i'm doing this. that's why i've always done. for all the dorothys. >> now, clinton has a big lead in the polls, but democrats are worried because those same polls also show that voters do not find her honest and trustworthy, and that's a bright spot for biden. trish: here to react to all of this, we have mark, former director for president gorge hw bush and then former chief of staff and mark, i'll start with you. we've certainly been here before. eight years ago when hillary clinton was the anointed one,
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the front runner, seemingly untouchable and then along acame this guy named barack obama. is this about to happen again? >> well, there's a pretty good chance of it, trish, because if you consider this. joe biden watches the sunday tv shows like everybody else. and you heard quotes yesterday like charade of transparency. disingenuous behavior. those were not quotes from republicans. those were quotes from mainstream media representatives on the shows yesterday. so joe biden is taking a look at this and assessing it, and he's looking at the odds. he's thinking if hillary clinton implodes between now and then, who is left standing? bernie sanders? i think joe biden going to join this race because there's a decent possibility that hillary clinton could implode based on these scandals. particularly the way they're managing the crisis right now . trish: you know, will she implode? what's your take on that, denise? >> no. i think that it takes a lot more than all the
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attacks that are coming at hillary clinton to hillary clinton's direction. and it takes more than a good man like vice president joe biden from running to win a presidential election. so while he's welcome to join the race, and it will be great to see another qualified candidate to run because it brings everybody's game a little bit up, higher, we have to look at the numbers. and, for example, the candidate who is going to win, either rapport democrat, really must carry many things. at least 40%, even republicans agree, of the hispanic vote. and he has to win florida, he or she has to win florida. and if you look at the polls right now, hillary clinton is ahead of anyone with the hispanic population. trish: here's the thing -- go ahead, mark. >> jeb bush in florida, even in denise's reply. a bias toward hillary clinton. it's the bias that the media
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has -- they don't welcome joe biden in the race -- trish: i said at the beginning they are welcome. >> no. but then you talked all about hillary. >> what are you talking about? >> to back it up -- >> who would you like to see. who would you like to see get the nomination? >> at the end of the game like i said before mark interrupted me, i think it's important to look at the numbers. i want the winning candidate. if that winning candidate is joe biden because numbers show that, although he's coming late. trish: and i think you're right. i think that's what the party is going to do. we're tight on time. i do want to point out you mentioned all these things that need to have happen. i think that likability is so much a part of this. >> trust. trish: trust, likability, you want to know that you can relate to this person. and i think that may factor. >> a balance. >> but these are self inflicted wounds. you've got to remember these
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aren't attacks from republicans. what's starting to happen now from thursday in the new york times and the media is going to have to monitor this more closely because the intelligence community is saying that national security was compromised in these e-mails. this is not about republican attacks. this is about self inflicted wounds and the democrats are not even having debates like the republicans, so it's not really a wide-open race. it's being paved, a path is being paved for hillary clinton, and joe biden going to upset that path. trish: stay with me. i want to talk a little bit donald trump here. the antihillary. he is anything but scripted and no matter what he says, he keeps gaining ground. he did make some headlines overtly weekend when he sounded off on taxes. fox business gerri willis joins me. >> that's right. you know, he's taking heat for this. what did he have to say about taxes? listen to this. >> i've said this many times, so it's not exactly breaking news. i pay as little as possible.
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i fight like hell to pay as little as possible. for two reasons. number one i'm a businessman and that's the way you're supposed to do it, and you put the money back into your company and employees and all of that. but the other reason is that i hate the way our government spends our taxes. >> what you know? who doesn't -- he's got a point. >> he's got a great point, trish, you're right. here's trump calling out with the rest of us, the government is wasting our tax dollars, he hates paying his taxes, who doesn't? and who doesn't try to pay as little as possible. if he doesn't come out and say, well, i over pay, the government is a big charity out there, i would give as much money, i would think that's crazy; right? >> yeah. and this is, again, the likability comes in because he's authentic. he's telling you examinely what you're thinking anyway. who wants to pay more taxes than you have to? especially when the government isn't spending that money wisely. and did mitt romney need a
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little trump dna in there might he have done better and own up to it and say, yeah, i'm successful, darn right i'm successful. i made this money because i'm an american success story. that's sort of what donald trump is saying. >> trish, any student of the 2012 race can know that mitt romney got trapped in the cycle of the shame of success in profit motivate. and he was -- he fell for it. the mainstream media set that agenda, he fell for it, and he didn't stand up and say i've created jobs, i've created great income and wealth. trish: he sure did. >> donald saw that and he's saying you know what? i'm going to pay as little as possible taxes. trish: what's the big sigh, denise? >> no i think that just on his -- mark's note about any student of the 2012 election will tell you that the republican candidates keep doubling down on the hispanic vote and that's where they keep losing.
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mccain got 27%, romney got barrel 23%. your own strategist will say you need more than 40%. trump cannot give you those numbers. again, it's about electability. >> why not? >> at the end of the day. >> why can't he? >> look, -- >> i think anybody can get 40%. >> if you look at the poll that came 24 hours ago, 75% of hispanics basically dislike him and find his comments about immigrants -- >> illegal immigrants respond to economic -- >> no, these are voters. hispanic voters, which are a large -- a key segment of that political vote needed for the white house. >> i tell you. they're going to respond to a message. >> don't forget that. >> they're going to respond to a message of getting this government under control and taking -- >> the president. >> small business people across this country are going to respond to that.
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trish: you know i do think what's remarkable is he has to understand move higher and higher and higher. >> it's working. trish: the jury is out. denise, it has happened. gerri, mark,. >> thank you, trish. . trish: bye-bye. investigators, everyone, in the malaysia jet crash, in the indian ocean and they're asking nearby territories for help. we've got new details on this we want to bring you. and then there are mysterious drones in new york's airport why? and can they be stopped? and the raging wildfire in northern california. just unbelievable. look at these pictures coming into this. it has already scored 60,000 acres. we'll be right back
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xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. trish: okay. you can see we are sitting here the lows of the session, everyone, down 174 right now on the dow. we have a weak read on the manufacturing, which is causing a lot of people to grow concerned about this economy. and they're asking how on earth can the fed ask to raise interest rates when our economy is in a weak position. and, again, we're down 177 on the dow and nearly 7 tenths of 1% and the nasdaq composite index about six-tenths of 1%. and as i look at the s&p right now, every sector is in the red except of course utilities. as i mentioned earlier the president is getting ready to speak on the need for carbon emissions to be cut from power plants that's going to cause all of our power bills to go up. but, again, hailing it a big
2:20 pm
win for the environment. the search right now for the missing malaysian jet, the boeing triple 77 late last week on the shore of the island investigators are asking to expand the search area. experts will begin crucial tests on the piece of wing debris coming up on wednesday. well, last night a drone flying over jfk airport, the third drone sighting in just three days. now, drones reportedly being seen been delta and jut jet blue pilots. a whole new thing for the faa. and what do we know about these things, rick? >> well, trish, these latest drone sightings come at the same time as the homeland security warning to local law enforcement to be on alert for unmanned aircraft that might be used to vance terrorist and
2:21 pm
or criminal activity saying the drones poess detection and disrupts challenges and could be used as part of an attack. but that doesn't involve these latest sightings here at jfk airport. we saw four more is drone gents in this region, including two of them on friday a delta jet approach unmanned aircraft 100 feet up, quarter mile away and a couple hours later a jetblue pilot spotting a drone in an area off limits to the devices sunday evening. the crew shout shut off 5911 spotted a drone on the west side of the aircraft as the plane made its way toward the runway. all three of those landed safety. but a pilot got a scare he said he had to make a turn to avoid hitting a drone in his flight path. the faa investigating all of these incidents and they're averaging about 25 a month since last november. and chuck schumer has an idea
2:22 pm
of how to defend all of this. geofencing they could build software into the drones and take them over. but the faa says they haven't yet approved it and it's about 12 months away. trish: this is scary stuff and thanks so much for bringing us that update. we are off in these markets 184. sitting near the lows of the session right now. anyway from drones flying over the airport with to drones flying over your backyard. a man in kentucky shot down a drone flying over his home, and he got arrested? do we have any rights for maintaining our privacy from these things? and a owner refuses to sell firearms to muslims and he gets sued. his lawyer says it's his business he has the right to sell whoever he wants. right after this ♪
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trish: more than 21 fires are burning in california right
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now just north of san francisco forcing thousands to flee their homes and businesses. look at these unbelievable pictures coming into us right now. ly 9,000 firefighters are working across the state to try to contain the blazes. it's a task that's not simple, given the record drought that's dried out the state over the last several years, so this has been of course an issue. we'll continue to monitor these fires and bring you the updates. turning right now to president obama who is unveiling his clean power plant at the white house, the administration is imposing steeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions more steep than previously expected. he is mandating a 32% nationwide cut by 2030 instead of the proposed 30%. now, it's sparking a big debate that the epa environment protection agency, circumstantial evidence 4 million comments during the public comment period. joining us right now of whether this is going to help
2:27 pm
or hurt, charles of the american energy alliance and bob deems of the natural resource defense counsel. and, charles, i'll start with you. the president's plan, it certainly sounds good to some environmentalists. but let's talk about what it really means for people like you and me. i mean how much are our electronic bills going to go up over this initiative? >> well, a lot. and more than the average american can afford and more than this economy can afford. but, trish, there are two main aspects to this rule. one is naturally the legality. can epa in this administration do what they're reporting to do under the clean act under the guidance of jurisprudence. that will be determined. but there's another aspect of it, a detail known as reality, and reality states that even epa's own emission, their own analysis indicates if this
2:28 pm
indeed is about carbon and climate change that by the year 2100 and by my math that's 85 years from now, we will have lowered global temperatures by 0.02 degrees, and we will have impacted the sea level by three pieces of paper. trish: so, in other words, not exactly an accomplishment here, bob. >> well, trish, you said it first. you said it sounds good. it sure does. this is the greatest vance in history. trish: it sounds good, but is it really? as charles just pointed out, it doesn't even do what the epa wants it to do. >> oh, my gosh, chris, this is great. we're going to the dangerous carbon pollution that's driving climate change today so our kids don't inherent more climate chaos tomorrow. you bet it's great. and as far as our utility bills go, this is going to
2:29 pm
encourage us to do more with less waste. goodnights save the american family more than $80 a year on electricity bill. goodnights save lives, create jobs, goodnights raise the current on a new era of clean, american power. it's a great day for american. trish: so in direct contrast to everything that you were saying, he's saying it's going to save american consumers money, all the studies i've seen suggest it's going to cost american consumers more money. as you point out, it's not even doing what the epa would really like it to do. it's not going to have a significant effect on things like global temperature. >> well, you mentioned bob contrast. yes, he is in contrast to the reality of the situation as i mentioned previously. so we're going to -- we're going to turn off power plants that are viable, efficient, and providing the electricity to the nation and its consumers. and most of those that we're going to turn off haven't even been paid for.
2:30 pm
so the rate payer are going to get a double and triple whammy. two they're going to pay for solar and wind that even emissions by people, like, warren buffett who will say the only reason to build a wind farm are the tax credits . trish: yeah, that has come up before. it's an interesting debate, and charles, i think you're right. you're going to see a lot of people to try to put together legal action to question -- you know, does he really have the authority to come forward with these changes anyway? charles and bob, thank you so much. >> yes, we do selloff, everyone underway. 175 as i pointed out earlier. you have every sector there lower. looks as though energy stocks are really leading the way down. down about 2%, oil of course getting hit again today. we're going to back with more on this selloff. also talking about what happened if you see a drone in your backyard. could you shoot it down? a kentucky man was arrested
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trish: we want to bring you this breaking news right now. jurors have reached a decision in the second phase for sentencing for james holmes. this is the man who shot and killed 12 people in 2012 in a colorado movie theater. we will hear that decision momentarily, and we will bring it to you just as soon as it
2:35 pm
crosses. in the meantime we are talking about what's happening in just a couple of hours in puerto rico. it is set to make history to default for the first time. it has until the end of the day to make its $58 million bond payment that was due over the weekend. well, guess what? it's not going to happen because puerto rico doesn't have the money. and the best-seller the death of money is back with me. along with fox business adam from san juan joining me now. and we know this default is going to happen. so what happens then? >> the question will come is there a future? we interviewed one man this morning who lives here in puerto rico, from the united states but moved the family here a year ago who said that these are strategic defaults and the public finance corporation bonds are not necessarily priorities that have to be paid back and that the government has a legal standing perhaps to do this. so the next question is they try to apply pressure to the hedge funds and the other
2:36 pm
investors who hold the debt of puerto rico to get them to the negotiating table. the next question is what's the next default. and the next payment coming up for the transportation authority bonds, those are due, the debt sentencing is due september 1st. those bonds are trading right now on 20 cents on the dollar and earlier this year around 49 cents on the dollar. and the chief of staff to the governor, the governor is on vacation, he's in colorado, i couldn't imagine anything more important than your government broke, but he's on vacation. the chief of staff saying they face a liquidity problem. trish: that's unbelievable that he's on vacation right now. absolutely positively unexcusable. you know, his territory there about to make history becoming the first to default on its debt, and he's off at the governors association meeting. regrets back to why this matters to everyone. everyone think so it's puerto rico, it's puerto rico, but
2:37 pm
the reality is 51% of all mutual funds in bonds right now have some exposure to puerto rico. so it could matter very much to people, and this may be one of the reasons that we're seeing a market off 172. >> that's exactly right and how could you possibly sell so much stuff? but what happens is they issue this, and then it gets stuffed in these mutual funds, put in 401(k)s, people trust their financial advisors, they may have russian debt, they may have emerging markets funds, all kinds of things. people don't look into it until it goes into default. trish: i wonder how much you can tie this into federal reserve. leaving interest rates at 0 for six plus years has forced a lot of average folks to take on riskier and riskier products. and i wonder if the same could be said about mutual fund advisors it's giving me this great return, it's tax-exempt,
2:38 pm
i like it, and then here you are loan and behold in a situation like this. trish: we're the currency union with puerto rico, they have the dollar, we have the dollar, germany has the euro, you're in a currency union but a completely different economic fund. their population is declining, people are leaving, coming to, you know, the mainland of the united states. trish: uh-huh. >> so they have no growth, declining population, and so as i said they look like greece in terms they're performance. but they're stuck with a dollar, which is very strong right now. trish: yeah, when you talk to people in puerto rico, how are they feeling? do they feel that this is a wake-up call that they need to get their act together? need more discipline? >> absolutely. we just interviewed respected lawyer here in san juan by the name of john mud, and we're going to post that interview as part of our coverage. but he was saying, look, you've got spending here as
2:39 pm
people look to their source of employment and one of the things that the hedge funds are n negotiating with the greek government. well, what mr. mud pointed out is that you have a decrease in the number of students in the schools here, but you've had a increase in the number of teachers. that makes no sense. that's an example of the spending that makes no sense. and why some people, mr. mud and also those that might not agree with him about spending priorities, believe that there will be spending cuts in the future because that's the only way they can go. trish: thank you so much. good to have you guys with us. that made in puerto rico, and jim richards right here on set. well, do you as a private citizen have the right to shoot down a drone hovering above your own property? i would say "yes." but kentucky police, they're arresting a guy for shooting one down. second amendment defender january morgan is going to be joining us on what your rights actually are when it comes to these mysterious drones invading your property.
2:40 pm
plus we're continuing to watch the market that's down 162 points right now. it isn't looking so good
2:41 pm
>> it is time for your fox business brief. and the market in deep selloff mode and nonetheless down 154 right now on the dow s&p. trading nor high except for utilities today, that's the only sector in the s&p that is trading higher. we are seeing this market
2:42 pm
lower right now by energy, primarily energy and that's of course because oil is looking increasingly weak. we can see they're down a buck 92, 45.20 for sweet crude. now, one stock we're watching today, at&t, the broadband provider on its $45 billion merger offering service to consumers, the all in one plan would allow consumers connect televisions and smartphones all at once. we'll be right back with drones and your rights. after this
2:43 pm
2:44 pm
trish: okay. we've got a news alert for you on donald trump. keeps getting a taste of his own medicine. the website gawker publishing of what they say is donald trump's cell phone number after trump out the the number a few days ago. in case you want to know -- well, you can go to the website. and i think liz is going to join us on this story. but is this is this a taste of his own medicine? >> absolutely it is. i love this that. if yofunny some of my friends were talking about that, graham's vehicle, i thought it showed him as a human being that had a sense of humor. trish: a sense of humor, which
2:45 pm
is what these guys need. >> so for donald going to come back with a video, he loves golf. maybe he can whack his cell phone down the fair way. trish: yeah, no, it's funny because donald trump is the kind of guy that you go up against him and i think this is so challenging for so many candidates, the gloves come on which. >> you don't want to go there really because he'll give it back tenfold. trish: including your cell phone number. and, by the way, this is not the only cell phone number that he put out there. don't remember there was the univision anchor who requested an interview with donald trump and sent him a nice little note card and said, look, if you want to talk about this one-on-one, here's my cell phone number. and what do you know? the next thing donald trump put it online on twitter and tweeted it out. >> he's going to give all the other candidates thursday debate all their phone numbers, you know, at some point during the debate. that would be hilarious. trish: i am really looking
2:46 pm
forward to this debate. >> one of the most anticipated events. it's going to be a circus. wakes up in cold sweats wondering how they're going to control donald trump. but the more serious question is how do candidates plan for donald trump? are they all going to have their single line gotcha phrases for donald trump? . trish: right? he's going to say, look, you're a loser. buddy, you're a loser. what douse back to that? you wonder -- he actually -- i wonder if we have the sound from this because he was out last week. >> yeah. trish: talking about what he might be like on the debate stage, and it was very interesting because he was really trying to manage expectations. he was saying, look, i don't debate day in and day out. >> no. trish: i'm not a politician. i'm a guy who gets stuff done. i'm in the business world. these guys, they debate. just because they like to debate. so i think he was smartly setting the barlow.
2:47 pm
>> some would argue that's all he could do. but it's a message that's resonating with the voters out there. finally some plane speaking person that doesn't want to hold meeting after meeting to get nothing accomplished. he's the guy that gets stuff down. now, is he a politician? does he have the tact and diplomacy needed for the white house? some would say probably not. trish: i have spoken people who have done deals with him and they say he's an excellent businessman and they trust his word. >> uh-huh. trish: they said he did a good job in these negotiations. so in this environments, he does perform and at the end of the day the americans like the did idea of what you see is what you get. >> successful. trish: yeah, he has been successful. thank you very much, ashley. >> my pleasure. trish: shooting down a drone. if it's in your airspace, is that legal? one guy in kentucky was arrested for it. but january morgan, who knows
2:48 pm
the second amendment and knows guns, she's joining us next with her thought special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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trish: welcome back, everyone. we have been reporting that drones are getting dangerously close to airlines over jfk airport putting jets and their passengers at incredible risk. we also brought you this story. the kentucky man who shot a drone down who was hovering over his yard. listen to this. >> i came in, and i got my -- my shotgun, and i walked back outside and waited and just watched and the neighbors were, like, well, what are you going to do? i'm, like, i'm not going to do anything unless it hovers over my property for any length of time. and sure enough here he came was hovering over my property. and he got him.
2:52 pm
trish: can he blame him? i mean a drone hovering over your property. you don't know what's in there. he thought it was cameras, it was campers. the man, though, he was arrested by police officers, and he was charged with criminal mischief. so what are your rights when it comes to shooting down a drone over your own property? we're joined right now by january morgan, a second amendment advocate who made headlines herself when she band muslims shooting at her private gun range. january, thank you for coming on the show. >> good to see you. trish: what should people know about rights when it comes to shooting down something mysterious hovering over their own property. >> well, according to vice president joe biden, if you are concerned and fear for your safety, regarding home defense, you should walk out on your back porch or balcony with a double barrel shotgun and fire a few shots. so if the vice president says it's okay, surely there's nothing wrong with it; right? trish: whether you fire a few
2:53 pm
shots in the air or take down the drone itself, in this case the man shot the drone and now he's in a situation where the drone owners are actually saying you owe us $1,800 for that thing. >> right. trish: and the drone owners are thinking that he has to pay for it. it seems to me if it invades your airspace, you have a certain amount of rights there. >> well, trish, it's not only that he felt it invaded his airspace, he was close enough that he noticed a camera mounted to his drone, his daughter was in the backyard sunbathing, and he felt threatened. so every state is different regarding the law. and what i tell my students taking my class is any time you discharge a firearm, you still need to expect a challenge. it could be criminally or civilly. but still expect that, and that's what gun owners
2:54 pm
insurance is all about. trish: it's good advice. i mean the last time we spoke to you, we were talking about the fact that you were turning away muslims from your indoor gun range. well, now in the news a florida gun store owner reducing to sell to muslims, he's being sued on the grounds that the discrimination or the restriction rather is discriminatetory. let me ask you. i have this rule where you're got an muslims there at your gun range shooting, aren't you vulnerable? aren't you exposed to similar stuff? >> no. we've already talked about that, trish. i'm a private club, and private clubs aren't subject to the act of 1964. and secondly this is ant issue of discrimination. this is an issue of public safety. and until people understand that this is not a coffee doughnut shop, we are dealing
2:55 pm
in firearms, then that puts in here a entirely different perspective. and of course as i mentioned before, we've got the atf issue where all facilities are given a certain amount of discretion regarding who they engage with, regarding firearms. . trish: and, january, you are very concerned. i mean you actually -- you told me that law enforcement, fbi officials came to you and said. >> uh-huh. trish: you could be a target. you could be -- >> not that i could be. not that i could be. but that i was. the fbi counterterrorism unit sent two agents to meet with me personally. and both of them told me because of what i've been doing regarding -- politically regarding the islamation of this country, i've been talking about i see limbaugh for years, and isis is in your state, and you need to do everything possible to protect yourself. and anyone in your immediate vicinity. trish: so you think, you know, you're a business owner, you've got a couple of choices. you can either just shut down all together, or you can take measures to try to protect yourself. but, you know, it does leave
2:56 pm
you -- and i know you're saying you're a private club. but in a little bit of an exposed gray zone. >> you know, trish, and i understood that when i made the statement. and if you look at my article, it says i didn't want my range to be a muslim free zone. obviously there's no way to clearly tell someone is a muslim. even if they say they are and they ask to shoot, i have no way of knowing for sure. but what i do know is you walked here with an agenda, and that steams disturb the peace. trish: thank you so much. we're going to take a quick break and be right back with more intelligence report in two
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can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> a vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband. trish: vast right-wing conspiracy. it seems to me that maybe hillary clinton should develop a new tagline. perhaps it's a vast left-wing conspiracy right now that could push her out of the race.
3:00 pm
we have learned that confidants of joe biden are talking seriously with him about a presidential run. but democrats, they're getting desperate. they need a candidate that can win, and judging by the recent polling data, it seems hillary is not it. so she may have to start looking at the left-wing conspiracy. liz claman, over to you. liz: okay. we're looking at a wall street that's kind of awash in red here. a little bit of unwind anything this final hour of trade, the dow down triple digits. twitter, we need to tell you, is in a freefall, losing a lot of its sparkle on supposedly a no news day. oh, there was news. it was last week, we told you about it, and now it's working its way through the markets. this as president obama reveals new rules to cut pollution, some are calling the toughest in u.s. history. the president along with epa chief gina mccarthy announcing the clean power plan at the white house.


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