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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 4, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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we get your day started, me, lauren simonetti, nicole petallides, and dagen mcdowell sometimes as well. stuart varney, "varney & company," take it away. stuart: i shall, thanks, sandra. keep driving, america. it's high summer, vacation time and the price of gas, yes, keeps on coming down. good morning, everyone. this is a story the rest of the media is ignoring. gas is coming down about one penny per gallon, per day. in the south and mid atlantic, some stations are edging close to $2 a gallon. get out there and drive. it's newly affordable. how about buying opportunity in stocks? highfliers like apple and facebook have come down in price. time to jump in, we'll ask the question. voters buying trump, selling hillary. new poll out today shows the donald with more support than ever before, but hillary sinking fast. the new power company rules, popular in the media, that is. the establishment just loves
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the president's war on coal. how do you feel about it and do you have a voice? . for the next few hours you will have a voice. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ all right. we are starting with oil and gas. the price of oil is bouncing back just a little today. with just under $46 a barrel, but that's relatively cheap. please remember, a couple of months ago, oil was in the mid $60 per barrel range. right, now you've seen oil and we're finally seeing that steady drop in the price of gasoline that we have been looking for. down a penny, the national average is 264 that makes it nine straight days on the price of regular gas, it's come down in price. there are two states tied for the cheapest in the country. south carolina and alabama. both paying an average of just 2.26 right now and falling
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fast. check out this picture, sent to us by our viewer, chris, by spartanburg, south carolina, paying, $2.19 a gallon. that's what he's paying on the side of route 95 what it is. we'll put them on the air, it's very, very cheap or very, very expensive. we're expecting very expensive numbers from california, most expensive gas in the land. the average price for regular there is $3 and 71 cents. we've seen pictures of viewers way over $4 in california, keep the pictures coming, please. great story and very good for the economy. to the election, the g.o.p. debate, two days away, republican presidential candidates held a forum in new hampshire last night. you can see them all trooping onto the stage. three were absent. donald trump. he was not there either. a new fox news poll, look at
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this. trump has the biggest percentage of support so far. jeb bush second, 15%, scott walker third, 9%. trump posted a question for candidates on facebook, listen to this. >> i'd like to ask all of the candidates as politicians and really not negotiators, people that don't negotiate jobs and lots of other things, how are you going to make america great again? >> isn't he good on television? fox news contributor for the national review is here, and ashley webster. katherine, can't ignore this guy. >> i don't want to ignore him either, that's the thing. yesterday pretty boring. these debates are not going to be boring because of donned trump. he's something new, not a politician, people are sick of politicians. in the last election, people wanted a beer with obama. i'd rather have donald trump than hillary.
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ashley: he'd probably buy the drinks. stuart: 26% of the vote. never seen that before. ashley: what's interesting, stuart, if you look deeper into the latest poll. 34% say they would definitely vote for him. two months ago, 8%, more than kwau quadrupled. some say they would never vote for him, but it was 59% in june. stuart: katherine at the national review, i don't know how you feel about trump. i think you've said on this program that you don't want to see him as president, but you're enjoying his run for the presidency i am enjoying his run for the presidency. he's making things interesting. stuart: you've got to entertain the possibility that he gets the nomination and think about that. >> i do, but at the same time i kind of think when it gets to the wire-- he hasn't been that consistently conservative at all which people say that about
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hillary, but he's not at all. ashley: he's the number one candidate for the tea party. >> right, right, i guess. ashley: go figure that one. stuart: i haven't a clue what his policies are. and let me move on to hillary. a different story there. in the same poll still in first place, 51% of the vote, okay, bernie sanders, 22%, however, hillary is showing at 51% is down from 59%, that was just two weeks ago. and look at vice-president joe biden. he hasn't said he's running, he hasn't formed a committee or anything at all, but he gets 13% of the vote. what this tells me, ash, is that hillary is in deep trouble. ashley: she is, in fact her ratings were 61% a month ago. she's lost 10% in one month which is quite significant when you look at the numbers. bernie sanders at 22% the highest he's had. he's coming up and hillary is coming down, it's interesting. stuart: panic mode for the clinton campaign?
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>> probably. she keeps lying and no one is excited to watch her speech. has anybody said i'm inspired by listening to hillary speak? he is she's not a good speaker, she keeps lying, not trustworthy and she doesn't actually talk about what she would do specifically other than like little things that are kind of older solutions. stuart: it's fascinating. ashley: love it. stuart: it's the first week of august in 2015. we don't vote until november of 2016. enough of this politics, let's get to the markets. where are we going to open today? i regret to say it's going to be pretty flat. up 6 points maybe, but look at the level for the dow. we closed yesterday just below 17-6 where we'll open this morning, right around 17-6. okay, got it. however, a flat opening, but there are plenty of stocks very much in focused. start with apple. all the way down to 118. that's the close yesterday. opening this morning around
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117. is that cheap? is that the kind of price level where apple lovers would pile banning in again? we shall see and we'll ask that question today. same question for facebook. can came down-- it came up to close a 100 a share a week ago and now it's at 93. 94 with the close yesterday. it opens today at 93. again, same story. buy on this dip? we will ask that question. twitter, trading near an all-time low. could be ripe for a takeover. $29 a share on twitter. down she goes. now, we're keeping a close eye on disney, it's an absolute juggernaut that's the stock. extraordinary performance for a company that size and reports its profits late this afternoon. can it keep making money off frozen, pixar, the marvel super heroes, at 121, i think that's the all-time closing high. all right, that's the market. now, to the president's climate plan. he wants to cut power plant emissions 32% by 2030 and
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wouldn't you know it the mainstream media loves that plan. ashley has been scouring. >> oh, my josh, it's fascinating. >> how much do they love it? >> they love it a lot. let's bring up headlines for you, let's begin with "the washington post." "the washington post" saying, if i can go through my papers here, and the screen. the g.o.p. candidates ranging from hopeless to hapless on climate change. let's go to the new york times. president obama's tough achievable climate plan, also times, a climate plan the business can like. >> really? >> and then this one, obama takes a crucial step on climate change. so, there you go. i guess we guess we know where they stand on this, they're very supportive of it, but my goodness if you're looking to the cost of it and what it means to you and i and everyone at home and higher electricity bills and it's going to end up in are the could. >> i'd like my voice to be
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heard. i don't think there's any vote on this. we'll find out from the judge shortly. i don't think there's a vote on this. you would do this? that's it. all right, how does this sound? new york to london in one hour. lauren has the story. go lauren. >> ashley is getting excited. how you could see some families, imagine that, getting from new york to london faster than it takes to get from new york to philadelphia. in less than an hour and more than twice as fast as the conco concord. airbus has looked at building a jet. and using two tour bow jets to take off vertically. it can seat 20 passengers, we're not sure of the cost. 10 million people have downloaded angry birds two where you use a slingshot to firebirds at pigs? that's what it is. and there's part of this that is ruffling feathers already.
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so players who run out of lives must wait a half hour or pay 99 cents for more lives. ashley: that's outrageous. >> it is, and the original game costs 99 cents upfront, but they had unlimited chances. and a fancy breakfast in australia, mickey d's is looking at a menu, waffles, some kind of-- >> crikey. >> ashley and i are laughing because we know australia. australia does not have a reputation for fine food, it does not. theres' good food there now. ashley: now it's great, fresh food now, lots of fish and fresh fruits. stuart: but english food and australian food doesn't have a reputation. >> mcdonald's is considered gourmet in australia.
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[laughter] >> before we say ap get out-- the price of oil, please, 45.70 per barrel right now, that's good news for drivers. i got that. because the price of gas has come down, but how about frackers? can you make money fracking for oil underground at $45 a barrel? chris is the ceo of brightling energy joining us from dallas. chris, let's go right to your operation. you're brightling energy. do you frack at $45 a barrel or do you shut down because you can't make any money? >> no, we're fracking and we're in the permion basin, we talked about this previously on the show. depends where you're drilling and fracking at in the united states. the challenges in the bakken are the most notable. but west texas we can still make money in the low 40's and mid 30's. now, again, it's based upon what formation you're drilling and how you're completing the
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well. we're having a well tomorrow and we're drilling actively. some companies are facing hardships and layoffs and bankruptcies. thanks are not rosie for everybody. stuart: tens of thousands of jobs have been lost in the oil patch because the price of oil is so low. if it goes below $40 a barrel, does the american fracking business apart from yours in the basin, just about shut down? >> i think it takes a pretty hard hit. if you see a three handle in the price of oil, i think mentally, sentimentally, reality sets in that's going to be a big troublesome number for a lot of companies, especially these companies, stuart, that you've talked about on the show previously. they have a lot of debt and levered up. those are the guys that face the hardship in jail. if this breaks through, i think that things change dramatically on a very swift amount of time.
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>> thanks for joining us, important information on the price of oil. we appreciate you being here. thanks, stuart. president obama's climate plan will not go through congress. it won't be voted on by we the people. he's doing it by executive fiat. how does that stand legally and constitutionally? here comes the judge. >> we are initiating some of the most aggressive action to start reducing the emission of carbon that produces climate change. there's a paris conference later this year in which we're organizing china and other countries that are big carbon emitters to participate and set targets for reduction of carbon pollution. this allergy season,
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>> it's official, puerto rico defaulted failing to make a payment on bonds due yesterday. >> another 5 billion worth of payment this year. puerto rico has a massive 72
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billion debt. the feds say no impact is coming. little impact here and their health care industry is in real trouble. president obama launching an aggressive new push to curb power plant emissions, calling for a 32% reduction in co 2 emissions by 2030. he's doing it without congress. if that's the way i think it's going to be. however, i'm going to be straightened out by judge andrew napitano who is here. we don't get a voice in this, bypassing congress in the epa rule. >> he and the president alone does not have the authority to regulate carbon output into the atmosphere, but the epa does and he, of course, appoints the commissioners to the epa. now theorically, they're appointed by the president and each president appoints people
9:18 am
who they like, whether it's george bush or barack obama. who he's going to the people who he appointed and say here is the rule i want you to promulgate, congress will never pass this, here is what i want you to do. does it become law? well, it's published for 30 days, both houses of congress can rescind it by voting to rescind it in 30 days. that's required in the senate, 60 votes because of the super majority rules of the senate, so the democrats will probably prevail. stuart: so it's not a complete going around congress where we, the people, have no vote whatsoever. there is a way of voting, but we'll probably be defeated if we don't like the rules? >> and the president's view, i'm not going to bother to, both houses are controlled by republican so i'll go around the legislative process and do it administ administratively.
9:19 am
even if congress fails to redo the resolutionings, as was suggested, your friends the lawyers and my friends the judges will try to resolve whether or not the epa has exceeded its statutory authority. has it regulated more area of human behavior than the law authorizes it to regulate it. stuart: the pay to pass it and stop it is through the courts and it's not through politics? >> i don't think that the republicans could get 60 votes in the senate. couldn't get 60 for planned parenthood yesterday and the democrats have enough support for this type of legislation or this type of behavior. yet, another example of the president wanting to do something for legacy, rather than through legislation. >> 20 seconds left. how did they do yesterday on wabc radio. >> you'd have to ask. the call screen was filled over one word, trump.
9:20 am
stuart: that's interesting. >> yeah. stuart: the top of the polls as of this morning? >> yeah, every side of every-- >> judge, time is up, but we'll see you later in the show. >> yes, you got it. stuart: chris christie going after hillary clinton in a new video all about planned parenthood. we are going to show it to you in a moment.
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>> republican presidential candidate chris christie has posted a new video on his website. he wants answers from hillary clinton on planned parenthood. >> secretary clinton, why don't you answer this question, do you support the causes of planned parenthood in the killing of children in the womb in a way that maximizes their body parts for sale on the open market? >> all right, that's chris christie on the new video. ashley. ashley: he's responding to hillary clinton who says i'm proud to stand with planned parenthood and christy says that's not the issue, until-- >> a moment ago we were talking to judge napitano. in the state of new jersey,
9:25 am
abortion is until the moment of birth. and who appoints the panels and when his appointees who have not changed the rules. ashley: he's vulnerable on this issue if someone wants to push back. stuart: check out apple, it's going to open around $117 per share. you can call that correction territory because a couple of weeks ago it was 134, i think. time to buy? we'll ask the question and get you an answer, too, in a moment.
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now the stock market will open and we see how things go on tuesday morning, we will see how things go. the news background, china has stepped in again into its market place, china stocks are down about 30 odd%, almost in free-fall, setback in with more market support measures, the shanghai index went up 3% overnight so clamping down on short-selling is where they are. i remember other people six years ago. hold on a second. greece's stock market,
9:30 am
first-time in five weeks, banks took a huge tumbled, reopened again this morning and thanks to another 30%. neil: that is the most they can serve. 30% is the maximum per day. stuart: we are trading as of right now, actually expecting fairly flat opening. i said that almost every day. we end up with significant moves but we are opening pretty flat down to 7 points, 7 points down, 17589. this is the stock we are going to look at, twitter opening at or very near to and all time low, $29 a share. what do you say? that is the low? 2903 is the new low. obviously a takeover -- joining us for discussion of the opening mark, ashley webster, kim force from pitt capital and in chicago, dan.
9:31 am
twitter, a buy opportunity at 29? >> i don't think so and here is why. is the media company. let's talk about how it delivers media, media needs people and they are not growing so how are they going to grow revenue which comes from advertising, chicken and egg kind of problems so we will stay out of twitter, take over, very interesting but you don't know what they will get paid for it. it could be taken there, not a takeover. stuart: that would be interesting. we don't know whether it will happen but $29 a share on twitter. any thoughts? ashley: tepid growth for the stock, kind of a suction where it has done that lately but still some analysts say the potential is huge but also a huge potential buyout. stuart: i keep hearing the word huge. look apple, the biggest of big names. you could argue it is cheap at
9:32 am
$117 a share. buying opportunity at 117? >> that is a tough one. it is the momentum stock and once the momentum leaves it lingers in drifts downward so the reason people have left it, and i phone, watched it and make up. sit this one out. stuart: i tell you why it is down $1, it has been down recently, the apple, iphone has fallen to third place in the smart phone market in china. samsung, a couple chinese companies number one and number 2 battlers number 3 hurting the stock, it is down as we speak and then we move on to face book another big-name, tech stock, $94 a share, deep down on facebook, buying opportunity. >> i will pass on that one. i am at tech analysts but again
9:33 am
we go back to the fundamentals. is the company growing? i don't know. we are going to see in the future but it looks tenuous right now and if you look at other media companies it can be 47 times forward earnings. that is really expensive. stuart: last week saying this was going to $100 a share it was so close at one point. that huge run in one day, google is up $50. amazon is a $50 a day and maybe facebook, big-name tech, here is the one that is primed to go above $100 a share and you put cold water on all of them. >> i am an optimist, i do like stock dutch there's a lot of men -- momentum behind them and they scare me. stuart: i am going to move down
9:34 am
to the price, disappointing outlook, retail sales are slow, they stopped selling cigarettes, may be that a difference but cbs is down $2 at 110 as we speak. different story at coach, the company i call democratic luxury. you pay $300 for a handbag and people buying less of them but democratic luxury up $2 a share, profit was better than expected so you have 7% gain on coach. bring in nicole petallides because we have amazon cracking down on prime customers letting other people use their account. i got problems here. nicole: i didn't even realize more people could share the amazon prime account but now amazon is saying no more, you are not doing that anymore, they're clamping down and only two people can share the amazon
9:35 am
prime account and get shipping and all the other things that go with it, instant video, kindle, and the credit card. and a private purchase, nose hair trigger. i don't like to know. this is the thing, full sharing and give it is in household with -- if you are doing roommates and friends. stuart: hold on a second. if i am an amazon prime member on like to pay these things, is it should to you free and bring it into the office. stuart: to stop doing that. >> it is perfectly fine as long as you figure out how to pay him. that is part of it. collections may be tough. stuart: they can tell, amazon
9:36 am
can tell how many people use that account? >> eased to be okay with four and now is only two. my husband and i each have a brian: count. as and give and realize. stuart: people using the account. i have a big family. >> something you have to think about is you can share media. your prime account you can do the movies and that really is causing them a lot of issues, that part, not so much as 0 ordering the you get slightly better deals on shipping and all that stuff. stuart: let's see where it goes from here. back to the favorite story of the day the price of oil which is cheap and the price of gas which is coming down a penny a gallon a day. we have $46 a barrel for crude oil and the national average of regular down another penny overnight at $2.64.
9:37 am
we have had some analysts on this program say it is not going to break below $40 a barrel because when you get in the low 40s a lot of producers stop producing. what say you? >> they do start producing but until that point if iran comes on line and gets 500 barrels going daylight they say, within a month they have some issues here and if the economy doesn't catch significant momentum there will be worries about demand so it could do that. don't see it happening now but if all things come together whenever somebody says never watch out. stuart: oil, grain and metals, the commodities you guys trade in chicago those commodities have come down to the price levels we have not seen since 2009. almost a crash in commodities. how does that affect me? would impact on me or the global economy for that matter? >> ideally if it were a demand situation i would be worried
9:38 am
about it. that should help us. with the price of oil going down with a ham-$7, gas was down, as far as commodities, anything you buy out there it should cost how slow it takes to trickle in for helping us as opposed to what happens in the commodity market. stuart: when it is not a signal the world economy is going down big time. >> it is a different sector. stuart: look at starbucks, stock is near an all-time high, that was 58, it touched 60 at one point but this news on that company. cheese howard schultz is urged to challenge hillary clinton in the race for the democrat nomination. what do you make of this? ashley: democrat enter into donald trump. someone who is not a political lifeboat and he fits the bill,
9:39 am
62 years old, a childhood, and runs amazing company found in 1988 called starbucks. stuart: no one is serious, he has not been any move out. pretty hard, by all kinds of people in all kinds of parties. nodding your head vigorously. >> it makes weird kind of sense. the guy has implemented the policies democrats would like to see because educating barista ups, some online courses. he has lived it so unlike a lifelong politician, businessman. ashley: resonate in a way with voters. i don't know. it shows dissent within the clinton camp more than any other name. i will move on to airbus
9:40 am
developing at hypersonic jet that will make the trip from new york to london in one hour. only 20 people but would have a cruising speed of 3,000 miles an hour. mach 4.5 which will concorde can get up to mach 2. we are saying tokyo in 3 hours. stuart: all they did is filed a patent. check the big board. still calling it basically flat, we are down 20 points, 17577. something completely different. the hit show catch in its eleventh season. two of the stars coming up on the show including the captain. are people just tuning in to see them go overboard? i shouldn't have asked that question. >> i will be honest, i
9:41 am
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to stuart: you could call this fireworks, the voters's first forum, the new republican guys, senator lindsey graham brought up the monica lewinsky scandal to attack clinton's's credibility. >> in clinton's speech, want me to translate that? when bill says i didn't have sex with that woman, he did. when she says high will tell you about bill and his pipeline when i get to the tears and means she won't and when she tells us trust me, you got all the e-mails you need, we haven't even scratched the surface. stuart: that was a reference to
9:45 am
monica lewinsky, but it was there. ashley: consultants in all their wisdom would say that resonates, bringing back bill and the monica thing, people would cast that now. "cavuto coast to coast" when it hillary is the candidate will come up, no way around it. it is out there. lindsey graham was looking desperate right is there. ashley: he did do a video on it. stuart: we put him on the air. where are we? this is tuesday morning and we are going nowhere on the market, the first 15 minutes of business, down 3 points just below 17-6. we don't often follow earnings on "varney and company" but we are going to find out how much money is made last quarter after the closing bell this afternoon. a big summer movie season beat earnings estimates for the past 10 quarters in a row, stock is at an all-time high. let's see what happened after those numbers later this
9:46 am
afternoon. a poor dumb aunt disney? we will find out. now this is the deadliest catch, the show that goes deep inside the dangers of alaskan king crab fishing. a new crew members this season, her name is amy majors, first female aboard an all male ship and the waters, rough seas, not the only rough thing for amy. >> right now removing production. i would like to replace you with someone. >> honestly speaking from my perspective, not a big burly dude. >> can throw the hook. >> amy is here and so is capt. chief colbern from the deadliest catch. what are you thinking? you actually challenged him? you wanted to get out there. >> i have been a fisherman my
9:47 am
entire life. my grandfather did it, my father does it, it is a family thing. the money can be very good. why did you want to throw her off of the team. >> i didn't want to throw her off the team. "cavuto coast to coast" when you just said you did. >> it is an odd dynamic having a female on the boat. the other guys, i felt they were intimidated because -- stuart: i really don't get fat. and all mailboat, fishing for king crab in the alaskan waters, a rough tough kind of place. why would a rough tough sale the be intimidated by young lady? >> i don't know. guys who used to work for me were just guys. more than anything was a little
9:48 am
bit of a distraction more than anything. stuart: i will tell you exactly why you kept her on the crow. for ratings. >> discovery should thank me because i make my money from fishing, not from tv. stuart: with ratings like you got on the deadliest catch? they signed joy contract that pays you done of money, more than fishing? >> not close to fishing. stuart: we are in the tv business and we make money. >> i do really well. stuart: tell me how well you do. >> not as well as you but pretty well. stuart: in a season, forgive me for asking a difficult question, can you make $1 million? >> i had some seasons where yes. stuart: when you or the boat?
9:49 am
>> both. i know this is a business joy but i don't like to talk about my business. it is a lucrative job if you own a boat. i own a boat. it is a very high-risk job. i could have a season where i go completely backwards and even though under. "cavuto coast to coast" when you know perfectly well the viewers are watching to see if you go overboard. that is what they want. the name of the shelleys deadliest. >> all in the name. stuart: seafaring lady in the fishing business. i you happy? >> i am extremely happy. stuart: do they pay you extra because you are on tv? >> no. >> the guys and the gals. stuart: how long will you stick with this? is a long-term thing? a couple years? how long will you do it? >> crab fishing? i would definitely do it again
9:50 am
next year or the next year, we will see how it goes. i like it. stuart: is doing extremely well for the discovery channel. thanks for being on the show today. i tried it out of you eventually. next case, you're smart phone could be getting too smart. avalanche google walking on technology that predates what you want before u.s. for it. how do you like that? ashley: even if you don't want it. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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stuart: we keep a close check on the price of oil down to 44 yesterday, bouncing back to 462 day. $163 a barrel in june. this leads to a cheaper gas so drivers are happy but difficult for the fracking to make a profit in the mid 40s, $46 a barrel. share price of sprint, a wireless carrier , adding new customers and keeping the ones they have got, stock down 20% this year but bounced back 5.5%, 353 on sprint.
9:55 am
appleby and google working on new smart phone technologies that will predict what you want before you know you want it. social rate our vp, social marketing is here. how does this work? >> google and apple are working on monitoring your activity you are doing on your phone or on the web to anticipate your need to before you know they are thereby providing things light calendar items in advance or telling you where the nearest gas station is if you're driving to the airport and need to refill the rental car. stuart: so they studied everywhere i go on the net and synthesized the whole ball of wax and think they can predict what i want next. that is basically it but you tell me, do i want that? do you want that? do you think that is a help? >> this is a whole realm of artificial intelligence that is very new a and google is synthesizing all the data you are looking at across the wet. apple is limited more to what is
9:56 am
happening on your iphone and tell you they are not collecting that data. it is a trade off. you will continue to see in the years ahead trade-off of privacy for perceived value. if i had booked a reservation at a restaurant, might be helpful to automatically have apple create a calendar item that reminds me about the reservation but there are others that would be a little scary, to hide something from apple or your calendars that you don't want people to see. stuart: like it or not here it comes. look at the share price of amazon. they are cracking down on prime customers who let their friends use their accounts. they are going to limit it to two people using one account. how is this going to work? >> in the past amazon and even -- amazon put multiple people, multiple addresses on the prime account get that free shipping,
9:57 am
and limited streaming and cracking down on your household so it is the address at which you live and other members of your house will limiting that number as well so clearly trying to crack down on diss, get more people to sign up for the $99 a year amazon prime feed the the one that is the deal, up more people, $99 a year. i am out of time. thank you very much as usual, appreciate it. the obama administration may be intervening in a lawsuit in support, in support of palestinian terrorists. we will work that out for you. smart tv could be next big thing in your living room but not if they can watch and listen to you at the same time. watch you and listen to what you are saying. into our of "varney and company" is two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> these are the stories at the top of this hour. it's a too familiar headline. trump surging in the polls
10:00 am
again while hillary sinks and the first presidential debate is just two days away. meanwhile, president obama siding with palestinian terrorists? can this be? his administration may fight these to victims. and there's an industrial application. smart tv could be watching you, listening to your living room conversations, how about that? the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ republican presidential candidates holding a forum in new hampshire. donald trump was not there. that's not stopped him leading the latest fox news poll. >> look at this. trump with the biggest lead so far. 26%, jeb bush second, and wisconsin governor scott walker
10:01 am
9%. now, the first republican debate hosted by fox, thursday evening at 9 p.m. okay, to the markets. little movement in stock prices this morning, we're up 2 points, that's it. but look at apple. there's a big name you know. it's the biggest the big names, coming off the highs in the mid 130's some time ago, 115 as of this morning. the news there is that it's flipped to third place in the smart phone rankings in china, not good. twitter hit an all-time low this morning, it was down after just below 29, i think, now it's at 29.40. is this a possible buyout target? we'll have the answer for you. obama administration may intervene in a civil lawsuit in which 11 american families won a potential billion dollar judgments. there were bombings that killed a dozen u.s. citizens.
10:02 am
they went to court sued the palestinian and won a settlement. the white house may intervene in the settlement and looks like they're siding with the terrorists over our citizens in america. and he lobbied with the citizens in this case. so it isn't so, the president for palestinian leaders? >> really is it any surprise given where the administration is going? >> why is he doing it? >> the deal is to prop up the palestinian authority which it beginning to treat like a state. it's another name for the plo. they're directly responsible for this and this white house doesn't want it to be seen that this palestinian authority is not a partner for peace, it's a terror group. stuart: because this white house supports the alternative to this, the palestinian leadership, they support hamas -- the alternative is hamas, right? >> well, they support hamas,
10:03 am
they support the plo. i was actually meeting with many so senior egyptian officials and they were beside themselves with this obama administration, who it is they're supporting. feel they're supporting the muslim brotherhood who is hamas. stuart: let me backtrack, a series of bombings and shootings and the palestinian leadership is sued by the american citizens. the american citizens win, a billion dollar judge. >> with interest and et cetera it's a little over a billion actually. stuart: in comes president obama and says, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, there's something wrong with this issue, we are supporting the palestinians, we're not supporting american civilians. that's what happened? >> that's what it looks like right now. >> the settlement has been held up. >> there's a deadline by august 10th in which the administration has to intervene, what we're hearing now is that the justice department and state departments are going to intervene. right now they've tried to attach the money and come in
10:04 am
every month and they're saying we're going to put a stop to that right now because it can break the plo's bank. >> was this an american court that made this settlement? >> absolutely. new york, federal court in new york. >> and the president proposes so step into a federal court situation in new york city and say we're not having that? >> it's a jury trial. congress passes laws for a reason. the laws were passed because american citizens have to be protected abroad and yes, it looks like the america may be siding with the americans. >> they may step into it. >> i didn't know that either. >> and step into a jury awarded verdict just like that. >> what's the likelihood of them getting the money even though the president didn't step in. >> there will be appeals and they've won this. they've been going for years. >> the victims are going to win. >> it's a jury trial. >> it was a jury trial. >> in previous programs you've commented on the iran nuke deal. we know you don't like it. >> no. stuart: i think it's a done
10:05 am
deal. >> it sounds like a done deal. the latest polls show that americans in general are 2-1 against the deal as of this morning's poll, which is the good news. the questionment will congress be able to push back against the president. and means the democrats push back. stuart: where does senator schumer stand on this. >> he should be leading the charge. the fact that they struggle to get schumer on board, is a failure. he and others claiming to be the protectors of the u.s.-israel relationship should be leading the charge as opposed to siding with their party no matter what. >> the ayatollah khomeini, the supreme leader, he has a new book how to wipe out israel. we just made a nuke deal with iran. you can't be happy about this. >> no, not at all. and the people try it make this about israel. i want to see this as american.
10:06 am
the iranians have the 2000 kilometer missiles. which means they have israel. and then europe. that's not just the eastern seaboard, that's not just-- it's cleveland and st. louis. it gives them the bomb. stuart: and how can the administration sell this deal with what the ayatollah just said. how can they sell this deal to america's jewish community? >> they can't, it's politics, politics, politics, all about the party. stuart: they've sold is, american jews are probably not going to vote against this in overwhelming numbers. >> the bottom line, the american jewish community, it can't be the center. i'm also an american, they're looking for missiles not just for israel and not just new york where i live, but looking for half of the united states of america. this is an american issue and
10:07 am
kerry warned the jews if you oppose this and it goes down, israel will be blamed and the jews will be blamed, that's very frightening. stuart: awful. jeff, thank you for joining us, always appreciate it, sir. take a look at the price of gas, please. we cover this story, very, very closely, not very many other people do, by the way. we're down nine days in a row to a national average of $2.64 per gallon. the price of oil is actually up this morning. back to the $46 per barrel level. now, jeff flock, he's at the cme in chicago, jeff, for a moment. i want to talk other commodities like copper, for example. because all commodities are way, way, way down. copper is down as well today? >> yeah, you think oil is bad. that was a six-month low yesterday. copper yesterday hit a six and a half year low. take a look at the numbers on copper. and this is, you know, one trader down here who you know today, called this falling knives. and even though copper
10:08 am
rebounded along with oil a little bit today. he says that's what traders are catching today is a falling knife on both of those very important industrial commodities. >> now, jeff, we don't cover in any detail the ups and downs of commodity prices, and most of our viewers do not. they're not commodity traders, but when we see prices, i'm not going to say collapse, but come all the way down to the levels of 2009, something's going on. now, what are the traders saying? >> it's a broader statement. >> a broader statement about what? what is it telling us? >> about the world economy. i think it's partly a commentary on china. both oil and copper there as well. aluminum is an important industrial metal. we don't cover a lot. a six and a half year low as well. it says a lot about what traders think about where the world economy is going, at least in the short-term. >> thanks, indeed. the commodity collapse. strong word, but i've got to use it. thanks. let's get to president obama's
10:09 am
crusade against coal. he wants to cut carbon emissions by a third by 2030. force utilities to produce nearly one third of power by renewables by 2030. this is going to kill a lot of jobs in your district, isn't it? can you give me a number? >> yeah, well, pennsylvania, there's 40,000 jobs that are coal related so it's a huge, huge implication on the jobs here. more than anything else, we're looking at a president who is hard working american families and soft on national security in iran. there's something that's dramatically upside down. we need to have people start to speak out and speak out clearly against the policies. so, that's very alarming right now, very stunning how silent the general population has been. >> can he achieve these goals specifically? cuts carbon emissions by one third by 2030 and make utilities produce electricity, 28% of electricity using
10:10 am
renewables? those are two goals, right in the center of the president's plan. do you think they're achievable? >> well, i think the saving grass, they can tell him to go-- and if we were to reach zero emissions, by 2100 reduced the temperature by less than 1/4 of 1%. so the question becomes, why, mr. president? why are you doing this to hard-working americans? why are you making it almost impossible for families? middle american families and lower income american families to get by. raising the energy costs affects every one of us dramatically. why attack fossil fuels this way and that's the church that he worships at. >> congressman, will you repeat that? i think you said if we stopped all emissions in america, no co 2 is getting out of there at all, zero in america. by the end of the century we're still only cut the world, the global temperature by what, 1/4
10:11 am
of 1 degree? >> 1/4 of 1 degree. so that would be like somebody walking from one side of the street to the other and not noticing any change at all in a drop in temperature. it's absolutely absurd. it's a mission that these folks are on and what i think, stuart. thank you for what you're doing. america has got to wake up to what's happening. we can't continue to sit back and allow politicians that are hard working for american families, i want to talk to the moms out there raising children, dads raising children and what's going to happen to our economy. this will dramatically affect our ability to rebound. we're going to affect our economy and it makes it vulnerable when it comes to national security. these are important issues and they have to be met head on. as i said earlier, the governors can tell me to pond salt. this is not a democrat or a republican issue, this is an american issue and we've got to wake up now while we can change things. it's a dramatic time for us, it's not an option. we've got to fight it every
10:12 am
single day and every way possible. stuart: congressman mike kelly makes the point. new for joining us. >> stuart, thanks for having me on. stuart: sure thing. to the wildfires in california. lauren simonetti has the details in case you missed it. >> the wildfire crisis is there at the moment. the fire swelling to nearly 100 square miles and even jumping a highway at one point and that highway has served as a containment line. thousands of people in the area have been out to evaluate their home and at least two dozen of the homes have been destroyed. and some news for you. airbus is looking to get into high speed air travel. and the jet maker getting patent approved from new york to london in just an hour. according to the filing, the plane could fly at speeds upwards of 3,000 miles per hour. much faster than the concorde which took more than three
10:13 am
hours to get across the atlantic. stuart: how about that? i'll believe it when i see it. >> and what it feels like on our stomachs. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, tune in at 5 p.m., lauren, sandra, nicole bright and early, great show, you've got to watch. >> thank you. stuart: millennials facing a will you have road, high debt, low paying jobs. and one person says quit complaining, buck it up. and smart tv's, the wave of the future for your living room. can you watch -- the word is that the tv can watch you and listen to your conversations. [laughter] >> some lawmakers want to ban them. i'm not sure which side i'm on. we'll have the story in a moment.
10:14 am
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usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert in no time at all. there was no stress. it was in and out. if i buy a car through usaa, i know i'm getting a fair price. we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. and it was just easy. usaa, they just really make sure that you're well taken care of. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. online and on the usaa app. . stuart: almost an hour into the trading session, go nowhere, up
10:17 am
7 points, that's it. look at oil, bouncing back from the big drops recentliment-- recently. we keep a close eye on oil because we want to know how low gas is going to go. we keep a close eye on coach as well. it's had a huge setback in the past year. down to $30 a share. bouncing back just a fraction today at $31.13. apple, biggest of all big names. yes, it is down to $114 per share as of this morning. that's in part because it's now in third place. the iphone is in third place in the smart phone market in china. that's not good news. the question is, time to jump back in again into apple? buy it while it's cheap. charles payne has the view on that in just a couple of minutes on this program. more news out of china. it's stepping in again to support its stock market. cracking down on what's called short selling. that means you buy a stock with
10:18 am
the intention-- because you think the thing is going down. okay? well, they stopped it. they unveiled those rules today, banning short selling. it did succeed briefly in getting the market there back up just a little. to puerto rico, it's officially in default on its debt. the island repaid only 600,000 dollars of a $58 million payment yesterday. it's a worry for investors here because many municipal bond funds own san juan puerto rico's debt. we go live. there's a move in california to ban smart tv's, because they could be by you. >> elizabeth macdonald tell me about it. >> earlier in the year, samsung created a curfufl on the tv, it you say hi tv, it has commands
10:19 am
and sends it to third parties, possibly advertisers. stuart: yikes. >> now, california is moving to ban those from the state of california and we've got breaking news for you, samsung coming back and saying, yes, we will support california's commitment to consumer privacy and we look forward to legislators on the issue and that coming to me in an e-mail from samsung. stuart: what was the book, 1984 when every room in every house had a screen that could look at you and-- >> yeah, it's creepy because now, vizio, which is a flat screen tv, they're moving to 172 ipo. in the detailed sec disclosure they reveal that they, too, collect what you watch. what streaming you watch, what apps you use and tv's. >> and here is-- >> that's not a problem. >> let me tell you what the wave of the future is, during the super bowl, david beckham, undergarment ad. samsung tested a thing that you
10:20 am
could buy that during the super bowl via your remote. so that's what they're going to do. pop-up ads. if you go on home shopping, they will start pushing things you're buying on your couch. >> i'm not scared, 1984 to me. >> i don't want my information, what i'm watching is given to somebody i don't know who is guaranteeing my privacy about it. ashley: i say don't buy the t vchv liz: they're in the tv's. they could be littered with pop-up ads. stuart: anything you put on the internet, somebody else knows what you're doing, that's the way it is liz: it's a multi-billion dollar industry right now. big time democrat says he's worried about millennials, here is a quote from his piece in the new york times, quote, the most educated generation on history is on track to becoming less prosperous, at least financially. and they're faced with a slow
10:21 am
economy, stagnant wages and to maintain a reasonable lifetime and to save for the futures. millennials are in trouble and a millennial has this to say in response. >> i think a lot of young people want to hear the message, how can we be successful again because so many are living in their parents' basements staring at faded obama posters, am i better than years ago? i don't have a good paying job and i'm living at home. most young people don't want to do that. they want to be independent. stuart: joining us an is millennial, charlie kirk, he's joining us now. you disagree with ashley. i think your point is, you're telling millennials, people like you, suck it up. quick whining. that's what you're saying, isn't it? >> in some way, yeah. you know, i think do millennials want to be successful? yes. i don't necessarily think they want to make the sacrifices all the time to be successful.
10:22 am
ashton kutcher famously said last year in front of a teenage audience, i never met a job i was better than. and if you ask your viewers, is that the mentality that young people are bringing to the workplace? i don't think so. if we ignore it and say there's a lack of opportunity. yes, of course it is, it's awful for young people and college loans through the roof, but i think there's an entitlement mentality. if we don't attack it head-on, we'll have mediocrity, young people graduate with degrees that don't matter and enter the work force expecting a six-figure job. it's not realistic. stuart: charlie, i think we're being set up for the forgiveness of student debt. i think we're set up by a leftist idea, forgive the debt. vote for me, forgive the debt. do you think we're going in
10:23 am
that direction? >> stuart, you're 100% correct and i would go a step further. it's a diabolical scheme the last 30 years to get young people into debt. 93% of all student loans are given out by the federal government. this is now is government controlled industry of student loans and they're incentivizing young people to take on bad debt and saying, hey, hey, we're promising forgiveness, i want your vote. i think it's a politically manufactured scheme, the left are the best at, and what better segment of the population than young people who are ideaistic. and hillary clinton is going to run down the middle and might have success on that message. stuart: there you have it, president charlie kirk in the year 2040-something or other. thank you, mr. president. we'll vote for you, charlie. [laughter] >> charlie, kirk, thanks very much.
10:24 am
coming up, companies like uber, air bnb only a few insiders get to make money out of it, invest in it. we're left out and i don't like it. more on that after this.
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trend to will you look at that. this is a terrifying scene from the netherlands. two cranes going down,
10:33 am
collapsing while trying to restore a bridge that came down in a row of houses completely crushing the houses. you can see those trains come down. dozens of people have been taking to the hospital. a story in progress. check the big board please. of 26 points as we speak to the present oil holding for $6 per barrel after the big plunge in the last couple of days back up to 596. john dear bree: 1700 track yours. offering free repairs, no impact whatsoever. you have heard of uber, the app that lets you have a car right from your phone, wildly popular worth $51 billion. air bnp where you can write your own home or apartment to complete strangers. they pay you rent for $25 billion. you and i cannot invest in the uber or air bnp.
10:34 am
i don't like that. i want to base my future investments on a growth industry. i want him but i can't get in. i'm not happy. >> you have a right not to be happy. stuart: i have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. >> this is silicon valley. over the last two years silicon valley maxing out the ultimate. >> insiders keep the money. outsiders like you and i can't get added until the money has been made. charles: they take it a step further in abuse the people that use their product because self.but the stock when they can. let's say they go public at 60 billion. the first-rate they'll be at $90 billion company and you and i can buy it. all of the small investors who
10:35 am
don't have a shot. we understand how the system works. right now uber has 10 rounds of funding from the airbnb has 15 rounds of funding. i told people to buy. they only have three rounds of funding debris $66 million. they gave users the chance to make money. the other guys the public love a tough time making money. stuart: uber and airbnb should be public right now. >> they are up all the value. they'll dump on the american public. what does this say about it for a capital market if they don't go public because of the sarbanes-oxley. the commissioner generated a lot of regulatory baggage.
10:36 am
i am angry at uber and i am angry at airbnb because i can't get an ear i wouldn't go public. >> there is a thing called the jobs act. the worst companies since the crash because of the jobs that. charles: there is no diligence process. air bnp -- airbnb and uber are up all the wealth for the insiders. it is the same people making the money. we have a right to be upset, particularly as users of the product. they should try to formulate ways from a public regulations point of view. by some of the stock. your uber driver will uber driver will allow you to own the stock. i don't know why they don't share the sharing economy.
10:37 am
>> netflix is an all-time high. they are $5, nearly 5%. 117 on netflix is the all-time high. >> uber is bigger than netflix. stuart: $51 billion? >> uber is bigger than netflix. we still can't get in. when they say you can get in, be careful. stuart: netflix is launching a streaming service in japan. is that the lorry? that is why the uber box. coming out in september. now look at apple charge. 114 a share down from 132, 133.
10:38 am
time to buy yes or no. charles: traders may wait if you're trying to pinpoint the exact moment. >> jpmorgan chase has 124 price point target. stuart: don't miss making money with charles payne. 6:00 p.m. eastern. charles: i will tell people what to buy so they are head of the curve on the buyer list on tran driverless car. liz: that is the dumbest idea in the galaxy. charles: tell her how good it feels when you don't have to do the driving. stuart: it is fun sitting in the back. may i move on? there is the promo. let's go to president obama. the man has had a very good year or at least a couple good month. the trade deal past with iran, obama kerry saved to the supreme
10:39 am
court. marriage upheld in the supreme court. the great climate pushes on and is going to win this one. monica crowley is here. i just read your entire day. is it not true? >> is absolutely true. he's had a very good year. the key domestic legislation now moving on all of these other friends. this is the big question going in question going into 2016. i fairly given up on the congressional leadership to push back. they haven't shown a lot of the will to do that. i am looking towards the republican presidential candidates to layout markers that would reverse it because every single one of the things you laid out with the exception of gay marriage needs to be rolled back, unraveled root and branch. if they commit that they've got a problem. stuart: so disappointed. november 2014 republicans swept
10:40 am
congress at the landslide victory. absolutely nothing has changed. i can't think of a single item of legislation or rulemaking or anything else that has gone the conservative way. >> because they haven't fought for it. if you are a republican in congress that's one of the reasons why. donald trump's catchphrases you are fired. that is actually the subtext of what he is saying now and everything he says and does. it's your fire to the establishment, you are fired to their political cause because they have let us down as well. stuart: are you supporting trump? i haven't endorsed anything yet. i'll take any of them over hillary clinton or bernie sanders. i have some favorite and it will be interesting to see how they interact. i like him personally very much.
10:41 am
i think he would be a fantastic president actually. the question is whether he can get it from here to character in the primary season and general election. stuart: it's a good question. monica, come back soon. time for the sector report. >> i can't believe it. let's watch this. let's look really quick. 121 with a lot of question marks about how much it's going to cost. espn, abc network doing well, also looking at the theme park. everybody's been going to the theme park for the summer. if you look at the charter to my side, it goes up enough. the question mark is after tonight, do you sell shares of
10:42 am
disney? >> you are not going to say this, but the truth is only time will tell. a robot that helps people walk again. sounds like science fiction. it is a reality. one of those companies is here with their newest technology. it is right here in the studio. watch out. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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>> the dow jones industrial average back-and-forth over that. right now the dow jones industrial average slightly lower with the s&p 500 up half of one point. this shows you the action with that movers included in microsoft up 1.5%. chevron up at apple and procter & gamble at apple in correction mode. after this year back in february. more than 10% after ties. how about disney hitting a high and reporting after the belt. right now up one third of 1%. casinos.domestically offset the weakness they are seen. and it's up about 5%. watch spn a.m. -- "fbn:am."
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: look at this. netflix making the move. $118 a share. why is it up? they could have introduced remained the service to japan this september. big news, up goes the stock. now they've got something really cool for you. xo bionics of a company that designs and develops robotic
10:47 am
exoskeleton spirit the military and industrial marketplace. the ceo nathan hardin is with us right here. welcome back to the program. you have these exoskeleton that support a human being. you've got some videotape to show the industrial application of these exoskeleton. roll that tape, please. i want to hear you describe it for us. this can lead to enormous amounts of weight? >> it helps them hold heavy tolls at shoulder height or above for extended periods of time. if you ever do anything overhead, holding your arms above your head for a while makes you tired. stuart: we are looking at your product in action. >> that is the military version. stuart: into something that wraps around the human body. >> essentially take a robot and wrap it around a person and that is what we call human
10:48 am
exoskeleton, a machine that helps a person do something. stuart: it's got military and industrial applications. billy woods is with us. you cannot walk without your exoskeleton. would you stand up for us and walk within exoskeleton? this may take time to stand up and walk, but go ahead, billy. the computing power comes on. >> so this is the unit being used at the end of last quarter we were in 90 different centers around the world. you can go into your rehabilitation on it after a stroke or spinal cord injury as in billy's case and it can get just about anyone out there. stuart: you could not walk without this. you would be in the old-fashioned wheelchair without this. can you walk now? >> here we go.
10:49 am
stuart: the computing power is helping you move your legs and your whole body. >> yes, it is. it also helps -- >> adducing censors all of the machine to decide when he wants to take the next step and then it takes it for him. that is part of our ip portfolio. we've got the broadest ip portfolio the business. 52 of our tibetan issue. stuart: i have to tell you that it's heartwarming to see that. >> it's fantastic. >> it is changed my life dramatically in the last two years. stuart: you are improving this all the time. >> what you see right now is the old cell phone that was this big. you have to have a cable on your ways. that is where it is at right now. we have an exciting six to 12
10:50 am
month coming. we've got this industrial exoskeleton unit that will be announcing a partnership and other things as well. stuart: this is really good stuff. you could not walk. you could not get out of the chair of the old days before this came along. >> that is correct, sir. stuart: what am i cheering? >> the device moving, changing movement. stuart: does billy made a handler like you all the time? >> he does. >> eventually -- presumably you wouldn't even know if you summon his paralyzed or using it to get more strength. how far away realistically five to 10 years. stuart: that's good and thanks
10:51 am
for joining us. great stuff. in desperation, billy. >> thank you. stuart: a matching theme does out the plane window. the four-story sandstorm that engulfed an airport in jordan. who's got the full story there. teaco doesn't pay its bills. what does that mean for us? i'm only in my 60's.
10:52 am
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10:55 am
stuart: amazing video of a sandstone in jordan. this happened in the capital city of oman. the sandstorm engulfing planes in one minute, causing near blackout positions across the entire city. airport officials say it only caused delays of about 20 minutes. impressive nonetheless. a financial storm in puerto rico defaulted on its debt to the first time in history. adam shapiro joins us live from san juan. what does this mean for us? reporter: for average investors it's a waiting game. according to a respect of lawyer, an expert in federal tort law as well as commonwealth law says the government of puerto rico is misleading,
10:56 am
essentially lying to investors in its own people when he says he cannot pay back instead. here's what it told me. >> they raise money. the problem is the government decided to keep employees in the government cannot fire anybody so they can be reelected. reporter: the government is waiting for the lawsuit. now that they've defaulted on the $50 million bond payment that critics say is the first of several strategic defaults. first of all expected to be filed under this week. actually, back to you. >> covering every step of the way. more "varney & company" just two minutes away.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
>> howard schultz runs starbucks. why is there all of this talk about him running for president? john kerry is secretary of state. why is his name popping up again
11:00 am
now? he lost the presidential election but george bush in 2004. and joe biden, well he just won 13% of the vote in a new poll even though he has not declared for the presidency. what is going on? it seems like suddenly the floodgates have been open to any and all comers. deep trouble for hillary clinton, that's what's going on. among democrats there's a realization that her campaign is flowndering that her nomination is not setting common crete are. a moment the politician looks vulnerable competition moving in and hillary clinton is vulnerable shows her losing ten points worth of support in a month. i think she's losing ground for the same reason that donald trump is gaining ground. people are tired of same old same old. nothing gets done and same faces and names appear year after year. clinton name may be as big a negative as bush. of course, it doesn't help that hillary has an e-mail problem. a 600 haircut problem, and a all
11:01 am
time millionaire image problem and serious problem when it comes to meeting and greeting regular people. her campaign is close to panic mode. a fellow democrat, see that, they have a wounded queen on their hands as washington post calls her, they have already lost congress, they don't want to lose the white house as a well. that's why all of these names are surfacing. it is hillary's camp cannot turn things around, democrats bench may be as crowded as a the republicans. ♪ we will get a far left democrat take on hillary struggling campaign and whether floodgates are indeed about to open. dennis on this program, ha-ha. check the price of oil. it is still cheap, way under $50 a barrel we're in the mitd $40 per barrel price range at the moment. we bring you this story simply
11:02 am
because cheaper oil equals cheaper gas and gas is down another penny overnight. $2.64 is your national average for a gallon of regular, that is nine days in a row that oil as i'm sorry, gas has just kept on going down. now look at this. the cheap test gas in america where do you think it is, a tie $1.96 at the costco and another station in athens, tennessee. one dollar, and 96 cents couple of gas station right there. come on in. raymond james energy analyst, i'm sorry -- butchered your name marchanof. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. [laughter] you see a price target for oillet over the end of this year. what, 50 55 a barrel. is that what you're coming from? >> for wti and then brent is $5
11:03 am
north of that. so you know, oil looks a little oversold right now. we've seen tremendous pressure over the last four weeks. some of that is fundamental. we know that saudi arabia is pumping all out. we know that iranian nuclear deal means that there will eventually be an a increase in iran's oil exports. but some of it seems a little more psychological. you know, for example, these chinese stock market headlines don't mean negative for chinese oil demand. in and of themselves but they are pressuring prices. >> so bottom line to me and our viewers is, you're talking cheap oil as far as the eye can see. you know, earlier this year, and late last year, there's all kinds of predictions although ia barrel real fast. we heard all of that. but now you're saying no. it is cheap oil. 50, 55 dollars barrel as far as the eye can see into next year that's a big deal.
11:04 am
i wouldn't with say sphargs the eye can see into early 2016. now eventually prices will have to recover. not to $100 to be clear but maybe something in the 70, 75 range. because right now there's so much austerity in the global industry that eventually supply is going to fall. that is, this is the law of the supply and demand at work. eventually prices will have to support a better more sustainable level of investment in drilling new well withing, developing new projects. >> bottom line for us is chemooil means cheap gas. we all use gas. we just love it. so when we hear you say that 50, 55 a barrel into next year was standing up and cheering because that means -- >> enjoy is while it last. enjoy while it last. we appreciate you being with us today. thank you, sir. i want to go to jeff flock he's
11:05 am
in chicago at the cme not just oil that has come all of the way down. what's he looking at? all kinds of commodities. >> looking at the board. copper, drain, oil. >> you were talking -- >> you were talking oil was rallying and then coming back down. >> got a problem here. commodities across the board have come all the way down. what does that tell us about the global economy? >> not just oil. you are absolutely right not just oil we trade agricultural comomties -- commodities you take a look at corn that is almost the six-year low as well, and other factors on that. we've produced a lot of corn in this country. but i teat -- tell you demand isn't there as well. i leave you also with -- aluminum another six and a half year low. demand is not there and talking to traders here they say largely
11:06 am
it is china but not just china but a concern about the whole world situation. >> not looking for inflation with commodity prices look that. not going to be there. jeff flock in chicago for the rest of the day. lucky guy check the big board down 10 points that's what we have. 17587 here's the story of the day, it is emerging netflix new all time high up she goes 116 on netflix had been 118 a few minute ago. introduce steaming services to japan in september. up goes the stock. look at apple it is down again right now we're asking is it time to buy? charles payne and i in the last hour said if you're buying to hold get back in. if you're a trader you might want to wait. another opinion later this hour on apple now app 114. back to politics, latest fox news poll shows hillary at 51% support among democrats. that by the way is a new low.
11:07 am
bernie sanders moving up to a 22% share and joe biden who is not said whether he's running or not hasn't -- formed any committee whatsoever. he polls 13% as of right now. joining us now dennis from congressman, ohio, a democrat. congressman welcome back. always good to see you dennis. i think you're not a hillary fan, are you? >> well, i'm not involved in the prierms at this point. but i do think but when you look at criticism hillary clinton has inflicted upon her and still at 51% with a 29 point lead over one candidate and 38% lead over a noncandidate, i'm sorry. but -- i don't see that she's -- >> look you're on the left. far left. you get word about the clinton -- >> to patriot act that makes me
11:08 am
far left no mainstream i'm telling you that secretary clinton is not yet in a position where she is fading as the leader. >> report level is coming down. other o people are talked about as to getting into this race. starbucks ceo, john kerry, this talk. i mean, joe biden a lot of talk there. bernie sanders is moving up. that doesn't amount to a whole hill of trouble for hillary clinton, you don't think? >> i don't think so yet. let me just say joe biden very formidable probably the most experienced people in u.s. politics. we might have some differences on issues, but joe biden is very solid. bernie sand rs is moving up, that's true. but you have to look at the fact that here we are in august, and despite all of the criticism and all of the hits that she's taken secretary clinton still has -- >> looking at the trend dennis. you have 61% support a month ago
11:09 am
in the same poll now got 51% she's losing ground. you like bernie sanders don't you? >> bernie is good friend of mine. i know all of a these candidates people i've known 30, 40 years some of them. >> how do you feel him saying that he wouldn't have a problem with a 90% tax rate on wealthy people, what do you think? >> well i'm for cutting taxes, but i want to change u.s. monetary policy to do it potential >> you're for cutting taxes? >> absolutely. you need to -- top rate of individual tax, the federal level? you want to do that? >> i'm telling you american people are paying too much in taxes a -- >> that is not what i asked. not whey asked. top rated tax on high income earners of the federal level goes about 43%. you want to cutback? >> i want to cut taxes for every american. >> you want to cut the 43% top rate? >> i will -- you know if it was up to me, i
11:10 am
would cut taxes across the board and change u.s. monetary policy, put the fed, federal reserve under treasury, and go back to what america was before the federal reserve act of 1913. >> well, that's along way to go back. all right denver nice thank you very much for joining us we appreciate you being with us. thank you. all right. here's a headline for you. connecticut -- is the worst state to die in in the country. sarah is here. >> i guess the real positive story on this story. yeah we're all going to die. but don't do it in connecticut. >> because of higher state taxes. >> these multimillion dollars estates that question see, obviously, in connecticut. officials are warning that they're looking at places that they're about to send out. they could be up to $100,000 or o up to a million -- used to be 12 grand to the state. >> i don't understand this. state tax is a rate on what you leave to your errs.
11:11 am
what is the estate tax rate in connecticut? >> right now, it is jumped by half percent of the value of the estate half a percent. >> so no matter what estate i leave i pay half percent to the state. that's not exactly huge. [inaudible] >> if you look at the estates, though, that's where it actually jumps higher. >> you mean there's a threshold and then you start paying taxes. >> then you start getting taxes higher. it goes up. but in particular -- >> half percent. >> half percent is standard rate but estate jump higher afterwards. >> once they go up to a maximum -- >> in the millions. i have to look. >> no the maximum rate. >> the rate the percentage rate it could go up to as high as 20%. >> now you're talking. that's the point. >> that's the point -- [laughter] >> if you have 20% on topfelt federal rate which is what 50% on big estates.
11:12 am
taking 70% off their tax. >> trying to get past the multil pl price tag -- took a three day vacation. smart phone can predict what you want before you ask for it. you would want them to do that? but the president's climate plan, hailed by the lefty media. we have a reality check for you on that, next. >> he as the president alone does not have the authority to regulate carbon output into the atmosphere. but the epa does, and oh, of course, appoints commissioners to the epa. now theoretically, theoretically, it is an independent administrative agency made up of experts anded a administering technical areas of the law but real world is they are political people.
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
>> look at apple, the stock is
11:16 am
way down today. why? well in part it is because iphone sales in china are lagging. the iphones are now in third place in the smart phone market in china samsung is 4. chinese makers one and two. apple number three. down goes stock. apple and google racing to see what you want before you know you want it? [laughter] jo ling kent is here to explain. explain. >> well with there's two things you have to know. apple is going to take all a of the information that you use on your handy dandy iphone and help inform what is called a proactive assistant someone who will say i see you're in this area. you might want to go to this restaurant and google now, and they're not only going to mime the information on your androids phone but also look at your google search history and youtube view it is that is where they predict maybe what you would like to do. >> how will the prediction arrive at me? >> in the form of notifications,
11:17 am
suggestions, through the various different apps on your phone. >> advertising driven? >> well google o.c. -- apple says it will protect privacy and they won't sell this information they're gatt ring about you they said at the worldwide developer conference but google is selling information takes data, with sells it to third party clients. >> could be most fun fortunate for people this could be real bad. let's suppose you've been looking at a lot of pornography for heavens sake do you suddenly get a suggestion hit you in the face with look at this one? >> it is hard to say. [laughter] coming out this fall. there will be a way to turn off the notification but gathering of information may not -- stop because it's your phone and -- >> never stop gathering information but stop the notification i'm a happy guy. >> there you have it.
11:18 am
>> thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. let's get the president's new rule on cor ban emissions first off a listen to fox news contradictor charles on it. roll tape. >> 5% of the world's carbon is going to produce by a third. we're talking about one and a half percent reduction in the world's production of carbon over 15 years. that is one tenth of one percent every year meaning one in one thousand and a have zero effect on the climate. >> all right. zero effect on the climate. charles, come on in from the manhattan institute robert brice. you just heard charles, disaster zero effect on the climate you say that is your area of expertise do you agree? >> might be above zero stuart we don't know for certain. what we know already and i think is an important point lost amid all of this discussion about
11:19 am
economic gains that the obama administration and ep are claiming, look what's happening in the coal sector but if you look at in january of 2011 arch coal selling for $35 i checked yesterday trading at 19 cents been listed it from the new york stocks exchange pea body sell for $62 today that is selling for a buck and change. i looked at the top five coal producers in the u.s. so pea body arch, alpha and cloud peek you can buy all of the stock, entire business top five coal producers in the u.s. for about four and a half billion dollars. compare that to just the second largest natural gas producer in the u.s., chester peek energy their market cap is $4.6 billion. a really reality check on what we're supposed to be a lot of gains is that coal -- coal sector has been just crushed. >> kilted. now the president says that power companies, power plants
11:20 am
they must create -- make 28% of their electricity from renewables. i guess that's solar and wind by the year 2030 almost by about a third of electricity generated from renewables 15 years from now. is that possible? >> well, sure, of course, it is possible stuart. but what i think is interesting about what the obama administration is doing, is really following the california model, and if you look at what's happening in california what's -- they have the highest rates in the contiguous u.s. west of new york. we've seen energy poverty rates increase in california by calling it manhattan. jonathan lesser said over a million howfltd it households in california living in energy poverty in some -- inland counties in california those rates are at 15% of all of the households in a given county. so what -- i see happening truly here is
11:21 am
regreesive on middle and tax on the poor. >> manhattan institute thanks for being with us. robert thanks. >> puerto rico defaults on its debt. what does that mean for real estate? over there in puerto rico, any deals? we've got a story for you. plus, president obama siding with palestinian terrorists, his administration might fight a huge terrorism organization the president might fight that. the judge on that, later this hour.
11:22 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ get excited for the 1989 world tour with exclusive behind the scenes footage, all of taylor swift's music videos, interviews, and more. xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift.
11:25 am
>> puerto rico in dier financial trouble just defaulted on a 58 million dollar local payment and we hear home prices are dropping. come on in, cheryl what do i get for -- let me pick a number. 600,000. >> i actually got you a little bit of a better deal than what you requested from me this morning. you wanted 600 if i found a great property for $550 near the airport in san juan puerto rico, it is a 6 bedroom four bath, 32 square foot homing and a it is near the airport. and in san juan, and it was built in 1960. but a couple of things with a three car garage all outdoors built in 1960 single family
11:26 am
home, the price per square foot comes to about $167 or so, and it has been listed only been on the market about three months. but to your point, it may start to go down like other properties there. for americans. >> the fence that got me worried who are you keeping out? >> it is a good neighborhood. in a good neighborhood in san juan. >> 6 -- down as we speak. taylor swift took on apple and won an now she's talking about it. details on that coming up. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio.
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11:30 am
>> two hours into the session, pretty much flat. down 12. the price of oil holding at around 46 dollars a barrel. it hit to what, 33 i think 32 yesterday. might be the stock thus far. a new high 118 earlier today. they're going to start their streaming service going to japan next month. up 5 bucks, 118 right now. look at apple, down more than 3%. now, unrelate to the stock price move today, taylor swift she took on apple she said she wasn't putting her new album on itunes for free. she won. jo ling kent coming back to us
11:31 am
now. taylor swift talking about all of this. this battle with apple that she won. what's she saying? >> saying that she's surprised about how apple behaved here's the quote on the cover by the way, a great shot she said apple treated me like i was a voice of a creative community that they cared about and i found it io ironic that they reacted to criticism with humility and start up with no cash referring to spotify here. remember last year's issue. the startoff with no cash flow reacted to criticism like a corporate machine. so she is calling out spotify after that wall street journal op ed and yanked music from company saying that artists weren't being paid fairly so this is her real opinion about how streaming services actually work, and a she's siding on apple's side. >> apple she says treated her humanely and quickly turned around when she posted that on
11:32 am
her tumblr by monday or tuesday bam apple was done -- the deal. >> apple will pay her. >> pay all artists for free trial period that they're in currently right now. >> she acted as a spokesperson of course she has lots of strong feelings on this. also on tour selling tickets, albums so a lot of incentive for tai tai so -- >> tai tai do we know that? >> okay. >> stuart say it. >> all little girls call her tai tai or t swift days away from the fist gop debate is on thursday, on fox, of course. donaldlooks as strong as ever. 26% for trump. washington comrm byron york is here with us. you've got to tack this guy seriously. haven't you? you can't dismiss him any longer, in fact, there's a possibility byron that hekdz win
11:33 am
nomination. is that right? >> anything is possible, and you definitely have to take him seriously. first of all trump has led in the last ten national polls. all ten of them in the real politics average of polls so he's -- touching something in the republican electorate. fen if you don't like him you have to think what concerns is he addresses among voters that others aren't? he's decisive. they like the fact that he's not a politician. many leak his stands on issues issues -- >> i have a feeling that the establishment in the republican party is really very worried about this because trump is going after establishment wing of the party that's where i think he's coming from. >> they are worried because they thought he would have imploded and collapsed by now. there were predictions when he
11:34 am
attacked senator mccain that that was it for him. >> going down hill. >> byron said that. >> on this program byron i said that he peaked on friday and made comments about mccain on the weekend and he would trail down on the monday. [laughter] i was so totally wrong, and prepared to at admit it. >> you can revise and extend your remarks he continuesed to go up and up in the polls. now, obviously, this debate on fox, on thursday night is a real opportunity for people to see more of trump in a traditional, political context being asked substantive questions by fox moderator and how is he going to respond? it is another chance for him to mess up as it is for other candidates. but it's entirely possible that after the debate, e could be talking about trump going still higher. >> do you think that after the debate, the field will narrow significantly? you've got 17 people out there
11:35 am
at the moment not all of a them can perform particularly well in the two debates which are actually scheduled. i've got to believe that there will be some dropout fairly soon, you think? >> no, i don't actually think that. i think that if you're a candidate especially with the rise of the superpacks if you're a candidate, you've got one or two rich people who are -- who are interested in keeping you going that you can. i had one activist republican activist in iowa very experienced say if you have money for your gas you can stay in the race until january. so i look for a lot of them to stay in the race if at a very low level. >> real fast byron do you think donald trump could win at least one primary? >> absolutely, it is possible. look what, you know, pat buchanan did in new hampshire several years ago. ross won 19% of the popular vote in 1992. so if the -- electorate is unhappy enough,
11:36 am
they send a message by supporting somebody who is outside of the establishment system. >> you know i've been foolish enough to say if donald trump forms third party he won't get the 19% that ross got but i've been wrong before, and i'm quite prepared to admit that i'm utterly wrong again. byron york. thank you byron. >> thank you stuart. back with you real soon i promise this is a big week for that debate. boss may intervene in which 11 american families won a judgment from palestinian leaders. this is all about a series of bombings and shoot technician that killed and wounded a dozen u.s. citizens. a move if the white house interconvenience an upset fat settlement that will look leak the white house is siding with with terrorists over our own people. last hour, we spoke to someone who lobbied four of those american families. listen to this. >> palestinian authority which the world is beginning to treat
11:37 am
like a state and america wants to treat like a state is just another name for the terrorist oaring's. they're responsible for this and the white house, this white house doesn't want to be seen at this palestinian authority is not a partner for peace but it is a terror group. >> we have the background to all of this. bring it to the foreground with judge andrew napolitano. >> admitting you were wrong do you have the tape ?mpghts -- that would be a long tape. a federal people's court i think it was a federal court, said yes. the victims are correct. you can take money off of these palestinian leaders, i like to believe that the president of the united states is not going to beer serene into a federal court jury decision and attorney. >> yes you are correct this time and going to attempt to intervene so there's a jury trial. the victims demonstrate the victims survivors demonstrate that their family members were
11:38 am
murdered by palestinian police, with and soldiers and agents and murderers actually were rewarded for doing this by the palestinian authority. hence the lawsuit not against the people that pulled trigger but against the people who were rewarded those who pulled trigger. jury victim of verdict. before the money can actually be paid -- state department says you can't take this money from palestinian money because you'll bankrupt them and a foreign affairs is presence and not the court. and guess what? the court will probably let the president do that. >> no -- >> you can't -- >> let the president do that in the past, and this is going to upset you even more. most notorious case is against iran where the administration of president bill clinton interceded and courts let the state department under bill clinton prevent the distribution
11:39 am
of tens of millions for those who had been kidnapped and killed by iran relatives kidnapped to kill in the regime. >> constitutionally, legally, is that legitimate for the states department of the president to do this? >> well legally it is because the congress has written a statute and a courts have written rules that permit it. a constitutionally in my opinion it is not. none of the federal government's business if the consequence of a lawsuit against a foreign country is that the country goes bankrupt, that's presumably fault of the country that is going bankrupt because of what they and their agents did. plus it was a federal court and it was a jury decision. >> yes. yes that would overturn a jury decision of federal court. i don't think you should do that. >> the president is going to say you know, you can't bankrupt the palestinian authority. i have to have a country do deal with and they can't borrow money. but they have to afford this despite the crime. >> and citizens -- this is in my view, a profound
11:40 am
and serious violation of the due process rights of the plaintiff in this case i fully agree with the first issue that you have on earlier but i must tell you, they will probably lose. i don't know if they'll lose forever. there might be a compromise and might accept pennies on the dollar. but they're not going to get if the -- government wants to intercede won't get money. >> couple of seconds left did the victims of the iranian -- did they ever get any money? mpleght they did. ennys on the dollar. yeah. >> what about victims of the -- lockerbie. >> haven't been paid yet. >> put some money into a fund. but i don't think it was nearly the -- what would be fair market value. forget that to phrase for lives was americans that were killed by american standards. >> right yet again. judge andrew napolitano always a pleasure to be here. >> what a great necktie that is.
11:41 am
[laughter] >> in my ear stop talking about the ugly tie. [laughter] >> president obama yes he's cracked down on coal going to kill it and coal country is ready to fight back. next, a senator who represents coal country on this program. three big name tech stocks follow them closely, apple, facebook, twitter beeten down of late. answer is next. hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief as market tries to find some direction, we have a big jobs report on friday. dow, s&p and nasdaq just slightly lower at the moment on the dow, apple is under pressure while microsoft gains. off this week, though, for the two trading days airline as take a look here united delta, american, all doing well, doing well for the week. and two days up three, four, percent many we talk about effective immediately. look at this twitter poll question of american we will no longer transport bosser low, elephant leopard lion or or trophies worldwide. netflix hitting new all time high for netflix certainly bnl the behemoth and just a few offer the bell reports. and of course keep it here sandra smith, lauren simonetti and i get you started.
11:44 am
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these may worsen with spiriva respimat. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine, stop taking spiriva respimat and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat, cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist, ask your doctor or visit >> we keep a very, very close eye on the big name tech stock which have been moving recently. apple, facebook, twitter all of them are down today. here's the obvious question runup so much recently now they've come down is it time to buy any or all? come on in, jason, and jason i want to start with apple. buy it at what 114 where it is now.
11:46 am
what do you say? >> absolutely. thing is as i've said before, with you stuart, apple unless you're a day trader, right if you're an investor you need to looks at apple has $2 billion of cash. apple most recent quarter was most profitable quarter of all american company of all time. as far as whether to buy apple at 114 or 110 or 105 listen there's such thing dollar cost averages there's no reason to short it. no reason to sell it. it is a long-term hold. >> how about facebook? that was a approaching 100 a share last week now down around 93, 94 again time to buy? >> absolutely. i mean thing is i will revert facebook to me is literally ultimate gross stock here's why facebook is not just facebook but instagram, facebook is oculus destined to at least go to 100.
11:47 am
>> twitter down 29 a share. buy it? >> thing is i have a twitter account but i don't use it i don't like twitter it is annoying there's characters and letters it not visually appealing so even from a personal standpoint what i like to bring to my investment series i don't like twitter. investing in twitter feels like playing lotto it doesn't really feel like it is solid ground. >> yes on facebook, and apple and no on twitter. netflix a new high of 118 would you buy that? >> yeah, see thing is netflix is a financial company, and i think over the long-term even if long-term is 24 to 36 months netflix is going to keep going up. buy it all time high you may want to wait for a pullback. but i think that netflix gross story is that the global netflix gross store is there's untapped growth around the world that america maybe getting saturated but net thrix will go up because the world wants netflix and they
11:48 am
don't have it yet. >> deals with things real fast. that is why we like him straight for the answers we love it. jason thank you very much indeed sir. >> my pleasure. >> now the coal industry they have a deal with the new regulations. on carbon emissions from president obama, what can they do to fight these new emission standards? come on in, senator shelly republican from west virginia. i know enough about america to know that west virginia is coal country. big time coal country. and i know that these new regulars are going to kill the coal industry in your state. can you fight it? can you beat this back? >> well we're absolutely going to fight it. tomorrow, actually in committee we're going to pass a bill that is called arena about that deals we liability gives states option. make sure we don't move forward until we know that this is actually a legal maneuver by the president. i think that's still way up in the air. so yeah we're going to fight hard for these jobs. these are communities.
11:49 am
>> so that's interesting because -- what you're offering is -- a congressional way to side track, get around these new regulations from the epa. pass a bill that is -- perhaps temporary until the legal situation is sorted out so you can avoid new regulars coming at you immediately. is that correct? >> that's correct. and we've seen already the supreme court judge that epa is not taking into consideration the cost and the economic impacts around country when they move forward with these regulations. clean power act is leak number one here in terms was impact it will have. >> what would be impact can you sphel it out for us? first of all how much is electricity going to go up in your state and how many jobs will your state lose? >> electricity will go up 20% in our state which is going to cost individual challenged those in the lower income and also our manufacturing base. but in terms of jobs you can
11:50 am
look on monday alfa one of our largest coproducers declared bankruptcy. patriot declared bankruptcy. jim declared bankruptcy and coal companies are while they're doing it they're sloughing jobs in thousands. we've lost 7,000 jobs in west virginia those are coal jobs. other jobs surrounding it, rail, truck about, electrical they add up to big numbers small stake. >> one last one is it possible that you can still produce same amount of coal but instead of selling to american power generators send it to china, can you do that? >> we can and we're doing it now and we're going to keep doing it, but it does present challenge and i would rather use domestic resources here to fight tomorrow and committee to make sure we can do that. >> senator thank you for being with us. up to date today on what you're doing down there. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> formally or irs executive lois lerner will not tell her side of the targeting story.
11:51 am
but more of her e-mails about to be released, and we're on it. ♪ fresher dentures with polident. for the best first impression. love loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended. ♪ fresher dentures with polident. for those breathless moments. hug loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended.
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>> here it comes another batch of e-mails from irs related to the targeting of conservatives going to be released today. new e-mail jerry willorbs have
11:55 am
been releasing this in big batches every monday, and tuesday is tuesday. what happened? >> you're correct mr. varn is knee and no they do not. here's what they did. sent to us complied to the letter of the law of what the judge is asking for. they sent a let to judicial watch folks asking for the information via freedom of information request. so sent a letter saying hear our status what you're getting 101 pages of documents. but not today because we're fedexing it but you don't get it but this despite the fact that irs is literally ten block away from judicial watch. so it would have cost taxpayers less money if they had spent, you know, a press aid out to walk the ten blockings and deliver it by hand. >> what about last week, there's a whole bunch released last week. what did you find in those e-mails last week? >> fascinating findingings. you know we have been thinking that they were regional groups groups out and people that we cover all of the time.
11:56 am
they're tea party groups but no is coffered big time conservatives including chamber of cross roads gps. so other item that is more important is that some of these folks were targeted not just with denial of 5013c status but audit. >> you're audited. >> and e-mails showed that? >> yes. >> my goodness me. this story. performing very good example of this. i want to tell you what judicial watch people are saying today about what they're getting. they say shameful gamesmanship. >> opposed to delivering it on time. is that right? >> do you think irs would put up with me if i did this? i would be in jail somewhere. >> wearing a different outfit. [laughter] >> thank you very much indeed i'm sure you'll be on this this afternoon, we appreciate it. more varney after this.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> on this program i said, that he peaked on the friday he made the comments about mccain on the weekend, and he would trail down on the monday. [laughter] i was so totally wrong, and i'm prepared to admit it. >> as they say on capitol hill you can revise and extend your remarks. [laughter] yes you can that was me admitting i was totally wrong about donald trump and a success in the pots. you the something to say about about this as well. first off from alan, i very seldom watch political debates because it has same old rhetoric but i'll be watching thursday night just for the entertainment. good. a viewer says about this president obama climate push on varnny and company said they must fight back against the climate regulations we are, boehner and mcconnell don't listen. good stuff. >> you admitted you were wrong. >> really? rare event so excited. >> stop it. [laughter] >> you are humble. so --
12:00 pm
>> capital of libya -- go. >> it is -- wait, wait -- stop it. >> three, two -- got me. >> time is up neil it's yours. >> stuart thank you very, very much. you might have heard there's some sort of of a big presidential debate coming up in a couple of days. you might have also heard that donald trump is surging in the latest polls what you haven't heard are some of the things that are going underneath polls leak donald trump's neglection. so-called unelectibility aspect of donald trump. well that seals to be going away fast. in the latest poll we added negatives have dropped about 26 percentage points in other words he now has fewer negatives than lindsey graham. chris christie, george pataki, all of a sudden not only is he surging in the positive to the polls, he is dropping down in the negatives. lookingal


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