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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 5, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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house tomorrow and joining us gallows roads stars, 6 a.m. here on the fox business network. and have a fantastic day, everybody. i'll see you then. stuart, have a good show. stuart: we will trump, disney they're big names and guess which one is looking good? only one of them. it's not hillary, she's tied. any reason to believe this she is tied with bernie sanders in new hampshire. worse the fbi confirms they are investigating the e-mail scandal. it's donald trump who is looking good. he takes center stage literally in tomorrow's 9 p.m. debate and sit in the middle of the republican bench. he will have an audience of millions. apple, not looking good. the iphone's market share in china is falling and the stock is way down apple's shine not so glossy these days. and disney suffering, profits
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move are good? espn, a look at that and that's a big negative. all right, now look at this. look at this that's a hover board. you want to see more of this the full story and you will see more of it. you'll see all of it. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> this is "varney & company" right from the get go we're covering the money that's in your pockets. the price of oil still cheap, 46.22 this morning, but here is the real money story. ♪♪ look at that sound effects. and gas is down a penny, we're down a penny a day consistently. national average, 2.63. the price is down and that's
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what we like to see. south carolina the cheapest gasoline states 2.25 is the average 2.25 in average in some states for regular. despite disney's drop despite apple's drag the futures, that's an indicator of how the dow is going to open looking pretty good. up 88 points at 17,500 despite the drag from apple and from disney. now, we had a fed governor say they are on track for rate increase next month. then we got a negative read on private sector jobs this morning. think of the rally we'd have if it wasn't for disney which is shaving itself about 70 points off the dow. check the share price of apple, the stock has been beaten down negative six days in a row. down 10% from its peak. it's going to open lower today. closed at 113, opens today around 113. so gloomy stories out there on apple and its stock. i'm going to bring in bret
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larson from tech this is a typical thing for me to say. our producer he says apple is becoming boring. >> oh, yeah. it kind of has. another iphone oh, the i-ipad is thinner. the apple leads the way on coolness and it's sexy and the watch isn't selling and everybody i know who has the watch after a week doesn't wear it. it's kind of clunky i need my phone to use it. you've got the screen the size of a posage stamp and only make it so coolment granted the advertising looks great, but they're not selling. consumers aren't buying it the way we thought.
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stuart: you don't comment on stock prices, but at 113, it's way way down in correction territory and i think it's got a lot to do with the boring comment from our producer says a gloomy outlook, but the rose is off the bloom, the shine is off the apple. >> they need that one more thing. they need that steve jobs magic where hey, everybody reach under your chair and check it out it's a new computer. they need that boom of people going wow, that's cool. ashley: is there anything out there you've got whispers of? >> i'm hopeful they'll do something in the tv space. it was killed and there's rumors that it might come back with a streaming service which i think leads into-- >> waiting for apple tv generation there. >> they need to do something with it. it's a product that has a market now and they should jump on it. lead the pack apple. stuart: we should sound the
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trumpets again. any comment on the boring apple. >> i think what you said since steve jobs left everybody to be sure is waiting for the creative spark. we haven't seen it. as you say the apple tv has been in the offing forever. let's have it. stuart: and turning on tim cook fast. look at disney please. it's going to open six, maybe 7% lower this morning, all-time high recently at 121, all the way down to 110, 111 today. it's a huge move for the stock. the problem with disney apparently, is espn. cord cutters exactlying subscriptions. >> and espn 3.2 million subscribers, that's huge. bob iger on the disney earnings call yesterday said we're not going to see any dramatic declines in basic cable subscriptions in the next five
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years. that's wishful thinking because by thousands people are cutting the cord every day. stuart: why doesn't disney leapfrog over cable and say espn. sports is what it's about and why not do that? >> that's what everybody wants. stuart: iger won't do it. >> i don't understand that it's short-sighted of that. streaming content is where people want to go. the irony is the big expense on your cable bill is the money they have to pay to carry espn. with the sling tv service, a big get they got espn and that's a great thing to have. and i think that espn needs to be fronts and center with all of the streaming tv products they should approach netflix. >> they're losing a lot of big time talent trying to cut the service and the quality is hurting, too. stuart: we've discussed the price of gasoline look at the market, opening 80 90 points higher. bashed apple and beaten up espn
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and disney. let's get to politics. [laughter] a new poll from new hampshire, wait for it. it shows 42% of democrats in that space go for hillary clinton. 36% for bernie sanders, that looks like a gap. however when you factor in the margin of error, that puts clinton and sanders in a statistical dead heat. to you remember that bernie sanders is from neighboring new hampshire. come on in liz, let's talk politics. hillary clinton's campaign seems to be in disarray and some wonder whether she'll be the nominee. >> absolutely. we're not just looking at that poll shifted dramatically against her, but national polling, too, is amazing. in one month, june to july. her standing amongst white women independents blacks has completely collapsed. i mean and by collapsed, i mean double digits in some cases declines in one month. really, as this e-mail thing
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became not just the province of pesky republicans in congress, but the fbi, and apparently three other intelligence organizations also looking into it. so, you know i think this has gone from being a distraction and something that the clinton campaign could easily dismiss to now a serious issue in the mind of voters that maybe she's in trouble. ashley: it's a little early, but would you say that she is definitely going to be the nominee? >> i have not said for months. i think she's definitely not the nominee. stuart: not? >> well not definitely not, but i think there's definitely a place. my double negatives, i want a triple negative she's definitely not not not-- that there's a possible end-run. two weeks i wrote about joe biden and now there's a lot of chatter about joe biden because people don't really like hillary. and i think the democrats-- >> bernie sanders is more
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likeable in new hampshire. cuddly bernie sanders. and suppose this is new hampshire ap a statistical dead heat, bernie sappeders and-- sanders and hillary clinton, that's stunning. how far she's fallen. stuart:. i didn't see any polls, but she would have been out there. >> three months ago the margin was significantly more than that and it's been narrowed. in iowa she's up substantially and that's narrowed. people are coming to the idea that maybe we can't win. stuart: i want some leaks from inside the clinton campaign and hear the shouting matches. >> it's got to be tense. i mean i think it's really got to be tense for them. stuart: you love it. >> i would not want to be running her campaign and by the way i think it's poorly run. there are many elements to this decline. stuart: i'm going back to
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individual corporations. we've touched the third rail enough times. ned netflix is a the an all-time high and a lot of people are talking about the company for different reasons. >> netflix says that new moms and dads can take up to a year off and still get paid. and the company says that parents can return part-time, and full-time and leave again as necessary. it may pressure other companies to improve the baby benefits as they compete for talent. we want to know what you think about this. tell us on twitter and facebook what about earthquake you would like your company to have. and-- >> name your favorite perk. >> perk from your boss. stuart: we'll discuss that when you're done with miss piggy.
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>> how often do you say that. >> and unmuppeting it kermit from miss piggy. breaking up after 40 years, kermit is dating another pig and there's no hard feelings. they will be appearing together in the abc series the muppets that's in september. stuart: okay. don't forget to tune in every morning. >> no comment on that. [laughter] >> with lauren sandra and nicole. >> we don't talk about kermit the frog on that show it's a more serious show. stuart: oh really. i've got a miss of perks that are possible here. how about free gym membership. how about a massage in the middle of day. cafeteria free food 24/7 daycare-- >> why not? >> get sued. in britain, it's fine not here. and how about daycare provided
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by your employer. >> that's what people really want. >> facebook and apple provide egg freezing services. >> oh good lord. >> younger female employees, concentrate on the job now, freeze your eggs use them when you need them later. >> what does it say about the career path of these young women and their opportunity to take time off if they need it. the good news is these things are coming out of demand. this is the private sector responding to worker needs, it's great. not mandated from d.c. >> it's the private sector trying to attract-- >> what a concept. >> i don't think it's going to expand much beyond sillicon valley. ashley: they're trying to attract and keep people. stuart: with general motors-- it's a deep bench for the republicans. senators business professionals they've got them all in that debate. we'll go to cleveland
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personally. and also, judge napitano on ceo pay. he's here. may i complete this please? should companies be forced to disclose how much the boss makes? what do you think? >> yes. stuart: the judge will pass judgment in a moment. >> what do you think? ♪
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>> the round of republican debates kicks off tomorrow on fox news. two separate debates, all 17 candidates participating. blake berman getting ready for it all, there in cleveland. give us the lineups, blake. >> hi there, stuart. good morning to you. quicken loans arena behind me normally home to lebron james and the cavaliers. tomorrow the home of donald trump and 16 republicans candidates who are currently staring up at him in the polls.
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you asked for the lineup here it is. at 9:00 trump front and center, this is how the stage will look. he'll be flanked by jeb bush and scott walker, consistently running second and third in the polls and a standing out from there. mike huckabee and ben carson had cruz and marco rubio, rand paul and chris christie and then john kaysich in ohio claiming the 10th spot after announcing a couple of weeks ago. there is an additional debate in that one, rick perry will be front and center and he'll be flanked by rick santorum and bobby jindal and carly fiorina and 17 candidates here stuart inside tomorrow night and you've seen the last few weeks, a lot of attention will be paid to one donald trump.
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stuart: as you said he'll be front and center literally. ashley: literally. stuart: enjoy yourself in cleveland, the rock and roll museum, i should say hall of fame right there. the second debate 8:50 on the fox news channel. sec is expected to finalize a new rule to force publicly traded companies to disclose the pay ratio between the ceo and rank and file workers, look who is here. judge andrew nap and -- napitano arrived. >> and does it include superstar tv anchors? you weren't expecting that one. i think it's just ceo's which-- and their pay is public. >> correct: objective of this nonsense if i may, which would be a sec regulation arguably grounded in dodd-frank which arguably gave
9:19 am
the sec the authority to compel this, potential shareholders to view the gaps between rank and file workers and ceo's. that should be a decision of the shareholders or the board of directors of the corporation and shouldn't be mandated by the government. what conceivable governmental purpose is served by showing this gap. >> none none. it's there for political purposes. so that the left can grind an ax. how little the average employee makes how much the-- >> unfortunately, that ax is being ground in dodd frank and in the various regulations that the sec and the consumer folks headed by the commissioner will be promulgating for the reminder of the administration. did you look at the sec filing of any publicly traded corporation it's how much the boss makes. the new thing is how much more the boss makes than the rank and file worker. >> it's a ratio. all that does is get one group
9:20 am
of people one class against the other and the left loves. ashley: it back fires because they're raising ceo salaries to avoid them to keep from going to another company. it's back fired. stuart: it's back fired in that. >> even the left can nt defeat the free market. they'll try. stuart: in the shortrun they can. you'll come back and see us later in the show? >> if you like. hillary and the fbi. stuart: you can't wait for that one. >> you've got that right. stuart: and that's the 11:00 hour. problem mowed-- >> and a little bit of cia sprinkled in. stuart: i know you're going to unleash. how is this for a perk. netflix offering employees unlimited unlimited maternity leave. sandra smith, mother of two, up next. what would be her favorite perk?
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>> netflix will start offering all employees, men and women, one full year of paid parental leave. sandra smith is here. now look at the stock, like 125. >> what would be your perk if you had your druthers what
9:25 am
would you have? >> vacation days you'll use those every year vacation days and sick days. >> what's it? >> come on not everybody is having a baby and retirement savings that's a good one. >> how about child care? >> this might be best perk offered to somebody a lot of people are picky about child care. stuart: how about emergency child care. sandra: you like this. stuart: i do. it would be terrific pour many many people. sandra: it's a problem and why a lot of workers have to call in because their nanny or they can't get their kid to child care, their kid is sick. ashley: shot down by cocktail bar i'll go with laundry service i don't have kids to worry about. stuart: how about a massage, free massages for everybody, like that. >> what? >> how about a gym membership. sandra: that's nice, actually a lot of people enjoy it. stuart: cafeteria 24/7 free
9:26 am
food. sandra: improves productivity. yes. stuart: don't have to go out of the building. thank you, everyone apple shares, they will open lower again today. are we going to ask the same question again, is this stock cheap? we'll deal with that in a moment and disney it's a dow component it's going down and take 70 points off the dow. needless to say, the dow will still open in a couple of minutes with a gain of 80 or 90 points. back in a moment.
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joy and down the street as the radio 90 points despite a big drop from disney which is a dow stock which will take 50 or 60 points of of the dow jones industrial average. trading has begun, we are losing 50 points in the early going, dow round 17500. show me disney, that is the stock to watch today is that dow stock with problems with espn and court cutters. espn is a big earnings of sorts within the company they have problems there. a won't stream espn disney is down 10% you don't see that
9:31 am
very often. joining us, and ashley webster rehear. disney. >> training at support levels the breakdown here, pretty bad shape. it been size of an economy and i would like to buy lower but i am a little scared. any stock missing hearings getting laughed and this is typical of what is happening as the market tires. neil: there are a lot of stocks that have a rough run up all of us sudden. do you think this is the most part of a nasty sell-off in beanstalks which is grown up nicely the >> considering how many stocks about hit by bad earnings is possible the market has tired. we could see the long awaited correction. >> he sounded very pessimistic about the long-term views for disney and all the analysts piled on downgrading their price targets, downgrading their performance ratings on the
9:32 am
company, they all turned negative on disney after is this. neil: i wonder about lawsuit. it is america. speaking of big name stocks that have run up are pulling back, look at apple. where did that open this morning? around 1 -- around $112 a share on apple this morning. a data negative six day performance, down 10% from the high. shah gilani. >> love. love the company, stock is framing each year. is down 105 below that. i don't understand why it has fallen as quickly as it has. it is continuing to grow and has problems in china with competition. can it continue to grow? hard to say. stuart: sitting on $103 billion worth of cash do something with it. >> another announcement of a big
9:33 am
buyback. 412 did that. stuart: to come up with new products which i want to bring in other commodity guy named tom horowitz who is used to buying something one second and selling it the next. this guy trade. pass judgment on apple will you? this has a terrific run-up like none other and a very nasty fall back today. how would you trade apple? >> the long term game is 30 seconds. i think apple has a lot more room on the downside. we are going to work lower and better cover up shah gilani. you will see probably 105 to 100 before we see the stock go up again. great company with issues with the watch and the company ran up tremendously and really traded the base of 900 and change based on their 700 high. the company going little lower, that will be a seller still.
9:34 am
stuart: everyone has turned sour on for old apple all of a sudden. tell me about the watch. >> they were secret about the watch numbers. everyone has an iphone here talking about competition for smart phones in china heating up and that is bad for apple. the iphone market is saturated in the united states. they come out with the i watch their most innovative new product, no one has one on the table they won't release specific numbers and the secrecy is scaring everyone. stuart: let's go to netflix, their stock price just hit a new all-time high around 128. that is the new high up another 6%. there is the stock going the opposite way and if this is going up all the other big names are going down. shah gilani. >> it will continue that way. and analysts projected 160 price target on that. is entirely possible. i was here when stock split and
9:35 am
the only one thing by at that point because it is a momentum stock. is overpriced and you have to buy momentum in the market. stuart: when you got to come back in again. you are not a commodity guy but i want to know how when you trade this stock which is going rapidly higher and other big names go rapidly lower how would you trade netflix? >> last time i was out with you i thought netflix was the next phase of the market going lower. i still think it is going lower but upgraded myself to blockbuster. i think it is out of touch and going tremendously lower eventually but the momentum is flying here. i am personally going to continue to sell into it because eventually will be a $30 or $40 stock. >> that happens when a commodity guy tries to do that. stuart: we got him on the show. let's go to at sea a website
9:36 am
where people sell knickknacks. they didn't make much money or as much as they were expecting down 20%. what do you say about that? sandra: turning back to its ipo price, stock is down 46% since the close of the first day of trading. with they have more customers, more people using and buying and selling on their sides of their doing good on that front but that is not translating to better results. they have to better monetize users. that is a big hit. stuart: doing good doing well on that. >> i did not say that. i did not. stuart: good on that front. stuart: moving swiftly along pmi being unfair? >> handmade vintage is what it is. used said knickknacks. that is more of that.
9:37 am
but you are right. they are going to go and manufacture market quantities. handmade advantage they have the handmade stuff is going to get lost. stuart: going to their supplies. >> going more mainstream. >> sales were up 44% year over year. stuart: operating down 20%. >> operating expenses were up 49%. stuart: that tells the story. more big-name stock we follow on regular basis. twitter this morning is supple little but still $29 a share. that chatter about takeovers not going away. what the price line. is above $1,300 per share. new all-time high for price line, stellar earnings. $13.56, up $72. we would like to follow tesla. they report after thbl
9:38 am
elonnys sold stock is down $3 at the moment. check the share price of jacobi new highs that stock as well. new highs big names. any comment on joy police? >> i have to read knit i was wrong, it bounced back and has gone higher. got to go with it. too expensive with me. to ride that rain. stuart: another big name in the news frequently. number liquidators not selling as much flooring as that analysts expected. investors worried about formaldehyde and
9:39 am
laminate flooring from china. president and to present no pre-market the weather a 11%. sources second quarter loss. i don't know why everyone said when you go back to march the 60 minute speech talking about lumber liquidators possibly having it formaldehyde and that cancer causing agents in many cases so they're reporting sales of $247 million vs expectation of them to $58.6 million and was given estimates for the full year forecast. that is the story this morning. stuart: thank you very much at the stock exchange, good to see you again. check the share price of hearst solar. it made a ton of money good time to be in the clean energy business. what do you make of first solar's stock? >> this -- is a reaction to the words of our great president the other day about energy pricing giving it a little pop there. i think we are never going to get to that solar spot. we continue to rely on oil and
9:40 am
until we get markets moving and investigate this solar is 4% of law entire energy throughout the world. we need to see something. it would be nice to see it go that way but this is a temporary blip and first solar from $19 $300 it will be somewhere between when a figure out. stuart: first solar is an obama rally? ashley: i think it is. they did a big partnership with apple close to $1 billion to build solar farms i don't understand the entire state of arizona and others are not only run on solar power by now. let's be honest. stuart: the sun does shine a lot. ashley: 350 days a year. stuart: we have been down $42 a barrel in the last ten days, now we are up 46 we are $0.62 the real story when it comes to crude oil is the price of gasoline. gas is down another penny over
9:41 am
night, 21 straight days coming down. national average down 263. todd why don't you join the ranks of people on "varney and company" who have predicted a gasoline price decline? you want to join the crowd? >> i want to joel in in we talked about it, between 42 and 45 but i don't see it spiking backfire and gas is free to come lower as we get past the rest of the summer. i am looking for it, under $2 sulphide can be on with you. stuart: there are a couple stations in america at $1.96 $1.96. >> stuart will find those actors the show. >> west virginia and georgia. stuart: under $2 a gallon
9:42 am
gasoline, we are seeing it now. >> most forecasts, multiple states as a state average. stuart: $2.25 in alabama and south carolina. it is absolutely fantastic. stuart: we will take some when we get them. coming up the fbi investigating hillary clinton's e-mail use. we are talking about that throughout the program. in the 11:00 hour he might jump out of his chair on this one. got to keep going. 50 points higher, president obama's clean energy plan, is it achievable former energy ceo support clean energy next.
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can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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stuart: modest gain for the dow 17-6. apple in the red again. disney is down big because court cutters are hurting the espn's business. kate spade luxury, handbags clothes, same-store sales up 12%. the market loves it 6% higher for the stock. ralph lauren pushing to revamp the business reduce expenses. it is working and stock is up 2%. president obama making his big push for clean energy, looking for nearly 1-third of our electricity supply to be coming from renewables by 2013. almost a third of our juice from renewables by 2013. jim rogers former ceo of duke energy a company which u-turn toward renewables as much as you
9:47 am
could. i ever ask you this? that is the very ambitious goal of the president. one third of our juice to come from renewables by twenty-third? doesn't sound like that will be achievable. you think is? >> i do think it is achievable. it has the capability to make this happen but the unfortunate reality all the people who live in 25 states, 50% of electricity from coal will see a significant increase in their electric bill. stuart: the renewable aspect really intrigues me. as i understand it at this moment in 2015, less than 4% of our electricity comes from solar and wind. that is an imprint size number but i am roughly accurate on that. the president wants to make it 28% in 15 years. where is the technology to come
9:48 am
from that can achieve that? >> several things. one is solar whose prices have been declining. as well as wind, you see that storage technology to make those intermittent sources more viable in the grid but -- stuart: the storage is not there yet. we don't have the technology to store the electricity made from wind power so we can use it when the wind isn't blowing. we don't have that yet, do we? >> we do not have it but we are on the edge and there are a lot of the new technologies being tested. at the end of the day they will be deployed in the grid not necessarily directly related to either solar or wind. stuart: let me go back to the 25 states i think you said where more than half the juice comes from coal. they will have an enormous increase in electricity prices
9:49 am
which will be politically and palatable to say the least. >> it will have a great consequence. as you may remember five years ago the senate failed to pass legislation even though it had passed the house primarily because there were 17 senators democrats from the midwest who work huge consumers of coal or producers of coal and that became a sticking point and that is why it failed in congress. now the president has tried to do it through emt and at that time they thought but epa did and have the authority which is what congress was acting so now this same thing is trying to be done now but the bottom line is yes, we can build more solar we can build more wind but it is simply going to translate into higher prices. stuart: and you will not translate into lower temperatures for the planet,
9:50 am
will it? >> all the analysis i have seen to date basically say it will have a diminished impact on the planet. stuart: looking at where you are coming from. are you in favor of the president's flat or opposed to it? i can't work out your position? >> my position is i believe there ought to be a cap on emissions, there should be a price on carbon. i believe the current plan may well be flawed. has a bias against nuclear which is the only technology we use today to provide electricity 24/7 with zero emissions of carbon. actually the way it is structured, is ultimately going to put a cap on natural gas. natural gas is what actually killed coal in this country. it has been plentiful, cheat and this bill puts the final nail in
9:51 am
the coffin for coal. stuart: i will put you in the anti column. you have some significant problems with the president's plan. i think that is where you are coming from even though you really want to be real green i think you have a few problems and we are out of time. we should debate this at link and we will another time i promise you. thanks very much. >> thank you. stuart: up next, nasa's plan for 3d printed robots and sending them to mars. that is the plan and we will tell you about it. and 92-year-old woman finally registereds to vote because she wants to vote for donald trump. those stories in a moment.
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: stocks to watch all day long, stock of the day, disney has problems with its espn elsewhere. at apple, a iphone sales in china slipping the law talk on this show the company is becoming boring. nothing new and exciting coming from them. we got some good news for you if you own netflix chipotle, under armor. they all have brand new highs. let's get to some gee whiz tech
9:56 am
for you. nasa now using 3d printers to make robots they hope will one day go to mars. they look alike the drones you concede hear the fire around designed with a special gas jet engine to help from flying in low air environments. no word when nasa will launch these things to mars that they are going to apparently. ashley: they can go to these planets, test the soil all by themselves, see if there's evidence of water. first step to putting humans on mars. stuart: they should be regulated. then we have evita quorum never registered to vote until now. jesus she wants to cast a ballot for donald trump. what do you have to lead to nothing? ashley: we have a good country but it is going downhill fast and we need somebody who can straighten it out. donald trump is that man. stuart: she has never register before. ashley: never felt passion about anyone in politics until now.
9:57 am
better late than never. stuart: absolutely. later this afternoon on this network, the fox business network and 92-year-old will appear on "the intelligence report" with trish regan at 2:00 this afternoon. i would like to have that. that is -- 92 years old and never voted before. hillary clinton vs bernie sanders virtually tied in a new hampshire poll. i save her campaign is faltering and she is losing support from white women. second hour of "varney and company" is two minutes away.
9:58 am
[announcer:] what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain
9:59 am
difficulty breathing and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 ® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 ® if you've had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. limited arm movement, fatigue, head ache muscle or joint pain less appetite, chills, or rash. even if you've already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. get this one done. ask your healthcare professional about prevnar 13® today. >> all right. everyone, here are top stories out this hour. the clinton campaign waking up to a fbi investigation. and a virtual tie with bernie sanders in new hampshire. the democrats have to be worried. president obama on a mission to sell his iran nuke deal again.
10:00 am
israel says we are dealing with the enemy and it could lead to war. the food police now targeting candy at the checkout aisle. they want all junk food removed from the checkout aisle. tell us what you think about that? and look at this a drone dropping off drugs at a prison in ohio. a fight breaks out among the inmates. we cover it all. [laughter] and the second hour of "varney & company" starts now. ♪ >> all right. look at the dow, it's up more than 60 points as of now, after surging about 100 points earlier. there are two stocks which are dragging the dow down. that would be disney and pfizer. pfizer, actually is now up a little bit so there's no drag there. disney that's the drag on the dow. it's down $10.
10:01 am
big deal. netflix under amour, chipotle we cover them all every single day, new highs for all of them as of right now. check the price of gasoline we move this. sound the trumpets please. ♪ the gas down a penny a day, 2.63. we've gone down 21 straight days and look at this. the cheapest gas in america is in the states of alabama, 2.25. and south carolina averaging 2.25. road trip road trip got it. we keep an eye on oil. that's the baseline for gasoline prices pretty much. holding in the mid $40 per barrel range. to the election the first republican debate for fox news. here is the lineup. trump in the middle, flanked by
10:02 am
jeb bush and scott walker. and total of ten candidates in the 9 p.m. slot. and rick perry, right front and center. and rick santorum and carly fiorina will debate. you can watch it here on fox news channel. now this hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a statistical dead heat. it's a new granite state poll. that's new hampshire. shows 42% of democrats support hillary, 36% for bernie sanders. now, statistically they're dead even. you've got to remember bernie sanders comes from vermont, the neighboring state of new hampshire. meanwhile, hillary losing support among white women, dropping 10 percentage points within that group between june and july. joining us now, democratic strategist basil-- >> you can say basil. stuart: and that's in england,
10:03 am
too. >> my family is jamaican and basil. stuart: you know the democrats are in trouble. you're a democrat and you know that hillary is in serious trouble. >> i don't know that i wouldn't accept that as a premise. stuart: have you seen these polls? >> the polls, we're still five six months outside of iowa. stuart: you've heard the talk about vice-president biden because of the polls? >> listen you know what? i think that biden is actually going to be a good candidate if he gets into the race. i'm not sure he is. the story is hillary clinton, he wouldn't be thinking of running if she wasn't in trouble. >> i don't think she's in trouble. i think this is joe biden saying i'm vice-president, this is the closest i'm going to get to being to the presidency unless i actually run he ran two terms before. stuart: you're taking a totally pure position. basil me worried? down in the polls? >> i'm not worried about democrats the an all in in cycle. in terms of what you're talking about in white women, i think
10:04 am
the fact that republicans in terms of talking defunding planned parenthood their inability to talk well about social issues. stuart: you can't turn to women basil. >> women have supported democrats since 2000le. i don't see a reason for that trend to end. stuart: 34% the white women support hillary clinton. is that not her key constituency? isn't she down ten points. your candidate has an extraordinary problem with a key constituency and you know it. >> it's going to get better. stuart: why would it get better? >> i will answer that question after tonight, tomorrow night because i will tell you the more that republicans talk about social issues the more i think women will come over to the democratic party. i will say this i will admit though, i think that the
10:05 am
democrat-- i will say this i think when the democrats have problems with white males, and that's been true since 2014 with the mid terms where we saw that but i think in terms of women, particularly white women, i think that by 2016 they will support the democrats and the other story is that it's black women that are really bolstering the democratic party right now and that's important. stuart: how many black women vote in the overall election. >> it's not that they vote, but influence the men. stuart: how many black women are there in society capable of shifting this election? >> significant numbers, that's why she was at the naacp and folks are going to urban league or florida. stuart: at the end of the day, baz baz sill you insist that hillary is the candidate? >> i believe that any democrat is going to come out of this race and-- i can't take a side with one democrat over another, but i
10:06 am
will say that i think the democrats are in a great position to win the white house. ashley: bassil which saw she is running a slick campaign? >> she's running at her own pace. in 2008 she seemed to be behind obama. stuart: and she lost. >> the narrative was she was capping catching him. >> when it came to hillary and barack obama, women went towards him at the time within the democratic party that's one of the reasons he won the nomination then and she did not. >> no i think by the time we saw a significant movement in the primary season you started to get women going toward barack in many ways because of michelle obama. stuart: to sum it up, bassil you're entirely comfortable with your candidate losing in the polls and now faces a fbi
10:07 am
investigation into the private e-mails. >> she's not implicated in the fbi investigation. let's be clear about that. [laughter] >> the server that's all. but she is not and i am confident, absolutely. stuart: you are the executive director of the-- >> united states democratic party and i can't take one democrat over another. stuart: we hear you, basil, that's a name. >> i like it. stuart: come back. >> good to see you. i we'll head to cleveland where the first republican debate will be held tomorrow hosted by fox news. look who is back blake berman. what have you got? >> i went inside the quicken loans arena a few minutes ago, the stage is up big, shiny and looks great.
10:08 am
17 candidates will be here tonight a few different debates and we can show you how this will break down. let's start with the 8:50 debate tomorrow night. donald trump will be front and center. he'll be flanked by jeb bush and scott walker running second and third in the national polls and from there, fans out. mike huckabee ben carson marco rubio, ted cruz rand paul. and 5:00 early evening, candidates 11 through 17 according to the polls, it will be rick perry in the center flanked by rick santorum and bobby jindal carly fiorina, george pataki and jim gilmore, 17 candidates the lowfocus, a lot on the donald. if you would have told me blake, three weeks ago, that donald trump would be sitting in the middle of the debate and
10:09 am
possibly dominating the debate. >> smack dab in the middle. >> you're dead right. everybody sees around donald trump in the middle i would have never believed you. you told me that three weeks ago, you're out of here never would have believed you. >> here in cleveland they formerly watch the king lebron james and now tomorrow it's the donald donald trump. how things change with the debate. stuart: thanks, blake, see you soon. no more junk food items in the checkout aisle. instead replace them with fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks. that's what a politically powerful group is now pushing for. tens of billions of dollars are at stake and elizabeth macdonald she's outside a convenience store in manhattan with the story, go liz. >> yeah that's right, stuart. it's a center for the science in the public interest. it's a really powerful interest group really influential in capitol hill. they're saying remove potato chips cookie candy, gum from the checkout aisles and they're
10:10 am
saying it's adding to a polluted food environment. we're here in front of the cvs. what a remarkable story it is a hit to its sales because it was the first business in the country to remove tobacco related products and cigarettes from its stores. cvs saying the tobacco users went into the stores and bought other products so they are taking a hit to the sales and shares. now, reaction on the street stuart, has been divided and split down the middle whether or not people are for or against removing junk food from the checkout aisles. take a listen to what we got from people on the street. >> i think it's a bad thing, the way it is. i'm not a big junk food proponent, but i don't think that seeing the frouts and vegetables would see them eating it more often. >> in europe they're doing that, removing candy from the checkout aisles and in norway they're replacing junk food with get what dried fish.
10:11 am
stuart: there's a winner. give me some of that dried fish. ashley: scandanavians. stuart: can you believe that? thanks, liz. dried fish i want my dried fish. oh wait a minute i've got a story from the food police. lauren is here. what have you got now? >> dried fish. okay. the actress gweneth paltrow is testifying on capitol hill advocating labeling food as genetically modified. that makes sense, she's with the company goop. she is known to comments like i'd rather die than let my kid eat dried fish-- no capped soup. this volt car will cost $35,000,
10:12 am
half the price of the tesla model s. that gets 200 miles per charge. and gas prices so cheap right now will customers still want green cars. and i know you love this story, stuart, the unmuppeting, the uncoupling. >> oh, no. >> kermit the fog. >> they broke up? >> the iconic couple broke up after 40 years and trendy thing. it doesn't like like they'll get back together. kermit is dating another pig, her name is denise. and there will be an abc tv series "the muppets" this september. was he cheating. >> this is scandalous. you look at it? >> look at stuart's face right now. >> he didn't like it the first and we did it again. stuart: a rolling of the eyes is the most emotive expression
10:13 am
you can put on your face. ashley: won't do it. >> disney abc, a new series. stuart: that's a stretch. trying to make something of nothing. want more of something of nothing nothing. >> oh stuart. stuart: obviously, no rolling my eyes at this one, 5:00 in the morning, just wake up open an eye and get the clicker and turn on fox business and look what you'll see, lauren sandra, nicole 5 a.m. eastern. and thank you very much for that fine report. >> yeah yeah yeah. [laughter] >> i've got something that's truly serious. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu making an appeal to american jews saying that a nuclear deal can only lead to war. plus, lexus investing in a new time of technology luxury hover boards? really? i want the full story on that.
10:14 am
we'll give it to you. hover board?
10:15 am
10:16 am
10:17 am
>> talk about a reversal look what we have for you. apple coming back a little. what the dow industrials are up and the apple is coming back a bit. we're down to 112 earlier and now we're moving higher up nearly a buck at 115. they've got a downgrade from bank of america, disney rebounded a little. netflix, a big winner. 126 twit erving a rough go hit a record low yesterday. and twitter this morning is at $29 a share. etsy, talk about a rough go. that's the nicky knacky news. didn't make the money. down goes the stock some 21%, take it to the wood shed. now this the obama administration may intervene in
10:18 am
a civil lawsuit in which a bombing killed american citizens they went to court and won damage from the palestinians. the white house may intervene on the side of the palestinians. joining us now, the former state department senior advisor. why would the white house be doing this? because it looks like they are going to intervene on the side of the palestinian leaders who controlled this area of the world when this atrocity took place go. >> well stuart, it's the latest ugly manifestation of a 35-year failed policy that basically holds that the united states needs to beat up on israel and balance israel against palestine. so the idea that we can bring these two to the table that we're the neutral arbiter instead of being on the side of the party that's pro western, that's pro american not engaging in terrorist acts we're going to intervene on behalf of the people who are terrorists. and the palestinian authority
10:19 am
is accused of contributing to the deaths of dozens of americans and small consolation as the judgment against them, but the administration appears to be coming in on the side of the palestinians e how are the israelis going to feel about this? the united states is going to intervene into a federal court and say, no you're not going to do that? what's going on here? >> right. of course the palestinian authority, remember is half run by hamas and the gaza strip the west bank you have abbas who himself has become something of a tyrant. and even the veneer. at the end of the day they're islamists and share the same to an extent of is sis and they believe in again a combination of mosque and state. why would we be intervening on behalf of the bad guys it smacks of earlier intervention
10:20 am
on bath of the muslim brotherhood by hillary clinton and barack obama, it's bad policy. stuart: we raised this issue yesterday. i think we're the only ones that raised it. we're not seeing this elsewhere in the media. any idea why an inflammatory issue is not covered more widely. >> the washington foreign policy clersy frowns on the lawsuits and believes that the president has broad power in the realm of foreign affairs, but the fact is that law-fare if you will and role of court is often used against the united states and places like the haig. this is a rare instance it's used on behalf of american citizens and rule of law. it just doesn't factor in the evasion of washingtonians so it's not making big news. stuart: chris, thank you. we enjoy your expertise in the foreign policy state department arena even though they're doing
10:21 am
something extraordinary. thank you very much indeed. see you soon. >> thanks stuart. stuart: coming up hillary clinton less favorable than ever among certain sections of the voting public. people want authenticity they want the real deal. they're seeing that not in hillary, but in donald trump. plus, rap star 50 cent is that correct? 50. >> you got it. stuart: he's bankrupt. he was paying $70,000 a week nor a mansion.
10:22 am
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company to offer. the address is on your screen. and your responses coming up in our next hour. plus this this is what we have for you. wait for it. a drug delivery by drone. what do you think is the destination, a prison yard led to a fight among inmates. there's no surprise there. we have the story. in this election cycle, voters want real they want authenticity. they want candidates to tell it how it is straight at it no hedging with fancy double talk no thank you. let's do a reality check on two leading candidates donald trump and hillary clinton. there's a sharp and real contrast. did you see the printed commercial, the makeup lighting, script all absolutely perfect. on tape under control. but did you see her campaign rope off reporters so they couldn't get close enough to ask questions? her handlers go to great length
10:26 am
to keep her away from unpredictable situations she never gets close to real people. there's donald trump. he's everywhere his hair is a joke, wears hats from 1985 no script. he's larger than life, but he's real. in the polls, trump is rising. hillary is falling, surely this is partly due for voters demand for candidates who appear real. slick politicians look like a throwback. in the reality stakes trump so far is winning hands down.
10:27 am
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do you turn around turnaround. 116 and open lower now a shoebox. that is indeed the turnaround.
10:30 am
activision blizzard, the guys behind the call of duty video games sold double digits in the last quarter in the stock has responded nicely at 11% gain. another penny per gallon drop in the price of gas overnight looking at the national average at 23. cheapest gas in the whole country. 193 at a citgo station in houston, texas. not too far for a drive. we just got the latest number and how much oil is in store. that means the supply available is down. demand stays static the price goes up and we are up 4656 on oil, up 82 cents. putin staking his claim to pass the arctic. he said it belongs to russia. he submitted his claim to the usb at the claim covers half a million square miles.
10:31 am
the area he is claiming is said to hold 25% of the worlds untapped oil and gas supply. the peanut gallery here. donald trump leading all of the polls will be sent to stage in the debates. i said his campaign was finished. i said it would go into decline after he made comments about john mccain. i was obviously totally wrong. charlie is here. he is still convinced that trump is not real. >> is a real person and businessman but i still believe this is a brand building exercise. even though he lost those contracts that's marginal compared to his net worth. he and the lowest estimates. >> is going to get out. that's all it's about. >> you will have to set up the 50 state infrastructure.
10:32 am
he doesn't like to spend money and it's not going to do that. remember when i said last time we were here you were like he's finished it now. he will keep 15 to 18 to 20% of the vote because he found the string and said give me five issues i can head here they came out with immigrants and border in china and niceties been doing. he's maintaining 20%. there was an 20 people in the raise he would be a force but not a major force beard major force. stuart: do you think this is a political stunt publicity stunt. but eventually he will get out. >> donald trump is one of the greatest marketers in the world. he was wiped out come is your net worth and by the lowest estimate is $3 billion. he did that basically by building a brand and i know what
10:33 am
he's thinking right now. presidency as a consolation prize. the brand is enhanced. if he has to run don't you have to set up an infrastructure and spend money? he's not doing that. all he's doing is calling in to fox and friends. by the way, then you get to those. if he ever going to buy in and? stuart: he doesn't set up infrastructure. >> i think you should stick with your original he says. he is a smart guy a brilliant marketer. the presidency is a consolation prize. i know donald is rich in all, that he still has -- if he can find his first nickel of it in his pocket someplace. for him to spend money, has he done enough?
10:34 am
>> he doesn't need to. >> talk to ed rollins. stuart: and 92-year-old woman who'd never registered to vote before his registering now because she wants to vote for donald. >> is that bowa said he won't get the nomination. talked to ed rollins about this or karl rove. at least coral and trump have their issues, but from a technical standpoint, can you maintain a campaign where you call in to thought and friends every day? i don't did so. >> you are not supposed to conclude a segment in journalism. only time will tell. >> i'm right with the numbers. you are like no he's done. he's finished. >> donald trump is finished.
10:35 am
>> i knew you would decipher my english accent. >> i was watching the other day and glorious. the scene with winston churchill and he goes they call them the. i was thinking of you. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. charlie, good stuff. thank you indeed did hillary facing an fbi something in the polls. but this camera holders say about her campaign and her position in the run-up to the election. welcome to the program. >> what am i going to say? she really needs to take a play out of the playbook of ronde row seat because she needs to fight back. it is absolutely shocking to me. >> at the disaster. she looks insecure, insincere. she doesn't look good. she's not a good candidate. we had a democrat on the show a
10:36 am
few minutes ago who refuse to acknowledge it. >> you have me in another democrat on in the same hour? are you feeling okay? >> something is wrong. somebody call the doctor. >> just leave me alone. she has lost 10 percentage points over support in a month. >> another statistic issues down with educated women. 51% to 38% in a month. women who are reading the paper reading the times go in after her and beating up on her and retracts the story arafat in people. she's in trouble and she needs to fight back. you're hearing about her hiring upon this people and at the same time -- stuart: you speak for democrats.
10:37 am
you are a democrat. do you have any knowledge of what's going on inside the campaign? i can only imagine if i were a fly on the wall and the system will drag out my answer real tension in side the highly paid group of people inviting hillary clinton. >> there is one campus is wait it out let it die. let these attacks on her haircut we talk about last week and all those things die out. the other campus and fight back as you can only get punched so many times until you are knocked out and can't get back to. >> if you are hillary and you're out in the media, what would you say? what is the first point you would fight back? stuart: i would go after donald trump. because that is the conversation. everybody wants to talk about donald. it is dangerous, but look now. she is getting beaten up every
10:38 am
single day. stuart: that's what i want the admission of truth. she's getting beaten up and she's on the down slope, not doing well. >> even the hair story. why did her campaign come out and say bergdorf admin shutdown the place. she got a haircut, offered to pay for it. tree into a hundred dollars haircut. >> we don't know that. maybe it was a free haircut. >> she got a free haircut at a place that charges 600 bucks. that is worse. stuart: it was a lot of fun. please go back? now to something completely different. listen to this. a drone dropped a package full of drugs into a prison yard.
10:39 am
there was a fight among the inmates. i want full details. ashley: it contained a package dropped 144 grams of tobacco six grams of marijuana six grams of heroin which worked out to 140 individual doses. 75 inmates knew this was going on. massive fights break out over the contraband. the officers had no idea what was going on. they only figured it out after looking at surveillance video and saw the package dropped. it's a new way. ohio, southwest of cleveland. stuart: that is a delivery service and a half. >> it was an amazon by the way. stuart: time for the sector report. cheryl. >> the big story is disney and what is happening with the comp me. issues whether it's espn or other problems.
10:40 am
overall disney's stock is down more than eight bucks right now. the parent company of fox business network down $1.80. everybody is down except for dish network. >> i'll tell you i'm watching the dow industrial output hundred points. ashley: it is up for a 10 year high. that is why. stuart: i wasn't supposed to answer any questions on this program. smartphone carrying and spreading diseases and hospitals here that is a good story. he is next. cutting the cord on cable. as the stock a buy at the low price of 112? the answer coming up.
10:41 am
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10:43 am
talking a lot about the need is morning. biggest drop for the media company and or years. sentiment today will be influenced by his earnings report of key headliner test. twenty-first century of july with the latest numbers after the close. more "varney & company" after this. to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical
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stuart: disney is the dow's documented drive. they did make a record profit last quarter having some big problems with why people of god as cord cutters. jared levey is with us right now. it's lameness to me. 3 million subscribers and espn but they won't stream it. what is the story? >> you know a couple parts of cable are important. news like ours critical news and sports are the only things going to stick around. disney believes that too. they want that to be their premieres of common cable accounts for 46% of earnings. i'd like disney here. i think it's got a lot of opportunity with "star wars" in december. i think they will struggle with
10:46 am
the viewership issue. if they have to go to streaming they can, but they've got program and espn will not watch a day later. stuart: very true. i want to move to apple. it has been beaten down recently. the mid 130s to 116 now. are you a buyer apple of 116? >> we are buying apple. i sent a note to subscribers early. we had a bit of a drawdown. nothing has changed. not one analyst has downgraded over the past week. they have a target of $149 trading at 12 times the earnings and typically they tend to run into products in september will be the sort of early september issue. china, don't be worried.
10:47 am
71% increase in sales in the first order versus last year. i know they may have fallen as china's number one smartphone, but the growth is very not going away. stuart: we hear you. you'd like apple you liked it at these levels. but some support on the market. thanks so much. you again soon. next case, an accusation that when it docked or takes his or herself on a tablet into a half ago they are carrying a germ laden device with a name that is bad. dr. mani is here to defend the medical profession from the accusation. >> i'm not defending anybody. i think it's the fact. infection control in hospitals is a gigantic goblin. first and foremost doctors to wash their hands. right now we have to put by in floors of hospitals to make sure
10:48 am
doctors wash their hands before they go into a patient's room. a 30% 40% compliance in most hospitals. this is a gigantic issue. now cell phones personal items get brought into areas of sterility. there have been several studies looking out the different bugs you find in these devices. you're on your phone, use them. staff strap things like that. theoretically, all of the devices used to keep in contact. they used to say you have a message. go to the front desk. every takes a personal items. this creates a gigantic problem and it has to change. stuart: if i get an infection in the hospital i got it in the hospital. they've got a problem.
10:49 am
>> the federal guidelines under obamacare if you have high rates of hospital acquired infections you'll get being in your reimbursement by several percentage points. the federal government is taking this seriously. if you go in there for appendicitis and get an infection, good luck. we will not pay you. now there's a gigantic effort. we have to do something about divisive and what happens is people don't pay attention. if you see any operator room a lot of doctors and anesthesiologists are there and they are like texting and looking at google and shopping online. this behavior has to stop. stuart: dr. mani, as always, thank you. back to the future in the present. is new hover board. it's reality. tell you about it in a moment.
10:50 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: you remember michael jay fox in back to the future.
10:54 am
the luxury automaker getting into hoverboards. something out of a sci-fi movie looking at professional skateboarders. by the way is a magnet float above metal services. it just becomes a big heavy board. very curious alabama nearly trampling. trusting around trying to figure out what is that. dairy ago. inquisitive. here comes the trunks. take my word for it. they threw it away. filing for bankruptcy this week now we know where his money went. his lavish connecticut mansion was cutting him a mere 72000. where did the money go? cheryl: he filed bankruptcy court on monday. the skies has 185,000 of monthly
10:55 am
income. he's got a 50 room farmington connecticut mansion. we might have a couple pictures. a nightclub, movie theater. look at this thing. he's also got homes in new jersey and georgia. his marker to 17,400 a month. the utilities on this thing are 14,000 a month. it is ridiculous for the spending. here's the funny thing. the thing is for 8.25 million. he says he's bankrupt. he has $185,000 a month of income. ashley: cheryl, thank you a president obama with iran as the 60 day review period to either approve or reject the proposed agreement. peter barnes joins us with the latest on this tory. >> the president will make a major page or is iran nuclear
10:56 am
deal in a speech in washington. the white house will frame it as the most consequential debate since the decision to go to war in iraq. people argue that should not even be a close call that the deal includes the most comprehensive inspections a transparency regime ever negotiated and cuts off iran's pathways to a bomb. critics who supported war in iraq are not giving diplomacy with iran a chance. critics say it's a bad deal that will leave iran with enough of a nuclear program to allow it to build a bomb eventually in an end to economic sanctions will give billions of oil revenues to support terrorism and increased influence in the middle east threatening u.s. allies. ashley: peter barnes, thank you for that. our three of "varney" just moments away.
10:57 am
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stuart: tomorrow's republican debates will showcase successful governors, senators business people and professionals. bush/perry, they have run big states. graham marco rubio ted cruz prominent senators. donald trump and carly fiorina have won billion dollar businesses and ben carson was a world renowned neurosurgeon. the republicans can run on their record. they have shaped enterprises very important when choosing someone to run the american enterprise. the democrats a different story. hillary clinton he is clearly not running on her record as secretary of state and. she will not mention a failed reset with russia. is highly unlikely to volunteer new information on benghazi. and the opponent at the moment is vermont's senator bernice sanders who has a solid record as a far left socialist. that may not prove very attractive in a center-right country that is apparently fed up with the current leftist in
11:01 am
the white house. let's not forget governor martin o'malley from maryland. he has to live down his record of apology for daring to said a all lives matter. democrats are good at politics. they know how to get elected. this time around politics may not count for much. the public seems to be in an anti politician mood but the republicans can show they are good at running things. their candidates have a track record of executive success. they can literally trump the democrats. you can see it unfold tomorrow night on fox. ♪ stuart: we will surely get to the gop debate in one moment. the nice rally going on wall street, the dow is up 100 points. it would be higher if not for disney. cable cord cutters are hurting
11:02 am
their espn division. left our jarrett levy said he likes disney and at 1 will be definitely does. he thinks it will go up. check the share price of apple we call this a come back. it did open lower. it is of 250, 117 on apple. is at 125 a little higher than that earlier. the price of oil hovering around the mid $40 per did barrel range. the downside move in oil is good for drivers. gas prices keep falling about a penny, a gallon a day 263 is the national average. look at this. the cheapest gas in the ladies in houston, texas below $2 $1.93 in houston texas. to the election, tomorrow the gop debate on fox, david will be there. he joins us from cleveland and. i think you have a problem.
11:03 am
donald trump is literally center stage. he is right in the middle of that whole group of people debating, he is right there in the middle in great position to dominate and i don't think you like that. >> i love having donald trump in this debate. he needs to be out communicating his ideas as voters are looking to make a decision they will evaluate him as they are all the other candidates that are going to be onstage tomorrow and in the forum earlier. we just conducted a survey of women voters in ohio and the message is that donald as are all republican candidates quite frankly talking about a winning agenda for republicans and donald says we in a colorful way when he talks about immigration and his views on defunding sanctuary cities and securing borders but the good news is all the republican candidates shared that view.
11:04 am
stuart: you have done a poll in ohio a poll of women and it comes out 70% of them want a secure border. and an equal number want to get rid of sanctuary cities or defunded them. that is trumpet territory. that is what from is saying, you don't have a problem with trump? i am confused year. mainstream republicans establishment republicans don't care for trump but when they poll mainstream republicans those mainstream republicans agree with some of the things donald trump is saying. kind of a contradiction, isn't it? >> everyone has their reason they are supporting a particular candidate. some want government experience as ones who made government work. others are looking for that outsider. that makes this debate so refreshing. it will be stronger when this is
11:05 am
over. it gets back to republicans are not disagreeing on what the message is and what we would do if we were going to be america. ultimately, voters have to decide who can best deliver on those ideas and who can beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders depending on who the nominee is and we will start that process with the debate. stuart: you just suggested that maybe bernie sanders would be the democrat nominee. i use serious? >> hillary clinton is a terrible candidate. everybody had her chlorinated in 2008 and young upstart u.s. senator barack obama beat her. bernie sanders certainly strikes a chord within the democratic party. in fact i just came from seattle and there were protests in
11:06 am
seattle that barack obama and hillary clinton were not being left enough. that speaks to where the democratic base really is. in the bernie sanders will be the person that our nominee will ddb next fall. stuart: not much time left the republicans generally who would they prefer to face? hillary clinton or joe biden? >> we did cold that in our survey, but i think republicans feel good about running either one of them particularly when you factor in that both of them would in essence be running as a barack obama third term and there's nothing more clear among voters than they don't want a third term. stuart: thank you for joining us. we will see you on the debate tomorrow night. there is a new sec rule propose, looks like it will go through. i think the left will use it to pounce on income inequality. the story of this new rule.
11:07 am
>> the sec is expected to finalize a new rule that would force publicly traded companies to disclose that a ratio between the ceo and their regular employee. one report says the pay gap is more than 300 to one which is making at least $300 for every $1 the average worker makes big u.s. most people on the street they would not say the gap is that why. they would that something less but to give you a perspective it was 20 bucks to $1 50 years ago. it has gotten bigger and is far for the income inequality debate and might embarrass a lot of big companies. stuart: at the moment i can go to the quarterly reports filed by all publicly traded companies said they will tell me how much the boss turns. >> a won't study the median pay for the worker. stuart: that is what these new. will be the median pay of all workers so you can make a comparison between the bosnian have all workers. >> that is a middle-class.
11:08 am
it has not grown. stuart: that was injected by the left in to the dodd-frank legislation which is supposed to be bank report but they stuck it right here. ashley: an attempt to shame and in their ceos. luann encourage rebels about income inequality. >> we need to boost the wages of the median as well. we haven't seen american pay grow at a slower rate in 33 years. stuart: do you want to do that by government fiat? pay them more? or do you want to improve the quality of that labour and improve the market place for it and thereby raise wages? >> i prefer it that way. stuart: if you want more of this, 5:00 eastern every morning weekdays, loren sandra, nicole. the president is pushing his new climate regulations lose some are calling it a war on coal. i think that is accurate. joining us now is climate depot
11:09 am
founder, very big on climate change. i want you to listen. a couple sound bites from the president when he introduces the clean air rules. just want you to react to a couple of them. first rolled this one. >> levels of carbon dioxide which heats up our atmosphere are higher than they have been in 800,000 years. 2014 was the planet's warmest year on record and we have been setting a lot of records in terms of warmest years over the last decade. stuart: this is the highest level of carbon in the atmosphere for 800,000 years. is the president accurate if he is, what is the implication? >> he might be accurate on that all the studies of shuns 10,000 years ago there may have been similar levels but if you go back further in the joy illogic record we have ice ages with carbon dioxide higher, warmer
11:10 am
temperatures with carbon dioxide lower. there's no correlation. there is hundreds of factors so technically that is correct that part but it doesn't mean anything because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas but it is overwhelmed by other factors and you can't distinguish natural variability from carbon dioxide influence whether you are talking temperature sea level, extreme storms there is no climate signal when you look at that and a survey out shows less than half, 97% of climate scientists to endorse obama's view drops under 50% when asked if co2 is the control of the climate. he is wrong in his implication, technically right on his one fact. stuart: another click dealing with another issue. roll that tape. >> one year doesn't make a trend but 14 of the 15 warmest years on record have fallen within the first 15 years of this century. climate change is no longer just
11:11 am
about the future we are predicting for our children or grandchildren, it is about the reality we are living with every day right now. stuart: you heard him, 14 of the last 15 years have been the hottest on record. accurate? >> no. right now the satellite data today which i will be releasing shows the we are at 17 -- 18 years, seven months which the global warming caused has continued. when they claim hottest year they're talking about hundreds of a degree difference between these years. the error margin knees attend the degree there is no way they can make a claim scientifically and they admitted it is nasa said there's a 30% chance the record, the associated press had to retract these claims of the hottest year 2014 being the hottest year. it is statistical nonsense. the temperatures are probably where they were in the 1930s, we warm up to the end the twenty-third century and stopped since the late 90s so many claims about getting hotter or
11:12 am
the hottest year are based on measurements that are in measurable. you can to distinguish between years. stuart: fact checker, thanks for joining us these are important -- make a big splash the president made a big splash 800,000 years, car and at highest level. it sounds dramatic but -- >> here is the biggest, nasa's former lead global scientists said this is practically worthless and says you got to be kidding me. obama's libya etna administrator it would have no impact on global temperatures or global co2 levels. it is pure symbolism. even if you believe al gore and president obama's science of you this plan would have no impact on ceo to emissions significance on any possible global temperature or storminess so they're selling as the butt of goods even if you believe it
11:13 am
this is a nonsensical plan when it comes to climate. a lot of economic pain. >> thank you very much for joining us. president obama didn't sell iran nuclear deal that well. today he is going to try again to garner more support. will be a tad embarrassing if congress votes against it. some amazing perks new perks for employees at netflix, we are comparing some of the best. does your company offers these.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: activevision blizzard make the call of duty video game series and selling a lot of them. because of that stock is up 12%. we have big names in new highs netflix, chipotle, and their armor, all of them, new highs. leader we talk about the $50 billion valuations on
11:17 am
private companies like uber but what if you want to buy into these private companies? you can't. you are locked out. anthony is later here this hour to talk about that, little guys locked out of very promising companies at 11:30 today. this justin. american victims of terror finding in lawsuits, they want to stop the release of iranian bank accounts. ashley, you got this? >> 24 plaintiffs filing in the u.s. district court they want part of the deal with iran to release $100 billion in sanctions relief lease people who have been awarded more than a billion dollars, the victims of terror attacks funding by iran and awarded by a jury filing the suit to that part of the deal with iran from enabling iran to get its hands on $100 billion in frozen assets. stuart: this is another lawsuit in which the white house is interfering on the side not of our own people but the other
11:18 am
guys. president obama will get a speech this hour once again trying to sell his iran nuclear deal. team need support in congress. the presidents of the american islamic forum for democracy why is the president trying to resell it? he had a big selling campaign. >> thanks for having me. it is important to realize the reason to sell it is he hasn't sold it they were narrowly talking about the deal, i americans realize ultimately he continues to say enemies of the deal are those who were pro war when the narrative for those who are against the deal, it would inevitably lead to war because they lost the deterrents. he hasn't explained why releasing ballistic missiles and use for terror to fuel terrorism in iraq to continue to fuel the genocide in syria they used as
11:19 am
chemical weapons against ines the won't create belligerence for a company like saudi arabia and others to balance the imbalance we are creating so he hasn't sold anything. he takes americans for fools and i hope today we get some sense of the bigger picture president obama sees in the region for his vision which right now is so narrow the fixated on the deal. stuart: the key sector the president needs to win over are democrats in the united states senate. more particularly one democrat in particular, charles schumer from new york. i don't know which way senator schumer is going to go. have you any idea how the vote might go in the senate among democrats? >> a few democrats peel away and the house. in the senate we don't know. the main ones we are looking at our senator boxer the senator
11:20 am
from california feinstein, etc.. the issue is what happens at this time when the vote comes. the sad thing is i don't think you will be veto-proof. they will stand behind the president, they are claiming the majority of american jewish community is behind deal which i disagree, that data from j street others are saying as benjamin netanyahu is laying out this is a horrific and will inevitably lead to war because of the belligerents will give iran to greenlight and as you mention in this story even the family the administration told to go to court to protect themselves and get some remuneration for the terrorism funding for islamic jihad through iran now lobbying sold out and given away the billions that should be coming to them. stuart: we each year the iranian community in the united states is split down the middle on this, half going with the deal half opposing the deal. in the muslim community in the united states, what is the feeling? >> the ones that are with the
11:21 am
deal are part of the lobby that are part of the iranian lobby and others that are apologists the reformists the green revolution of iran syria and revolution, isis and a side of vehemently against it. he has a vision of the future and vision of retroactive into the twenty-first century which the apologists and and i'm waiting to see what president obama's vision is. he has a 20th century isn't. >> we will see. he is speaking this hour. thank you for being with us again. we appreciate it. our social media pages lighting up all morning. what perk you would like your company to offer. a year off after having a new baby? we have intriguing responses and we will bring them to you in a moment.
11:22 am
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11:26 am
of parental leave for new moms and dads. coming in tell us what -- >> come in early and get free fancy starbucks but this is what viewers said. and battling life-threatening diseases like cancer. stuart: what does that mean? >> to get year of paid time off. a life-threatening illness, and says how about a year of full be paid just like the maturity with netflix. >> you looking at tony he says you can be gone for a year. you have to remember this is expensive for netflix to do to basically pay workers for a year and replace the man give them
11:27 am
the option, i am a great worker want to be gone for year-end back after four months, but your home means your attending and go back home, this is a nightmare for them. quite honestly this is expensive for netflix and they might not need you in the end as they try to replace you for a year. stuart: i expected to see a lot of viewers saying how about child care, day care at the office, you are a mom to be. is that turkey rather like? >> i would love all of those but i am negotiating two years paid. let me give you a quick view. it is more like two days. you guys really believe me? as far as netflix is concerned they want the best talent, competing with avalanche facebook and google land all those companies have favorable maternity policies so you get unlimited means with netflix for a one year period.
11:28 am
stuart: taking parental leave. >> facebook 16 weekdays , and baby cash. that is not terrible so this is the competition. google 18 weeks paid twitter gives you 20 weeks if you are a mother, paid 10 weeks if you are a father said these embedded and most companies give. i don't think -- stuart: starting to look like sweden. when you get five years off of peter: >> the freeze your eggs and pay for it they have you for life. stuart: extraordinary kirk. technology companies doing this. they are short of hard quality workers went to protract them. entirely understandable and the wonderful thing. uber is worth $51 billion. a ride sharing organization.
11:29 am
you and i can't invest in them. we the little people if you want to call us that are cut out because these are private companies. investor can finney is worth a buck or two. can he invests in companies like uber? think about it. you start a company on the brilliant idea why subject yourself to all that end and government intrusion? stated private, keep the small investor alan. .
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11:33 am
stuart: is dana katie points. we are watching disney all day long it is making money but court cutters are hurting its espn business. that is why disney, an enormous company, is down the present. we always watch apple you have to down at "the opening bell," coming that now 250. check fit bit it went public two months ago. we will hear how much money they're making are not making this afternoon. uber is worth $51 billion. air bnb is a website where you can rent your home, a room or apartment to strangers and they pay you. website worth $25 billion. i am behind this one.
11:34 am
wait a minute. only the insiders can invest in these private companies. un die, we the little people can't. here is anthony. i don't like this one little bit but you are going to tell me if if you have enough money even though you are these little guys, the outsider you can get in. is that true? >> i don't think so. it is tough to get into these deals because of the height around the deals. i will confess to you i had an offering on the uber situation at $800 million valuation and passed on it. i have a daughter and i said my daughter into the car or a stranger off of an apps so i missed the branding cleanliness of the cars. stuart: you could have been the billionaire. >> in broadway as you -- stuart: i don't like those.
11:35 am
uber -- air bnb extraordinary companies. i want my future investments to be in companies like that's all i can grow but i can't. >> what i predict will happen is an intermediary situation that brings up in silicon valley where all like the crowd sharing and they are going to offer this out to the public, people can go in. one of the biggest hurdles. stuart: not like the traditional idea of. >> this will be free ipo, one of the big obstacles to this is the regulatory hurdles out there right now. the increase in regulation has made it nearly impossible for the quote, little person to get in on these deals because these deals have high risk and are super worried about a the little person being burned. those deals are going to make it but you and i both know that there are thousands of companies you could have made that investment at an early stage and lose 100% so in some cases you
11:36 am
would say the little guy stick to the good stuff like high-quality blue chip stocks, things that -- i think this could be better and could be fairer but to stewart's point we want to get that in the $25 billion valuation, not the 125. 9 made the mistake of not doing it but a lot of companies flame out at those prices levels which stuart: somebody my daughters told the to buy apple at $0.50. i did not. before you go got to ask tomorrow, donald trump front and center hogs the center stage of the debate, but you are for scott walker, raise money for scott walker, trump has to have you worried. >> trump has everybody in the republican party worried. you said you weren't worried you would say something falls. opposition, our strategy would be to get governor walker to tell you what he is about and
11:37 am
what his record is and to be about for sudden as opposed to against so i don't see governor walker attacking anybody tomorrow night. having said that i believe we can get -- if trump does fail or step out of the race i think we will be the beneficiary of a lot of his voters. stuart: we shall see you're watching on fox. thank you. the fbi is investigating hillary clinton's private e-mail server the one she used when she was secretary of state. judge andrew napolitano is here. if i was in the clinton camp i would not like the sound of the fbi is investigating. >> i can't imagine they do. she had a lot of trouble she has the intelligence community members of the intelligence community pressuring members of the justice department to go to a federal judge and get a search warrant to read her property in chapa, as they routed the home of general david petraeus and sees the server. because the server if it is
11:38 am
still there and operative probably has on at classified materials. mrs. clinton longer has joy classified security clearance. the state department is now a classified security clearance. the thumb drive version of what is on the server she gave her lawyers in washington d.c. they don't have a classified security clearance of the intelligence community is concerned with what is out there. i have seen the e-mailsade public. i haven't seen the e-mails inspector generals turned over to the fbi. the ones i saw that were made public address the following. mrs. clinton and aide to mrs. clinton where are the french fighter jets today positioned over libya? where is the no-fly zone over libya? are you ready for this? where is ambassador stephen today? there was no way she could argue that that is not classified.
11:39 am
not confidential. >> didn't want that fund drive? judge napolitano: they absolutely do because theoretically according to mrs. clinton's people that is the copy of a 55,000 e-mails he surrendered to the state department she destroyed on her own 33,000 e-mails surrendered 55,000 when the inspectors general went through some just a random sampling comedy of classified material they sent to the fbi. she has a lot of issues none of which are spelled b-i-d-e-n. stuart: all the way through next year. she is fighting a real -- judge napolitano: if she stays in the campaign that long. stuart: that is a defensive reaction to stop the authorities getting at that server or the fund drive. judge napolitano: or stop them going to grand jury and seeking
11:40 am
an indictment. stuart: rating a private house. judge napolitano: as they did to the general. what did they raise his house for? calendar. the calendar when he was head of the cia kept in a desk joy or and failed to lock the door. >> hillary testifies in october. your having a blast. this justin. the head of the republican party says the presidential candidates of tomorrow debate are unlikely to attack each other. we will focus on attacking hillary clinton instead. ashley: not sure whether candidates themselves were told about this. the real issue hillary clinton barack obama and the country is not in a good place right now, we are not going to focus on each other. the head of the republican national party. interesting because we don't think the candidates hold this one off comments the game on.
11:41 am
stuart: game on. 5:00 and 8:50. did meet dragging down the dow but it may have some box office winners on the horizon we are looking at the disney movie pipeline. goes on for years and years. in california the state is broke, public college tuition sky high, what does the university do? pays some university officials, nearly $1 million a year. get this. this is important is at 2:00 p.m. today on this network 92-year-old woman who finally registered to vote so she could cast a ballot for donald trump. she will be on the show. she is in for a surprise. donald trump will call in and saying her on that show. "the intelligence report" with trish regan 2:00 p.m. must see.
11:42 am
11:43 am
lori: i am lori rothman. the stock exchange, a three session losing streak. private sector jobs reports disappointed giving investors cause to question september interest rate live off. we have performers in this session, price line much bigger than expected the rental booking shares up numb 5% consumer names up on the i s m 9
11:44 am
manufacturing report better than expected, and doing well across the board. another performer today's 17% on second quarter earnings beat as well. revenue grew 65% year over year. lumber liquidator in the opposite direction of 20% 22% after a surprise second quarter loss. much more "varney and company" on the fox business network. stay with us. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. when a moment spontaneously turns
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stuart: if you have ever dropped your phone and cracked or broken it listen to this. man in texas was able to find and use his iphone after it fell 9,000 feet from a plane. are fresher problem caused the door to open the phone flu of. ben wilson told a local paper he used the find my iphone apps to located and founded quote, by the side of a rodent threat steeped free. said it was scratched but in one piece and fully functional. maybe that is why -- very -- >> i want to know the case he had on the phone. stuart: could see it in the picture. we followed disney closely, is enjoying its biggest drop in four years not from the perch this is is where talking about.
11:47 am
they have a pipeline of movies they hope will be blockbusters for years to come. what is coming? >> thank you for having me on. december 18th, the force awakens will open up the newest star wars, the seventh episode of the franchise directed by j.j. abrams. will have the highest opening weekend in the history of movies. i say that because it is being released in nynex 3d with the extra surcharge of ticket prices but earlier the record was broken by jurassic world which made $208 million in the first three days. when the first freely was released of this movie it had 88 million views in the first 24
11:48 am
hours. 20 of those were definitely mine because i cried when i saw the trailer. one of the greatest i've ever seen, had nerd teachers. that movie has three generations of people going to be seeing it, an incredible filth and opens december 18th. it will be huge for disney. stuart: is an honor to have nerd tears on the show. about the avengers? >> it made $109 million, and next year captain america civil war. right now disney has tree to major movies opening up the star wars movie as i mentioned but also there will be the second pixar in movie in one year, two original films in the same year, the good dinosaur. earlier this year you had inside
11:49 am
out come out rich made a ton of money, the good dinosaur will be released nov. 25th. november and december is this your out of a lot of studios. star wars will be the biggest opening ever. stuart: i am told disney went to pizar and said as a movie for thanksgiving. is that true? >> i have not heard that story. pixar movies have been done in the past, a november release with families, everyone out for the holiday everyone should go to one. a quality films that are good for adults and children. stuart: what is this mr. varney? >> i have been watching you for years, you are a hero of mine an honor to be on your show talking about movies.
11:50 am
stuart: how many years have you been watching me? >> i would say five or six years. stuart: that is nothing. i thought you were going to save 50 years since you were in black and white. kevin mccarthy pointing out disney has an extraordinary pipeline of movies coming up thank you very much. california, the former legal and state, dead broke and paying some public university employees nearly 7 figure salaries. full story coming up. or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: california has some well-documented financial problems but get this. they are paying university people agreed deal of money talking hundreds of thousands of dollars a year getting close to a million a year. gerri willis digs into these things. she has found it. gerri: here is a good deal, university of california decided to pay their chancellors and they have ten different campuses lots of money 3% raise. the chancellor at san francisco making $772000 at berkeley your favorite place $441000,
11:55 am
ucla $486,000 and a month ago they gave five other chancellor's a 20% raise a 20% raise. they had to bring people in line with competitors they would not be able to hold on to the best talent. stuart: in a state with financial trouble a 20% raise is a significant raise. >> no kidding. they tried to get more money out of the legislature which they have been successful at. they wanted to raise tuition 5% in the next five years. the state said you can't do that but here is more money, aid goes to the bureau. stuart: you told me a moment ago they are looking for a $15 an hour minimum wage throughout the university system. that is what they will pay? >> $9 an hour $15 an hour, at janet napolitano runs the system and says is the only fair thing
11:56 am
to do. stuart: the university system goes to the legislature gives an increase in the budget. $0.05 the year after is that. legislatures says 4% and they spend 4% on 20% wages for chancellors and $15 an hour minimum wage. >> completely correct so the money instead of going to the students which would make sense and they had tuition hikes there instead goes to people not even kids people teaching your kids, not even people teaching kids, goes to the administrators and bureaucrats. stuart: janet napolitano, former head of homeland security says that is the fair thing to do. >> fair thing to do. stuart: makes your blood boil. it is ridiculous. politicization of a university system and its payment system, pure politics, that is all is. >> where have you seen as inflation? the education system all over this country so adding fuel to
11:57 am
the fire year. stuart: i will restrain myself and say thank you very much indeed. i am sure we will see you soon with a smile on your face. more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
. >> she's down with educated women. 51% to 38% within a month. so i think women who are reading the paper, who reading the times, the liberal times going after her and beating up on her and retracts the story or kind of retracts the story are affecting people. stuart: so she's in trouble. >> she needs to fight back. stuart: hillary clinton losing the support of white women voters. you had comments start with diane who says this about trump -- got it. lynn says this about banning junk food at checkout aisles.
12:00 pm
well said! excellent comments today. neil cavuto my time's up it's yours. neil: thank you very much, live to washington, d.c. american university where the president of the united states is harkening back to another era. this president echoing john f. kennedy to rein in nuclear weapons with the soviet union at the time to get the iranians to do the same. many will argue that two very different times two very different events, even though it's at the same university. but he is going to harken back to john kennedy's famous line, you certainly cannot trust who you are dealing with but you have to trust your instincts. let us not be blind to our differences, kennedy said at the time but direct our attention to the common interests. president obama is expected to echo that again and again and again in favor of


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