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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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deidre: the historic congressional cemetery needed some landscapes and goats, there they are, they are help, clearing everything from poison ivy to vines, thank you for joining us, charles payne is here, headach "making money." >> i am tom sullivan in for charles payne, you are watching "making money" we begin with breaking new, hackers attacked the pentagon, who is behind this massive breach? >> also all eyes on cleveland, first of two g.o.p. debates just wrapping up. in three hours donald trump he will take part in his first ever political debate. things look ugly for hillary clinton. her e-mail scandal is now a criminal investigation. but first we have breaking news we learn that there was a massive cyberattack at pentagon late last month, fox news
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correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon, what do we know about the attack on the joint chief staff? >> reporter: right, tom, officially defense department is remaining mum about the attack but a senior u.s. defense official tells fox news they suspect that russia is behind a recent cyberattack on pentagon joint starv e-mail system -- joint staff e-mail system, it bore hallmark of a state actor that leaves either china or russia, the attack occurred july 25, the joint staff e-mail system has been off line ever since. nearly 4,000 dod employees were affect by the attack this is not first time this year, russia has been implicated in a pentagon hack. in april, stanford university, defense secretary ash carter blamed russia for a separate department of defense cyber breach.
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>> let's also, go on to this report have you about a iranian general who broke sanctions traveled to moscow. >> reporter: well, fox news has learned that the shadows iranian force commander, visited moscow to meet with russia defense minister, and president putin, despite a travel ban and u.n. security council resolutions barring him from leaving iran. intelligent courses report friday july 24, 2015, one week before secretary of say the john kerry testified about the iran nuclear deal to the armed service committee general sulemany arrived in moscow for three days of leader, it is not clear what they discussed this is as u.n. and e.u. arms embargo against iran is to be lifted in 5 years as part of this nuclear agreement. >> all right jennifer griffin at pentagon thank you.
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>> and joining us now is judy miller, jessica -- tarlf . and katherine. and judy, we start with you, this business about russia, this is not first time, this -- i mean there is all kinds of you know there are things going on. >> this is not first time, this is not first player, we're uncertain at the moment whether or not this is russia, or whether or not it is russian government, or whether or not is is russian hackers. problem is us. we have known about these vulnerabilities for a long time, we have repeated assaults and repeated pep -- penetrations, opm, millions of file, two attacks that have been publicized now about russia. this is our problem to solve, congress has legislation it will
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not act on and ash carter defense secretary is frustrated because he cannot marshall cooperations from the pr private sector. tom: i would love to pick on government, butonestly it is -- honest 3 it is private corporation as well, does not seem like we're up to defending ourselveses in tech area. >> well, th government's responsibility to figure that out, i hope people hit hillary on this more. she is sending classify e-mail from her personal e-mail that does not help with security. it important think about it these are couple times we found it there have been quite a few. think about all of the times we have not found it. if you find something it probably happened more. tom: jessica we barely have this story, and alreadier with
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relating it to hill re' to -- hs e-mail. >> one of us is. tom: how does she know. >> what hillary clinton did in so far as a private server, everyone here would agree that was a mistake. i want to go back to what judy said, i think about 3on panetta -- i think abou leon panetta, at makes it more difficult to think we're making good diplomatic decisions with russia and china about the iranian deal, which judy has written beautifully about. and that is what is concerning here, these are people that we have to work with to some degree bee know do not have your best interest at heart, and have people within their own nation, that are working against their own government. to get at our information
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private and public, i agree there is a dearth of leadership. but the clinton e-mail this is a wait-and-see situation, now we are a full criminal probe at-this-point, i think that is a good thing, hopefully it comes out she was not dealing in classified information but we just can't say. >> i ask donald rumsfeld, it had to have been over a year ago, i said are we in a cyber war yet, he said we've been in it for some time, at what point do we declare war? >> i think we have. it is just that nobody noticed, congress has not responded, google, apple and other companies are not cooperates, we had edward snowden said this government is violating your privacy by looking at you're e-mails, reading them. first of all government was not. but second of all, unless we have private sector mobilized
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with government on this we're never going to protect ourselves. charles: but -- >> but they are afraid that government will get into information, and privacy issue will get messed up, people are reluctance to share customer data with u.s. government. >> that is a valid concern. >> that is a leadership issue, and confidence in government issue. i don't think that republican are contributing to confidence and government by assailing everything that president tries to do even if this critical area. >> let's get, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, it is taking a new turn, it is now a criminal probe. fbi is investigating to what extent hillary clinton relied on her home server to send and store classified documents, joining me now, heather hanson trial lawyer. first question is. do you know if what she did broke the federal law?
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>> it would seem to, we have seen other people prosecutor investigated for similar things, general petraeus, john deutsch under clintons was pardoned for something similar, putting classified information on his home computer, he was pardoned but lost his national security clearances, and sandy burger who was prosecute for this. and what she has done, is similar to what those people did. now investigation in past has been termed as it was investigating how the e-mails were handled. and not particularly investigating hillary clinton. who handled the e-mails. it was hillary clinton, had investigation is a criminal investigation into whether or not she had the intent to to so. >> fbi asked are you handling a criminal investigation, the spokesman said, we only do criminal. at-this-point, they work for the
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justice department and loretta lynch . >> there have been other cases with attorney general gonzalez where it was not pursued. they are looking into whether there was damage or proven situation where someone got this information and used to gain the united states. >> but back to -- back to general petraeus, he had it at home there was no damage done. and only person he shared it with, was a woman a mistress but she had a security clearance. what is the problem? >> no doubt about it, the causation argument it was no harm no foul is weak. and on behalf of hillary clinton, that she did not do
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anything any different, she had never been told she could not keep things on her personal server, it was not herrin tent. that is a stretch. >> jude i, you are over here shaking your head. >> we know in the case of petraeus, that he knew their the information was classified, it is up to government to prove if they can, that she knew or should have known. >> that thing to we learn well intent. >> i am not a lawyer but i know that from serving my time in court. >> that would be worse if she did not know what was not classified. >> mistake, people moving forward no one will do this. >> it is bad she kept doing
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this, and nobody said anything earlier. >> other bizarre part about it is, she traveled very proudly went to 112 countries, she was working hard, she was always on a plane, always coming and going from some foreign country. so, what difference does it make if server was in her backyard and chappaqua, it could -- it should have been in state department for heaven's sake. >> it should have been, and listen to, that 5 of the 40 e-mail they look at are now determined to have been classified. that is 1/8 of e-mails that are looked at, there are thousands. the idea that she may not have known, it is to me preposterous. >> it seems to me, if you are the secretary of state, and on top of that you have served at first lady, you should have some awareness of the importance, exe
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with problem the cyber security. >> republicans are going to want to go after her on this, and democrats say you are just burning the clinton at the stake again. >> i have not seen that many democrats defending her on this, but for those on staff, this is a mistake, what is disturbing that her lawyer, has a thumbnail drive of these maybe in his office. that is the strangest part to me, i understand home server like she said, she is abroad but you are -- >> now that we know her lawyer. >> can you hold on to my thumb drive that is -- >> a lawyer could run those down to the state department. >> we have to move on. >> donald trump this is about back to clintons again. receiving political advice from bill clinton, they are a couple of new yorkers, former president called trump, weeks before his put his hat into presidential ring, bill clinton, said, go for
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it. encouraged donald trump to play a bigger role in republican party. katherine, clinton aide said that call had nothing to do with 2016 election. >>, of course, it did. right. i mean, you don't have to look hard to find connection with hillary and donald trump. in clintons and donald trump. but the thing is because he is so interesting he is too busy saying these bomb pastic things and crazy things people are focused that, no today is is watchingty of eve o -- watchingo know about his thoughts that is boring. >> i am not one of those who goes to movies or plays, and laughs out loud. but i laughed out loud at producers on broadway, i thought it was so funny about a play
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they tried to make a loss so they did not have to payback investors, it turned out to be a hit. i think about that when i think aboui doknow don, he may be -- e we'll get trump involved, people love him. >> political version of springtime for italy. >> right. for those of us and saw it. if i were hillary clinton's husband, i would certainly encourage donald trump to get into the race too this is only person so far, she is beat in the republican lineup, i would have encouraged that. >> a great story, all right, to something that we all are going to deal with, may be a nice gift for us, come fall, will gas prices hit $2 by september? top analyst said yep, it could that low by labor day.
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tom: great news, gas below $2 a gallon looks more like reality, residents in florida and north carolina may see a drop by september. comes faster i know september seems like a long way, but we're in august, many reason, low crude prices, joining us hillary cramer. and steve cortez. hillary, what do you think we'll see $2. >> i think we will, what happened a dichotomy, price of oil continues to drop because there is so much supply, and
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demand is decreasing but our refiners, they could not handle all refining necessary that would have dropped price. the bottom line now, they can handle it, price of gasoline will drop, and it will be a benefit to the consumer this is what we need, as we look forward to you know seeing tomorrow, are we going to see wage growth. tom: steve, listen, i think about the people in california. because i spent a long time there, they have their own designer gas, it is tougher for them with just a couple refineries, people confuse business of oil price going down why not gas prices? do you think they will hit $2? >> i do, i think that bo that -e way not so much about u.s. but international demand about china, and china slowing down is depressing all commodities, anything that comes out of the ground, is getting cheaper.
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but that is not a good thing, i don't think that this is a benefit, we heard this argument for months and months that lower energy prices will produce a consumer boone, we're seeing the op ship, apple is really rolling over, disney has been a disaster, this week, so, america we have remember we're such an important energy producer now that we're saudi-america we're not a net positive, i think that ewing family they will hold a yard sale at south fork ranch pretty soon. tom: hillary? >> i think this is important benefit. to our economy. that price of gasoline is dropping and price of oil dropping even though it has been a terrible hit for the labor in the oil sector, and patches. you know, but tom, it is really that healthcare prices have continued to rise, that obamacare is a disaster, the consumer has more money in his pocket because of lower gas prices. >> are right.
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>> but we're getting so hit so badly with obamacare, it is getting more and more expensive. >> steve, a great point about fact healthcare prices are going to skyrocket next year. but gas prices come down, to your point, i want to go back to that, in beginning of the year, in a said look at everyone will get a great dividend, gas prices going down, and everyone will shop. and retail numbers have been lousy. >> right, it has not happened this consumer rebound it is not that important. to most consumers, it is important to middle and low income workers. but not high-end they might complaint about fill up range rover. it does not change their spending habits one bit. and also, u.s. is not a smokestack economy, we're a service economy. and we're an energy producer now. so lowe are crude prices and lower gasoline prices, net-net is a problem for u.s. because of
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slow global growth, i don't take away and sol us from this, i think this is a bad thing. tom: steve, hillary, i have to keep moving thank you. i like the idea of $2 sounds nice. i think that you steve is right. people saving or paying bills. >> we have a group of states that bannin ban together asking president obama to temporarily suspend his emission rules for power plants while a challenge their legality in court, we'll tell but it coming up. two streetlights. the only difference: that little blue thingy. you see it? that's a sensor. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed.
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tom: 16 states battling epa, 16 so far, they want a delay in new climate rules for power plants, president pushing a plan that aims to reduce carbon emissions by 20%, judy miller with us.
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and christian whitman is joining me, and christian, first of all, is this a plan that will work? kind of reminds me of stating getting together to sue about obamacare, now they want to sue on stopping they did for immigration too, now about epa rules. will it delay the rules? >> i think there is a solid chance, they will be deeply affect by this rule, obama administration said that is going to cost about $8 billion over 15 years, independent economic research, including group nera said it will cost more like $400 billion. and scott walker called it a buzzsaw to the economy. if you look at that, and damage, and precedent of supreme court, restraining that obama can do to
6:27 pm
climate there is a chance this will work. tom: this is a test to me, between states and federal government, before states said they would fight it in court, governor mike pence in indiana, a month ago, said, if you do this, count me out, we're not going to ebay your federal -- obey your federal rules, are they going to have a sanctuary state for epa. >> they are going to try that, there are some states like west virginia that is 90% dependent on coal plants for energy, this is clear that so far, with some exception the court backs federal government ability and will be noswillingness to make e regulation. this is consistent with what
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obama has done in the past on his issue. this is a legacy issue for him, he is not backing away. tom: he gave a tape floating of him talking withstands chronicle, editorial board, when he was running for president, first time saying, electric cost will skyrocket, and there will be a bun of bankruptcy in coal industry, he is not hiding behind that. he said that is what is going to happen. >> he said republicans call on me to lead, we have a climate summit coming up in december, a international meeting. we have to be able to show some progress ourselves, some willingness to support pain, so it is not only a legacy issue but a leadership issue. tom: he wants to go to meetings in europe in fall with something in his pocket. >> right. tom: christian, what can federal government do if power plants
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and indiana say tough we're not following your rule? >> well i don't think that is really what attorney generals are intending to do, that is hard when it involves private or public -- utilities. but i think there is political fight here, we're about to shoot our economy that barely growing in the foot with the emissions rule for science that is a farce. yes, there is a big summit. he wants to ballyhoo his climate change thing but even the most optimistic regulator think this will change increase in temperature by .02 degree centigrade over 15 years that is crazy policy. tom: this is a set up, right on a silver platter for candidates that will be part of the debate with republican and democrat nominees. >> thank you. tom: first of two republican
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debate in books, we have all of the details, straight from cleveland, we'll look at which candidate is best for business, stick around. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours.
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tom: game on for g.o.p. presidential contendors, first
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of two debates has just wrapped up, blake is in cleveland with latest. >> reporter: hello, tom, good evening to you. that first debate wrapped up this might provide a road map to what we'll see later tonight, there was a headline from first debate it would be something along lines are the republican kanten doors attacking, and attacking hillary clinton. and for most part, steering clear of donald trump. a lot of focus into this debate tonight, at 10:00, is focused on how much of it, might center around trump, and will trump be attacked by those within his own party, here at 5:00 debate, trump was brought up by the candidates when asked about it. for most part they steered clear of donald trump. that was not the case for hillary clinton. some of the adjectives, describes not trustworthy, a
6:35 pm
socialist, a professional politician, and good at e-mail. hillary clinton was brought up in fifth question, clinton and obama in 7 question, and joe biden 59 minutes in that gives you an idea what we might see later tonight. tom: very interesting. they got in e-mail dig. breablake berman. >> that came from rick perry. tom: of course, at quicken loans arena. >> idea to run this country like a business is quite popular among republicans, but here is a debate highlight from carly fiorina moments ago. >> any of you get a phone call from bill clinton, i didn't, maybe because i didn't give money to foundation or donate had to his wife's senate campaign. tom: a pretty good disabout donald trump. but does it make him prepared to be commander in chief.
6:36 pm
joining us again our guests. judy and jessica. what do you think is this -- >> i don't think that anything makes donald trump qualified to be president. a good argument he is a job creator, he has created the jobs, but out of his own pocket, able to run a business and run a country are different, i think people are confused. i think his message is persuasive. he is tapping into the voter anger, but policy or articulate a policy, on the economy, i have not seen any of that from him. i look to governors who have had to create jobs in their state to see what they say, scott walker has a lot to talk about. and his numbers are still think are fuzzy. jeb bush, chris christie they have a record to talk about. tom: this may surprise you, i am older than you guys.
6:37 pm
i remember ronald reagan, that b -actor what does he know he is just a goofy hollywood guy, no one gave him credit, he came to washington, said this is how we too it in hollywood. >> trump is a star no doubt. okay. and that helps, yeah, i think this is great he does not have a record because that is what people want, we're sick of politicians, i am. do i want him to negotiate on behalf of america? no. tom: we have a cut to play, this is governor rick perry on jobs. >> preparation to be the most powerful individual in the world requires an exa ordinary aim of work not just having been the governor of 12th largest economy in the world, which i might as
6:38 pm
we added 1.5 million jobs in that period of time, i think that americans' someone with a track record of showing them how to get this country back on record, stand up, every day, project that best days of america are front of us. tom: judy, usually we talk about how governors usually make good presidents because they ran a government agency, they balance budgeted. now a governor said, i created these jobs, versus, a donald trump, who worked outside of the government system but creates jobs. >> the triumph of celebrity or substance. of frivolousness for real substance. i must say, comparing donald trump with ronald reagan, ronald reagan ran the state of california, he was governor before he was considered running. tom: you remember people gave him no credit because he was an
6:39 pm
actor, they did same thing with schwarzenegger. person people say you are not qualified, but a lot of people say i want someone from our world. >> american people will decide who is and is not qualified to represent them. that is why we live in this great democracy even if it chaotic and quixotic at times, but i just think at-this-point, it is up to donald trump to show that he deserves to be at that stage. given insult he herle hurled ats fellow republicans. tom: yeah. you -- he is shaking things up. >> thank god i'm all about that, he might help the other candidates, we were talking about how rusty jeb was, he seemed scared, he has had time to warm up, marco rubio, maybe
6:40 pm
they needed that few months. >> we'll see in a couple hours how the donald does, you don't want to miss lou dobbs, he is next and live at 11 p.m., lou is working overtime wher where wite cap of fox news g.o.p. debate. >> movie theaters in new york about to get 4 dementional? adding smells and imitation weather to enhance your viewing experience. what will it cost you? we'll have the answer, coming up next.
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tom: would you pay 30 bucks to see a movie? that is the question. we'll debate that coming up right here on fox business,
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don't go away. thought. thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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tom: movie tickets could cost up to dollars 30 in future, and regal chain cinemas are installing 4-d affect like stuff to give that you full experience, katherine, and jeas caare back witjessica are back e prices are going up, my wife and daughter came back the other day said we went to show they are raving about le big leather recs it future. >> i don't like going to movies, i sit at home for free, my cat is there with me, i am aplowed d to talk. if i want to get rained on, i can go outside in the rain that is actually free. so i'll save my money.
6:45 pm
>> i like going to movies, 3-d glasses, i saw jurassic world, i thought it was amazing and not sexist, i get frustrate you have to put the glasses over my own, but not to get too serious, the fact they might go to $30, you think about how wages are stag nating and for a family of 4 to go to movies that is upwards of $150 if you get snacks that is frightening. tom: now we have a shooting at a theater, and one before, lafayette, and in aurora you go down the road. >> you think we should stay home. tom: movie theets ar theater hay we're afraid of people like you who say i'm staying home. >> you have a lot working against you. if is not the time to raise the price, people don't have money, people are -- as soon as i tweeted out, people are like, i
6:46 pm
don't want to go to a theater. people are scared, it is happening of day, it will probably happen again, i don't see this all that successful for a lot of reasons. tom: is this something you will tell your grandchildren about, movie theaters? >> that there might be a gunman? >> yes. >> no, i might say that, you know they try to have rain in theater for a while, that did not pan out. i was only one who paid for that ticket. no the gun issue is serious, i don't think we're having a gun control debate, we need more gun restricts. but, i think you know, it is just, increasing expense of this, it was like a fun, light thing you could do i remember it waitures $12 was a lot then 18. tom: we may see movie theaters only in higher income neighborhood. >> you can bring your own water,
6:47 pm
and dump it on our own head during the raining part for free, a tip for everyone. tom: we'll talk stocks coming up. because tesla stock is tanking, the panel will tell you about it why, that is coming up next.
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tom: tesla warning. stock paying price today, dropping almost 9% on that news. our investment pros hillary cramer, and steve cortez with us. hillary, i got a tesla, i love the car, i do. but are they missing their target?
6:51 pm
>> tesla indicated they would deliver less cars but problem is that capital expenditures needed for tesla to get to where they fit in the high stock price is impossible, numbers don't work. so someone who wants to invest in auto sector, you better off for ford or with maybe a auto part supplier, we see advance auto part rise, tesla is just a great co concept, elan musk is a phenomenal ceo but not where you want to be right now. tom: so the math is off. i like the car but hillary wants me to drive a ford. >> right, just liking the product does not necessarily mean the stock goes up, that is the same way with apple right now. i think that consumer, is in trouble right now whether apple or disney or practice. bellprocter & gamble and tesla,i
6:52 pm
love tesla, i think their engineering is phenomenal, people like you who own the cars love them, and long-term, you don't want to bet against elan musk, this guy is transformational visionary leader, i think he will make tesla work but near-term a lot of pain. tom: thank you note in mail to you both for my $7500 tax credit for you tax payers. >> keurig green mountain hammered today down 30% after cutting wor workforce because of declining sales, here we go again, everywhere i go a keurig machine. >> but it is a saturation, too much, and competition, but keurig had an incredible run, they have been able to survive,
6:53 pm
and expand, but not the time to be in it. tom: steve. pro or concurric. >> i am getting interested in them, i am colombian here, you came to the right guy when it comes to coffee, the problem with keurig, it company-specific, starbucks had a phenomenal run, coffee prices have been in a tailspin for years, good news for sellers, this firm is not executing, i do like the coffee business, but i think focus on starbucks. tom: jobs when we come back, jobs in in, a preview of the jobs report tomorrow we'll talk about it next.
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. tom: time now for my marching ordering. a number of americans filing
6:57 pm
new applications for unemployment benefits went up last week, less than expected i should say. up to 270,000. and last week, the federal reserve upgraded its assessment of the jobs market. they described employment gains as solid despite the fact that job growth has slowed since last year. the labor market is approaching full unemployment. hilary kramer, steve cortes still here. what's the job number tomorrow? >> i think we're going to see 230,000 jobs added. tom: that's a mediocre number. >> that would be right in line, that would mean we have 5.3% unemployment. the problem, tom, it always goes back to wage growth. we're not going to see wage growth. if we see .2% up, that's a lot. that's why we're seeing consumer defense stocks like campbell's soup do well but not apple do well. it's pointing to the problem, people aren't making enough money. tom: steve, what are you
6:58 pm
looking for tomorrow? >> you know, i suspect, trying to get exact number is incredibly difficult. my guess is it's in the 200,000 neighborhood. the good news is, look, the job market is improving. the bad news is it's not improving anywhere near to the clip that we need given where we're coming from. in other words, in a recovery, and this is a recovery off of a debt in 08-09 that we haven't seen since the great depression. we shouldn't be adding 200,000 jobs. remember in the mid 80s, or early 80s, adding high six figures, at times a million plus jobs per month and we were a much smaller country by then, back in the 80s. tom: i got a bone to pick with you. i think you're doing what the fed is doing, looking at the raw numbers. this is as zero hedge says a bartender's recovery, the jobs that are lower paying, service
6:59 pm
sector, not service sector, hospitality sector, the lowest paying. i don't see the quality of the jobs. >> right, no, listen, i don't think there's a bone to be picked here. i concur with you. i'm saying there's not enough jobs period, and the quantity of the jobs shown by the wage data, these aren't good enough jobs. we got a debate tonight they hope is going to be exciting, where we'll talk about an alternative vision of growing this country, not being okay with $200,000 jobs a month -- excuse me, 200,000 jobs a month, and 2% growth. we need better than that, we can do more. >> i am predicting the stock market will bounce back, we have to get the number behind us. tom: break the string of losses. all right, guys you don't want to miss morning's with maria tomorrow on fox business. the reason especially tomorrow, charles will be joining her for a special called jobs in america, tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. right here on fox business. charles payne will be there with maria in the morning.
7:00 pm
great show, guys. join charles every night, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. if you can't set your dvr, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." a guy working double, triple time, lou dobbs is next and going to be on again at 11:00 to talk about the republican debate. stick around on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. we're two hours from the first primetime 2016 republican presidential debate. a debate so highly anticipated, it could set an all-time ratings record, and indisputably a big reason for the extraordinary interest in tonight's debate in cleveland. is the republican front-runner donald trump, who has consistently held a double-digit lead in polls over his closest rival, former governor jeb bush? tonight we'll break down what the candidates need to do to


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