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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 7, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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revolution in our country. >> this country is facing an economy that has been radically transformed. you know the largest retailer in the country and world today, amazon, doesn't own a single store? these changes have been disruptive. they changed people's lives. the jobs that once sustained middle class they don't pay enough or are gone. we need someone that understands that as our nominee. maria: making headlines during the debate, democratic senator chuck schumer he announced his decision to vote begins iran nuclear deal. he believes iran will not change. turning to the markets, we're counting down to the july jobs report out in about 2 1/2 hours. 223,000 jobs are expected to have been added to the economy in the last month. the unemployment rate expected to hold steady at 5.3%. we're all about jobs in america coming up. we have got full coverage and analysis of the numbers with our jobs in america special report coming up at 8:00 a.m. eastern this morning. ahead of that report take a look
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at futures, the markets really flat this morning. we're expecting some weakness at the opening of trading. everything can change once the numbers come out. we're handicapping global markets. check out europe what is happening in terms of equities. european indices mostly lower. fractional moves to the downside. republican hopefuls wint head-to-head in cleveland for very first time. blake burman with the details. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. i don't know about you that was as good as two hours of political television can get. highly anticipated coming in. i think it lived up to everyone's expectations. as you said, donald trump making news right off the bat. he was asked if he would rule out a third parity run and pledge support if he were not eventual gop nominee. trump said he would not. he knew eventual implications that. he was pressed about comments that mexico was sending rapists to the border.
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he said evidence he receive came from border patrol agents. he was pressed about his past donations to democrats and favors he boasted about saying that he received in return. he cited hillary clinton having shown up to his wedding as one of those favors. take a listen here. >> with hillary clinton, i said, be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. you know why? she had no choice. because i gave. i gave to a foundation that frankly, that foundation is supposed to do good. >> clinton's campaign called that ridiculous. she even said last night her feelings were hurt. there were nine other candidates on the stage last night, maria. they got to make names for themselves a few encounters pretty much what you expect over two hour period. the biggest encounter between chris christie and rand paul. at the end a bit of lefty. that came from dr. ben carson saying he is candidate first as well. he was that. >> i'm only one that separated
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siamese twins. the only -- [laughter] [applause] the only one that to operate on babies while still in the mother's womb. the only one to take out half of a brain, you would think if you go to washington that someone had beat me to it. [laughter] >> a lot of laughter there. bottom line i think with all this, first debate still five to six months out before the first votes are cast in iowa, maria. no major flubs that would really eliminate anybody here. this was kind of a starting point and off we go. maria: off we go is right. thank you, blake burman. joining us right now, congressman lee selden from new york. good to have you on the program. thanks very much for joining us. what are your takeaways from the debate last night? >> it was a great two hours. i think there wasn't a singular winner. i think for candidates maybe towards the bottom of the top 10, they had the most to gain out of last night. they all scored their points. they're all getting attention.
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donald trump obviously has been dominating the news, but for two hours you had 10 equals on that stage. maria: you did, you're right. when is your take basically donald trump unwilling to take pledge he would support someone else if in fact he would have independent campaign. that would be, would be harmful to the republicans wouldn't it? >> i really don't think he is growing to do that. he said that last night at the moment at the top. debate. but at the end of the day, you know, he is wherever he ended up falls, in the primary votes we'll see but i don't think he will run a third party. maria: who do you think came out best in terms of economics and in terms of foreign policy? there were a few sort of outsized winners, wouldn't you say? >> on the economics, hearing from some of the governors who had a record, maybe you learn something new about a jeb bush or a scott walker or john kasich that you didn't know beforehand because they're able to talk about their state budgets. same thing with chris christie, there was one question you can
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talking about the state of new jersey's economy today, if you think it is bad you should have saw how bad it was eight years ago when i came into office. the governors had most to gain on economics. foreign policy, the stage is filled up with really strong, not just leadership rhetoric but also a vision and a plan. coming off of what we have right now with president obama, it is a much lower standard for this field of 10 to be able to step right over. maria: yeah, it sure is. in fact you have been outspoken about rejecting the president's iran nuclear deal. we heard during the debate that senator chuck schumer said he will not support the deal. what is your take on this? >> i think he -- good he came out against the deal. there are more congressional democrats need to come out against the deal. one thing to be opposed to it. another to start advocating with colleagues. this is a bad deal for america and we need those leaders to actually speak up, not just say they're coming out against it but spend next month or so talking to colleagues as well.
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maria: do you think with schumer basically pushing back on this there is a chance that congress can overturn this? >> i think worst-case scenario we come really close to being able to override a presidential veto. there is no way to actually override a presidential veto without more congressional democrats coming out against it. it is good news every time you see a house democrat or senate democrat come out in opposition. we're getting closer. worst-case scenario we're getting close. we need more people to do what is best for national security over parity loyalty. maria: jack, jump in here, i thought the iran story an nuclear deal would come up more. i didn't hear a lost substance from a handful of them. what is your take how the candidates addressed the iran deal? >> one thing struck me scott walker tried to equate the iran deal with fighting isis. i don't know what the heck he was trying to say. isis is sunni, iran is shia. there is no real connection there. i agree with you i didn't really hear much there.
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it is very complicated this is introduction to these guys. trying to get overall take. moment struck me the moment, two moments, chris christie twice pointing out something that politicians hate to point out which is that anytime you make a choice there are consequences. he took a tough, he touched third rail, lookings social security is in trouble. i will make painful choices to fix it which was amazing to me that he came out and said that. maria: it was honesty. >> same thing to national security. he said to rand paul, you can't monitor phone calls only of terrorists. that is the problem. now some americans look, i don't want that i do not want government monitoring my phone calls. he laid out a choice clearly where he stood. i think that will help him going forward. maria: thoughts on that? >> it's true. people are thirsty for leadership. they want to be boldly led. they don't want to someone come across cautious and scripted. i think that passion came out all across the stage last night. >> what did you think of governor john kasich?
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he barely made the debate, but a lot of people reacting on facebook and twitter found him to be more reasonable towards the center, whatever that means right now? maria: i agree. >> what did you think of his performance? >> specifically when he was talking about gay rights, it is difficult issue to navigate in the republican primary when someone like him has a position against same-sex marriage yet he gave an answer that came across as very tolerant. and that, even though it was republican primary audience, he got thunderous applause. home field advantage. >> he was running for the national election. a lot of these guys, ted cruz running for nomination. kasich said here is how i stand nationally. i liked that a lot. maria: i liked that too. before you go, real quick on iran deal, now that you know schumer will vote against it, who is the next important vote you look to see whether or not there is an opportunity to
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reverse it or at least challenge it? >> i think the key is finding out whether or not senator schummer is going to start whipping votes amongst colleagues because, i mean the rest of the undecided field right now are pretty much all practically equals available votes to come out against it but they need to be led by someone who is actually rallying the troops. it is not, not just, republicans or people who are not part of the base for these senate democrats but hearing from their own. senator schummer is the heir apparent. so he is the most important voice there. maria: congressman, good to have you on the show. >> good to be one. maria: thank you very much. congressman lee cell din on with us. during the 5:00 p.m. debate, senator lindsey graham says america needs more ground forces in the middle east to combat isis. >> if you're running for president of the united states and you don't understand that we need more american ground forces
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in iraq, and that america has to be part of a regional ground force that will go into syria and destroy isil in syria, then you're not ready to be commander-in-chief. maria: joining us now to talk more about that is retired lieutenant colonel bill cowan. lieutenant good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, maria. maria: do you agree with that? that there are more troops needed in terms of combating isil? >> i think there is other ways to combat isil. i prefer to say isis than just with u.s. combat troops. we're using air power. lindsey graham gets people very nervous talks about the introduction of u.s. ground forces not just advisors or ground forces. every opportunity he had, every question he came back around to isis. senator graham visited iraq. he probably understands isis and dynamics of region more than anybody on the stage during the first or second debate but i'm
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not sure the american public is standing behind the notion we have to put more u.s. forces in. we need to work on the coalition putting that are forces in. maria: of course the will of the american people, no more war, no more ground forces. i get what you're saying. let me switch gears to ask you about the iran deal. last night we heard from senator schummer. he is poised to vote no against iran nuclear deal. what was your observation on that? >> i thought governor huckabee did a great job. went over the iran deal very carefully. i have a lot of experience, a lot of experience in the middle east. i don't trust those guys one inch. i think we're poised for trouble in this deal goes through. you will i'm glad to see everybody on the stage was opposed to it. reality, this president and senator schummer, i'm glad to see also he is taking a stand. this white house will push as hard as they can from every angle to make that deal come through. i think in the long term there
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will be a penalty to play. we have to hope anyone on the stage, fir or second debate gets in the white house, indeed as some indicated first things they do is cancel any deal iran, that is the timeline, new incoming president will have to reverse this you don't think congress will have any leverage or influence in terms of changing this decision? >> i don't think they will have the votes they need to overturn a veto. of the president will get his way pushed through. once again as was just suggested moments ago. unfortunate we have people out there who will vote on the basis of party, not on basis of what is good for the united states of america and the current deal, the current deal with iran is not a good deal. maria: colonel, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. we will see you soon. lieutenant colonel bill cowan joining us live. we'll tyke a short break. we'll come right back. a lot of happening this morning. we'll get a preview of
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6:16 am as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. maria: welcome back. we're counting down to the july jobs report this morning. at 8:30 a.m. eastern economists look for 220,000 new jobs added to the economy in the last month and unemployment rate holding steady at 5.3%. if july's data is encouraging it could be one more sign to encourage the federal reserve to raise interest rates as early as september. do you expect a good report? >> i don't see any reason to deviate from the consensus. ism number was positive but on the other hand adp number was a little weak. i don't have any inside information here but you nailed it, what is the fed going to do? this is the key number. last
6:17 am
couple weeks ago i spoke to a guy that worked for geithner and runs money for asset management. he thinks they will do it in september. largely because they want to do it. bill gross said like the sick patient who wants to get up to see if they can walk around. i think that is the excuse. maria: think dennis locker, jo, said we will raise rates in september -- lockhart. that is really bad news would indicate we wouldn't. >> anything above 200,000 seems like would be number enough to encourage them to actually take that final step to raise rates a little bit. anything past september, it would certainly put markets in this strange holding pattern, right? maybe trading in a range. could probably hurt economy longer term potentially according to some people who are a little bit concerned about too late. maria: what you're both saying that the federal reserve wants to raise rates and do it as soon as september, regardless, but, having said that, you're not seeing an economy that is so
6:18 am
robust it would warrant that of the there is a still a risk if in fact what you're saying materializing there is still a risk higher rates could disrupt an economy gaining traction? >> what is curious, wage growth has been basically stagnant. even if you get wonderful number of 200,000 jobs on higher end, if you don't see wage growth, that is a concern for people who would end up going out and potentially borrowing more money. maybe they don't feel like they're ready for it. maybe rates don't help the economy that much. maria: did issue of wage growth come up last night? i didn't hear any candidate address how wages go up. >> they didn't because it would be so stuff. if you asked me i wouldn't have any idea. this isn't recent problem. go back to the '70s, inflation adjusted you don't see middle class wage growth. it is borderline intractable. i don't think a president has a lot to do with it here. >> exactly. >> they don't want to touch that and i don't blame them.
6:19 am
maria: say something else on jo's comments. >> wage growth is so crucial. nothing drives inflation like wage growth. that 175% of the inflation. that is what the fed wants to get that inflation. so they will really look at number. maria: is there anything else within the report that you will see rowing in on other than -- zeroing in on other than wage growth and participation rate and jobs created? >> that is what i'm looking at participation rate. it moved a little about it last month. nothing significant. we're still at 1970s, early 1980s low that slack allows employers not to pay higher wages. once you start seeing increased participation rate, more competition for the best employees. maria: we'll talk more with jack otter about "barron's" magazine and what is in the mag seen this weekend. full coverage analysis for numbers of jobs, with our jobs in america special report, coming at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll see row in where exactly are the opportunities in terms of employment. stay with us for that.
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coming up hackers gain access to another vehicle. this time an electric car is the target. we have those details coming up. stay with us. 40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit.
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people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back.
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maria: welcome back. the deadly legionnaires' outbreak in new york city claiming more lives. jo ling kent with the story right now. jo? >> that's right, maria. city officials now say 10 people have died and 100 have been diagnosed in legionnaires' outbreak centered in south bronx in new york city. new reports confirmed by fox news, russia is quote strongly suspected being behind a sophisticated cyberattack against the pentagon joint staff email system. according to one defense department official, the bore hallmark after state actor and
6:24 am
only two countries, russia and china are capable of carrying out such an attack. cybersecurity researchers found six significant flaws in tesla's model s cars that could allow hackers to take control of the vehicle at very low speed and cause the drivers to lose control. they release ad software update to come back the specific type of hack. maria. maria: jo, thank you. tesla may have addressed issue but what stops hackers finding holes when you look at tesla and have aniability of the electric industry at all? >> there is no stopping very skilled, especially state-sponsored hackers getting into driverless car technology. it is about the software, right? no matter how amazing the hardware coming out of tesla, software always has a loophole. very difficult to keep up with that even if you're innovative as tesla. we saw a couple weeks ago, testing from "wired" magazine. >> the jeep wagon ear. >> it was an tuv so.
6:25 am
maria: extraordinary to look at some state actors when we're basically saying yes it was either russia or it was china. i mean it's, they don't ever comment once these stories -- >> china denies it every single time. maria: right. >> think would never take ownership even if they did. maria: whatabout russia? >> i don't see putin taking responsibility. >> chinese were caught red-handed. "new york times" showed a building where hackers are working hacking into your government. 10 years, 20 years from now we could look back at this, while i take the isis threat, middle east terrorism threat, very seriously, we look back focused on that missing, what if you could hack into all cars at once? maria: the power grid. >> makes isis look like a bunch of kinder batter owners. maria: we'll take a short break. republicans weighing in on the
6:26 am
economy during last night's presidential debate. we'll talk to rick santorum supporter, foster friess. back in a minute.
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maria: good friday morning. welcome back. fox business network jo ling kent and editor jack otter. 6:30 on the east coast. right now no-space or a contest last night to kick off the debate season in the white house. candidates take on tough issues across the board from immigration to the economy. she wasn't even on the primetime's age in the p.m. today she took jabs at almost everybody from jeb bush to donald trump to hillary clinton. donald trump midway's controversial comments on women and his donations to the clinton foundation. he did not stop in the debate ended. he has been treated throughout the night. also making a squash on twitter,
6:30 am
kim kardashian. i got myself a period of not hearing her speak in her goals for our country. hillary for president from kim kardashian. chuck schumer conveniently using the debate to distract from his announcement on the iran nuclear deal. she will oppose the deal in the nuclear arrangement because he believes iran will not change. turning to the market this morning the july jobs report. the unemployment rate to hold steady at 5.3%. we will have an analysis of their jobs in america special report. stay with us as the zero win on where our jobs are today. we are expecting a mixed market for the broader averages as you can see so far weakness this morning. europe's similar story. we are seen selling of equities. in asia, taiwan racing for land
6:31 am
all of tyson saw the lord. this term is expected to hit the island tomorrow. schools closed, the strongest storm to hit the area in asia in two years. another topic in the gop debate last night was jobs. we expect to get the latest reading. rick santorum echoed what many candidates said about the jobs market last night. >> we have to create better paying jobs and that is the bottom line. that's the reason i said under my presidency will create jobs and make america the number one manufacturing company in the world. maria: joining this legendary investor and rick santorum supporter, foster freeze. thank you for calling in. >> thank you for having me, maria. i remember the old days when we talked about professional stocks in those days. maria: i remember.
6:32 am
you're such an avid investor and smart investor. first, what were your observations of the debate last night? >> the earlier debate was a lot more civil than the first debate and i wish the temperament was the same for the second debate. i thought the outbursts between governor christie ayn rand called with unfortunate. they both came across as less civil and i don't think they did either of themselves while even though they like the bombastic approach. why were people surprised that donald trump was going to pledge not to start a third party. it's really a new realtor ever see. i've been mentioning for a long time republican should be more polite because they don't like what he is saying or doing because he could be a big curate the democratic party. some people suggested democrats but a method that i no wonder the republicans come across as
6:33 am
if people don't like republican senate or party run when the democrats are elected he won a hotel in panama, just give hillary a call and she will fix it for you. best in his best interest to have god chip in his back pocket. maria: you make a lot of good points. that's the reason f1 focus on the fact he donated to the clinton foundation. bill clinton called donald trump before entered the race to encourage them to join the race. if he were to go independent, that could be real trouble. i think carly fiorina was much talked about after the first debate. marco rubio and john kasich has been the winners do you support centurion. >> look at what he says in the passion with which he will fix it. his message of how we take care of the 74% of our fellow
6:34 am
americans. check in our bank, airport or 11:30 at night. the people that make our country work in where we would view without them. the republicans have honed this great message to the job creators which is 5% of the american public and forgotten the job workers. rick's heart is really with the everyday guy in this book blue-collar conservative, i am told donald trump said you should read that. i think he came across extremely well. maria: what are you looking for the next debate? i am here with jack otter from barron's magazine and i wonder if these debates and contents matter to markets. i like your take from an investor standpoint. jack, do you think these matter? >> you can make a prediction based on what you saw last
6:35 am
night. if he knew the policy is to do x or y, it's too early. >> what should we be looking here at the ideas coming out of candidates on policy. >> i don't think they can make any prediction of the stock market was. what i think it's i think is unfortunate as a lot of the important topics don't get the coverage they do because they get so many questions on the social issues. they are important, but my gosh come as donald trump points out we don't have a sense of urgency first of all, a lot of people think they'll never come here. but what happens. one guy with an ak-47 goes into a mall. even if we are cake here, all of our friends have been destroyed. go into a fund raiser in jackson hole that is going to help the
6:36 am
people that were interpreters and drivers. these people are systematically killed off. eventually when the dust settles who were going to be her friend's a retired stick up for us if we want to put up a plan or build business. if you are to race and you want to go over there someplace, do you have to wear a burqa? maria: foster, here is jo ling kent. >> even traveling to the region and you have a serious interest in combating a face. can you give us an update after hearing what the candidates said last night if you think their positions on combating isis will work of one or more president. >> weird devices in terms of the lack of the american people. one day it's isis, then al qaeda appeared we need to connect the dots and realize our enemy is the global jihads movement and includes all of these groups. they might be viable.
6:37 am
the sunni and shiites will be at each other's throats. the fact is both of them want to establish a caliphate in this issue is what drives a lot of the ideology that makes these young people sign up. a lot of people think it's israel. the former jihads never existed. there is a movie, a documentary i think everyone should take a look at. rudy giuliani was in it and it's called the third jihads. as you mentioned, i was at the black tiger compression a few months back talking to base commanders. they come in and throw the booby-traps. the one last night talked about
6:38 am
one of the most important things we can do is to back the kurds and not let it happen because they are fearful of a movement that curtis and become a dependent. i was at a meeting with the destin who has a real hard for kurdistan. he gathered the ambassador with united states to iraq. commonly referred to as kurdistan but not really government. the ambassador to iraq and senator corning and senator mccain said we are so proud we been able to help you by sending 25 cents sides. i was there. maria: you seen it up close.
6:39 am
foster, when you hear the stories in your post and personal come that they are so troubling. we appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> keep up the work. you are a real talent. i love you. maria: you are terrific. foster friess, comebacks in. dr. ben carson: hillary clinton's progressive policies disastrous state running against her would be a dream. who has the best chance of beating her? dennis kucinich will weigh in on that next. we'll be back in a moment. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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you got this. >> she is the epitome of the progressive, the second progressive movement. she counts on the fact that people are uninformed, d. l. linsky model, taking advantage of useful, while i just happen to believe that people are not. maria: dr. ben carson of choice words about presumed democratic candidate hillary clinton. which candidate has the best chance of beating her in the general election. joining her as presidential
6:44 am
candidate dennis kucinich. thank you for joining us. who do you think on that stage has the goods to beat hillary? >> there are a number of really solid candidates that we heard from last night including jeb bush, mark or rubio, said three. you have to look at where the vulnerabilities may be the secretary clinton. certainly on foreign policy and on civil liberties with respect to the patriot act. rand paul as strong on that. jeb bush came up collected on key issues that are part and purity has the ability to rally establish republicans. don't write off donald trump because he's opened up a new space between republicans and is perhaps driving into the parties the more independent-minded people. maria: that's a great point. >> he did very well. he didn't have as much time but he didn't present himself in a
6:45 am
folksy way that had a lot of appeal. the democratic primaries with senator sanders running very strong. secretary clinton and vintage. if she's nominated the party, they will have a strong ticket. at this point a bush kasich ticket could be very powerful. on the other hand, you have a domestic issue of clinton bush and that could spawn an independent bid by someone, whether trump faulted republicans or someone else who would remain to be seen. this is going to be a very exciting election. a lot of possibilities are in play. maria: hrs. just wondering who you think the democrats are most concerned about running against for gaining traction since we have so long until the her. in democratic circles now, what
6:46 am
has been the major stress and concern? which candidate? >> i think it still remains to be seen. it is too early to say who should draw the most concerned. jeb bush gained yesterday because he came across very solid and knowledgeable. i may disagree with them, but he performed ably. when you look at donald trump, trump is a wildcard. that has a real appeal in america and so you have to -- this primary season is going to be very interesting because democrats more than focusing on the other candidates ought to get the to get the red game together on the economy, on jobs, on health care. maria: congressman, you're absolutely right. did you hear enough substance from the likes of donald trump? >> what donald trump has done is
6:47 am
to catch the emotional tenor of the election which is a big deal. [inaudible] >> well, we like to hope so. the reality is that he struck an emotional chord. let's go to substance. i think i'm substance last night you look at the responses of jeb bush, marco rubio, rand paul, various substantive, detailed responses. it is to the democratic rss. in the again he'll have the emotional appeal, intellectual appeal, whether or not the person is considered to have integrity. these are all things that will plan to voters choices. maria: congressman, thanks for weighing in. we appreciate it.
6:48 am
we'll see you soon. all eyes on the jobs report. jo ling kent but the expectations and headlines. >> the labor department is expecting 223,000 jobs in the latest employment report this morning. and the month of july and the unemployment rate of 5.3% will be the lowest since april 2008. a one-year bar code western food products to disturb what it calls contraband bacteria produced using dump trucks, rulers, meat grinders and on the spot incinerators. i am speaking of foreign countries this morning. north korea saying it will establish its own time zone next week by pulling back its current standard time by 30 minutes. according to the country's government the establishment of pyongyang time is spent to supposedly root out the legacy of the japanese colonial period
6:49 am
and that is from the north korean government. for public in 2016 hopefuls are duking it out on stage, heller clinton was hanging out with kim kardashian, former secretary of state and likely nominee posing for a stealthy and her very famous husband, cognac. maria: coming up next, the july jobs report. jon stewart signs off as host of "the daily show" after 16 seasons. >> nothing ends. it is just a continuation. a positive conversation. rather than saying good i work at night, i'm just going to say i'm going to go get a drink and i'm sure i will see you guys before i leave. so that is our show. i thank you so much for the privilege of being able to perform it for you, the privilege of being able to do it and so here it is, my moment has
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
maria: welcome back. i want to share this special section this weekend's barron's magazine. the special section and come hunters that is looking for funds and investment ideas that pay investors income. jack otter, added her what is the story? >> readers are desperate for income. since 1981, it is vignetting straight down more or less. over 30 years. at this point or movie or on the verge of a fed hike. what do you do? bonds are yielding nothing. the partnership is very popular within come hunters. as oil has plummeted, the value has gone down. we got together with guggenheim
6:54 am
and some other big dividend investors, very they are finding income they are being extremely selective. a few niches in the real estate trust area floating-rate funds because if rates go up, and maybe your income will go up with them. unfortunately it's not that exciting but diversify is the key message because some things message because some things will get hit in ways we don't know. there is concern that etf invests in bonds, despite icon larry fink today. of the bond market to stabilize which didn't exist last time we had a bear market in bonds. the key message is diversified but we've got a lot of good ideas for people to get some income in this low interest rate world. maria: that is a special section. the actual cover we will show you but there's a market trend we want to talk about another market trend happening and that
6:55 am
is the media stock. getting handed their. look at the journal headline. $35 billion in market value wiped out this week from seven media companies because of earnings. >> they were just destroyed. i trace it back to the ceo of disney house-senate conference call about espn. espn has been the golden child of broadcast television because you have to watch sports life. you can watch everything else on dvr, a slower day. he predicted lower growth at disney for the broadcast. if the golden child can get hammered him and that scared everybody that the netflix revolution is happening. netflix is selling at 432 times earnings for viacom and old media stock eight times. maria: we will look for the article. great to have you on the show. thank you so much, jack otter.
6:56 am
sometime later in the program. nicole. >> let's look at the emerging market etf. this really has exposure to name such a sam's son, asia, latin america. this has been beaten down to the lowest level in more than two years. down 14% in three about in three about the love of seeing weakness in overseas growth, the strong u.s. dollar by anonymous group. after that tour jobs report, that too could wreak more havoc on the screw. stay tuned right here to "mornings with maria." more the gop debate and of course jobs friday.
6:57 am
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the i ccall angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni... maria: welcome back to his carly
7:00 am
fiorina showing her teeth last night in the debate. wall street gears up. where is the growth in wages. tesla's model s. has been hacked. this is "mornings with maria." ♪ >> from the fox business headquarters in new york city, here is maria bartiromo. maria: good morning. i am maria bartiromo. it is friday august 7th, fox business's dagen mcdowell with me. first your top stories at the first republican debate a fiery one. right off the top, donald trump forced to admit he may than as a third-party candidate. >> is there anyone on stage, can i see hands, who is unwilling to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person.
7:01 am
again, we are looking for you to raise your hand now if he won't make that pledge tonight. mr. trump. fox news brought bear, megan kelley asking questions involving candidates on everything from social issues to immigration. the economy a key element of the debate as well. jeb bush and florida senator marco rubio has to say about that. >> 4% growth strategy means you fix a convoluted tax code. you get in and change every aspect of regulations that are job killers. you get rid of obamacare of her place at the something that doesn't suppress wages. you embrace the energy revolution in our country. >> this country is facing an economy that's radically transformed. the largest retailer today, amazon does not a singles tour and these changes have been disrupt it. they have change people's lives.
7:02 am
the jobs that sustained our middle class don't pay enough and they are gone. when is someone who understands that as our nominee. maria: also making headlines during the debate, chuck schumer in new york announced his decision to vote against the iran nuclear deal. he opposes the agreement because he believes iran will not change. we are counting down the july jobs report. 223,000 jobs expect to have been added to the economy last month at the unemployment rate holding steady at 5.3%. full coverage on analysis of the numbers on the jobs report comes out at 8:00 a.m. eastern with a special report called jobs in america. futures look like this. expecting weakness for the broader averages. similar stories for selling of equities. moving into positive territory and we are seen to make showing broadly speaking. republican presidential hopefuls going head-to-head for the first
7:03 am
time. blake burman is live in cleveland with more. reporter: once again from cleveland, ohio, focus going into this on donald trump and he made news right off the top, not ruling out a potential third party run should not become the republican nominee. he also defended several controversial comments he has made during the cycle in years past, comments about women, comments about mexico. through it all, he said pretty much enough with the political correctness. here is some of that. >> i think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. [cheers and applause] i have been chal-correct. [cheers and applause] i have been challenged by so many people and i don't frankly have time for total political correctness. and to be honest with you, this country doesn't have time either.
7:04 am
>> jeb bush for the most part was able to stay underneath the donald trump frame. nobody made any major floods last night that were totally derailed their campaign. also the 5:00 p.m. today, sentiment coming out of that was that carly fiorina headed out of the ballpark. we will see how her campaign will take off from there. maria: one might make a bet that carly fiorina will be on the bigger stage next time. blake burman. john, dagen. last hour foster friess said the earlier debate was more subtle than the primetime debate. it's trying to blame for that? >> i'm not sure i walked away. i thought it was a great debate. or a soft gray, well motivated, very lively responses. that was a public service. people got a sense of who they were. maria: i like the fact they
7:05 am
started on the questionable you go independent. the show due to donald trump is. democrats might be looking at this insane it's a circular firing squad. weaken each other. another way of looking at this is a lot of intellectual firepower up on the stage. compelling oratory, great speakers, people who are great campaigners. to a certain respect you could argue the republican party came out very strong. maria: i think so, too. tom's comments on women. he does not have time for political correctness. does it get a pass on that? >> with his own constituency, people love that. he knocks it off to political correctness. at a certain point, britishness gets you a certain distance of a certain part of the electorate. sometimes britishness is just britishness.
7:06 am
dagen: he is consistent. the day after he declared his candidacy for president, i said you've got to read his twitter feed and what he said about women and the names he has called one and he doesn't like or doesn't agree with. but a young day. i think our win after megan kelley was a little off. if you look at his twitter feed, i will not read them this morning or the last few hours, but it is scorched earth. in terms of its criticism of the moderator. maria: he went after megan after the debate was over. >> unique women voters to win, hispanic voters to win. he's alienated to large parts. maria: let's bring in another voice. power-play host chris starr walks with us. good to see you. what is your take away this morning? >> winslow, a debate like this is the start of his own process. we are so many months away.
7:07 am
we should always be responsible journalist should disclaim at the beginning and then get to the fun part. the fun part is you get to see for the first time how this is going to be. before this there was all job will. now they've done something. the biggest issue always is for many people this is the first time you see them in a presidential setting. the question arises, can you see this person as president of the united states. dagen: chris, i watched it last night. neither one of us got any sleep. we as journalists watched these debates differently than people at home, particularly gop primary voters. we are looking for the key, the status. people at home watch specifically for issues, what their favorite candidate says about mysia. one standout was john kay said. he had the hometown crowd.
7:08 am
but the way he answered the question on gay marriage was heartfelt and very real. that jumped out to me. >> in the moderate pain of the republican party for those people who are probably either jeb bush voters, maybe looked at marco rubio, the folks that want somebody who is closer to the center, john k. sake did a wonderful argument about why he is the guy. he said i get results. he and jeb bush are in a collision course and we will see that.% he and jeb bush are in a collision course and we will see that. another debate 40 days from now. if i were jeb bush, that is not the draw i would want. >> chris, jeb bush wasn't part of the big sparks that happened last night. he seemed to be hanging in the background a big. on the other hand, he made his point. he got his record in florida,
7:09 am
talked about himself as a conservative. was this a good strategy on his part, not mixing up with the effervescence, hanging back, looking presidential or did it just looked meek? >> well, a couple times he wanted our action, he wanted to get in there. jeb bush having a great answer on iraq. he didn't fumble the ball, but he bobbled it a couple times. remember, you have the money flow in and behind jeb bush wants a front runner that a surefooted cover study and look at there. in your world these folks are running and this is a flight to quality, a flight to safety. every time he looks on study are unsure, that causes concern or pause for those folks. maria: another big political story. your take on democratic senator
7:10 am
chuck schumer announcing his decision to vote against the iran nuclear deal. he opposes the agreement because he believes everyone will not change. this is clearly a blow to the presidency of it doesn't change anything. >> for now i still believe this is phony baloney. this is a washington kabuki theater story. you'll see a certain number of democrats say i oppose. i think of them as life goes. when you have a bill somebody doesn't want, do you have to go down with a shipper can you get a seat on the lifeboat. right now we will see how many get often what makes it interesting and worth watching is that a certain point you get to where these people are allowed to go and it's not a horrible revolt and then it gets closer to the margin you could have the real thing. maria: when you consider the fact congress right now is in recess, they are talking with constituent, getting commentary.
7:11 am
do you think there's any chance they will reverse that? >> no. you want to talk about phony, phony as a congress that gives up authority to ratify treaties and instead the double-blind overbite to vetoes. data is junk. this is a large-scale copout. the president will get what he wants. >> last night there was a single candidate who said they were in favor of the deal. iraq -- lindsey graham is talking about putting troops back it up is a challenge for the republicans and they seem to be momentum in the direction. this is the electorate better start preparing itself for that possibility. maria: that's a pretty good point. the public at no mood to go to war again. lindsey graham last night in the first debate talking about more troops because the world has changed. obviously with aces and the
7:12 am
harebrained deal, what is your take on the first debate? >> lindsey graham was effective in making his argument. the consensus point if you peel it back about what this group of 17 republicans is talking about is lindsey graham is an outlier. do we need troops, bases, all this stuff. the other sentiment was bombed them before the stone age, bomb them back into that massive air power, huge airstrikes. that is something that is not a hard sell a lecture early at all. maria: we believe that they are. good to see you back home. warmer new jersey governor -- but look at her reaction in who she thinks is the best candidate to be in the seat. and of course the big jobs number coming out. we are all about jobs in
7:13 am
america. join us for a special report in a minute. we live in a world of mobile technology,
7:14 am
but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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7:16 am
maria: welcome back. we back. we're an hour away from the july jobs report. jo ling kent with the headlines. >> good morning, rea. economists are expecting 223,000 jobs in the month of july and the unemployment rate to hold unemployment rate to hold steady at 5.3%. his july data is encouraging that could be one more time to raise interest rates potentially in september or december. a new report confirmed by fox news. russia strongly suspected of being behind a sophisticated cyberattack against the pentagon joint staff e-mail system. one official says the incident for the hallmark of the state at her and only two countries according to the official, russia and china are capable of carrying out an attack. amazon founder and ceo making up a making tons of money. he sold a million shares of
7:17 am
amazon this week which amounts to $582 million. this is his most valuable stock sale ever. amazon stock has hit record high since the company posted a surprise quarterly profit of $92 million last quarter. maria: thank you. carly fiorina may be for real. christine todd whitman will join us with your take back so i'll be talking with mike huckabee to get his take on the whole shebang last night. keep it right here on the fox business network on "mornings with maria."
7:18 am
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>> i didn't get a phone call from bill clinton before he jumped in the breeze. did any of you get a phone call?
7:21 am
i didn't. maybe because they hadn't given money to the foundation are donated to his wife's senate campaign. preprinted less about benghazi. she lies about e-mails that she is still defending planned parenthood and is still the front runner. 2016 will be a fight between conservatism and a democratic party that is undermining the carrot of this nation. we need a nominee who is going to throw a fruit punch. and someone who cannot stumble before he even gets into the ring. maria: former hewlett-packard chairman carly fiorina last night. some say it was the highlight of the night. joining me on the telephone is neither governor christine todd whitman. thanks for calling in. what was your take on carly fiorina last night? >> she's the only one that came with any headlines. that would be nice for
7:22 am
republicans. i'm not sure we saw anything that was breakaway or overwhelming for any of the others. maria: what about substance? in terms of the issues whether it be economic issues, wage growth, but kind of substance to juicier from home? >> the best of the later night one i felt was john k. sake did a good job of presenting. when you have 10 or seven candidates on a stage, it is difficult to get anybody that time they need to give you something of real substance. i saw from kasich, jeb bush, chris christie. i don't think donald trump helped himself. maria: donald trump is bubbly
7:23 am
and have a lot of headlines. i agreed there was no blood in the way of the solution. >> is trying to get away with that. i don't believe the american people will accept that any president. they didn't seek candidates. they have the ability. maria: does your hometown guy, chris christie have a shot? >> is so early and i believe he does. i don't think you ever write anybody off. there's a lot of upside downs. you weigh 135 one-day. the polls change from one day to the next. >> the way i could think of what happened.
7:24 am
maria: dagen mcdowell. dagen: governor, in terms of chris christie, what does he need to do to break out beyond last night. clearly he knew somebody was going to bring up that hug if you can call it that with president obama. many view that is hurting that romney's presidential campaign. he seemed ready to fight back. >> he's got this answer round. doesn't seem to matter to people. he was appreciating the money that was going to help his people has been way overblown. you really have to think twice. maria: here is john bassi from "the wall street journal." >> governor, carly fiorina made the headlines at the first
7:25 am
debate. maybe if they have a neutralizer. she had a mixed record as a corporate executive. do you think she's ready to be president of the united states? >> i've had a problem with people who believe they could take the corporate experience and transplanted to the political. when you have to deal with congress who catches fire. you have to do at the supreme court. he's got a constitution that's different than what you have to deal with this corporate ceo. it is different and people will look at the record and wonder about that. she's got questions to answer. no two ways about that. but she is smart and she can learn. it is so early. we will see a lot of changes over the course of the next few months. maria: for the next debate, what should other candidates be working on? >> they should continue to show they are mature people who can handle these issues in a 302nd sound bite, not 10 seconds.
7:26 am
maria: good to have you on the show. thank you so much. governor christine todd whitman joining us. the gop presidential debate last night. a heated exchange between chris christie at and rand paul. what sparked the fire works. that is up next. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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7:29 am
here with me fox business dagen mcdowell "the wall street journal" associate editor, john. >> 57:30 aem on east coast, a couple of feisty comments at the debate we will bring it to you he we will talk about jobs
7:30 am
the jobs' report from line department coming out in about an hour, we are expecting, a northbound of -- headlines coming out of that jobs report, about last night, carly fiorina standout in the first deeb she wasn't even on prime time stage in the 5:00 pm debate took jabs at almost everybody from hillary clinton, to jeb bush, donald trump also made waves with controversial comments on women, and his donations to the clinton foundation, he did not stop when debate ended has been tweeting throughout the night a slash on twitter kim kardashian attended a fund-raiser for hillary clinton in los angeles last night debate going on a selfie with candidate tweeted i got my selfie i love hearing her speak and her goals, for our country. >> big news last night away from deeb senator chuck schumer using the debate the are distract from announcement on iran nuclear deal reporting that he will oppose the nuclear deal because he believes iran, will not change. turning to markets this morning we are counting down to the july jobs' report, the
7:31 am
economy, is expected to have added 223,000 jobs, in the month of july, the unemployment rate excepted to hold steady 5.3% we will have full coverage analysis of the numbers with our jobs in america special report, coming up this morning, in about 30 minutes, ahead of the report, futures look like this we are expecting a mixed market the opening of trading the jobs numbers will very well set the tone, and change things, but right now expecting a lower opening, broader averages, yooun markets similar story there fractional losses at ft in london cac quarante in paris dax in germany in asia taiwan breaking for land formally of typhoon soudelor, the strongest storm to hit the year in two years fireworks between new jersey governor chris christie and rand paul the two engaged in a heated exchange over the nsa listen to this. >> i wanted to collect more
7:32 am
records frtax revenue ritz less from other people how are you supposed to know megyn i tell you? >> get warrant! . >> senator when you are in a skeb blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that, when you are responsible for protecting the lives of the american people, then what you need to do, is to make sure, to make sure that -- >> here is the problem, governor here is the problem, governor. you fundamentally misunderstand bill of rights every time you get a case you got a warrant from a judge i am talking about, searches, without warrants, of all americans records, and that is what i fought to end i don't trust president obama with our records i know gau him a big hug if you would not o give hik a big hug again go right ahead. >> joining us right now new hampshire senator, and former north dakota senator dorgan thanks so much for joining us, who -- side in the scope of about national security for
7:33 am
the united states, kick us off here. >>. >> well that is war that involves asymmetrical enemy the only way you find out what they are doing through intelligence garth the only with an you are going to stop them find out who they are what they are going to do before they do it you have to have a very robust intelligence gathering capability i think chris christie did is absolutely right we have very good protections in place for the way we do, these wiretaps, but if you don't do the -- get this -- collect this electronic intelligence you are never going to find out where folks are not able to get to themb they get to us. >> byron dorgan do you agree with that. >> pretty much obviously a serious threat to our country you have to gather information intelligence, you also it is very important you have to have protections with respect to that, because there are times when governments will do much more than the american people would allow. or would even understand that they are doing. maria: senator, let me get your take i want both of your takes on who came out a winner
7:34 am
last night, and what big takeaways? >> well my view is that there was no clear winner, but if you are going to look at what who accomplished the purpose i thinkinging you've got to go with jeb bush see this is not as spraibt but a marathon wants to establish that he is win substantive and can govern i thought last night moved the ball down the field without being distracted i thought dr. carson made the best statements most eloquent probably scott walker best one-liner they all did a as go job a good for you are a party a substantive field. >> who do you think democrats are most woerd. >> i thought when you have are large debz a cross between a beauty pageant and talent contest i thought last night more interesting than that marco rubio did well john becausic did well, you know the fact is, those who decide to reason i for president, have significant talents, and
7:35 am
most people in this country didn't know much about many of those candidates and all of them i'm sure advanced theirs cause last night especially marco rubio, john kasich maybe chris christie, those throw probably had an edge last night. >> gentlemen i am with dagen mcdowell john from the "the wall street journal" did we learn negate new. >> external not from trump i wanted to address both senators craig and dorgan you didn't bring up donald trump at all were you unimpressed senator? >> well, i think, trump trumped himself being himself a very practical matter i think is excess in the way he responded to a couple questions showed last presidential character, and -- you know,i mean clearly he is touching a -- a nerve in america, which is the people are very frustrated tired of washington tired of the in
7:36 am
competency in washington i don't see he is the one people turn to try to correct that. >> senator, this is a fascinating exchange between christie and rand paul,it dealt with privacy kind of a critical when, the debate today, in washington, and in the public. mike haven former ciapple, director said we quantity do something about cyber security problems around the world until we solve the privacy debate would you agree with michael haden's views the privacy issue is a central one in the public debate in revolved it has been to be revolved before we tackle larger issues of cybersecurity. >> no, i don't i think it is privacy issue is important are obviously critical the first amendment is critical. but the simply fact is that the threat is so severe that we have to have an intelligence gathering capability that is s extraordinarily robust the way
7:37 am
you do that is you have to have good capability, and electronic gathering of intelligence, and so i very much strongly support strong capabilities of the cia the nsa the dia, and i think it has been undermined unfortunately by statements by some members of my own party. >> right, let me ask you both, senators, about the other news last night that was democratic senator chuck schumer announcing his decision to vote arrogance iran nuclear deal a big blow to the obama administration senator dorgan does it change things? >> well, first of all chuck is a friend i am very disappointed to hear that i don't know it changes things my expectation is that they are going to work hard to get the votes i support the agreement, but do you mind if i go back to trump of a moment. >> sure do. >> you know, i am is it a democrat so i've been joking for some long while that my republican ticket if they want my advise was trump pailen, but trump is considerable
7:38 am
skills, communication skills, and showing it on the trail, and so i i thought he did fine last night, i just when i talked about who i thought probably won the debate i think, case being i've beening rubio, did quite well. >> senator dorgan trumped this morning in the last several hours has been retweeting people's comments saying i am a democrat but voting for trump, lifelong liberal voting foretrump everybody seems to look at donald trump think he is a threat to the republican establishment but he is somewhere in the middle, and he could draw voters from both sides. >> you are exactly right about that, he is appealing to -- as judd said a lot of people out there that don't like what is going on, and he is he is sort of agent of change this is not a sprint this was the first debate in a long process. and the folks on the stage last night they've got to navigating through conservative primaries if they get too far to the right to
7:39 am
get through primaries this country is center or center right slightly, there is going to be a powerful pullbook to the political center. >> interesting, do you agree with that i don't know if i agree with that, that -- that trump could be taking -- i think he really is a negative for the republican party if he goes independent i mean i recognize he would take voters to both sides, but i feel like it is much worse for republicans if he goes independent. >> i think you are absolutely right were he to reason i as independent it would questionable probably garn fee democratic nominee of the election, what happened have ross perot ran. >> i want to get book to what can chuck schumer said byron is probably right they are obviously going is to pass the motion but the issue is veto going to be i stand, and the president is going to need 34 democrats to staustain that in the senate chuck kiss extremely influential as byron knows i think this raises the bar considerably for president
7:40 am
to maintain 34 have votes. >> you think there is a chance this can get recessed caversed of what we saw from schumer. >> yes the most influential senator in senate on democratic side of the agile very highly regardeded both sides of the i'll so his opinion counts on something like this, and, the president can't afford to lose what is basically the key, he offered in it the senate on the democratically side. >> right. >> i am disappointed with that decision of chuck's i don't think he is out campaigning this is the kind of of thing as judd knows in the senate these issues you are don't go to colleague to see you here is how i think you should vote on this issue this is a very big very important issue chuck decided what he is going to do i don't think going to campaign to convince others do same thing. >> he we'll see good to have you boating on the program thanks very much weighing in this morning the action from last night pobs debate we are reairing the entire full debate 8 pm eastern on fox business network as you can
7:41 am
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minutes away from july jobs' report economists expecting 223,000 jobs, have been added to the economy which last month unemployment rate to edge up to 5.3%, we are looking at where the job growth is in this country joining us ceo good to see you
7:45 am
thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me on the show. >> as you look at the economy what has been happening with jobs, how would you characterize things. >> a large number of companies across the world including u.s. 600 of them in the u.s. -- steady and good we think the economy is steady, slow growth, low, but steady, you know i i would say, two things, one the demand for jobs and service sector off the tops, high technology, new technology, but the problem there that is deexpecting between growth and jobs they don't create that many jobs, high performing but smaller job creation the second skill gap we think, we believe skill gap in the u.s. >> when we speak with managers ceos at businesses they always tell me they can't actually fill the jobs that are available. >> absolutely. maria: they can't find people with skill sets. >> broadly assumed a fact not in evidence you are expecting good numbers for the jobs' report coming out, where are the jobs, you said that there are some industries that are really hiring where would you -- >> anything that is new seems
7:46 am
to be on demand new technology, you take automotive, the automotive sector not tradition jobs for people who understand new you know, economic driving people understand electronics connect the car -- those people not easy to find takes very, very long time to hire such people. >> go ahead, john. >> well, u.s. is steady and, sure, it is a little dull, that is about a point of gdp growth below what everybody would want, but % isn't so bad -- 2% is not so bad the rest of the world is not slow and steady, how long can -- yes the u.s. is largest economy, but how long can you have this single engine pulling the global economy, you are seeing negative effect on this, with u.s. exports. >> we know global financial crisis during the crisis the world is completely -- not only a problem across the world in terms of problems lower growth it is volatile,
7:47 am
you have situations countries through a great boom then -- did you know in the dumps china, an example, and china could have a significant impact on what it does to global to the global economy. maria: while on the subject of china i've got to read this china spent so heavily to prop up stocks there is an economist at peking university added up bailout and stimulus measures since chinese equity panic he says china has spent 1.3 trillion dollars, 10% of the gdp to prop of you stock market,able unbelievable. >> it is not a stock market in the tradition. >> that is an economy with that kind of structure, allows them to do that, but it has to have a payback at some point. maria: just. dagen: one last things are we raising children who are going to be the -- this world's next leaders in terms of those of technology. >> not at all. >> because we keep we say, education, education, education, it has been going on 40some odd years we didn't have -- >> a huge problem not at all
7:48 am
you think there is only one two or three potential solutions, school system much more science engineering math out here i think the world is getting to a point where trading is part of life technology changes so roichl how can you get school 20 years do that and use that for 40 years those days are over. maria: that really connects the issue that you mentioned earlier that is the skill set because our students are not prepared, great to have you on the show. >> thank you so much. maria: thank you to much joining us, don't miss coverage of the july jobs' report 8:00 a.m. eastern 5:00 a.m. pacific "mornings with maria" we tell you exactly where jobs are hot off first gop debate mike huckabee will join us live, back in a minute. (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
trust by investor president obama trust but vilify trusts our enemies vilifies everyone who agrees with him the reason we zree with him has nothing to do with party it has to do with the incredibly duress place this world is going to be as a result of a deal in when we got nothing. gentleman that was presidential candidate mike huckabee zufg president obama iran deal during last nightos gop presidential dean former governor mike huckabee good to have you on the program congratulations fresh off dean take a break your takeaway from the big inventory last night. >> too many people on that stage, maria we got to get rid of some what i am going to do suggest that at least half of them drop out endorses me and make the next debate a much more compact experience, that would be advice. >> who do you want to drop
7:53 am
out? >> um, any of the five that might be polling better than me that would be my choice. maria: i am wondering if we heard enough substance this morning talking about chuck schumer did you recalling debate made news of his own in new york, basically saying, i am not going to vote yes on the iran ordeal i am opposing the iran deal what is your request take on that? >> that is a very significant development, and i think chuck you schumer is probably pivot for this legitimately a strong supporter of what makes for peace in the middle east i believe that the significance of his decision one that he clearly weighed very carefully, is maybe the main moment in this entire process, and i congratulate the senator i know it was extraordinary pressure on him, unbelievable pressure from the party from
7:54 am
the white house, but i believe chuck schumer day proved on this issue he is a true statesmaning acted in the best interests of america, the best interests of israel best interests of the world and i am grateful i salute him for that. >> governor huckabee i give i think chance for a do overcame off strangly last night when talking about the fair tax, and -- >> we fund search and seizure and medicare you said case money paid in consumption is paid by everybody, including illegal prostitutes pitchers drug dealsers all the people free loading off the system you throwing out pitchers people like what are you talking about governor? >> well people who life in the underground economy, how many people who are prostitutes pitchers drug dealers illegal aliens do 1040 form tell irs how much they made pay taxes on it of course they don't day ago enthe point you are paying
7:55 am
their taxes, i am paying their taxes, shouldn't they be paying their own way? and if they are not paying the taxes, that fund the various program we say are running out of money, with a consumption tax everybody pays. including the people who pay virtually nothing because passive income doesn't get taxed the same rate as does wage income, and so therefore you have a declining funding stream, and people want to say cut benefits for seniors why on god's earth cut benefits for seniors worked and paid in money why don't we rearound how that money comes in keep the promises made to americans the point. >> jump in governor you were cat or go cal in condemnation of iran ordeal saying you states got nothing president obama made a compelling argument u.s. getting a fair amount pushing out 10r 10 years development of any bomb then all sorts of actions u.s.
7:56 am
could take rather than six months what the estimate is, and, also, that reporting out swan sanctions would erode not able to keep sanctions regime in place unless you moved ahead with the deal do you really feel the president negotiated nothing? >> i absolutely do look what he said over at the previous two years he said there would be no enrichment at all now there is gonna be he side there would be inspection anywhere any time now 24 days -- and also, no speshgs of military facilities, this whole idea of 10 years, do we realize think about how crazy that sounds, it is basically saying, we are going to still kill you but doing it in 10 years not 10 minutes, that is crazy talk. so no, we didn't get a thing our hostages are still sitting there, we should have negotiated that was a precondition to even sitting at the table, much less, something that would come the end of the deal. >> a great point governor great to have you on the show thanks so much joining us we
7:57 am
appreciate it governor mike huckabee, come back soon john, from "the wall street journal," don't forget catch special encore presentation of the debate tomorrow tonight fox business network, back in a moment on "mornings with maria" big jobs' report. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started.
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news right now july jobs' report, 30 minutes away, good morning, everybody. i am maria bartiromo, we are handicapping 8:30ries this morning, on the jobs' report, from the labor department, economists expecting to see 223,000 jobs, added to the economy the month of july the unemployment rate is expected to hold steady 5.3%. ahead of the report take a look at markets this morning, futures showing the markets will open lower, ahead of that number, we are seeing this futures the story actually worsen last 30 minutes it is 8:00 a.m. east coast right now with me this hour our own dagen mcdowell, from the fox business network, charles payne host of making money with charles payne, american action forum president doug
8:01 am
aiken's bucs network liz, we tell you what jobs' report means for the economy your money owe you where are the jobs specifically we will get into that as well, our top story the first gop debate contest a fiery one from start to finish right off the top conn don forfeited to admit he may in fact run as third party candidate. >> is there anyone onstage, can i see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the he republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign, against that person? again, we are looking for you to raise your hand now, raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. >> mr. trump. maria: there you go, they are off fox news bret baier megyn kelly chris wallace asking you have to questions of all candidacy from social issues
8:02 am
to garbages the economy a key element that have debate here is what form florida governor jeb bush former senator marco rubio had to say about that. >> 4% growth strategy means you fix a convoluted tax code change every aspect of regulations that are job killers you get rid of obamacare, and replace it with something that doesn't as you press wages, and -- skilled jobs you brace the energy revolving in our country. >> this country is facing an compromise i that is radically transformed you know the largest retailer in the country in the world today? amazon doesn't even own a single store these changes have been disruptive changed people's memorize jobs that once i stand our middle class, they don't pay enough or they are gone we need smn that understands that as our nominee. maria: we are breaking down issues this morning on special hour of "mornings with maria." first though top story for the hour, the july jobs' report, less than half an hour away will the members numbers show further improvement one of two
8:03 am
left before the federal reserve september policy meeting some economists except fed to raise rates for the first time in nearly 10 years charles payne first do you expect the report to be strong, what does it mean for the fed. >> i don't expect it to be strong anecdotal evidence shows another muddling 200, low 200,000, i can't see how fed could raise rates right now listen, this is from someone doesn't think fed should exist -- >> [laughter] the idea that it does exist has particular set of band-aids no way to look at things going be neither at a surface whatever that dashboard janet yellen got to have a lot of red dots on it. maria: i agree i can't major adp numbers out early below expectations seeing an economy improving but not at lovely you would expect, to justify higher rates. >> that is right fed usually i raises rates in a solid growing economy less than 2% since 2008 average wage
8:04 am
growth, is bad watch this number, median weekly earnings up just 7 bucks, 7 bucks in the last 15 years. that is from saint luis fed the economy we're dealing with. maria: wage growth has been just nonexistent. >> most important number in this report no question i am a little more optimistic i think it will come in above consensus i think fed will begin to raise i think about time to normalize -- >> you don't think one and done i think a symbolic hike softer say we are legitimate because they have a conundrum how can you justify your existences print whatever, report, trillion dollars doesn't make a did hemanned say we should exist this will be a -- raising rates a quarter, 25 base points, how could they go on a spree. >> no way. >> i think, we are saying same thing i think the they have to move in september much there
8:05 am
is a a deficit in reforms -- >> what gets me last night sorry doug you want the finish your point. >> if they raise 25 base points in september they do it again in december, it does nothing, it didn't help -- >> they have no bullet in gun in case economy does weaken, need to ray of rates a little bit so they have some power, more on this economy. >> caveat, trim tabs follows with holding taxes, let me tell you for jeb bush to be attacked yesterday for saying 4% is like disneyland fantasiland half the time from world war ii through now we had 4% growth half the time, so for him to be attacked, for people to say -- you know, for people to say 225 kjob growth is he healthier or good we have seen headlines in the "financial times" "barrons," that is nuts we have had 300k, job growth. >> this jeer average so far
8:06 am
lower than plast year closer to 2 -- >> -- >> yes 260, bottom line. >> 260 still -- >> not that great, but all about expectations, right so what is priced into the market is it priced into the market that this will be a good number fed raises in september or a surprise for market, irwant to see reaction. >> the street look for being 215, 225, 5.3% not a lot of you know divergence on that on the street, as far as what fed will do i that i big debate i think a lot of different camps what fed is going to do might be janet yellen's point kind of came out over the last few months or so, saying listen i don't want this to be i want this more like greenspan fed not the bernanke fed, remember bernanke came in said no more greenspeak no more rosetta stone, we are trying to -- >> -- you want to go that -- you know what wr rosetta stone cool i want to go back to
8:07 am
green-speak. >> there is new york democratic senator chuck schumer begins a pot obama's nuclear deal with iran last hour presidential candidate mike huckabee with us weighed in on senator schumer's decision. >> i believe, that the significance of the decision one that he clearly weighed very carefully, is -- may be the main moment in this entire process, and i congratulate the senator, i know there was extraordinary pressure on him, unbelievable pressure from the party from the white house, but i believe chuck you schumer today proved that on this issue he is a true statesman acted in the best interests of america the best interests of israel the both of the interests of the world. >> a big blow to the president's deal here, doug could schumer's words pave the way for more of obama fellow democrats good to come out begins this deal perhaps reverse it is it possible. >> it is possible they will get more democrats, i still don't think that they will
8:08 am
stop the deal entirely, they. >> you think it is a done deal? >> yeah, look he is -- has jammed u.s. congress went straight to the u.n. all they have left to underperform authenticity of this they can't stop mechanics -- if you think about it. >> i don't want it treated like a treaty, and instead you know this is by fiat, elliot angle of new york also came out against it a ranking member on the foreign affairs committee this is these gais are coming out against the iran deal, after meeting white house official, but you can come out against it not lobby fellow democrats to vote like you do -- senator dorgan was talking about. >> the question, shoourp does he say i am voting against it don't let that impact your vote -- >> shoourp say look we've got to make sure this is -- >> it is very hard for me to schumer, to think that way this is the next leader of the democratically party in the senate, he is going to issue minority leader goal the majority leader the idea his
8:09 am
vote wouldn't fluffs is one else too much to hope for a coupledays ago president obama has have a rambling one hour i don't know what the about heck it was i think he might have thought it was someone thought trying to be jfk or something, you know, he really, really was grappling with selling this thing, i thought the selling point certainly the falls narrative premise that this deal or all out war, those kind of things smack of separati desperation have you seen a president aiming to have major foreign policy initiative accepted by big enough minority of the electorate. >> you think about health care act, it was i it was completely -- it wasn't bipartisan, this will will be completely partisan same thing even with a smidgen of democrats moving to the other side, magic being putting through your top achievement not having anyone on the other side of the aisle.
8:10 am
>> former white house aides, former speech writer tweeting zhoourj say it is a mistake to pass obamacare, now comes out begins iran deal, teller mixing, of course, a lot every things there, you know, schumer. >> you should have focused more on more -- rather than passing -- >> remember where we were at that point dagen we were np departments of recession, we were all focused on obamacare, rather than being focused on jobs. dagen: seen as president a on hillary clinton's back when chuck schumer said that kind of a shot a at the president. >> reveals difference between people like jeb bush understand that growth is not a bill not something you pass it is a philosophy, when you have to make a decision or what you are going to do you say okay we can have growth or obamacare we choose growth, growth or testament pa initiatives we choose growth we can have growth we can have labor initiative, what we are going to choose growth. >> about any of that,the debate last night.
8:11 am
>> you know. >> none of that was i tell you under kennedy 1960 in the democratic platform 5% growth, that is what they were talking about under john f. kennedy 5% growth through late 60s 1976 platform was saying reduce taxes it is destroying our cities get the irs out of people's lives. >> democrats lobearing. >> instead of helping with obamacare let's have growth should articulate growth will do all those other things, tide that lefts all opportunities, people get health care get jobs, it is not either soleither/or -- >> encore presentation of fox news debate here fox business network we will rerun uncore presentation 8:00 a.m. earn a tomorrow minutes away from jobs' report xhiflts calling
8:12 am
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maria: big number jobs' report wagemployment showed roat slowest pervasive at least 30 years you mentioned in june average hourly earnings were flat another weak reading today suggests this in the labor market the number to watch. >> i grew he we have been talking about this for a while but stunning numbers st. louis fed we mentioned last block meeting weekly earnings up to 7 bucks past 15 years this is not the recovery joe biden announced center 1020 meeting household income down nearly 9% since 2000 because more in the way of benefits, you know, that is certainly worthwhile looking at, but we have had flat wage growthed i think going back since 1982 off and on. >> what do you think about that doug are you surprised that the issue of wages did
8:16 am
not come up last night in the debate. >> right i am really surprised, this is the most important issue, i mean, everything that. >> communications. >> everything that you've heard on the left, wages things like that comes from the lane market we're not getting the employment growth not getting wage growth not income growth we need, so why -- why isn't that central discussion for republicans it should be, it is the biggest number in this report. >> when you look who won who lost last night you have to believe we'll who one are strong economic story, john kasich did well well in terms of any florida has done well marco rubio did well jeb bush okay who do you think won. >> i think the people improved themselves where rubio in particular christie improved list standing, kasich had good home field advantage nice to have. >> and trump was as a businessman as a businessman talk about the economy, instead he was asked about
8:17 am
bankruptcy of his -- >> four times he said how does that translate into managing, multitrillion-dollar debt what are you going to file for bankruptcy -- you know, is that how you are going to deal with our creditors i didn't see the connection at all. >> who do you want to pick a 3:00 in the morning phone call right a lot of lines will play well in new hampshire pancake houses who is gravitas trust we have foreign policy not so great you want the guy sitting in the office to be able to take that 3:00 in the morning call. >> 3:00 call could be a call about something going on in iran, or something down in wall street, sometimes, it is is hard to find a candidate that has both those skill sets i thought ben carson did a great job i really did. >> so did i. >> -- >> created a flat tax -- >> i mean, you know, but the point is, it is a flat tax essentially. >> really about flat tax --
8:18 am
>> i think he might be able to sell it better in a way. >> i didn't know prostitutes, pimpsthe reason medicare social security are going -- >> the point. >> you know when mike hubbing be said that governor hubbing be said that made every comedian's weekend, prostitutes will cure social security -- >> mike huckabee -- will catch it happen pimps, prostitutes they pay sales tax as well -- >> it illegal immigrants in this country pay have social security numbers they pay a social security medicare never collect it, that is -- being here, but -- >> talk about carly fiorina as well first --
8:19 am
>> i totally agree. >> wasn't even there we come back awaiting july jobs' report reese in 10 minutes from o now we will bring the report as soon as it breaks tell you where jobs are where they will be in the future you are watching "mornings with maria" on fox business network, stay with us. now there's a smart new way to protect and manage your home. at&t digital life home security and automation.
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on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. >> 4% growth strategy means you fix a convoluted tax code you get in and you change every aspect of regulations that are job killers. you get rid of obamacare and -- and replace it with something that doesn't suppress wages, you brace energy revolving in our country this president and hillary clinton can't even say she is for pipeline of any after she's left give me a break. >> governor jeb bush weighing in on economy 10 minutes away
8:23 am
from july jobs report will set the tone for markets charles what do you make of jeb's comments. >> i thought he was milk bei milquetoast tomorrow he got that one off right, right we wonder how many candidates promise to go through tax code fix that bad boy up another pound heavier by the time they leave we know the upons we know hurting this compromise i we know that it is about, keeping maintaining this listen what hillary is talking about is doubling the size of tax code talking about getting authority to attack take on -- >> capital gains tax above 40%. >> wants going beyond that guys she wants -- corporate balance sheet that is only way to keep welfare -- see she wants people to give her power to do that. >> this is why that was so attitude teachable moment for elites yooushl average person has to understand it is harming them that is what happened in the 70s, 80s we
8:24 am
had democrats, gephardt bradley saying americans hurt by tax real estatigan said we'rg to do -- >> it matters to you. >> it hurt mitt romney but, abruptly half country paid no net federal income tax you are not giving our soldiers a nibbling of your earnings, and you know what if people want to be intellectually honest make it i simply grow the heck out of this country some people we don't pay income taxes right now are going to have the pay them. >> will carly fiorina be onstage next debate. >> i agree. >> she rocked it. >> she rocked it. >> they need her. who is off, i think. >> they need her she -- she could criticize hillary clinton in a way that no man can. >> that is it. >> she can get tough and be harsh won't be -- >> i move when she said i didn't get a call from bill clinton, into the race, he
8:25 am
called temper stoking ideas conspiracy theorists out there. >> i paid a lot of money what did i get the clintons came to my weekend he oh, my gosh. my weekend he oh, my gosh. busy morning back in a minute. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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8:28 am
we are awaiting the july jobs report, we expect and to 30,000 law to be added to the economy in the month of july, the unemployment rate held steady at 5.3%, this is a critical report because it is one of two reports before the september federal reserve meeting. what this report shows will dictate whether or not the fed raises interest rates in september. charles payne, the most important number in this report is? charles: wages fall by participation. the american people bailed out on the notion that america is the place to be anymore and they
8:29 am
can reach their dreams. i don't care which economic policies, up part has to be self-fulfilling. people have to buy into afford to work. maria: wages are the shoe not discuss in the debate but critical for the sentiment of this country. dagen: maybe it will picket with retailers coming out and food chains raising their own minimums, maybe will see some trickle-down. maria: there's a movement to raise wages. >> the strong this number of leading into this was not mfg. i s m. i am more bullish than some but wages will come in at something like even with the rates. >> the adp number wasn't good and showed growth. dagen: of federal was served officials think the economy is robust enough to raise rates but the long bond is telling you the bond market is skeptical, still
8:30 am
thinking growth is not that great with where the lawn bond this trading. maria: we wanted it to peter barnes because he will have the numbers 3 up at 8:30, 223,000 jobs for the month of july is what we are expecting. take us away. what do the numbers show for the july performance of jobs in america? >> the economy added 215,000 non-farm payroll jobs in july, about as expected, 215,000 new non-farm payroll jobs and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.3% also as expected and numbers for man june were revised upward slightly by 14,000 additional payroll jobs. average hourly earnings rose 0.2% also is expected to $24.99 an hour and for the year they are 2.1%. labor force participation rate was unchanged at 62.6%, still
8:31 am
the lowest since 1977, 38 years. so people still not coming into the work force. sectors that jobs last month include professional and business services, education and health up 37,000 retailers added 36,000 jobs last month, leisure and hospitality up 30,000. looking at economically sensitive sectors mining and logging which includes the oil producers down 4,000, continuing losses. construction was up 6,000 new jobs, manufacturing added 15,000 new jobs in july and that is the strongest since january. maria: all the headlines there, 215,000 jobs in the month of july slightly below expectations. wages of 0.2%, nothing to write home about. unemployment rate at 5.3%. charles payne, your observation?
8:32 am
charles: this came in as expected across the board hand like manufacturing at 15,000, celebrating mediocrity, bring back the old green shoots thing. a hardening report overall considering where we are. we talked about the 4% growth, talked about think about when you come out of recessions usually there is elasticity, pent-up demand, the notion we haven't had one year where we have been gangbusters. instead people are intimidated, pent-up frustration, this economy can't get on track. maria: wages are one of the major issues, what you guys were looking at and it is weaker is an expected. >> here we go again. we haven't had one quarter of 5%. usually we get somewhere where it pops and we get a big number. is missing entirely and you and
8:33 am
trace it back to the absence of real business investment. there is no cap-ex, no confidence in the future in the business community and that usually drives a recovery. maria: trace vat to regulatory environment which businesses complain has been too onerous and force them to sit on cash. liz: s and p futures -- maria: things have worsened as this report has come out. the market is going to open lower. this is worse off, not hugely down but we are weaker than we were. liz: rally and mediocrity. a typical rinse repeat cycle the s&p and dow have been doing, the jobs report. the question is september, december, next year, had raised by a quarter point, historically that is the move is it makes. again is it going to be won and done? dagen: put them on hold.
8:34 am
they are going in september. mary make you think they raise rates. dagen: this is not bad enough to change course. maria: not bad enough. what else can you tell us in terms of headlines out of the report for july and what we might expect for next month? >> a couple other numbers drilling down. we have a.4 million people who are unemployed looking for work, people working part-time for economic reasons because of weak business conditions, that is the only kind of job they could find, that declined by 180,000 jobs in july to 6.3 million, the lowest since september of 2008 so the economy is slowly settling grinding out and grinding down. the broadest measure of the job, which includes total unemployed people working marginally to the work force working part-time for economic reasons was 10.4% in
8:35 am
july, lowest level since june of 2008, seven years so that also is slowly declining overtime. maria: you were just saying? >> the decline in part-time work for economic reasons, a tiny little silver lining if you look at the hours of work era, over time demand up, some evidence on the ground we have more bodies in the labour force to accomplish wages. maria: peter reports the areas that are higher in professional services, legal, administrative, and then you have education, health care, that continues to be a job creator and retail. charles: one of those interesting recoveries, great skills are the ones making money and getting jobs and demanding higher wages and the other part i think you mentioned, restaurants, people spending at restaurants and we are going out. this is odd. we are making just enough money to go out to the mall saturday,
8:36 am
something like that, you are seeing we are eating out more than we eat at home. a lot of restaurants stocks like buffalo wild wings. dagen: a drop in gasoline prices, willing to get in the car and have extra money. charles: coming on for a while -- dagen: gas prices rise handling or paying for rising health-care costs. what they didn't take on is this discussion about the minimum wage. the minimum wage was never meant to raise families, we have fallen through the looking glass in this economy. under the obama administration because of poor economic growth raising families on a minimum-wage when it was meant for college-age kids to get their footing and move up. >> price teenagers out of the job market. teenage employment, 16% and if we go higher it will be more people like that. they will not -- dagen: the conservative argument we need to grow the economy and
8:37 am
that will grow wages. that is the fallback position. maria: this market is viewing this report as the federal reserve will raise rates come september because futures will be worsening. we're down 53 points expecting a lower open for the broader averages on this number and things of worsened as the market speculates a jobs market that may not be where you wanted to be but is still showing growth means the fed raises rates. charles: should also talk about beyond this no. i don't think is never did anything for the market, the market also is going on what is happening and the trend has been ugly. there have been so much collateral damage, what makes it different is these big names, googles of the world keep the major indices looking healthier than they are but if you look at the -- yesterday there were 15 new winners, 52 winners on the new york stock exchange and almost 350 lows.
8:38 am
damage to the market right now. the overall what we are seeing is being asked to little bit but not much. dagen: energy stocks of all of bad energy companies with massive layoffss going on, how much does that continue with oil. charles: 4,000. dagen: will you see more later in the year? will that put pressure on job creation? maria: that is what to look for. the race to the white house keeps up. which presidential hopeful will be the strongest for a business in the united states? we will talk to the ceo of harman international and the chairman with us, fox business exclusive, don't go anywhere. back in a minute. >> welcome back to the court report. a special presentation for fox business network. i am brian weber. the first event on the world tour since pulling out of wimbledon with a calf injury.
8:39 am
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maria: we are 45 minutes from "the opening bell," nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: we got in the jobs report, u.s. stock-index futures sank to the downside. they have not been of of the unchanged line, now you see the dow jones industrial average futures looking down katie points. we got our jobs numbers 215,000 lots added, 5.3% unemployment rate, prior months of may and june revised to the upside adding 14,000 jobs. this gives fodder to the f o n c about raising rates and that to be pressuring these markets, the dow down to 6 days in a row and looking like seven and the open. a couple of big movers today. maria: start your day with nicole petallides every day and
8:44 am
sandra smith and lauren simonetti, catch it right here on the fox business network at 5:00 a.m. eastern before "mornings with maria". the fbi jobs report weaker than expected, business leaders face a challenges when it comes to the talent pool developing a stronger work force. joining me on a fox business exclusive is harmon international's chairman and ceo. thank you so much for joining us particular release since you had such success. i want to get to the growth story in a moment but how would you characterize the economy and jobs, jobs growth and finding the people you need with the right skills sets? >> i would characterize the job growth implemented development, not really need in america's needs. if you poll 80%, we could be going faster in america if they had access to the talent pool we need. public/private partnership,
8:45 am
investing in stem training in michigan institute and this is one area where if i were to have my dream for the next president of the united states to go after immigration reform, tax reform and empowered entrepreneur by education of the stamps. maria: we don't have the number of people with the right skill sets to compete in the new normal for the economy. >> and united states we have grown 30% over four years in terms of job, but mostly engineers, by acquiring companies. we should be adding more games organically. maria: harmon has doing so well. gee you have a favorite last night? >> this is good for tv, sirius policy discussions took place, still hoping that will happen. maria: you want to hear more substance. the substance that harmon obviously has been rocking.
8:46 am
yesterday you revised guidance coming creased your guidance. tell us what is going on? >> harmon has growing double digits, 25% profitability earnings per-share, 40%, very happy with that. we guided the market up, 15%, up profitability up 25%, guided the same set of numbers, 14% topline, 25% growth in ebitda and i am excited because technology is starting to grow. giving an example where we see tremendous growth coming from we hear about connected the and connected cars, you can't have connected cars without having connected software in the car. 200 computers, can buy the main computing and better systems in the system in a car. 25 million lines of code. talking about cybersecurity and
8:47 am
connectivity for two years and we have seen from 60 million cars to be connected, there will be 5 increases, by 2020, that will fuel it. maria: we know the auto sector is important because you are connecting these cars but you have 60 million cars connected today going to 300 million cars and we know electric cars have been hacked please let me steer your attention to that. any way to avoid as many cars get connected. how are we vulnerable? >> like anything, u.s. defense, retail, hacking, and you can minimize, recent experiment of hacking in vegas has put the light where it belongs and focus as an industry, and to focus on cybersecurity, and harmon
8:48 am
launched the new architecture, the security which means intruder has to have first, second, third, fourth, fifth to get into the mission critical functions of the car but this is where the technology is going and more and more cars are going in that direction. you can't completely avoided that you can minimize it but you and i the users don't want to compromise are connected lifestyle. we need it, technology has to catch up. maria: your company has transitioned from head sets and audio specific to a technology company. you are making all these acquisitions in particular acquisitions in the security side of business. talk to us where the growth comes and are you going to be doing more acquisitions in that regard? >> we wanted to and technology pieces in safety and security and enterprise automation.
8:49 am
we made acquisitions in the united states and france primarily focusing on other areas and we have added 10,000 software engineers in the company. those are bringing us another fixed clout and mobility experience and security experience so growth will come from cybersecurity, connected cars and professional infrastructure automation like ibm, boeing, bank of america, audio, video lighting and enterprise automation and grow from all areas including china. 60% for the last six years in china. maria: that is something to be impressed with. great story. congratulations to you on your leadership. maria: we will be right back.
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maria: markets expected to lower this morning, 315,000 jobs as the economy and the month of july, wage growth coming up 0.2%. douglas holtz-eakin will be talking about this all morning. what is your take away on the jobs number today? >> it is back to what will presidential candidates talk about? they have to talk about any quality issues. you have to get people to word, the difference between being for and not poor, have skills in the labour force, we see skills sets all the time but none of the works unless you have more rapid topline growth and we have to change the play book. the playbook is not working. maria: surprise this did not come up last night. charles: you mentioned the skills gap, jesse jackson will be on my show tonight, silicon valley and other industries to hire more blacks and hispanics but it is about a skills gap in this country, 5.3 million job
8:54 am
openings, almost a record and it is up 100% from a lows and people cannot qualify. it is not just stem jobs. it is middle skills, plumbing, driving trucks. a lot of that people can't pass a drug test. the fact of the matter is we have an education crisis in this country. if we want to be a player in the global economy for the next 100 years we better fix it. liz: left-leaning academics and deans of left-leaning deans of these colleges have to be real about the tuition gouging happening and selling useless degree students can't use. >> so spot on. they will not acknowledge they are overcharging. liz: the business model is built on the donald trump hotel business empire. their real-estate. dagen: teaching kids to be leftists, not teaching them to go out and get a job at google.
8:55 am
>> i'm blown away by the median weekly earnings up $7 in the last 15 years. sorry to be such a downer but that is the reality. that is the gut check we need in the gop debate. charles: echoes the ec i report, the lowest wage increase in history but goes back to the 80s. dagen: i am not downer and pessimist. you know what? and i think this is not a bad jobs report. it is not bad. it needs to be a lot better. st. goodness. maria: not bad enough to change the fed's decision. charles: at this stage we need 500,000 new jobs. liz: optimistic it can be done. maria: thank you, charles payne, thank you, see you later date they on making money, see you on neil cavuto and douglas holtz-eakin, thanks for joining us.
8:56 am
tune in to making money with charles payne at 6:00 p.m. eastern and jesse jackson on the show tonight, 6:00 p.m. on fox business, features of the lows, stay with us. here is a simple math problem. two trains leave st. louis for albuquerque at the same time. same cargo, same size, same power. which one arrives first? hint: it's not the one on the left. the speedy guy on the right is part of an intelligent system that creates the optimal trip profile for all trains on the line. and the one on the left? uh, looks like it'll be counting cows for awhile.
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don't wait. call a digital life specialist to learn more. ♪ >> welcome back and take a look at markets. we've bounced off the lows and now it looks like a higher open for the broader averages. the markets are on heels of the weaker than expected jobs numbers out this morning. as we told you earlier in the show. the labor department reporting 215,000 jobs were added to the economy. and the unemployment held steady at 5.3%. and wages were up just 2/10 of a percent and that, of course, continues to be the number that everyone is watching, as well as the participating right and markets are expected to open higher nonetheless. join us next week on mornings with maria. hope you'll be here when john paul dejoria, john paul mitchell, weighs in on the
9:00 am
race. and jon hilsenrath in to talk about the jobs and the fed. and wilbur ross gives us an update on europe and greece and how he's allocating capital. starts on fox business. and mornings with maria next week. stuart varney, have a good show. stuart: thank you, maria. the debate was watchable, entertaining and maybe it draws people back into politics, we can, but hope. good morning, what ever you want to know about the debate, we start with an important development. senator schumer will not support president obama's nuclear deal with an iran. the top democrat is going against the top democrat of them all. the deal is in trouble. and remaining above the level before the recession, and we're a


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