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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 9, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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this man. >> congressional republicans going after david kendall to ask why a lawyer has a thumb drive full of sensitive classified information. >> good evening, everyone, i am lou dobbs, but first, we're the presidential debate wrapping up. there were friary in heated exchanges between most of those leaving in the polls for the public and nomination and in my opinion this is one of the most substantive and intelligent debate that i've witnessed in my career. you will see and hear forthright discussions of the issues that the candidates took up, issues that usually are avoided at all cost by the candidates in a presidential campaign. something special seems to be
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already at work in the race for the 2016 gop presidential nomination. we will have it for you here tonight. who stood out, who stepped back, and who did the best. much of the attention focused on donald trump. he showed off his direct manner and his plainspoken us. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. [laughter] [cheers] [applause] lou: the early debate, social media and google and twitter chatter suggesting carly fiorina won the debate with lines like these. >> i didn't get a phone call from bill clinton before i jumped into the race. did any of you get a phone call?
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i didn't. maybe because i hadn't given money to the foundation or donated to his campaign. >> i would like to remind people that at this point in previous elections jimmy carter couldn't win, ronald reagan couldn't win, and neither could have barack obama. >> the opening moments settled on donald trump. the only one to raise his hand when asked when anyone on stage would not pledge to support the eventual party nominees. >> to be clear, you are standing on the republican primary. >> i fully understand. >> the place where they will give the nominee did not. >> i fully understand. >> that experts say an independent run with almost certainly hand the race reins over to democrats and likely another clinton. you cannot say tonight that you can make that pledge. >> i cannot say. >> right there putting him on the spot promising that his
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position is not moving an inch. joining us is jedediah bila and fox news political analyst analyst ed rollins and hank sheinkopf. it's good to have you with us. so what do you think. >> no surprises for me there. he doesn't want to have to answer to anyone. he doesn't want to explain to anyone and many in the gop establishments don't like him. he wants to say if you don't like me, i could do this or that. did that play well at the with the audience? no. because they see that as a third party run. but he doesn't care. that's the bottom line. he is there to say i'm going to do what i want to do no matter what and you can love it or hate
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it. >> first of all, i agree this is one of the best debates that i've ever seen and i think that you deserve great credit, anyone that says this, hank and i do what we call where you take a candidate and you put them in the toughest environment possible. and it's a standard that they have to meet. i think they reinforce what they want. i think that the other person performing extremely well with marco rubio. showing how thoughtful he is. the others are okay. i think that we had a strong feeling. but i would say carly fiorina gave them a run for their money tonight. >> donald trump did himself a disservice.
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he was saying that he would not support the party at the time when they want to win. but they say clinton is a potential nominee and that winning is all-important. >> winning is all-important, the only thing, i believe, when it comes to politics. so let's go down to the chris christie and rand paul exchange. that was riveting stuff. these two men do not like each other. what are your thoughts? >> i think that paul is right. i think talking about the fourth amendment and saying this is what we fought the revolution for, he is right. >> talk about government surveillance. >> bear with me folks at home. but this is an interesting exchange. >> i would like to collect more records from terrorists but less
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records from other people. how are you supposed to know? >> get a warrant. >> you know, when you're sending a subcommittee blowing hot air, you can say things like that. but when you're responsible for protecting the lives of the american people, then what you need to do is to make sure -- >> here is the problem, fundamentally misunderstand the bill of rights every time you did this you got a warrant from a judge, i'm talking about searches without warrants, indiscriminately of all-american records, that is what i have fought to end. i know you gave president obama big hug, if you want to do it again, do it again. >> that was certainly an exchange. i just have to say, hallelujah. we have presidential candidates talking passionately .
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>> that is not going to work. when you have america behind you, america is concerned about government overreach. >> he showed moments of leadership, and again, he showed what everybody can't stand, the bullying, the aggressive, do it my way, shut up, i think that hurt him a little bit. >> he ran the libertarian vote, but that's kind of a congressman. chris christie one no votes. how does he consider himself a
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contender? >> we are going to answer many of those questions as he we continue here tonight. we will be right back. senator chuck schumer says he is opposed to the presence nuclear deal with iran. among the reasons he said that inspections can't be performed everywhere at all time, and that iran would be stronger economically and financially and better able to advance their nuclear program. presumably nuclear weapons program. the senator isn't the only democrat breaking links with the president. the top democrat on the house foreign affairs committee, eliot angle also saying that he is in opposition to the deal, to begin
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debating the nuclear deal on september 8. hillary clinton saying she didn't want tonight's debate. >> we will have much more postdebate analysis and highlights like this coming up. >> i think the big problem is being politically correct. i have been challenged by so many people. and i don't think we have time for total political correctness. and to be honest with you, this country doesn't have time either
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lou: tonight's primetime debate on the fox news channel was about a lot more than donald trump, that would surprise many people. >> you know, when i need something from them, and two or three years later, they are there for me. and that is a broken system.
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>> what you get from hillary clinton and nancy pelosi. >> i said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. you know why? she had no choice. >> can you imagine hillary clinton right now? back with our panel now. >> when a guy like that brags about it, and i make them do what they want to do, that is what is wrong with people. >> they don't just send out invitations, they send out orders. on the other hand it is exposing what is our financial support of public elections in this country. he could not have been clear. >> my problem is that i walked away not knowing what he would
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do. the more to talk the more confusing it becomes. you walk away being highly entertained. he's great television. but it doesn't feel like you would know what policy is going to come forward. >> there's a high degree of comfort with a few other candidates. >> the first thing he would do is speak to you at the front of the building. that would be the first thing that he would do. and i think that the problem and they nailed it on the first question, he's a guy who basically said the first thing out of the box is about me. it's about me. >> the question i was referring to is this in which bret baier asked there asked everybody who would support the nominee irrespective of all and one fellow said that he could.
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>> to be clear, you are standing on a republican primary. >> i fully understand. >> the place where they are going to give them the nod. >> i fully understand. >> and they say an independent run would almost certainly hand the race over at democrat and likely another clinton. you cannot say tonight you can make that pledge. >> i cannot say i can make that pledge. >> whole thing is part of an ego trip and i don't cast any disparity about this. standing on the stage with qualified people. i bet he will not be the nominee of his party. >> here it is right here. right here, right here. and i think that that basically,
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as was said earlier, people who are serious about their party, people that really want to win, they don't want the gun held to their head for the rest of the campaign. >> well, it's not going to work. but more importantly they don't want hillary clinton elected. >> they don't want them to be torn apart according to principle. >> the real issue is we do this no matter what. >> i look at this thing and what i see is negative ads and i see them tomorrow morning and i see them in iowa and new hampshire, to make sure they didn't get out of there alive. >> it's a tall order for the
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republicans and i have to say that there's a lot of winners in this thing and each of the candidate can claim a victory in parts in shades and degrees, but overall we will talk about the ones who stood tall and step forward at the greatest distance. they are coming right back later in the broaddistance. they are coming right back later in the broadcast to deliver all those conclusions. >> and other candidates such as marco rubio, staking out some strong positions as well. >> the first thing we need to do is even out the tax code for small businesses are that we lower their tax rates to 25%, just as we need to lower it for all businesses. we need to have a regulatory budget the limits is on our economy and repealing and replacing obamacare and improving higher education so
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these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. lou: a lot of his rivals targeting him in the debate tonight, but donald trump also doing some targeting of his own. >> i would say that he's incompetent, but that's not nice lou: some other news to share with you now, russia has carried out one of the most
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sophisticated cyberattacks on the pentagon. hackers attacking the e-mail system for the joint chiefs of staff, carried out two weeks ago, used by some 10,000 department of defense employees, this is not the first one originating in russia. ashton carter revealed a pentagon network was also attacked and accessed earlier in the year. and joining me now is former army vice chief of staff, military analyst general jack keane. it's good to have you with us. this is getting a bit tiresome, is it not to we want china -- some 30 million americans had their data stolen, now the pentagon suffering instances of attack, once we assume the first originating in china and the second now in russia.
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this administradministr ation says that they are going to respond but they haven't. what do you make of it? >> what is taking place is china and russia, russia criminality, about 50% of the cyberattacks, china is stealing intellectual property to enhance themselves, getting considerably more bull because now they're moving in on the united states government themselves and even the military. and russia has the second-best capability in the world, the united states obviously being number one. they are the only country that has classified military networks and they have done that a number of years ago. >> as you listen to the gop presidential debate tonight, where you heartened that the comments and the positions of those candidates?
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>> i felt good about a couple of things. certainly one is that they all recognize the united states military to the abilities are being dramatically reduced and i think that every single person was given the opportunity to speak about it and some volunteer to speak about it when they didn't have the question put to them. and so they know that we have to do something about it. so increasing the capability and bringing us back to strength that we had was something that resonated with me. the iranian deal, this is not the right direction to go, senator schumer coming out and underscoring that himself as a future leader of the democratic party in the senate, making that kind of statement. it has underscored how serious a problem we have with this deal. >> let's talk about ted cruz and what he mentions my. >> fiorini in general, ahead of
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the forces, directly responsible for the murder of over 500 american servicemen and part of this deal was lifting the international sanctions on the general the day that he flew back from moscow to land, a man, that was the day that we believe that they used cyberwarfare against the joint chiefs of staff. we need a new commander-in-chief that is going to stand up to our enemies and will have credibility. it is worth emphasizing that iran released the hostages in 1981, the day that ronald reagan was sworn into office. lou: he could not have been more vivid in making that point. >> he is absolutely right on. for the viewers to understand, he heads the forest, specially funded, doesn't report to anybody else in the military or government except the supreme leader.
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he runs on the proxy wars. he is a sponsor of terrorism and as the senator pointed out he is also responsible having killed americans in iraq, most people estimate up to 1500 that have been responsible and so that's absolutely correct. >> this is an incredible leader and we removed the sanctions against him, it is extraordinary. >> in this overarching deal, much of that the officials haven't seen, he was personally named and removed from the list. always good to talk with you, always instructive, thank you so much. >> it's good to talk to you as well. lou: coming up, trying to divine the winner for this debate. scott walker doing very well, talking strong on immigration.
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>> i think that i listen to the american people. i think that people want a leader that is going to listen to them. i look at how this president is that the immigration system in this country and the people of america. i have been to the order and there is international criminal organizations penetrating the border, enforce the law, no amnesty, this gives priority to do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? lou: the main news at this hour, the first primetime republican debate wrapping up just a short time ago. lots of animated and spirited and passionate debate and a lot of discussion on the issues. we will examine the winners and losers in the moment and show you more of the highlights. in other news tonight, a huge setback for president obama as two leading democrats have parted company with the white house, rejecting the president's nuclear deal with iran. senator chuck schumer and the ranking democrat on the house foreign affairs committee eliot engel, saying that they are going to vote no to the agreement and russia successfully carrying out a sophisticated cyberattack against the pentagon.
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the hackers were able to gain access to the computers in the offices of the joint chiefs of staff that happened two weeks ago, 4000 dod accounts affected and the pentagon acknowledging the effect of that attack and the occurrence today. jeb bush defending himself against criticism of his immigration policy in tonight's debate. >> there could be a path to status. lou: joining us tonight is marked, we have the president of citizens united, a leading conservative and great to have you both with us. so i thought governor john kasich did quite a job.
7:35 pm
>> he did good getting in, he introduced himself, made the point about his father being a mailman. and he needed to hammer a few points about the budget and ohio and the job growth here and there arguments that can be made. i think that he did well. >> david, who do you think it best in this debate? >> there was a lot of interesting lives. i thought that ted cruz had a good couple of lines, scott walker had the line of the evening where we can talk about
7:36 pm
the russians knowing more about hillary's e-mail is than we do. i think that they didn't know what the scuttlebutt was, but he's not somebody who has experience on a stage like that. >> to me it looks like he was used to having a two-way conversation. he's more of a transmitter then they receiver. and that is something that people have found appealing. i don't think anybody lost any ground, i think that donald trump comes closest to being donald trump, people were turned off by the approach and language he took with the host and the
7:37 pm
candidates. lou: how much of a problem is the fact that he would support this. >> i think that that is an issue that is inside the beltway and they are open to what his message was, and they are saying that he is learning to respect these men. that i need to understand who is going to be the nominee. he's not a knee-jerk politician, i think that's really what he was trying to tell the american people. >> i think that we would've been surprised. >> i think that he would have
7:38 pm
said that he was pandering about it. >> i don't think he will, having covered several gubernatorial and senate campaigns in ohio, it's really diverse and often referred to where you have folks in the foothills of appalachia and southeastern ohio, you could see a sign, they are working class, the conservative than the values, the northern part, a lot of republicans here, huge democratic polls. would you find a little bit in youngstown, ohio. lou: what about carly fiorina. judging by social media whether on facebook or twitter. she took it away, it appears, in the early debate. >> she was clearly the star of
7:39 pm
that first debate by the trends of what is going on on social media and by the television company as well. she clearly showed her intellect and clearly just an articulate and intelligent powerful woman, who i really think is the big winner from the early debate with no questions asked. >> people would have to get to know her, i think part of the appeal in this park of interest, the fact that people don't know her would be someone different and new. and that would mellow out over time. i think that ohio voters will need to know more. lou: we are out of time, but asking you quickly, at the top of this broadcast i said i think this is the most intelligent, compelling and entertaining debate i've ever seen in my career. weigh in on it if you would.
7:40 pm
>> sirach i was thinking you're going to ask the winners and losers were. but the losers were hard to pick because everybody did fairly well and there was no clear loser. lou: wasn't at loser. lou: wasn't at the best of you've ever seen enact. >> it may have been. it didn't include a substance. we were getting a lot of clichés, if they are really going to connect with voters on job issues, as he saw on your own poll, racial issues, there are things that they have to hammer. >> the marathon is underway. lou: thank you guys so much. coming up next tonight, not just about what the candidates said but their body language as well, we are going to be bringing in an expert on that issue and was this the one moment that everyone will be talking about tomorrow morning? take it away.
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>> you called women fat pigs, and disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> no, it
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lou: scott walker tonight talking about jobs, and as he did he talk about his record as governor of wisconsin. >> many of us understand that people create jobs, one of the best things we can do is get the government out of way, rein in the regulations put in place, give people the education and skills to succeed and that is what i will do. >> and he did in 21 seconds. joining us to evaluate the body language in the debate, president of the body language institute, it's great to have you it does. >> thank you. >> she is also the author of "you can't lie to me". >> is there one candidate that made an egregious mistake in the way that he or she held their body or their head or focus their attention?
7:46 pm
>> you know, i think the biggest estate that i saw a couple of the candidates were shoulder shrugs that equal uncertainty which is going to kill your message. even if you're uncertain about your answer come the last thing you want to do is say that this person is uncertain. we want certainty. especially the republicans saying that there's too much. >> and i was going to say that we saw shoulder shrugs, we saw a lot of shrugs with ron paul out there tonight. and bush, i thought that he really made flat, he disappeared. his body language was very little. we saw that with mike huckabee and trump and literally what we see with these guys is the increase in pressure and that is determining when someone is making a point.
7:47 pm
and it's connected to determining, it means that these are the people that can resist pressure. so sometimes that is pulling us in. >> it makes all the sense in the world. obviously donald trump did very well. i got kind of a kick out of him a couple of times because he kind of did open his hands and say please gimme a break here. and i love the way you talk about it. >> donald trump, usually we see with politicians, i want to listen and listen good. that's the combination of planning and shopping because this is a less aggressive move. but he had no problem with this. he did this, this is what they
7:48 pm
do and they come in. and here is something he's a pro at here. he was able to adjust where he can evaluate we are leaning forward, to one side, this is why he doesn't have to sit down and number a lot of answers and he said that i'm coming and just being me. this includes making sense of something, creating a system, it happens for him in a moment to moment timing. we do this with all trump. he will have the speed for the jesters and that's him living in the moment. but the interesting thing is that he will lean forward or lean back. that's connected with future. we have a future here. and when he was asked about it.
7:49 pm
it's the one time i thought he actually became a little weak. he held the microphone here, what is his believe, this indicated an increase in this. but it's the one time when he changed his behavior for sure that he kind of rattle his cage. we see him and the people that don't like obama, well, she is loving that question. >> absolutely. thank you for that terrific analysis. one quit question. that exchange was a big exchange between governor chris christie and senator paul in which they went out. any thoughts on or paul in whicy went out. any thoughts on that? did that serve them well in
7:50 pm
terms of body language and what they were expressing to the audience? >> chris christie is going to be seen as more likable here. so even though he can be a painful, he leaned to his right a little bit. and this is evaluating. he's leaning to the right and the left, this is evaluating right then and there. and so chris christie is very interesting. he has no trouble saying that this is the priority. lou: thank you so much, we appreciate it, turkic analysis. coming up next, what social media says for winning tonight's debate. and all over the country on facebook, twitter, on everything. more highlights like this one.
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thank you guys for joining us. so where does this leave us? >> personal i want to give a sense how good the debate was in your estimation and what you expect as a result? >> i thought that was a great debate. they had to get specifics, they were forced to get specifics. and i think that those weaknesses were exposed. he possesses a lot of skills, i've been waiting him to shine and earlier we saw carly fiorina merge, i would love to see them duke it out on stage and see how it goes. but i think that overall we have hillary clinton over here that is not so strong. >> i don't think anybody is
7:56 pm
getting heard. i think that bush may not have been as strong. walker was not as strong. but i think that the kind of reinforced that and he stumbled when he was trying to explain the bankruptcies. and i think that by the end getting hillary to come come to the wedding, i think the guy that had a pretty good night was chris christie, he started to do this and i don't think that he would've had the expectation. lou: you didn't like the rand paul exchange? >> the last thing you wanted to see him do is look like a bully.
7:57 pm
they had interesting points that occur both made. i really like him not to the crunch you wanted to smack him. >> i think you could be judged to be right in opposition and that is an interesting thing. >> what is your take? >> i think that this is very important for a number of reasons. he sounded cogent. trump is still the gathering point, but walker and others should of been better and should've been able to make themselves sound out and were unable to do s3 point, but walker and others should of been better and should've been able to make themselves sound out and were unable to do so. lou: sharing what we have gleaned from social media. that is the number one issue in the debate according to all of the chatter and communication in social media that is immigration and the number one name as well as social media.
7:58 pm
and it's going to take a lot to knock him off. >> i think that . >> i think his point about immigration and the reason we're talking about immigration is because of him. that's a fair point. i don't think he'll be the candidate. he's made all the candidates work harder and where they stand on the issues, for that i give him a lot of credit. >> let's be honest, if he hadn't been on the show, it would not be as interesting and a lot of buildup. lou: a lot of intake as they walked out on the stage. >> americans like mavericks and he's the maverick of the moment. lou: it is fascinating and what a show it was. entertainment, education, it's the most exposed more principles and positions in a debate than i've seen in my career. >> as i said earlier, it set the tone, every debate has to have the same kind of questioning. lou: even for the democrats?
7:59 pm
>> ha! good luck. the democrats are not going to have one until the middle of october. lou: i'm sure they'll lead off with us. >> she won't do an interview, let alone a debate. lou: well, we hope a better place. let's keep our fing >>er well, we hope a better pla. let's keep our fingers crossed for that. thanks for being here. ed rollins, thank you, sir. and thank you for being with us. time for a few of your comments. pauline commenting on facebook, trump is so right, said pauline. he is the only one not afraid to say it like it is. malcolm tweeted trump is dominating because he answers questions. the rest are borg professional politicians. paul tweeted to us trump is turning the gop debate into a sideshow, calling our leaders stupid is not statesman like, not presidential like. but it's kind of like, well,
8:00 pm
better not. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. we hope you enjoyed the debates and the analysis every much as bit as we did. ed rollins returning with ann coulter, all here tomorrow. be with us. good night from new york. tonight on "war stories". >> they said you're our president. you're a criminal. >> my arms are black because of the flies and the blood. >> the early days were the only days america lost. >> could we have won? >> easily. >> easily. >> was it doomed from the start? >> you wanted an adviser to tell you what to do. >> i can't get out. i just can't be the architect of surrender. "flashpoint vietnam: the road of war," that's next on "war stories."


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