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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 13, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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pga and great to be with you as well. thank you for i think jo us this morning, that will do it for us, for today, it's time for "varney & company." stuart have a fantastic show, see you tomorrow. stuart: we'll do our best, thanks, maria. relax, everyone, in most of the country the price of goes keeps going down. chicago is a different story. good morning, everyone. a 19 cent per gallon spike of the cost of gas in the chicago area. there's a refinery problem. several states are close to the $2 a gallon level. the economy is getting a shot in the arm. hillary's e-mail, someone changed the markings on top secret documents, who did that and why? and joe biden is sounding out allies on a 2016 bid. no surprise there. right now the democrats call, what some call a wounded front runner. >> on the republican side, who
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is moving up? dr. ben carson, mild-mannered soft spoken brain surgeon, that's different. it's thursday, august 13th, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> first out of the box, will you look the a the video from china? at least 50 people noup now in the death toll, 12 firefighters there. they were killed when an explosion hit a port city of tianjin. more than a thousand firefighters brought into the city. the blast began late wednesday at a warehouse for hazardous material. ashley, that video is extraordinary. ashley: it really is. stuart: more details. ashley: this is tianjin, two
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hours drive from beijing. the death toll is going to go higher. and it blew out windows and buildings for a mile and a half where this happened. this company who handles dangerous good and had a tankerload of explosives that came in, has been cited for safety violations for china spr >> i think that beijing will have a tough time keeping a lid on this, because the company responsible here, investigated five times and nothing happened. >> five violations for unsafe packaging which is what we believe could have been-- >> there's always a problem with china in this event and the civil reaction to it. >> oh, yeah, right. stuart: the political dissent here liz: e-mack here. when we've had hazardous events in china or like this, the government tries to down size
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it, we're cutting the supplies for maintenance work and others are-- when in the age of the smartphone, the fire ball up in the sky. it's the government-- >> at the start, western journalists were kept out of the hour. >> typical. >> you can't restrict cell phones. >> we're checking out the markets right now, how are we going to open up this morning, the answer is ever so slightly lower. china has lowered the value of its currency, one more time, three days in a row. vets are kind of shrugging is off. and 17-3 is where the dow will op. this is bad news, no, good news, no, bad news. get it right. a spike of 3 cents up overnight.
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a refinery in indiana is down because of electrical problems. that is affecting the supply in the midwest. now, that's where the spike is concentrated. look at this, in chicago, 13 cents a gallon in the city, 19 cents in the chicago metro area, up, just one gallon up, 13, 19 cents just overnight. and that's the bad news. the good news, outside the midwest, gas is still going down, and the cheapest is south carolina, and the state average is 2.17. phil flynn joins us from chicago. all right, phil, the big picture is there's a problem in the midwest. is that temporary and is the downside move for the rest of the country staill in place? >> certainly parts of the country, the down side move may continue, but it's going to slow and in the midwest, this trouble is not going to go away anytime soon. the latest reports we're getting out of the bp refinery,
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it could be down for as much as 30 days. now, what we're losing here in the midwest right now is close to 12 million gallons of gasoline per day, per day. so every day that goes by, 12 mill is wiped off supplies. other refiners have to rise up to the occasion to fill that void and it's difficult to do. so the price spikes in the midwest are going to continue. >> what about the he is r of the country though? the rest of the country, the big area, still going down. >> it is. >> although you say it's going to-- it's going to slow down? >> it does. because once you-- a major refinery in the midwest goes down, it has a trickle effect that spreads throughout the parts of the country. first chicago and then the rest of the midwest. what happens is that these refineries have to bring in crude oil and products from our areas and keeps it well supported. while some parts of the country continue so tee--
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see the prices go down, it's in many, many states. >> okay, we hear you, phil flynn, thank you for joining us, meanwhile, the price of oil is actually down this morning at the $42 per barrel rate and that's where we are with crude oil. and thanks, goodbye. >> politics, congressman darrell issa wants a criminal investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. the fbi investigation, i think that's going to slow things down a lot. it's going to be long time, probably, before there's a full report. do you think in congress you can speed things up? >> no, i don't. one of the reasons is that i subpoenaed documents which would have included some of hillary's documents more than two years ago. the practical reality is that the state department stands between hillary and the congress.
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they stand between hillary and the ig. in fact, this administration is carefully making sure that even if documents are eventually delivered, they really don't get very far. the ig himself. there was no state department ig during the time that hillary was secretary of state. but that ig receives 40 documents and finds about five of them to have classified material. that reality is you should have been looking at 30,000. the ig, there should be unfettered access to the inspector generals of their area period. if the justice department wants to put a special prosecutor on it, they will get the documents and they will sort through them and they will immediately begin dealing with who disclosed classified information. up until now, stuart--
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>> darrell, it just seems like endlessly, there is delay. we've been dealing with this for a long, long time. the crisis, if you can call it that, seems to be speeding up. the events are developing very, very quickly and why et-- yet, we've not gotten to the truth yet, the e-mails, what's in them. >> you don't need to know what's in an e-mail, especially if it's secret. we know what we need to know. hillary clinton lied and she had multiple e-mails and blackberry and she hosted in her home not just for herself, but for employees in the state department. she, through that server, was responsible for classified information being hosted on the servier and sent and received. stuart: and i've got to interrupt you, the news this morning is that somebody changed the labeling on those top secret documents, somebody got rid of the label top secret and then sent it to hillary
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clinton. that's the news this morning. that's a crime, i believe. >> well, if the somebody, if it was huma or somebody else that worked for the secretary, you have to say, well, you know, who was she serving. but again, the crime, if you will, is reckless endangerment of the job. hillary clinton created the server, allowed it to be posted, put people on it, and when hillary clinton receives information which is sensitive and, please, stuart, for your listeners, don't focus on documents, on classified documents, if sensitive information, people who have clearances, like i have, like hillary has still, like her assistant huma and others had, we're responsible not to disclose sensitive information. if we see a document that says something and we've been told something in a different briefing, we have a responsibility to realize that that could be classified information and not send it
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unclassified format. hillary clinton was receiving information and sending information which was classified. if somebody doctored the document, to make them look not classified, that doesn't change the practical reality. she was responsible, she caused this to happen and what we need is a criminal investigation to find out all the people involved and they need to be quickly in that-- >> i want to hear from the fbi, if they've got the server and the thumb drives, i want to know what the fbi has found and i want to know soon because this is a developing cries ser here, last point to you. >> last point, stuart, the select committee on benghazi should be expanded to be a select committee including this wrong action and it should be and i'm going to say this, like watergate, it's now the cover up and the other wrongdoing. congress has an obligation to expand it because although the
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people who died in benghazi are important, this collateral activity should be investigated. stuart: i've got to go congressman. got to be. thank you for being with us, on a very important subject. appreciate it. now, got to get to the wall street journal. they are reporting that joe biden is talking to allies in south carolina where he's on vacation. he's seriously considering a presidential run. i want to bring in david. back again. which candidate would you like your republican to go up against, what do you think is most beatable, joe biden or hillary clinton? >> stuart, i think both are beatable because both represent a third term for barack obama's policies, which americans certainly don't want, but the fact is-- >> who would you prefer to go up against? >> the only reason that joe biden is considering it, if clinton was a term in the
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dictionary, it would be evasiveness ap secrecy. hillary is bringing this on herself. voters like to soar with eagles not hang out with carping dogs or yelping dogs. the facts are on our side with inn had, let the facts come out. there's a reason why she's extremely unfavorable. republicans don't need to continue to pile on to try to make her look bad. she's doing that all herself. stuart: okay. what do you make of ben carson? he's coming on strong, what do you make of him? >> stuart, anybody that can split siamese twins and take half brain out and the patient lives, should be rising in the polls. i talked with a few of his campaign folks who feel pretty good about where they are. they have 6,000 donors throughout iowa as we look toward the first caucus that they think give them a good base of support to start with.
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if estimates are right and you're going to need 24,000 votes in order to win the iowa caucus, he's well on his way. he needs to keep doing strong debate performances, he needs to keep spending time there. his campaign tells me that they spent three days, at three different events in iowa the days after his debate performance and got larger crowds than he'd ever gotten before. ben carson is on the rise. keep an eye on him. stuart: we will, david, thank you for joining us. more on joe biden mulling a run for the presidency. we have a democrat insider joining us next. wouldn't abiden run split the party? first though, this, i'm going to call this dramatic cell phone video capturing two tractor-trailers colliding on the new jersey turnpike and others caught it as it unfolded. we'll play you the whole video. can a business have a mind?
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a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. >> oh, those cell phones are
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everywhere, sometimes catching extraordinary video, look at this. >> oh, my-- (screams) >> oh, my god! . stuart: the video tells the story, two tractor-trailers collided last night on the new jersey turnpike. it occurred before 8:00 last night and one of the trucks caught fire as you can see, one of the drivers comes running out of his truck and he's actually on fire as you can see right there. and it's disturbing stuff. >> the two drivers in the collision suffered minor injuries incredibly, that's the good part of this. stuart: there you have it, all right, you've seen it, and i'm sure we'll see other cell phone video as it becomes available, there it is. to politics again, please. the political season for the next 16 months. vice-president biden thinking about a 2016 run. here is former clinton advisor
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doug schoen who is grinding his ax this morning. give us the odds, does biden run? >> it's clear he wants to run and he's checking to see if there's the financial and political support to do it, stuart. stuart: okay, well, liz mack is looking through the computer and looking at a gallup poll, 45% of those wants-- >> democrats and independents leaning democrats want him to run. stuart: 47% don't. that's split. >> yeah, and the hillary people don't want him to run and i think people who are not now supporting the former secretary of state probably are much more open to the prospect. stuart: it looks to me like the democrats are flat-out split, does the obama camp, which i think would like joe biden to run. >> i think that's-- >> and the clinton camp. it's not good when a party is split down the middle, you
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guys. >> the republicans are split, i think in 17 ways, stuart, a guy by the name of trump out there. you're right, it's absolutely the case that the more fissures in the democratic party, particularly with 24 million people being enthusiastic, i think, most observers feel is a well-handled republican debate. stuart: here you've got a candidate, hillary clinton, the wounded queen in the words of washington post. and now you've got the e-mail problem that's surfaced all the way. and this is going to drag on through the rest of this year. that's a huge liability for the democrats, isn't it? >> look, it absolutely is. we were talking about new hampshire where apparently there's more sentiment for biden. hillary's 7 points behind bernie sanders there. stuart, this is a crisis in her campaign. you asked her if she's ever going to call me. after i say which i think the truth is, which is she's
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hanging on a precipice now, i'm not expecting any calls. ashley: what would you tell her? >> i would say take the gloves off and start attacking not only jeb bush like she did, but your opponent sanders and stop with the hiding and pretending you can't do interviews. come on air. ashley: she'd have a hard time answering the questions. stuart: if she has indeed covered up the use of top secret information, that's a real problem. you can't come clean about that, can you? >> you can't get elected press hiding in a bunker liz: would you advise her to testify in front of congress this october regarding benghazi? >> i think she has to do it and come clean. stuart: do you think she'll still be the candidate for nominee? >> stuart, when i was on a couple of weeks an ago and you asked the question and i said i'm almost certainly that's the
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case. now i'm less certainly, things are trending decidedly in the wrong direction. stuart: doug schoen. thank you for being with us. the first round of the championship, rory mcilroy and spee spieth. now there's a rivalry, good for golf. mcilroy and spieth.
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>> the pga's championships last major of the year and it's already started in whistling straits, wisconsin. and a big rivalry here which may be for good for golf. jordan spieth and ashley, zack johnson. ashley: just won the british open and what a threesome, they'll play for the next few days. and they've played together in three of the last eight tournaments, spieth and mcilroy and they have great respect for each other liz: it's exciting. stuart: you don't think it's as exciting at all liz: as exciting as soccer. stuart: wait a minute. [laughter] trying to get you going. stuart: we've got zack johnson. ashley: yeah. stuart: just won the british open. ashley: yeah. stuart: and injury dan spieth the u.s. open. rory mcilroy
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liz: you're just as excited about soccer as you are this. stuart: listen to this, record tax revenue. more coming into the treasury and we're not paying our way, we've got a massive deficit, what is going on? the opening bell is next.
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>> let's see where we're going to open the market today. we'll find out for sure in ten seconds. we're expecting a modest drop, 20 or 30 points and the dow closed yesterday right at 17-4. here we go. the trading session has yet now begun and we are indeed slightly lower. don't expect a great deal of movement in the early going. now we're up 4. that's pretty much dead flat market. i want to get straight to numbers that we received early this morning, 8:30 eastern time. it's basically dedescriptive of the state of the economy. the sales up in july. joining us, ashley, liz, larry levin there and michael pinto next to him. let's get to retale sales, ashley. ashley: up .6% in july and take out energy and you're up .4%. more impressive was the revision to last month. we had ex-auto number a number
9:31 am
minus 1% and raised questions about the economy and that's now revised up, to plus .3%. >> can i say that this looks likes a ho-hum economy. >> 2%. waiting for five years, stuart. and revised up a little bit, but not much. it's 2% economy. stuart: 2% economy. agreed? larry levin, you want to come in on this, 2% economy? >> and what it does, stuart, probably keeps the chances where they are for the fed to raise interest rates and i think that's really, as far as marks are concerned, that's where you've got to take it. >> is that the whole story? will the fed raise interest rates? yes or no? larry, is that the story on the markets all the time? >> that's the story on the retail sales, if you're going to look at it and see the interest rates rise a little bit today. >> well, the fed always gets it
9:32 am
wrong. i think that the state should drain its balance sheet and let the market decide where the interest rate is. commodity prices, there's 19 commodities. they're the panic lows of 2009. the fed will start raising rates, good for them. a flat yield curve in the recession. >> they're there from the get-go. larry come back in again, please, because we've talked earlier on the show about a gas price spike in chicago. >> yeah. >> what do you pay? did you see it last night? >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, it's about the refinery and i watched jeff flock earlier in the morning and that's what you're talking about. one thing you've got to think about, stuart, oil and gas prices have dropped so much, it's a rubber band. the bigger we see the movement on the down side, the bigger the bounceback effect when something happens in the market like the refinery. and you've got a lot of people
9:33 am
short the markets and buying them back and pushing the market higher when you see that news come out because of the big drop. but exciting news for drivers. gas buddy, predicting $1.99 a gallon back by christmas time. >> and that's the prediction. the national average went up 3 cents last night at 2.61 because of the refinery problem in indiana which is moving midwest prices up. butt tomorrow line, let's see if everyone agrees with it. bottom line, a spike in the midwest, but in the rest of the country the gas prices are coming down. >> agreed. >> liz? >> bad news, not good news liz: what's the bad news about that? >> in the long-term, everybody likes the falling commodity prices, but the start of the last decade, 2000, 2008, what were gas prices doing? going up. very high correlation to this group. when it drops from the barrel
9:34 am
in 2008. when they bottomed in march of 2009, good news or bad news. a correlation between-- >> i'm going to call you macro buddy from now. >> mr. varney, sir, sir. stuart: all i want to say is that i want the gas-- >> i did, too, but i like demand and there isn't any, just asked chinese. stuart: higher revenue, higher profit, stronger demand for the product, right here in america. cisco not a door-stopper, 29, up above $25. kohl's disappointing sales, don't do that, down she goes, 6 of a percent, don't do that. shake shack, there is some wonky stuff going on. can you cut right at it and tell me what's with shake shack? >> if i say secondary
9:35 am
overallotment. stuart: you get the buzzer. [buzzer] . [laughter] i wanted it so badly. and i will tell you that, you know how we have so much oil and there's a glut of oil and oil prices went down? it's the same sort of concept. there are going to be new shares available of shake shack so there will be more when the stock comes done. that's reason one, 4 million shares, plus, available. and the second reason, these are private equity, people, firms, the founder himself, the restauranteur, denny meyers, while making these available and that's the problem. why are these insiders selling? and that's sort of the mental part of it. it's the latest thing here is that they did great. shake shack lined up the doors and sales surged and everybody loves the burgers. stuart: by the way, wonky, woo he have' got a translator along the bot to many of the screen. you can't see it, but we've got
9:36 am
a translator in there. and shake shack down. >> way higher than the ipo price. stuart: and lauren, sandra, nicole, tune in weekday every morning for the day in money. and gold, 1100 an ounce. larry haven't you been saying that gold was a buy when it drops below 1100. have you been vindicated? >> and i have been since i was buying below 1100. it's a technical play and a lot of shorts got shaken up, too, and it's interesting to watch above 1100 liz: big headline, larry, global demand for gold down 12%. you know, gold is often a market enthralled with momentum. it's a faith-based play.
9:37 am
>> and a lot in asia lost their appetite for gold. >> whether they're buying gold for jewelry and things like that. if the interest rates go up, you'll see gold go higher. >> china, doesn't that gold look more attractive as a safe haven. >> the global currency debasement derby. everybody wants to resurrect their currencies and zero. do you think that people in china, japan in europe want to buy gold or fiat currency? >> gold. >> gold. >> it ain't going to 1900 like in 2011. >> it will go to 5,000 eventually. stuart: do we all agree? >> no. >> eventually $5,000. stuart: we're not agreed on for $5,000 for gold about you
9:38 am
turmoil probably makes it go up? >> no. >> and larry, my premise is that the currency mess, a dive to the bottom in currency values is good for gold. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. especially when gold is sitting at the recent lows like it has. regardless, i think that gold is going up. >> if that were true, that would be at 1500. >> but it's-- i can't do it again. >> gold goes higher. >> i'm moving to the stock price of apple, okay? >> here we go. stuart: i'm done with it and done with the fed, i'm looking at apple. $115 per share, that's the opening brings, had it been down because of china and announced back a little and there's news today they want you to use your ipad when you're running a small business, because the ipad a sales are way, way down. are you buying at 115?
9:39 am
>> not 115, 110. stuart: and why? >> i was mostly out of stocks since 200014. and the fed is going to raise the rates and all stocks will be on sale except for maybe gold mines. what is the dow up for the year. 2%, s&p up 1%. i'd rather be in cash, short the market and then-- >> you all it yourself long enough, you can call yourself a seer. but the markets have gone up since 2014. obviously, because of india, not just china. and 2014 is when i've been mostly out of the market and happy to do so. stuart: i think we've got this. what about this one twitter removes the 140 character limit on direct messages. if you're not technical, this is what it means, a private message sent between you and i, you don't have to worry about the 140 character restriction
9:40 am
any longer. is this a big deal, ashley. stuart: swatter opens so, now they can go the whiney rats, et cetera only stuart varney's night pair. people can go on and on and on about the price of things in china. and if i wanted to go onnen on. >> i'm not sure if it's going to cause anybody to look at an ad on twitter liz: that's where the rub he hits the road. not sure it will get you there. stuart: a record amount of money collected in taxes in kt 0 through july. that period. look at this, 2.6 trillion dollars, actually a little bit more than 2.6 trillion, but ashley, to bring in this record amount of money in taxation, worlds are spending.
9:41 am
>> nl l500 which shows me our producer says the number couldn't fit on the screen. ashley: that works out 17, 959 for every person tax brought in. stuart: that's tax for each and every one of those. ashley: those that are working full or parment they contributed almost 18,000 in taxes in the month. >> they can't stop overspending. >> you guys-- >> way to bring it back to gold. >> the dollar was up from 80 on the dxy and now backing off. guess what, it's going lower. even against the flawed currencies like the yen and euro. and do you remember as a parody? >> it's not going away. >> do you want to take your way
9:42 am
so for. so far away from being entrepreneur and running things, not at a deficit or a profit, but they're lost and it's unfortunate. >> you've got it. check the big board, please. 12 minutes into the trading session, they're down 32 points, that means the dow at 17,369. okay. the clinton family, no stranger to scandal. whitewater, monica lewinsky and now hillary's e-mails. doesn't matter says the los angeles times. memorials -- millennials, they don't remember that scandal-laden history. >> when families are strong, america is strong. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> i want them out as soon as they can get out. >> will you demand it? >> they're not mine. what difference at this point does it make?
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>> the dow jones industrials a c1 >> the dow jones industrials average in the very early going is down nearly 30 points. do look at alibaba, please, bouncing back, took a big hit. it's not much of a bounceback. alibaba is at 74, but it's not going further down, at least not at this moment. 74 on ally goaba. the irs is seizing money on business wrongfully and not go giving it back. congress demanding giving back the money and even democrats are outraged about this. >> and even charlie rangel is now mad about this. give the small businesses their money back, and what's going on, businesses were making cash deposit under the $10,000 limit. you've got to report when everybody does that they could be a drug money launderer or terrorists. the businesses didn't know this, and they have yet to take the money back and the
9:47 am
commissioner apologized in congress and department of justice says we changed the y doles and not prosecuting the changes. and they're sitting on neither a quarter billion bucks taken by the irs. stuart: a quarter billion. >> nearly ang tuarter billion. give that money back, back with interest. stuart: by the way, one of the small business owners, a farmer, who had tens of thousands of dollars seized, he's going to join neil cavuto on coast to coast at noon eastern today. a very interesting story liz: i'm going to be with neil talking to the dairy farmer who has got more than half his money still sitting at the irs yet to be returned to him and his wife. stuart: wow. reminds me of zimbabwe. >> or russia. stuart: someplace. ãc1 aack it hillary. think all the scandals over the past 30 years will come back to alaunt her with young v l.a. times says, think again.
9:48 am
the millennials don't know about the scams of the past. ãc1 aring in lisa booth. >> hi, stuart. stuart: would it be ty doe for millennials, hillary's image is free college and debt for giveness, and nothing to do with monica lewinsky and whitewater. >> i don't refute the fact that millennials are as familiar with whitewater? that's irrelevant because hillary clinton is facing a full investigation from the fbi and likely that she broke federal law, millennials are astute enough to the fact that hillary clinton cannot be trusted. and the clinton dynasty. the poll says majority of americans do not trust hillary clinton. i thior r it's an uphill battle she's facing there. stuart: it's a powerful appeal to youngsters, isn't it. i'll give you free college, i'll forgive your debt.
9:49 am
i'll give your parents, what, zero through four day care, for heaven's sake. that is a very different image , stom a criminal i's iestigati and i suspect that image of giving you something will rate ab: se a scandal. >> well, you know, i think that, yeah, of course, there is this culture of, you along witp1 the cuyou kural of corruption, culture of handouts and everything is free and i thior it's a perceived notion among some millennials and obviously, alillary clinton is mak play with the tax cuts and spending to pay for it. i thior r that millennials are bacarter than that and they'll pick up on that and mostly i think they'll pick up on the cuyou kure of cory doption that entails with hillary clinton. we've seen it with the poll with mtonority of americans not trusting hillary clinton. stuart: if there were a vote today and somehow assemble the millennials in america and have
9:50 am
a vote and it was between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, who do you think would win? >> i thior r they would probato support bernie sanders and you see in the polls he has more enthusia bac as young americans but it's important to note with hillary clinton, it's not just the ty dost factor she's facing if you look at polling, she's lost grounds with key constituencies, a, stican-americans, white wome as well and she's facing problems noret stuart: it sounds like you're desperately defending a rear guard action here. youimenow how you want millennials to fe, w, but you don't know that they feel like this. iasteimeind of hearing that. >> i believe there's a national poll showing the enthusiasm gap with millennials and demohe eat. and we'll see how it plays out. i think that hillary clinton is going to have a day ficuyou k t generating the youth turnout that president obama did because, let's face it, she's not as exciting as a candidate and also, stuart, that's if she's still standing after this
9:51 am
federal criminal investigation for her server. stuart: i've gotten seconds. if it was millennials voting, trump versus clinton, who wins? >> you know, i don'timenow and that would be very interesting to see. i'd like to see a poll on that, i don't b, wieve i've seen anything. stuart: guess. >> maybe they'd go for ty dobat ls hst because of the sheer celebrity factor and they've seen him on c, wt brierest apprentice. ãketuart: i thior r you're righ lisa, thank you very much. >> thaor r you, stuart, always great to be with you. stuart: you've got it. see you later. we have pro golfer phil michelson, more about his ties to a gambler investigated for insider trading. more in a moment. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
9:52 am
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9:55 am
>> here are the big stories this hour, hillary clinton's private-- first of all, let me tell you about monsteig may i do that, please. monster beverage is up five bucks a day and one of the biggest g piners in the s&p 500, they've got an upgrade from morgan stanley, caffeine, i ãc1 a, wieve, s, wls well. ashley: it does. stuart: that was sarcasm. and golfer phil mich, wson and his ties to a professional gambl gambler investigated for insider tradinhe'
9:56 am
>> that person is thomas davis, the former chairman of dean hat poon's, as you sae d of passing on a tip about his company to a professional, a tiording to investbat ators turned that tip onto phil michelson and that's the line that we're followinhe' interesting, davis retired, didn't retire, resigned unexpectedly last friday and gave me reason and s pid it's poll tri. >> can you see the chain of events the chairman of dean foods passes on to gambler and on to phil michelton. >> inse ther trading with phil michelson? they're probing. >> there's an allegedly connection. >> let's stay on golf because the pga children, first round thereof is underway. jordan spieth and rory mcilroy
9:57 am
will tee off this afternoon. the associate editor on the talone from wisconsin where the pga championship is being played, we're saying that this is a rur,alry and a half. ãkepieth and mcilroy and at the same time teeing up altogether, zack johnson and ãkepieth- mcilroy, that's good r golf? >> i would say. pga players l: se to downplay the idea of rivalry, every time the media asks them about it, oh, no, no, we're great frienn's and love to compete against each other, as a fan, as a media memuer, i say no wa ru iimenow that definitely rory mcilroy coming back this week. iaste sure that the fact that gamblrdan spieth is clipping at his heels as number two at this point is incentive for rory. ale wants to claim his the game and it's going to be great theater for the fan.
9:58 am
ãketuart: 2:20 the threesome tes off. thanks, check with you lateig alillary clinton's e-ma scandal now revealed somebody changed the top secret marenengs of the at ngry equals overshopp. do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva respimat. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops.
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10:00 am
stuart: these are the top stories at this hour. hillary clinton's private e-mail server. some reports say was blank when she turned it over to the fbi. other reports say the documents are separate dory and the documents have the top-secret markings removed. vice president joe biden reaching out to old allies getting the clearest indication yet that he is considering a run for the presidency. why the decision could split the democratic party down the middle. another car half, this time a corvette to control the car's brakes.
10:01 am
huge explosion on the new jersey turnpike. two vehicles collided in a fiery crash into the second hour of "varney & company" starts right now. ♪ here we go with breaking news on mortgage rates. we just received a freddie mac 30 year fixed rate level. 3.94% has very little change from last week still well below 4%. if you're looking for a mortgage or two refi, more on that just a few minutes from now. 394 is the average on 30 year fixed-rate loans. those of us who grew up in court houses in the 70s it's astonishing. down 47, 46, 48 points. gas prices with a spike of 3 cents nationwide overnight.
10:02 am
despite concentrated in the midwest. more about in the second second. now the national average is 261. here's a spike in the midwest. a refinery offline in indiana might be down for a month and that has resulted in an obvious bike around the midwest region. twenty cents in michigan, 24 in ohio. 0.0. we have a viewer coming to nice in northern indiana who says she paid to 39 on monday and now it is 299 in northern indiana. >> that is inflation no notice very quickly. stuart: gas buddy joins us. is this bike especially in the midwest. we've heard reports that might be out for a month. is that accurate in what is it due to prices in the midwest in that timeframe? >> that is what we're starting to hear. you are the first program we
10:03 am
talked about this on tuesday i believe it was warning of this. indeed it could last. elevated prices for three to four weeks before a return to what you would call normal levels or non-free handle prices. this is something starting to hit a specially in chicago. i couldn't believe on my couldn't believe that my weigh-in this morning some stations have gone up 20 cents. there's still opportunity here. stuart: the spike in the midwest region may spill over little to the rest of the country. as of right now, where are the cheapest dates? >> among the cheapest in the south you commit the gulf coast refineries and product north. find cheap gas in south carolina, tennessee, arkansas. if you take a road trip, keep in mind low oil prices outside the midwest seen falling prices
10:04 am
throughout the east coast in the south. stuart: are you still saying in the rest of the country come in the mid-atlantic states in the south we will around $2 a gallon by the end of the number? >> i just got hotter in here. we will still see that. the midwest i'm holding out hope with season 2-dollar-gallon prices. after the refineries online, give it a few weeks. by mid to late autumn we will see prices trickle back. a lot is contingent on if the refinery will be back online or send a new develops. stuart: such a huge region of the country would be adversely affected by one refinery. that really is astonishing. does not tell you the refining capacity is extremely tight all over the country and one refinery is a problem all over the part of the country. >> absolutely. i'd be a big advocate of build
10:05 am
another major refinery for two or three. goldman sachs upgraded the blood of refineries. stuart: they'll never liked you. 25 years before you could build a refinery in the united states of america these days. thank you for joining us, patrick. this could read the aftermath of a deadly blast in china. the northern city of tianjin with a mushroom cloud in the sky. 50 people now dead. more than 700 hospitalized that most patients treated for burns. officials say it is unclear what caused it all although they confirm it started in a warehouse packed with hazardous materials. the explosion was so strong was picked up as an earthquake in beijing 200 miles away. did you say the move to explicit materials into a hazardous
10:06 am
waste? >> the facility cited five times before for unsafe packaging in this warehouse. is a history here but the combination of dangerous chemicals and explosives was a disaster waiting to happen. stuart: beijing will have a hard time. we've dealt with markets in the explosion in china. new polls from iowa. donald trump leads 22%. dr. ben carson on this program yesterday 14% moved up to second place. wisconsin governor and third place has dropped to 9% support. i'm the democrat side, hillary clinton 50% ahead of bernie sanders for 31%. joe biden undeclared of course has still been getting 12% of the vote. two big developments in the e-mail scandal. state department officials
10:07 am
confirmed top secret classified information sent on her personals are rare. new revelations that a clinton insider changed the markings on top-secret documents. joining us now, patrick brennan. what do you make of the new revelations? sort through the technicalities. where does hillary stand? >> basic truth as it seems hillary was transferring the most classified information we have on her e-mail server in westchester. she has a real problem. every real news that breaks here is making it much worse than not any better. >> somebody changed the classification on the documents, change the wording, the label, took off top secret. that is a big deal because who did it, why did they do it and is that a crime?
10:08 am
>> it is going to be a real problem. we will find out because it is clear the bureaucracy really care about this stuff. i'll get thrown in jail for things like this. we don't know exactly what she's done and what her main intent on, but we will find out relatively soon. stuart: as soon as the fbi and authorities get a hold of that, you know, they don't start saying we found this are found now. they are very thorough. they take their time before they say anything. >> with the investigation has proceeded already is a federal judge saying she wasn't going to hold onto e-mails. they had to be released. it just seems this is despite the fact will the fact that we do what does the obama justice department, fbi are not taken their time with this. stuart: they say in public this
10:09 am
is just another scandal. we expect to have this upon us were in the race. until the november election will happen. do you think there's more substance? are they in panic mode? >> i think they are. they have not uses it all they can say is this is a clinton scandal. that is not a good defense and they have no excuse for what's going on. stuart: they could make somebody else take the fall. this person removed the top-secret document. they did it. >> that is one now. not a very promising one. stuart: i'm reading between the lines a new sound like it's a very serious problem for hillary clinton. >> i am optimistic. stuart: you are optimistic? >> that this is a problem. stuart: do you think that shall be a nominee? do you think she'll survive it?
10:10 am
remains the case that democrats who could challenge her are joe biden don't seem interested in its getting late for them to jump in. stuart: just wait. joe biden on vacation or a couple more weeks. back to the mortgage break. up a fraction from last week, till very low on and historical scale. 3.94%. 30 year fixed-rate mortgage. 3.94%. jason meister is a real estate guy joins us again. you're sticking to your message. get out there and refinance with a 30 year fixed. >> i remained unchanged. >> what is possibility of going down one more? >> week to week it could go a little bit lower or higher. for the most part it will remain relatively flat. i think we are due for a takeoff
10:11 am
on this raise. the fed will raise rates by next month with a 50% shot i'm not. >> if that's the possibility, you are saying jump in now, don't delay, sleep well at night, take a 30 year fixed-rate though. you don't think rates might go down a bit more? >> i think you lock in now. in a five-year adjustable below 3% and stay for five years. >> i like the certainty of a 30 year period stuart: but you are a young guy. >> i am conservative. stuart: you are sticking to it because that's what you said last night. jason, we appreciate you being with us. am i about to talk football
10:12 am
again? have you seen that tom brady corpora and sketches that have gone by role? lauren harris in case you missed it. >> have you seen them? the longtime courtroom sketch artist jane rosenberg apologizing for unflattering drawing of quarterback tom brady. tom brady is et bair. they actually superimposed on social media that face at the actual courtroom sketch in making fun of it. were supposed to show you that one first. stuart: did she apologize? >> shoot definitely apologize. there's a soundbite replayed earlier says he was so him somebody was looking down the whole time. i was nervous. i've been doing this for years. that is the best i guy.
10:13 am
stuart: giselle would not marry that sketch. >> colts fans are getting sweet justice for their loss to the patriots are in the afc championship. a worker at an indianapolis brewery scan 20,000 cans of with tom brady starts. 20,000 cans. he wasn't fired for doing that. now his scans have to get approved. william shatner is hosting a "star trek" reason time for the 50th anniversary in 2017. their last scene. ashley: had to really come to this? stuart: you are too young to remember the heyday of "star trek" in the 1960s. >> i like "star trek."
10:14 am
>> it must be the cruise i find a little amusing. pitching pipeline -- priceline. >> cheryl, you have to wait to book your tickets. stuart: 5:00 tomorrow you will see lauren and nicole and everybody tomorrow morning at 5:00. people now spending more on rent than ever before. it's eating up a third of the average paycheck. the fiery video comic crash in new jersey on the term -- turnpike.
10:15 am
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10:17 am
stuart: here is what is coming out right now at the center of the irs targeting scandal, lois lerner called gop investigators easily and dishonest. more detail, please.
10:18 am
>> "politico" delved into the thousands of e-mails released regarding lois lerner. she accuses gop investigators of being evil and dishonest. investigators of hatemongering. the gop message is hateful. somehow while the government is now evil and all this bugaboo about my waiver of the privilege is. there you go. it is interesting because she's basically saying i am being made out and i have every right to have no comment because everyone has a right to say nothing. she does not like those people. evil, dishonest type of people. we have another car hack for you. first it was cheap and then gm, tesla, all of them hacks. hackers take control of corvette by using text messaging. turning on windshield wipers and
10:19 am
will. here to explain it all. first of all, what do they use to do this? >> they use test messages into the port on your dashboard or you can hook in insurance checks or a fleet vehicle they can make sure you're not beating. they went to report that on every car. stuart: it was a pretty organized, task on a trial run. >> this is a proof of con that hack if you will. it wasn't like i said we'll get one over there. still brings up a lot of concern about people hacking into cars that were not aware of it. stuart: the good guys did it. to tell the automobile makers this is what we can do. >> much the same light with the jeep had all those carried out dangerously. they were proving they could do it and they didn't say this is how we did it.
10:20 am
we will give those to chrysler so they can fix the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. stuart: it seems to me this could be done and is not detectable. if i was a malicious hacker and wanted to nail you, i could mess up your brakes as you're driving along and no one would know what happened because there's no trace. >> i'm not a coder, but you could easily write some malicious software that would delete it felt once they've completed a task. we've seen issues with the onstar system and the chrysler system. the cars are very connected now with wi-fi networks, onboard computers that keep track of everything and make it more reliable. it also makes them very well connected. if you can call in onstar system and pay my car has been stolen and they can disengage the engine, so could someone else who could get into it. skynet is not self-aware just
10:21 am
yet. >> there's got to be firewalls put up. that's extremely expensive and out of makers have to do with. >> the automakers should be hiring the packers and then fix problems as they come out. stuart: brett larson as always, thank you. coming up, and extraordinary catch every quick field. a cubs player peeps onto guitar. wait for it, wait for it. also, joe biden sending his clearest signal yet that he could be running for the president be. why this could split the democrats right down the middle. more "varney & company" and -- in a minute. or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more
10:22 am
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10:25 am
stuart: because we show you a little baseball, we thought we would show you this again because it's a great catch. he reaches out. fantastic. let me tell you what we've got. the show coming out. utah has declared a state of emergency. the orange tide has made its way into the state. the governor has vowed to sue the epa for a great deal of money. we are up on that story. palmer scored even lower marks of the public. just 14% of the people say if doing good job. meanwhile the government taking in a record amount of tax dollars. $2.6 trillion so far this year. more on that shortly. nobody should be surprised that "the wall street journal" headline this morning. biden is sounding out allies on
10:26 am
a 2000 invade. translate, as hillary sinks and run into top-secret trouble, vice president biden could be the guy who built the democrats now. politics is a risky business. nothing certain. not even correlation of the democrats queen. hillary clinton was a shoo-in. now she's not. what was a royal process is not ambushed by self-inflicted wounds with the first primaries looming, democrats must scramble. at the moment turning to bernie sanders was serious doubt the socialists in the white house. no other announced candidates registered in the smallest blip on the polling radar. the search is on for a hillary alternated. a plan b. enter joe biden again. is on vacation in south carolina and the journal says he is sending his strongest signal yet that he got for a campaign.
10:27 am
talking the old friends and allies come the sounding of the party. do you think the republicans are at every which way the 16 candidates? of course they are. worse for democrats. a biden run but split the party. the obama team versus clinton team. if he doesn't run, democrats would have either a damaged candidate or a socialist. politics is no longer boring. is entertaining. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> not doing that much until the stock prices right now. we are with down 34 points that's it. look at am l please. they've got a big exposure in china where the economy is in some trouble, and they've revalued the currency. 115 on a it will right now. oil and gold both hitting 6-year lows recently but the story this
10:31 am
morning is oil. will you look at that? down a dollar 16, 4214 as we speak. that's a big drop and it is happening right now, today. gas prices, though, they spiked 3 cents nationwide. that's largely because of a huge refinery problem in the midwest. where prices spiked that raised up natural average 261 right now. now the good news, though, is outside the midwest where gas is still going down. cheapest is south carolina with average 2.17. how about that? and this one from our viewers gas for a buck 99 from clearwater, south carolina, and enjoy it kevin a buck 99 is where i want to be. [laughter] joe biden talked to the president allies in south carolina, where he's currently on the case about entering the presidential race. fox news digital partner and ted tore chris joins us you have that look on your face it is coif a i told you so. biden gets talking again.
10:32 am
what you think of the odds, the chance of coming into this race? >> so joe biden is not a lunatic. he would not undertake iran just for the sake of doing it because remember he has a family. he has a legacy, he has status to think of all of these factors especially if you think you're going to lose. one to be a weekend candidate now maybe i can win. but then the question is, joe biden is if anything a good democrat and a party man, and he would not leak to be the guy that drove his party off a the cliff. but if hillary clinton really has a problem -- if hillary clinton really, really has a problem, like in the form of the federal bureau of investigations is servers and telling her staff not to delete things if there's a problem here joe biden then has a excuse to say to fellow democrats maybe you need me. >> that would really split the party obama biden versus clintons, that's the two sides
10:33 am
of the democrat party at the moment that would really split them, wouldn't it? >> it would split them and there's no question that if joe bideen got in it would be a tough moment for in thes. you would have your money on hillary clinton right now. but again we're in a phase where we have to say best case for hillary clinton increasingly says facing consequences for facing classified information. then can't you really get to the finish line at all. >> you're saying that maybe there's a fore guy here someone takes -- someone says yeah it was me. i changed labels on top secret stuff and all my fault. do you think that's going to happen? >> seen it before. that is a classic washington move and it is a quadruple clinton move something we've seen many times which is you find the boss say it was me, and you know, you can call me susan -- [inaudible] >> that's a name for the distance fast actually.
10:34 am
>> do you think this is -- is that panic in the clinton camp at the moment? >> i would imagine that in the clinton camp right there's panic among broader democratic elite among democratic establishment there's a fact that this may be getting out of control. there's anxiety, fear because think about it this way, the -- huma abidin is right hand to hillary clinton if she's been told don't delete, if she's been asked to cooperate with investigators this would have a deep chilling effect, and the danger about inevidentibility is this, when everybody says we can't lose, and we have a whole campaign predicated on we are this -- impermeable force to push through, as soon as you say well wait a minute, what if this all falls apart. people get crazy, make stupid decision and show bad judgment. >> what you outlined for our
10:35 am
viewers may not be familiar with huma in this current scandal. >> well, she, of course, is -- became famous or became fails to a broader awngs for things thint her husband sent on the internet which were pictures of himself. so that was anthony weiner but she's long before anthony weiners was anthony weiner huma has been a trusted, local confidant right-hand to hillary clinton. more than just a body woman and handing her files. she's taken on a role of incredible importance, as demonstrated by reporting about where her office and campaign head quarter who is she is and who she represents the clinton world is enormous. if she really is -- part of this investigation, if she really is in this discussion, then that has a terrible chilling effect on the clinton campaign because if it is her, it is everybody. >> do you know for a fact that the elders of the democrat party are pushing joe biden to run?
10:36 am
>> i would based on my reporting and my knowledge i don't know that they're pushing him to run but there's always been a small course of loyal joe biden supporters and those who wanted him to run along. they phoned a more receptive audience among democrats who said well maybe we need to leave the door open to something here. because hillary -- here, in this simple list way i can put it hillary clinton's decision to not cooperate and stone wall 5 months ago looks so stupid, looks so dier now and people say what else don't we know? and that means -- yeah tell us more, joe. tmpghts last one 30 seconds has trump's momentum stalled? >> who knows. i have no -- itit is august. trump and ben carson -- i don't know. but i can tell you this, that the support for donald trump yes there are people who like donald trump but a big chunk of the support for donald trump is a big middle finger to republican
10:37 am
party and republican establishment not as much about trump and saying we're mad at you. >> we hear you. chris as ever thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. >> listen to this, congress scoring even lower marks for the public. just 14% in the latest gallop poll think congress is ding a good job. that is the lowest score so far this year. meanwhile the government is taking more of your money, and former federal taxes. a record intake 2.6 trillion plus that workses out to about 18,000 per worker in the united states. in tax -- to the markets stocks fell out of bed two days this week because of china's devaluation starting i did afternoon things started to turn around. investors are shrugging off the china news. joining us now is adam from sahan what happened to the china story it was end of the world
10:38 am
and then suddenly yesterday, not so bad. we'll buy stocks and up the market. what's going on? >> stock market in the u.s. is strongest gain in town. second thing is we're still in a bold market. it is an agable market in six and a year market and it has a beginning an an end so getting closer to the end and what we've seen is market move side waist take out the latest negative headlines whether it is china, greece, et cetera we're in a sideways pat rn to consolidate last few years moved. its support on the downside question of to expect a new leg lower to continue. if on the upside 21-34 is moved out we can move higher. >> what's your forecast? you manage money what do you tell theming? >> we're in a market therefore it is good to err on side of having exposure to the upside. >> you are stay in the market. you don't sell it off or jump overboard but stay right there. >> negative headlines s&p 500 is below a record high.
10:39 am
>> what would it take for you to tell your clients or who so ever you advise sell it right now. what would it take for that? >> we need to see selling in the market big institution. >> from 171. >> but range bowed if you look at the s&p between 21 and a 34 and 20, and 40 with selling volatility in the middle down, up, we're still moving sideways for seven, eight a months. >> reassuring saying it is okay. >> it is okay because with all of the negativity we're below. >> china greece, everything else. >> bowlish market can fall on barish news that is a fact. >> the time frame concerns me because it is easy to say i'm in for thing long-term but what is that? for some people it may be five years and they have to have liquid assets next five years i think china gets worgs. i don't think it gets better.
10:40 am
>> i fully agree with you. that's why right now if you ask me where we are right now we're in a wearable market. if we see selling we haven't had a 10% correction in s&p in over three years. why? because easy a money from the fed and central banks that's of the crime mary driver of this entire very long. six and a half year market. >> i have to protect my retirement money getting nervous here. adam we appreciate you being with us. thank you. time for the sector report gold stocks some of the worst performers today that's after gold prices hit 6-year lows earlier this week. new mining, baric gold all a dropping as of right now. 1, 2% down. not great performers anyway. how about this? a huge shock caught on tape. could be the largest we've ever seen. weft video, and donald trump leads the republican field i say he's bringing entertainment back to politics. dan on that very subject, next.
10:41 am
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10:42 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. dow jones industrial back and forth action right now, up about 14 points. the s&p up for actually the nasdaq up 11. as investors focused on u.s. throw rather than china what they focus on the fast two days. look at whrornt we have a down day. infact, this is tenth out of 11 down days so the dow question haven't seen that since 2012. here why your dow lead percent helping to keep it in the green
10:43 am
and buck the trend. cisco system at 4.3%. see strong demand in the quarterly report, and oklahoma home deepot kohl's versus dillard's retailers better than expected for the month. kohl's under pressure and dillard's a gained. profit did split. yahoo! bernstein, came to an app performed, and a make sure you start your day right here on fox business at 5 a.m. every day.
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10:45 am
>> problem with cell phones with cameras producers from extraordinary video look at this. look at it please -- >> oh, my god. oh, my god. [screaming] oh, my god. >> all right here's the story two tractor trailer collided last night in new jersey turnpike before 8:00 at niewght. one of the trucks caught fire. as you look closely you'll see one of the drivers jump out of his rig, there he is stop left of your screen running away. pants are literally on fire. legs are on fire. dramatic video for you last night, new jersey. earlier we brought you latest
10:46 am
read on mortgage rates below 4%. 30 president fix averaging now 3.94 this from zillow real estate website rebts is getting less affordable. the affordability story on real estate. >> surely. so how much of your income every month do you spend on rest versus your mortgage in 28 of the metro areas in this country, 15% of annual income goes towards a mortgage. 30% goes to rent. that is double. that mean it is if you're renting with in sphrik if you're renting in austin, texas, you're paying $30% of your annual income and neighbor who owns is 15% of their annual income on a mortgage. >> if you're paying out for the mortgage you get a tax deduct and rent it is high dollar. no tax break at all. >> this is exactly this is a monthly expense. this is highest it has ever been, stuart. it is not good at all. >> who is that in new york
10:47 am
ran -- that guy maybe on point. wall street let's bring in dan shall we? he writes a column every thursday in "the wall street journal" and his latest one today is titled, donald trump the king maker. [laughter] oh, provocation there -- what do you mean by that? >> giving him credit. >> for what? >> well for two things. a maker in politics is who ordains people to run or even to be president. they choose who will be, and in the democratic side he certainly has it within his power to make hillary clinton president by running as a third party candidate repeating what happened with bill clinton and ross in 1992. problem is, that she will win as bill clinton did with under 50% of the fop shore vote in minority presidency i think will be devicive and trump has to decide whether he wants to be -- responsible for that. >> he'll be a queen maker. >> you may say that.
10:48 am
>> but your point is that trump brought energy, excitement welcome and entertainment to the debate. that fulled people into the republican party. not the republican party but watching the republicans. >> he gave those other nine candidates much more of an opportunity to present themselves to the american people than they ever could have hoped it to have gotten. 24 million voters, i mean, stuart. we decide opinion polls on basis of 1200 phone calls. that was 24 million interested people and what they saw was a group of candidates. just set the donald trump phenomenon aside for a second. others were very interesting. very well prepared. they didn't blow themselves up, and the people i talked to the takeaway was these are kind of interesting individuals. these republican candidates, i'm going to start paying attention to them. and i think they got a bump. a push from donald trump, they never could have homed to have gotten otherwise. >> what is this i hear had about a bar or several bars in brooklyn? actually advertising, we're
10:49 am
carrying debate to watch -- that happens -- >> one of the hippest parts of brooklyn a whole string of bar there is and chalk board that says watch the debate here tonight. if they're watching republican primary debate in williamsburg, brooklyn man we have entered an entirely new realm. believe me. >> so donald trump is a king maker because he brings everybody to the debate never would have thought to watch republicans debating in august -- in july. but it happened this time. so i don't know, i don't think he is the one who is going to end up as the nominee. i think that race is too long too expensive starts next february goes all the way to june. all a have primary, but whoever wins, i think will have gotten their boost in that debate by thursday. >> i get up every morning around 3:30 which moons i go to bed early. last thursday night i stay up. i watched the whole thing.
10:50 am
11:03 you watched it all the way through. >> sure. >> did you go into that -- [inaudible] >> i didn't need to. that was the next night. you look at a john kasich answering that question on gay marriage he said gee that was interesting thoughtful answer. they watched chris christie debating with mike huckabee about social security, it kind of opened it up the subject on both sides marco rubio a lot of young people said he looks like me and makes a lot of sense and not threatening. a balance, i think it was just an extraordinary opportunity for these candidates to start the run towards the nomination. >> i have it here. donald trump the team maker the good stuff dan thank you very much indeed. >> good-bye stuart. next inside a trading probe with links to phil mickelson not going away any time soon. former chairman of dean foods is involved in it all. more varney, next.
10:51 am
10:52 am
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10:55 am
investigate whether david was leaking company information to the gambler in turn may have advised phil mickelson. fbi looking into trades by phil in the dean foods stock. now, to robot lawn mowers yes aye robot maker the vac kiewmg cleaner now has goth approval to make a robot lawn mower that could move around the yard by itself cutting all of the grass for you. and the government has to okay the robot because it make use of radio frequencies and another great idea if it works. smooth sailing for boot maker brunswick two a share back in 2008. but to tides shifted out with brunswick ceo dusty mccoy in a fox business exclusive. ahoy, jeff. >> you said exclusively out here in extraordinary beautiful day and smooth sailing for brunswick to both businesses, dusty mccoy.
10:56 am
>> business is doing very, very well 5% in units and 5% in the united states. >> you have been through the height of this industry, and the depth of this industry, and a the recession. >> i sure have. yes so enjoying great times right now jeff. record stock price. great margins the world is good to us. >> i have to ask about currency that has been hurting you in terms the exports? >> in non-u.s. dollars that's caused our top line to be held down by about 4% and just cost us about 30 to 35 million in earnings. >> we have the numbers up on size of this industry. it has really shrunk down from 2000 what do you do to get numbers back up? >> we need to get cost of voting down and continue to bring the market of what people want to use and bring in asian americans and hispanics to voting. >> miewrnt it is to voting -- that's a next job for dusty
10:57 am
mccoy although retiring in february. that is breaking news for us beautiful day ashley wish you were here. >> what a great job you have, beautiful back drop of chicago there. great report, jeff. very picturesque indeed hour three of varney three minutes away. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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11:00 am
stuart: donald trump he is not. dr. ben carson is the candidate with a difference galicia's soft-spoken, never pound the table and yet he is moving up in the polls. he joined us yesterday. as in response to our interview he made a big impact without the theatrics. as candidates go dr. carson is out of the box. he is a brain surgeon, one of the world's best. we haven't seen that on the political stage of a 4. he is black but doesn't make a point of it. he doesn't appear to have
11:01 am
targets. he is not going after every one aggressively. he wants people to come together. he wants consensus. there's something new in this highly charged political atmosphere yet in the debate last week he stood out. nsc of aggressive talking points he moved up the ladder by being calm and relatively low key. that is new. he linked his christian faith to the tax policy. he wants the tie it like a flat tax. he was funny without using nasty 1-liners. as of this morning he is running number 2 to donald trump been iowa and the money is pouring in. 17,000 individual contributors came through right after the debate. she is different and people seem to like their politics without politicians these days. it is a go nowhere stock market.
11:02 am
we are down two points, 17,000, 400. very different story in the oil market. we are up $42.17 a barrel. we went up a bullet $0.03 overnight. most of that came from a blame where an electrical problem in indiana but that pushed prices up in the midwest in that area. gas buddies on the show today, we could see higher prices in the midwest. >> may stick around for three to four weeks, back to normal levels. or non free handled prices. this is something in cities like chicago. stuart: a major story, $0.13 per
11:03 am
gallon hike in one night in the city. in the chicago metro area over night. it is all bad news, gas is going down. and $2.17. hosted by one of our viewers, kevin, $1.99 at the three way station in south carolina. send your pictures, we want drama, $1.99 is a dramatic. new remarkable findings about lois lerner and the irs targeting scandal after policyo took a deep dive into her e-mails. give me some nuggets. >> let's go over the first one. calling the investigators evil and dishonest she says yesterday was a doozy. we have this quote for you, they called me back to testify on the irs can the land she meant to say it took, i took the fifth
11:04 am
again because they have been so leave a land dishonest in my lawyers dealing with them and goes on to say she talks about how she didn't look good and the press took some awful photos. at the first hearing. i look like crap, i don't look like that anymore but serve their purposes of hit mongering to continue to use those images. stuart: did she describe republicans as evil at some point? ashley: her critics as evil. very strong stuff. lots more in here. stuart: she is saying she is a scapegoat. ashley: it is part of an evil gop plan. stuart: hillary clinton's e-mail servers in hands of authorities. the top-secret markings on some of the e-mails have been altered. special report's bret baier is here. i wonder if you could clarify this, this is a fast breaking
11:05 am
story. my understanding is some e-mails which were forwarded to hillary clinton have their label taken off or changed, top-secret, taken off or changed. is that the case? is that what we are talking about? >> we don't know that to be a fact yet from investigators. we do know two of the four e-mails they found in the small sample, the inspector general, non-partisan, they took a sample of 40 e-mails from the thousands of e-mails and found four of the 40 contained classified information. two of the four include top-secret information also marked s c i. that is the highest classification the government has and it included, we are told, satellite imagery and also signal intelligence from foreign governments. it may not have had the markings because it was transferred into
11:06 am
her e-mail from someone else she worked with but it is clear it was classified information. stuart: is getting very technical, very detailed but bottom line, hillary clinton had classified information on her server and she is not supposed to have on her private server. that is the bottom line? >> that is the bottom line and all this stuff about how it was marked in the big picture doesn't matter. many people have gone to prison or paid fines, lost their jobs for mishandling classified information. and this information in her personal server that was not secure is a big problem. stuart: is there a time line for this? when i hear the economy is have the server and they're looking added that implies to me a lot of time will go by before we get some kind of report from the fbi because they want to make sure they have an absolutely dead right dealing with something at this level. there's a time frame involved here. is going to be spread out. >> you will drag on for months.
11:07 am
we don't have a timeline of when they expect to come forward with any revelations from their investigation. it is interesting to see how the fbi and the doj handles this. it is not like the end of the committee, they would be looking for other things specifically on benghazi or the clinton foundation and her work very fit intertwined with her work as secretary of state. the fbi and dlj in general looking at classified elements of this and it will take a long time. stuart: the latest poll out of iowa has her head of bernie sanders. joe biden coming in as an% of the audio if he is not declared as a candidate. former clinton advisor doug shoen, and about this situation. >> there was more sentiment. >> of the res seven points behind bernie sanders.
11:08 am
this is a crisis in the campaign. >> the real crisis in the clinton campaign is pushing joy biden towards making a run and that is the headlines in the wall street journal. more information on the likelihood of a joy biden run? >> increasingly likely, we are talking to many democrats in washington and big fund-raiser is. and that decision would come sooner rather than later. new hampshire looking at the situation with the e-mail scandal, more likely joe biden gets in and he doesn't. stuart: that would be a huge slick in the democratic party, the obama side of things and the clinton camp totally split. that is an eruption in the democrats. >> when the president oversees a couple weeks ago said that i could win a third term, some people in the city saw that as a
11:09 am
signal. who was going to be the best to carry the torch of the obama administration going forward. arguably the obama administration could decide that to be joe biden. stuart: yesterday i spoke to dan carson on this program. in iowa he is pulling in second place behind donald trump, 14% of the vote. what do you think is ben carson's appeal? >> political outsider, not a politician, someone who is authentic, someone who as you mentioned before does not raise his voice that is i see to much and can talk about the issues in a plain spoken way, clearly very intelligent, and a huge bureaucracy, and this electorate, on both sides of the aisle. bernie sanders, donald trump, dr. carson, carly fiorina moving up as well. these are outsiders.
11:10 am
stuart: a terrific position from special report. you must be having a lot of fun. it is fascinating. it really is. we will be watching tonight. you could call it unbelievable, deadly blast in china. 700 injured, jo lin kent, you have more. >> two powerful blasts, 700 people, 59 debt according to the city government. release carry video. this was in a warehouse district. flammable substances that place the risk of any explosion. the president promised, the twist to that the chinese
11:11 am
government, they don't have the best record when it comes to investigating natural or man-made disasters and an earthquake and all the tragedy and tension, the families of the victims, but this is one of his first big tests. can is a trust be taken seriously? stuart: the people of china largely did not trust the authorities. >> absolutely not. if you couple this with market gyrations, people's bank of china changing and devaluing the currency there's a lot of concern if there is too much government intervention. that is the context in which this tragedy unfolded. i will be watching closely to see how it unfolds. stuart: i won't make a prediction but sometimes these unexpected events, a cataclysmic events can set off events in a different arena, in the economic arena for example. terrible tragedy in that city sets of economic events french
11:12 am
media political events elsewhere. >> a lot of economic, lot of the economy flows through it but we don't know that much yet so we will wait and see. stuart: thanks very much. let's get to golf, but pga championship teed off in wisconsin this morning. it is all about acute rivalry, that will be jordan spieth and rory mcilroy. you are not going to argue with me. ashley: they are paired together for the first two rounds with zach johnson who won the british open so it is a heck of a three some to start this tournament. down here, they try to play it down but it is definitely eater and the no. one spot in the world is on the line here, jordan spieth can win it and rory mcilroy doesn't have a great tournament. >> i disagree. they're too classes to have a rivalry. the question that was given, they are classy guys.
11:13 am
ashley: you want them to be sniping at each other. stuart: a rivalry among the viewers. they want a rivalry. >> rory mcilroy has said jordan spieth. stuart: he said that? >> yes. they are nice guys, they're classy. stuart: zach johnson british open winner, jordan spieth, the masters and the u.s. open, rory mcilroy is no. one golfer at the moment. ashley: and defending pga championship. stuart: i am watching fox business this afternoon. one of those greens. >> sorry they will show it. stuart: what is this? house calls are making a come back by a doctor. all thanks to smart phone. a new apps helps you, doctor to your home, click the button, get a doctor over here now.
11:14 am
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11:17 am
stuart: the children's show sesame street is starting on hbo in the fall. the makers of the show made a new deal with the network and it is streaming, it will last five seasons. episodes will shrink, only 30 minutes, and will be available on pbs 9 minutes after the show on hbo. moving along. look at cisco please, higher revenue, higher profits from demand for products in america, the biggest mover of the dow 30 stock, 3% gain. going the other way kohl's department store disappointing sales and down it goes nearly 10%. the millennial generation stereotyped as lazy by some, anti children is the way their carriage rise by some, not me. may be changing their ways. latest demographic show 60% of children born to millennials will be born to marriage families, way more than a 44% in
11:18 am
2013. give me one reason why this is happening. >> they are educated is the recession killed their job prospects. they went back to school, they're getting married later in life when they're financially ready to end making the right decisions. finances won't be too much about problematic issue. they're having kids. stuart: is this a projection? >> 6%. 10 years from now. stuart: is wonderful, 44% of babies born to unmarried parents, turned 25. >> from the generation having children. stuart: that should be the least of the show. should. >> i am sorry. need a doctor? like now?
11:19 am
it is called pager, that is maybe the answer. this was launched a low for a year ago, a modern twist on the old-fashioned house call. offerings doctors on demand, too, going to your home or your office. look who is here. co-founder and ceo, have i got that right? let me get this straight. if i get your apps on this phone here and i needed a doctor, hit the apps, tell him where i am made you guys get a doctor to me pronto. how much? >> $50 and after that is $200 if you don't have insurance but if you have insurance. stuart: does the apps account for insurance? doctors you sent to my house take insurance? >> based on network service, an interview on your behalf and will be transitioning to and in
11:20 am
network. "cavuto coast to coast" when you take care of that? >> to do anything. stuart: which dr. will come to your house? >> most of our doctors, and certified, we fed the mall and they are the best doctors. stuart: house calls have gone out of style. i can't remember a doctor doing a house call but you guys can get one to your house or apartment for 50 bucks. >> after is the first visit. >> the only doctors -- >> certified doctors and sometimes nurses sometimes you need a doctor for some health checks for example and some tests and urgent care these are doctors. stuart: it is free, the apps is free and you have been in
11:21 am
business for a year roughly. how many house calls have you delivered thus far? >> more than 5,000 so far. stuart: this is just new york. 5,000 in one year. >> we are launching san francisco today. that is great for us. we started doing house calls over there. "cavuto coast to coast" when you sign up doctors in advance. and you are the uber for doctors. >> we prescribe, electronically. send the prescription to your pharmacy. >> to the pharmacy. stuart: bring the prescription. >> bring the prescription to you? >> maybe that will be the case sunday and hopefully soon. we are working on that. stuart: is this a private company? >> yes. "cavuto coast to coast" when you own it? >> copies of it along with --
11:22 am
stuart: when are you going public? >> we will see. we are focused on creating the best service we can, the best technology we can. and then we go public. stuart: if i offered you right now $100 million cash for your piece of this pager company would you take it? >> cash? bernard: when in a suitcase, unmarked bills. >> i believe personally eve at the opportunity is bigger than that. stuart: excellent. i don't blame you. would you go for $200 million? ashley: when you take euros? >> would you take you once? >> i would not. stuart: all right. >> i am having a lot of fun. stuart: $200 million is a lot of
11:23 am
money. thanks for joining us. tell us how you are doing. of brilliant idea and you fired everybody up with the idea of a house call. everybody loves it. good luck, thanks very much. lots of buzz about the new star wars movie after new details on the movie's joel and have been released the disney already has a hit on its hands. this man running away from a truck, you can see the screen, he was on fire, escaped with minor injuries. all whole story after the break.
11:24 am
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if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. stuart: we are told excitement is building for director j.j. abrams's new star wars film. adding to the anticipation entertainment weekly gave us a glimpse of the film's newest villain. i you prepared to say this movie is going to be a huge hit? >> if you look at the picture we were just showing carrying that light saber with across guard, that is apparently really cool. as toys this will fly off the
11:28 am
shelves and that is just merchandize. as for the box office this will smash any record we have ever seen. will be $2 billion may be more. will blog avatar. because everyone is talking about it because i don't care about star wars. i am not a fan of this franchise that you got me talking about it blocking this stuff up saying this is cool, bringing back the legendary cast. any time they put out a trailer people talk about it. >> on august 13th loren said it will be a $2 billion movie. >> it is a wide release, 4500 feet is in the u.s. december 18th p.m. the holidays helping you out. >> did realize it is coming up so quickly. the fact that it is a new villain is a big deal. >> darth vader goes away and this guy.
11:29 am
i am right. >> we shall be tuning in. to change and the margins on the top-secret e-mails that went to hillary clinton? the judge is next and you know i am going to ask him about it.
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
stuart: dow jones industrials
11:33 am
retreating from 17,400 down nine points. to hillary's e-mail scandal. an unnamed state department official telling fox news an unknown clinton staffer likely stripped of top-secret classification from some of her e-mails. judge andrew napolitano is here. so what? what is the significance of that? judge napolitano: good morning. we don't know if that was done because we haven't seen the e-mails. what we do know about this document, we know it was generated by a satellite. we know that the satellite transmitted photographs of a foreign country, and also in this e-mail was intercept of foreign conversations. we know it should have borne the logo of top-secret and should have borne the logo that said it came from a satellite and could not be shared with a foreign country even foreign country
11:34 am
that is our ally. from that we can conclude that it did not generate in the state department because the state department itself lacks the technical ability to acquire such information on its own. it received it from an american intelligence agency. could be defense intelligence, could be c.i.a. but defense intelligence and c i a who risked their lives to get this stuff are not going to risk their careers by failing to stamp top-secret on them. if they did stamp top-secret when they sent it to the state department but when it entered mrs. clinton's server it did not say top-secret, someone removed it. if the human being removed at, that is tampering with classified material, a felony. if i human being removed it so as to provide cover for mrs. clinton so that she could have plausible deniability, i didn't
11:35 am
know this was top secret, that human beings is likely in a conspiracy with mrs. clinton to ebay espionage laws of the united states. that is why i referred to mrs. clinton's legal posture at this moment as grave or worse than grave because the federal government's modus operandi here when there are two or more people involved is to indict the lesser person in squeeze them for information about the higher person. stuart: if that name surfaces as being hillary clinton's right hand person -- judge napolitano: she has had and still has the number of right hand persons, she has a right hand person named philippe rains, and charlotte mills, and the wife of former congressman anthony wiener. no one knows who might have done this but if there was a call, an agreement to do this thing you have a criminal conspiracy and
11:36 am
all but conspirators are potentially criminally liable for criminal acts of any one of them. that is one side of this. the other side, i haven't seen this e-mail, none of us have but if it is as was described to socks, if it does contain satellite images of a foreign country, if it says you shall not share with a foreign country even an ally, if it does contain conversation intercepts, telephonic or digital, how could the secretary of state not know that that was top-secret when there's a stand on it that says top-secret? is not a credible argument for her to make. stuart: deep deep trouble by any other name. judge napolitano: yesterday when i reported that the server, her server was already in the possession of the fbi that has been contradicted by her lawyer who says the server was given to the fbi yesterday. i said the fbi got it last week.
11:37 am
my sources are standing with your statements so we have two versions of this. the public can decide if it was important enough to decide on which version is more credible. stuart: it is still deep deep legal and political trouble for hillary clinton, case closed. judge napolitano: if it is profound legal trouble for her. stuart: we will be watching you and special report tonight for more of this, thanks. politico diving into lois lerner's e-mail, found interesting stuff. she had this to say about the republicans' leading the charge against her. she says every time they get some e-mail they see it as intimidating, royal of their face and get contributions and spread their hateful message about how the government is out to get people. what else you got? ashley: the government was out to get people, it was in the inspector general's report that they were targeting conservative groups that through these clothes, kind of bizarre, it says look, my view is that lincoln was our worst president,
11:38 am
not our best and should have let the south go. what is that? stuart: what was she getting into? s ashley: a strange one no doubt. stuart: making money, charles payne is here. both of us had the pleasure of speaking with republican candidates dr. ben carson yesterday. i want to play you for our viewers a sound bite of something he said on your show yesterday. >> when jihadists gets hit a won't ask you if you are a democrat or republican before they cut your head off. when our financial foundation elapses it is going to collapse for everybody. we need to get our act together and stop fighting each other. stuart: that was as animated as i have ever seen him get. charles: you know what i think? i started with the economy and i think he was so happy he has been studying a because everyone had gotcha moment, his was the
11:39 am
new who alan greenspan was so he works so hard to prove to the world i do have a brain and i caught up and he was impressive on that as well but we are being separated as a country. we all know that. there is a lot. what he said was amazing. right before that, i quoted martin luther king or we will all perish together as fools. we are almost at that point. stuart: what about building wealth within the black community? charles: the black community is already wealthy, $1 trillion. in the whole entire world, more purchasing power and black americans which is about right. in other words listen. when we talk about poverty in america it is not like poverty around the world. our poor people have gone out, the rich man's disease, the average person around the world makes $2,000 a year. when he was trying to say is we have the tools, including black americans, to change their lives even if that they are the lower
11:40 am
part of the economic run because we're still extraordinary wealth the end you can do things with that well, you can change your life, your future. stuart: what was the number? about the amount of money we brought in in tax revenues so far this fiscal year? $2.6 trillion? yet we still have a deficit of $400 billion. charles: last month it was $149 billion. justin one month. charles: we spent a lot more money than we take in and wheen of both sides of the aisle are guilty on this. someone like ben carson is moldy and altogether. including the common sense and the sincerity more than anything else, twitter, real ben carson. that was the key. he felt genuine. what you don't feel from other candidates. stuart: stocks have been on a
11:41 am
roller-coaster ride, tonight and making money with charles payne he will tell you how to take advantage of it, 6:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox business network. charles: make a little cash as we wait for the next president. and raising the flag in the american embassy for the first time since 1961. doctor manny alvarez, born in cuba and he wants to go back. he is here to tell us why in a moment.
11:42 am
11:43 am
nicole: we had a 75 point swing from top to bottom and now the dow is down 7 points. these and down one and the nasdaq gaining about 5. on the day we got retail sales in slightly better than expected. take a look at consumer names, discretionary is the best performing sector. utilities under pressure, whirlpool, carnival doing well today, amazon and los going into that group as well. advanced autoparts reported earnings rose and with that the stock moves to new highs, new store openings coming their way up 8%. then tesla and elon musk putting his money where his mouth is according to analysts investing $20 million in tesla's 500 million shares and we hope to start a new day on fox business at 5:00 a.m. with sandra smith and lauren simonetti kicking it off at 5:00.
11:44 am
11:45 am
stuart: fidel castro marking his 89th birth and suggest the u.s. goes cuba many millions of dollars because of the 15-year-old trade embargo. john kerry goes to cuba tomorrow, first secretary of state to go there since 1945 and raising the flag at the american embassy, not seen that in 44 years. come in dr. manny alvarez, fox medical 18 joins us now.
11:46 am
you were born in cuba and he wants to go back there now and stayed there. >> i want to go back. now we have a process where allegedly we are going to have democratic beginning this is important for my generation. i've left under a system when i was a young kid, 12 years old, it was a peter pan project where young children were lifted and given to the catholic church, put an orphanages and families here in the u.s. and my family came many years after that. in an effort to free the young boys and girls from the communist system. thank you, america, everything is fantastic. however if there are changes in the islands, people have been raised and learned the democratic process, civil processes of america in order for those changes to occur. the people of cuba are now under
11:47 am
a system where for 15 years they don't know anything better than fidels. my generation of cuban-americans to go back and start formulating new ideas so that indeed just like the secretary of state said, in two four years we might start seeing good changes in cuba. things happen. stuart: three four years from now. >> it is an uphill struggle. stuart: indoctrinated with communism for 50 years, they are not going to suddenly react to u.s. that missionary for democracy. >> yes they are. cuban-americans that live here are close ties with the island and there is constant communication, constant traveling, we spent $1 billion in many grants so it is not as low so use a $1 billion in economic support, people of cuba know that many comes from somewhere, people having jobs
11:48 am
and freedom to move around and the capacity to buy whatever they want to buy and save everything they want to save. they know what democracy is that you need leadership. i am a political activist. that is what i interested in the venture will be my felice is not her gear. i would rather be heard in cuba. "cavuto coast to coast" when you are actually going to do this? >> if i could. if i have response abilities, i and children but this is something i've klystron leak about. stuart: what does your family think? "cavuto coast to coast" >> i'm married to a swedish woman so they are neutral. stuart: what does the cuban community think of guys like you done very well in america. >> the cuban community, the leaders, i talked to a lot of business leaders in miami and other parts of the caribbean. everyone is doing the same thing, you have a lot of leasing industry that revenge will be making efforts to be part of the
11:49 am
macro changes required in cuba. stuart: a quick question. gentleman on the show 20 minutes ago from an apps call pager, a doctor, you can summon a doctor. he runs this apps. what do you make of this? $50 for house call summoned on your apps? >> i know the health-care industry pretty well. i am part of one of the largest hospitals in the tristate area. this will leave works in manhattan, for people that have out of network insurance and they want to get as many people as they can. if you have network benefits and whatever the case may be, use this apps and you have $50 to spare, that is great but for more working americans in the new york area they cannot use that system whatsoever so this to me is a limited business, and niche business. they don't take insurance, out of network benefits only. in won't work anywhere because in the health-care system things
11:50 am
are working differently. he should have taken a one hundred million dollars. on the way out. should have taken the money and run. stuart: cold water all over this. what is wrong, i haven't seen a doctor who made a house call in 50 years. >> call me upstairs extension 2765. i will see if i can remember stuff. >> i will need you october 10th. >> stuart will call you every ten minutes. stuart: good luck with your trip to cuba. hillary asks twitter followers to express their feelings on student debt in three imogees or less. you will see it. equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners...
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were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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>> my
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11:54 am
>> everyone is counting on you. i know football. 65 years. want you to go out there and kick some butt tonight. stuart: keep the video rolling, warren buffett bringing a special brand of leadership to a locker room full of women in lingerie and football pads. you want the full story?
11:55 am
there is the way. i am jealous. stuart: hillary clinton appealing to millennials by speaking what she thinks is their language. social media accounts sent out requests for people to answer the question how does your student loan debt make you feel? italy three imogees. it backfired. >> he got some nasty responses. one came, high paid mine off like a responsible adult. is there an imoji for that? i don't have one for discuss at pandering and patronage agent is somewhat student loan debts are working adults. the list goes on. this is on the dacia unveiled her big plan, every $15 billion over ten years to fix the student loan debt problem in this country but she did so trying to appeal to young people
11:56 am
to get their vote, asked them to do, not many did. stuart: this is for you, bad news for people to pay 30% of their income on rent. ashley: it turns out when you are doing that you pinch pennies somewhere else at health care suffers. an issue, need to go to any emergency. that is one of the things, 25% for doctor visits and they are ignoring their health and there is an emergency because they're paying it in rent. stuart: something has got to give if you're spending on rent, and then you are going to be -- ashley: what is pumped is your health care. stuart: more varney after this.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
. >> i don't refute the fact millennials aren't familiar with whitewater. hillary clinton is fleeing a full-fledged investigation from the fbi and broke federal law. millennials are astute enough to pick up on the fact that hillary clinton cannot be trusted. stuart: lisa boothe says millennials will take into account hillary's past. we have a few comments. this about a possible joe biden run -- major criminal? hmm. neil cavuto is standing by, he's on deck to take over from me in about 30 seconds. if you like, neil, i can give the show early or ramble on for another 20 odd seconds and fill up the time. 20 seconds left. are you there, neil? neil: you've been doing that
12:00 pm
for the past three hours. [ laughter ] >> it was a layup, buddy, come on. you gave that one to me! seriously, stuart, thank you very much. i think he's going to pass me in the mall and not say anything. the hunt is on for alternative to hillary clinton and as stuart was pointing out when he was talking to me, it seems to be centered on joe biden. that's not political conjecture and not coming from the joe biden camp. that is coming from a lot of big financial donors, big money guys in the democratic party who are concerned if hillary clinton implodes, bernie sanders, though a nice guys, would never be able to get elected in the country. that's what he said about his prospects about the nomination. the push for joe biden is real, but do you really think he will? nomi, what do you think? >> i think, listen, every day that hillary is in the press getting negative press is a day


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