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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 26, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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right now, lou dobbs is next on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening come everyone, i am tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. much of the nation reeling tonight from a shooting in southwest virginia. unfolded on live television and let a reporter and a cameraman dead. this heinous act playing out in an unprecedented fashion with the killer a disgruntled former employee of the station, filming the murder and posting it on social media before he killed himself. the remarkable crime captivating folks across the country and politicians in washington who without skipping a beat renewed their push for more gun control. we are going to go behind the search for the answers come including the gunman's report
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that he claims that he was driven by that charleston church shooting. i will be joined by blue beetle and homicide investigator ron wheeler. also tonight, the pentagon's inspector general now investigating explosive allegations that military officials doctored intelligence to make it appear that we were winning the war against the islamic state. that allegedly manipulated information, including assessments given to president obama. i will be talking to lieutenant colonel ralph peters about that. wall street finally ending a painful six session losing streak seeing $2 trillion in market cap wiped out, but if the market stability here to stay? i will have a full report. the top story tonight, the senseless double murder in virginia that quickly captured national attention. atv reporter and cameraman shot to death on live television by their former colleague. a journalist who also recorded himself carrying out the killings and then posted the
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video on social media. correspondent rick leventhal in virginia with the latest. >> we are just across the street from bridgewater plaza where the shooting went down at 6:45 a.m. alison parker and adam ward were filming and interviewing about tourism in the 50 anniversary during the live broadcast, a former reporter at the same station, vester flanagan, approach, pointed his handgun at parker and the lowered it and appeared to wait for the cameraman to pan back and get him in the frame and that is when flanagan began to shoot, firing at least 15 rounds, killing parker who tried to run, killing ward and will wounded him who is being treated in stable condition. we know how that played out because flanagan shot video of the shooting, apparently on his phone and then posted it on his
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facebook page. he shot the video with his left hand and shot the gun with his right. he fled the scene. he live tweeted about the shooting and had a 23 page manifesto to abc news claiming that the murders were retaliation for the charleston church shootings, saying that the hollow point bullets had the victim's initials on them. and he said that he had been a victim of racial dissemination, sexual harassmenharassmen t, and bullying at work, picked on for being a gay black man. in this manifesto he wrote that yes, it will sound like i'm angry, i am, and i have every right to be. but when i leave this earth, the only emotion i want to feel his piece. the church shooting was the tipping point, but my anger has been building steadily. i've been a human powder keg for a wild waiting to go boom. seeing the shooting live on tv play out was shocking, especially in the control room where the cameraman's fiancé was producing the broadcast and shocking for the franklin county sheriff that was watching at
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home. >> it really stopped me in my tracks this morning. like many viewers i was watching this morning's broadcast and could not understand really what was happening myself. at that time. >> about four hours after the shooting a state trooper was driving on interstate 66 and her license plate reader picked up flanagan's license plate, she called for backup backup and when it arrives she tried to pull him over, he did not stop, and instead he sped up and then at some point lost control of his vehicle and crashed. when they approached the car they found him with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and he later died in the hospital. meanwhile alison parker was just 24 years old, adam ward was 27. they were starting their careers according to a statement by the station that said that they had big plans and bright futures cut short in this shattering attack here this morning.
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>> thank you so much. politicians from the left seizing on today's shooting to push their gun-control agendas. but the story proven to be a lot more complex than democrats would have us believe, legal correspondent shannon bream has this report. >> the suspected shooter alleged many times that he was a victim. he settled the 2000 lawsuit with the tallahassee tv station after claiming that he suffered racism and was fired in retaliation for reporting it. it twitter account allegedly belonging to flanagan claimed that one of the victims had made racist comments and the other had gone to human resources to report him. the general manager was flanagan's one-time boss. >> at one point they dismissed a complaint out of hand. >> abc news says it received a lengthy facts from someone identifying himself as vester flanagan, saying that the recent
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shooting by a white man entrusted to him over the top. he said he put down a deposit on a gun tuesday. if he says you want a race war, come up her hat, been a human powder keg waiting to go boom. and he's a self-described social activist aligned with black lives matter movement, he said once we put an end to this we prevent incidents like what occurred this morning adding that i do not condone violence that includes the violence which is perpetuated by white supremacy. there was another tweet that says it was about racism and not guns. that is not how some politicians saw it. hillary clinton said heartbroken and angry, we must act to stop
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gun violence and we cannot wait any longer. praying for the victims families in virginia. the virginia governor terry mcauliffe said this is the hunt for the suspect was under way. >> there are too many guns in hand that should not have them. >> when the press on whether he knew whether the suspect had a permit for the gun or by contrast, something in his past that would have prevented him from buying a gun legally, he emitted that he did not. >> thank you. in the meantime and the pentagon, inspector general tonight from investigating claims that intelligence reports about the islamic state fight were altered to show a more optimistic progress. those progress reports were prepared for policymakers including all the way up to the president. >> the president is relying upon accurate and honest and candid analysis and assessments and the national security in making this
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decision. >> that candor is being called into question, "the new york times" reports the pentagon inspector general is reviewing some of the intelligence assessed in the war against isis. making concerns that some of the conclusions may have been reworked and to show more progress than what is happening. when one individual says the ig has a responsibility to gave all action is. >> president does have confidence, but that is what he is receiving. one of the reasons is that the intelligence community has placed a priority in trying to get a variety of viewpoints when offering up their analysis of what is exactly happening on the ground. reporter: what is being reported to the president, is a faulty or misleading? >> they are succeeding with isis
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is what they think, the opposite is true, they are also putting american lives at risk. >> i am confident that we will succeed, that we have the right strategy. >> i really believe that they are at a stalemate right now. reporter: while some of the pentagon has called it a stalemate, intelligence assessments have been more dire. despite thousands of airstrikes over the past year. >> it happened during the vietnam war when the military leadership was telling the political leadership at of the pentagon that everything is fine, we are winning, we are defeating the communists. it turned out that wasn't the case. if we are not winning the war against isis, with the american people need to know. >> we have an interesting nugget that i think you will find valuable and hopefully your audience will as well. intelligence officials can take
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a claim of wrongdoing to an inspector general and then after it is investigated the claims proved to be based in some reality or at least have some merit, they have been reporting those two senate and house intelligence studies to the ongoing investigation that we have right now, obviously it is something that we will be watching carefully in the months and weeks ahead. >> i think that you uncovered the beginning of this story and i thank you very much. we appreciate your report from the white house. >> turning to another inspector general report from the energy department, the ig revealing that officials reportedly and repeatedly lied to federal officials to obtain the 500 million-dollar loan guarantee. this has been a four-year investigation and they are finding that executives of the solar firm engaged in a pattern of false and misleading assertions to receive the loan guarantee in 2009.
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only to file for bankruptcy two years later. they also called on the energy department they have said that they will not criminally prosecute any of these solyndra officials, estimated to cost the taxpayers more than $500 million. on wall street a massive rally for markets, yes, stocks rebounding after six consecutive days of declines. seeing the best day since 2011. the dow jones posting it erred biggest point gain in history. finishing up 619, the s&p 573, the nasdaq up 191 points, volume on the breadboard 5.3 billion shares. and the wilshire 5000 measuring today's gains at $800 billion. today's rally is enough to move the s&p 500 and nasdaq out of correction territory. we are coming right back with much more, so stay with us.
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>> a tragic and shocking murder posted to social media while the suspect was at large. we take up the search for a motive next. and behind every project spacecraft landing, there is a brutal test crash and splash and nasa has released that video. we will have before you next. we live in a world of mobile technology,
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but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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tom: the killing of two virginia journalist on live television, a 23 page manifesto just hours after he did the fatal shooting. the gunman vester flanagan, reportedly praising the 2007 virginia tech shooter were 32 people were gunned down and he expressed admiration for the 1999 columbine high school gunman who killed 13 people very and he writes that it was prompted by the charleston south carolina church shooting earlier this year. he was a former reporter at the same tv station, he died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a police chase. joining me now is the legal and former washington dc homicide detective ron wheeler. this is called workplace violence.
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somebody going postal to use that term, what made this so that unique is that happen on purpose on live tv. >> this was repaired from the beginning when he was sending a manifesto, if you watch the video i show the real disturbing video that i don't think people should see. they should blank out the screen, they should not put it on there. they were panting and then came back to the reporter and he opened up and he started shooting at the lady and the cameraman. it is such a horrific thing. but this is a person i could not find a job, it comes right down to it, he sued that same company there that he was working for. and it was found to be unfounded. another company in the early two thousands, i believe they want some kind of a verdict.
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and he says he started to use every kind of excuse that he could to make himself a mess. he wanted to become that famous person and he goes out with the glory and i'm just glad that he didn't hit anyone when he killed himself. >> you met a lot of these homicidal people and shooters, what is it, was he trying to blame someone else for his problems? is that how this anger built up, if i have all of these problems, i lose discrimination lawsuits and i'm going to take it out on anybody? >> you know, i believe that this guy has had a number of mental problems not just recently but over the past couple of years. the information came out today that this guy was terminated from that station well over 14 months ago. so this is not a situation where a guy just receives this, this guy had problems all along his life in and what he decided to do this morning as we know, they
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decided to ambush a young innocent reporter and a cameraman for no reason at all. and really quickly, these two individuals had nothing to do with what happened to this guy's life. but he decided to take their lives in exchange for his own personal problems. >> how do these people that commit these homicides, how do they get their minds twisted? why then? >> his own at least inadequacies, they came out. we are doing investigations of the private investigation field. if i was to do an investigation, that company and news media could not tell me why he was let go. at least he could sue them for discrimination for not getting a job and i think it's really wrong. because you want to know who the heck you are hiring and then all of a sudden you cannot use that information.
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>> i am nodding with bo dietl because that is a problem. if they want to pass a law, you ought to get rid of the lower you can see your former employer, you call up a former employer and say you cannot tell you this, so they carried it forward. >> that's right, my colleague was 100% correct and we see this all the time. we talk with companies, we meet with companies, we put on training courses and the one thing that i always hear from company management, i always hear them say that i cannot, i'm afraid to take action based on what i have seen and felt because i am afraid of getting sued or by the eeoc. we see this on a regular basis and i think it's something that government definitely needs to address because what is going to happen is continuing to see situations like we saw this morning. >> the other thing is the way that social media was used with facebook, twitter, i think that
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congress should pass a law when you have the suspect of a violent crime and a terrorist movement, they should be able to seize any information, from the fcc immediately. he used social media to bring this thing out, we should be able to shut this down when a person is a victim of the crime or the police or the fbi. and his name should be taken off and we should not give him the credit. >> i agree with you 100%. there are going to be groups like this and all of these other groups just have to say no, you are violating the skies right. >> he violated some rights today. gentlemen, thank you guys. it's good to see you and we thank you. >> exploring the virginia shooting, cast your vote at
7:22 pm in the meantime nasa, when they want to test how well a spacecraft is going to survive a landing, they crash one. this montage from the space agency shows the process of wasting up large metal spacecrafts. then the bombs away, its wings into a pendulum or deep pool or dirt floor to measure damage upon impact, that way nasa can carry out perfect landings on an actual space mission. up next is bill clinton, reportedly he is incensed at the mere idea of a joe biden run for the white house and donald trump starts a new media war. will it propel his candidacy even further? we are taking that up and much further. can a business have a mind?
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a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> we confront whether donald trump is not backing down after an encounter with jorge ramos during his iowa news conference
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last night, ramos was rejected when trying to ask a question about immigration reform. >> to his next? [inaudible] >> sit down. accuse me, you haven't been called. >> i have a right -- >> go back to univision. [inaudible] >> the rest of the story shortly thereafter, he was allowed to return and they got into it again from today, insisting that he was acting inappropriately. >> he was totally out of line last night, asking and being asked a question from another reporter. then most newspaper reports handled it very well.
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he was totally absolutely out of line. tom: jorge ramos said that he went to i would ask questions and not to pick a fight. meanwhile, ben carson and carly fiorina both improving in the polls and drawing large crowds saying they are giving the voters straight talk over clinical correctness. karl cameron in iowa has the report. reporter: mike huckabee shrugged off all of the hype of the huge crowds following donald trump. >> it's not by how many minutes of tv time, you win iowa by having people show up on a cold february night. >> with crowds in the thousands, he brought new tensions outsider
7:29 pm
candidates that mocked his rivals when it comes to their turnout. >> taking a speech in front of 21 people. >> carly fiorina hasn't been herself in iowa tonight, she has been steadily rising in the polls and has the added distinction of being the only woman in the gop field 2 it's my single greatest asset and i had never held public office. people are sick of politics and they are sick of politicians. >> grassroots organizers and 99 counties and more than half of the 1700 caucus precincts. scott walker has slipped in the polls during the search of donald trump. his campaign consisted of six meet and greets at diners. >> just because he's using old talk, it doesn't make a good. >> people have looked seriously at what is going on in wisconsin. that has not been helpful. reporter: he also went after jeb bush and marco rubio, who was
7:30 pm
once a protége of rubio who he is now running against. >> i would really go after that i and say that he's the most disloyal guy. a terrible person. he's horrible and i hate him. >> his rally was raucous. but when he had univision anchor rejected it had political tongues wagging today. >> sit down. sit down. >> no, you don't, you haven't been called. go back to univision. >> that made it hard for the other 16 to squeeze into today's headlines. i was asked if it would be worth it to trim the fat in the federal budget, urging republicans in congress to refuse to raise the debt limit. he says that would be worth a fight and he's pushing the envelope yet again. tom: thank you. karl cameron in iowa. on the democratic side bill clinton reportedly very agitated with the possibility.
7:31 pm
at the former president is incensed that the media hype surrounding the possible joe biden bed. but it is not just be fueling of the speculation. stay with us, we are coming right back. >> hillary clinton back on the campaign trail and taking aim at donald trump. >> most of the other candidates are just trump without that pizzazz or hair. >> is that really the best strategy to distract from her e-mail scandal? at new orleans is here next. and what a group of daredevils on the edge of a 2300-foot drop,
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it will leave you in awe. we have that video next.
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tom: tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. fatally shot during the live news broadcast in virginia earlier today. think gunman described as a disgruntled former employee from the tv station died after a police chase.
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stocks surging after a six-daya six-day losing streak. dow industrials of 619 points. the senior staff including us ambassador caroline kennedy used personal e-mail accounts. more official business. sensitive. joining me now this is like a presidential election cycle. >> let's start with the shooting today. immediately hillary and that the podium. the one that got me, plenty
7:37 pm
of commonsense measures. they never say what it is. is that just a whistle to all people who want gun-control vote for us. >> rhetoric. governor of virginia for over a year gunowners, gunowners, pretty liberal state. i don't see any legislation this is a terrible, terrible tragedy. former in-laws on the cabin there so this person for whatever reason, going to do whatever. wasn't just the case of a gun or availability of a gun it's of any time.
7:38 pm
a very strong political force of the upperson the uppers -- on the other side. it's a terrible, terrible tragedy quex's virginia a >> is virginia a purple state? >> it used to be a republican state. >> the north part by dc. >> it has changed dramatically.dramatically. some estate we can and must win. tom: hillary clinton, having a nice vacation at the hamptons and said i have to go. >> could not have been as nice as she thought it was. everything i have heard is that the president made a commitment to bill clinton when he went down to save his bacon at the convention,
7:39 pm
president obama is not living up to that. the obama people want to have a legacy club popular ex-president. firstborn president the kind of gets frozen out. the reality is she dismantled herself. she knew she would run for president. why not takewhy not take care of this from a long time ago. >> a lot of people know something. you are an old boxer. >> you know,know, it is hard to say anything is hindering him. he's a front runner.
7:40 pm
d when the 1st couple rounds you feel pretty good about it. a long way to go. picking fights, alienating people, it's a game of addition. a big constituency and the big hispanic community. you need the hispanic vote. >> people of that. >> people of the kind of television. and he is the ultimate. you are fired. the reality is it's a little harder. >> twelve rounds aware only a couple in. be sure to vote. democrats exploiting the virginia shooting by calling for gun-control.
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help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> a group of retired generals and admirals urging lawmakers to eject -- reject the iranian nuclear deal rendering the midis more unstable and producing new threats to american interests as well as our
7:46 pm
allies. lieutenant colonel ralph peters. let's start with 1st of all, some of the information that has been fed to the white house by the pentagon has been doctored up to make it look like we're doing better against isys. >> it is not intelligence professionals spinning stuff we have never before had an administration that viewed the ebb intelligence community as primarily a tool of domestic politics. lie about benghazi. firing lieutenant general mike flynn because he would not put the books, lied about iran, lied about
7:47 pm
islamic state. the president was warned about the rise of the islamic state. he ignored it. don't blame the worker bees. to cook the books and spend it the way the administration wants the american people to here. they view it as a tool ofa tool of domestic policy, corrupting, dangerous, cripples our ability to deal with our enemies. >> i want to skip ahead to another part of the world and we just talked briefly about this business about the fact that we are sending a bunch of f-22's and other equipment eastern europe, ukraine, that area as a show of force. nobody believes it.
7:48 pm
wouldn'twouldn't that even be more dangerous to do this. politics and budget issues. issues. right now the united states air force is in big trouble because the new wonder pioneer developing, f3 five which will cost taxpayers over $1 trillion is fat, a maneuverable, short range, can do much and is not nearly as good as the knew russian fighters, but congress will fund it, the air force will deliver from lockheed martin because of it. the f-22 is now being sent to europe because the air force is trying to show that the f-22 is really pretty good. now you have to fund the f 35.
7:49 pm
shameless. the only people that should be terrified of the taxpayers. itaxpayers. i am not anti- us air force. i want a strong, powerful air force. we have got to stop buying twenty-year old cold war programs that are not relevant to the complex, hybrid threats we face today. you want to impress vladimir putin and get his attention, don't drill holes in the sky with an aircraft, armed the ukrainians. >> you explain it so well. i'm sitting here thinking this is not about strategic. it's about budgeting and funding and all the things we have seen before. >> if we fight as hard as we
7:50 pm
fight for budget share we would win tomorrow. >> always good to talk to thank you so much for joining us. meantime in utah troopers go to extreme measures to stop a dangerous driver. a woman who police say was high on drugs driving her car down the wrong side of the highway, refused to stop after one trooper clipped her cars bumper. a 2nd was dispatched and had to use a pit maneuver to stop her vehicle. her suv was hit twice causing it to overturn. the woman resisted arrest and was nearby -- and was taken to a nearby hospital. up next, donald trump threatens to stop eating oreo cookies. i kid you not. i take it up. stay with us. can a business have a mind?
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>> i don't know if this is lighter or heavier, but every museum's worst nightmare caught on video. a taiwanese 12-year-old boy touring a museum when he trips and accidentally punched a whole through one half million dollar italian masterpiece. a mortifying moment. but the painting is ensured in the boy's parents are not being asked to pay for damages. joining me now former ms. miss new york and fellow
7:55 pm
cohost.cohost. they cannot go get the 350 -year-old artist to fix this thing. >> what do you call them, fixers. >> restorers. >> apparently they were there. they fixed it right then and they're and it is apparently already backup and on the wall. >> what was it doing? >> first of all,all, i think the kid did it on purpose and is probably in league with the restorers. i think thei think the kid is a sick and twisted individual who should be locked behind bars. >> i think it is an insurance scam. >> look, nothing you can do about it. >> this kid did ruin art for everyone else.
7:56 pm
no parent will take there kid to a museum now for fear that this will happen. >> most kids don't want to go to a museum. >> they should. >> yes, i know they should. >> i'm going to continue eating oreos is often as i want. for a guy has a reputation as a truth teller he is a gianta giant hypocrite. >> you can't say anything bad about him. >> i want him to fully commit to this and swear off everything truly so all he will be doing is wearing american apparel and eating wisconsin cheese. >> he was talking about wisconsin yesterday.
7:57 pm
i don't know if he has that voter not. ashley madison, only three us zip codes in the country, to an alaska and one in new mexico did not have anyone on the list. >> it's a fun statistic. it's basically meaningless. we don't no how many e-mails and addresses a real. >> barack obama and whitehouse .gov was on their >> that when i think israel. >> i'm a littlea little jealous of these people who live in remote towns. actually a really nice lifestyle. >> except it's because they don't get service. look through all the zip codes.
7:58 pm
>> have you ever been in new mexico? my oldest son went to school there. some spaces where i can see. there's like one farmhouse as far as you can see. >> good to these people for cheating on their spouses the old-fashioned way. >> what about if you get booze delivered to your door amazon in seattle offering one hour delivery for liquor these blue laws, the washington state liquor control board's. we had to get over they're before saturday evening. >> to these people i say them and now you know what it's like to be a new yorker.
7:59 pm
i now long for the days of getting in my car,car, driving there, roaming the aisles command and being carded as i buy cheap wine. >> i want the drone to deliver my martini. >> we used to order beer all the time. i don't think they had hard alcohol but you could get beer. >> that is what it was called. good to amazon for doing this is maybe it will mean fewer people. they start drinking in they're like, damn, i'm out. it keeps truck drivers off the road. >> tip your delivery guys. >> especially if you order the 2nd time around. thank you both very much. take a look at our online poll results. last night we asked, who do you think president obama would endorse. 96 percent of you said joe biden. 4 percent said clinton. time for a few of your
8:00 pm
comments. bob tweeted out the arena has earned the right to be in the next republican debate. we believe that there and see how that turns out. thank you for joining us. good night from new york. kennedy: well, i am watching the republican party. that hell is immigration. pushing the emotional hot buttons would be a big political letter and many people support him for his to fans. univision. >> excuse me. sit down. you are called. sit down.


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