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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 31, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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of "making money," right now lou dobbs is next right here on fox business. liz: good evening, i am lou dobbs, new polls make it clear vast majority of americans are fed up with washington, and the political establishment that includes leaders of both political parties, and they declared dramatically to be their favorite. also, ben carson. who is tied with trump in latest 2016 polling survey out of iowa, behind them another antiestablishment candidate carly fiorini, we'll have a role report here tonight. also, the state department set to release thousands more of
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hill's so-called private e-mails she turned over to the government as fbi continues its criminal investigation of her handling of classified government information we're told that latest released contained about 150 e-mails that have been sensors. we'll talk about clinton's worsening e-mail scandal. >> he says demonstrate clinton effort to get around conflicts of interest, new reports that obama administration, is crafting a package of unprecedented economic sanctions against chinese companies, that have benefited from their government cyberattacks on the united states, and the chinese theft of american trade secrets, i'll take it up with former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst kt
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kt mcfarland, our top story, the rise of political outsiders in american politics. donald trump and ben carson could not be different, they both sit atop their republican rivals in a new poll out of iowa, fox news chief washington correspondent, james rosen with our report. >> if hillary is the candidate, which i doubt it would be a dream come true. >> reporter: after an engages performance in primetime fox news detail, dr. ben carson is surging in the poll, poll of likely republican caucus goers in early battle ground state of iowa, over last 3 days, shows carson captures 23%, tied with donald trump for lead. like wise latest boom berg politic -- bloomberg politic.
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pun its race to eblaine the ben carson boom. >> his antipolitician style, soft spoken, funny, appealing that is really scoring with voters in iowa. you look at the favorability of trump and ben carson, and carly fiorini. three candidates who have never held public office. i think that voters believe they can more credibly claim they could clean up the mess in government. >> i love you too. >> reporter: trump trained his sights on hum huma abedin. she has herself drawn scrutiny. abedin the top aide to hillary clinton, and wife the anthony weiner, trump tweeted was a
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major security risk. >> i recognize todd that you love to stir up attacks between republicans, you are trying, you are stirring. >> reporter: displaying trump's -- with the press, todd gilman of dallas morning news, texas senator ted cruz stumped in new hampshire for first time since may in bloomberg poll cruz placed a solid third behind trump and carson. >> i do think we're seeing manifestation of the rhetoric and --villivecation of law enforcement that is coming from president of the united states, from senator officials. >> reporter: last time the man mouth university released a polling statement in iowa in july, scott walker was the front-runner. liz: thank you, james -- >> thank you, james rosen, more bad news for hillary clinton,
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that new poll out of iowa also showing bernie sanders coming to within 7 points of mrs. clinton, 37% of likely democratic caucus goers back clinton, and 30% back sanders, another search,000 pages of clinton e-mails are scheduled for release at 9:00 eastern tonight. this is expected to be the largest release of hillary clinton's hand pick records so far. she turned over to the government about 150 messages and new batch we're told, have been sensor by state department, and intelligence agency because they content information -- contain information now considered classified. turning to what has been an obama administration led war against law enforcement. texas authorities are searching for a motive after a 30-year old black suspect was taken into custody, the man allegedly gunned don a white sheriff deputy in an execution style murder friday. police do not know the reason
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for the murder at close range, but harris county sheriff said that the deputy was targeted because of his uniform. fox news correspondent casey seeing el with our report. >> channoine miles -- shannon miles, appeared in court this time facing a capital murder charge for death of darren a 10 year veteran of harris county sheriff office in houston, texas, he was shot at 15 times from behind on friday night, while pumping gas. >> he runs up behind the deputy, and puts the gun to the back of his head and shoots, he hits ground and he continues town load his gun -- continues to unload his gun. >> reporter: police have not establish a motive only suggesting that the officer of the attacked because he was the wearing his uniform, sheriff hickman claims that this may be result of growing tension across the country.
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over the treatment of african-american citizens, by white police officers. >> we heard black lives matter, all lives matter, cops lives martymart matter too, why don'te just stop the qualifier, and say all lives matter, and take that on the bank. >> reporter: one day after that a black lives protest took radisys turnintook adisturbing . >> those who are trying to co-op this movement, and talking about assassination of police officers, that is disgusting, they ought to be ostracized. here in houston, nothing but love, at this march last night, hundreds showing up wearing blue to pay respect, and remember the
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deputy whose life was cut tragically short. >> they are here for us, to keep the peace, not here to hurt anyone, they are here to help. and we need to show them more appreciation. >> reporter: the deputy is survived by his wife and 2 young what were, ages 12 and 5. >> thank you, we'll have a well the more of this coming up in a panel of law enforcement expert tonight. >> critics blasting probe president obama's latest move going around congress announcing he be renaming mount mckinley. the tallest mountain in u.s., renaming it mount denali, that means high one, it come as president embarks on a 3 day visit to alaska to talk about climate change. lawmakers from mckinley's home
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state of ohio, president mckinley are outraged that including house speaker john bainer who said in a statement, there is a reason president mckinley's name has serve atop highest peak in north america for more than 100 years, because this is a testament to his great legacy, i am deeply disappointed in this decision. that disappointment passing for outrage on part of the speaker, we thought that mount mckinley. might look like this if donald trump were elected president one day. we're coming right back. >> thousands more of hillary clinton e-mails, most yet are released. a large number are classified.
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so when does she get the pertussis treatment -- cannot be trusted to carry out an investigation. here next. >> a lovely day for a drive, until it was not. a mote arist -- motorists worst nightmare on video, coming up next. stay with us.
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lou: the state department will release thousands of clinton e-mails later tonight, fox news has obtained a e-mail. it shows that an aide to former president bill clinton asked state department in august 2012 for permission for clinton global initiative to accept money from a malaysian oil and gas company that had been doing business with iran. at the time mrs. cli clinton had been urging countries to stop buying oil from iran. >> we do not believe make ran the peaceful resolve this unless pressure continues. reason why india, china, japan, european countries, who are the
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primary purchasers of iran oil, are being asked to lower their supply is to keep the pressure on iran. lou: that new clinton e-mail came to light thanks to our next guest, and organization he runs, joining us president of citizens united leading whic conservative david bossy. >> thank you. lou: are you satisfied with ex plan nation? >> this is the way clintons have done business for years and years, people assumed it, but now with these e-mails coming out. that we're getting it has come to light, how we do it. with this malaysia company, shake ceo down to become a
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paying member to clinton global initiative. that is part and parcel of corruption. >> like the other e-mails, bill asked the state department, president clinton asked about two, we know one of them would have been paid 650 million worth of speech, the congo, as well as north korea. and they did decline them. but, he kept coming back, didn't he? >> they declined them but it was not that, bill clinton didn't want to do them eyou can see -- wjc, bill clinton wants to know whether or not he can accept the $650,000, and put it in foundation. several years ago now foundation was never going to be releases its donor list, only now did they get forced to.
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>> interesting, because of your efforts, of organizations like judicial watch, other activist organizations, where would we be, why is there not a rule, a law, a regulation requiring, total transparency? there there is supposed to be, that is what foye - -- laws are about. if we came up with this, we filed a request and had to wait a year then went to court, you have to have resources to lit litigate these. lou: american people deserve transparency, this should not be necessary, there -- we should have both parties, working together. >> there needs to be foyeia. lou: they are not going to do that. >> durning to, if we may. political empac embassy pack, ay
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other person i would imagine. to me, in this situation, would not have the guts to remain a candidate for the presidency of the united states, nor would american people tolerate it. >> i talked to a lot of my friends in washington, d.c., they say stop attacking hillary clinton we need her to be the nominee, we can do it then, i am, let's get her while we can, she come back and win in november in 2016 if we don't. she is a good candidate, not to be taken lightly. lou: you know -- i know you mean an effective candidate, good is a word i might reserve. >> i am glad you explained it. lou: i would like to -- who do you see, we're looking at 3 antiestablishment candidates at
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top that are tied, dr. ben carson, and donald trump, just behind them carly fiorini. that is a big statement. >> this is spectacular, this is a that american people had enough, that republican primary voters said, you know what, the establishment has led us down this path of unbelievable spending. lou: are you seeing any adjustment in part of the establishment? >> just look at house of rel representatives -- house of representatives, john boehner will do everything he can to not defund planned parenthood, and increase our debt ceiling, to answer, no. the republican heede leaderships just as bad as everyone else. lou: all right david bossy thank you. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll, question is, what do you believe is a better use of
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president obama's time? a, renaming mount mckinley? b, confronting global terrorism. c, dealing with a lagging economy. >> hurricane season is starts to get more active. forecasters are watching hurricane fred, strengt strengtg near the cape verde islands, and a rare weather event this weekend, three category 4 hurricanes, churning in the pacific ocean at the same time, hurricane ignacio, the closest to land but it is passing northeast of hawaii, residents of south florida breathing a sigh of relief after re realm ms of tropical storm erika failed to cause major damage, it broke up before it hit the sunshine state, causing minor flooding,
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worse fears not realized. lou: a terrifying moment in jacksonville, florida, dashcam video with this fuel tanker coming down road, crashing into a guardrail then bursting into flames on i-95. fire crews quickly put out the fire, they worked to clear the road of debris, the truck driver sustained minor injuries, no other motorists armed. >> -- harmed, up next, a new thought on president's failures to contain chinese aggression, and violent breaking out in ukraine. i will tell you what led to these deadly clashes here next. stay with us.
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lou: deadly clashes outside of ucrannukraine's parliament buil, one policeman was killed, others
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injured, grenades reportedly thrown at police, the demonstrators were protesting a parliamentary vote giving more power to russian backed power in eastern ukraine, as demanded by russia. >> turning to a few thoughts on red storm rising issue washington post reports that obama administration obama developing a package of sanctions against chinese companies and individuals who benefited from beijing's cyberattack on united states this is just weeks ahead of president xi jinping's visit to the white house, the post claims that more obama has not yet decided to issue these sanction, that is a serving of bull in my
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opinion, we both know what he will do. they might be shocked to learn that chinese leadership is not quivering in his boots as a possible that's the great obama would pose sanctions on them. would they be more effective than anything else that president obama has attempted? it is semiconductor likely that chinese -- it is more likely that chinese government cannot wait for those sanctions obama-style, look at who our great leader has accomplished with his sanctions. they have done little to defer putin's aggression. president obama in june threatening further measures against russia if it doubled down on its aggression in ukraine, it has done that. fighting has only intensified over the past month. ukraine accusing russia of
7:28 pm
sending more troops to its borders, claiming 50,000 troops are on the border, what did obama's sanctions do to restore crimea to ukraine? who won crimea and annexed it to mother russia in vladimir putin. >> president xi jinping it seems would love to have such sanctions imposed on china, would sanctions obama-style lead to more nuclear weapons for china? they have not altered iran's nuclear ambitions, now the obama nuclear deal assures iran it will achieve its nuclear ambitions. american citizens are those who should fear the sanctions of the obama sort. andem pose sontions to this point further empower our enemies, a quote of the evening from french prime minister. who said, quote, to succeed in
7:29 pm
the world, it is much more necessary to possess the penetration to discern who is a fool, than to discover ho is a a clov -- clever man. >> obama's nuclear deal with iran threatened by his political allies, who have been reliable until now, fox news analyst kt mcfor land joining us next. >> these guys out fishing, little did they expect to be the lures, that video coming up here next. stay with us. [ male announcer ] we know they're out there.
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>> lou: donald trump and dr. carson tied for the lead in iowa carly fiorina is running third and jeb bush had six plays. the state department releasing 7,000 pages of hillary clinton emails, 150 are classified. the white house reportedly preparing sanctions against chinese companies and individuals but not the chinese government for the cyber attacks against united states. china will show off its military power with a giant parade in beijing more than to the point dash to thousand troops hundreds of pieces of military card where running through. lou: square. remember the last time you saw a a military parade anywhere around the country?
7:34 pm
when was the last time you saw the united states military in a parade in an american city? i ask the question because it tells us much about what the elites in this country have been doing to this country. what do you think? sent me an answer to twitter or could we now former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland of. great to have you with us. start with sanctions against individuals and companies for the actions of the chinese government? >> whenever obama puts on will not be effective and that is not tough but the other sanctions whether on russia or iran he did not want to do that but his hand
7:35 pm
was forced. i think the president is just as unlikely to put a pretty serious sanctions that would make us a difference and he will not do that to rule with a the party he is planning in september with the chinese president. lou: and they will share intelligence isn't that lovely? do suppose the obama national security apparatus if there is such a thing caught them by surprise? >> i'm sure it did but we have been trying to separate the chinese from the russians they made friends with china we still had russia in the cold war regins adjusted to take the matter of the equation now we have seen both countries get together and interestingly with the hillary clinton emails i have seen experts have said
7:36 pm
while the chinese and the russians attacked into her computer early on so there is a likelihood is they were reading her emails in realtime the zero sitting down to negotiate with them. lou: the every means? >> as well as them. with almost complete assurance the russians in the chinese would have packed into whatever computers? >> that is compromised. lou: and there seems to be no hurry to prosecute or bring her to the same justice as david petraeus who some argue committed a lesser crime in terms of the impact of national security and she has done. >>:the phantom secretary of state would is the west negotiating position with regard to russia? what is the u.s. position
7:37 pm
for the red line on syria? is a reading heard emails in realtime a wonder we had such bad deals because they knew where we were standing what our position was going into any negotiation. >> i can assure you there millions of americans that would like to believe that was the reason for the miserable negotiation results of the part of this administration with the radiance. that is part of it. >> reflects the obama world view the united states should not be the super power above the from behind the ability to step back to let the global community somehow takeover not understanding if we step behind it is of the global community that steps forward but russia or china or iran. chaos. lou: be sure to vote.
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a federal judge is now deciding the fate after last-minute settlement talks between the patriots quarterback tom brady in the players' association failed. attorneys tried to reach a deal this morning but they did not succeed as a result if federal judge says he will rule if the brady must serve a four game suspension as decreed by the commissioner and could decide as early as tomorrow. we will be joined by nfl hall of fame linebacker one of the giants of the giants. beach closures is in california they spotted to hammerhead sharks this
7:39 pm
weekend one was a foot long swimming by a kayaker as the lifeguards described in nonaggressive manner but they were on the beach. and in central california acer for nearly escaped an attack. the great white got a huge chunk of her board. she was not hurt. what a souvenir. a crisis testing leadership in europe. leading touche jockeying demonstrations black lives matter. all lives matter. we will take that up with two of our experts on national law-enforcement next.
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7:44 pm
millions of people are heading west to europe because of poverty in the middle east of africa and asia the biggest crisis in europe since the second world war. here in the united states black lives matter protesters in minnesota is spewing violent anti-police rhetoric just hours after a sheriff's deputy was ambushed and murdered murdered, executed at a gas station. >>. lou: joining us tonight former n.y.p.d. detective and former detective fraud reader as well. let me start with though.
7:45 pm
this is not in any way it is out of control. >> first of all, my heart goes out to the officer he had two kids the black lives matter group if you noticed it is the same anarchist three-quarters are white people the same ones that showed up in ferguson baltimore i have a name for you ever hear of this name? the little girl four days ago in ferguson doing homework nine years old the cutest little girl was shot dead is that how black lives matter? she will shot by another african-american what about her a little life? that aggravates the hell out of me program look at this little picture she was shot while doing her homework where are the black leaders to stop the violence on the streets between five and
7:46 pm
6,000 minorities the dying over the next year? >> to that point black on black violence is an absolute disgrace with black leadership including the president of the united states is not standing up to deal with issues to say this campaign against law-enforcement hast to end. why not? >> it is completely out of control and i think it will get worse before it gets better. last year i made a prediction after the two new york police officers were gunned down in cold blood remember that? after that incident i said we will continue to see these cases not only african-american in leaders but all beaters on bull's sides of the aisle deed to
7:47 pm
speak out to become enraged what we saw have been in texas. but also want to say the officer in texas wasn't killed just because he was wearing a police uniform the he was a white man and i have to say to be fair that is the hate crime but it disturbs me we have our heard anything from the justice department to investigate this as a hate crime. >> we lost for law-enforcement officers over the last seven days now one attorney-general or president. they are attacking cops their shooting and killing cops. exactly is a black or right to buy a good and bad and murder and non murder.
7:48 pm
to listen to the mtv award this becomes of cry as every life matters. that little girl was shot dead where is her life? where is the demonstrations where is our president? he renames a mountain where is the attorney general? where are our leaders? you have farrakhan to kill cops the musicians. lou: on another level where is that political correctness that them left usually suffocates america's public arena? it is not to be found. thank you for being with us. good to see. lou: in the stock's close out the month in the red falling the nasdaq fell 52
7:49 pm
volume on the big board to 3.9 million. posted the biggest monthly decline in five years all down more than 6% so good news aaa says they will pay the lowest prices in more than a decade. the national average $2.47 a gallon but crude oil surged 9% today settling above $49 a barrel. don't forget to listen to my report three times a day, coast to coast, on the salem radio network. horrified after witnessing a crash before their eyes. disturbing video shows a small plane that attempted a loop when the pilot lost control as it crashes to the ground for the fifth year-old pilot was killed on impact the air show was immediately halted. no spectators were injured.
7:50 pm
taking aim at rival bush trump has been leading the polls for weeks now he has says company and intensifying competition. stay with us.
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>> this is a man who spew his venom. and that includes a sulfuric acid, anything bad that's in the periodic table that is coming out. >> here is what is showing now. we put up the pole on this republican side of the thing in iowa. looking here and carly fiorina, 10%, jeb bush all the way down. his score at is low when she talked about illegal immigration. and so i think that that is an inclusive message. and i know that i speak in this way. and so the reality is here are three outsiders in the top of the polls.
7:58 pm
and you see the difference, if you take a look at these three, with one group or another, that the others seem to be playing by an old playbook. they were being judged by what entrance will playbook greatly by the media for a long time. >> even though he's not an outsider, he is a man, he is an individual. and that is senator ted cruz. he is in fourth place. >> this is not good for the bush campaign, certainly and four the republican presidency.
7:59 pm
lou: is it shocking? >> not to me. >> i was struck by the long discourse on whether there is a letter for them to approve the iranian deal. and i couldn't get anything passed. it may have not been procedural. but i thought that that was a failure of the party to protect the president. >> i think the you are correct. the fact that it was fully expected that they would come together with some sort of document that supported the president's deal. >> i think the iranians definitely call it a deal. and i support it. lou: the iranians call the shots. jessica, thank you so much. jessica, michael, it's been a pleasure and i thank you. a quick look at the online poll results. is bill clinton an asset or liability. it 28% of you said an asset.
8:00 pm
lou: thanks for being with us and good night from new york. it kennedy is coming up next. ♪ ♪ a. kennedy: i'm watching you watching me, candidate desperately fighting against feeding into the background, the donald trump setting the agenda especially on immigration. creating a litmus test by changing the results halfway through the exam. scott walker going all in on border security. when he talked about this from those terrorist harboring canadians. it sounds like this but he's actually serio


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