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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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about 40 seconds, find out the latest on where candidates stand, especially dr. carson, donald trump, they are the headliners in national polls. find out 10 seconds away. "making money" with charles payne starts now. charles: breaking news, brand new fox news poll just released just a moment ago, and donald trump takes the number one spot. take a look. 26%. ben carson is second at 23%. ted cruz, marco rubio, both tied at third with 11%. jeb bush, mike huckabee, john kasich and rand paul all at 4%, and carly fiorina continues to drop, her support now at only 3%. bringing up the rear, chris christie at 2%. among the most important issues for gop voters is not surprising the economy, followed closely by security
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and immigration, who do voters think are qualified to handle the economy? 42% say it's donald trump. not a surprise, ted cruz at 10% followed by ben carson at 9%. on the democratic side hillary clinton holding onto a commanding lead against her rival bernie sanders, so the question now is which gop candidate could beat hillary clinton in this poll? 37% say donald trump. followed by ben carson at 18% and ted cruz at 11%. here to help us break it down, darren shaw republican consultant for fox news poll and university of texas professor. these polls are so fascinating, feel like the plot thickens every single time and get the narratives and feels the outsiders are hanging on there beneath the surface seeing jockeying now, is there something going on with the polls that we can say maybe the bottom five may want to consider throwing in the towel? >> yeah, i think this poll in
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particular, you see a little segmentation into what i would consider four tiers, you got as you mentioned, trump and carson at top, about 10, 11, 12 points clear of the next tier which looks like it's cruz and rubio at this point. then you drop down and you've got bush, you still got you know kasich who has risen a little bit. rand paul, mike huckabee, i would probably clump fiorina and christie into the third tier, the vying for attention, and then you've got the others receiving votes tier which is pat harvey and jindal and graham and gill mor, this is the first time can you cluster the candidates into four distinct groups. that's a change, and i think that's fairly significant. charles: talk about the first here, the outsiders ben carson and donald trump flip-flopping. quinnipiac echoing the same thing with the poll coming in this morning.
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what are we seeing with respect, a lot of people not taking ben carson seriously at all. blowing them off. even donald trump, i wouldn't call it an attack on ben carson, he talks about ben's not the guy, low energy guy. not equipped to deal with the chinese. it feels like he is written off despite the fact he's hanging in there to a lesser degree. trump by the experts is still being written off as well. >> i'm astounded by the extent to which people claim certainty over what's going to happen in the race. i study this stuff for a living, honestly, this will probably undercut my credibility, i don't have a strong clue what's going to happen in the long run. maybe admitting that is the first step fowards figuring it out. trump seems to have hit a bit of a ceiling. he's basically had a quarter of the vote now for three months. not much more than that, not
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much less, 24, 25, 26 in poll after poll. as you mentioned ben carson has i'm with you, it's not clear that carson has the ceiling that some people assume to seem he has. he has not gotten 25, 30% of the vote, but this is a guy with enormous personal appeal, you know. voters look at and they say this is a smart guy, he can learn, i trust him. that's a different dynamic than we see with donald trump. charles: let's take it a step further, at some point, the field will begin to narrow down, as that does, we make assumptions, who will win these? go again with the first tier. typically ben carson has done extraordinarily well when you lump them together. first choice, second choice, in this particular poll he edges out donald trump. who do you think, again, where will the potential voters and all the other folks where will they probably go? it's up to donald trump and ben
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carson. >> i think we've got a second choice question in the poll, a standard question. we ask, a lot of other entities ask a second choice. what we're seeing, trump does okay with second choice voters. there's a presumption if you're not for trump, you think he's completely unqualified. not true. there are a number of people who list trump as the second choice. carson is emerging with rubio as a strong second choice candidate. trump gets more second choice support than rubio, but proportionately rubio does well as a second choice candidate. if i'm gazing into my hazy crystal ball at this point, looks like marco rubio may be getting traction as an alternative should one of the top two vote-getters fade. charles: however unlikely, no matter where the candidates are in the poll, one thing is clear, they all have to make adjustments, address potential weaknesses and do something desperate to catch fire.
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i want to ask but donald trump's weakness, you touched on it in this particular poll, honesty and trustworthiness, it is a glaring problem. how does he fix that? >> boy, i don't know. i really think there are a number of traits we think matter, political scientists look at over elections, one is strong leadership. trump has done well on that item. even empathy, cares about the problems of regular voters. trump does pretty well there, but on honest and trustworthy he does not do well. charles: why do you think? is it he's evolved more recently in terms of political positions? >> it's an interesting question. i don't think -- the easy answer is he's flip flopped. seems like an opportunist in pursuing the presidency. i don't know that that's it. maybe business background comes into, it people assume that people that have the particular kind of success that mr. trump does have to cut corners have,
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to cut deals, the generous way to put it would be flexible. i think i might be playing into it as well. charles: when you say i have four bankruptcies but came out unscathed. yeah, you look smart but people worry a little bit. ben carson, on the other hand, he's 33 percentage points behind trump when it comes to handle the economy. how does he change minds on the most important issue in the race, the economy. nobody is going tong ben carson can handle the economy overnight. what does he do? >> funny, he's the flipside of trump in a sense. trustworthy numbers are off the charts. he's the only candidate that gets a majority of voters, not just republican, saying yes, honest and trustworthy describe him well. he is that. no other candidate gets a majority. but at some point, the sense he's intelligent, honorable man he gets slack from voters. he has to convince them he's learned.
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he staked out positions, he's up to the task. you got to translate the general affect into substantive policy support and positions, and i think he's got more time than most voters do because of the nature of his candidacy, most candidates do, but he's got to do it at some point, that is a strategic challenge moving forward. charles: marco rubio you talked about him coming up, he comes in fourths at commander in chief. is it the boyish looks? questions about maturity. his ability to handle his own checkbook. why does he resonate so low when it comes to him being in charge of our military? >> i think what you're seeing here, there's a tendency to blame voters, how can they not know marco rubio has considerable foreign policy chops. you see the same thing with carly fiorina, she's nowhere on the radar when it comes to being the most qualified to be commander in chief despite foreign policy experience. look, the burden is on the candidates. they have emphasized these
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things in little bit in response to debate questions but haven't been centerpieces of their campaigns. until that happens, voters rely on handy stereotypes. rubio is too young, fiorina has never held office. there is gender stereotype that hurts her as well. they have work to do overcome the flash reaction that voters have, when a candidate that looks like them is rearing to be commander in chief. charles: you did admit the crystal ball is murky. these polls are driving the average person crazy! i'm going to tell you right now. here's the big question, why do we pay attention to them? honestly, think about this. if these polls were anywhere near right, david cameron would not be in downing street. the new kentucky governor would be matt conway not matt bevin. when everything else has gotten more scientific, why are the polls so off?
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>> i'll give you a quick technical answer, it's tough to get people to respond. you know, the response rates for national surveys are down below 10%. now i can -- the flip side of that is they still do pretty well. polling is robust. it actually is a scientific enterprise when done correctly. in the kentucky case, you only have six preelection polls, peoplesumed because of the way the first batch looked and because it's an off-year election, there wasn't much going on, there wasn't a lot of polling. so that's an issue. that won't be the case in the presidential. that's for sure, but give you another point of caution, when it comes to primary elections, when you're only interviewing republicans or democrats and there's no party id to anchor preferences, the polls are going to be all over the place because personality issues, gaffes, all that stuff introduces a lot of volatility, right? some of the very because of the
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polling, some is genuine change or fluctuations in voter's preferences. charles: it makes me believe, then, those that are responding could be part of the vocal minority. they're angry as hell, maybe a smaller pool than we realize. whenever given a chance, they voice that. could they be skewing the results in a major way? >> i think there's a minor point there, and that is who's willing to talk to a pollster for 15, 20 minutes on the phone? someone who cares about politics, jased about the election. charles: or some nut job! the same person that's sitting in front of the building with a sign in the middle of january in the snow that says some obscure thing like the voting rights in thailand. he's upset about it and wants the world to know. >> yeah, look, there's no question that is a responsed bias. we know what our targets are. we know what the population
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should look like, census data. previous election polls. i would say the funny thing about the polls when it comes to the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary, the same sorts of people who will talk to a pollster for 10 minutes are the people who traipse through the snow and cast a ballot in the early contest. charles: touche. >> it's not as substantive as people think. charles: touche, professor, daron shaw, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. charles: and, if you don't want to miss fox business' very own republican debate, it's right around the corner, tune in. the gop hopefuls take center stage in wisconsin less than a week away, next tuesday, november 10th. 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. here on fox business. we've got breaking news for you. we're going to dig into it deeper and find out who can beat hillary on the republican side? the fox poll says trump, quinnipiac says something different. we'll be right back with an expert panel.
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. charles: breaking news, donald trump leading the gop pack in the latest fox news poll, and hillary clinton leading for the democrats, and voters say trump he's got the best shot at defeating hillary clinton in the general election. joining me gina loudon, conservative columnist tammy bruce, fox news political editor and chris hahn, former aide to chuck schumer. donald trump creeping up on ability to beat hillary here? >> i'm so excited about "saturday night live" this weekend. if you're excited about donald trump as your nominee, i got stock i to sell you, it's not good. i would love it if donald trump is the republican nominee. hillary clinton will not only beat donald trump, he will give
6:17 pm
us the senate and maybe the house. be careful what you wish for. because the conservatives have been saying the economy is so bad, he's the guy the republicans want because he's the guy that can fix the economy according to republicans. >> one of the complaints is a lot of people set it out, a lot of republican voters set it out. donald trump is the one who can get them off the sofa into the voting booth? >> i think you are exactly right about that, charles, that's the reason for the poll results we're seeing. listening to chris is almost humorous. we would love to see hillary as the nominee. the person who this nation thinks is the most dishonest candidate, i think ever. any of our candidates are going to do well up against hillary, and even though the trust factor in the poll was just marginal for donald trump, he's still going to beat hillary on the trustworthy factor. we have nothing to lose here.
6:18 pm
charles: all right, tammy, trump versus hillary? >> we saw in the poll, every gop candidate beats her, and interestingly quinnipiac decided not to test bush against her, i don't understand that decision at all. one person whom she does beat is trump, but still within the margin of error. >> right. charles: let's put up that, can we put that poll up for the audience? this is the poll here. hillary clinton's potential gop matchups. everyone beats her except donald trump but only three percentage points. >> still within the margin of error, they're technically tied. before she was also being defeated by generic republican candidate assault and democrats say well, you have the personalities of the nominees. >> people know her, the one guy they know they're not liking, and she's winning against them. charles: what i will say is this. >> i've been pretty good at predicting the elections,
6:19 pm
filled have taken all the dinners i won in 2012, i would be huge, almost as huge as donald trump. what i'm saying is the trustworthy thing, i hear you dr. gina. here's the thing, people don't trust politicians at all ever. whoever the nominee is -- the reason carson is doing well, nobody sees him as a politician. >> chris, just a minute. we were talking about how every gop candidate beats hillary and this guy took it to his dinner and how large he was going to be. this is the reflection, you can keep trying to do, that the bottom line is you're going to see the numbers increase when it comes to the republicans. >> they have changed a lot, in the last couple of months where hillary is trouncing everyone, gina. maybe chris doesn't take it seriously, i think the hillary clinton camp better. >> and i think that you have to consider trusting politician says a nice cliche that chris can use. we're talking about literally lying to the american public and costing lives in benghazi,
6:20 pm
and if we go back to her husband's administration, we have a whole other pack of lies. we have a long sordid history of hillary lying to the american people and people dying for, it that's very different than a politician who's not trustworthy. >> gina, that is not a narrative the american people accept. all the polling data shows the benghazi lies, the scandal, were mistakes made in benghazi? yes, nobody blames her for people dying in benghazi except for conservatives who would never vote for her, anyway. >> chris, they know she lied about the e-mails! >> who's going move this country forward? and if it's donald trump on the ballot, i would be concerned if i was at republican headquarters in d.c. right now. >> i agree hillary is going to move us forward right off the freakin' cliff. that's the difference in this election. charles: last word to you, chris, i don't see where you're not paying attention to educated women who are moving away from hillary clinton.
6:21 pm
a lot of democrats, that would have to close their eyes and pull a lever because they were democrats. can she motivate people to get off the sofa? the republicans are going to be more motivated, and you have a bad taste in your mouth. >> i think republicans will be more motivated. you don't recognize there are less and less republicans in this country every single day. as far as educated women not going for hillary clinton, i find that hard to believe that that number will hold. >> chris forgot to watch the election returns. charles: that's the narrative right now. ul admit that much? >> i read the poll. it's a good, honest poll, but i think as things go hillary is going to win with single and working women. charles: go to del frescos and get coupons now. you are going to owe a lot of dinners. >> i'm going to have to pay these back. charles: leave it right there. more breaking news, facebook came out with earnings, and i got to tell you something, they absolutely crushed it.
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. charles: welcome back, we've got important earnings alerts for you. first, facebook beating on the top and bottom line for the third quarter, absolutely blowing it away. you can see the stock much higher in the after-hours session. but unfortunately, whole foods is not so lucky. the health food grocer pioneer has missed again, really big, the stock down in the after-market, trying to explain it away, it's not going away. but tesla came into today soaring, they raised fourth quarter guidance, and saw today biggest daily gain in over a year, stock had been sideways for a while. joining me shah gilani editor for capital wave forecast. we took profits around 105. it hit 109, it's 107. it's one of the stocks priced
6:26 pm
for perfection but delivered it snide the symbol is fb, there should be an a in the middle, it is a fabulous stock. 41% increase in revenues. 4 1/2 billion. 1.55 billion user engagement on a monthly basis. absolutely fabulous. everything that they're doing they're convening properly. yes their costs and expenses rose 68% higher than expected but they're spending money smartly. they're going to grow smartly. charles: you're long on the stock? >> i'm not long on the stock. i think it's got a lot more to go, charles, a lot more to go. charles: a lot of people watching the show know, they e-mail me, tweet me, they beat top and bottom line, guidance isn't too bad and the stock gets hammered. has facebook entered the realm where they get a free pass, there is question marks on return on investment for
6:27 pm
whatsapp, for oculus, they spent a lot of money to your point, are they going to recoup it all? >> the reason i'm not long on the stock is it's expensive. not overvalued but expensive to me. it's got a lot higher to go. they spent a billion dollars for -- >> oculus? whatsapp was more. >> that was 22 billion dollars. i think 900 million users. charles: i talk to my son on whatsapp. they put a commercial in there, i might not use it. >> no, i don't think so, moeshl applications, everyone was afraid they weren't going to be able to monetize mobile. they are integrating everything in the social network, all the pieces they bought. everything they have done is coming together perfectly. the stock is fabulous and poised to go a lot higher. charles: you're short tesla at a much higher price but had a huge day today, and won't stay down. >> i think if you look at today's action, it's worrisome
6:28 pm
because the stock gapped up and average volume is 4 1/2 million shares. the volume today was 12 but already gapped up. where was all the volume, it was short covering. i don't know, we're happy to be short, i still have 185 call on the stock. it doesn't make sense to me. their expenses, burn rate is crazy, they're in trouble. charles: i'm not in it, i wanted to buy it on weakness, under 200. want to ask but janet yellen, she made comments that derailed the market, keeping the december rate hike window open. do you think she was serious or trying to look smart? is the fed really going to raise rates in december? feels like there's not enough evidence. >> the whole world is watching the fed. i don't think anyone janet yellen does isn't under a microscope, it is. when janet yellen says something she's telegraphing the expectations the world has
6:29 pm
for them to do something. she's telegraphing they're going to probably raise in december. charles: she understands great part of the fed strength is credibility, she's lost a big chunk of it and puts herself in a corner. >> that's why they are saying they have to raise in december. charles: shah gilani, thanks so much. i got to tell you something, pay attention, possibly the death of liberalism and political correctness, what it means for the race for the white house. we have the all-star guys coming back. big, big news across the country and in funny places, too. we'll be right back. can a business have a mind?
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. charles: it was election day across the country yesterday and proved to be a big win for conservatives. voters came out in droves and shut down liberalism and political correctness. talk about this sanctuary cities failed in san francisco of all places. legalized pot, that's right, smoke weed, role them up in ohio if you got them. no, nailed ohio. everyone thought it would pass. how about transgender bathrooms in houston? failed, despite the fact a lot of money and controversy is put in there. obamacare was weighed in on in kentucky where everyone picked the one person, failed. higher minimum wage in portland of all places, you know what happened? it failed. one more for you. gun laws in virginia, michael
6:34 pm
bloomberg spent millions of dollars and failed once again. the liberal agenda got wiped out. joining me to discuss this, bringing back the panel, right? first steve cortes joins us now. he's a senior strategist at bgc and tammy bruce and gina loudon with me. steve, the overarching narrative is these are politically correct issues in places like san francisco for a sanctuary city to sort of de facto be hit like this sends a big message nationally. >> charles, i couldn't agree more, and you're so right too. this is in the unlikeliest places, in san francisco, in portland, even houston which, by the way, texas very red state but houston, austin, those are the blueberries in the red states and still, voters stood up for themselves. charles i think this is important and come to you from chicago. part of the flyover country of america. there's a lot of people in america who hunt on saturdays and go to church on sundays and
6:35 pm
you might not know that if you only spent time in new york city, they are out there and showed up in force and made their will known, that we are not going to bend to a liberal agenda and the u.s. constitution still really matters. charles: tammy? >> boy, so excited. this is amuse bouche, this portends for something very different next year, and i think we can thank donald trump a little bit for this, i see when you look at the diversity of the cities across the country, all the things that were rejected, americans are getting used to mr. trump and the idea what you think maybe does matter thank you, don't need to vote politically correctly, and your opinion is not from the ancient days, maybe it still matters. maybe you're not a cave man. maybe it is something you should stand up for and we're seeing part of that in these elections and see it next year as well. >> i think the trump effect is
6:36 pm
evident in a lot of the places, by the same token, gina for minimum wage to fail in portland, the gun law, potential changing of the guards with gun laws and michael bloomberg pouring in millions in virginia, no doubt that donald trump played a role in this, too. there's a natural grassroots pushback against the political correctness? >> there is, here's my caution, as the spin doctors and the mainstream media get ahold of this, they're going to say more conservatives turn out in an off-year election, that's true. but that is another reason to back up what folks like tammy and i have always said, that is that we need a conservative candidate to motivate the base. now it seems like some of the establishment is catching onto the fact that conservatives are not going sit down for establishment lame candidate again this time because candidates as you know are very untraditional on the republican side of things. but this is absolute proof of that. when you give conservatives something to get motivated about, they get out.
6:37 pm
take that to the polls. >> if i understand, these kinds of ballot initiatives were supposed to bring out the liberals. that's why you had the pot on the ballot. that's why you had -- that was supposed to be key to bring them out and it did not work. what it did do is gave the conservatives an opportunity to say enough is enough. charles: here's the thing, each of these are nuanced, too. not necessarily all cut and dry, the marijuana thing in ohio, i think was a vote against the dumb idea of giving a handful of people a monopoly on weed. that was dumb in and of itself because some of you more -- some of the writers are saying they would have liked to see the vote get on other way. the rand pauls of the world. >> i'm more in that camp. >> you don't want to see nick lachey having a monopoly on weed in ohio. >> it was a vote against cronyism at the same time. a vote against government
6:38 pm
control, so that one is more, you know, it's hard to pin that one down. but on the whole, there is no doubt that conservatism had a huge day, a huge night, and i think it's important too that often i think and particularly in the media, certainly the mainstream media likes to discount social conservatives and acts as though they're a spent force, a force of the past. and i think last night we saw and yesterday we saw that is not true. charles: and i got to tell you, i really believe social issues are going to probably play a larger role than anyone will admit. i know the economy is important and other things, but i think where to point where you look at religion is falling apart, atheism is climbing up and people find this is the last stand to issues, too. we got to go. but try to bring you all back. we've got a whole bunch of breaking news, more news now on the russian plane crash mystery. a congressional source telling fox news that evidence actually
6:39 pm
points to an explosion. captain harris is with us with the latest, next. you owned your car for four years.
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. charles: after initially dismissing claims that a terror group brought down the russian airliner last saturday. u.s. intelligence suggests there's new evidence that points otherwise. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is with us with more details. >> reporter: two separate sources explain the latest intelligence this way to fox news that it points toward an explosion on the aircraft in the most likely scenario is that a bomb was planted on the aircraft and investigators are very focused on the isis
6:43 pm
affiliate in egypt in the sinai region or those who are sympathetic with the isis affiliate. also significantly within the last hour, the associated press is now reporting and we're working to confirm it independently, that the intelligence community also has what are called intercepts. these are the communications between known terrorist operatives, in this case isis, that seem to speak to advanced planning or advanced knowledge that the jet may come down. this is seen as further evidence it was a terrorist strike. though i would add tonight a real note of caution because it was emphasized through three different sources today that the intelligence remains very fluid and perhaps most significantly the black box has been recovered, but it was damaged and the analysis has not been complete, therefore, no final conclusions have been reached, charles. charles: speaking of which, final conclusions, the u.k. has come out with the strongest sort of inference that this is
6:44 pm
a terrorist. so what do you make of their decisions that with respect to the flights flying in and out of region and what we're hearing from u.s. intelligence, and we haven't changed the different -- we're not banning flights from the region, are we? >> that's right. this is a statement that came out of what is called 10 downing street, britain's equivalent of the presidential, you know, the white house, if you will. and what it says is that based on the evidence so far, there is a significant possibility that a bomb was planted on that aircraft. i can tell you, charles, having covered this area for the better part of 14 years that when the british government comes out and says something like this on the record in black and white, this is backed up by substantial intelligence that points in this direction, and not only that, the british government has further backed up this position by advising all british citizens that they must avoid all air travel to sharm el-sheikh and the airport there.
6:45 pm
final point for americans, this was in the briefing at the white house today, and you probably picked up this, the spokesman josh earnest said at this point no u.s. aircraft are flying out of sharm el-sheikh, and none have direct flights from sharm el-sheikh to the united states, and that matters because if there is intelligence that a bomb was planted on that flight, the first thing u.s. investigators will look at is what is the risk to u.s. aircraft, charles? . charles: wow, really, really frightening if this is the worst-case scenario, and looking like more and more it is. we appreciate you coming on and sharing your thoughts, catherine herridge. >> thank you. charles: back to the polls because donald trump is back in the lead in the fox poll. he's on top at 26%. perhaps a statistical tie, ben carson at 23%. what about the rest of the pack? is it time to thin them out? we'll talk about it next.
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . charles: breaking news. donald trump back in the lead in a brand-new fox poll out momen moments ago, donald trump at 26% followed by ben carson at 23%. ted cruz and marco rubio at 11%. joining me liz peek and gina loudon. liz, i'll ask you first, what are you seeing with the polls, feels like several narratives, earlier in the show we had professor shah on who sees four distinct tiers and they have their own distinct narratives. >> that's right. i thought coming out of the latest debate that you saw a real winnowing of the field,
6:50 pm
full. i didn't think that either trump or carson would improve in the standing, and let's remember -- >> why not? simply do you think that they peaked in some sort of way? >> no, i thought they both and carly fiorina tended to repeat their talking points as opposed to really getting into the nitty-gritty of economic policy, part of that was the moderators, they didn't lead the candidates into sustained conversation about economic policy, but i didn't think any of those outsiders showed that well. the people who did show well all got a bump in the polls. by the way, that includes chris christie who is way at the bottom of the pack. charles: though, in the fox poll, you can see he's at number ten. resonated in some polls but unfortunately for him in the new poll that came out at 6:00, not so much. we keep hearing this and it's true to a certain extent, the outsiders are pressed a little more. slogans are fantastic, but how
6:51 pm
do you connect the dots if you're going to lower taxes to a certain level, the tax foundation says for instance donald trump will create five million jobs, by the same token the deficit will be $10 trillion. is there a formula that says five million jobs erases that and we want to do it? >> absolutely. that's the way voters are perceiving this right now. the psychology is so easy to put together when you look at what is perhaps the most shocking part of this new poll to me, charles and that is that about 80% of those polled, republicans and democrats, think the economy is in bad shape. you have president obama saying all the great things he's done economically. have you hillary, the face of obama's policies, running and saying the economy is great, obamacare saved the world when premiums are increasing dramatically and we know it. 80% of people, republicans and democrats, saying wait, wait, wait, something is wrong with
6:52 pm
this economy and that's how they polled when they answered it. i think the fact that donald trump is winning is perfect proof of the fact that the americans are still concerned about the economy. charles: there's no doubt about that. we were asking earlier too, liz, in the show, we talk about second choice and how that's critical and important. obviously, this is going to some-point wino down to two, three candidates. who stands out as the others give up? >> depends who's getting out of race. if jeb bush gets out of the race, that's a big plus for marco rubio. i'm not suggesting that could happen, but it could. charles: that's assuming he got them all. >> rubio and cruz for a very good position, if carson and trump begin to fade, those are the guys that consistently -- >> you do? >> i do. charles: you think the real race right now is between cruz
6:53 pm
and rubio, one of the two guys probably the eventual nominee. >> i think so. charles: let's leave it there. you don't want to miss fox business' very own republican debate, you got to tune in, and i know you will, to see the gop hopefuls to take center stage in wisconsin less than a week away, november 10th, 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. on the fox business network. quentin tarantino refuses to apologize for anti-police rhetoric. he says he's not intimidated. this ain't a movie quentin. we'll be right back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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6:57 pm
the murdered the murdered and the mud eri murderers the murderers. charles: that was tarantino. not backing down. he is talking about a murder, here is a guy with a huge living off of promoting that. tarantino probably had a different opinion about police, he had to call them a couple of weeks ago, rod wheeler, is joining me now. the hypocrisy of this is an area that we could start, but first the dangers of stoking the flames of antipolice rhetoric. >> you know, i was at that rally, i was right up by the stage, i could tell you first hand from seeing it, that is what his goal was.
6:58 pm
to incite, to stoke to get people excited about what he was talking about. the fact he has not apologized this fine. law enforcement agencies, we have moved on, but we'll protest the movie, because if he feels that way, that is fine, we'll protest his movie, and continue to spread message that police departments are trying to do the right thing across the nation. charles: how ironic. revary -- reservoir dogs and all these movies the gore and horror of it. anyone that goes to his movies, has an impression on you, that a lot of psychologists say, it contributes to the -- the movies contribute to some of the killings, to add in. >> you have jamie foxx, and
6:59 pm
other a-listers out of hollywood, in support of tarantino. i don't know if they live in a fantasy world. but, you know, i think it is unfortunate to go down that road. charles: we have 4 new york city police officers murdered this year. the war on police, they are cold-blooded type stuff, shot in the head, the courtl cowardly stuff, it is the people that issue watching the jamie foxx's, and quentin tarantinos of the world, saying, get them before they get you. >> police departments like i say, they are trying very hard to brin to bring -- bridge the gap between community and police, and the stuff that tar an teetarantino and foxx say,
7:00 pm
is just keeping us divided. let me say, the police will still be there, they will still respond, and they will continue to support the community. charles: there is a reason he called them in the first place. >> right. charles: thank you very much. detective wheeler, up next lou dobbs keeps right here on fox business. lou: i am lou dobbs, talk of donald trump decline in the polls has been over stated. brand-new fox news poll out tonight show donald trump leading the republican race now, with backing of 26%. of the g.o.p. primary voters. also identifying paren trump as best candidate on the economy. most likely to beat hillary clinton. tonight, our political panel, coming right now. also, more reasons for


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