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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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away from fox business announcement of candidate positions in next week's prime time debate. so tune in 7:00 p.m. eastern time for lou dobbs special announcement. in the meantime charles payne has a great hour for you starting right now. ♪ charles: stocks spinning wheels before tomorrow's big fed meeting. lots of huge beef in the aftermarket, it's going to be a big day tomorrow. we'll hash that out for you and go big or go home. the establishment gop gives president obama a blank check, and he does not disappoint setting a one-day recording for spending and against the donald as dozens of latino organizations pressure saturday night live and cnbc to disinvite the frontrunner. is the joke on them? making money starts right now. get ready. donald trump is now preparing, he's got a big, big day, i
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think you might have heard of it, saturday night live will be his appearance, and take a look at some of the stuff leading up to it. >> ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> he said i could belies running mate. >> did you hear? i'm trump's vp. >> i'm just shopping around. charles: well, as you might imagine, not everybody is thrilled, more than a dozen troops are protesting outside the headquarters here in new york city, activists say it's just the beginning of a long campaign before saturday night live to have the satellite. and joining me now house chair caucus chairman and one of the leaders of this campaign. representative, thank you for joining the show. >> thank you, charles. charles: what's your main opposition to donald trump having some fun on saturday night live? saturday night? >> charles, i think you agree that there's nothing funny
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about racism and donald trump apparently doesn't know how to control some of his words. and it's unfortunate because he is impacting of lives of a lot of folks by what he says. charles: well, how -- when you say racism, it's interesting because i would suspect you believe donald trump throws things out there, throws words out there, but then you can throw a word out there like racism which it's a very deep, deep painful word. what's your proof or evidence that donald trump is a racist? >> i've never raped a woman, i am not here to just take advantage of the country, the words that he has used to describe people, and he's used specific words to describe immigrants and in particular mexican immigrants and when you use that kind of word, and you can't justify it by giving clear examples of what you meant in terms of rapists, i think that's clearly beyond -- charles: okay. i get where
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you're coming from in the sense that the initial shock a lot of people interpreted that way. but i think donald trump has gone to a certain degree to a certain length to say, hey, we're talking about these countries, by the way, not just mexico but a lot of countries south of the border sending their worst people, allowing their worst people to escape to this country, they're not good people for the most part, if they're letting them go, many of them happen to be criminals or rapists, i don't think that he think so all mexican men are rapists, is that what you're saying? >> his word speak for themselves and i take offensive when someone uses ay to justke that. be able to knock the gop frontrunners? is this an arrow in your quiver and a way to say, hey, we've got one. we've got something over donald trump's head over and we'll continue to use it and avoid all the real issues to other people that include, by the way, the immense amount of
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crime committed by illegal immigrants. >> charles, i don't think donald trump needs any help knocking him down some. and if you've been watching some of these debates that the republican candidates for president have needed any help in trying to explain to the american people why so far it's difficult to get a sense of who will become the republican nominee but in particular to donald trump, trump i think -- you know, he speaks his mind and he's entitled to do that and i think all of us want to defend the first amendment as much as we can because it's important. charles: how can you defend -- with all due respect, how are you defending the first amendment but you're saying this is a guy who shouldn't go on a combed show because he said something that ruffled your feathers. >> because as a first amendment i can only say he shouldn't be invited, it doesn't give me the power to stop him from being invited to the show. whether nbc moves forward, it's up to them but i don't believe a guy who makes racist
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comments should be allowed to be on a show like saturday night live. i think it's unfortunate that that decision was made by saturday night live to invite a man who has been offending a lot of people but i'm not going to use my opinion to say he's going to be stopped, i wish he could be and the first amendment gives us a chance to to say a lot of things in a i think for the most part they're all in agreement with donald trump with respect to immigration or illegal immigration policies. what would you say to people who are saying what about the real issue? there's a report out in five states, california, texas, arizona, florida, 38% of all the convicted murderers were illegal immigrants, although they were less than 6% of the population. what do you say when these kinds of stats are thrown out there? how do we justify our poor borders and the lack of nature we taken and get rid of at least the most violent illegal immigrants here? >> first, charles, i would
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question the statistic. charles: i'm sure you would but we know the statistics are ugly. i'm not sure -- >> no, i'm saying i question whether they're correct but to the point itself, to the degree that there's someone who comes to this country and commits a crime, we should not only apprehend them, arrest them, but also deport them. i don't think anyone has any doubt about that to the degree we want to talk about donald trump, we can distinguish between his policies on immigration and this word -- charles: then what you say -- here's the thing. we get hung up on your interpretation of his words being racist and not address the idea that so many crimes are being committed, alternate we committing a crime against the people in this country? aren't you as an elective representative ignoring the bigger issue here? for instance, century city, do you believe that anyone who comes into this country without going in the right way, without following the right procedures, number one they've committed a criminal act right then and there.
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should we even have sanctuary cities. >> okay. you don't understand what sanctuary cities do because they don't allow people to come into the country and -- charles: they harbor them once they're here. >> okay, charles, you should take a look what the policy is with regard to sanctuary cities because it's not as you explained but i will say this but any time we want to talk about immigration policy, i think it is important to make sure that we distinguish between racist remarks and a policy that we will want our country to implement. and there mostly republican candidates have said similar things with regard to immigration, which i think are unrealistic. but, again, that's policy and i have no concern or problem with republican candidates talking about their policies on immigration. i do have a problem when that talk starts to turn toward racist. charles: okay. let's talk a little bit then because adults aren't the only ones who have been blasting donald trump. i'm pretty sure you've seen this video out there, it's an antitrump video, and it features kids, and they're
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young kids, and i think at least one or two of them are cursing. let's just take a look at this. >> this is my home. you can't take my rights away. >> if you don't like our constitution and what it stands for. get the. [bleep] out of my country. charles: representative, what do you make of that? did the makers of this video go too far? >> i have not seen that video but from what i heard, i assume you had to bleep out some kind of word. and if those were kids voices that i heard then i would say to you as a father of three kids, i would never want to see my children doing something like that, but i hope you're not saying because you have less than constructive video that that would condone or excuse donald trump's racist comments. charles: no, listen, all i'm saying is that when these kinds of videos are shown and it goes viral, i'm not sure that it helps the cause, whatever the cause might be. and i think it makes the
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waters even a little bit murkier. so, again, i'm not here to defend or not defend donald trump, but i am saying i think that there's a first misstate thamendment right for him toking on saturday night live, and you agree with that. i think there's a greater issue with respect to what do you do with our immigration policy? how do we handle controlling our borders? and more importantly perhaps how do we deal with the 11 million or so that are here? you think it's unrealistic to send them back but what do we do? yeah, our country is strange. this has not been a great recovery if you will. and a lot of taxpayers court and a lot of americans just wondering how do we solve this? >> yeah. charles: what would be your solution? >> and i think there -- toward the ladder part of your comment i agree with you completely that we do have to come up with some constructive policy to get there and on a bipartisan basis we were have he very close and it's unfortunate that the house republicans would not allow a vote on a bipartisan vote that came out of the senate to get this done to fix our broken
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immigration system. and it's interesting. i think donald trump triggers that kind of reaction. i'm not saying we should be out there trying to play the same game donald trump plays, and i would never want to see that. we need constructive actions to stop racism and racist remarks. but to your point on immigration policy, i think most americans know the simple math and how to get this done. not every one of those folks documented in this country will ultimately say. some really are here to work and be able to send money home. what we really want to do is give those who want to make this -- proven that they want to make this their home for the right reasons and prove over the longerered that they should be able to do that, make it so that we know who's in the country because at the end of the day we should in fact immigration policy that not only helps our economy and our security but helps families throughout america gain more employment, better employment.
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charles: what kind of penalties for people who came into the country illegally, what kind of penalties should they pay? i know you're for not deporting them, but should there be a penalty pay for uses the resources, taking jobs, and committing crimes. i think you agree that we want to send a message violating laws in the united states we just can't always look the other way, can we? >> there have been proposals, bipartisan proposals 68 votes out of 100 called for requirement of learning english, it called for the statement of taxes or back taxes, it called for the individuals to be employed and not become charges of the public. and it required that these individuals go through the process that would probably equate to 13 years and go through their status before they gain legal status.
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before that, they go through the process of becoming citizens. so i say a long process under which those individuals and those families have to earn the chance to stay. and i think most people agree with that, about two-thirds of americans, discrepancies democrats agree that that's the best way to do it. charles: well, i think this election coming up will be a ref mend yo referendum on that. and i appreciate you coming on. >> thanks, charles. charles: tea party spokesperson. katrina, i assume you were able to listen in on our conversation there. first, let's address your candidate is donald trump. your person of color, do you think he's a racist? or do you understand why some people think he's a racist? >> no. charles, donald trump is not a racist. but let's be honest here. every republican is a racist if you're a democrat. this is nothing new. we've been called races since the beginning of time by these people. donald trump is speaking the
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truth. we're not enforcing our current laws on the book. guess what? the law is passed, we can't get anyone to build it. donald trump wants to build the wall and have interior enforcement on immigration and that's racist? i don't think so. charles: i think the comments when he announced that he was going to run for the white house that felt like or was interpreted that all mexican men were rapists is where a lot of people were focused on. not all republicans are racist but that specific comment. and of course i looked at some of the stuff that was on representative's website or twitter and he says there's a history of hate speech but that particular thing. donald trump has refused to apologize it although he has been very complementary of mexican people. so what do you think of that one particular event and that one particular sound bite? >> well, what donald trump said is they're sending rapists and criminals and some of them are here to work. so he didn't say all mexicans are rapists.
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they take that one piece and they're going to run with that. so, no, he's not going to apologize for it. it's the truth. you mentioned the statistic that he also didn't want to admit. we're correct, by the way, and he also told you that he wants illegals to be apprehended and punished. so what am i missing, charles? charles: well, yeah, certainly without a doubt particularly when elected officials in this country are going to have to have a come to jesus moment with themselves and constituents over how to deal with this issue because, unfortunately, kate steinel won't be the last name to fall under illegal immigrants. >> that's right. charles: but having said that, do you think donald trump's plan of deporting 11 million people, do you think it will work? do you think it's really feasible? do you think people are going to wake up one day and line up at a bus stop and leave here? >> well, no, that's not how it's going to happen. i think what they're doing -- i don't know the plan to do that yet but i would imagine it would go a little bit something like this.
6:15 pm
like anybody else if you get caught when you're a criminal and you're illegal, you get deported. and it's just one by one. there isn't going to be inhumane massive round up, it's a scare tact that be liberals are using. but what do we do with americans that are american, charles? we catch them and prosecute them. there's no catch and release program for american citizens so why do we have it for illegal aliens? charles: thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks, charles. charles: and of course, guys, at home you don't want to miss fox business tomorrow morning, maria will sit down with republican presidential candidate donald trump at 7:00 a.m. and of course stick around today for one minute with lou dobbs right after the show he's going to announce the candidate line up for our gop database. right before that we'll handicap the selection on this show. and what happens when they take the offer from president obama? and return give him a blank check? try this one. the largest one day increase of u.s. national debt ever. wait until you hear the amount. i'll tell you next you can't predict...
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charles: you guys are going to be very proud to know this because the u.s. government made history this week but don't tell your kids. that's because we broke the record for the largest increase of national debt in a single day. we're talking about $339 billion spent on that credit card in just 24 hours. this of course is made possible by that recent budget deal that to spend the debt limit signed in law by monday. joining me now national review record and former spokes american mercedes and senior advisor christian. all right, mercedes, i guess we should -- i mean we shouldn't be surprised but golly. the gop gave president obama a blank check. why? >> well, i think that they
6:20 pm
didn't want to get into another situation where it would be a government shut down, charles. and it's really unfortunate because we're just stuck. i mean it is come to a point where congress has not taken the necessary action to really cut down government spending. you're talking that there's only $43 billion of unnecessary duplicate federal programs out there that could be slashed out of the budget. so, no, surprise that we keep with entitlement programs, more government spending where, again, it's out of control spending and the fact is that republicans really can't do very much because the fact that democrats are in charge not only presidency but we don't have votes in the senate. charles: yeah, it's certainly a cautionary tale hopefully it would be told over and over again. when people say just y does america have the debt ceiling? i think we've got the evidence of why we need it. these guys just don't know how
6:21 pm
to say "no." >> that's right. and paul ryan, john boehner before him, mitch mcconnell, these people are terrible at what they do. use the power of media narrative, use congressional hearings, your committee to do this, if you do what they have done, which is to push these budget issues to the deadlines, so it's always negotiated between the people, one from the house and the senate and the white house, the president's going to win every time, and he has won every time and that is we have elected republican house and a republican senate and yet we still have 500 billion plus deficits every single year for as far as the eye can see. those are the unravels obama himself said are unpatriotic and total debt of gdp. charles: and i think we're going to get back to those trillion dollars national deficits as well.e a $20 trillin man when he leaves. but the gop has to give him some credit for this as well. >> yeah. and we need to cut spending.
6:22 pm
that's the problem right now. if you look when obama came in office. $10.6trillion. the amount he has racked up since then is 65 thousands for every single american household. that's our obligation now because of all of this spending. and i think it's just insane. you have the debt limit in place and meanwhile our government dipping into pensions and other funds and it's dishonest and jeopardizing our future. charles: some of the shows we we talked about, data up 9 bucks, shake hack shaq had a big one, monster had a big one, and oprah winfrey made $150 million in two weeks. disney, however, might hold them all back. we'll discuss it. we'll be right back
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this one, disney. listen, slightly unchanged. they did do okay with respect to they beat the bottom line, but beat the top line. do i have that right? >> beat the top line -- charles: missed the bottom line, shake shack, the stock is up huge, and offered beat -- offered higher guidance, monster, a big beef for a name that a lot of people started to right off and they said their sales are due to international partnerships. that was nice. joining me to break down all the numbers, president of diversified financial advisors, in general. okay? we're software somewhere like halfway to earning season. and we're starting to see now these names almost every night now, the posting of pretty strong results. >> yeah. this is pretty much the market of somebody loves to hate. terrible, terrible, terrible, but if you look at the earnings at least we're getting right now, 370% are at or better than the expected numbers. now, again, those numbers have been lowered, anticipating a
6:27 pm
slower economy but, still, 70%, that's a pretty good percentage. deirdre: what do you make, though, of the fact that if you miss or get bad guidance, i'm in a couple of stocks that -- it's just ridiculous. it's, like, they dropped two nukes on them. you make a simple mistake in this market and you're going to get wiped out. >> yeah, this market is dominated by the managers not the index funds no matter what the revenue or the dividend, but the asset managers, they're going to sell it on a dime. so if you missed with you're getting punished hard. charles: what's so much more emotional now? is this because most of them are having bad years? they're in a position to get scrambled? sell user quick, try to find a winner next day, that kind of thing. >> yeah. you're trying to add value to the portfolio. and if one of your big bets is not working, you bet get rid of it because the market's going to push it. so it's usually get it out and see what you can plug into the portfolio. charles: some people say we're seeing with these individual
6:28 pm
names is that get crushed because they miss, at least a cautionary tail that if something goes wrong, the slightest thing goes wrong with the economy or all we need right now is a small prick and the entire market will come down the same way. >> yeah, charles, i'm not a doom-and-gloomer, we were here a month and a half ago taking people off the edge but we're a very fragile company, we've seen the gdp numbers, the unemployment numbers, not bad but not great. so we're very vulnerable. if something happens, especially internationally, that's going to put the fear of god into this market, and you can see a -- charles: before i let you go, the jobs report, does wall street want to see a good number or bad number? >> i think wall street would love for fed not to raise interest rates. i still think it's agoing to be a bad number. charles: when we say bad these days, we mean, like, 200,000. >> yeah, i'm still. charles: i'm rooting for mediocrity.
6:29 pm
>> i'm rooting for 175. charles: that's not great. a lot more than just low rates. which gop candidate has the best overall plan for your wallet and our country? next
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6:33 pm
plans. according to them, it's marco rubio's plan that was really the clear choice in terms of simplification of the tax code, generating economic growth and finally increasing our wages. truffle's plan will cost the government $10 trillion in ten years but insists it will be neutral. so the economic growth we would get would make it all okay. and rand paul saying forget about all of that revenue neutral stuff. back with me. all right, mercedes, listen, i think we all agree we want lower taxes so there's not going to be a debate there. where the debate comes from how low should they go and how realistic is to grow the economy? come plan do you think right now the ones that you're seeing probably makes the most sense? >> well, you know, i think senator marco rubio has introduced a very strong plan and in terms of ensuring that
6:34 pm
those lowest income americans receive a lot of the benefits, increased economic growth as well as business investment. but we also need to keep in mind and this is something applied throughout the tax plans is the fact that they're going to have to cut government spending and they're going to have to be practicality with how congress is going to deal with this. we know there's bipartisan support for tax reform but, again, how realistic can it be? are they going to oversimplify >> here is the figure according to the tax foundation rubio 2.7 million jobs but the flip side is that they staterooms plan would it add least $10 trillion to the deficit of 5 million jobs? the media does generate enough to offset that. >> in the short term but
6:35 pm
they did not say which model they use. they are looking at a dynamic tax plan with a static measure are they looking at keeping spending levels the same? but the trump tax plan incorporates bringing back jobs from overseas and of balanced budget to renegotiate the trade deal. >> i know you love all of these plans. >> they all have something in common charles to reduce revenue all based on the promise that tax cuts generate economic growth bill clinton had tax increases the most robust economy. charles: he also moved to put the middle. >> i give credit he did cut a good deal with the congressional republicans
6:36 pm
hats off to both parties and bush was cuts with modest growth in the worst economic collapse we have had since the depression. trying to come up something i give credit but reduce the taxes on the wealthy for all of them. does the public think the wealthy are getting screwed in this economy? i'll think with the rand is all about. charles: you can show them how much people are really paying there not to upset after the but beyond the political aspect, i also tell people to look there rand paul because that generates almost a hundred billion in revenue carrying -- treating 4.three job -- million jobs for gatt revenue neutral but create economic prosperity.
6:37 pm
at home boldness our republican business today. as they take center stage in wisconsin november 10th also stick around for lou dobbs you will announce the candidate lineup live tonight. the judge says she has an amazing crusade that began with a murder cold case but why did it take so long for robert to be brought to justice? (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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charles: then evil millionaire and a high priced lawyers and 1da brings them down.
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charles: a new book details the case of robert sunii one dash durst linked to three murders including his wife but he could face much worse charges. the book is called he killed them all. i was fascinated to find out first of all, this robert durst situation has slowly captured the imagination of the public. i did not know you were so deeply involved and instrumental on this. >> i am the city in the eighth 1999 in westchester county and chief of homicide and says there is a cold case help their and one of the offender's regions convicted had information on it. i said what's the case is set a wife who went missing in he did not report her missing five days.
6:42 pm
then they said a fourth year medical student then they had my complete attention and for years i put my energy and resources and my staff into this case because i was convinced robert durst got away with murder because of his name and reach and the ability to buy the system. charles: the system itself of a lot of problems. there was one moment after another. [laughter] end it was part of a broken system. >> first of all, understand in 1982 a domestic violence case, i know because i started the first unit in the nation as a prosecutor if they wanted were beaten they would say go dear brothers and tell him to cool off so if she disappeared it was like she
6:43 pm
would disappear with another guy that anybody could disappear. charles: another case where a guy gets his head cut off he runs away and comes back to say i buried him but i did not kill him. are you kidding me? >> that's why i say it is one after another. [laughter] when i talk about money and power affecting the criminal justice system he was charged with murder for throwing away his best friend and guess whose fault was that trial? mine. because i started to investigate in 1989 and if somebody would have kept her mouth shut it wouldn't have had to happen he had to chop up the guy in self-defense
6:44 pm
because she is chasing him and nobody would believe him. that is money. it is a sad commentary. charles: it is absolutely fascinating because this saturday night? and sunday on fox news and:00 p.m. her one hour special robert t. 30 ted my quest for justice. though the latest of the russian plane crash common say there is a significant possibility that this was isis. what will we do about it? next? boss equals the boss wins. wow!
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6:48 pm
>> there is a possibility i think there was a bomb on board. and we are taking that very seriously. charles: president obama moments ago that the speculation continues to rise how the russian passenger plane went down. intelligence confirmed there is new evidence they did suggest there was a bomb on the plate and. although egypt continues to deny the claims but united states is taking very seriously. we have a naval analyst with the security project of the middle east and state department's senior advisor. we know that everybody is loath to say it is a terrorist event unless they're very sure now we're starting to hear the president and intelligence would is revealing? >> all the evidence is adding up to it was a
6:49 pm
terrorist cannot say that conclusively but in complex aviation reconstruction you know, what did not happen. it is unlikely it disintegrated it was not pilot suicide so there is a lot of things that can go wrong so we isolate a lot of the possibilities at this point it looks like on board explosion you don't see this type of information and getting leaked out unless they have a pretty good idea that is what it is so the preponderant of evans's is it is a terrorist attack but it is not conclusive. charles: for president, even to come of this soon to lead toward speculation it makes you wonder what is our move? what should the united states do? >> we should have the actual strategy to defeat isis.
6:50 pm
charles: that is a great start. >> we have been at war with these people since the summer of 2014 and the president's strategy has failed not just myself have said that but leon panetta at the cia director said as much we don't even have a strategy. then we have to unchallenged that ideology but we're just not seeing anything. >> i did hear a report the same plane was involved in a tough landing 14 years ago with a tail was damaged severely and some say perhaps that is it is that any room to rule out there was something wrong with the plane itself or to refocus it is a successful terrorist
6:51 pm
event? >> was very interested in the maintenance aspect the problem is if the tail separated in flight, that does not immediately lead to a mid-air explosion and shows up that it blew up in flight it doesn't mean it is a bomb but rules out that type of cell function believing that will cause it to blow up in flight is amiss wiring in the fuel tank or a bomb or possibly hazardous cargo. there is a couple of different things the generally that would not cause it. charles: then what happens next? how much more intense does this become? >> we don't have a strategy right now we're doing an extended pretend strategy
6:52 pm
we're pretending to fight basis but we're not really targeting ices for destruction nothing will change isis will never remain safe the franchise is much like al qaeda so isis is spreading within their region until we commit ourselves we will just see more and more of these types of events. >> maybe russia will step up their game as well. we appreciate your expertise. minutes away from the big debate announcement. who we will reveal which candidates will take the main stage next tuesday. we will handicap that next.
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
that's right. the plot thickens, but we're going to have the big announcement on lou dobbs who will be able to take center stage when fox business hosts the next presidential debate next tuesday. candidates have to score 2.5% or higher, the average of the four most recent national polls to invited to participate in the 9:00 p.m. debate. back with me is katrina pierson and mercedes schlapp, who do you think won't make it? start with you, mercedes, who's not going to be invited to the big stage? >> you know, the word out on the street is chris christie won't make it on the stage. if that's the case, that could really change the dynamics of the debate because governor chris christie has been very effective especially in the last two debates to come across strong, deliver a message that
6:57 pm
resonates with middle-class americans, and he, for example, last debate took on governor jeb bush which i thought was a very effective hit at the time. if he's not in the main debate, he would be sorely missed. charles: christian, what surprises are you looking for? i think a lot of people are centered around chris christie because results have been mixed in the last four polls. came in only 2% with the fox news poll and better with the other polls? >> my guess is kasich is on the line there, a candidacy that hasn't taken off well, midwestern governor looks better on paper. the other person that ought not to be on the stage but definitely will, jeb bush reinventing himself through the lens of being an experienced politician. charles: katrina, bush should be on the stage, right? >> bush? [ laughter ]. charles: i'm going to have to agree with both my colleagues that it sounds like christie will be missed.
6:58 pm
kasich not so much, at the end of the day, it's time, time to shed the dead weight. for you not above 3% by now, it's time for you to call it a day. charles: let's talk about the debate itself, it's fox business, focused on business issues, economic issues, things that matter to people's pocketbooks and things that are really worrisome out there. do you think, and we had discussions today on this show about tax policy. do you think katrina will start to get connecting of the dots to understand who we're putting into the white house? >> it's fox business, so i have no doubt we're going to have a substantive debate. i'm looking forward to it. we're finally going to get to the nuts and bolts of the economy. it's the number one concern among voters, time to get down to business. charles: we always talk about national debt, the disaster of obamacare, we talk about our personal paychecks. what part of the economy do you
6:59 pm
think people want to know, how is your presidency going to impact my life? >> it has to be the ability to maintain a middle class standard of living. we have to get beyond numbers. important numbers, like the fact the workforce participation is as low as it's been since jimmy carter. we're told there is no inflation, maybe it's true if you are getting a gas turbine by ge, buy a home, buy food, acquire health care, they cost more and the middle class is squeezed. you have to get behind the greed, eye shade way of communicating and go back to ronald reagan narratives to explain these things. charles: mercedes, i know you seem to like the establishment candidates or certain amount of sympathy for them. when this is all said and done, narrow it down to four, five candidates, who do you think they will be? >> you're putting me in a box here. come on! i'd like to predict and see what would happen. i think you're going to see a donald trump, a ben carson,
7:00 pm
marco rubio, ted cruz, you know come out of these -- from the fray. but again, anything can happen, charles. it's a very different year. charles: we're taking you out of the box right now. guys, you are all fantastic. now breaking news, lou dobbs, is next, he's got the candidates now. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. breaking news tonight. fox business network announcing the republican candidates who will be participating in the next two gop debates to be held next tuesday, november 10th, right here on the fox business network. those debates brought to you by fox business and the "wall street journal." the candidates participating in the first debate, it will be held at 7:00, 7:00 p.m. eastern. are those who received a minimum of 1% support as determined by at least one of the four most recent national polls.


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