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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 13, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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at least two attackers are dead. president obama pledged his support to france and unprecedented state of emergency declared by france's president hollande. the borders are closed, military on the street. he's also asked his people to have faith he can keep them protected. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. we are following breaking news out of paris, where it appears a coordinated terrorist attack has taken place and is unfolding still. it is now 1:00 in the morning in paris. france is reeling from what now is the deadliest attacks ever to hit paris certainly since world war ii. the french president declared a state of emergency. france has closed its borders, and now we don't know who is responsible for it, but we do know the attacks are ongoing, at least 40 people are dead and at least 1 of the terrorists has been captured and he claims
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to be from the islamic state. 60 people have been injured in those terrorist attacks, they've taken place at least six locations within paris, a number of explosions including grenade explosions and what police say are suicide vest bombs. islamic state friendly accounts are celebrating these attacks online as i speak with you. but there has been no claim of responsibility for the attacks yet. a french police official confirms that there were two suicide attacks, one bombing near the paris stadium, the stade de france stadium. first confirmed attack was at the stadium where a soccer match was taking place between france and germany. two bombs exploded just outside the stadium. many people did not realize what was happening at the time. the second attack, as you see on the map, a restaurant, a
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shooting taking place and also into a crowd at a public square popular among young people on a friday night. the third attack took place at the concert hall, and about 100 hostages were taken. a few people have succeeded in running away. some say as many as as doen escaped the terrorists. security forces have launched an assault at the concert hall. police tell fox news that the assault is now over two. gunmen are dead. we know two gunmen were firing down into the audience in the concert hall killing many. one of the possible leads is unfolding. a man arrested in august said he had trained with the islamic state in raqaa, in may, raqaa syria. he said he was instructed to attack a crowded concert hall then. homeland security officials
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monitoring these attacks in paris say there is no known credible threat against the united states, but new york city is beefing up security, at sensitive sites, president obama called the attacks an attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. that, of course, is the purpose of terrorism, and this is obviously that. joining us tonight from london, fox news correspondent benjamin hall. he has the latest from there. benjamin? >> reporter: hi, lou, look, a very sad night and one which continues to change. we're getting updates all the time. hundreds of troops on the streets of paris. paris has been closed down, people have been told to stay indoors. france has closed borders. it is in a state of emergency. as you say, there were six or seven attacks around the city. this main one in the music hall of bataclan has just ended.
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we know there were 100 hostages held in there. two gunmen came in, fired from above, and we heard five explosions. we think that's what triggered the assault. the assault ended just minutes ago. we do not know if there was a death count, how many people who have survived. we're hearing it was a bloodbath. that the gunmen were going one by one by one shooting those who remained in there. now it does seem like, not just because of the tactics because of the two people killed and one arrested claims he was from isis. this is a busy restaurant, killing 11 people on a friday night in a busy paris, and then at the football stadium, the door entrance j. president hollande himself was inside the stadium and remarkable they were able to get so close. there was a friendly match between france and germany and the match went on for 20 minutes until the french authorities asked them to clear it.
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that's what's happening at the moment. reports of gunfire at the louvre, at the pompidou, at the biggest metro station in paris. a fluid and constantly changing scenario. if you think back to the "charlie hebdo" attacks earlier this year, you remember after the main one at magazine, there were follow-up attacks. this is what france will be afraid of now. i heard general keane say the threat was multiple gunmen all over the place, hard to control. that's what's happening now. france will no doubt be look at immigration, recent refugee problems coming over. let's remember france has sent more french people have joined isis than from any other country, come from france. this is certainly going to change the game in a big, big way and trying to update you as things come along. the reaction from paris, this is a different feeling from "charlie hebdo." different level. unprecedented and the biggest
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terrorist attack in history. social media groups supporting isis said they are delighted, and some said they heard these attacks were coming. there was an attack coming. and in fact an attack on the german -- terrorist threat on the german football team two days earlier. we're looking at whether something was missed or something could have happened. vests, grenades, assault rifles across the french capital and we're continuing to hear horrible stories. this is the deadliest attack in decades. we'll keep you updated. the siege at bataclan is over. we do not know how many people died. 100 people held hostage. 36 died already. the numbers are scaling up and up. back to you for the moment, lou. lou: benjamin, thank you, as benjamin reported at the bataclan theatre. hundreds inside the audience for the concert there, the band
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escaped as the events were unfolding and as the terrorists took hostages and fired into the crowd, and then ultimately after about two hours began executing people one by onesa the police and french military set off the explosions, presumably to lay siege to the hall and the positions at which the terrorists were holed up. in some cases with hostages spread around the concert hall at that entry by the military apparently and to the degree it could be successful. i want to turn quickly, we're going to be going a number of terrific folks who have considerable budget both paris, the islamic state and this country's war against terror. joining us now fox news
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strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. colonel, let me start by asking you, your reaction to the fact that isis, the islamic state, was able to carry out such a coordinated and lethal series of attacks in a city of 2 1/2 million people. your thoughts, colonel. >> this isn't just a terrorist attack. this is on a scale, it's virtually an islamist insurrection, a rebellion. this is as hideous as it is, we have to recognize the planning, the skill, the logistics that went into this and i'm sure they failed in a number of targets. sounds like they didn't get into the stadium. they wanted to. nonetheless a bloodbath. and the fundamental problem is we are not serious. we in the west are still not serious. the people that slaughtered the terrorists who slaughtered those people in the restaurant
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and bar who slaughtered the people in the concert hall, who attacked the stadium. these are the people president obama wants to free from gaunt guantanamo. ivy league campuses don't want to defend. the terrorists, they're in a war with us and we refuse to accept we're in a war with them. lou: to the degree that paris is home to hundreds of thousands of muslims, about 10% of the french population, a country of some 70 million people, about 10% are muslim. and they're faced as much of the european union by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of quote, unquote syrian refugees. we think that number of those refugees around half a million over the course of the past six months. are you suggesting that there
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is a relationship between terrorism and the refugee illegal immigration crisis and the existing muslim population in france? >> they're separate things. there will be a relationship between future terrorist acts and all the young military-age sunni muslim males pouring into europe. that's for certain. but for now, you've got a very difficult situation where again, the french have no model for integrating muslims into the society. we got different muslims, we got educated ones, they have the welfare queens. they have a different relationship with islam. one thing we fail to remember is the minority of muslims of islamists who are creating these terrorist acts are victimizing everybody. and when we are soft on the islamists, when we go gentry on the terrorists, when we lure
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them up, we don't do anything it takes to stop them to get every last ounce of information out of them, we are hurting the muslim populations. these people, when they shot into the restaurant, they didn't ask for id cards, are you christian, jew or muslim? these are people who believe they're on a mission from god to slaughter everyone until they rule. and as unrealistic as them ruling may be, what matters is they believe it, and again, the scale of this in paris, a city for which i have great affection for my enlisted days in the army, used to go there every weekend just about. it's a wonderful city, it really is. and to see this happening on this scale with, this blood thirst, can't our president wake up? >> yeah, there are going to be a huge number of questions, ralph, as you suggest, and among them what took so long for hollande to secure his border as he has done tonight,
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shutting down the borders of france, and reaction to this. france, until this very evening, had the most liberal of immigration policies, the most welcoming of atmospheres for immigrants from syria, from the middle east. that is now all changed. >> and strengthens the far right. lou: it, and it was already strengthening as you intimate. ralph peters, as always, thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: joining me presidential candidate, senator lindsey graham. senator, great to have you with us. a terrible evening. a terrible event, and to a large degree it is going, a number of hostages have been released and the military and the paris police have retaken the bataclan concert hotel, the hall. i guess we just begin with
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this, how in the world do we react to this? >> well, one, with thoughts and prayers for those who lost their loved ones for no good reason, put it in perspective. we've had a russian jetliner taken down, most likely by isil. we had a bombing in beirut in a shiite area, and now this. the people i blame are the terrorists. but the sooner we understand the fight, the more able we will be to win it. there's nothing we can do to appease these people. they want a master religion like the nazis want to master race. the biggest victims of all are fellow muslims. there's an opportunity coming out of this, i think, to rally the entire world because this is a war between isil, radical islam and the entire world, and hope we'll look at this anew
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when this settles down. lou: this is, by all accounts, and what little evidence we do have, the work of the islamic state. >> right. lou: the threat from the middle east, though, comes as much from iran and from the shia threat. >> there's two forms. lou: exactly. >> i can tell you what i worry about the most? as horrific as this is, if they could get a more lethal form of killing, they would do it. their ability to kill and desire to kill is only limited by their capability. the nightmare for me is a radical islamic state like iran, a nation state, they think has a religious doctrine different but really the same. when the ayatollah says he wants to kill -- death to israel, he literally means it. he is a religious man driven by a form of islam that would require him to destroy the state of israel and come after us.
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the sooner we understand that, the better we'll be. you've got an iran problem on the shia side, but the average iranian is not a radical islamist. the ayatollah in theocracy is dangerous and lethal. then you have the sunni version. there is an opportunity to push back against these guys, and they're not ten feet tall, lou. lou: they're all of that tonight in paris, unfortunately, and i want to update folks as to where we are right now. at least six separate attacks. two of them suicide bombers at the stade de france coliseum where francois hollande, the president of france, and former president jacques chirac was with them, both taken away safe and also at least 15 people shot in another site, a
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restaurant. terrorists opening fire in a shopping mall. number of sites right now placed at six, and it unfortunately appears most of the terrorists carrying out these deadly attacks, whether grenade attacks, suicide bomb attacks, whether firing their weapons into crowds, whether at a restaurant or a concert hall, the concert hall, as i said, secured, but secured unfortunately well after a severe loss of life. the numbers could reach very high numbers in that concert hall, and we will keep you apprised as we learn. one of the reasons we're not seeing live pictures right now is because those terrorists apparently most of them are at large and anything that could be transmitted live could of course be used by anyone seeking to coordinate with the
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terrorists, those terrorists themselves having the opportunity to see what is occurring around them. it would be more helpful to them than informative to all of us. bear with us as we bring you these delayed pictures from the streets of paris itself. if i may, senator, can i ask you to stay with us as we follow this. >> sure. lou: joining us now is james woolsey, the former director of the central intelligence agency. the chairman of the foundation for the defense of democracy. jim, good to have you with us. again, as i said to senator lindsey on what is a terrible night, not just in paris but throughout civilization to watch such a heavy loss of life carried out. it appears, it appears, not conclusive but appears to be the islamic state. your thoughts on what is unfolding? >> well, couple of things that
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haven't been talked about yet could affect the entire structure of europe. the shangin agreement which takes down for most of the eu their borders just got canceled at least with respect to france's borders by france, and i don't know exactly how the legalities of this european agreement work, but that's a fundamental change for europe to have a country have its borders back again, i think for a brief period of time. it fundamentally steps on the philosophical approach toward the eu that the europeans have. the circuit there started to be obscure reports that i just learned of about isis essentially looking for targets in russia. and, of course, russia has been on the iranian sunni -- i'm
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sorry, shiite side of things in the middle east, and is occasionally attacking isis some. but russia may be about to enter this in a way that it had not wanted and hadn't expected. lou: i want to get to that point that you're making on russia in just a moment. first, i want to share with the viewing audience, these sad numbers from the concert hall, as we suspected, as we feared, the numbers of those dead, that number has risen and risen dramatically. at least 100 people have been killed, according to the paris police in that concert hall, and this does not of course, take into account all of the casualties, all of the confirmed dead. at least 40 and other sites and other attacks that are taking place still in paris.
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it is a little after 1:00 there, and we will be of course, updating you throughout the evening on what is unfolding. to your point, jim, about russia. russia has been criticized by the west, by nato, by the u.s. government, by ash carter. by just about everyone in the u.s. government of attacking those rebels, syrian rebels with the exception of the islamic state and yet, as you say, they struck at a russian bomb, as senator lindsey graham said earlier that is part of accelerated pattern of terrorism on the part of the islamic state against russia, against europe, and if they find a way, certainly the united states as well. how do you account for what looks to be exception that russia made to that point in
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attacking islamic state targets in syria and around the region? >> well, russia has for many centuries wanted warm water port in the mediterranean and to be influential in flanks and especially along the eastern mediterranean. for putin this is a dream come true he's able to play a major role, and he's the sort of ruler who grabs neighboring countries. chunks of ukraine, he's an international bully of the first order. if he starts to defend against isis attacks of this sort, against russians abroad, his popularity could sink which is what he cares about a great deal, and may make him think a little bit about the weak way he's dealt with islamist terror whether from the shiite or the
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sunni side of things in the middle east. lou: senator graham? >> well, isil's dream come true is for iran to be on the ground in syria, assad is a puppet of iran. if i'm an isil recruiter, this is good news for me. come to syria, fight the shiite persians, the mortal enemy of sunni islam. so under no construct is it helpful to us, the region, and the world, for bashar assad to be propped up by the russians and the iranians. i have two goals to destroy isil, and stop the expansion of iran. i'm not going to give them damascus, that's a bad idea to give the russians and iranians damascus. lou: senator, and if you would ambassador jim woolsey to address the issue of the fact
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that most of the people who migrated to france, who live in paris are sunni, predominantly sunni and presumably by both religion and culture closer to the islamic state than would be comfortable, i think for most people to contemplate. but the fact is they have set off hell tonight in paris and presumably their own are amongst the victims. lou: number one, jim woolsly is one of the foremost experts in the world about radical islam, i've been to iraq and afghanistan three to five times. most people are not buying what these guys are selling. the average sunni follower is not a radical islamist. please understand. they're the biggest victims of all are fellow muslims of the radical islamist movement. lou: jim, your thoughts?
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>> well, you don't need a majority or a substantial minority of a movement whether sunni or shia and germany in the 30s to create critical mass to take a country into fanaticism. lou: right. >> it happened in germany in the 30s. it is definitely happening within parts of the islamist movements in our part of the world, and if even 10 or 20% of sunni muslims, you're still talki talking tens to hundreds of millions of people that are a core that's just a share of sunni islam, but still sympathetic to isis, willing to undermine to some extent, the
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operation of western democracy. we have a problem, we have to work closely with our sunni allies on, such as jordan, but some of the countries are getting weakened including jordan, by what's taking place on its borders -- go ahead. lou: and jordan stands so far apart from another sunni nation, and great american ally, that is saudi arabia. the difficulty becomes that we are no longer controlling our own borders. controlling who enters our countries. the european union now is in, as you both well know, deep crisis. angela merkel's very leadership now threatened buwhat was a nonchalant perfunctory gesture from immigrants of syria, most
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of whom are not from syria. senator? >> look at it this way. 80% 90% of sunni islam rejects ideology. if isil continues to get more lethal that the king of jordan and lebanon are next. the king of jordan is the last moderate voice in the region next to our friends in israel. saudi arabia is an ally as imperfect as they may be.
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>> >> the victims now are lying in the streets of the hallways of the french buildings and the streets. their blood is running in their neighborhoods it is no longer a distant war now horribly they're the victims of this violence. >> they welcomed in the
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refugees but now they see the price to be paid but the point that you made is fascinating about sealing their borders. power they doing that? the treaty is that it is tough wreath of -- free flow of people so they don't have border crossings or guards. i think it is interesting to hear the french president talk about bringing in the french military into the streets and they will have to seal the borders. all those countries don't have the people to do with it so they have a logistic problem. the other thing that is fascinating and horrifying that this could destroy the whole european union and the countries in europe feel they have to secure their borders with the flood of refugees continuing.
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lou: you are raising a critically important point with members of the european union about 550 million people those states fundamental to the agreement that doesn't mean entry union but those borders are open as well. to her point, this one night of terror calls into question the fundamental requisite which is open borders. >> tonight with the russian airliner and the bombings from lebanon should be a wake-up call to figure out
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how to secure our borders. what about the offense? know about attack them in up dash and to destroy the caliphate? show me how reforming immigration policy protects the world from the religious not see direct for the united states to go to destroy the caliphate before they come here. that is my advice i the we should go on the offense for. >> i agree very much but we have another problem after that which is iran alliance with russia in their operations generally. and that will bear fruit before too long to have a nuclear weapon there will not be stopped by this agreement and once they do
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we have to worry about a similar - - single nuclear weapon detonated to destroy our electric grid. iran almost alone his covered by those who are fanatic to want to destroy american society when they shouted death to america and the ayatollah and others in the leadership roles and the people mean it. the iranian people are wonderful but they are governed by a religious minority better absolute fanatics one path is vulnerability for our whole infrastructure. lou: i want to be clear and wanted the ability to win
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for -- and for about immigration policy because there are a couple of realities we need to a college and colonel peters is with us and also k.t. mcfarland. there are 65 nations of this country with no walls they have done that for security not immigration. the fact the very question of open borders is raised of a sovereign state it is important but your point i'd like everybody to respond, i do want to update one thing the concert hall has been secured the loss of life there is tragically high
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police are telling us 100 and least 40 others are confirmed dead we have not yet heard paris itself a city of two 1/2 million people is secure. in fact, it is the opposite. parisians have been told to stay inside and the french military are in the streets of paris. we cannot confirm back -- that but most of the terrorist, the two killed in the attacks to retake the concert hall tour killed there but for the most part the terrorists, and the unknown number carrying out attacks in six different locations at least. they remain at large.
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sole returning to the point of the idea to raise the level of u.s. strategy against the islamic state it seems peculiar to be centered on the united states it seems to me you reluctant and reticent to take action. >> what is the threat to the united states? received a threat to the of europe they said they will solve the refugee tide is even if it is only 1 percent is a significant number. what does that mean for the united states? once they are processed they get processed with paperwork they then have access to the united states without the peace that we have a security problem of our own
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now. are we in a position where we have open access to the european refugees. lou: i need to understand that better so if we have access to the european refugees? >> the refugee goes to germany and debts paperwork not to be a citizen better resident, then he can travel to united states without having to get the american visa so we have a potential boulder ability if we don't have a mechanism to deal with a new flood of refugees and a small percentage may want to come to the united states. lou: the president today said to george stephanopoulos and the islamic state has been contained.
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he did it admit command-and-control is intact but obviously this is not an example of a contained terrorist force for cry want to turn quickly to our associated press correspondent. >> i am standing one rockaway from the theater we are too far away to see different -- the front. one hour ago we could hear the explosions and the gunfire when the police went inside that we were too far back to see what was going on. lou: we'll understand now from the paris police at
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least 100 people were killed. are you hearing gunfire? within one block to what degree can you judge of the area is secure? two-seat any military units on the streets? >> we are straight down the boulevard. masses that i cannot even count. of the streets around the theater are blocked still but there hasn't been much action with police cars and ambulances flying by. lou: at this time of night is vibrant or even boisterous.
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>> exactly especially this neighborhood is the heart of one of the best nightlife area is we're actually close to the square where the big protests and demonstrations were last january with charlie hebdo. >> estimated more than 2 million people with the leaders of the european union the american president was criticized for not being there to diffuse to the point is a possible for the terrorist. idle you have to take off. >> i am not here to criticize president obama of the land what i think is a
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threat to being cut -- mankind it is no accident they picked what we enjoy the most to socialize with their friends. going to a concert. everything that we cherish they hate to. with a save a very radical born is long that has to be dealt with so here's my take away. pray for the victims pray for the world republicans and democrats and europeans to deal with this sickness before it gets more lethal. they give for having me. lou: senator lindsey graham thank you for your time and for your work. kernel ralph peters your thoughts? this seems that the city is quiet at least 140 people
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dead with these coordinated attacks. >> you are right after bedight on fridays when things get going it is terribly sad but i go back to a fundamental point that this is a war ended different kind that it is more brutal than most it is not pow but kill or be killed it is extermination from fanatics so we will be upset about that remember how disturbed we were after the charlie hebdo attacks not even one year ago? locale for the islamic state has come and i want to talk
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briefly about the sovereignty issue. something we have in common with the open borders is the ruling elites that there is something wrong with national pride but that we have no national identity we are one big happy family i tell young officers and people in general if you want to be the idealist you must have a real lead -- a realistic appraisal we are led by idealist to have a fantasy of the situation.
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lou: k.t. mcfarland? >> what happens next? if the refugees talk from having 1.5 million in 2015, once those are process stick to take a few weeks or months than they are eligible to bring their dependence and as we have seen from the pictures the refugees are males between the ages of 18 and 35 each one could bring three or four or five dependent so the population to go as high as 10 million within a year that puts an enormous strain even on a vibrant and healthy economy and what it could do to those european countries that is struggling to the weight of their social welfare programs that could bring them to dysfunction. lou: the president said he
7:43 pm
would bring in refugees that it generally has been criticized because there is no way that they can assure to be properly vetted. it is a dramatic event in the does raise the bar beyond anything we have seen before the worst terrorist attack at least since world war ii. let's turn to benjamin hall in london with our fox news correspondent. >> we are hearing a number of things american embassy that they are trying to account for american citizens who are in paris we just have to hope there were none there. also people are around the
7:44 pm
world chip seller is a lot merkle says she is shaken obama said this is an outrageous attempt and will do whatever it takes to bring the perpetrators to justice there may be in paris but we know where they are coming from. so they are quick on the scene to deal with the but then they talk about closing their borders to have a free movement that would be hard to stop it is amazing to smuggle them in with the refugees but yet so many people say we have to allow them in but this is the
7:45 pm
problem we're already talking about closing of borders but it is hard to do so. we have to look at where this issue comes from it has a long history of turmoil with the african colonies. but of course, we have the middle east at least they had a hundred thousand this year so it will be an immense task. there are no controls you just drive straight through. it will be curious to know where they got their weapons resawed ak-47s that was used in the charlie hebdo with suicide best and grenades those are hard to get a hold of. with a synchronized attacks
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it seems to be that conflict is spilling over the edges. we tapper cells of the back for operations went well but then this is exactly what isis does friday night prime-time in america saying it is of victory but happens now to make this attack on their terms. lou: we should remind the audience there are changes under way as to watch the fire fighters moved through the streets. the changes have been under way for some time with illegal immigrants from
7:47 pm
northern africa as the of the police is destabilize to argue about the role of the united states and of course, of the regime and i read in bed now to take control of its borders, the reality is we watch slovenia do the same thing. we're watching a number of states within the european union say we will control our borders and has nothing to do with immigration but everything to do with illegal immigration and one cannot imagine sovereign states doing anything other but now this dead the tragic attack on part of the islamic est. -- state what
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choice do they have? >> the policy is arms wide open. as many as we can take some we will see that challenge. did it would be something if we see that happen talking about slovenia and hungry. lou: it is hard to imagine there would put up the barbwire fences to control the borders that you pointed out is in direct contradiction to the european union founding contract we see much we could not imagine. fate you very much for being with us. now we turn to brad. i know you have lived in paris you are a recognized expert on terror as well as
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a terrific thriller writer. give us your reaction to what has happened and how it could happen. >> i am very very sad for the people of paris the victims, families it is absolutely terrible coming to the nuns on the heels of the charlie hebdo attacks. there are so the things that bothered me we see the bill clinton reaction from our president here that obama said he will do everything he can to bring the perpetrators to justice. it is a criminal issue not an issue of four. we need to kill as many as possible i agree with senator gramm on that one but he comes at it with a 50% solution. yes kill them all i love
7:50 pm
that but they keep popping up so he would spend one quarter of his time to combat the ideology that deals them instead of making apologies we can get somewhere that is the biggest problem we have been the senator gramm is guilty of political correctness. we get it not every muslim person wants to kill somebody who was an infidel. i get that and i am sick of the apology making for their religion but we should turn up the key to. -- the heat we cannot do anything so we are done apologizing christianity had a reformation, judy is him and the only major religion that has not had a reformation it is time to turn up the heat to make changes of their own fate --
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a. lou: i have to tell you that i may concured generally that the volume sometimes chagrin to hear that muslims are the greatest of whom violence of terrorism but they're the victims in the streets of israel. they're the victims tonight in the streets of paris in france. the reality is it is say ugly monstrous movement it is more of an ideology more than a religion. our former cia director is an expert.
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but to what degree in the united states find a away? does it strike you as utter madness europe would have wide open borders as people say they will come from syria and iraq into stride european citizens because their faith inclines them to do so? >> if there feting cleans them to do so we have to have the same attitude toward those who hold that view to convert infidels to the people in salem that killed the witches they said they were bred to appear church puritanism the they
7:53 pm
wanted to burn the women and kill them my answer is narrow you respect your overall faith in the one that generally believes in a rigid to be told one way or another that i get to go on a murdering spree that this is not a case of violence extremism to try cases and lawsuits and we cannot describe any more as of violent extremist we cannot pretend we will handle this with litigation.
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that is nuts. lou: and that is the track taken for seven years. now to go into that further i will turn to what is happening to our field reporter. tell us what you are seeing. >> we're in the situation still we don't know what is happening we have had seven simultaneous attacks but within the last hour the police went into the hot -- the concert hall with a hostage situation that has been cleared but dead death
7:55 pm
toll is a least 100 there were three attackers in their that were in the concert hall at that time. lou: grenades. in the concert hall, i am trying to get a sense that the french military are going into the streets that fit the profile of the islamic state terrorist this is pretty much all we know. john hoodies attackers could be. there is a lot of them on
7:56 pm
the loose in paris said to have seven or six other sites but they cannot get them as yet. it says please stay inside do not go out because for the last several hours the metro lines are closed people cannot go home. they have a situation everybody who was out on the streets it was a beautiful evening everybody was out there what they thought would be the last beautiful night. now people cannot get home because the transport has closed down as a security measure. lou: we're looking at a live picture where obviously the
7:57 pm
french military are in the streets in great force watching what appears to be too young ladies walking by as if nothing is happening. give us another sense of what is happening there. as we look at these live pictures watching the pedestrians on the streets at almost 2:00 in the morning, what are the single? we don't hear sirens or shots or explosions thankfully what are the sights and sounds?
7:58 pm
>> it is the dark in the constant blue flashing lights in another site every police man has his gun at his holster. it is very rare to see that. lou: we appreciate it proposed a safe. i know there is a part of you that once to react to the idea we cannot kill the enemy we have to be patient. what are your thoughts s we hear people speak about the
7:59 pm
threat of the islamic state and france? >> this is a threat we need to work together don't flare-up but kill them. there are refugees there are christians and there is enough blame to go around i hear verbal left but we watched the final stages of destruction before our eyes and what did the conservatives get upset about the starbucks holiday cups will have a long way to go to recognize how serious this problem is. lou: and they have chosen friday the 13th to do so.
8:00 pm
it is 8:00 in the evening here 2:00 in the morning in paris at least 140 have been killed the worst violence since world war ii killed by the terrorist three inside a paris concert hall for the others killed in other locations in and around paris there were six attacks across the city french president -- president hollande said he is closing the country's borders now these are taped pictures of paris of the foreign ministry to see airports will remain open end flights in rail service will continue despite the attacks


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