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tv   FOX News Special  FOX Business  November 14, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EST

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breaking news, shepard smith reporting live. >> 11:00 a.m. on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. on the west coast. 5:00 p.m. in paris. and there is breaking news now on fox news channel. we're waiting for a live news conference from the secretary of state, john kerry. he along with similar leaders from other nations have gathered for a one-day conference in vienna, austria, to discuss the crisis and the ongoing crisis in the civil war in syria. there are new developments with new calls. now we're learning calls for elections within 18 months. and they are speaking with the . the breaking details coming moments from now from secretary of state kerry. in addition, we've gotten word from gatwick airport in great britain outside london, one of
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the two big airports there. gatwick is to london as laguardia is to new york city. not in location but in size of traffic and domestic and the rest. gatwick airport closed because of suspicious packages and a suspicious tweet. gatwick has now been reopened. breaking news out of turkey as well. turkish officials have said that there's been a cross-border skirmish between isis militants and the turkish military. that the turkish military has killed four isis militants. and breaking just in the last minute, word from a turkish security official that the threat to turkey from the islamic state is increasing. in addition, we've just gotten from lebanon, in lebanon, breaking right now, they have arrested five syrians and a palestinian implicated in last thursday's twin suicide bombings in beirut. remember in lebanon just last week, twin bombings in the north and west part of the city of beirut, believed at the time to have been linked to the civil war in syria and to the isis militants. breaking right now, lebanon has
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arrested five syrian and a palestinian implicated in last thursday's twin suicide bombing in beirut. again, we've also gotten word of this high-speed train that has crashed to the south of paris. and these are new pictures that have come in to us. this high-speed train has gone into the water off a bridge after derailing. you can see people on the side there inspecting the damage. at least five people are confirmed killed. seven people confirmed injured. though we do not -- we do not have any indication that this is tied in any way to the attacks in paris. all of that said, information is coming in very fast and flooding in about yesterday's attack. the islamic state now claims it organized the bueschery because the city is the capital of adultery and vice, loosely translated. in an online statement, isis now reports it carefully selected the targets, places where people were enjoying themselves on a friday night. a soccer game, a concert, restaurants and cafes. the french president francois
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hollande laid out clear terms what the people are against. >> translator: what happened yesterday in paris and close to the stadium of france was an act of war. and faced with war, the country must take appropriate decisions. an act of war was committed by a terrorist army, against france, against the values we defend everywhere in the world. against what we are. a free country that means something to the whole planet. this was an act of war that was prepared, organized, planned from the exterior. and with internal accomplices that our investigation will establish.
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it is an act of absolute barbarism. at this moment, 127 are dead, and numerous people are injured. families are saddened and distressed. the country is suffering. and i have signed a degree to declare a three-day mourning period. all measures to protect our citizens and our territory have been taken in this context of this state of emergency. >> all measures taken. and breaking news now on fox news channel, dateline brussels, belgium. we've just gotten word from the reuters news agency that police in brussels are now in a neighborhood and raiding that neighborhood in connection with the paris attacks. this is breaking news now on belgian television. you might imagine that authorities are trying to
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backtrack on the -- we believe that they know who some of these people are. and here's why i say that. first of all, they found a syrian passport near the dismembered and mangled body of one of the suicide bombers outside the national stadium. they found that passport. it would only make sense that they then find out who that person is and begin to find out where that person came from and all of his friends, relatives, neighbors, anything in his neighborhood and all the rest. in addition, another has been identified by fingerprints as a french national. a french national who died at the concert hall where the american concert -- american band was playing. and so more than 1500 people inside. that bomber has been identified by fingerprints. so they're backtracking to see who knew whom and who else might have known something. well, now the authorities have made their way to a neighborhood in brussels, belgium, in connection with the paris attacks. a raid is under way right now according to belgian tv. more out of brussels as it comes
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in. there are no mass vigils today in paris. city leaders banned people from gathering in public for demonstrations. saying security is stretched too thin. but parisians are leaving flowers. there are also reports of people lining up for hours to give blood at a nearby hospital. as the french look for something they can do to help. this as we get new video from some of the terrible things people witnessed last night. a woman dangling from a ledge outside the concert hall as gunshots echoed around her and bodies piled up below her. we're also learning a little bit more about some of the men who carried out the attacks. i mentioned the investigators tell reuters news that one of the gunmen at the concert hall was a french national known to have islamic ties and reports of that syrian passport i mentioned found outside the dismembered body of the suicide bomber outside the soccer stadium. the pope today said this is part of an increase in violence
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around the globe which he describes as a, quote, third world war. our correspondent greg palkot live in paris. where does the investigation stand, greg? >> reporter: shep, the authorities here are desperate to find out more about every single attacker involved in the series of terrorist strikes and also if there are other people out there helping them. in the theater behind me, that saw most of the carnage of this evening. there are police swarming over it. they have come up with one person, a dead terrorist, that they now identified with the fingerprints from the body that appears to be a french man with extremist ties. they also have found passports from syria and egypt at the soccer stadium. and they've also tracking down a car that was used by the terrorists to shoot from into the cafes and restaurants
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around. shep, it seems like there has been to effort made to hide their appearance that could make it easier for those trying to find out what happened and perhaps why french president hollande is so sure that it was isis behind these attacks, shep. >> greg palkot live with us, thanks very much. breaking news yet again, and this just into us from the reporting of the bbc. and this is a big one. the bbc is now reporting that this attack in paris appears to be the work of a self-contained cell back from syria. a self-contained cell backed from syria. this is according to uk sources speaking to the bbc. now, context. police have arrested a 41-year-old frenchman after what happens to be a firearm was discovered at gatwick airport. the terminal was evacuated and is now back up and running. again, the bbc is reporting that this group of eight attackers appears, according to sources to the bbc, to be part of a
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self-contained cell back from syria. we now know, at least we believe from the early reporting, we know they found this passport from a syrian passport. we know that a french national is believed to be one of those who died at the bataclan concert hall. and this cell in general according to the reporting of the bbc, self-contained and back in paris from syria. now, i'm confident that there will be numerous reports throughout. the bbc, though, it would be beyond reason for the bbc to go forward with such a thing without a lot of evidence. it's sfw thomething that we are working to independently confirm. if and when we do, i'll bring that to you right away. meantime, a bloomberg reporter is with us based in paris and was out on the streets near the concert hall last night. we spoke as all of this was going down. he covered the "charlie hebdo" attacks back in january and is covering this for bloomberg today.
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new from your perspective having been there overnight and now into the afternoon on the scene there in paris and the investigation ongoing. >> well, it's a strange city today because of the state of emergency, museums are closed, big stores are closed, universities are closed, all sports facilities are closed. the people don't go away. so there's just lots of sort of particularly tourists milling around without much to do. a very strange atmosphere. the area around the bataclan remains cordoned off. investigators are still combing over the area looking for evidence there. definitely a strange atmosphere in paris today. >> i wonder if you've been given any information there on the ground about whether authorities are coming together with any sort of news conference or a way to get information to the people. >> yeah, there's going to be a news conference by the paris -- that's at 7:00 paris time. so that would be 1:00 in the afternoon on the east coast of the u.s.
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it's francois hollande, the chief prosecutor of paris. if the "charlie hebdo" attacks are indication, he's very precise, lays it out very clearly exactly what happened. doesn't mean he has all the elements to share with us, but when he does, he gets a very meticulous rundown of what happened. i'd wait another two hours before jumping to any conclusions about exactly what happened and who the people were. i mean, there's no question it's linked to isis, it's linked to syria in some way or another. who they were, where they came from, was it from outside france, within france, in two hours we should get the answers. >> they seem to be, above and beyond anything else, greg, working to establish whether anyone else was involved and whether anyone else is planning anything further. >> well, certainly. that's always the worry in a thing like this, is there another team on the way? and you know, we keep getting these reports of, you know, there was a -- a toll on a highway. you probably saw this report of
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a french guy in gatwick airport being arrested. there was one arrested in germany with weapons on his way to france. all of those absolutely no link, but every time these reports come out, everyone gets jumpy and imagines this is the next wave. but we really don't know. and i really would say in two hours, we really should get a lot more answers. >> i wonder, is movement restricted still on the streets of paris, or can you come and go as you please now? >> oh, you can totally come and go except for right around the areas where the attacks took place. those areas, as i said, are still cordoned off because investigators are looking for clues, are combing the areas for evidence. but in terms of movement around paris, it's totally fine. the metro is open. i mean, the stops right around where the attacks took place are closed. but you can mill around. there's just not much to do. as i said, everything's shut. >> how could you. greg viscusi has been eyes and ears for us since all of this began for us. greg, the best to you. thanks very much. >> you're welcome. >> again, here's what we're anticipating and what we'll be
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covering in the minutes ahead. live look in vienna, austria, now. we're expecting john kerry to come to the microphones frankly at any moment to discuss these new developments regarding talks of syrian peace, if there is such a thing, or the possibility thereof. a number of nations have come together to talk, and they've come together together with a plan and the secretary of state to announce that shortly. further, i'm getting more information about this train crash in the french city of strasbourg which happened sometime in the last hour. this is a picture. and new information now, reports suggest that tgv or fast-moving train as it translates, train number 2369, a test train actually caught fire before overturning and smashing on its side in strasbourg this afternoon. they were attending to the casualties. 3:30 p.m. local time. so actually in the last three hours. emergency services say that there were five people who died and more than eight people who were injured on scene. but now they tell us there are no direct links to the paris terror attacks which occurred
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pinchts 16 minutes past the hour now. the acts of isis were an act of war. that from the french president francois hollande who said last night that he will retaliate and that france will lead a war, and that will begin just ahead.
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of course, we're waiting for details on that. we're waiting for the secretary of state john kerry to announce these new peace initiatives regarding the fighters in syria. and the now three-year-long civil war there, trying to bring peace so that the world can focus on isis. we'll hear the secretary of state the moment he steps to the microphone. next week's big soccer match between england and france will go on as planned. tuesday in london. and what a scene that will be as big arrivals as they come coming together for something so much bigger than football. officials with the football federation in england releasing a statement today that reads "we will use the opportunity to pay our respects to all of those affects and also express our solidarity with the people of france." of course, the deadly terror attacks overshadowed last night's friendly match between france and germany. bitter rivals in paris at the largest stadium in the nation. you can see crowds huddled together on the field there. two explosions rang out near the stadium just outside during just
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before halftime. today french soccer officials said the players made it clear, they still wish to play. and rolling forward now, so much more news coming out of paris and major city as cross the united states have stepped up security in the wake of the terrorist attacks there. here in new york, the mayor says extra security measures around manhattan and the outer boroughs, the five boroughs of the city, are out of an abundance of caution being stepped up and that there are no known credible threats to new york city or frankly to any city in the united states. brian yen is live here. how are cities across our country responding? >> shep, undoubtedly as people watched the horrific events unfolded last night, thoughts shift to could this happen here and will this happen here? the department of homeland security saying they are, quote, no specific or credible threats of an attack on the u.s. homeland of the type that occurred in paris. but out of an abundance of caution, dhs and the fbi are
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consulting with state and local law enforcement departments from new york to angeles responding to the attacks in paris in realtime. here in new york, extra teams of counterterrorism officers including hercules teams. that's the city's heavily armed special forces units were sent to crowded areas and popular areas. and extra security deployed to french government locations. okay. looks like -- >> brian, thanks very much. >> no problem. the secretary of state, john kerry, is about to speak. and breaking just into fox news channel, the united states has carried out an airstrike in libya against the leader of the islamic state. maybe the secretary of state will have more on that. let's listen. [ speaking french ] well, the secretary of state obviously speaking in french at the moment. we have a translator at the ready. and i believe that the interpreter will now work to give us english translation now.
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[ speaking french ] i'm led to believe that the secretary of state will speak in french only briefly and that he will speak the entirety of his address in english following this, i'm told it will be quick. while he's speaking in french, and he will translate this himself, i'm told, for english in just a moment. but we have just gotten this word while our correspondent was speaking that the islamic state leader has been struck or at least the united states has carried out an airstrike in libya against the islamic state leader. i do not know the outcome of that. but i can tell you that we're expecting the secretary of state to speak on that matter in just a moment. secretary of state has just said, in french, if we could
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turn up the nats just a little bit that it's an attack on all humanity. let's continue to listen to the secretary of state. [ speaking french ] >> translator: -- nothing that would lead us to a different conclusion. france is the oldest ally of america. our friendship goes back to the initial days of our two countries from the first world war to the remarkable partnership which exists today between us. but such devastating moments remind us that what binds us, france and the united states, goes well beyond the close alliance between our governments. for past centuries, even during the darkest hours and particularly during the darkest hours, the united states and
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france are united as the fingers of the same hand, and that is the reap reason why we will offer france all of the support that we can provide while they are hunting down the monsters who prepared these attacks. just as france would do for us. today the joint commitment of our two countries is both very deep and unshakeable. and for me, it is also personal. the united states ambassador is working tirelessly to support the americans who are affected by this tragedy, and our government is working in close cooperation with the french authorities to identify american victims. we know that there are americans
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amongst the injured. and we will continue to bring all the support of our consular services. this morning during a meeting with the french foreign affairs minister was here. i had a meeting. and i also spoke with the united states ambassador to france, jane hartley. i stressed how determined we are in supporting them at all times. the united states are standing alongside france and the other nations throughout the world in the pure outrage and with deep sadness. we are alongside france and the rest of the world to express our sincere condolences to the
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hundreds of persons who have been directly affected by these heinous acts. and i wish to say that above all, we are alongside france and the rest of the world in our determination to eliminate the plague of terrorism off of the surface of the earth. and they've made this determination has become even stronger following this unspeakable brutality. >> i want to make sure that it is absolutely crystal clear that the united states stands with france and the rest of the world in our resolve to eliminate the scourge of violent extremist groups from the face of the earth. and make no mistake, that resolve has only grown stronger in the wake of this unspeakable
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brutality, and i think sergey lavrov and stefan would agree with me that today in the meeting, there was a broad-based sense of revulsion, of horror, and a deep commitment to do more to try to bring an end to the violence in the region and in the world. it is respect for life and for its possibilities that drove our efforts today in vienna. and frankly every day in our pursuit of reconciliation and peace. the war in syria now in its fifth year has already left 1 in 20 syrians wounded or dead. it has compelled 1 in 5 syrians to flee as refugees. it has displaced half of that country's population. and all the while, the chaos unleashed by the war has created a haven for other organizations
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to thrive. if neither bashar al assad or the terrorists or the answer and they are not, our challenge is to create the conditions under which a clear and broadly accepted, viable alternative can emerge. in the united states, president obama has set forth three interrelated goals. first, defeat dash. second, stabilize the region. and third, support a political transition to end this civil war. and those are not in order of priority. if you have to do one before the other, they can be done simultaneously. the events in paris underscore the threat that daish poses to all of us. in the region, and well beyond it, unfortunately. this is a major reason that president obama has announced new steps to take on daish militarily. but we also know that daish cannot be defeated in the end
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without de-escalating the underlying conflict in syria which attracts fighters to this battlefield. and that will require a political process, and that's why we are here in vienna yet again. today, sergey lavrov and i and stefan joined representatives from the arab league, china, egypt, the european union, france, germany, iran, iraq, italy, jordan, lebanon, oman, qatar, russia, saudi arabia, turkey, the uae, the uk, and the united nations. and we did so because we all recognize the urgency of the moment. there can be no doubt this crisis is not syria's alone to bear. the impacts of this war bleed into all of our nations, from the flood of desperate migrants seeking refuge within the region or in europe or beyond. to the foreign terrorist
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fighters who make their way into syria to join the ranks of groups like daish, to self-radicalized fighters living among us, their minds poisoned by daish's propaganda and lies. now, obviously, those of us who met in vienna today, the international support group on syria, do not agree on all the issues when it comes to syria. we still differ, obviously, on the issue of what happens with bashar al assad. but we are relying on the political process itself, led by syrians, which it will be going forward. and with syrians negotiating with syrians. that that can help to bring a close to this terrible chapter. we do agree on this. it is time for the bleeding in syria to stop. it is time to deprive the terrorists of any single kilometer in which to hide. it is time that we come together to help the syrian people embark
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on the difficult but extraordinarily high imperative of rebuilding their country. i underscore, we did not come here to impose our collective will on the syrian people. exactly the opposite. the syrian people will be and must be validaters of our efforts. the syrians will be the first to tell you that they need help from the international community, especially a consensus about how to achieve a political transition that will allow them to ultimately shape their own destiny. building that consensus has been our goal here in vienna. in fact, building the structure, the pathway to be able to achieve that. and while a lot of hard work obviously remains, we have made critical progress. together, our nations have reached a common understanding still beyond where we were two
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weeks ago regarding a series of steps that we believe will accelerate and end the syrian conflict. certainly can accelerate it if people take advantage of this opportunity. based on our shares belief and the necessity of the cease-fire and a parallel political process pursuant to the 2012 geneva communique, we today discussed and laid out a path towards that political process and cease-fire and towards it as rapid a path as possible. we agreed on the need to begin formal negotiations between representatives of the syrian opposition and the syrian regime under u.n. auspices with a target date of the two sides actually sitting down negotiating with each other, no later hopefully than a target date of around january 1st. that's pushing. the group has agreed


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