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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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week, going to be speaking with president obama about ways to wipe out the islamic state. so that meeting is going to happen in the oval office on tuesday. thank you for joining us here. charles payne starts now. charles: breaking news. a credible bomb scare cancels a german soccer match and the u.s. stock market rally. the world remains on pins and needles. ben carson's camp admits struggling to grasp foreign policy. and isis is evil, russia is mean and china is a bully. and the governors grown to 33 and we have one of them on the show tonight and secretary of state john kerry coming to criticism for rationalizing that charlie had the attacks and his comments had many people outraged tonight. >> there's something different about what happened from charlie hebdo, and i think
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everybody would feel that. there was a particularized focus and even legitimacy in terms of -- not legitimacy but a rational that you could attach yourself to somehow and say "okay. they're really anger because of this or that." charles: well, that was secretary of state john kerry speaking at the u.s. embassy in paris they really morning. and he went on this morning to say that the attacks were indiscriminate, making some sort of comparison but did the administration say somehow the slaughter of cartoonist and journalists had some justification. joining me now tommy bruce fox news political contributor, richard, spokesperson, david former navy seal and pete, concerned vets for america. pete, i'll start with you. it's beyond my mind that the wording he used, i don't know if he was speaking off the cuff or making some comparison
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but it was really sounded like he was not necessarily okay, but he understood charlie. >> yeah. it's the polished version of the blame america first crowd. there's always a rational, there's always a subtle justification. well, the guys at charlie hebdo, they had it coming because they were too prospective. not saying this is an evil idealology to kill anybody that they can who are in cafes, john kerry can't quite keep it under the surface. charles: look, tammy, this administration seems to have a sort of sympathetic vein with respect to the slights that are felt. you know? we have heard that terrorists are this way because of climate change and lack of opportunity. we never hear that these savages are simply savages. >> yeah. remember they're doing the jobs. this is more than making excuses even. this was shocking, it was
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obscene, he said this in paris, and it was -- he said there was an element about -- a rational that you could -- as in us, latch onto. in other words, it was understandable. this is a mentality that explains a great deal of the obama administration's attitude and its approach. it is empathy, there is sympathy for the slaughterers, for the terrorists, that there's an understanding of why this is occurring, john kerry -- u.s. secretary of state john kerry should resign because of this comment. it is the most remarkable thing i think we've heard. charles: i can tell you right now this will dominate headlines. you know, richard, you were former un spokesperson. i think this sort of attitude that permeates the wholes of the un but it's shocking to hear that there would be any intent to justify what happened to charlie hebdo. >> well, text message i was the spokesman for the u.s. state department.
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charles: i'm sorry. >> no. that's okay because you're correct in that this permeates the state department. we have a culture at the state department that inherents in their thinking that we are somehow picking a fight with radical islam. if we would just give them a job, if we would just not pick this fight, if we would not poke at their profit. somehow this liberal mentality has taken over the state department and the democratic party, and they are blaming americans -- pete is right, it's the blame america first crowd. but it goes further than that. we are responsible for this terrorism because we are picking this fight by putting democracy in front of their form of governing. and i think what we need democrats to do is step up our party has gone too far left, bill clinton couldn't win it
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in the democratic party right now. charles: here's the thing. you fought a -- as a navy seal, you be you understand who the enemy is and the idea that they would buy these comments and the sympathetic thing that runs through this administration for their cause. >> right. this explains a lot to me. it tells you that there's a complete and total ignorance of what the enemy is and who is enemy is and what they're trying to accomplish. if we try to lend some sort of rational to it, we can't understand the enemy's ultimate goals and what's insulting to the enemy were the rationals very existence. our value system, our western way of life. that does not change and until we come to a realization that that's what they're after, we're never going to win this . charles: tammy, this might explain why the administration thought they could say a video spark benghazi. that that would be applausable, that some sort of offensive video was good
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enough to spark the -- you know, the benghazi slaughter. >> yeah. that was -- that was bad enough when you thought that it was some -- some contrived framework that they're telling us. but now you could argue and it would be true for the democratic party, the obama administration that they actually would believe that. that this is -- this is their frame of mind. but what they're doing is justifying -- not just blaming us for it. but then justifying the murder of innocent people as a result. that is very different. that is the problem with kerry's remarks. but the freedom for him to say it in paris to these people who just suffered another horrible -- massacre. charles: right. >> is shocking, and it tells you the frame of mind -- well, after all he speaks french. that should be enough; right? he should resign, this should show the american people the void -- the void of soul of this administration and the american left and the left
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worldwide. charles: juayou know, pete, our country is built on the constitution, and it starts on the freedom of the press and, again, what happened with charlie hebdo, you know, these guys do cartoons, they do political cartoons, anyone's a potential target. it's just really appalling because it feels like this sets up freedom of speech as an easier target now for would be terrorists in those that hate the west. >> again, i'm not equating what's happening on campus right now to terrorists but aren't we already seeing that? we're seeing the first amendment under assault ideological. it's not through violence, it's through intimidation, political, ideological intimidation. charles: but both groups of people, however, probably feel that they do have some sympathy in the highest office of land. >> and if they accept the grievance and, yes, we have to bow down to it, again, not the same thing. but the administration that john kerry has to admit we're
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at war with radical islamists, that creates -- >> but today he effectively said it's understandable if you want to murder people with whom you agree. that is what the secretary of state effectively signaled to terrorists and everyone else. there's a rational. it's kind of legitimate. you disagree with someone, you're offender, it's understand animal you might want to murder them. charles: i'm wondering where they stand on the attack with the jewish deli. it's just something that came to my mind, they didn't bring that one up. they're not sure where to peg that one. but richard, again, this to me adds additional fuel to the fire, we already see an amazing amount of push back to this administration with the handling of foreign policy, with their handling of isis, with the acceptance of syrian refugees, and i think this is going to make it that much harder to push through their agenda. >> yeah. i hope so but i think i want to pick up on a
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point that tammy made, which is how awful is that he's so comfortable? john kerry is so comfortable to make this argument? there's no push back at the state department within this party, the media in dc, i think that it's time that people in washington d.c. and in new york reporters and thought leaders begin to say this is unacceptable. this type of language, this type of liberalis liberalism gone needs to stop. and without people in the individual party stepping up we're going to sound like conservatives always disagreeing. this is an idealology that john kerry slipped out today that's really dangerous to democracy and freedom and personal responsibility, and i think we need to have people stand up. charles: and to that point, david, here's the thing. isis has been extraordinarily successful in wooing the
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westerners but particularly those whose parents may have come from the middle east or they came from the middle east as youngsters. this is the kind of thing they feed on. this is the defacto mission that the people have wronged others and it does give them the green light. >> that's right. we need to have a unified narrative. this is terrorism. i wonder what his comments would be on 9/11 in new york. what are you going to say about that? we need to have a unified narrative that all of this is wrong. we are fighting a global war against terrorists. radical islam that is against the world. we need to quite a few, have a unified narrative, there's no rational that's acceptable for any of their actions. charles: david, i want to switch gears while i'm with you. france, russia, both targeting isis strong hold in syria, both coming out saying, hey, we don't want to contain, we want this to be the beginning of the end of isis but we need
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america, somehow america must participate. if america doesn't want to lead, should we least follow? >> i think we should lead. we can go back and look at gulf war one. we brought in syria, assad's father who is arguably a worse dictator than he is, and he joined the coalition to bring down saddam hussein and push him out of kuwait. against a global enemy that is isis and al-qaeda, let's not forget about al-qaeda. charles: i'm going to need you to hold on for one second for me because we do have breaking news coming right now. governor bobby jindal of louisiana is dropping out of the race for the white house. this coming out just right now of course we remember that the last debate he poured it on very heavy, very thick, i nicknamed him the slasher that night, and i think his move
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was to try to gain traction in iowa. i'm not sure what all the issues here but of course he had a very low standing even though lately, recently he had gained a little bit -- he hit the radar in iowa. but it's official. governor bobby dropping out of the race. >> this is the last gas to make the difference, i'm sure the internal polling showed it didn't make enough of a difference, you're a reasonable man, how time is best spent, louisiana dealing with the refuge situation. other issues in the south. so there's a how can i help with so much at stake, conservatives in the republican party do well and this is his choice to do it, and i think it was the right choice. charles: steve. >> strong candidate in a stronger field. you have to have the dollars to go the distance, which he hasn't had in recent times. and it's just he hasn't really carved out a in each inside the debate of where he stands
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and where he sits for people to gravitate to him. so he's done great work in louisiana. he has to go back and do that . charles: i thought it was a governor going to win. six months ago i say, yeah, you know what? i'm leading walker, you know, but it's just -- it really felt like it was going to be a governor and here we have another governor dropping out. >> yeah. i'm not surprised at him dropping on you. but somebody like scott walker is surprising. people want to see somebody who knows how to go to washington and shake things up and that means not having any political experiences. >> you still see a cabinet, though, with perry, with walker, with jindal, these are incredibly talented men, so much to give the nation and just because they're not running the for the top spot doesn't mean they're not going
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to help get this country back on their feet. charles: and another moral to the story, you've got to strike while you can. it seems jindal and chris christy, we don't know what's going to happen with them but it feels like the last presidential cycle was their moment. to capitalize on something they had going on. >> christy's picking up, though. it seems these hanging on. charles: like jindal, he's making his big bet. >> that's right. charles: let's leave it there. hey, speaking of presidential candidates this last week has been a tough one for candidate ben carson in the aftermath of the paris attack he seems lost and now reportedly his own team isn't admitting as much. we'll be right back good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not.
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charles: after the terror
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attacks in paris, the knowledge regarding foreign policy. let's face it, it has been under an intense microscope and that's where dr. ben carson has attracted extra attention because of his statements on the topic. dwayne, a top advisor to dr. carson on terrorism and national security said just today -- moments ago, in fact, in an interview with the new york times quote nobody has been able to sit down with him and get him an iota about intelligence in the middle east. in weekly conference calls briefing him on foreign policy so that quote we can make him smart. >> oh, dear. charles: tammy and peter back with me now. i will start that this is from the new york times and dr. carson was confused about the administration's foreign policy. but before we start, let's take a listen to one of his recent interviews, this from fox news sunday because he did sound a little bit confused.
6:19 pm
>> my point being that if we get out there and we really lead, and it appears we're making progress, then all of the -- the arab states and even the nonarab states who i think are beginning to recognize the jihad movement is global. it is not just local in the middle east. charles: all right. i can see the wheels turning as he was speaking, and you can see him struggling, and it felt like he peace mailed an answer together. >> yeah. first of all, let's not under estimate that the new york times will go to -- >> consider the source. consider the source. >> consider the source big time. he may need to go about how little the candidate goes, that's bad campaign 101. but when you hear his gut he's on the right place. in his instincts he seems elsewhere and he's overthinking it. he knows every utterance is
6:20 pm
going to be overanalyzed so he goes how am i going to respond smart and just responding to events. the thing is that national security and foreign policy takes time of all the pitfalls, it's tough. charles: there's no doubt about it. simplified that donald trump would bomb the beep out of isis. >> yeah. look, there's a point of being overprepared and that could be a problem here. and then also the issue of being comfortable with where you are. ben carson should be the last person to be worrying about what the media is going to say and think. this is the challenge for every one of these candidates. this is the progressive ground, however. and of all the issues that the president needs to be smart about, it is foreign policy. this is the issue that we face. and, look, even when barack obama was elected i told my listeners don't worry, the system is so large, there will be so many people around this one guy, he can't do any damage. what barack obama has shown us is that one person matters,
6:21 pm
what the president think so matters and ms. talents matter. charles: he did damage to pete's point. i don't know if he did damage as a tactician per se but as an audio log. and we know he wants to kill the enemy, we know how he feels about radical islam. on the other hand if you have an audio log and you think that these aren't necessarily bad people they are just bad circumstances, you can't put policy around that. >> again, in the field with a lot of people who know a lot of and things very smart. he's not in the field alone. we do know, though, that the future is going to require a president like reagan is an example who graphs the dynamic in its totality who is confident, who wants advisors, who knows how to manage that. charles: and before we go, guys, let me ask you. does this topic -- and you think it's going to be the number one topic for the election. >> i do. charles: does it lend itself more to the senators than the other guys running? >> it could. you still have an electorate that says it's running our
6:22 pm
government for decades. i just got a letter from ben carson's campaign, a standard one that the title is no more politically correct wars. i think you're going to see carson going back to the basic slowing of we can't fight war the same way we did. >> the difference, though, is that the slogan versus the man who understands in his heart the nature of what's occurring in the world. charles: all right. guys, let's leave it right there. americans, by the way, i think everyone is going to agree with this. the exceptionalism that propelled us to the top of the world. but this spark has to come from the top anded sal we don't have a winston church hill. we'll be right back
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charles: breaking news, louisiana governor bobby jindal is suspending his presidential campaign, refusing at-this-point to endorse another candidate. >> this is not my time.
6:26 pm
i have come here to announce i am suspending my campaign for president of u.s. i want that press loves to see if a politician endorses another. i don't think that people care, at the end of the day i trust the american voters. charles: president obama, he missed an amazing opportunity, he missed his churchill moment, joining me now nile gardner. former special advisor to lady thatcher. in aftermath of paris, you mentioned in an article, that president looked weak on world stage, but he could have taken a page from churchill. >> thank you very much. yesterday, president obama gave some remarks at g-20 in turkey, responding to press, questions. it was an opportunity in wake of paris attacks to rally the
6:27 pm
free world, to stand up against isis declare that free world is united again evils of islamist terrorism. unfortunately could president obama decided not to send that message. he spent half his time attacking domestic critics here in u.s. he basically said he was not interested in american leadership on the world stage, it was astonishing. a series of statements by president obama he looked weak, clueless, this president has no strategy what so ever for defeating the isis threat, it showed yesterday in turkey on the world stage. charles: the thing circumstance i have studied president obama, and i have listened. i understand what he thinks in his mind, when you say free world, he is knowing about parts of world, you know when he got upset about notion was not accepting certain refugees in america.
6:28 pm
you think he began his presidency with the tour, everything he has done evolves around social justice. do you think he sees himself of president of the world, in particular third world, and the rest of us are not getting that? >> those are excellent points. you know president obama is a deficien different kind of president. he is not really leading. one of his open advisors described it, president obama chooses to lead from behind. he far more interested in bowing before the world rather than leading it. the antithesis of ron reagan and churchill. charles: and anyone who should be president of the u.s. if there is anything at top of the job description, that might be number one.
6:29 pm
real quickly, i used a flit of your article in a speech i said this past we're, you said that americans are yearning to get that spirit back, we would like that spirit of american exceptionalism is it too late. >> this is an exception al nation, the greatest nation on earth, and most generous, but i don't think that president obama is the right man to lead the united states he does not believe in american extensionalism -- exemptionallism, you need a president who believes in the greatness of america. president obama is not that person. charles: you are right. i love your writing, i appreciate your coming on the show. >> thank you very much. charles: should united states consider closing all mosques, not those with evidence of promoting radical islam but all? the surprising reply to a poll i placed on twitter today. what are your thoughts?
6:30 pm
we'll be right back.
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>> closing some mocial morks -- mosques, would you do it. >> i would. >> i have not heard about closing ofs mosque, it depends in the mosque is loaded, you
6:34 pm
have to look at it. charles: earlier today, that was donald trump interview with stuart varney. that was a couple of weeks ago,t i saw say tweet, saying he thought closing mosques in america would gut our core values, i did a poll. 47.5%, did not think it was a bad thing, with me now, dr back with me, tammy bruce, doctor judy, thank you for coming on. i was surprised because, article that james woods was talking about was misleading said donald trump or suggested that donald trump wanted to close all mosques, i presented the question that way issue over 50% said yes. we should close all.
6:35 pm
>> that is you know our laws are constitution is not done by bleb plebiscite done by the laws. as long as they are not preaching open violence, the kkk was allowed to operate, we are not going to defeat radical islam by pushing them underground. ask uzbekistan, all countries that are authoritarian regimes that push islam underground, it spreads like wildfire, you defeat them by exposing them that we're not doing because of political correctness but for our president to say, alienate very people you need to reform ideas that are creating this cauldron of radical islam. charles: what role to americans have to play in
6:36 pm
this, to help there are americans understand what is going on here. people have been driven by fear, anger and world events. >> we muslims need too get past denial. and we have to -- plots against paris, and others, places of freedom is because that cauldron of separation, so our muslim communities need to stop being lead by muslim brotherhood legacy groups that are advising this dang of a administration of being afraid to criticize the reformers. once we start doing that, we'll work with the mosques
6:37 pm
that are reformer, then ma marginal those who are hatred. charles: the brothers attended a mosque with teu fugitives, and radical speakers terror suspects a prime example of a mosque that should have been shut down. >> if you are shutting down a mosque because it a mosque you need to read the bill of rights, mr. trump has an ability to speak out in situation like this, he really puts out catchy phrases, that appeal to the visceral side of people.
6:38 pm
yet like the wizard of oz you peal back the curtain there is not a lot there in terms substance. what he does is just counter to what should be done in u.s. making these statements that don't make sense. charles: here is the thing. visceral or not, it has touched something. like i said, i was shocked that a poll. but it was consistent throughout the day. people not only voted but they gave me their reasons why. they just do not see a come pot patbility -- combatbility with islam they know. >> you mentioned it was misrepresented the nature of
6:39 pm
what mr. trump said, not all mosques should be closed. let me answer back to that. i disagree with that. if you have a mosque that is not behaving as a legitimate muslim worship place, for those -- for everyone that said all muslims are not terrorists, it is in the interest of people who care about islam too have those false dynamics removed. if you have a frame work with that, it is an affront to the nature of islam, and an affront to all muslims, it beneficial to remove them. charles: thank you so very much. 33 governors counting rejecting refugees they would like to. chairman of house freedom
6:40 pm
caucus debates the issue with me, we're talking jim jordan, he is next.
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
charles: 33 u.s. governors and counting, rejecting refugees.
6:43 pm
charles: another war brewing on american soil over syrian refugee crisis. >> we have a refugee situation that we think requires a pause, a more comprehensive assessment how to petter guarantee -- better gar abty that members of isis are not infiltrating themselves, this is not just about refugees, that is about having a comprehensive strategy to deal with isis by defeating isis.
6:44 pm
charles: this is 32 states that opposed bringing syrian refugees in their state. joining me now. representative jim jordan. thank you for joining. governors are drawing their line in the sand but there has beenin legal opinion that said maybe mostly symbolic. it has to come from house leadership. that putting the ball on paul ryan's court. >> right on target. everyone knows we should put a stop to the president's program until we know for sure that the screening process is actually effective. can guarantee we're not having isis members and terrorists come in through the refugee program. it should be stopped i think that speaker ryan is on target with that. charles: a calling about on with white house staff and
6:45 pm
several governors who oppose refugees, one -- here is vetting process. from what i understand, intelligence agencies from fbi too department of defense, with fingerprinting and bye metrics, and -- biometrics and face-to-face interviews does that go far snuff? >> there is that, but, difficult part, with people from syria, you don't know -- you i don't know have records from syria. there is -- is a mess. that is the difficult part. that is why you have to put a stop to this, now. we want to try to set up as membership safe havens as we can, but in that part of the world not in united states to help these people who are being persecuted for their faith, in some way. we want too help them but we're sending money over there, there are a lot of neighbor in the area who get american tax dollars, they
6:46 pm
should help with this, that is how we can get them to safety. not bring to united states until they have been properly screened. the question is, can you properly screen them. charles: you are saying, if there is a mechanism that you agree works you would be okay with alying true victim of allowing true victims to relocate in america. >> this is has been the u.s. position, right now i think we have to stop this for folks coming from that part of world in light of what happened this last weekend in paris, in light of what we know it has to be a pause on the program, let's make sure that there is a right kind of creaping in place -- screening in place, until such time you have to stop this, keep those who are being persecuted, see if we could have a safe zone in that part of the world, that makes
6:47 pm
sense, our tax dollars are already being sent to help out in middle east. charles: representative jim jordan thank you in you bet. charles: lieutenant colonel ralph peters is next, he is appalled, that obama has dismissed the paris attack as a setback. your thoughts, we'll be right back.
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charles: are the american people really tired of war? without public support it more difficult to fight terror organizations like isis. how could we win it? joining me on the phone, lieutenant colonel ralph peters, you wrote a great piece today.
6:51 pm
on this topic. on the lack of leadership from obama, it felt like america has been tired of war since the vietnam war, i am not sure it has changed. >> americans have never been militaristic people in a sense of germany for is stan in the past. but i am sick and tired of people who don't know the american people. people who never leave washington and manhattan telling us what the american people think. the american people, are not tired of war, they are tired of losing they are tired of far to leadership could they are -- of poor leadership, they are tired of seeing their families sense out without a plan being killed and maim for nothing, when one president or the other does not really mean to win, they recognize is lamic state, isis is a legitimate threat, they are
6:52 pm
repelled by what is being done, they are concerned more than the president about the plight of christians in the middle east, and american people, certainly would support dynamic effective powerful short-term action against islamic state. against isis. but they don't ralphs me -- don't want half measures, americans' to win, american people have more common sense about military operation than our leaders, given fact so few leaders have any military experience, or any interest in the military in case of obama administration. charles: if somehow, president obama did an about-face, said i have listened to american public we're going to put an overwhelming force on the groun ground. we'll make it short, sweet, we will rid world of isis, the american public would cheer? >> they would if we were willing to do it right, what
6:53 pm
it takes not indulge in folly of trying to turn syria or iraq to colorado, but if we just went out, killed our enemy, and left smoking ruins and crying widows american people would support it. they are tough.there a disconnee american people and governing elite. if the president did dispied tomorrowdecide tomorrow that. the pentagon is no infected with political correctness, w we have a officer core from generals to lieutenant who are afraid of makes mistakes and being prosecute for war crimes. charles: with all due respect. to your point, i think that president words, a pipe dream but maybe the next president will take this page, no nation building check, destroy, kill
6:54 pm
enemy, american public onboard, thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> syrian passport found on body of a paris terrorist of the slafthe last straw, 32 governors saying no to syrian refugees, governor from kansas is joining me next.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
. charles: tensions rising all week long. 32 governors opposing the acceptance of syrian refugees. sam brownback mandating that no state agency assists with the relocation of syrian refugees. sir, what drove you to this decision? >> i think it's a prudent decision, given the desire by the terrorists groups to infiltrate the refugees coming into this country, by our inability to vet them appropriately, given they're coming from a failed state, and
6:58 pm
the difficult times that we're in, and the public is certainly not comfortable with us accepting these syrian refugees with what we've seen taking place in paris. charles: i know moments ago, the white house staff associated with the vetting process had governors opposing in on a conference call, were out call? >> i was on the call. charles: did it clear anything up for you thank you, feel somewhat more confident or maybe a dialogue could be had to fix this? >> i don't feel any more confident. when i was in the u.s. senate, i chaired the committee over refugee resettlement. right after 9/11, we dropped the number of refugees down because it's so difficult to fully and appropriately vet these refugees because they come from failed states or belligerent states. you're going off of what they tell you, and that's fine and maybe a calmer time, but not in the times that we're in right now. charles: the administration says that they've got a process
6:59 pm
that includes intelligence agencies, the fbi, the department of defense, fingerprinting, biometrics and intensive interviews with interviewers trained to be able to seek out or find the truth. what would you add to that? >> i would say that right now, at this point in time, when we're being attacked by isis where, they have stated they're going to infiltrate this process, we should go to other regions in the world for us resettling refugees. we normally take, 50, 60, 70,000 a year, there are millions of refugees around the world. we can go to burma. we can go to congo and take more refugees, if that's what we feel we need to do rather than going to the security risk areas we're seeing right now. charles: in the last few moments, more democrats are starting to join the cause, and i think this line in the sand that you've drawn, along with fellow governors was long needed. i think states rights have been
7:00 pm
usurped by the administration, and i wish you luck. >> thank you, and thank you for that statement. charles: thank you very much for watching, catch us at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. if you can't see the show, dvr it, you don't want to miss it, you don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. french authorities tonight are searching for a second terrorist directly involved in the paris attacks. the disclosure of this second fugitive still at large comes as france and russia join forces to launch a punishing new wave of airstrikes against the islamic state. fallout from friday's attacks also spreading to neighboring countries, germany, belgium cancelling international soccer matches because of bomb threats but britain and france press on, calmly. defying the islamic statement we'll have a report on the latest developments, and here at home, a growing list of


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