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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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one day it was. deirdre: i cannot wait to see the rest, 9 p.m. eastern time, do not miss it, you will hear about those stories and more from charles payne, he is numbers me in 2 seconds. >> breaking news, belgium remains on lockdown as the man arrested in belgium raid has been charged in connection with the paris attack. paris police found a unexplosive vest in a trash can in paris. all this while they still certain for salah abdeslam. ashley is joining us live with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. u.s. state department putting out a world wide travel alert, saying due to increase terrorist threats, they go to mention isis, al qaeda. continued to planterrist
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attacks -- terrorist attacks in multiple region that travel alert goes to february 24, covering the necks three -- the next 3 months, with that in mind, we had 4 arrests in belgium from overnight raids, the belgium justice minister saying those arrests resulted in quote very useful information, but he said, we are not finished. that is the biggest manhunt in europe for a time goes on that person salah abdeslam, he continues to allude authorities, but the discovery of that explosive belt, in an area south of paris, could be another clue. it was found in a trash, can authorities believe it is the same type of explosives, and also contained bolts the same weapons used in paris 10 days ago that took the lives of 130 people, there is growing belief that this fugitive
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decided to not carry out attack, instead drove through paris to the southern suburb and dumped his explosive invest where he called friends in the belgium to pick him up, then took off back to belgium, you know sadly he was stopped, and questioned by police, but they had no idea that the manhunt was on, he continues on the run tonight, french president hollande will be in washington tomorrow to meet with president obama. he is meeting with a slew of world leaders this week, as world leaders try to come up with some strategy to combat, and wipe out isis, charles. charles: thank you very much. ashley webster. despite the nationwide dragnet, the world's most wanted man continues to eval capture. y -- evade capture, we bring in our panel.
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chris, help us understand what is happening hire. a man under underway. >> there are two different things happening here, whenever there is a major terrorist attack, with all the support, you have to roll up that network. all terrorists who were involved, but cannot participate in the attack are trying to cut their ties now, they are racing -- erasing their computer, ditch their cell phones, removing their physical address, we have a limited aim of time. right now 10 days after, it looks like european law enforcement authorities are behind on this, they do not
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have a significant roll up yet. they may not get it at-this-point. charles: it does feel like, maybe a moment of the missed. particularly when you consider the mistakes leading up to the paris attack. buttal least th -- but at least the world has galvanize the west. >> we have to, we know right after, paris -- france launched more 900 raids, that tells you, they know who the bad guys are. they know who the suspects are, belgium is in the same position, they know who is involved. they have been able to wander through europe, the ring leader was bragged about being able to move throughout all of the e.u. without being stopped, europe that to address this.
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with barack obama attitude, i don't know if there will be a full coalition, because he wants to do things here at home, putin how far might step up. charles: immigration is huge, a large percentage of people involved in the paris attack were citizens. that is lost on a lot of people. >> we have a short-term threat posed right now with uncontrolled migration in europe, we need to change that short-term, in long-term we have generation that failed to assimilate, they are going back to countries like syria for training, they pose a long-term threat, that more difficult to address. have you seen it with france, with constitutional changes. charles: france still taking in 30,000 of the refugees, a doctor jekyll and mr. hyde
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bifurcation of thought process. a news alert from state department, worldwide travel alert, alerting americans possible travel risk due to increase terror threats, isis, and al qaeda and others continue to planterrist attacks -- tanterrist attacks in multiple regions in the planet. the big question, i tweeted it before on the show. is this proof that isis is winning? >> it is not proof it is win or losing but they are still a viable threat. two things happen in aftermath of terrorist attacks there are copycats, then others say, maybe we're compromised. if we are going to get an attack off, let's get it off, i agree we should be at app an
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increase threat level, they are not losing the fight they are winning strategic narrative, they are still imports foreign fighters, radicalizing them, then exports them back to country of origin like europe this a long-term multiye multigenerational warfare right now we're losing. charles: representative stew warlt broughstewart brought much a points, americans should focus on the visa program, waivers with european. i get to europe, i am maybe a homegrown terrorist, i have the ability to go straight to united states. >> this is the paris attacks, that changed everything, we looking at islamic state and other terrorist groups shifting their focus, it is no longer a regional focus on
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middle east, their goals and their agenda internationally, i think that west is scrambling to catch up on this, we're looking at low approval rating of obama's handling, looking at this compare to bush at same time, we heard so much about this is war that bush left us, this is the legacy that obama leaving us. charles: to rush limbaugh's point, isis did not exist when george w. bush left office. >> a couple things, one is that isis is using al qaeda model of lieutenants, to spread into other cup country to do their work this is fear that boca he herom will do that as well, this travel alert a mention that isis will be returning, the west still allowing those 2 have gone to fight to return to come back, we have not changed our
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policies that was noted in travel alert. charles: would you say that isis is winning? >> no, no. >> isis has upper hand. >> what it is confirmation of that west is making mistakes. >> because we're not fighting. we're taking half measures we're not getting involve, we're very hesitant to do that, this is result. >> overall americans have lost confidence in our president. 66% said united states is at war, listen up white house? with radical is slam. -- islam. democrats and republicans are united against president obama's plan to accept syrian refugees, one refugee will be a terrorist, chris to you. president obama sticking to his gunning, today, canada said, we'll take 25 thousand refugees, but there is a
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caveat, women, children and families, single men, turn away at the border i will not be accepted? >> that is a great temporary caveat to put in place, one thing they have in common, the majority, these are combat-aged male men, not women, not children not families they are single men who have been radicalized, this is a wise temporary decision to limit the influx of the combat age men, then 6 months down the line revisit the policy. i think a temporary restrict to get our arms wrap around this complex problem in order. charles: i was reading, a poll during world war ii, i did not realize that only like 23% of americans want to accept german refugees, that mind set we have going on now, that is
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portray as un-american or racist has been with americans for a long time, at times of war we get overly cautious, you probably should be. >> we sailed across the ocean to get away from the old world, we started up a nation, we felt we were safe, we want to be away of what happens in old europe, and old world that carries through, i think, it like 73% of the refugees in europe are all fighting age men. we need those young men they will be the ones to take those countries back, those will be the boots on the ground, why we would want to remove those individuals is nonsense, there is no reason, not a mistake, more something to apologize for that we want to defend ourselves in a tug-of-war. charles: you met with so many of these migrants, a month ago, your assessment they are fleeing but american question
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why so many abled bodies men why don't they stay home and pick up the fight. >> some of them are, i was really impressed with one woman in particular, in iraq. i was impressed with meeting people like that, i think you hear a lot of men who feel pinched in the middle with assad on one hand and the islamic state on the other. charles: and german welfare on the other side. >> true,. charles: we applaud particularly what kurds have done in kobani, they won an amazing victory, they have a bunch of rubble but hope. charles: all of europe is eig are to take up the fight against isis. we discuss europe's wake-up call. llar count.
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>> bunch of loser jihadists to prove that computer feuer future belongs to them, i can't say, i fancy their chances. charles: that was andrew neil of the bbc, summarizing, the view of isis. france's president hollande is on his way to dc tomorrow, the question is, he get more help from the united states? joining me now, welcome. >> thank you. charles: i love that piece
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there, the emotions. the more or less saying, world particularly europe i is -- has faced naziism and fascism those things,. charles: would you want collide isis there yes. this. >> defining moment in history in terms of how europe's leaders will respond to this crisis, america's leaders will respond, i think we need a churchhillian leadership, to defeat isis and the broader islammers threat, we're facing a brutal islamist ideology that is spreading its tenticals across europe, we need a emphatic defeat of the
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great evil our time. charles: thinking back to push of radical kiss lamb to europe in the past, some of the places it was stopped, who would that churchillian person be now? hollande or david come cameron in my mind he is stepping up to the plate. >> a very good question, i think that hollande has robust since the attack, certainly no churchill issue he big better, today, com cameron with a new launch. he announced further measures to increase side of th british navy, we need to see real leadership tip, we need to be very clear about nature
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of the threat we're facing, in are figures in europe who are prepared to lead on this, whether or not there is a churchill is another issue. but we do need to see kind of pack bone that churchill shows that margaret thatcher showed. charles: there has been a movement for maybe, 5 years, 10 years, some call euro-sceptics, initially was written off as a racist thing, but they have won a lot of seats over the last couple of election cycles feels like this is now more accepted. europe for europe sake, not rejecttion of refugees or other peoples pause of xena phobia but the idea of keeping the culture of europe, i have to believe that gains strength.
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>> we've seen the rise of euro skepticism across europe, and in great britain now there is a big debate whether great briton should lead the eu . -- should leave the eu . i think that many in europe are calling for self did. determination, border controls brought back, not least too defeat the terrible threat pose by isla isic terrorism. charles: >> thank you. >> donald trump, is leading in a new fox poll, cruz and rubio coming on, ben carson has freefalled. we'll discuss it next.
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[applause] i will be tot totally pledging my allegiance to republican party, and conservative principles for which it stands. >> i'll have too see what happens, i have to be treat fairly, i said this, i have to be treat fairly, if i am treat fairly, i am fine, all i want to do is have a level playing field. charles: that is donald trump, some saying, he is flip-flopping on his pledge. not this make a third party run. trump he continues to bring in popularity, you would wonder why he would bring up a third
6:25 pm
party threat, joining me now mark sorano, and tammy bruce. mark where is donald trump talking third party. >> friday, "wall street journal" wanted that a former republican national committee operative is forming an llc, called trump card well, lc t ll c to fight him, can you imagine mitt romney having to face a llc forum, i am not surprised that trump would threaten this. charles: hold on, i don't get this. they buy air time, where is this unfair? don't they go after each other all of the time? >> no doubt.
6:26 pm
primary campaigns are messy, ugly, dirty. running negative ads will take place. you have the establishment lining up against trump in particular, it appears that establishment candidates might not support their pledge they signed as well. that is unprecedented focus on the frontrunner, it one thing to fight your opponent but another thing to team up like this. >> it is interesting, he is right, he said if i was treated fairly, this is rough-and-tumbl rough-and-tumble. it is a sign of weakness on the side of the establishment, if they want to win over the american people they could win us over as opposed to trying to chop down the people who are appealing to us, doing it is another thing, this is not something you just do. he does not have any kind of
6:27 pm
genuine campaign structure. to be able to run independently in every state requires. charles: he could throw his hat in the ring as a third party candidate, and still be a spoiler. >> you could write his name in, you he might tell people it stay home, my concern about mr. trump, he is too close to the clintons, he holds many liberal views, i worry about him being a spoiler from the beginning. a deliberate spoiler, he has to grow up here a little bit. charles: we have run out of time, we'll spring it up there for, mark. charles: yesterday donald trump and also today, yesterday and today he defended he saw thousands of arab americans in jersey city they were cheering when the twin towers fell, one of several controversial comments and tweets he made over the
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>> i watched, when the world trade center came tumbling down, i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands of people were cheering as that building was
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coming down, thousands of people were cheering. >> well, that was donald trump at a rally saturday, discusses muslims in america celebrating nep confident as 9/11 attacks trump repeated those comments. >> we have large arab population, they were cheering as world trade center came down, i know it may not know politically correct for you to talk about it but they were cheering. charles: joining me now. mark sorano, julian melcher, i will tell you, i could have sworn i saw the same thing, i googled all week long, i could not find actual footage of it, was i tripping? >> i think so, there is no documentary evidence that happened, i have talked to people in new york and new jersey, saying it did happen in palestinian areas, in gaza,
6:33 pm
in the west bank they were cheering our misfortune. but in united states, this is a problem with donald trump, he take a potentially serious issue, had radicalization of people. it undermines those of us who want to get tough. charles: i was here, i was driving down west side how, i watched that second tower come down, my office is a block away, i recall seeing that, if someone asked me, i would say yes. i don't know how this would change such -- became a large part of urban myth. does it hurt donald trump he is walking it back. >> on september 18, 2001, washington post ran a story they said police were interrogating people who were
6:34 pm
celebrating from jersey city, and tailgates that might. muslims in jersey city were. were there thousands? no. but that is in the september 18 article. let me look at where this is coming from, left in media, democrat complex wants to destroy donald trump, they are detracting from the fact that barack obama has an abysmal record with minority population and empowering them. charles: one second, let me bring the rest of the panel, jillian, the article, that mark is talking about alleged this happened there was never police confirmation. i am not sure, but donald trump brings these up, and then, you know, then it is in his followers are left to defend him. >> we can't play fast and loose of the facts, 9/11 was an emotional day, it does stick in our memory somewhere in the worlds the muslims were
6:35 pm
cheering this on, it did you come to point, what he said, thousands of people, cheering in support objectively not happen. this is him playing fast and loose with the truth, if not out right lying repeatily. >> bu but i swear, i could have made the same tweet, i have the same recollection. >> this is the issue with recollection, he say he saw it, i believe him he saw it, he may, we think back maybe imagery out of the west bank, and hearing audio from the radio about what was happening in jersey city. that could have happened. but i don't think he -- he does not need to make up something that dramatic, and i think that he remembers it this way this is what media prefers to have people talking about. charles: if he brings it up,
6:36 pm
media will company on it he talks off the cuff, sometimes maybe tweets off the cuff, some critics call one of his weekend treats racist. there of a report about plaqu black on black crimes and killing, a fall sta at thi taft -- statistic. so far, you know we have not heard donald trump talk about this also some people saying that original tweet was posted by a user with a neonas neo-nazi logo in their profile picture, i will tell you, i have in the past mistakenly retweeted dubious things people have come down hard on me, i have always apologized. mark, is there a point where he makes a honest mistake, where he says i messed up.
6:37 pm
>> this guy is so under estimated. if you look at new fox poll, 68% of republicans, who are in the poll, support an outsider. charles: i'm saying, if you make a tweet that is incendiary claiming ought 0 that 80% of white people murdered were murdered by blacks in this country? >> i think like you said, sometime you retweet things you need a source better, sure, perhaps he needs to acknowledge, we should motte havnot have sent that tweet out, but does that make him a racist? where does this come from. ivevery time a call a republican a sexist or a racist they back down they cower, this guy will not cower, the republican voters want to see a fighter.
6:38 pm
charles: you might want to apologize, i'm just saying. >> donald trump may not cower but he will give mainstream media and the democratic party all of the ammunition they need to keep the white house. this is the reason that people have staff. look at this issue, saying that 80% of white murder victims are killed by blacks, this is taken away from a serious issue, the issue of violence. look at new orleans, do we talk about how you can curve that violence, no we'll just give talking points to the liberals. charles: black on black
6:39 pm
slaughter, is such a major issue. i wish that the republicans in general would focus on it, i would obama would have focused on. speaking of president obama, he is finally bombing oil trusts. >> richest terrorist organization in the world, the oil thing may not matter. they have such a diversified portfolio revenue it will shock you, we'll tell you all about it next am effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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>> isis revenue stream has been able to let them carry out attacks all over the world, oil is not their number one source of cash.
6:42 pm
charles: tonight.
6:43 pm
watching 283 strikes over the weekend, a step in the right direct, isis has i number of revenues including attacking a of nonmuslims, theft, oil fields, refinery, kidnapping, arrests, farming now $200 million a year. isis is a state. with that in mind, is it time to fight isis the way we would fight a nation? captain ash, i was shocked to find out at-this-point, isis is brings ins there are to00 million in -- $200 million a year in farming. bottom line this is a nation state, perhaps time to fight them as if they are one.
6:44 pm
>> in 't to baghdad -- i went to baghdad, i got a brief from folks in embassy, saying in rich as oil as iraq was they did not need a drop of it to maintain their economy. if they could just get their act together, they could be the bred basket for all of southwest asia and middle east, they are sitting on a gold mine, they are making hay while sunshines while the iraqi government cannot gets it act together. charles: the oil truck bombings. we still drop leaflets to let the drivers know that bombs or the way, this feels like such a drop in the bucket. >> because, isis is a nation state.
6:45 pm
contrary to what our government wants to say, ronald reagan's farewell address, don't be afraid to see what you see. they control territory they can extracts taxes from shopkeepers and others, it is good that russia is forcing this type of thinking. thinking about how you take away economic support from this nation state, also to have focused internally on its own problems. charles: we always hear about putting a few extra american troops on ground. what about an overwhelming offensive attack to win this once and for all then change the world for the better. >> that a very enticing thing but reality on the ground, the entire region, it is a muslim
6:46 pm
region, they have driven the christians out, they are now muslim lands, unless we're willing to go in fight that world war iii against radical islamist this is just throwing more blood and treasure after more blood and treasure, we're not ready for that fight, we have students worried about microaggressions and needing a safe space to protect their sensitivity, they are talking about some campuses taking down posters that advocate free speech, we need a very serious exa examination of saying if we're even capable to survive. charles: someone needs to tell those college kids, freedom is not free. >> thank you. >> we have new episodes of "strange inheritance," jamie
6:47 pm
colby is joining us to tell us all about it, she is next. ♪
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: two all new see see "strange inheritance" tonight, they begin at 9:00, then 9:30, mel fisher, one of world's most famous treasure hunters, jamie colby host of "strange inheritance" joins me now, i always wants to be one of those people. >> everyone wants to be, when you tell me there 1/4 of a billion dollars down there. charles: you put on your scuba gear.
6:51 pm
>> i said let's go, we went to key west, there is so much more to discover, that is a "strange inheritance" they have -- 3 they have to earn their intertense, he was a small business owner with a dream, they started searching for the a atochax. they have a museum in key west to show what they have, they take strangers out, the father went to u.s. supreme court, i love this small business owner, that goes all the way for what he is entitled to, he won he got to arrest the wreck that is legal term to keep the shipwreck. charles: i know in past, the country of origin says it is
6:52 pm
ours, and america then international water but person who gets that, it is theirs? >> not always, do you know what mel said, i don't think so. he won, i love that part of the story. but that is one of two episode, other i think so many people are going to enjoy, two schoolteacher go to tanzania to teach, they meet a boy they bring back with his mom's pe permission on educate, they bring him here, he doing so good, he needed money for college, something they got from his dad, antique chinese screen. it was worth -- because of the chinese markets right now, they sold it for $250,000. the young man gets to go to college.
6:53 pm
charles: tanzania one of the poorest countries of the world. >> they go back every summer to teach. charles: i want to ask, because the first year was so successful with so many different ideas coming at you, how hard was it to shift through them, you robl -- probably have material for season upon season. >> we did morissette more, sets of season 2, they have new episode every monday, repeats the rest of the week, people right in more and more. we'll find them, they have to be good. charles: i love them, because the human element, and you, of course, thank you very much. >> thank you, charles. charles: 9 and 9:30 tonight, donald trump said he would bring back waterboarding. that is peanuts compared to
6:54 pm
what isis does. tweet me your thoughts, next. >> >>
6:55 pm
>> >>
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>> >>
6:57 pm
>> donald trump on the approach to isis is now calling for were a return of water boarding. >> i would say that is peanuts what they're doing to us what they did to james when they chopped off his head is all whole different level i would happily bring back interrogation and do it strongly. >> now made not be the best time to argue for water boarding with the most recent fox news poll terror is the most important issue should we look at perhaps all the rules of engagement to changeup the game a little bit?
6:58 pm
capt. dash i just traded this assemblage of people said yes one says in time for christmas. the american people want this and think it could be the key. >> here is the prediction we will do things as of free society we would be appalled if we don't get our arms around this threat. look at a brussels there at the end of a three day lockdown of a capital city of european country because they had credible evidence. people are demanding to be protected. if you get that level of protection were you walk down the capital city of a western nation you're not a free society any more if they can take that away with the e-mail bread or a full call we have to get our heads around is are we will be doing a lot more than water boarding. charles: belgium actually extended the state of
6:59 pm
emergency for another week but i think a lot of people are wondering why not go on the offensive? get what we need to get before the attack instead after? what about the issue? >> with enhanced interrogations techniques is a viable method to get information the laundry wait the more difficult to will be we could start early and we didn't end as a result we would firebomb entire german cities. them with hundreds of thousands of japanese citizens if we get to the point of a civilization issue there is nothing we will not do the sooner the better. charles: to your point the
7:00 pm
public agrees with you 100 percent. i appreciate your expertise. charles: we appreciate you watching at 6:00 every night. keep their right here for other jobs. lou: good evening president obama facie is mounting criticism or the ambiguous strategy to fight the islamic state and the excuses for failure to degrade and destroy the islamic state. the government watchdog is now expanding its investigation into allegations the obama warehouse has distorted intelligence assessments with a campaign against the islamic state and the new poll shows a record high of americans 66% don't belie


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