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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 3, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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bernardino and his stand on security hurt him. >> he did bring up great points especially about criminal justice reform. maria: and that was one of his main issues that he focused on. lets he a bring on stuart varney who takes over in a couple of seconds. stuart, rand paul out, obviously, the field is getting smaller here, he couldn't break out. stuart: no, he couldn't. i think his message at first was well received by young people, but in the last couple of weeks i think we've seen young people drift to the socialist, bernie sanders, certainly that was the case in iowa, but that's the news of the day, maria. thank you very much indeed. i'm going to-- for those just joining us, i'm going to repeat this, a big news item indeed. senator rand paul, he has just suspended his campaign. i'll repeat that, rand paul basically out of this presidential election run. that just happened literally, talking a couple of minutes ago, just a couple of minutes ago. actually first off.
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ashley: i'm reading a statement he just put out, stu. he says to run a principled campaign for the white house, but today i will end where i began, ready and willing to fight for the cause of liberty across the country. thousands of young people, to your point, flocked to our message of liberty government, privacy, criminal justice reform and reasonable foreign policy. as we were saying, he was very much an isolationist, let the world get on with itself and at that time the message was coming out, we had the paris attacks and the battle with isis is raging on and it really, i think, hurt him as a serious credible candidate. stuart: i think it did. liz, i remember when the paris attack occurred, rand paul seemed not out of touch, i wouldn't say, out of step, i would say liz: exactly. stuart: he was big on no prying into e-mails and communication liz: he had a libertarian view on surveillance and that seemed like a great idea in the aftermath of the nation
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discovering there was all of this warrantless wire tapping and eavesdropping going on and rand paul had a surge in popularity, his whole concept of keeping the government out of your face was popular, but then we had the rise of isis, so he just was, you know, politics was all about timing and the timing was wrong. he appealed to that group. and bernie sanders swept them up. stuart: amongst democrats. young democrats are going for bernie not hillary. i don't know about young republicans, and if bernie-- if rand paul got what, 5%, 4% of the republican vote, who do those voters now go to? who is the most libertarian of the the other republican candidates? i would have to say ted cruz. off of top of my head. >> ted cruz also has a restrained foreign policy kind of in sync with what rand paul has been advocating and
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certainly not a hawk like marco rubio, i don't think that would be a good fit. stuart: all the republican candidates want economic growth. all of them, i think, want extensive tax cuts to get that growth. rand paul was part of that group. he wanted radical tax cuts. now he's out. his support will not go to bernie sanders. just because you're young doesn't say-- i think his support goes to ted cruz, but i think there will be more analysis. are we done with rand paul for the moment? >> apparently the campaign is done with rand paul. stuart:'s he done with it. it's over for him. i want to talk about rubio. marco rubio, now, he had a very strong showing in the iowa caucuses. now it's on to new hampshire. but look what's happened, in light of his success in iowa he's become, i'm going to use this expression, rubio the hunted because the rest of the
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candidates, not rand paul now, but the rest of the candidates they're going right after him. . ashley: yeah, they are. the other established candidates, like chris christie, jeb bush, mr. kasich all going after marco rubio looking at new hampshire as their last stand. chris christie saying yesterday, this isn't a student council election. let's get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble, attacking his toughness, intelligence and even his manhood. jeb bush says rubio at 44 years old doesn't have the life experience needed to be president. so, it's the same theme, attacking his youngness, the fact that he's not seasoned and he can't do the job in the white house. they know that he's getting that establishment vote. stuart: and then of course, there is trump. donald trump appeared, shall we say, a little humbled right after his second place showing in hi iowa as we said earlier.
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that didn't last. he went on hannity and a more combative perspective on iowa. >> okay, i was 2000 votes, and everybody said it was his evening and called him the winner. he came in third. i came in second and you know the other thing, he's a professional politician, i never did this before so i come in second, spend the least money, and i had a, you know, i didn't do as well. he comes in third, not that close, by the way, you know, they said came right behind trump, not that close, and came in third and talking he's the winner of the evening. stuart: he was going after the media right there. the media who was playing up his second place as opposed to first place. was donald trump right there, was he referring to what i said yesterday? roll that tape. >> trump lost, hillary lucky in a virtual tie, rubio has the momentum of a winner. the pollsters got it wrong
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again, how about all of that. [laughter] i'm flattered if donald trump is picking on me. i'm flattered. liz, it occurs to me investors want a candidate who grows the economy. that's what republicans want. they want a winner and growth in the economy. where am i wrong? >> it would be nice to hear more about that instead of talking about issues that are divisive. everybody wants to grow the economy and the republicans have the best tools for doing so, but i have to say jeb bush is one of the few who has been able to articulate that. he started out in this campaign really pushing that message. so what are we talking about? we're talking less regulation, everybody is on that, by the way, rand paul was a great spokesman for that approach, cutting taxes, everybody wants to cut taxes, it's a question of how much and by which method they do it, but, you know, americans need to be convinced that electing a republican is going to be good for their pocket book. at the end of the day, that's what it's about.
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we need someone-- we need larry kudlow to run for president and articulate why smaller government and less regulation is actually good for the question. stuart: ronald reagan's question are you better off now than four years ago. whatever the fame time frame is. to sum up the election, rand paul is out. that broke seven or eight minutes ago as we were going on the air and we have rubio the hunted and we've got a newly emboldened donald trump going off the media. they're all in new hampshire. on this front, chipotle, opening at 450. is that a far cry from the $758 that it hit just last august? chipotle is currently having its worst quarter as a publicly traded company. it's that e. coli outbreak. now, there is a new criminal subpoena.
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ashley: basically the federal investigators requiring the company to produce documents not just from those restaurants suspected of passing on this e. coli or norovirus or salmonella. they want company-wide documents from chipotle regarding their safety procedures and records of training of employees. so, this is a company-wide investigation now to look at practices, obviously, that's hurting the stock. the stock is down 24% in the last three months, has really struggled. the c.d.c. just announced monday that the investigation is over. we don't know that. stuart: fair point, ashley. we're going to bring in now the director of the c.d.c., that's dr. thomas frieda. thank you for joining us on this particular occasion, sir. am i right in saying that the original source of the e. coli contamination has not been identified? >> that's correct.
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that's not unusual, particularly if there are a large number of items in a single meal. it's hard to track that back weeks or months later. stuart: would i be right in saying that you can get rid of e. coli by using irradiation, but that's not currently in use widely in america? >> there are lots of different ways to get our food supply safer. it's already quite safe, but we have to look at every aspect from the farm to the table to make sure that we're looking at t the-- reducing contamination in each step. stuart: am i right in saying that irradiation gets rid of it and environmentalists in particular. >> there are some roles for irradiation in some food instances not for everything. there is no quick fix. we have to fix the system every step of the way and one of the things that we're seeing more in recent years is more of these multi-state outbreaks as the quick service establishments spread and as people get more of their food
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from them. we consolidate our food supply. we consolidate basically the possibility of a single point of failure resulting in outbreak. stuart: doctor, there's another scary want to ask you about, the zika virus. again, i'm asking for information here. is it correct to say that we now have a case where zika was transmitted sexually within america? is that accurate? >> we've seen actually previously one case of apparent sexual transmission of zika years back so we know it's possible. and we had reports yesterday from dallas, with a test confirmed in our laboratory at c.d.c., of someone who is not a traveler developing zika presumably, apparently, from sexual transmission. the bottom line still with zika is that it's overwhelmingly spread by mosquitos and the key lesson, the key message is that if you're pregnant and you're thinking of travelling to a place that has zika spreading, don't go. if you're pregnant and you live in a place where zika is
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spreading, use mosquito repellent and stay indoors and reduce the risk you'll get bitten by a mosquito. stuart: thank you for appearing this morning, very important material. >> thank you. stuart: he'll -- i'm going to repeat the breaking news, rand paul suspended his presidential campaign. he called it an honor to fight for the course of liberty. rand powell out. 4.5% of the vote. rand paul out. we have in coming up. evangelist franklin graham, he says this year's election will be the biggest in history. i'm going to ask him to back up that statement in just a moment.
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>> once again, the news we brought you 20 minutes ago, rand paul dropping out of the presidential race six days before the new hampshire primary.
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judge napolitano joins us on that. the judge is a libertarian and ra . normal oakland raid eers quarterback, he had the brain damage cte. a current nfl star ben watson of the new orleans saints joins us in the next hour talking about ken stabler. franklin graham, the son of billy graham, he's encouraging people to vote, calling this the biggest election in our history and he joins us now. welcome to the program, good to see you, sir. >> thank you, good to be with you, sir. >> may i start by asking about your father. how is he doing these days? >> well, thank you, he's 97 years old. he's home. he's pretty good shape. his mind is clear, it's just he's 97. he's weak, but again, his mind
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is clear. stuart: that's a blessing, is it not. to reach a great age and your mind is clear, nothing beats that. >> no question and he's surrounded with family and has people around him every day, he's able to stay in his own home and he's doing well, thank you. stuart: we should all be so blessed. thank you. now, why is this, as you call it the biggest election in our history? >> i think it's the most important maybe election in my lifetime. we're really at a fork in the road. our nation has become secular and secularism and communism really isn't any different. they're both godless, we've chosen for ourselves a godless form of government we've never had before. we're now in a fork in the road if we continue where the democratic party wants to take us, that is to socialism, socialism is godless and we're going to take that direction if we're not careful and i believe who we elect for the next president of this country, i believe this to be the most
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important election of my lifetime. and it's -- when i say big, the ramifications of this is going to be huge. if we continue down the socialistic track that president obama, the democratic party has takesen us on the last few years. how do you want to reunite church and state in america? >> what i want this to do as a nation, i want us as a nation to focus on almighty god. i want the evangelical christians, to stand up and vote. last time 20 to 30 million stayed home last election. they did not vote, stuart. i want them to get out and vote, their voices need to be heard. their votes count and the media and others want to try to tell christians well your vote really doesn't matter. it does matter. some of these elections are not won by millions of votes, they're won by a handful of votes. if the bible believing
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christians get out and vote, it can make a difference. of course this country is made up of people of many different favorites. the predominant religion of this nation has been the christian faith. god has blessed a great nation and given freedoms to our people and to others, more than any other nation in history, but we're losing it and i believe we need to go to the polls and vote. stuart: reverend graham, before we close, can i ask your opinion on president obama's visit to a mosque today, first time he's done that during his presidency. your opinion? >> well, it doesn't price me. he's very sympathetic to islam. his father was a muslim. his stepfather was a muslim. he was raised in muslim schools and ever since he's come to be president he has been trying to give islam a pass. so it doesn't surprise me one bit. reverend franklin graham. we're very happy to hear the good news about your father. thank you, franklin, thank you, sir.
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>> thank you, stuart. stuart: we're calling it groundhog day all over again. where oil goes, stocks go. it's repeated every day. it's groundhog day. now, by the way, more ceo's are saying america is headed for recession. plus-- we've got that news for you. plus, marissa mayer, head of yahoo! she's been buying up companies and now firing 1700 people. this is a company that's geriatric after 20 years? .
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>> we've got to talk yahoo! and ceo marissa mayer. on the job for three years, she had a turn around plan which included buying small companies to grow yahoo!. that did not work. now she's firing as many as 1700 workers. let's start our coverage with what did she buy. ashley: a whole host of things, stuart. let's start with tumblr. 1.1 billion in 2013. failed to reach the 100 million revenue level she set last year. never made it. bright roll, this is a video ad platform.
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polyvol, estimated 230 million. tried to compete with netflix bought content, yahoo! screen. failure, shut down in the last quarter. is she a ceo running on fumes as one article said today? i think so, the last report the board looking for strategic alternatives and you've got her trying to turn it around and the board looking for a bier. stuart: she walks when she walks with over $100 million. so, liz, what i-- can i say that marissa mayer was an expensive failure at yahoo!? >> at the moment she is a failure because there are two different things she could have done. either revived the essential business, traditional business of yahoo! which failed to happen. in fact, they've lost market share in both search and all the other major sort of essential businesses of the traditional yahoo! or could have done well with the acquisitions, but they took a
9:25 am
huge write-down. >> look, she inherited a mess, but the problem is she has nothing to point to that is success under her tenure there, so-- >> the stock only performed because of its ownership of a part of alibaba. >> exactly. stuart: now, am i a sexist that recently marissa mayer delivered twins. am i a sexist if i say she was distracted. >> people will say you are. the truth is that's somewhat distracting element in her life. women and work, the notion that women are paid less, there is time that women take time off, including twins. . ashley: don't forget the lavish christmas party. i think every step she takes.
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stuart: and tornados ripping apart homes in mississippi and alabama. it happened. there's fallout from iowa, senator rand paul is out of the race. the judge on rand paul coming up. ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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stuart: a guy who's been getting bad publicity.
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you are looking at him. former ceo of a drug come may tour in pharmaceuticals. in pharmaceuticals. he's just arrived a moment ago in federal court. he is facing indictment for securities fraud. essentially he is accused of looting his hedge fund. he has become know as the pharma. he's a very unpopular guy. he arrived in court this morning. he's the poster boy for bad behavior. the dow jones industrial average are now open for business. 17 seconds late coming to you in that one. sorry about that. nonetheless, we are at 60 points higher in the very, very early going. i want to start our coverage today which the pope lay. look at it now. 16 points lower. for 59. just experienced its first sales decline and a quarter ever. more coverage we have ashley webster, listening donald, tom
9:31 am
corbett and sean delaney. worse quarter results in its history. and it was at $758 a share in august of last year. it is taken a haircut and a half. would you buy it? >> i do like to buy it. the food company with its fast food company with this kind of reach that has food issues from a safety risk issues in the food, that is a problem i don't think we'll get resolved quickly. certainly not from the already. but any other showing up as anywhere in any restaurant of anything. e. coli or anything. >> $300 down from august of last year. >> criminal subpoenas. just talked about the latest earnings saying they served a subpoena last week basically requiring the company to provide document related to food safety companywide.
9:32 am
not just doors for them is suspected to came from. going back to 2013. 2.5 years and they tried to get a look at the safety standards. >> for a possible criminal indictment and criminal recklessness. >> the dow industrial is up 93-point. oil is a good oil up stocks. boiled down, stocks down. back to the corporate mcdonald's. this is an interesting story. if you order a happy meal this month you'll gave out and apprised. lives, that is a wonderful idea. it will give away with 17 million? >> february 15 parents are loving it, kids are loving it. when children on their books they read. 17 million books including paddington bear. they will measure with a happy meal about 4.5 by five inches
9:33 am
good looking to distribute 15 million. >> you left turn around. would you buy an amount that 124? >> i'm sorry we're great at this. 100 was an absolute riot. tree until i hear todd horvitz in the back round. would you buy a mcdonald's at 124 giving away 50 million books this year? >> good morning. i would not be a buyer. however, in having the economic story that people in a cheaper prices to go even not as much a poll gone down and donald has gone up. it's a better value. stuart: that is true. 17 million books with month, 50 million total this year. look at yahoo!. cutting jobs, telling -- marissa mayer tried to buy the company out of trouble. that did not were.
9:34 am
would you buy yahoo! at 28 down in the dumps today? >> at some point yahoo! is a buy. i've nibbled at it here and there. it is the kind of player just taken hope there's some activity. so it's a speculative play. stuart: was incredible. 20 years old. liz: it could have sold a safer 48 billion in 2008. ashley has been reported marissa mayer's writing off the acquisitions. 114 acquisitions in 97. more than half on her and has been writing down her acquisitions. stuart: 4.5 billion in bright downstairs that's a lot of money. >> she will last another two quarters. stuart: when she walks, she walks with $100 million. liz: more than that. $158 million that that's a lot
9:35 am
of money. a look at the big board. we are up 94 points. actually, down roughly 1000 points this year. 2016. so now we are calling on him to tell us if it tell us if it will drop another 1000 points is very predict it. >> the dow has to get 216,500 maybe stabilize there. at least consolidate. i don't know if it's going to be old to do that. if it cannot hold the level, the market is coming down with us in the fall 20% called for. stuart: okay. todd horvitz, are you a bear on the dow, down the more you think? >> we are going down significantly. our next up is to take out the lows we put in last week. we are going to see a reversal. higher oil, lower stock starting here. that is what we will end up going. just look underneath the hood at
9:36 am
all the s&p stocks better in so much trouble and have lost so much value already. this is only the start. now it is starting to play off with a lot of companies. they will go significantly lower. stuart: now try this one. more ceos concerned about the possibility of a recession this year. more than at any time since the financial crisis way here. todd, back to you. are you worried about recession in america question mark >> i don't think the middle class is ever left the recession. the three class system, the wealthy never go in recession. the entitled are the same all the time. the middle-class has never benefited from any of this bug and fix that we've been able to pay for them and help the government funded. the metaclasses making less money, working harder, working more jobs than ever before and not getting the benefit of the triple down -- trickle-down economics we were supposed to see. stuart: got it. we watch big names every single
9:37 am
day. start with google. the most valuable company in the world. $789 per share. it is bigger than apple. it is in second place in the world iu rankings. now it is at $95 per share. how about twitter? talk about the beaten down stock. still at 16, barely budgeting. then there is space the period shares near an all-time high. the all-time high was 115, 116. mark zuckerberg, founder is the fourth richest guy in the world. transfer that is right. he's also beaten the coke others as well. he ranks behind bill gates who run thereof, and warned us it. so he's worth about $50 billion. that's a lot of money for him. a lot of money for that t-shirt. stuart: you can't wrap your mind around that much money.
9:38 am
>> he has a fantastic company. he really does. stuart: that it's a political statement. if he desires $50 billion to may you run right up against the bernie sanders of the world and the hillary clinton. >> i don't think he shouldn't be taxed a little bit more. stuart: you think he should be taxed more? a special billionaire tax? >> i am for a better, more progressive tax for the super rich. for the super rich. liz: it is pretty progressive. >> not two or 3 million. i am talking the super rich. stuart: defines super rich. >> earnings at $25 million a year and there's a lot of folks out there. those folks maybe be a 25%. i would use the entire tax base. it would be a lower rate but more deductions.
9:39 am
stuart: i've got to get a buzz there. by the way, we are speaking of amazon. what is this about amazon bricks and mortar? transfer reportedly according to the ceo of a company talking to dow jones are planning 400 bookstores you don't forget last november they open their first bookstore in seattle. apparently these stores were up the most popular titles selling online. they will thought the same price and allow people to flip through the books and all the rest of it. the amazon kindle and the fire and all of that. it's an interesting development. they could also serve as a mini warehouse for those items for delivery in urban cities. there is a dual use. stuart: it is very smart. you destroy an entire line of stores and replace them with your own. i've got to get to this story because this is all about me. and a lot of other people.
9:40 am
i want the histogram story. give me that. >> general mortars -- blah, blah. tiny prompter sometime. launching its own 28 part thriller series. this is instagram. it is 152nd episode. i've gotten attention span problem. i would go for something like this. ashley: this is the ultimate miniseries. stuart: isn't it true to say in this day and age, essentially our attention and is omitted. ashley: as a police chase, 20 episodes 152nd fish throughout the month of february. liz: upon their presidential election season was its shore.
9:41 am
stuart: now, i like it. when i go to a movie in the cinema these days, i asked how long is it. if it is over two hours i don't go. i can't take it. you have a mover and his name is match that is moving down. what is the story? >>, the app tender all about dating. turns out the subscription has been growing. stocks at new lows down 19% today, getting hit hard with the cost despite the subscription they been seen for the paid act of tender in particular. that is where you go i'd like you, no. that is how they do it. there is a date every single night. stuart: thank you very much indeed. shah comeback. your attention span is very limited. now we are up 71 points. oil up, stocks up a little bit.
9:42 am
16,000 to 25. this, too elderly german man and berlin assaulted by migrants on a train. we were trying to stop a woman from being harassed. this is basically more chaos in europe. judy miller is here in our 11:00 hour on that story. it is getting worse over there. the poll out of iowa. grandpa out of the race. will others follow? more "varney & company" in a moment. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. stuart: look at them both at the
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same time. the dow is up and oil is up. same old, same old lockstep. moments ago, to be honest it's about 46 minutes ago, rand paul arrived on capitol hill and announced his dropping out of the race for the presidency. judge napolitano is here. you are libertarian and rand paul is out. who does he transfer the boats do? >> a good question, stuart. the clip that you just ran shows and fox reporters attempting to ask him who he is going to endorse and he did not reply so i don't know that he is prepared to endorse anyone. he did better in iowa than the media expected him to do. veteran iowa than he thought he would do. but he seemed to feel, given his unique situation, i'll tell you what i meant by that in a moment. he didn't have enough momentum to do better in new hampshire than he did in iowa. he is up for reelection to the
9:47 am
senate and the democrats are putting a very strong and popular person against him. if you spent any less time on the senate campaign, he might lose that seat and he might end up with nothing. no scene in the senate, no republican nomination for president. he is going to concentrate on ascendancy. who will the libertarians go to? i don't know. >> i just shut that out. that is rational on domestic issues on the size and scope of the federal government, on the nature of taxation, on the idea that individuals are the engine of the economy and not government spending. libertarians like those ideas. senator cruises deep into the neocon camp and a lot of for policy issues. interestingly, i'm chuckling. you will know why in a minute. donald trump appeals to some
9:48 am
libertarians on foreign-policy issues where he says the war in afghanistan was a disaster and a waste at the same for iraq. those countries are far worse. we shouldn't get involved in reshaping the borders of foreign countries and is in the military to do so. that resonates with libertarians. grandpa was perceived as abandoning libertarian values which is why he was unable to keep the base that his father had. stuart: it was largely young people. he implied very strongly to young people. on the democrat side, young people went eight to one for a collectivist. that's got to be a disappointment. >> it is. they do share some views in common. they mistrust the federal reserve. a belief in the right to privacy and the government should not be involved in who you choose that they may. they believe the maximum individual liberty and strong
9:49 am
defenders. then you get to the economic issues. grandpa was like me, minimal taxation. bernie sanders come a talk about the wealth of zuckerberg earlier. he would confiscate three quarters of the wealth and proudly so. stuart: there is another truth here and that is after the terrorist attack, ran public out of step with his views on surveillance. >> yes, because of the myth perpetrated by the government that the more surveillance powers it has the marble keep us safe. stuart: we are out of time. >> with a convenient note for the segment to find out. we'll be back in the 11:00 hour. thank stuart: thank you, judge. tornadoes moved through a 45 miles an hour. significant structural damage to homes and buildings.
9:50 am
ted cruz. he's taking a victory lap after his iowa win. but is he the guy to beat hillary clinton? that is a very good question. we will be back. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension,
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stuart: buddy holly. that is a song that'll be the that'll be the day on this day in 1959 as tragic plane crash. it's not aircraft with carrying handle, richie havens and buddy holly. they went down. 1979, on this day in 1959. yahoo cutting jobs come exploring the sale of its web properties. no turnaround for that company. twenty-seven dollars a share. yahoo! down again. to the campaign, ted cruz outperform the polls to take the top spot in iowa. i next guest is endorsing him. welcome congressman paul kosar from arizona. i am a sick california. i'm very sorry. >> i was waiting for that, as you were. stuart: sorry about that. you have endorsed ted cruz. obviously you think is going to
9:55 am
win or he could win in november against hillary clinton. but let me come back with this. he often appears preachy. he wears his christian hard very much on his sleeve. i wonder if that is attractive to viewers across the country. what you say? >> the thing about it if america wants to hear this answer some in. we are judeo christian company that stands on those principles. from that standpoint when you see him in iowa but they pointed stand against a popular governor about ethanol, look at how he turned the tide. he stood up against his leadership in the senate. the only one to really do so. people say ted cruz is hated because of that. the senate as part of the problem. when you are not addressing these issues, not having a conversation on what issues are important to america, he gets it. but the conversation he had with americans, he's told you what is
9:56 am
going to do, stood by it and people appreciate somebody that follows through. stuart: why doesn't he support rubio? >> i don't see the same kind of attention to the detail that i saw with ted cruz. you know, i've been pointing with my leadership in regards to what they are not following through and they are doing something i don't feel it's right for my constituency and for this country. i don't see in him putting his voice on those. but i do see that with ted cruz. he made promises to the american people in his follow-through. stuart: you are convinced that a man who calls himself a christian god fearing conservative can beat a hillary clinton on the left? are convinced of this? >> absolutely. we said the same thing of ronald reagan. i watched it happen and 76. my mom was a national delegate to the national convention and
9:57 am
76. we said the same things about ronald reagan when a challenge to gerald ford. the problem this year the problem this year is we don't have for years away. this is the right guy to up hold the rule of law. we get this country back on track when we get back to the rule of law. stuart: paul gosar from arizona. i remember 1976 very well indeed. much obliged to you. here is that the virus are clearly growing. a global emergency has been declared. the case has been transmitted by sex in america. manny alvarez on the risk. listen to this. there are now $5.5 trillion worth of government bonds worldwide. $5.5 trillion worth with a negative yield. that means you give them money come you don't get it all back. you don't get back in the interest. steve forbes on that one. next hour of "varney & company" is two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
... >> 10:00 on the east coast,
10:00 am
it's 7:00 in california. breaking story last hour, rand paul is out of the race for the white house. the g.o.p. field narrows six days about of the new hampshire primary. martin shkreli, the pharmaceutical guy, jacked up the price for the drug, not a popular guy, arriving in federal court a half hour ago, accused of fraud, actually looting his hedge fund. the nfl star ken stabler died in july from cancer and doctors say he also suffered from traumatic brain injuries. and joining us on that story, hour two starts right now. ♪ well, check that big board. very little change for the dow jones industrials.
10:01 am
oil is up a little bit so i guess you could say they're working in lockstep. just seconds ago we had breaking numbers on the services sector of our economy. what's the news? >> it's a miss. came in at 53.5. it's slowly trending down. this is another indication that the fear that we could be in recession. if the services industries are in recession, that's bad. stuart: so we're pointing to recession generally. this service sector indicator points in the same direction. >> yes, and it was a big miss. it's been trending down. that means the fed may not raise rates four times this year. stuart: that looks like it's had some impact on the stock market. we were up a little and now we're heading lower. remember, that news broke what, a minute and 24 seconds ago. that's it. got to move on to chipotle. first sales decline ever in a quarter for that company and man, is it taking it on the chin. $27 lower right now. that means it's $300 below where it was in august of last year. the latest, please, ashley?
10:02 am
>> same-store sales down 14% in the last quarter, since this e. coli outbreak now we get word that there's a federal subpoena issued for a company-wide investigation into their safety procedures to see whether there's anything there that could lead to charges. now, earlier, this morning, stu, we spoke to the c.d.c., dr. friedman, they tried to find the source of the e. coli and they couldn't. here is what he had to say. >> there's no quick fix here. we have to fix the system in every step of the way and one of the things that we're seeing more in recent years is more of the multi-state outbreaks as the quick service establishments spread. as more people get their food from them. we consolidate our food supply and consolidate the possibility of a single point of failure. stuart: it's not reassuring. ashley: it's not, because the doctor said in the chipotle case, there were too many ingredients to track down. they couldn't see with the contamination originated.
10:03 am
stuart: big political news broke this morning, rand paul dropping out of the presidential race. again, ashley, details, please. ashley: rand paul saying before 9:00 this morning, not going to continue. had lost a lot of momentum. certainly when his isolationist views were coming out at the same time as the paris attacks and fight with isis. all of that took the oomph away. he got a lot of early momentum and he's very popular, basically rand paul supporters from the 17 to 29 year olds, very popular and started to lose that as well. when he was not on the main stage for a couple of debates, he frankly became inconsequential. stuart: that hurt. meghan mccain is first. when i first saw that rand paul is dropping out. he's got 4 or 5% support within the republican party. who gets those votes? who gets rand paul's votes now? >> that's tricky because he's
10:04 am
the only isolationist libertarian on the stage. independent younger leaning people. that's a crap shoot. possibly marco rubio, i guess, but his supporters in general are kind of hard to poll and i think for rand, like you were just saying, i think this was not the era for the isolationist libertarian with the rise of isis and after the san bernardino attack and he has a race right now in kentucky and had he stayed in the race much longer it possibly could have hurt his role in the senate. stuart: steve forbes is here and i want his thoughts on rand paul. he must have been disappointed at the iowa caucuses. youngsters by overwhelming margins they went to bernie sanders, the collectivist. what is going on? >> he was not able to generate the enthusiasm that his father did in 2012. having america withdraw from
10:05 am
the world, father, ron paul was unapologetic about it. what rand paul tried to do to keep that base and expand it to mainstream voters. he ended up losing both. he didn't get the mainstream voters and part of his libertarian base. he had 4,000 college students in iowa to help him out. they had a good ground game going, but didn't get that momentum. they didn't get the outstanding issue. he had a flat tax, he didn't put it out there, tear down the irs. stuart: and flat tax, all steve forbes. how about marco rubio, he's the establishment frontrunner after a strong showing in iowa now he's become rubio the hunted. listen to what chris christie said about rubio. >> you know the boy in the bubble is up here. never answers your questions. can't -- so instead rubio, with
10:06 am
the bubble. i hope you guys answer the questions. stuart: that's a-- >> salty, christie. >> they're going after rubio because he polls against hillary clinton. if he comes in second in new hampshire, a possibility he's first in south carolina, and he's got an arrow, a target on his back and they're going to say marco rubio is not the one you want, he doesn't love you like we do, he's an establishment politician e. ashley: it's going to get ugly. stuart: and the process which we select candidates if you've got momentum through the caucuses and primaries and rubio's got to momentum, that's a huge plus, i think. >> it's an amazing narrative, he's a minority, a beautiful family and conservative, not
10:07 am
going to isolate the moderates and independents you need and i believe he's the best person to reach out to millennials. stuart: so is meghan mccain, stress that, going for marco rubio. >> yeah, he's my favorite. and since my boy graham dropped out. i think he's a good person for the future, but he has 0 work on his messaging getting out. stuart: news of the day, rand paul out. everybody gangs up on rubio, go after him. got it. i want to turn to what i think is an extremely important financial story. it's very wonky, as you might say. i'm kind of preemptively telling you to avoid the buzzer [buzzer] >> listen to this, a record $5.5 trillion worth of government bonds worldwide now have a negative yield. please, please don't buzz me on this, it's very important.
10:08 am
that means that 5 1/2 trillion dollars worth of money in bonds, which pay you no interest whatsoever, and in which you actually give money to the bond issuer, the governments issuely. what's with that? steve forbes is here. [laughter] i mean, you know, there's a great reluctance on our part to cover this story because it's very, very wonky. negative interest rates? there's a turnoff. but it's vitally important to what's going on in the world, isn't it? >> what's having is equivalent to rent control. borrowing money when you do that you deform the credit market which hurts small businesses, you'll see it in this country, in europe, in japan. and negative is worse on financial services. stuart: why is this happening? but why is it happenings? >> the central bankers now have the definition of insanity. they've been trying this for year after year after year,
10:09 am
suppressing interest rates, gobbling up bonds, allocating credit to the government, thinking it will stimulate the economy. what does it do? they doubledown and do it more. what is the ma--h these people, didn't they learn? they don't call them to account liz: other news, too. the central bank is saying to u.s. banks, net ready. negative three month yields. they'll test the banks to get ready for u.s. savers, pay to save. you'll have to pay the u.s. government on negative yields. >> we'll have failure in japan, so we'll have failure here. bright stuff. stuart: if i lend money to the government for three months and don't get any interest and they keep a little of my money, that's a disaster? >> of course it's a disaster,
10:10 am
if you don't know the price of lending, short-term lending, guess what, loans stay flat or go down. that's what's happening. it's disastrous. >> thank you very much for approaching at that very difficult story, but a very important story. >> it's absolutely important, because it's difficult is why people get away with their failures. >> thank you very much indeed, steve. check out big boards because now we're down 68 points, okay? and look at this. this is marissa mayer at yahoo! under an intense fire for her handling of the company. how bad is it liz: it's very bad. this is a company that lost 40% of market value. the word is it should have sold itself sooner. and now to private equity shops. she would have walked out with $158 million from that company, but she's the 7th ceo in nine years, yes, she inherited a bad mess, but she's made more acquisitions in the history of the company and wrote down two-thirds of it.
10:11 am
the company had to write down two-thirds of her acquisitions. stuart: steve forbes, i didn't mean to go over your input there. but an expensive failure? >> it's like sports. these baseball teams and signed multi-million dollar contracts and the player can't play. it doesn't work out. stuart: yahoo! shareholders a are-- >> she had bad press, a great gatsby theme party. and had her babies, and she wanted them in the office. and considers herself a feminist. i don't know anything about the economy like you guys do. from a pr standpoint, she isn't the type of woman i look for as a ceo in corporate america. check out the great gatsby party, ridiculous. stuart: marissa mayer,
10:12 am
everybody attacks rubio and rand paul out of the race. we're heading down, it turned negative. 12 minutes ago after a negative report on the services sector. next, ted cruz getting a lot of report from evangelicals. tony perkins, why religion plays a big part in the vote. he's next.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> all right. now we're down 100 points from the dow industrial as the term game 15 minutes ago when we received negative reading on the services sector of the economy. now we're down 105. look at toyota. is transitioning its skien mark back to toyota, the stock is down not necessarily on that news. a dch adt, the home security company.
10:16 am
and looking at the s&p 500. back to senator rand paul, yes, he's suspended his campaign. what you're looking at is the good senator arriving on capitol hill last hour minutes after he announced he's out of the race. blake burman in new hampshire. is anybody up there talking about who will get rand paul's votes? >> well, that's certainly one of the questions here, stuart. rand paul had been pulling in 3% or so here in new hampshire. you'll remember in the last debate, rand paul had actually accused senator ted cruz of trying to bend to or play to the libertarian votes. we'll see if ted cruz is one of those who benefit by this. we're in the country store in new hampshire and as it relates to paul. a couple of things at play here, why he dropped off, first off he didn't catch fire. he only got 4 1/2% of the vote. here, he got 3% of the vote according to the polls he would.
10:17 am
but he's running a senate campaign as well. he's on the battle in kentucky for yet another senate term. here is part of the statement that rand paul set out a moment ago, an hour or so. i'm quoting here. although today i will suspend my campaign for president, the fight is far from over, i'll continue to carry the torch for liberty and look forward to earning the privilege for people in kentucky for another term. stuart:'s got to get back to kentucky to run for the senate again. thanks, indeed, blake. still on politics with ted cruz. here is tony perkins president of the family research council, who has endorsed tony perkins? >> i have, i endorsed his message. stuart: before we go any further. i want to ask you about your endorsement. would you define evangelical. because i'm a christian, i'm a believer, i'm an episcopalian, but i don't think i qualify as
10:18 am
evangelical. >> you don't sound like a southern baptist from mississippi. that's a technical term, evangelical. there is established criteria, but in a nutshell, it's one who believes the word of god, the bible is infallible and errant word of god and salvation is through faith and jesus christ alone. one must confess their sins. stuart: that's why evangelicals take their christian values to the ballot box. >> there are 90 million evangelicals in the country. 50% of primary voters and about a third of general election voters. you can't ignore them and expect to win an election. stuart: ted cruz you endorse him? >> as an individual not any organization that i lead. stuart: tony perkins you endorsed ted cruz. he wears his christian heart very much on his sleeve and i suspect that's not always popular in all sectors, within
10:19 am
the republican party, that's not necessarily popular. >> that's interesting, just today pew, this week pew released a poll says that a percentage feel their politicians should talk more about god and religion, that's up from 2012. i'm surprised i thought america was turning for secular in our public life. >> i think it's because president obama, his policies that have really been hostile toward religious freedom and expression of faith in the public square, that there's now a pushback. and people are pushing back, wanting to express their religion not having to keep it within the four walls of their church or thoughts between their two ears, they want to live their faith and that's the mark of an evangelical. stuart: would you comment on president obama, who today visits a mosque for the first time in his presidency? >> this is a part of the narrative from that administration, hostility towards christians and then
10:20 am
towards islam. a president who is not ashamed to be a christian, ted cruz, what we saw in iowa, ted effect, where we saw the dormant evangelicals that did not vote in 2012 who turned out. we saw a huge rush of new voters, new caucus-goers, vast majority being evangelicals, they didn't break for donald trump as predicted, they broke for ted cruz. stuart: they're not going to have that level of support in new hampshire and certainly not south carolina, probably. do you think he's going to win. >> i think he's going to do well in new hampshire. it's a different state, different makeup, but i think he'll do well in south carolina. stuart: tony perkins, anytime you're in new york, please come sit next to me on the set because we like it. >> i'll be happy to. stuart: a palestinian poet sentenced to eight years in prison and lashes in saudi
10:21 am
arabia. barbaric in any other name. may take on that in a moment.
10:22 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> okay. you are looking at ben brackman, a celebrity lawyer appearing outside the courtroom, his client martin shkreli just to his his side. he's been accused of looting his hedge fund. we'll find out what the celebrity lawyer had to say after this. the first case of sexual transmission of the zika virus confirmed in america. anxiety running very high about this. dr. manny on that anxiety and scare coming up next on the program.
10:25 am
and more problems for pro football, another nfl star confirmed to have traumatic brain injury. we're talking to ben watson and his wife about the dangers of the game. today president obama visits a mosque, first time in his presidency. yesterday a court in saudi arabia sentenced a poet to flogging, 800 lashes. these two news items are not connected. maybe they should be. first, the poet, ash rah fayed, a palestinian by birth lives in saudi arabia, charged with blasphemy and illicit relationships with women. first sentenced to death by beheading on appeal is given eight years in prison, plus, 800 blows with a cane, to be administered 50 at a time for 16 weeks. barbaric in the extreme, torture by any other name, sharia law. now to president obama's mosque
10:26 am
visit, it is his first as president. the white house says he's going to reinforce the idea of religious tolerance to counter anti-muslim anti-sentiment. i think that the president should connect the saudi flogging with outreach to muslim. why not plead for a reprieve to the poet, the mosque he's visiting is sharia law and it's an opportunity for the president to push quietly for reform. there is some precedent for this. last year's britain's prime minister cameron made the case for a britt. if he would do the same for the poet, president obama would push for the reform of barbarity.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: and approximately five seconds we will get news on how much oil we have in storage in america. it will make a difference. jeff: i want to take you right to the board. there they are. we have a much larger build than predicted by the survey. we got 7.79. that is well in advance of what the api said yesterday as well. almost double of what they said it was going to be. expecting a drop of 1 million barrels. gasoline is a much larger inventory. the survey said 1.7 million barrels.
10:31 am
we got 5.9 million. 2995 right now. stuart: excellent. right on it did thank you very much, indeed. bringing in andy lithgow. and oil analyst. this is huge. we will not run that down very quickly. >> no, we are not. it is going to be with us for quite some time. it really has not moved that much. in spite of the declining count. >> oil back to $29 a barrel. where is the bottom for this? >> i will tell you at this rate, we will go down to $25 a barrel given the inventories here in
10:32 am
the u.s. and iranian oil is coming back on the market. >> attackers loaded with crude oil just floating outside shipping terminals waiting to come in and put that oil on the market. millions and millions of barrels just sitting there. >> it is true. twenty-five-30 million barrels. really, more depressing for the refining industry. there are millions of barrels of diesel and jet fuel looking for a customer. >> how about the length of time? the rest of this year into next year? what do you say? >> i think that it will be most of this year. i do not think that that will be the case given that opec is not really doing much to cut
10:33 am
production. stuart: thank you. thank you so much for joining us. a lot more oil in storage. the price of oil has fallen to almost exactly $30 a barrel. by the way, the dow industrial average is down 146 points. dropping the price of oil. the market is now down 151 points. barely holding 60,000 as we speak. 15999. then we asked donald trump. ted cruz and the iowa caucus. donald trump tweeted donald trump did not when i was. he stole it. that is why all of the polls were so wrong. why you got far more votes than
10:34 am
anticipated. either a new election should take place or cruz results nullified. stuart: doctor carson had dropped out. >> right after. >> it was a fraction of a second. >> back into the corridor. >> the tree and 11 virus. i spoke to, friedman about this. here is what he had to say. >> one case of of.
10:35 am
sexual transmission. we had reports yesterday from dallas. someone who is not a traveler developing. stuart: this is quite a development. it can be transmitted by mosquitoes. sexual act vividly. it expands the nature of the challenge and anxiety level. the problem is, we still do not know technically what the prod spread of this disease is. you look at some of the statistics. it is still all over the place. this virus is expanding. we're seeing more cases in the u.s.
10:36 am
it is transmitted by a mosquito. it does affect pregnant women. a very devastating congenital male conformation of the brain. we do not have a queue or, nor a vaccine. it is justified. we are used to these medical scares. >> every time we forget about these types of viral diseases, spread by, let say mosquitoes. there has been no mosquito control for the last 50 years. you are paying the price. you go back to the days of big yellow fever. this is something that is not in their radar. the health departments do not talk to each other. >> as a matter of fact, i think
10:37 am
that we should go back. it is a very good way of controlling mosquitoes. they are experimenting with genetically modified mosquitoes. we have a mess on our hands. you will see a lot more cases of this. >> it is justified. it is time for the sector report. now down 160 odd points. i will look at the big-name technology stocks. what is happening to them? facebook is down $4. thank you very much. look at that. amazon is down. it is friday. you saw him briefly. i am interested in which named
10:38 am
tech company will replace apple patents the world's technology leader. is a google or is it facebook? >> i would say right now, buy them all. google will continue to dominate. about half the age of google. they will absolutely own the advertising sector over the next 10 years. >> companies so young to grow so rapidly. very hard to wrap your arms around it. a billion users of one of their services a month. >> they keep on making smart accusations. i think oculus will be a good bet for them.
10:39 am
look at that that that they made on instagram. it is still growing like a weed. it is about management, stuart. >> look at yahoo!. there is a company that is 20 years old. it is geriatric, for heavens sake. yahoo! and facebook. what a contract. they have been mismanaged. she was like a chip kelly. did not get the job done. she is the wrong person at the wrong time for yahoo!. the share holders at yahoo!
10:40 am
really do not know what to do. >> by facebook, cell yahoo!. thank you very much, indeed. march in shkreli. raise the price of a drug. he was in court today. charge with looting a hedge fund. we have it all covered. including his celebrity lawyer. back in a moment. ♪
10:41 am
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theme i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. yesterday's nearly 300-point loss. it is a loss of more than three quarters of 1%. the nasdaq down 1.7%. we had a manufacturer number proven as expected. futures have been dwindling throughout the year. bank of america. citigroup. morgan stanley. the worst sector of the day. eight of the 8.1%. chipolte under pressure. you can see it is down about 7%. hundreds of job layouts.
10:43 am
down arrows. ♪
10:44 am
steve sudol will yield. they provide equipment for oil fields. slammed because of cheap oil.
10:45 am
they are not planning for recovery. it is the biggest loser on the s&p 500. to brooklyn, please. that is smart and -- that is march in shkreli. adam shapiro, what is going on? >> his new attorney introduced himself into the court this morning. bottom line for shkreli, his net worth has fallen to $4 million bond. he will make no more public statements. >> it is required to appear before a congressional committee tomorrow. they will be invoking his privilege. not answering any questions.
10:46 am
>> what you heard him referring to is the appearance tomorrow in washington, d.c. that is not illegal. shkreli will not be commenting about that. his last public comments will be made to maria bartiromo. here is what he said in his defense on the criminal charges just yesterday. >> innocent and not guilty and so forth. a so-called ponzi scheme. despite the fact that all my investors were very successful. usually in a ponzi scheme, someone loses money. we think that their charges are baseless and meritless. >> that is what the government will have to prove. no one will hear another word from shkreli if he listens to his attorney until trial.
10:47 am
stuart: let's bring in attorney emily. welcome back. good to see you. he is being picked on because he is the guy that raised the price of that drug by 5000%. he has gotten bad publicity. do you think that there is any truth to that? >> giving this impression of him being this little kid in a schoolyard. yes, i think that there is truth to it and here is why. it cited a 20 year low. what did we see after that? a whole host of prosecution. i think that they are sitting rather fat and pretty. they are feeling rather successful and rather comfortable about this.
10:48 am
this whole campaign is a totally separate issue. >> there are actual charges of fraud against him that he did indeed lose the hedge fund. using the hedge fund money. you cannot do that. that is against the law. if you were on this case, you would go with the idea that it is bad publicity. i imagine that it will be taking that line. you would too? >> i would, too. he is an incredibly successful lawyer. remember, his history, he is like a phoenix to me. he emerged from those ashes really clean.
10:49 am
a completely demolished hedge fund under his belt as well. this guy is quite resilient. it is providing the capital for his innovation. in contrast to a lot of those firms out there, really demonstrating. stuart: we do not often come across people that support mr. shkreli. you are one of them. come back and see us soon. a football star diagnosed with genetic train injury after his death. is again becoming too dangerous. benjamin watson. he is coming up next on that subject. bernie sanders. a socialist. virtually ties hillary clinton in iowa. what has president obama done to our country?
10:50 am
11:30 a.m. this morning. more varney in a moment. ♪ you both have a
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your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> that nfl has been made to have lines recently. listen to former nfl player.
10:54 am
on our shows yesterday. >> i do not regret playing the game in any way. i think i would have chose the less violent course. >> and this. kenny stabler. known as the snake. cta gave. after his death. joining me now to talk about this is benjamin watson. thank you both for being here. what do you make of this? the damage is being done to your brand. >> i want the good thing is the miracle study is they are starting to come out. great ways thinking about down
10:55 am
the line. maybe some issues that i have. one of the things is it is very resilient. there are a lot of things that we do not know about cte. stuart: how concerned are you for your husband when you see him getting beaten up every weekend? >> someone that i love. the possibility of getting injured. i trust him. as a leader of our family. he is always thinking. i trust him with that decision. i trust that the lord is watching over him. you wear the helmets. it is a violent game.
10:56 am
>> it is legalized violence. it is taking strides to teach young players the proper way to tackle. the way to use their head and not use their head. those things are taken seriously. at the end of it, football is a game that is based on violence. that is what draws people to live. stuart: do you have kids? >> yes. we have five. stuart: you have any problem letting them play football at a young age? >> he is looking at me. [laughter] i think it is natural that they will want to follow in their father's footsteps. we will just have to make sure
10:57 am
they know the correct way to play. just allow them to follow their dreams as well. stuart: we are out of time. the third hour of varney and company after this. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> it is precisely 11:00 o'clock eastern time. rand paul. he is out of the presidential race. the stock market initially tumbled. following a huge increase in the amount of oil we have in storage. initially the dow industrials were down triple digits. now coming back to a 60-point rob. >> reason for audio. weaker dollars helping to support oil. economic updates. both of those things pushing.
11:01 am
>> a weaker dollar is news to me. welcome to the program. do you want to explain this to me? more oil in storage. the price of oil goes up. and then we see the stock market fall out of bed. explain it. >> particularly on oil. i think you get a lot of crazy actions. you certainly will not get it out of an economist like me. >> make sense of this. a large number of them are saying that we look like we are heading in towards a recession. the threat of recession is now
11:02 am
very, very strong. >> i think that they are right. this is different than the recessions. it is outside of the country. it is the emerging-market expansion bubble. it is a huge impact on u.s. exports. capital goods. that is all starting to break down. i think we have seen weakness in manufacturing. relating to the exports. i think you are right. we are in danger. stuart: latin america. brazil, in particular. slowing down dramatically. you're up europe largely in recession or near recession. you are saying that with all of that going on out there, it is hard for us to grow and not get
11:03 am
swallowed up. >> that is true. there has been a little bit of progress lately. look at the emerging markets investment did how much they are expanding factories etc. all over the globe. that is the next. stuart: if we get a recession here, do we have any tools to deal with it? >> that is one of the concerns. unlike last time, the epicenter was in the united states. in our housing. this time it is outside the united states. we have had it cut and past recessions. there is nothing to cut this
11:04 am
time. >> how can you possibly go into an election and elect candidates that want more government spending and higher taxes. the overall economy is about to enter a recession. >> a major relevance in the economy. they are all going to be in front. whoever ends up in office. stuart: you kind of weaseled your way out of that one. >> i have a certain contempt. >> thank you very much for joining us. the other big news of the day, politics. rand paul is out of the presidential race. raising money for conservatives. i hope you have an answer. rand paul got about 4% of the vote.
11:05 am
now he is out of the race. who do those votes go to? >> i do not think that that can be easily defined. he went really hard after donald trump, after crews. i think it is way too early to predict who his vote is going to. rand paul leads this race with more votes and more cash on hand then chris christie. i am surprised that he is not going into new hampshire higher. >> i want to turn to senator marco rubio. he has momentum on his side. the rest of the establishment, they are ganging up on the guy. congressmen shawn duffy is with us. congressman, welcome to the
11:06 am
program. good to see you with us. >> i see you pick up a portion of them. that ended positive. stuart: the knock on rubio is that he is young and inexperienced. you say what? >> you have a candidate that has been very successful. he is someone who communicates the american people. that is why he surprise people in iowa. >> the last time we had a president with very little experience, a very little time in the senate. that was barack obama.
11:07 am
>> even seven years into the presidency. that is why he is a failure. we need a messenger. look at college campuses. some think that socialism is okay. touching the hearts of these young college students. i think that marco rubio is the only guy that can do that. listen. they are not afraid of ted cruz. they are afraid of marco rubio. he will reach into the hispanic community. that is a huge percentage. i think they will come over and vote for us. stuart: congressman shawn duffy. thank you very much for joining
11:08 am
us. i want to get your reaction to this story, please. testifying on capitol hill. they believe that women should have you register for the military draft just like men. okay. what is your take on women being drafted? >> this is my opinion. i am all for it. 50% of our population and not have them available. here is what happens. women were included into the draft. the military takes over. they will look at a woman or man's individual capability. keep in mind, we are still on and all voluntary.
11:09 am
woman played crucial roles. putting women in the draft. equality. got it. is that a very, very different thing. politics intruding. >> the leaders of our military. run our marine corps. should be able to make those decisions. i am a millennial. my generation has been fighting this war. every single year and every single month. they have proven themselves to be a relic. i agree. let's keep the politics out of it.
11:10 am
millennial's are leading this war. we are taking the brunt of the casualties. i am proud to serve. >> do you think that it is a vote winner? draft women on the grounds of the quality. >> like you just said good i do not think that this should be a political decision. their personal opinion is that women should be included. he is my general. >> make you for your service. always a pleasure. stuart: it is at a tipping point. big time. more migrant related violence. we have more for you in a moment. ♪
11:11 am
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11:13 am
stuart: national oil.
11:14 am
cheap oil is killing them. worst performer in the s&p 500. we came out with a huge increase. the price went up. >> i think that there is renewed chatter right now. talking about taking some of this off the table. stuart: if you want to meet. give me another reason. >> the dollar down and sharply. the price as you can see. not what we would expect for such a huge buildup in oil supplies. better academic data. stuart: as long as the price keeps falling.
11:15 am
president obama. the first visit to a mosque this afternoon. peter barnes. >> some muslims say it is about time a muscle makes a visit to an american mosque. the wrong mosque to visit. it was once led by a mom to ties led by an islamic muslim organization. >> it is a muslim or other good organization. the society is all across the country. they have been offshoots of the muslim brotherhood for decades. >> the president plans to use the event to call for religious tolerance here in the u.s. likely to go after republicans on the campaign trail. stuart. stuart: thank you very much,
11:16 am
indeed. assaulted by migrants on a train. trying to intervene when a woman was being sexually harassed by a migrants. another day, another incident. judy judy, i will, real strong. i do not. your native uk. it now has to make the decision about whether or not it will stay in the european union are not.
11:17 am
>> i think that the migrant crisis is now affect inc. the debate in britain. as to whether or not they stay in the european union. if probably means that theover . this is having a terrible effect on the politics of europe. 1 million people.
11:18 am
>> it is a huge number. we do propose to admit some north african refugees. a lot of argument about the number. would we be reportin
11:19 am
we cannot identify risking the lives and future of so many innocent people. it is deplorable. stuart: thank you very much for bringing this problem to light in europe and the affected is having here in america. i think that it is an extremely important subject. i just carved out a little mind. now, responding by cruz. this just in from the cruz campaign. hitting the reality stock. now nobody is talking about him. there are support groups for twitter addiction.
11:20 am
>> a different kind. >> the twitter wars are heating up. >> i do not believe that that is a statement from his campaign. it is more also so. >> he is rising above prompt. stuart: it is entertaining. stuart: jeb bush was in florida. marco rubio lives in miami florida. what kinds of a house do you get? we will tell you. ♪
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
stuart: the american home improvement company is buying a canadian home improvement chain. investors do not like this. lows down 7%. this is a developing story. british airways will fly to iran. >> they are.
11:25 am
the capital of iran. they will offer six per week service. six flights per week. you went on that flight. we talked about this on my eighth birthday. you said you were in terron. >> walking through the bizarre in terron. >> very good. that was my eighth birthday. stuart: you are telling our viewers that you are substantially younger. >> nonintentional. >> very funny. >> cheryl is with me now.
11:26 am
a million dollars there. what do you get? karl rove gables, where jeb bush makes his home, miami florida, where marco rubio makes his home. >> this is a home that meets a little fixing up. it is an older home. built in 1954. 1942 square feet. a mortgage of $44 a month. it should have been outside of the home. >> that is a slam at jeb bush. >> did i say that? stuart: you implied it. this is nice and fancy and new and pretty.
11:27 am
>> i am not making this up. it is 965,000 change. the hoh, 1700 change. there is a pool, hot up, spock, patio. it is on the waterfront. beautiful views. i think this place is staged. the building is a high-rise. it is a beautiful building. stuart: nasty about carl gables. miami is so fresh. >> a cosmetic observation. stuart: we will let you get away from this, i suppose. let's go on. seven years of president obama. i think that really changed the
11:28 am
country and took a lot to fix it. my take on that is next. ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece ..
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11:31 am
stuart: how is it possible for a socialist to win half the democrat vote cast in the iowa caucuses? bernie sanders almost beat hillary clinton, a former first
11:32 am
lady, senator, secretary of state. has president obama so changed america that a candidate way out on the left could win over half iowa's democrats? the answer is yes. america has been changed. it has been changed by president obama's program. that is buying those with free stuff. we got the capitalists, tax the rich. the people who feel left out, that's popular. president obama went to presidential elections with that message. it doesn't take politicians want to figure out how to win elections. that is their job. bernie sanders jumped right in. he saw the opportunity, be that the billionaires, by those with free health care and college and paid for by by taxing the rich. the president laid down the template. bernie picked it up and ran with it. seven years of all government all the time really has changed america. there is no ifas constituency that says any government health.
11:33 am
along comes bernie who says i'll give you a lot more help and those nasty billionaires could pay for it. you need it, you deserve it, you are entitled to it. that is not america. that is europe. it is the sweden but ernie wants to turn us into. what a shame. clearly it is going to be an uphill struggle to get america back where it ought to be. okay so i'm pounding the table little bit. and the newly minted american after all. joining us now in d.c. my premise there is president obama really changed america. a bernie sanders support is indicative of that. i'm saying is going to take a long, long time to get back to where we should be. >> unfortunately i agree with your premise because it's true. unfortunately for america, one
11:34 am
of the few problems was to fundamentally transform america appeared dave karl rove some credit. carl hasn't been able to utilize for president bush where you raise an issue, it divides people and then you have the bigger part of the group in your side. but obama has been able to use that as an art form and unfortunately he bought a nation that most of us thought of as post-racist and brought us back and made race a major issue. here was a country that elected our first african-american president and people were anxious to keep the chapter completely behind us. and then he used division politics to provide us and now i know you are so well informed but i find almost nobody who realizes that it's this president's policies,
11:35 am
distribution, the socialist tendencies that has moved us to the first time in all of american history where 95% of america's income went to the top 1% after five years and 23rd teen, president obama admitted that yeah, that is where we've gotten to. his policy led to that. it is only in a socialist country that you can develop the kind of billionaires that we see a rise in the soviet union and here. for me to you, stuart. a personal story. when i was an exchange student at the soviet union back when it was really the soviet union, there was a russian friend that we had smuggled in to stay in our hotel room and we would give him stuff so you can sleep on the floor. great guy. anyway, the last morning we were at the hotel, somebody forgot to lock the door and a cleaning
11:36 am
lady came in and her eyes got big when she sought him on the floor. she went running out. i said as she going to tell on you? yes in your country you can raise yourself up by what is making money. in my country we raise ourselves by stepping on other people. this president misleading us into a country where let's step on others, be jealous and it's not an america that's very pretty. i want to get back away from that. stuart: you are in full flight. i hate to interrupt the good stuff. quick question on rand paul. as you know he's out of the race. would you care to tell us who you think randy paul's voters will move to? >> i was spending time in iowa for ted cruz that i've endorse. i don't find a lot of supporters because i like rand paul and a lot of his policies.
11:37 am
when isis became an issue would hurt him a great deal. i don't hear a lot of his supporters whining to plot trump. they will find other candidates that they have more in common with because trump goes populist and rand paul stood on principle and still does. stuart: louis, i hate to interrupt you because you are a popular guest on this program. come again and finish it up. check chipotle. why not. down another 4.5% am still not recovered from the e. coli outbreak. the c. k. e. restaurant ceo knows a thing or two about running restaurant chains. can this company chipotle come back after a disaster like this? >> absolutely. jack-in-the-box came back and jack-in-the-box had very serious problems with e. coli.
11:38 am
i think chipotle can come back. the lesson out of this is fresh and natural don't necessarily mean food is safe. you need to have the rare procedures and food handling sutures. stuart: is not the whole point? the whole story is fresh and natural. totally contradicted by infection with e. coli. can you come back after your basic premise. your restaurant chain has been so challenged by e. coli. you say they can. >> they need to let the public know and they are doing this. i hate to talk about this because this is every ceos made their. they need to let the public know that they put in place procedures, food handling procedures, procedures for suppliers that will protect.
11:39 am
they have a hard time because one of the things you can do with automated cooking procedures which they kind of pain. another is national suppliers which are easier to control with local suppliers. they are procedures they can put in. he will figure it out. stuart: thank you for joining us. very sorry to cut this short. in other like so i could cover it out. >> i wish we attacked about what little he was talking about. next time. stuart: here's the letter. money can offer a controversial topic for partners. a new study shows a majority of people are actually hiding accounts from significant others. gerri willis. a majority of people? >> 13 million americans. that is one and 20. they are either hiding a credit
11:40 am
card from their spouse. to have a credit card they haven't told their spouse about it or they have a bank account in their name that they haven't told their spouse about. so if you are depositing your paycheck somewhere, your wife knows that. but if you're trying to hide things from her, you don't tell her. it is so easy to do no because banks send your e-mail statements. stuart: why should your financial life be totally an open book to your spouse? must you share every tiny detail of your financial life? to be an upstanding american. >> let me give you an example. this is a woman, not a man that i know personally. she is $50,000 she's never told her husband about. she calls her walking away money. >> good for her. bravo. stuart: that has been to get a financial forensic accountant. how much a shakeout?
11:41 am
>> this is what happened to john sculley. his ex-wife 32 years last month in court said you had $25 million. watch out for those forensic accountants, stuart. you don't know. there could be things than covered. stuart: great story. i wish we had more time. you are all right. thank you very much. a completely different story. a lawsuit over tattoos in a videogame. you know how i feel about tattoos. we will explain the full story in a moment.
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> im nicole petallides victor fox business news. the dow down almost 200 points. up 25-point. 15,000. this is the dollar selloff. oil back after higher inventories because the dollars to the downside. the top 25. s&p 500 down six. financials have been under pressure. looking at morgan stanley, jpmorgan. also on the downside here. looking at oil in particular, seeing those fluctuations right now and the $31 range. amazon trying to have bookstores
11:44 am
home depot going to be giving employees through the busy season. that will be temporary. 5:00 a.m. on fox business. see you there. three spreadsheets later, you finally bring home the one... then smash it into a tree. your insurance company is all too happy to raise your rates... maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:45 am
stuart: when you like a yahoo down again big time. they are cutting jobs, selling web properties. melissa mayer trying to buy the
11:46 am
company out of trouble and obviously did not work. look at buffalo wild wings, kansas or investigated after the 10 diners got sick good to stock it at 5%. very close to a new low. a tattoo company trying to makers of the popular video game nba two k. 16 for copyright infringement. ashley: because the videogame maker took to software reproduce those tattoos that these players have, reproduce them for the game and say that is a copyright infringement. ironically this has come up before in a different setting. a tattoo artist to put the famous tattoo in mike tyson's face suit hangover to when he appeared in the thing you ever got my permission to use the tattoo on his face. that was settled out of court. the legal system is unsure how to handle this. they will end up in court and it will be interesting. stuart: well said, young man. more developments in very
11:47 am
important development in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. judge napolitano is here who has been the point man on the entire story. what is new? >> congressman chris stuart republican of utah who sits on the intelligence community asked to see the 22 e-mails that the state department revealed on friday were found in mrs. clinton's server. and he looks down and their own martha mccollum interviewed him earlier today. he's not going to reveal what he saw, but he did say it was the type of sources, methods and names of individuals which if anyone had seen would have known immediately this is top secret. in his view, there is no way mrs. clinton or anybody could look at this and say because it wasn't stamped top secret it wasn't secret.
11:48 am
martha said with this on her e-mail server? i can't tell you that but i can tell you it was her e-mail. she either scented or received it. stuart: catherine herridge has been another point person on reporting the e-mails. she used the expression operational intelligence was on those 22 e-mails. >> operational intelligence means they revealed intelligence projects in real-time. in other words, they weren't talking about a project that existed for years ago. a project that existed at the time to e-mail was written which makes the vital importance that it be kept secret by putting it on the server of secrecy. stuart: when she reported the operational intelligence was almost dismissed by the clinton camp. i congressman set on the committee who has read those e-mails and he said yeah, it is. >> he is agreeing with catherine and catherine thursdays.
11:49 am
none of this is new to the fbi. what is new is that it came out a weekend before the iowa caucuses. mrs. clinton's operators in the campaign who used to work with some of their colleagues still in the state department to work together. when mrs. clinton ran the state department persuaded the state department to say not everything was marked top secret. congressman stuart rubbish. stuart: brief aside, principal aide to hillary clinton. she's a lawyer do. do you by any chance know if there's any risk to her legally? >> absolutely. absolutely. stuart: it is alleged to put some of those e-mails onto hillary's blood. or wherever? >> it's illegal to do that? >> absolutely. they regularly held conversations about top-secret information on their
11:50 am
blackberries. there's nothing wrong with that if it is government issued an government secured. mrs. clinton's was not. that is the reason she needs her own lawyer. stuart: at a major breakthrough. we appreciate you bringing it to us. president obama will make his first visit to a mosque as president. it's not average mosque built this one is accused of having ties to radical islam. full story next.
11:51 am
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stuart: is in a bomb is scheduled to visit and attend a mosque this afternoon. this is his first visit to u.s. mosque as president. mike gallas is here. you come on this program frequently. i call you a moderate muslim. you want the moderate muslims to get out there in public and take it out of here, isis. so what do you make of president obama visiting this mosque which reportedly has some ties to radical islam? >> first of all, this is the greatest thing president obama has done. it will be his legacy. he will have three positive accounts. one is build a cohesive america. number two, signal to the muslim majority we are there to treat them well. this is a pioneer of grounds.
11:55 am
the 60 some muslim nations to the export business review with them. it will be his legacy. i'm so glad he's doing this. stuart: okay, but the mosque does have ties to religious islamic extremists. i mean, it has those ties. one of the preachers -- i'm not sure i'm on precise grounds here, but i'll are lucky, with wasn't he -- didn't he worship at that mosque? >> i don't think it was that mosque. it was another mosque in virginia. i can worship any way or on the earth. if you did it, it was the bad guy, not that mosque. in fact, the problems with the mosque makes more sense for president obama to reach out to
11:56 am
them. mother teresa had said if you want to bring peace, but that to the enemy is and that's the right thing to do. i'm so glad he went there. it is going to make muslims feel secure. when muslims feel secure, america is secure. what america is secure we can do more business around the world. this is the best foreign policy move by president obama. it will go down as historic and his legacy. i am so proud of him. stuart: you want cooperation between america's muslim society and muslim community and the authorities. you want cooperation between the two and you think the president is at will enhance the cooperation. is that your decision? >> absolutely. in fact, my op-ed is published today. it will be in the print edition tomorrow. i appreciate you doing this. the added air has put my op-ed
11:57 am
today highlighting why this is so significant for america and for americans together. stuart: real quick, and saudi arabia a poet has just been condemned eight years in prison and an 800 lashes of flogging under sharia law. not this mosque that the president is visiting supports your real thought. i bring that to your attention because it is a wonderful opportunity for the president to say come on, reform. his miss an opportunity for the president here? >> absolutely. he should talk about everything about muslims in america is a new worship of islam and that is what the president will say. stuart: i want to hear him say that. thank you for joining us, mike ghouse.♪ we will have more transfixed for you in just a moment.
11:58 am
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stuart: that cause volatility. that's volatility. bachelor pad on the market. wait at one point and back to breakeven as of now. oil even worse. right now oil up nearly two bucks a barrel. my time is that. it is yours. >> thank you for keeping up. the donald wants a do over. back and forth, donald trump claims right now that ted cruz stole the iowa caucus win, fading between an official document and then his surrogates on the ground spreading rumors about cars than quitting the race and all credibility is lost and iowans deserve a second crack at this. among quoting from donald trump, based on the fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucus under new election should take


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