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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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stuart: that cause volatility. that's volatility. bachelor pad on the market. wait at one point and back to breakeven as of now. oil even worse. right now oil up nearly two bucks a barrel. my time is that. it is yours. >> thank you for keeping up. the donald wants a do over. back and forth, donald trump claims right now that ted cruz stole the iowa caucus win, fading between an official document and then his surrogates on the ground spreading rumors about cars than quitting the race and all credibility is lost and iowans deserve a second crack at this. among quoting from donald trump, based on the fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucus under new election should take place or results be
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notified. the show say it is just starting. we have blake burman keeping track of it all. reporter: hi there. this is on hold the back and forth between ted cruz and donald trump for a couple days. then these describe donald trump is gracious. now it's gone back and forth. you hit on the point that trump is complaining about the voter violation certificate. also for saying or spreading the rumor essentially an election night that dr. ben carson would be dropping out. they did apologize to that. fast forward to this morning. donald trump when i'm a twitter tirade against ted cruz. it started with this. quote, ted cruz didn't win iowa. he stole it. that's what all the polls were so wrong and they got far more votes than anticipated.
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there were several more after that and it culminated with this essentially saying there was fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucus. either a new election should take place or cruz results nullified. that is talking about iowa. here we are in new hampshire just outside manchester. roby's country store here. a cruz about starting and a half-hour or so. we will see the senator directly addresses this or walks around it. he has been hitting trump in the recent days. the cruz campaign is firing back. i want to read you a quote from the spokesperson. ted cruz national spokesperson rick tyler. reality just hit the reality star. he lost iowa and now nobody is talking about him so he's popping off on twitter. there are support groups for twitter addiction. perhaps he should find a poker
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chapter. don't know if there's any local chapters here but you could imagine donald trump will be responding to that. also of note in new hampshire today, senator rand paul has vowed out. we expect to hear from cruz momentarily. neil: to point out that rand paul is getting -- uses fumarate here. >> a national historical site close for couple months, couple years. every single candidate going back 70 years. sorry to video bomb. neil: i'm going to point out that mr. cameron for keeping the thought but looking the pope. it's interesting he tries to go on then. >> book emu is like looking the pope. it got hard. neil: i won't be with you. that's for sure.
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thank you for that in play, thank you. thanks for showing up. we appreciate that. we're kidding, we are kidding. this could really start escalating here because long, long gone. donald trump has a reason to worry about cruz, even if it does seem a couple days after the fact. the merits of this and looking at the gap between these two guys. it was about a 6000 vote gap. 51,000, roughly 45,000. with the revelation that trump should have been made have changed the outcome to your liking? >> well, i think that trump should have went all then when it came to iowa because clearly iowa is a ground game. or my prospective donald trump operated his campaign from a top-down level. he didn't have the ground game
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that ted cruz had throughout the state of iowa. ted cruz visited the 99 counties throughout iowa. he had a huge grassroots network going on and those individuals turned out that they voted. i also think donald trump made a mistake by not attending the debate because there were a lot of voters in iowa who were on the same thing he could have really brought them into his camp. i think on the flipside those individuals went to cruz into rubio. neil: his first reaction including the fact that it is a gracious congestions beach and a short one from iowa that night and it looked like he could move on. even his acknowledgment that may be missing that debate was a mistake, all the things you mentioned. now whether it's merited or not,
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he's back there looking like something off and admit i have cruz supporters say his sore loser. >> politics is dirty. if anything, i would bet this'll probably escalate a bit because he is in second place. cruz place. cruz's first adverbial fight behind him. his only down by one point. so with the three front runners, i think there is going to be much more food fight ahead for us to have to witness, unfortunately. neil: do you think there are any grounds on the primary caucus and certainly it would have to be done if it was -- on the democratic side. even that would not bring you one. what chance does this have? >> i doubt it because it was a state process that took place. i find it in choosing the
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democrat decided to flip a coin numerous times and surprisingly each time hillary clinton won. in that regard i don't think they could redo it as well. neil: it is weird. this other development where rand paul has taken himself out of the race had thank you very much. with rand paul outcome is say what you will about his tepid support in iowa. libertarians in general had rabid support. it didn't show up necessarily in iowa, but it was palpable among some young supporters. they just didn't show up or maybe this support was spread out among other candidates. ted cruz might be a beneficiary. hard to say. he didn't have enough money to keep the risk of a not good rebecca bair than how that does change the complexion of this race for this race from our vantage point at real clear politics. what do you think now that it was ultimately money that might afford the senator senator to say i can't keep going.
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>> well, we see that in a number of races. when you're pulling stagnates, when you are not getting any momentum, and your donors decide they should be putting their money elsewhere. it's like any investment you make. why invest in a company that is not doing well, that's not on the rise to donors want to put money where it could have a chance of success. that is her grandpa was seen in his race. neil: i also think it can monitor the cushion, how much cash on hand. that's why he didn't give much caucus night when we heard this talk that ben carson was going to go back to florida to get a fresh set of clothes. i always find that to be a argument because given the cost of an airline ticket and waiting time and everything else, just buy some new underwear wherever you are. i digress. having said that, i didn't buy it for this reason. yes a lot of cash on hand.
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his campaign came up howling within $23 million more than any other candidate. that doesn't mean he is the most cash on hand, but he doesn't have to worry. i don't see any reason even with his own performance in iowa for him to drop out. rand paul a different story. who else is vulnerable? >> right now a lot of people. ben carson does have money in the bank. one of his problems has been financial mismanagement in his campaign. he has to spend a lot of money to make the money he is bringing in. this is an expensive fundraising tactics. whether that is a question i think will be asking in the days and weeks to come. he is certainly vulnerable, but you look at some other candidates, rick santorum does not have much money. his campaign is in debt. he is another i would be watching. carly fiorini has been doing well in terms of fundraising
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because her campaign is being run through her super pac which is a whole other discussion entirely. she could probably last a little while more. on the flipside you look at marco rubio and ted cruz. they are doing a really stupendous job fundraising. ted cruz is the undisputed leader among republicans in terms of fundraising. neil: ted cruz the beneficiary of all these people pulling out a set of us who would be fine out even if none of them out right are a supporter of rand paul, you are supporter of mike huckabee that you are more inclined to adhere to cruz or what? >> for those two candidates i would say yes absolutely. mike huckabee very popular among evangelical republicans. is obviously huge part of support in iowa. grandpa obviously more authoritarian leaning candidate. ted cruz has been making very explicit appeals to libertarians
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in his campaign. you will see a lot of his supporters go to ted cruz. the fact is ted cruz has already swept up a lot of donors and that is why you thought candidates like mike huckabee and grandpa struggling. tranter burbach, thank you very much. i would be remiss if i didn't pass along an update. this is a adele update. she has also urged the camp to stop using herzog at his campaign events. that is what we are learning. mike huckabee, donald trump, chris christie, she is showing a precedent here. she hit the mall when the user signs. she is still for some reason -- you know the drill. when she calls pick up the phone and i say -- now, now, that is awful, guys. anyway, chris christie will be my special guest at 4:00 p.m.
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eastern time underworld to respond to this latest blowout. he calls it as it is. but if you think of the world's most popular singer telling him to do cease and desist. are you going to tell chris christie? are you going to tell chris christie to shut up? the last that question with a very good shacks and today in the presidential candidate joins me live from new hampshire. in the meantime and speaking of which, guess what we are doing this weekend and read through tuesday? we are in new hampshire like i did in iowa, some of the best restaurants and barbecue. we don't know. who knows. we will find out. trish regan from the air. maybe will now. bottom line when that happens, we are there at 7:55 p.m. why 7:55 p.m. you ask? just to be different because
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that is how we roll. i know everyone says now it you're getting at. a lot of others on there. you know there're their financial networks that they are running for events. we've run, dave reran. think about that. i have no idea what i just said, but think about it. we will have a quiz after this.
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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neil: stop me if you've heard this before. stock is falling after a report. i don't think this is investigating what used to be a gastrointestinal on the outbreak. at one of the company's restaurants elements which can cause vomiting and affected 10 diners who visited a flow wild wings in overland park kansas last week.
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buffalo wild wings closed the restaurant on saturday, called in a third-party vendor to clean it after diners reported. we don't know why it spread. we will keep you posted on matt. in the meantime we get posted on what we are doing on the border to a democrat and republican in the state of texas. not much concerned that dhs is dropping plans to at least beef up. joining forces here to wonder and ask what is going on. congressman, thank you for joining us. have you heard back from dhs? what is happening? >> bear cub i 50%. they cut and 50%. that is correct.
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50%. we gave them the funding. it not a matter of saying we don't have the money. they have the money. it's interesting yesterday the secretary of homeland yesterday is talking about border security and said we cannot dial back corporate security. with all due respect cutting back 50% of the support and what we try to do with all due respect as we got border patrol men and women that provide boots on the ground. the unique supporters say you can provide surveillance. if an airplane is flying over a deserted area they see suspicious that dignity and able radio land, colin border patrol and go over there. it's extremely important. why are we cutting back 50%. we cannot dial back at this time. i don't understand. neil: understood. the budget was increased -- the overall budget was increased.
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i'm thinking could we be talking about the money going into a different area? does it include, for example, drowns. but they might've been doing before it has not been factored in. it doesn't like you make sense. what have you heard? >> ask a man about a week or so they were doing some restructuring. to be quite honest even after they left it just didn't make any sense. if you ask me what came out of that meeting with all due respect i still don't understand. by the way, the budget for the uab drugs is a different budget. this is money that goes through the department of defense that they work together to provide their support. that is a different pot of money. nevertheless, the full funding if they are. were not cut. they can do an additional 50%.
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neil: if that is down 50%, congressman, are we 50% more vulnerable now? >> well, i would say we provide acuity. we've got to have the boots on the ground. law enforcement, border patrol. we've got to have partners working together like we do in texas. but at the same time using cameras and sensors to provide air assets whether it's a helicopter, airplane or uav. in this case we have our national guard providing aero support which means they monitor, provide surveillance and intelligence. intelligence is very important to make sure we secure the border. with all due respect, the call from the secretary's office was we could not dial back border security. we are dialing back in with all due respect i live on the border. i understand the border very
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well. we have to support on the ground and provide aero support. neil: thank you, sir. eddie cuellar, fine state of texas. we would love to have you back when you find out on this. a lot of the views about bernie sanders is a socialist wants to tax citizens. you know what people are missing here? he's got a lot of passion, over-the-top excited supporters. so if the opponents appreciate the magnitude of that. or they are very much going to regret. charles payne is see what is behind this passion. and as a warning for those feeling so passionate but more for those feeling so dismissed. after this.
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neil: he raised a million bucks within 90 minutes of his speech. he raised 3,000,024 hours after the speech. that is a lot of power and the good senator likes to remind folks that $27 at a time. not for big banks are big brokerage houses had small denominations. barack obama eight years ago. >> i watched him in that speech at saint the first time ever watched him. to laugh them off then faded very dangerous to any political opponent, anyone out there who raises a million bucks 90 minutes, $3,000,000.24 hours after that embraced almost $80 million, not taking any pac money like donald trump. we are going through this oil company in the last couple weeks.
12:26 pm
let's take a crash to her business. we will stop building things that i've got a lay off people. by the same token we will give money to the shareholders. imagine someone who's not in the market. you say chevron by 600 million bucks group will fire 4000 people but we would give shareholders $9 billion. we are british petroleum. the last 5 billion bucks in three months. we are firing 7000 people but we are going to borrow money to get a billion dollars to shareholders. it leaves the argument that time. i'm telling you it's resonating. he won 84% of the 17 to 29-year-olds vote. those folks don't come out. very dangerous things. >> i discovered while we were out there we talked to people. a lot of them are young first-time voters. they didn't even know the iowa caucus process where you have to go to the right precinct and
12:27 pm
caught sight. they are not waiting for anything. they were willing to do it because they thought he was worth it. >> is passionate. he's doing a lot of things barack obama did. i would love to see the gop start to focus on worldwide capitalism and the foundation of our country, thank god capitalism permit individuals, wyatt continues with a specific focus because i said a couple years ago, let's do a special. capitalism versus socialism because that's what the 2016 election is all about. ultimately that is what it will be all about. neil: i heard you offer that idea. i'm kidding. i'm kidding. you write about that.
12:28 pm
republicans have failed to present a cohesive uplifting alternative. they say everything stinks and it's horrible. that's fine. you're better off offering an alternative or a counter to what bernie sanders will say when he hears the bp news that is more uplifting. >> absolutely. no doubt about it. you hear things that gdp is the greatest percentage. all of that stuff you will hear, but it's got to be nuanced. we have to understand how we got to this point. it easy to say where we are as a result of barack obama and there's no doubt. take a step further. talk about those taxes and regulation fees and why we have such a record low entrepreneurship in this country particularly by nativeborn americans. take it a step further because he's got his brow beating on the bottom of his pants right now. neil: thank you for the special on capitalism.
12:29 pm
we have an update on the situation. three candidates. this is one thing he's trying to steal from you. i have the exclusive adele update. >> i really think she is going to call you. neil: when she does, pick up the phone and say hello. and never gets old for me. it gets old for the crew, but never for me. we have a lot more coming up. he actually helps make money and they comes up with great pro-cramming ideas and ill never know. so we got the situation with donald trump now challenging ted cruz, recognizing the obvious. faith that you cheated your rehab to do iowa over again. the cruz folks in the stomach sore loser yourself. these two used to be man hugging
12:30 pm
each other and it was like those days are gone. me and adele, we are still tight. america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief.
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neil: a lot more companies. this is not so much what they are talking about. what is forecasting down the road. it is not much.
12:34 pm
they are telegraphing some troubles down the road. nicole petallides. nicole? nicole: i would definitely agree with that. a cautionary tone. we have all seen this volatility. the futures are pricing out rate hikes. he has been pushing it way out. financials are the top legging set her. we know they have been under pressure a lot this year. bank of america and citigroup. we look at the banking index. down one and a half percent. big move there. we are also watching energy, in particular. look at that.
12:35 pm
you have a weaker u.s. dollar. a lot of them are imports. we will see fractures winding down some. there'd always that talk about opec. overall, this is doing pretty well. a weaker u.s. dollar and weaker technology. neil. >> thank you very, very much. telegraphing troubles down the road. a good case of the ceos. just in case things go by. or as an excuse. so many are saying the same thing.
12:36 pm
you have heard this jargon before. the truth from the scare. what do you think? so many are doing that now. the mac it does make some sense. especially if you look outside of the united states. they are overseas. whether it is china or japan. so severely and so quickly. it is a bit policy mistake for december. a deflationary environment with a weak currency worldwide. it was a very bad move to make. that is why stocks are behaving badly. neil: normally we get this type
12:37 pm
of language. that is a single that the confidences weaning or worse. >> there is definitely some legitimacy. you are a natural resource business. a lot of the companies are losing to other companies. they do not want to take the blame. you thought a recession was coming. you could make a case that they are trying to lock in low rates. it is not down a third. you see growth. you see earnings growth. that is coming from somewhere.
12:38 pm
it will be excuses. showing earnings of higher. so many years to fix the board. a one-time pic as the currency or recession. boosting the earnings by artificial means. neil: all i know is that it may change in the earnings still to come. that would be the back to back corridors. that is not good. what do you make of that and the significance of that? >> match that up with economic data points. the overall output. remember past history, recent
12:39 pm
years, q1 has been terribly weak. it is pretty lackluster data. you are buying back stock. you are taking on record amounts of debt. you do stuff like that in times of need where we are in the transition. throwing mud or dirt over the problem. neil: what do you think? >> a definitely have not been confident enough. they will always spend their way out of this. they are more competitive. they have no choice, i guess. you will be able to buy your stocks back cheaper. nine times out of 10. you would not do that now. you are strong financially.
12:40 pm
you could scoop up competitive leverage. it is now getting dull fall. blaming economic reason. unwilling to do a bubble. >> nobody did that in 2007. everyone was buying back stock. >> i am not sharing it with you. >> think you both very, very much. going after chris christie. where does this end? going after poor mike huckabee. now we have this situation where she was targeting donald trump. you cannot use my song for your political events. no. where do we stop? where do we stop? we will talk to chris christie about it today.
12:41 pm
donald trump going after ted cruz. stuff like that may come up. we will also be raising the issue with dan carson. i can tell the good doctor, you better not try. we will be singing hello. it is well worth setting your dvr for it. charlie gasparino. the fama non-spending much money. he is a billionaire. it is status quo. does he keep losing states? can he wait it out? what he is willing to do to open that while it after this. ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses
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>> at first we thought donald trump had accepted a very gracious speech congratulating ted cruz the night of the iowa caucuses. maybe it was a mistake for me to miss that ebay. all of that is in the past right now. recent developments were ted cruz is kind of underground. trying to persuade people to vote. carson dropping out of the race. that nailer that when out very threatening. you have to do this all over again. a new election should take place. he cheated. he is a cheater.
12:46 pm
he is a cheater. charlie: i really like donald personally. i have known him for a long time. bringing up issues that were heard rail issues. it is insane. i wrote a column. i spoke to some people that admire him for what he has done. he has to do certain things according to them. he has to start spending money. he has not done that. you have to get the right people. you have to spend the money. >> in iowa, you have to have someone to vouch for you.
12:47 pm
>> i think that it will catch up with them. neil: will it carry new hampshire higher? >> may be. >> maybe not. charlie: two weeks ago, caring new hampshire higher? absolutely. neil: the argument is that it hurts you more. his message is -- charlie: you still have to get out and vote. i think he has to do that. he has to surround himself with some advisors. he made billions being a corporate raider. he should have a kitchen cabinet on how to get the economy going
12:48 pm
again. >> he is good, too. your kitchen cabinet. neil: what about when paul dropping out of the race. >> they are antiestablishment, two. he has to be himself. the controversial. he has to stop taking the cheap shots. calling ted cruz and anchor baby is absurd. >> he is losing. >> a very evangelical state. >> rubio almost beat him. neil: rubio is the guy to watch. >> he has grave money guys that are backing him.
12:49 pm
neil: that is how they have it. a boy and a bubble. charlie: he is doing great. am i missing the headline here? how many delegates did chris christie get in iowa? whole numbers in new hampshire higher. neil: i spoke with chris christie. >> voters have had a long time to think about this. lots of coverage. >> what is this with you and adele? at least my fixation is jennifer aniston. neil: adele also told chris christie she has been using my songs. charlie: can she do that? neil: huckabee out of the race.
12:50 pm
328 you can use whatever. charlie: you have a. fixation with her. neil: they take turns being my screensaver. whatever happened in des moines stays in des moines. [laughter] charlie: look at the time. [laughter] neil: charlie gasparino is the best. we are going to talk to chris christie about a little bit more than just adele. we also have been carson. these guys are responding to ted cruz by getting pretty nasty. charlie gasparino and i, this is the best. they get really personal.
12:51 pm
really nasty. they just say outrageous things. in the middle of that, they jump on board adele. the dell responds. it is not right. hello. goodbye, charlie. [laughter] you both have a
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>> welcome back to cavuto coast to coast. i am adam shapiro out of federal court in brooklyn. martin shkreli. a lot of people say he is one of the most hated people in the united states. he is facing federal charges. his celebrity attorney is in the court. he told his lien to stop
12:55 pm
speaking publicly. yesterday's interview on the fox business network is the last that you will hear from mark 10 shkreli who claims his innocence. >> i will be taking the fifth. the d.c. law manual states it is unethical to bring someone and subpoenaed them. it is nothing more than an advertisement. they want to get some votes and some cheap publicity. >> he is referring to his schedule appearance tomorrow in washington, d.c. before a congressional committee. the raising of pharmaceutical prices has nothing to do with the criminal charges. back to you, neil. >> we have another development on the campaign trail.
12:56 pm
they have too many expected to endorse these colleagues under marco rubio. a very big gain for marco rubio who has been winning over some of the two-party favorites. along with moderate support. we're we are keeping you updated on this adele mess. going after her third candidate did this time chris christie for using her music. she did this with governor huckabee. she did this with donald trump. he finished second. how will chris christie adjust to this development when he gets that call and she says, hello. we are on it with chris christie later on today on fox news. wow. ♪
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12:59 pm
neil: a ted cruz going on right now in new hampshire.
1:00 pm
donald trump is upping the ante on this. calling for a revote in iowa. saying that, essentially, senator cruz and his people pulled a couple of fast once. i will probably sue because ted cruz cheated in iowa. we do know that his people have responded. they do not take they have a case. he just tweeted. i can share with you now. maybe donald should go back to iowa to join the democrats. a silly little abbreviation that confuse the heck out of me. these two used to like man hug each other everywhere. they hate each other now. the bromance is gone. the war is on. it is going to get nasty.
1:01 pm
first on that, then another look at what is going on on the other side. bernie sanders and his tax plan. first, on the trump / cruz dustup. following up and admitting that maybe he shouldn't have a ground game. maybe he should have gone to that fox debate. ... out, i do not know if that is a good or bad thing. he actually executes himself like fairly reasonably in the moment. later he rethinks it. then he was thinking i was to polite and gentlemanly. now it is happening with iowa. neil: the wars on.
1:02 pm
he knows that he has a very big lead in new hampshire higher. he seems to be trying to hear that if everything was on the up and up, i still would have won iowa and he is serious. what do you think of that? >> one thing that we're really seeing in this cycle is that the pulls are not reliable. we do not know how people will perform in caucuses and primaries. i think that there is no such thing as a sure thing did the pulls are not able to give us that information at this point. neil: more of the problem in caucus states. we could switch gears to the other side right now. he takes hillary clinton to a draw in the state where he was trailing by 40 points just a few months ago. having looked at a lot of the economic policies, even with his proposed tax hikes on the rich,
1:03 pm
it's still one not be enough. explain. >> the rise of sanders. a somewhat serious candidate. taking a look at his tax and spend plan. i like it. i like that he is at least honest. government doing a lot more stuff. government needs to tax people at a lot higher level. >> realizing he will not get enough bang for the buck for the rich. you don't have to support what he was saying. go ahead. >> no longer in the race. rand paul when he made budget proposals would typically say if we're going to spend more money here, we have to spine that somewhere else in the budget. everybody focuses much more on the tax side. not too much focus on the spending side.
1:04 pm
i think what we are seeing with the proposal is on basics, like all politicians, he is fudging the numbers in his favor. neil: the one thing i do have trouble on, there is the notion of what would be a fair tax for the rich to pay? listen to this. i want to get your thoughts on this. what do you think that marginal rate should be? you are right. what do you think that it should be? >> i do not know. to be quite frank, i mean, for a person who is wealthy, who has enough money to meet all their needs, what is the difference? >> he was talking about getting a couple of yachts, what difference does it make. you and i know that there is a lot of a difference of a
1:05 pm
billionaire crowd. having said that, the fact that it will be incumbent upon sanders and others to spell out what is a fair rate. where do you think he will settle? he is talking about a surtax on millionaires. what do you think we will be coming to? >> right now i think the proposal says 52% in the top bracket. there are some other taxes hit it in there. i think, frankly, all the focus on what that top number is. what are the riches of the rich paying. you cannot do what he wants to do without raising tap is on the middle class. i do not love to focus on the middle class rhetoric, but i do think we need to acknowledge if you need more money to pay for more stuff.
1:06 pm
asking to take more money for that plan. neil: raising revenue. apparently not very easy to get to. we will see. it is a long way to go. thank you. good seeing you. neil: this bragging about where we stand on all this writing. i heard josh earnest talking about deficits and debt in the $19 trillion debt was not a big deal. >> the last democratic resident leaving office. he was passing off budget surpluses. his successor inherited a strong fiscal position. predominately benefiting the wealthy and the well-connected. all without paying for it.
1:07 pm
neil: all right. i am not sure how this addresses the $19 trillion debt. the debt has grown. $19 trillion right now. at the rate we're going, $30 trillion. a moving figure. it really is not a big deal. the debt was piling up. as a percentage of gdp. that debt is getting stringing way huge. jonathan. i do not know any other way to say that that is a lot of money to open. that is a lot of money to all. >> it is unfound the double. it is scary. to your point, it did not really get a lot of coverage. you do not hear a lot of the
1:08 pm
candidates talking about it. we tripped over the 19 again. this is a major, major crisis. of course, as you heard from josh earnest, they are blending the bush administration. what they are really blaming is capitalism. neil: you know what i find missing and both parties arguments, obviously democrats are more spending. they never address the elephant in the room. they are exponentially adding to this that. just by the sheer force. the ones that do address it or try to talk about reining it in, chris christie a good example of that. maybe they keep ignoring this. both parties.
1:09 pm
this deck goes out of control. >> the gop platform. they do not talk about phasing out entitlements. they talk about repairing and reforming them. that is the same message that the democrats are putting forward. great ammunition. it goes on the left to see capitalism. freedom. individualism. even more frightening is you need government to regulate money at self. even bush has done a lot of that. the federal reserve. i think that this government is building a debt crisis. we are beginning to see it implode them implode right here right now on the market. >> thank you, buddy. very, very much.
1:10 pm
your kids are fighting. how do you bring them in. my kids were always fighting each other. beating the crap out of each other. i would always try to intervene. if they did not try to tear each other's eyeballs out. you get desperate. my wife rejected the idea. lawmakers are looking to pay people not to commit crimes. they will not have to steal it or burglarize it. it is actually out there on paper. gerri willis with more on that. >> i wish i could say that i really understand it. this kind of program was instituted.
1:11 pm
they were able to bring down crime. let's take a look at it in detail here. considering paying criminals not to perpetrate crime. up 54% year-over-year. 200 people every year. it would give them money. either at risk of committing crimes or becoming a victim of violent crime themsel $9000 a year. think about that. that would be taxpayer dollars going to people who try to hurt you. violating the cities, the state, the nation's criminal code. we will give them money to stop doing that. that seems like a converse and send them.
1:12 pm
you would not want to give them money to stop doing something you do not want them to do. in the meantime, they get the siphons and go into some sort of counseling. they keep getting the money. crazy. >> paying up right now to prevent getting held up later. either way you get held up. >> you will keep paying for it. the big crime primary coming up. big reports of snow. we found some great restaurants. i do not want to get into what
1:13 pm
we were doing. whatever happened to des moines stays in des moines. that is okay. we love them all. the dell gave me all the nasty stuff to stay. 755. i can save you the trouble. one is on a skillet commercial. the other is running reruns on shows that have often said we are lousy in their first run. we run, they rerun. get it pushed mark exactly. a lot more clever stuff just like that. very closely scrutinized in new hampshire higher. he is second. he thinks with the momentum from iowa, he has the chance of
1:14 pm
winning this. after this. ♪
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1:17 pm
neil: all right. john k 6. surging on the polls. finishing in the top three. boston globe endorsing him. the republican party, that made not be such an asset. blake bergman, in new hampshire higher with the very latest. donald trump and ted cruz. trump going after crews. where are we with this? >> trump is going after ted
1:18 pm
cruz. out here four decades. it is ted cruz's turn. the question and answer portion. donald trump. his campaign. they did send out a treat. earlier this morning saying -- now ted cruz has just sent out a tweet. bernie, contesting iowa results. maybe donald should go back to iowa. essentially, trump saying the results should be nullified. let's move on here. slopping trump away. probably checking back to a
1:19 pm
little twitter rehab. it is escalating between those two. rand paul dropped out of the race. pulling up 2%. finishing up four and a half% in iowa. the house speaker here in new hampshire. back to you. neil: one of the most polite and decent human beings we have working here. on the seventh fairway. okay. [laughter] thanks. you are the best. melissa francis. >> i whispered and i still regret it. it was embarrassing. i am glad we rehashed the.
1:20 pm
[laughter] you know, it only took trump about one minute. he was very gracious for about half a second. then it was like twitter called him back. it is like they cannot resist. they cannot help themselves. he is talking about how he stole the election. i was tell my kids, you cannot stoop to the name-calling. i have been working for trump. his speech was great. short and to the point. i should have had a better ground game. we want to take it to a certain
1:21 pm
place. come try to get away with not spending any money in iowa. it looked like he was going to get it done. it was free media. it is bringing in viewers. it got a lot of that. social media. costing him nothing. he lined up that company. politico did a big argument on that. we looked into that. he only paid them about $200,000. you have somebody like ted cruz. you have this micro data company. they went in and they did very targeted micro- messages of people that are going to go out and vote.
1:22 pm
it did not work out. i think to me that is a lesson. he will have to open up his wallet. >> well put. saying really horrible things. something like this. if you really think that it will go anywhere and rivers the results of iowa, keep this in mind. >> i love it. i think that it is perfect. >> are you going to be the one that will do that? >> let's send charlie gasparino to do it. all right. we have a lot more coming up. i am telling you, this golf thing, the adel thing, everything is coming together. and then to complete, weather
1:23 pm
forecasters saying a significant storm system has the potential to interfere with voting in next week's primary. how incredible is this. >> that is it. you are getting rid of meat? ♪
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
>> we are back on cavuto coast to coast. i have a few words about apple. yesterday, the big story was that out for that. it was the biggest company of the world. the two of them are battling it out today. we do have apple news. it is kind of interesting. that was the big headline yesterday. one is about a new iphone.
1:27 pm
may be making a comeback as soon as next month. an up date to the five best. the ipad pre-coming out in march as well. some of the characteristics that were associated with the ipad pro. the final thing here is virtual reality. the hot thing that everyone is talking about. the interview of the virtual reality lab out there. no one has hit the lab in mike their teen years. not really doing anything, but at least showing up. neil: what do they do? look around? >> someone coming into the studio. kind of creepy staring at us. [laughter] thank you very much. lawyers do that here. all right.
1:28 pm
two, spoiling, what the heck are they appear. whether this is an attempt on apple's part. maybe a little predominantly. what do you know? what are you seeing? >> they will have to do more than coming up with the iphone. an article on the financial times. trying to focus on virtual reality. they are a little late already to that game. virtual reality. a studio in new york. google is hiring virtual reality experts. they are definitely looking for a new revenue stream. we will have to see what they end up with. it is hard to stay innovative for a very long time.
1:29 pm
going back to aol. you can even say ibm. the center of the high tech universe. maybe getting google. maybe it is just fundamentally difficult to say the it company for a long, long time. >> there was a very interesting article out of harvard business review yesterday. apple is no longer the innovator. it is turning into every one copying the same innovations. once you are copying innovations with each other, it just tu into classic competition. the income been almost always loses. it is an interesting thing that you just said. they are just basically turning
1:30 pm
into the same thing over and over and over again. now going back to a stronger screen for their phone. if they want to continue to stay on that path. they were a disruptor with the iphone. now, that is sort of over with. i am a little concerned that they are just showing up at the studio. they seem like they are trying to figure out what is next. apple i watch. 40 million sales on that. they did not quite get there. i do not know what their plan is. it is concerning to me. it is two thirds of the revenue. they just came out with the slowest growth rates. that is concerning. >> it is gravity. hard to resist. thank you. appreciate your insight.
1:31 pm
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>> on top of this claim 11 virus. we are told of a case where it was sexually transmitted. that opens up another pandora box. how we can stop this and how dangerous the latest development is. how dangerous is it? very good to have you. >> it opens up a whole another round of emergency. do not go to that region if you are pregnant.
1:36 pm
we have a first case of transmission within the u.s. ps sexual transmission. uncertain of how long you will be infectious. how long to use condoms or refrain from sex. >> do we know anything about the couple involved here? do we know anything at all about them? >> they were not even identifying the gender. >> bottom line, it was transmitted sexually after that. it raises other issues. >> the issues are that somebody comes back from that region. they may or may not have symptoms. they have no symptoms. they have symptoms.
1:37 pm
they just do not pay attention to it. how long do you need to refrain from having sexual intercourse? the only cases that we know about is when the mail transmits to a woman. women can be affected and transmitted to man. a lot of questions that are still unanswered. >> the potential to be much bigger. are we making a bigger deal out of it? how would you advise people when they assess this? >> that really is a quake question. on the one hand, we are unlikely to have a wildfire spread that we see in central and south america. it is not as warm. we do not have the mosquitoes everywhere.
1:38 pm
it is not as widespread. a lot of reasons why we probably will not have that explosive spread. the consequences to the fetus are so severe. these children are being born with brain damage. they will have severe disabilities for life. neil: thank you for taking the time and stepping back to give us the death did keeping on top of the dustup going on in new hampshire higher. chris christie finishing a news conference. it is now down to me and rubio and everyone knows it. i think that mr. rubio disagrees. by and large ignoring. the young senator from florida. the boy and a bubble.
1:39 pm
not responding. i have a feeling that christie is not making the charges. 4:00 p.m. a couple hours from now. do not forget we also have the good doctor ben carson. what he makes of the donald trump thing. telling voters on caucus lines and what he is doing now. he will sue. he is really thinking of suing. he wants a do over. ahead of the big primary next week. we will have more after this.stw ♪
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1:44 pm
a big picture of what is going on. what crews did and what he did not do. a do over as donald trump wants. he is, as you pointed out, young lady, the first latino to ever win. it is true. here is what is not helpful to me. beating a dead narrative that maybe no longer applies in the same way. kind of dogged around the lack of diverse city. it is not just about the optics of it. it is about to it and falls. i do not think that they get exclusivity. what are you doing right now around this issue? you can say what you will about the gop. you have to after carson. you have what looks like a bit of a broader coalition of
1:45 pm
cultural. >> candidates, about 60%. you cannot dispute that. i do not think that that is in and of itself enough. it is a start. >> republic in its seas on that. reach out to latinos. >> i think that is the preliminary surface level analysis. look at these two young latino senators. i think that it is a start. if you have these to latinos two latinos at the top of the game, why isn't the latino or black vote following suit. it is still early. if you can get 10 to 15 on a good day. that makes a huge difference for this nominating process. marco rubio got the and
1:46 pm
endorsement of tim scott. i think that that is important. he is an active participant. he is someone who those issues matter to. he is not turning his back on diversity issues. i think that that is important. i always say that it is left or very abaft. >> it does not make me happy to say that. i have many friends that are hard and true democrats. you have bernie sanders and hillary clinton being pushed further and further to the left of where she has ever been or even wants to be. it is not an authentic choice that the left has. >> are you up to date with all the adel stuff? >> i am. i was watching some of the stuff in the green room.
1:47 pm
apparently mad at chris christie for using her songs at the campaign event. chris christie's office called. >> everybody watches. they said that governor christie does not play adel at any campaign or even. often not playing it at campaign events like trump has. >> we will have to see the receipt here it pulled the tapes and see what is going on there. neil: why would she all of a sudden target christie? that is good. neil: i do not know what the big dustup is about. we do not even play her songs. the way she has been, you know she was my screensaver before. i removed here for not get
1:48 pm
i have replaced her. i could if i sold more records. >> she is too good for them. >> hello. neil: very good. [laughter] neil: for you, goodbye. enough was saying no to debates. say yes to debates.times and ♪ ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. him that have a growing adult controversy. they have never used and the adel song. you have a seas and assist. supporting marco rubio. releasing to attack ads.
1:52 pm
conservative credentials. that is when we are told christie tweeted a response video today. a tune of an adel song. not going to recount it all. someone is fooling someone. we are on it. republican congress. that is right. the former presidential candidate. on how some candidates avoid them. a cnn debate where he was sort of teasing that he may not. it is always good to have you. your dad desperately wanted a debate with lyndon johnson. the more he elevated that stature and he went on to win by a landslide. probably never got the chance. avoiding the rates twice in a row. what do you make of people that avoid debates.
1:53 pm
>> i think that it is important. i think it gives you a one-on-one comparison. i think you can go back further. the quality of the temperament of the campaign has changed since my father ran for president in 1964. a very predictable was john f. kennedy. the two of them decided that they would campaign with each other. that is the kind of debate. practically assessing that that never happened. it will not give the guy a chance to shine.
1:54 pm
that is a strategy that you have to take into account when you are running a campaign. i think it is important that there is interchange between two candidates. it gives people enough to size up the candidates. i like to step back. stepping back and taking a look at what is going on. we have iowa and now new hampshire higher. as i recall, you know, new hampshire is predictably unpredictable. you had jimmy carter winning iowa and new hampshire and becoming president. you had bill clinton losing both states, iowa and new hampshire and also becoming predictable. you never know.
1:55 pm
the quality of candidates that we have. things have really changed. patrick monahan said we spent a generation dumbing down the president. marking up a lot of civic. spending time in the senate. it is really different today. >> think you very much. i wish i had more time to talk to you. >> i like willie nelson. lets get with willie nelson. the dow is down 62 points. stick around. ♪
1:56 pm
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>> want to get to bottom of something. call in connell mr. shane. we unearth a series of tweets attacking marco rubio, parroting of an adele song. >> are you okay? this is christie? >> not okay. someone is lying. >> someone certainly lying. i'm worried about the future republican in many ways because of relationship, lack there of with hollywood and music industry playing pat boone songs at all the rallies. >> you don't like pat boone? >> they don't havemany options. >> adele took out governor huckabee. >> there a theme here. >> just worried. chris christie. >> you think this is end? you're predicting christie out of the race because of adele? of course.
2:00 pm
>> i hope not. neil: did you know i took her off my screen saver. >> in favor of pat cadell. neil: do you know where this is going. >> the interview? neil: trish, when adele calls it is usually hello. take it over, kiddo. trish: thank you, guys. field narrowing to six days for first-in-the-nation primary. donald trump wants a recount in iowa saying his rival ted cruz stole the election. president visits a mosque for first time in his presidency on a day that house homeland committee issues a report saying isis infiltrate the refugee system. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." the kentucky senator ends his campaign. he suffered because of furth


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